i am running dry

Prayer Request

I must ask for your prayers, I am not well. All my prayers have run dry and I have become extremely irritable. I feel nothing but apathy and disdain for everyone and everything around me. I have also been having unbearable headaches. I would like to ask for your prayers right now because I can’t seem to pray for myself. 

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Sam Sam, I just read your post-camping catalogue and if you don't mind, can you please explain how to fit and strap backpacks correctly? Thanks in advance!

I will share my knowings with you! 

Bear in mind: I am not an expert, and aside from some dry runs I have been backpacking once, and that was yesterday. So this is all the result of Internet Learnings and Asking Random People I Met On Trail. But I successfully put them into practice and I knew the theory behind them, so take that for what it’s worth. Putting this behind a readmore because it got looooong.

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do you mind maybe satisfying my horny mind with fix it sex as u referred to before? But it is gentle where maggie takes care of alex and gives her what she needs. if u take the prompt or not, thanks:)

It takes a few days.

A few days full of blood and full of agony, full of torture.

A few nights full of shower after shower, red rings around the tub, full of tears, full of screaming nightmares.

It takes a few days, a few nights, for Maggie to feel comfortable giving in to Alex’s persistent requests for sex. A few days, a few nights, for Maggie to feel like she’s not taking advantage of the pain of the woman she… loves. Loves. Loves.

They’re laying down and they’re kissing, and it’s the first night since Jeremiah betrayed them that Alex hasn’t wept, that Alex hasn’t tried to drink. The first night she’s making jokes – bad ones, granted – the first night that her eyes are clear, that she slept through the night before.

They’re laying down and they’re kissing, and it’s soft and it’s gentle and it’s loving, Maggie’s hands on Alex’s jawline, her thumbs swiping across her cheeks, Alex’s hands skimming Maggie’s sides, Alex pulling back slightly to ask if her hands can slip under Maggie’s shirt, and Maggie nods, because yes, god, please, yes.

She sighs in time with Alex as her hands traipse up her skin, under her henley, tracing every curve, every contour, and when she breaks their kiss to look up into Alex’s eyes, she knows exactly what Alex wants.

“You sure?” she asks, and Alex licks her lips and nods, because yes, god, please, yes.

Maggie’s fingers tremble as she shifts so Alex is laying next to her, so she can strip Alex’s clothes off, so she can undress the woman she loves, so she can kiss and lick and nip at every inch of her skin.

Alex starts with sighs and whispers of her name, but soon, sighs are becoming gasps, screams, and whispers are becoming moans, ragged pleas.

“Maggie, I… I want…”

Maggie pauses and stares up Alex’s naked body with wide, patient eyes. “Tell me, sweetie. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you need. I’ve got you, Ally. Tell me what you want.”

Alex chews on her bottom lip as she stares down at Maggie, considering, considering.

“I don’t want you to make love to me.”

Maggie tenses slightly, already cursing herself, because she should have known it was too soon, that Alex was still hurting too much, that –

“I want you to fuck me so hard I forget where I am.”

Oh. Oh. Oh.

Maggie’s mouth runs dry and she has to try to swallow several times before she can croak out something approximating speech, and Alex watches her like she’s the most radiant thing she’s ever seen.

“I uh… yeah. Yeah. I can do that.”

Alex’s eyes flash, and her voice drops an octave or two. “I know you can.”

Maggie gulps and crawls up Alex’s body to kiss her mouth, softly at first, then harder, stronger, firmer. Alex moans and grabs up at her hair, at her strong shoulders, at her back, at her ass.

“Maggie, please,” she begs, and Maggie complies, slipping her thigh between Alex’s open legs, staring down at Alex, already panting, as she starts to move.

“Fuckkkk,” Alex whines, and Maggie tosses her head back and bites her lip, because Alex is so damn soaked for her, because Alex is grabbing at her ass, at the back of her thigh, thrusting up as she yanks Maggie down, scratching perfect lines down Maggie’s back as she tosses her own head back into the pillows because fuck, yes, Maggie, god, please don’t stop, please, harder, please, please, please.

“I love you, Alex,” Maggie tells her, because she might be fucking her as hard as Alex is asking her to, but her hand is resting like a pillow behind Alex’s head and her other arm is wrapped under the small of Alex’s back, enveloping her body, holding her, loving her, embracing her.

“I love you, Ally, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

She repeats it like a mantra. She repeats it like a prayer. She repeats it like a promise, because she’s exactly what it is.

“Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie,” Alex whispers, prays, cries. “I love you too, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

She clutches onto her like she is her lifeline, like she is her anchor, like she is her rock, like she is her oxygen, because she is, she is, she is, and when Alex cums from the pressure of Maggie’s thigh between her legs, she brings Maggie’s lips to her own and Maggie swallows the soft gasps, the sudden shudders, the perfect convulsions, that rock Alex’s body, that rock Alex’s heart.

“I’ve got you, Alex. Always and always,” Maggie promises as she kisses every inch of Alex’s face.

And Alex, trembling and satiated and safe, believes her.

Performance Unit Reaction to you having a dream about them

hello all! I did one of these for the vocal team that you can find here xxx ( requested by  peachyjimint ), and thought it was such a cute idea that I do it for another unit!

My inbox is running dry on requests - and don’t worry I am still getting to the rest of those ships - so please request away for scenarios, MTLs, reactions, scenarios, and any series ideas you have!

Hoshi: I don’t know why but I got this total scenario in my head of you telling Hoshi that you had a crazy dream last night, and him responding “oh me too ! You go first and then I’ll tell you about mine.” And you tell him all about how you had this dream where somehow for some reason you guys were dating hahaha what a crazy dream right lol. And he would look at you like surprised and confused and then would say something like “oh, well in mine I dreamed I was Spiderman except I shot licorice instead of spiderwebs.”

Originally posted by 7teans

Jun: When you slyly mentioned he was in your dream, he would come back with something right off the bat like “Well was it a good or bad dream?” and you would be taken aback and have no choice but to stutter out some lame answer while he smirked.

Originally posted by fyeahwonhui

The8: I can see Minghao responding in one of two ways. I could see him flashing a smile at you and dorkily saying “well we usually dream about what we want to happen, right?” or, more likely tbh, be like “what did you eat before bed last night? Gosh Y/N you shouldn’t be having crazy dreams like that, it’s not good for your sleep at all. I’m glad it was just a dream!”

Originally posted by unloyalcarat

Dino: awwwww this boy would be blush blush blush blushing. Would probably go write in a journal about it for ten years and ironically would dream about you that night because you made him so infatuated im crying

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Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day! All gif credits to their makers/original owners.

**all requests and submissions are open except ships**


a second part to the thing i made awhile ago
(click to enlarge)
and no, you can’t include 50+ years of film-making without making it look like an insane mess (trust me, i’ve tried)


i have a shit ton of rec lists, take your pick.


It’s now been more than a year since the release of this masterpiece of an album that is Trauma. More than a year, yet I’m still blasting it 24/7.

This one has such beautifuly written lyrics. I always feel like HFTS lyrics are pretty much describing my life, but the whole metaphor in this one hits particularly close to home.

“I’m the deluge, the greatest flood of all, my own nemesis…

The river will never run dry…

Can I be blamed for wanting a real body, to put my arms around? Without it I too am disembodied. I can listen to my own heartbeat against the bedsprings, I can stroke myself, under the dry white sheets, in the dark, but I too am dry and white, hard, granular; it’s like running my hand over a plateful of dried rice; it’s like snow. There’s something dead about it, something deserted. I am like a room where things once happened and now nothing does, except the pollen of the weeds that grow up outside the window, blowing in as dust across the floor.
—  From The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

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why jimin who is under umbrella completely wet but hobi who is running through the rain is dry, or am i seeing things

they both seemed wet to me tbh? but i think it’s just poorly connected there, i think he just raised the umbrella only after having chased after them, that’s why he was wet, but it gave rise to some cute stuff lol

Anonymous said:like i want to refuse to believe the thing with jm and jh could be a love triangle like.. come on. its 2017.. but its what it looks like and :/ god

Anonymous said:i don’t hope it’s that simple, imma piss my pants then because they can do so much more than “oh i lost a girl to my best friend now i’m gonna cry in the rain”

that’s what it seems like on surface level and that’s really all we got so far, so yeah 3:

Anonymous said:Don’t tell me what to do. Newsflash: You can’t control your followers and I can unfollow at any time.

lol… what? where is this coming from…

Anonymous said:these vids are highkey disappointing me,,,,nd any1 i talk is like loving it so its comforting to see u have the same opinion,,,srry jus wanted to share i guess

Anonymous said:im disappoited and have no idea what to expect from the next video.. people are making me feel bad for being disappointed ): and i just hope theres more to it than what it looks like right now. please bighit dont ruin hyyh like this for the love of god. but on a good note jimin is the most beautiful man alive

more people are disappointed and worried, don’t let people get to you or make you feel bad for it, your feelings are your own! i think there’s plenty of reason to feel sad about it… bUT YES jimin is so gorgeous gosh ;; and the way he shows sadness through his eyes… ;-; amazing

Anonymous said:In all honesty this vid didnt seem all that straight to me (except for jin). It works in a “theyre just friends” perspective too, unlike the first highlight reel, which was definitely aimed to be seen as romantic.

i don’t know,it seemed very explicitly romantic to me with jk, namjoon, yoongi and jimin and jin like you said especially, i only think it’s questionable with tae and hobi, with him i didn’t get romance as much as like? a protective brother sort of feeling? 

Anonymous said:ummm have you seen how some ppl are trying to make those who dont like the videos look like crazy shippers and fetishizers of Asians mlm? They are literally trying to lie in order to shut down any criticism.

yeah i have seen it, it’s one of the reasons why i wrote that text posts urging people to always think for themselves before

Anonymous said:i honestly didn’t think at first that they would do romances with these girls because look at how young they are?? they’re like ‘00-'03 liners and bts are pretty much adults. but now after seeing this hr, i’m pretty sure they’re going that way for jihope’s girl and i’m just :///

yeah thinking of jimin crushing on a 16yo makes me highkey uncomfortable negl

Anonymous said:At this point im just thinking this whole love yourself kdrama cliché is just a way to Bighit to showcase the boys acting skills and get some of them acting gigs in actual kdramas. All of this seems to be just a huge advertisement/casting/job placement thing lmao

now THAT’S a theory lmao

i complained on twitter about how bighit might go the cliché route, but my mutuals were basically like “you’re bing overdramatic” “bighit won’t do that”….lol. i’m disappointed tbh everything in today’s highlight reel was cliche and i feel kinda let down. at this point i’m only here for hoseok’s background with his mom.

yeah tbh, i really wish i were wrong, i’m still hoping i am! with the interpretation i said before, that seems to be plausible to me even with the romance plots being meh, and just now i came across this thread, and while some of it is a stretch i really like the idea at this point, i hope it’s something like that, guess we’ll know for sure tomorrow ;-; i still have a glimmer of hope believe it or not… just the tiniest one though 

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so... if it's not too much trouble could we get some kandreil? because I am #parched this fandom has let that river run DRY.

um HELL yes. (also side note, @theperfectcourt​ is currently doing kandreil week so uh… u should check us out.)

because you didn’t specify, i did uh… kandreil with pokemon go? enjoy.

  • kevin’s the first to get it
  • he has enough memories of being a child that he remembers watching and enjoying a few episodes
  • and jean mentioned it once, on one of the very few times they ever discussed their childhoods
  • he figures there’s no harm and uses it when he goes for a jog

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A Thank You from the Admin

Just wanted to pop in for a second and thank you all for being so amazing!

I know I sometimes am way behind schedule to queue stuff and you run dry for a few days despite the inbox being full of amazing confessions. And not once have I gotten a single complaint about that!

Also the confessions I’ve been getting so far have been great. Very positive, and the negative/more critical confessions have been very intelligent and polite as well. No rudeness or drama whatsoever. 

That’s awesome! And it gives me the motivation to really sit down and take time out of my busy day to read and post all your great confessions. I wasn’t too excited about taking over the blog in the beginning (and I was worried people would stop confessing now that anon was turned off), but now I find myself excited whenever I get a new confession, or whenever a new confession gets posted and I get to read all the replies to it.

Big thanks to all of you!

Love Love Peace Peace

INFJ Confession #2848

I’m a very understanding & compassionate person, but also analytical to a fault sometimes. In relationships I often forgive & forget, but sometimes I switch into this mode where I am evaluating every little thing, looking for problems & its like my understanding runs dry. I don’t know why I am always looking for what could go wrong instead of working with the good. one big thing happens & then suddenly all I can see are red flags. Sometimes I feel like 2 people. I just want to be balanced.