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Rosetta Ryder - “Believer

Like many things she kept, the rose was a mere trinket - a remnant of the way she was once. But Rosetta would be lying if she said she regretted the change. The taste of whiskey, the smell of cigarettes, and the roughened feel of lips barely kissed. These were the things she came to know. Unhinged. It was the only way she could be. It was the only way she could believe.

Rosetta Ryder belongs to @head-bitch-inquisitor; screenshot of Reyes belongs to @masseffectscreenarchery


So, it happened again. 

This time a women posted another “Fuck Feminism” meme.

I am so sick of this bullshit. 

I wasn’t even that upset about the shirt in the beginning, it was like *eyeroll* “another shitty sexist thing, what else is new.” But the more people complain about the reactions or put down our struggles as women in science, the angrier I get.

It’s so frustrating and so exhausting to face shit like this




never ending parade of things blocking our way to success. And on top of that people telling me that this wall I climb everyday isn’t even there

that I am imagining the wall

or I built it myself

fuck that.

This wall has been here since the beginning and it used to be a mountain but amazing female scientists came before me and helped to break it down. It’s not gone yet and we face it everyday with every step but we aren’t going to stop until it’s gone.

I’m not going to stop pointing out the misogyny and sexism and trying to change it until no other young female scientist has to face it again.

The 100 S02E09 Recap: Remember Me
  • <bloody hands>
  • Abby: daughter are you okay
  • Clarke: uh no
  • Clarke: I'm having a panic attack
  • Clarke: wait
  • Clarke: now I'm not
  • Clarke: cool
  • Lexa: I need your boyfriend's body
  • Kane: dude
  • Kane: that's not fair
  • Kane: we did so much for you
  • Kane: you know
  • Kane: after killing 18 of your people
  • Kane: but like
  • Kane: you know
  • Lexa: ...
  • Lexa: k so we'll expect the body in the morning
  • <squad exits>
  • Abby: ugh
  • Abby: they're being lead by a child
  • Abby: how disgusting
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: you know you're useless right
  • <outside>
  • Clarke: so I know Finn just died
  • Clarke: but we need to kill him more
  • Clarke: sorry
  • Raven: ...... >:c
  • Finn: ..... >:c
  • Clarke: Finn don't look at me like that
  • <awesome theme song>
  • <mountain clubhouse>
  • Jasper: raising the music isn't suspicious at all
  • <horse road>
  • Clarke: Finn plz stop following me
  • Bellamy: babe are you okay
  • Clarke: no not really
  • Clarke: Finn won't stop following me
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: okay well what if I spy on mount weather
  • Clarke: uh how about no
  • Clarke: I can't lose you too
  • Bellamy: pfft
  • Bellamy: I don't take orders from you
  • Bellamy: unless you're into that
  • Bellamy: wait what
  • <vampire layer>
  • Random vested man: We can monitor people in the fucking forest but don't notice people escaping our own base
  • <sleepover time>
  • Bellamy: come sleep with me?
  • Clarke: alright so
  • Clarke: I know I confessed my undying love to you
  • Clarke: but
  • Clarke: Finn just died
  • Bellamy: awh okay
  • <the 'adults'>
  • Kane: so what are we gonna do about my good friend Jaha?
  • Abby: ...
  • Abby: right
  • Abby: I forgot about him
  • Abby: can we just pretend he never left the Ark?
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: um no
  • <Clarke wakes after a minute>
  • Finn: babe just the tip?
  • Clarke: omg Finn no
  • <meeting place>
  • Bellamy: nuu my gun :'c
  • <mountain's art museum>
  • Miller: Mount Weather has sledge hammers sitting around so
  • <grounder camp>
  • Lincoln: I am the Rosetta stone
  • <Lexa gives Clarke the torch>
  • Clarke: I don't think I can do this
  • Finn: c'mon babe
  • Finn: I'll help light me on fire
  • Clarke: oh in that case
  • <fwoosh>
  • <weather mount>
  • Jasper: the teensy bandaid on my neck helps whatever wound its covering
  • <camp>
  • Lexa: I had a girlfriend
  • Lexa: and she died
  • Lexa: love is scum
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: I'm still upset
  • Clarke: but a little turned on
  • <Hogwart's grimier banquet room>
  • Kane: booze makes everyone happy
  • Kane: :D
  • Dying man: I am not happy
  • <Bellamy knocks Clarke's glass away>
  • Bellamy: man I'm cool
  • <mount weather>
  • Jasper: well this is a win-win situation
  • Jasper: FOR MY LIPS
  • <grounder dungeon>
  • Finn: girls plz stop fighting
  • Clarke: omfg
  • Clarke: stay out of this, Finn
  • Clarke: I don't need your flack right now
  • Octavia: Clarke
  • Octavia: I think you need to get those ten concussions checked out
  • Octavia: like asap
  • <still in the room>
  • Abby: what you're feeling is normal
  • Abby: it'll fade with time
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: mom?
  • Abby: yeah?
  • Clarke: you know I'm hallucinating right
  • Abby: uhh
  • Abby: yeah
  • Abby: ...
  • Abby: k maybe that's not normal
  • <happy clubhouse>
  • Monty: security is so good here
  • Monty: I got a hazmat suit
  • Monty: and a canister
  • Monty: and a cart
  • Monty: and tricked a guard
  • Monty: all without suspicion
  • Monty: woo hoo
  • <grounder dungeon>
  • Grounders: sorry, alliance is off
  • Grounders: we don't like when people try to kill us
  • Everyone: :c
  • <central camp>
  • Abby: Clarke
  • Abby: stop talking to your hallucination and get your ass out here
  • <Clarke runs out>
  • Bellamy: baby be careful
  • <mount weather>
  • Monty: I'm so glad the guard took an hour long coffee break
  • <Gustus's funeral>
  • Raven: the radio works!
  • Raven: what now?
  • Clarke: Bellamy, you should go to the mountain
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: but
  • Bellamy: I thought you were worried about me
  • Bellamy: y'know
  • Bellamy: about me dying
  • Clarke: sorry babe
  • Clarke: I was being weak
  • Clarke: it's worth the risk
  • Bellamy: ... :'c
  • Fandom: ... :'c
  • <later>
  • Abby: daughter
  • Abby: I got you Finn's ashes
  • Abby: cuz I'm helpful
  • Clarke: jfc mom
  • Clarke: just go back to the ark
  • <mount weather torture shack>
  • Monty: maybe that guard wasn't so stupid
  • Monty: where are my pants

tales-from-the-doomed-world  asked:

"Wh-where... am I?" Rosetta asked herself as she slowly woke up, realizing she was lying on the floor of someplace unfamiliar. However, everything is dimly lit, so she can't picture out where she is exactly. "My... head hurts."

“Oh great, another stranger ends up in my house.”, Zone said, spinning her chair around from her desk to face the stranger.