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💖 The Signs + Positive Quotes For November 💖
  • Aries: “Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn their back on life.” - Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Taurus: “Be like the sun for grace and mercy. Be like the night to cover others' faults. Be like running water for generosity. Be like death for rage and anger. Be like the Earth for modesty. Appear as you are. Be as you appear.” - Jalaluddin Rumi
  • Gemini: "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Marilyn Monroe
  • Cancer: “The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.” - Michel de Montaigne
  • Leo: “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” - Helen Keller
  • Virgo: "Why did you do all this for me?" he asked. "I do not deserve it. I have never done anything for you." / "You have been my friend," replied Charlotte. "That in itself is a tremendous thing." - E.B. White, Charlotte's Web
  • Libra: "We are all different. Don't judge, understand instead." - Roy T. Bennett
  • Scorpio: "Cause everybody knows keys open doors but bricks open windows." - Big Sean
  • Sagittarius: “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” - Charlotte Bronte
  • Capricorn: "If your ship does not come in, swim out to it." - Jonathan Winters
  • Aquarius: "People often say that motivation does not last. Well, neither does bathing. That is why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar
  • Pisces: “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” - Frank Herbert

How about Jason hiding his relationship with Dick from Roy because Jason and Roy are BFF, but Dick and Roy are exes, and bro code and blah blah he finds out & drama ensues.

Won’t be offended if it’s not you aesthetic, but I’d love to see it <3

So I will be the first to admit, I’ve had quite the dry spell. (I even got a sad little ask in my askbox this morning from someone that really missed my writing). I’ve been focusing on other projects and doing a summer class, but I’m about to have a few weeks off to hopefully work on stuff. I’m going to try to get a few longer fics out based on some of the prompts I’ve gotten along with (maybe) opening my ask box for some new ones and giving you guys the drabbles you came here for. 

Best Friend vs Boyfriend

“You know,” Dick said as he shifted where he was, cloth brushing his skin. “When I came out of the closet, I didn’t think my boyfriend would be the one shoving me back in.” 

“I know,” Jason said as he opened the doors and Dick stepped out, pulling a hoodie off one of the hangers and slipping it on. 

“I also didn’t think he’d literally be shoving me in the closet because he has to hide our relationship from his roommate.” 

“A roommate who happens to be one of your exes.”

Dick sighed and went over to the nightstand picking up his wallet and keys. “I was okay with you not telling Roy when we were just dating,” Dick said. “I was even okay with it when we started having sex, but now? Jason we’ve been in a relationship for six months, that’s longer than Roy and I were together. I think it’s okay if you tell him.” 

“I will,” Jason said. “I’m not ready yet. He made me swear to never date any of his exes.”

“You’re probably not going to be ready,” Dick said as he kissed Jason’s cheek. Jason wrapped his arms around Dick, pulling him close. “Jay, a lot of people already know we’re together. I think it’ll be better if you tell him yourself instead of Roy finding out from someone else. How would you feel in this situation?”

“If one of my best friends was dating you?” Jason asked, swaying them gently back and forth. “I think I’d probably be fighting to win you back.”

Dick smiled and it was so sweet Jason couldn’t help but pull him into another kiss. “You need to tell him,” Dick said as he pulled away, looking into Jason’s eyes. 

“I will.” Jason promised.

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Ooo what about batsis having a thing with roy and all the batboys (and bruce) being over protective esp jason? I love your writing! Thank u<3

Thank you for requesting, hope you enjoy! Sorry, if it was too short for your liking! (Funfact: the imagine contained 666 words altogether). 

“What the hell, Harper?’ Jason shouted exasperatedly. “She is my sister!” He huffed indignantly before narrowing his eyes at his friend. “Of all the people you could have dated, it had to be my sister?”

Roy simply rolled his eyes – he had somewhat anticipated this coming from Jason although he would have to admit, he also anticipated Jason taking out his guns and just start shooting him with it – before sharing a look with you. You are currently trying your hardest to hold your chuckle in. “I did ask for permission from you – you even gave me the ‘ok’.” Roy referred to the text he had sent to Jason a few months ago.

Jason groaned. “I thought you were just joking, Harper! How many times have you sent me messages like those – my replies have never been anything but ‘ok’, man.” He rubbed his temple before running his hand through his hair.

“I think Todd seems to be having a case of some sister-complex here.” Damian said smartly before looking at you. “Sister, I approve of you dating Harper.” He nodded his head and this time, you could not contain the chuckle that escaped your mouth.

“Thank you, Dami.” You reached to ruffle Damian’s hair. You knew it did not take much to convince Damian to ‘agree’ to you dating Harper. You knew if Jason hated it, Damian will simply go along with it just because he knew how much it annoys Jason.

“Are you seriously going to let this happen?” Jason threw a look to Dick. “Harper is your friend too! And you are fine with him dating your little sister?” He asked exasperatedly, stepping closer to Dick who had been watching everything.

Dick shrugged his shoulders. “I have known Harper for a long time, that is true and I think he can make her happy… although judging by the look on your face, you probably anticipated a different answer.” Dick hummed as he feigned innocence. “Jason, I already told Roy if he was to ever break her heart, he would have to answer to all of us.”

Jason’s glare softened slightly but then he turned to look at Tim. If anyone would be on his side, it would probably be Tim. “What about you?”

Tim held both of his hands up. “I mean, other than getting first dibs to hurt Roy if he ever hurts her, I am pretty cool.”

Jason groaned before dropping down on the couch closest to him, all the while still staring at the two of you. Roy is standing behind you but you are currently holding one of his hands.

“I will be fine, Jason.” You tried to assure him. “I know you are just looking out for me and I am absolutely glad to know that you will have my back in case this thing between Roy and I fall through but at the moment, I am happy – we are happy.” You explained to him and perhaps, seeing the sincerity behind your voice and your expression, Jason finally relented.

“Okay.” Jason muttered. “But I am not telling Bruce.”

Roy tugged on your hand causing you to look at him. You had blanched upon hearing your father’s name. “Is it so bad?” He whispered and maybe it had not been quiet enough because Jason let out a chuckle afterwards.

“If you think my reaction to finding out you are dating my sister is bad, then Bruce’s reaction to it will definitely be worst.” Jason shook his head, sending all of his luck to his friend.

Before any of you could even say anything, someone cleared their throat by the door and all of you turned to look. You almost let out a whimper when you see Bruce staring at your brothers before they landed on you – more specifically, on your hand that is still holding on to Roy’s.

“Do you have something you want to tell me?” Bruce asked and you groaned before burying your face on Roy’s shoulder.  

It's not personal, it's fiction (Biadore) - shadyqueenie

A/N: well I… didn’t expect that! Thank you so much for all the likes in my previous fic! You made me really happy (:

So, I kept on writing – actually I had this idea from the sidebar’s quote ( you noticed it, didn’t you? ;)))) ). I’m not sure whether keeping it as a one-shot or not, but please in any case correct my grammar mistakes! (I have a tumblr..? Sort of..? In which you can write me ( @shadyqueenie , duh) and tell me how poor my grammar is – that will help me and at the same time give you less stress! Even!)

“Can you… like flirt a bit? In a natural way” the producer mumbled while looking at the two queens “ok, listen” she continued after a deep breath “The Untucked’s first episode argument was really, really shady my queens. But in a very interesting way – and we thought that maybe fans might like it. A bit of sexual tension, I mean. You know, you don’t have to kiss or hold hands. Just…” the producer seemed more embarrassed than Roy and Danny “you just have to pretend that Adore likes Bianca and Bianca likes Adore. That’s all.”

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Hello! I actually think you've already done a rec for this but I can't find it :( so if you've already done it, feel free to just link it to me. Anyway, what I'm talking about is royalty AU *_* any kind of, also in the past/fairytale settings/basically everything that involves Harry or Louis as a prince (also... Am I the only one thinking that Louis would be a hell of a Louis XIV? I can't stop thinking about him as le roi soleil... He is indeed the sun after all!) Thank you xx

OMG Yes !!! I’m so happy to make you this fic rec !!!!!!! I love this trope soo muuuuch !

So :  ROYALTY AU, here we go

- Wear It Like A Crown , by Zarah5 : AU. As part of a team of fixers hired to handle a gay scandal in Buckingham Palace, Louis expects Prince Harry to be a lot of things—most notably a royally spoilt brat. Never mind that the very same Prince Harry used to star in quite a number of Louis’ teenage fantasies. (141k, aka one of the fic of my Top3 Larry fics ever)

- With the stars in our eyes [drabble] , by wewillnotsurrenderHarry is the Prince of Wales and he asks Louis on a date. (1.3k, cute)

- You Take Me Over, You’re the Magic in My Veins, by @supernope : Louis can feel Harry’s eyes on him as he turns to head toward his seat. He tucks a secretive smile into the palm of his hand while he slides into place beside his sister, his mother’s seat still empty as it awaits the Queen’s entrance. He knows he should be behaving himself a bit more, should be focusing his attention on Gemma, rather than her brother. He’s working on borrowed time, is expected to announce his engagement to the Princess within the next few weeks, but he can’t seem to help himself. Gemma is lovely, kind and witty and beautiful, but he has no interest in being married to her, had no interest in marriage before her arrival, period.Teeth sunk into his bottom lip to disguise his smile, Louis risks a quick glance toward Gemma and Harry’s usual seats, finds Harry already seated and staring steadily back at him. His hair is a mess from Louis’ fingers and his cheeks are still flushed, and Louis’ heart gives a heavy, delighted thud. No, he thinks, he has no desire to be betrothed to Princess Gemma, but he finds he wouldn’t mind being married after all, if it was Prince Harry he was promised to, instead. ( 36k, with a bit of MPREG and lots of pining)

- feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream  , by @lourrynavy : Harry is a journalist with a lot of secrets and Louis is the future king of the United Kingdom; they live together for 60 days. (123k, magical AU)

- Sail Across Me , by @canonlarry : Harry is a prince that is about to be forced into marriage against his will and running away to sea seems like a much better option. Louis is the captain of the infamous pirate ship The Rogue and he has a thing for helping defenseless creatures. Especially when they’re as pretty as this one. ( 21k, pirate AU with amazing smut)

-The Stars In Your Eyes Light Up The Sky by andthensusays: The one where Harry is a prince forced out of the closet and Louis is a boybander forced in. When they meet, everything changes. (60k, when Royal Au meets Famous!AU. I have to read it again, it’s been a long time. Too much time. )

- my kingdom for a kiss (tonight you’re on my mind) , by @sa-voix : Or, the one where Zayn and Louis make a friendly wager and it goes too far, Harry’s a baker with a heart of gold and really great hair, Liam is an overworked PA who just wants to enjoy his holiday and Niall is completely at ease, as always. An accidentally married AU mixed with a splash of modern royalty. (30k, Prince Louis, accidental marriage AU, amazing!)

- What A Feeling To Be A King Beside You by @misswarncke :  “Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson, Duke of Wellington, your highness,” the man, or boy considering he seems to be around Harry’s age or slightly older, says with a wink and a quick bow.  Huh. Duke of Wellington. Harry recalls once meeting the Duke of Wellington. He probably wasn’t a day over 7 years and honestly only remembers a mischievous boy with blue eyes that poured gravy on him. But now that he thinks about it, the Duke in front of him does have pretty, blue eyes as well. He’s also got a nice smile and a beautiful jawline covered in short stubble. His chestnut hair is done up in a perfect quiff and his dark navy suit is perfectly tailored to his body. He’s fit.(Basically: Harry is the Prince of Wales and Louis is the Duke of Wellington. They fall in love.) (16k, I love this one)

- Celebrity Discount , by @loaded-gunn : Louis fell for Prince Harry when he was ten and Harry was eight and peeked behind the Queen’s elegant gown for his first public appearance—a shy smile and a mess of curls. He fell for him when he caught Lottie putting up a magazine cover of Harry on her wall and all she had to say for herself was, “He’s such a good person, yeah?” and, yeah. He fell for him when Harry gracefully accepted his demotion. He fell for him when Harry came out and stayed out.   (Prince!Harry  , 27k)

- Foolishly Completely Falling by @isthatyoularry : Louis is ¼ of the infamous boy band One Direction and has had a crush on the Prince of Wales for ages. Prince Harry is gay and out and when he spills on a tv show about finding a certain Louis fit, their paths cross and everything turns into a tumult of emotions and anxiety, and the complications when you just want to show the world who you love. (85k, Prince Harry and boybander Louis)

- Glow by @haydolce : Alien AU, with a hint of Royal AU. A summer barbecue at the Tomlinson’s is interrupted by a naked visitor from a peaceful planet far, far away. Can an alien and a human survive a summer together for the sake of the human race? (41k, ok this one is probaby my fav fic of Dolce tbh ^^)

And I haven’t read them yet, but it looks great :

- Common : Henry VIII ruined it for everybody. Now the king or queen can only marry a person chosen by the magic of the church, or disaster will befall Britain. Prince Louis, heir apparent to the British throne, dislikes most things about his inheritance–but most of all that it could keep him from finding the real love of his life. (magical AU, with a mix of High-school AU ? I really need to read this!)

- The King and I : Louis -better known as The Rogue- is the legendary King of the Thieves of London, the underground network of criminals who run the city. Zayn is his second in command, Niall is an Irish fugitive with ultra high-tech hacking skills, and Liam is a dirty cop who lets Rogue and his crew get away with just about anything. Harry is Britain’s absolute worst criminal and a professional scapegoat who flees Cheshire in search of good treatment, and just might find it under the wing of London’s regal mastermind. (43k)

- Turn and face the strange: “Yeah okay, look, um. I’m in a relationship now, mum. And it’s pretty serious and I’m very much in love with him.” Louis’ mum’s face lights up at that. “Well why didn’t you say?! Can we meet him?! Is he here today?”“This is the catch. He’s kind of, well, he’s incredibly famous. So he couldn’t be at the ceremony but he’s in the car and we’re going to go back to his home for some lunch, is that okay?”“Famous?! Louis, if this is some sort of joke…”“It’s not, mum, I promise. Please can you just get in the car? He’s in this one, I want you three to meet him first, just don’t freak out, please,” he says, gesturing at Harry’s traditional black car.Or the one where Harry is going to be King, Louis can’t handle it like he thinks, Zayn is finally happy, Liam’s a massive geek and Niall’s marrying a princess.    (26k, aaaahhhhhhh I need this now!)

- All The King’s Men : Louis is an arrogant, self assured prince who falls in love with a charming thief named Harry during his youth. However, years later, a revolution is sparked amongst the frustrated commoners… and Louis’s former teenage romance is leading it. (39k)

- call it magic, call it true : Harry Styles loves hockey, art history and speaks Italian. His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Wales is second in line to inherit the British Throne. Their relationship is sometimes a fairytale but occasionally a nightmare.(Louis is the Prince William to Harry’s Kate Middleton.) (17k, OMG)

(and now I hate you cause I wanna read all them again)

UPDATE (last update on SEPTEMBER 24th 2016 :

- Bittersweet and Strange by Keep_Calm_And_Read_Fic :    Beauty and the Beast AU in which Harry is taken prisoner in King Louis ‘The Beast’ Tomlinson’s castle, Master Liam Payne may or may not be a torture specialist, Master Zayn Malik may or may not be the Master of War, and no one will tell him what the hell Niall does around here. Basically, Harry hates his enemy with a passion. Then he kind of has a passion for his enemy. Then he wonders if he and Louis are enemies at all. (41k)

- now I’ll surrender up my heart and swap it for yours: Louis can’t believe this. He just - he honestly, in all of the ideas he had in his head as to who Harry was, he never in a million years thought this was going to be the answer. “You’re a prince?” Liam asks, for what is possibly the hundredth time in the past five minutes. It seems to be the only thing either of them can say. Harry’s sat primly in his chair, back a straight line and hands folded neatly on the kitchen table. He nods once, and bows his head slightly. “Yes.”“And you have to stay here,” Louis clarifies, “Because you were almost kidnapped?”OR - a (kind of) Princess Protection Program AU (17k)

- When In Rome  : A modern day Roman Holiday AU, where Harry is the prince of pop on a European tour desperately in need of a break and Louis is an expat in Rome just trying to make rent. (19k)

- King and Lionheart        : Prince Louis Tomlinson is the first out gay monarch in his small country’s history. After facing a failed attack in town, he understands why. Expect the unexpected seems applicable, but nothing could have prepared him for his own mother’s reaction – a bodyguard by the name of Harry Styles. Alternatively titled: A Prince and His Bodyguard  (30k)

- In the Clear        : After Princess Gemma and her fiance Niall are captured by the witch from across the land, Harry and Louis are forced on a journey together to save them. Featuring Lumberjack Liam, Magical Zayn, unsolicited tattoos, and untangling the past.Also known as The Larrietale. (80k)

- You Took My Heart By Surprise  : There is reason to believe Prince Harry’s life is in danger. After a failed kidnapping attempt, Louis is assigned to guard Harry around the clock. He is the best at what he does, but he has a tendency to not get along with clients. Louis and Harry start off on the wrong foot, but it soon becomes clear that neither is at all what the other expected.  (33k)

- Like a Bullet in the Dark  : Prince Harold Edward Styles Lancaster is second in line to the throne of Great Britain. He is also your average Uni student- or he tries to be, anyway. With a promise from the press (and his father) that they’ll leave him alone for four years, he sets out to be a student at Cambridge, when he meets his very normal, very working class, very handsome suite-mate, Louis Tomlinson. Louis makes Harry feel more like a person than he ever has before, which might cause some issues later on- ‘cause Harry has a secret that he’s only told his sister Gemma about. Little does he know though, that Louis has some secrets of his own. A Will & Kate Au- with a twist. (100k)

dnlcast characters as quotes from @shtpreschoolerssay


  • Me: “You’re running so fast. Are you hot, Malcolm?”
    Malcolm, age 3: “I’m fine, because of my awesomeness.”
  • Julianna, age 3: “Can I tell you a very special secret? My friends are my friends.”
  • Millie, age 4: “My dad woke me up early and I’m so mad at him because I need to grow extra muscles and I’m so tired every day.”
  • Teacher: “What do we need to take on our bear-adventure?”
    Rosa, age 4: “A stabber?”
    Tenzer, age 4: “Yes. A knife so we can cut up the bear.”
  • Me: “If a friend is sad, how do we help them feel better?”
    Arthur, age 3: “We don’t punch them or throw them over a chair…maybe we can hug them?”


  • Pablo, age 4: “You’re our treasure.”
    Me: “That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me!”
    Lisa, age 4: “That’s not how he meant it. We’re pirates. It means we’re going to cut you up into pieces.”
  • Mimi, age 3: “Please do not smash me. Because I am fragile.”
  • Teacher: “I’m Sharky today.”
    Roy, age 4: “Actually no one here can be called ‘shark.’ We’re actually humans. I’m the only turtle here.”
  • Celia, age 3: “I love to pick up pretty garbage.”


  • Jack, age 4: “Today my name is Sad Cowboy Who Misses His Mom.”
  • Rosa, age 4: “I don’t like to follow rules, so I’ll just write a note to all my teacher that says ‘I’m sorry,’ instead of following rules.”
  • Frances, age 4: “I speak English, Catalan, Spanish and Mmmm. Here is how you say ‘hello’ in Mmmm: 'mmm-mmm.’”
  • Maria, age 4: “Everybody knows I’m a big girl because I keep the tears inside.”


  • Jillian, age 4: “I have light-up shoes that I used to love, but now I hate them because they don’t light up anymore.”
  • Mimi, age 5: “Everyone is beautiful on the inside; and on the inside, I am wearing a beautiful dress.”
  • Ariana, age 5: “Do you hear that disco music?”
    Me: “No…”
    Ariana: “Well it’s playing on my imaginary radio. I turned it to the maximum volume-24.”
  • Patty, age 4: “I am a doctor and I need to give you a feelings check-up. Yes, you are sad. Here, take some music-medicine.”
RoyEd Week Day 5

Prompt: Feverish

This is for all intents and purposes a companion piece to @uchiha-umeko ’s gorgeous piece of art that I was allowed to write off of. Thank you again ;u;

Ed had been quite willing to ignore the unnatural heat coming off of his face when he woke, along with the dizziness and pounding pain behind his eyes. Today was important, far too important for him to miss and he sure as hell wasn’t staying home because of a cold. He hadn’t been on a mission in what felt like forever (although Roy kept dutifully reminding him that it had only been two weeks and you need to be patient, Edward), and this meant he finally got to get back in the field and get his hands dirty. So no, he was not missing today to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing. But he should have expected that a certain someone who tended to worry far too much would try and pull him out.

Roy had cornered him in the office while he was getting ready under the pretense of a briefing. He had tried to escape but the bastard knew his tricks by now and blocked all of the exits. Dammit. Ed huffed and started tugging his gloves on, jacket tossed on a nearby chair. “You’re not taking me out.”

“Now why would you think I’d be doing anything like that?” Roy moved closer, dark eyes flitting over Ed’s face carefully as a hand came up and brushed his bangs back. “Maybe I just wanted to see you.” That lie was ruined by the press of his palm against Ed’s forehead.

Ed’s brows furrowed slightly, tugging at the base of his glove with less force than usual. His body positively ached. “Roy, I have to do this mission. I cannot-”

“Like hell you will! You’re burning up, Edward!” Roy’s face had shifted into a look of pure concern, something Ed had been doing his damndest to prevent because now the bastard was never going to leave him alone.

“Roy, I am the one who’s qualified for this. You can’t just take me off because we sleep toge- ther…” Was it just him or was the room spinning a little bit more than before? Arms slid around his waist, holding him up as he was moved towards a chair. He plopped down far too hard, body protesting the harsh movement and making him groan. He could hear Roy speaking but couldn’t understand him over the harsh pounding in his head, looking up in time to see the door shutting.

It seemed as though he was only alone for about a minute before the door creaked back open and gentle hands were guiding him up out of his seat. “Easy love, take it slow. You’re going home and you’re going back to bed.” He couldn’t help the noise of protest that squeezed out of his throat, making Roy shake his head. “You’re not even coherent and you’re still fighting me on this.” It felt like someone was taking a hammer to his skull as they moved, Roy’s arm wrapped tight around Ed’s waist to keep him upright as they somehow got all the way out of HQ and into the car.

His head landed on Roy’s shoulder as soon as they were seated in the back, eyes threatening to close as he shivered. He could feel Roy’s eyes on him before he heard movement, and then he was finally warm. When had he gotten cold in the first place? He couldn’t remember. The fabric was familiar, and it smelled like…oh. Roy and wrapped him up in the stupid black coat that followed him everywhere. Although said stupid black coat was doing a good job keeping him warm right now. “Hawkeye’s g’nna kill y’.”

He felt more than heard Roy snort. “She held the door open for me so I didn’t drop you. I believe she understands the circumstances.” An arm slid around his shoulders, pulling him closer. “There will be more missions, Ed. You need to get better first.”

“Mm…st’ll coulda done ’t.” And possibly passed out in the process, but he wasn’t actually that angry anymore. He was tired and achey and Roy was warm and safe, so maybe just this once he could forgive him. Ed burrowed into the coat while also nestling against Roy’s side, the motions of the car and the fingers that were now petting his hair lulling him to sleep.

I Less Than Three You

Summary: Dan and Phil are friends with benefits which itself is complicated. To make things worse for Dan he is in love with Phil and Phil has gone to party thrown by a guy who has a crush on him.

Warnings: F-bombs, Bad writing (It’s my first ever fic), Some more bad writing (English is not my first language)

Word count: 1668

Every part of my day is heavens thanks to Phil. Every second of my day is also torture because of Phil as well. It’s currently past midnight and usually at this time we retire to one of our bedrooms (I secretly prefer his as it smells as home) and engage in what the fans call ‘bishi bashi’ making me fell all bliss. It also makes my chest hurt later thinking how I cannot tell the person lying next to me how much special he is to me.

Phil and I were in this unspoken friends with benefit deal. We never labeled what we were. And nobody knew about us. We went on dates with other people, only when our friend forced us to go. They never lasted more than a couple of dates.

For me, Phil was the obvious reason why. Saying that I am somewhat obsessed with him won’t be an overstatement. And it is almost 1 am now and Phil isn’t home still from this stupid party one of his stupid hunky uni friend, Roy with his stupid outrageous crush on Phil. Phil even went out with him twice (I consumed ridiculous amount of alcohol both the time went to bed before Phil came back) and said him clearly that it wasn’t working for him, that Roy still flirts and tries for Phil. It makes me want to throw that stupid house plant on his head.

Its quarter past one already and this time usually I am having my world rocked by the black haired beauty. Where is he? Phil never stays at party past midnight and switch off his phone. Unless that too pretty to be true boy is responsible for it.

The thought alone makes me feel like my heart is cracking. I know I cannot drink my grief out now, Phil is still sort of missing.

When I was about to call him for what felt like seventieth time, I heard the door downstairs close and a loud bump. Phil is home with me and not with Roy. And sure enough Phil was there awkwardly bent on the stairs just beside the door smelling strongly of alcohol. Now that I was sure Phil was back home safe, I could get angry.

“Where were you and why is you fucking cell off? I’ve been worried sick. You could have at least called me if you had decided to be late.” I barked climbing down towards him. He only managed to straighten up by then.

“I am sholly” he slurred smiling at me sweetly evaporating my anger. Fucking cutie.

He suddenly put his arm around my shoulder and leaned on me, his face centimeters away from mine. This always made me pause my breathing which helped as the smell of alcohol was overwhelming.

“How much did you drink?” I asked snaking my arms around him and pulling him closer. I was feeling possessive a little over Phil because of the whole Roy thing and wanted him all to myself. We have had drunken sex several times before and I was positive Phil won’t mind in the morning. He would probably jokingly demand a reverse situation for himself.

“A little” He slurred smiling. “Yeah sure” I said pecking his lips. I never get to just peck him and do other cute things. It’s always a heated kiss leading up to something more.

“Oh Dan” he sighed against my lips and nuzzled into my neck and locking both his arms around me. He sighed some more which made me want to moan and it had little to do with my sensitive neck.

“Come on, let’s make it to bed this time. Not that you doing me against the door was in any way unpleasant” I flirted. We do that quite a lot actually and checking each other out. At least that’s what I do.

“Yeah” he giggled leaning more on me and snuggling some more. I half carried him to his bedroom. Phil never was this clingy, not that I mind. May be he was a cuddly drunk. That made me happy. God I am a creep.

“That was one of the best sex I’ve had” he said as I push him on his bed. He just sat there looking at my face with glazed eyes. It made me a bit self-conscious. I removed his shoes and was about to kiss him when those soft pink lips started speaking, “All of the best sex I have ever had were with you.  Actually all sex with you is best. God I love you.”

What. He what? He what ME?

“You love me?” I barely managed to make it audible.

“Of course I love you Dan. I have said that many times before.” He said dreamily.

Of course that’s what it was. He said he loved me this morning when I bought him his favorite cereal. I realized I was still awkwardly kneeling his left shoe half removed and my thigh had begun to hurt. I got his shoes removed, changed him into his pjs and made him take his contacts out. Somehow this love me thing reminded me my place with him and now I just wanted to curl up on my bed away from Phil.

I finally managed to tuck him in switched off light and began to walk out.

“Why are you leaving me Dan?” he said and he sounded so broken all so sudden. I had to go back to look properly at him. “What do you want from me?” I asked as gently as I could.

He looked up at me with his fucking blue eyes and uttered the sweetest thing “I want you to not leave me.”

I smiled at him as that made me feel all warm inside again and I knew I had no other option. So I snuggled beside him.

“I less than three you Dan. Why don’t you see it? I love you so much” he mumbled towards the end. Ok this was getting serious but I stopped myself from getting my hopes up. It was Phil after all; why would he love me.

“What do you mean you love me?” I managed a whisper. He flinched badly at this and his eyes watered. Fuck he’s crying.

“I know I shouldn’t have said that” he stammered between sobs. I barely could understand what he was saying. “I should have never. I don’t want you to leave me. I don’t want to live without you Dan please.” He was horribly sobbing towards the end and it snapped me out from my stunned state that I was in because of what he said.

“Phil, Phil stop crying; I am not leaving you. Please calm down. Stop love.” I consoled rubbing his chest and wiping his tears.

My eyes did almost water at what he was saying. My breathing was fast and there was weird feeling in my stomach. But I won’t let my hopes high. I needed to know more.

“How do you love me Phil?” he looked at me with teary eyes. “Do you want me more than just… more that what we are now?”

He nodded timidly. Fuck.

“Like you want me as your boyfriend?” my voice was very low because I was fucking scared. I had finally said it; out loud to Phil.

All I could think was please say yes Phil. Whatever you do don’t say no. If it was anything negative, my heart would be done for.

“Yes please” he squeaked.

My lips quivered but I was smiling looking at the Phil’s perfect face as silent tears ran down my checks.

“You are drunk Phil, are you sure you want to be with me?” I still needed all assurance I could get because after all it had been five years since we have been friend with me being in love with him for pretty much all that time.

I never said anything before because I am a mess and quite frankly Phil can do so much better than settling for me for his boyfriend. So I kept trying and pushing my feeling back and failing. At least I got to have him as my best friend and what’s more I didn’t even have any sexual frustration because of him. Constant heartache was I got in return but I had decided it was little price to pay than loosing Phil completely for the tiny chance that I had of having a real relationship with him.

“Are you sure you won’t think that I am just silly old Dan, your flatmate in the morning?” I questioned.

“You were never just Dan for me. I had realized that even before we met in person. I cannot be surer of waning to be with you Dan.  Please be mine. All mine and nobody else’s. Please.” He actually begged.

There was no way now that my eyes would stop watering any time soon. I hugged him tightly with all the strength I had and didn’t care if I was hurting him because every nerve cell in me stimulated to hold Phil as close as possible and never let him go. It was because I realized how much I need to hear something like that from Phil. I had always hoped, prayed, wished, begged literally at least once everyday for Phil to return my feelings.

“But I am such a mess, Phil.” I managed to choke out. I wanted to get all my insecurities cleared. Or maybe I just wanted to hear Phil say sweet things more. “I am emotionally a wreak. I am so pathetic and you always have to take care of me every few weeks when I fall into another existential crisis. You are the sweetest, kindest person and unbelievably beautiful. Why would you love me? Tell me why you love me Phil”

He was still sniffling a bit but he pulled me closer and managed to say things that made that night the best night of my life.

  Part 2 (for the day after from Phil’s pov)

It seems like one of those nights

   Today was one of those days that everything feels weird, one of those days when everyone decides to turn against you, those days that the world seems to hate you but also one of those days that you stop at the end and think about everything in your life. I laid in bed and started to remember everything that happened this weekend.

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A Head, A Heart, & A Crown {Biadore} Chapter 16 -C*NT

A/N: This is the second to last chapter! 😭😭😭 I can’t even believe it tbh, but I’m happy to say 1. This chapter is long (yay) 8500+ words! 2. TW: NSFW 😏 Smut is coming after 15 chapters of angst, drama, crazy ex boyfriends and competition. 3. It’s been almost a year since I got into Drag Race, so to see where I was a year ago, to now is something else. 4. Thank you to my lovely beta trixies-padding and 5. Thank YOU to all of the readers who have loved this story and continued to read it and give feedback! Enjoy!

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Why Didn't Laurel Get A Goodbye?

Anonymous said: Hey Jen. I know you’re swamped so I’ll be quick. Why do you think Oliver didn’t say goodbye to Laurel? This actually bugs me despite the fact that I don’t actually like her very much (little bit more this episode than in the past).

Anon!!! Eh…I’m not that swamped. It’s hiatus babe!

First…a disclaimer. There tends to be tagging issues on my Laurel Lance posts because the Tumblr app cannot distinguish the anti-tags. I am tagging this Switzerlaurel because that’s the tag the Olicity fandom has set up to freely discuss Laurel Lance. If you are a Lauriver fan or a Laurel fan, I would advise you to not read any further. I am a Laurel fan, but whenever I write about Laurel & Oliver it takes a negative slant. Why? Because I’ve got a pretty negative point of view on Laurel and Oliver. So if you choose to continue reading - that is your choice.

Okay. I’ve said my peace. Time to hash this out.

That’s a…really freaking good question. What’s sad? The thought never even occurred to me. Yikes. Not quite sure what that says about me. Hmm…I’m getting uncomfortable. Moving on.

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