i am rosetta

***Do NOT delete this text or you will make my kitty Merida cry!***

Hi everyone I am introducing you….

I need to update my faves because almost half of them changed blogstyles…

So keep reading to find out how to be one of my faves :)

💖 As always, you mbf Me-Rosettaful (Or you have 0.00000000001% chance of being on of my faves).
💖 You must be a fab rosy blog.
💖 You must Reblog this! (Likes are considered as bookmarks).
💖 Must be willing to put me in your featured section in your hover tabs etc.

💖 You will get a super nice bestie: Me-Rosettaful.
💖 You will get to be featured in my pop up faves!
💖 You can have promos whenever you want (4 is the limit),
💖 You can talk to me whenever you want, I don’t bite, I promise. 

💖 Follow my Banner, Theme, Layout, and Quality blog.
💖 Like some of my Themes.
💖 Reblog from my Mine and Edits.
💖 Rate my blog (First hover tab on left side of sidebar).

💖 I made this banner (I will re-open request during summer time). 
💖 I will choose once this reaches 100+ notes!

Well, I guess that is it! 
I can’t wait to choose my new fab rosy blogs to be my faves! 

Now…GET REBLOGGING, so I don’t look stupid! 

Always remember: I love you!-Love, Jamie aka Rosettaful xx