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Three Ways Through Sappho


no: tongue breaks and thin/ fire is racing under skin/ and in eyes no sight and drumming/ fills ears and cold sweat holds me/ and shaking/ grips me all, greener than grass/ I am and dead–or almost/I seem to me. 


my tongue grows numb; at once a subtle/ fire runs stealthily beneath my skin:/ my eyes see nothing, my ears/ ring and buzz,/ the sweat pours down, a trembling/ seizes the whole of me, I turn paler/ than grass, and I seem to myself/ not far from dying. 


but my tongue is frozen in silence;/ instantly a delicate/ flame runs beneath my skin;/ with my eyes I see nothing;/ my ears make a whirring noise./ A cold sweat covers me,/ trembling seizes my body,/ and I am greener than grass./ Lacking but little of death do I seem.

Short Stuff

Summary: Y/N has problems reaching the handlebar on the train so she finds another suitable way to stay upright.

AN: i’m sorry this isn’t inclusive ahsjasj but this was such a cute idea i couldn’t help it  :( also i’m short as fuck if you didn’t know so this is a dream

Peter Parker x Reader

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My foot tapped along to the beat of the music rushing through my ears. People around me were either on their phone or talking to someone as we waited for the train to arrive. I shoved my hands into my pockets to warm them up from the chill of the wind.

Eventually, the train arrived but I soon found that it was more crowded than usual. All the poles that I usually held onto were occupied and the only things left were the handlebars up above. Which I was too short to grab hold of.

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Someone to Watch Over Me

Title:  Someone to Watch Over Me (A Bodyguard AU)

Series Masterlist (coming soon)

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Six months ago, everything changed. Widowed and alone, Dean Winchester is determined to pick himself up and move on, so he goes back to his job as a bodyguard for Singer Protective Services. His first assignment? An actress receiving death threats, an actress with an uncanny resemblance to his wife.

You don’t want protection, don’t need it. Especially from someone as cold and impersonal as Dean Winchester. You’re not afraid of a bunch of stupid death threats, you just want to be left alone to live your life.

Two people, two very different lives. Who will be the first to let the armor slip?

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned)

Word Count:  2936

Warnings: language, mentions stalking, death threats, mentions of blood

Author’s Notes: This was written for two challenges: @impala-dreamer One Prompt for All (had to be Dean x Reader, no more than 3,000 words, and the prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.”) and @luci-in-trenchcoats AU & Things Challenge (I chose Bodyguard AU). I’m not gonna lie, a lot inspiration for this came from the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner movie The Bodyguard.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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anonymous asked:

here's a prompt where instead of neil getting hurt in a game, it's andrew

this turned into fluff????? mark this down on the calendar, guys, because I never turn angst into fluff at least not like this

Neil isn’t on the court when it happens, so he sees every second. It’s not the first time a team got it in their heads that the way to win the game was to sacrifice a striker in order to take down Andrew. But it’s the first time they’ve decided to sacrifice two strikers and a defensive dealer.

Andrew gets the ball out of the goal and then braces for the impact of the striker. If it had ended there, Andrew would have been fine, brick house that he is. But the other striker, in a blatant foul, rams into Andrew as well, and then the fucking defensive dealer piles on as well. Whistles blow and the buzzer goes off, calling the game to a halt as red cards are thrown and the referees make their way onto the field.

Neil is on his feet and running without remembering to tell his body to move. Wymack and the referees try to stop him, but Neil ducks and shoves past them. The other players are already on their feet, but Andrew is still on his back, racquet laying a foot from his extended hand. 

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xochiquetzl  asked:

Are there any howling Americanisms in fanfic that are a particular pet peeve? (I try, but I suspect I've committed a few!)

I had a good think about this, and it turned more into a reference post than an actual statement of what really bothers me.  To be honest, if it happens infrequently, I can usually squint past it - but if there’s a lot, or it’s something that’s used over and over then I find it harder.

So…here we go:

Our parents are mummy, mum, mammy, mam, ma, mother etc, and daddy, dad, da, pa, father etc - but never ever mommy or mom, poppy or pop(s).

Individual pieces of candy are sweets.  Candy bars are chocolate bars.  We don’t eat pancakes for breakfast.  (Pancakes are thin crepes that are eaten on Shrove Tuesday.)   We eat porridge and not oatmeal, and we have biscuits and not cookies.   Maple syrup was not really in the UK in the 90s, nor was corn syrup; we have golden syrup, or treacle (not molasses).  Crisps are what you call chips.  Jelly is not jell-o.  Dumbledore eats sherbet lemons, not lemon drops.  We drink fizzy drinks (well, we mostly refer to them by brand or type) and not soda.  We have candy floss, not cotton candy.  We have mince beef, not ground beef - and there’s a rack of different names for vegetables (courgette vs zucchini, swede vs rutabaga etc.).  Faggots are meatballs, not a homosexual slur.

Whilst public (private) schools may and do charge, there’s no indication that Hogwarts requires tuition fees.  Nor do we pay for healthcare; Dudley wouldn’t have been charged to have his tail removed.  We don’t have extra credit, and we don’t have a grade point average.  In the 90s, there weren’t really proms, and no graduation ceremonies.  (Some schools did awards ceremonies following results, usually in the first term of the next school year.)  We don’t have kindergarten; we have reception.

We use the pavement, not the sidewalk.  We use a car park and not a parking lot.  In the 90s, you could legally smoke at 16 (now 18), you could legally drive at 17, you could legally drink at 18.  In the 60s and 70s, the shopkeeper would’ve served Severus or Lily for their parents, even though they’re underage.  Lily and Severus lived around the same postcode, not ZIP code.  A yard in Spinner’s End is actually a yard (6 foot of paving), not a garden.  If Severus wants to grow items for brewing (assuming no magical shenanigans), he probably needs to have an allotment.  Our streets are not set up in blocks.   Cokeworth is not in London, and certainly cannot be accessed via the tube.

You fill your car with petrol or diesel, not gas - and we drive on the motorway, not the freeway.  We take lifts and not elevators.  We sleep in beds (single, double, king, super king - not twin) and not cots.  We live in flats, not apartments - and the first floor is up a flight of stairs from the ground floor.  We go on holiday, not vacation.  We use mobiles not cellphones, and when we shop we use a trolley and not a cart.  We use put rubbish in the dustbin (or just bin); we don’t put garbage in the trashcan.   We don’t knock on wood, we touch wood and whilst our measuring systems are screwed up, we definitely use celsius for outside temperature.  …and if Hermione’s parents ever sort Severus’ teeth out, they use braces, not retainers.  (Speaking of which, we also use braces to mean suspenders.  Suspenders in British English mean garters.)

We say bum or bottom or backside or arse; not ass or butt and most definitely not fanny (which is something completely different).  We have fringes and not bangs.  Pants go under trousers unless you’re Superman.  Vests go under a shirt, and waistcoats go over…and wifebeater is not a vest, but slang for a particular lager that gets people a bit handsy.  We wear football boots and not cleats.  (Btw, bleachers are stands.) We wear jumpers, not sweaters.  We use wardrobes and cupboards, not closets.  We wear trainers and not sneakers.  We ring 999 in an emergency, not 911.  We use plasters, not band aids.  We use notes, not bills, and £5 is the lowest (the £1 note ceased being produced in the early 80s).  We don’t leave money on the bar.  Cigarettes have many names, including cig, ciggie, smoke and fag.  …and we have our own television shows.  US bands are often important in the UK, but we also have our own music as well.

There’s no such word as ‘gotten’ in British English (sorry, I know that’s a big one for most writers; you wouldn’t expect that we wouldn’t have it!).

And if you’re pissed, you’re drunk.  If you’re annoyed, you’re pissed off.  Which is probably what I sound in this post, but I promise, I am not.  :)  

I am sure there’s a billion more, but these were the ones that sprung to mind.

In fairness, the world is getting smaller.  I read a lot of American fiction, and watch a lot of American fiction, and although I might huff a little to myself when I see Snape using an Americanism, it’s not super horrendous.  I might roll my eyes at the sidewalk, but I know what one is and I can carry on reading; it just pulls me out of my spell a little.

If I’m absolutely honest, I’m always impressed when people have bothered to write at all - and I wouldn’t want anyone to freeze and think, “Oh no, I daren’t write anything ever again!”  I mean, I’ll admit, I’ve read stories solely due to the trope, and the writing was genuinely atrocious…but I stuck with them, and the plot ended up being fantastic.  

So I do try to not ‘nope’ out of something if I can help it; you might miss out on something wonderful.  But to answer your question, the things that bother me most?  Mom, pancakes for breakfast, and Hogwarts tuition fees.  They’re the killers for me.  :D

Sit Still--Imagine #20

Anonymous said: Crush sits cross legged on floor while the reader draws him and he has to stay still and it’s all cute and stuf!

A/N: Again, I apologize for all these imagines being written so late. I hope the people that requested awhile ago see theirs! Thank you all for requesting! Right now my ask box is closed and I’m not taking anymore requests until I get the old requests written. This is just one of many on the way. Keep dreaming!~Logan <3

Sighing again, I erased the same line I’d drawn at least 300 times now. 

“C/n!” I almost shouted, exasperated. 

“What?!” C/n asked, startled by my outburst since it’d been quiet in my room for awhile now. 

“Can you please sit still? I’ve been trying to draw your jaw and ear for the past, like, 30 minutes and every time I think I’ve got it down or am close to getting it down, you squirm and I have to start all over again!”

“Sorry, y/n! It’s just hard to sit in this position for so looonnggg,” he said, dragging out the last word. 

I let out a frustrated growl and he smirked. 

“Well, what position do you prefer?” I rubbed my temples in frustration. 

I swear, I loved this boy but he sure knew how to test my patience. 

“Mm, missionary, to be honest,” he shrugged, his face devoid of emotion like it always was right before he cracked up at his own joke. 

“Ugghh, fuck you!” I whacked him in the arm with my sketchpad, his shoulders shaking as he roared with laughter. 

He could be so immature sometimes. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love his immature sense of humor. 

“I wish you would,” he smirked, eyes shining with mirth.

“It’s a good thing you’re cute,” I grumbled, crossing my arms and glaring at him. 

“Why?” He asked, sporting a shit-eating grin.

“Because if you weren’t I’d be using this pencil to stab you, instead of using it to draw your stupid cute face.”

“Oh my god, am I your muse?” He asked dramatically

“No, you’re my pain in the ass,” I rolled my eyes. 

He gasped, clutching his chest dramatically, “She called me her pain in the ass.”

“Alright, Romeo, calm down. Now can you please sit still?” 

“Only if I can sit on the floor, cross-legged,” he said, smoothing his clothes. 

“Anything to get you to sit still,” I said, moving off the chair I was sitting on, to plop myself on my floor. 

He stepped off the stool I’d sat him in originally and sat cross-legged in front of me. He turned his head to the side like he’d had it before, clenching his jaw. 

I dragged my eyes away from the delicious site of his side profile to sketch it more accurately. A few minutes had passed, the only sound in the room was some relaxing music I’d put on low, the sound of lead scratching over paper, and our soft breaths. I had moved on to drawing c/n’s broad shoulders, trying to get the shading and outline right when c/n’s voice broke the silence. 

“I never asked you what your project was for, y/n.”

I almost dropped my pencil, leaving a crooked line that I quickly erased.

“It’s a drawing project,” I said, trying to avoid answering truthfully. 

“No shit, Sherlock,” out of the corner of my eyes I could see a smirk on his face before he went back to talking. “I mean, why’d you pick me for it? Every assignment you’ve gotten so far in your drawing class has come with some prompt. Some reason behind why you’re drawing the thing.”

I pretended not to hear him, pretended I was too engrossed in shading the wrinkles of his loose hoodie. 

“Y/nnn,” he dragged out my name in a taunting way. 

My cheeks heated up and I bit my lip. There was no way he was going to drop the subject. He knew when he was getting under my skin. 

I huffed before mumbling, “I’m supposed to draw someone…that–umm–that…”

“That?” He asked, his voice gentle, coaxing me. 

“That I–basically a person–well someone…someoneIadmire,” I blurted, the words coming out slurred into one. 

I had finished drawing his hoodie and realized that the line of his upper lip hadn’t come out right. Trying to distract myself from the fact I’d basically revealed my true feelings for him, I looked up to study his lips only to find his wide eyes staring back at me. 

“I have to get your lips right,” I said, my voice sounding strained. 

Feeling awkward under his unwavering stare, I cleared my throat. He wasn’t turning his head back to the original position so I decided to take control. I shuffled forward on my knees so I was close enough, and reached a finger out. Slowly, my finger glided over the curve of his jaw and I heard his breathing shallow. I applied slight pressure as my finger reached the side of his chin. He obediently moved his head to the side. I let my finger linger on his skin a moment longer than necessary before pulling away and settling back in my original place to start again on drawing his lips. 

It seemed that my words had sent c/n into a strange kind of trance and anxiety settled in my stomach. 

My tongue stuck out as I tried to re-shape his lips on my paper. I looked up again to find c/n had moved his head to stare at me again. 

“On second thought maybe I should’ve chosen someone else. You can’t seem to keep your neck turned,” I chuckled softly, finding his antics more cute than annoying like I liked to act they were. 

“Sorry, it’s just hard to resist looking at you for even a little bit,” he mumbled, turning his head again. 

I frowned, wondering where my confident, snarky boy c/n had gone and how a shy boy with flushed cheeks had come to take his place. 

My own cheeks flushed at his confession, but I tried not to take it to heart. He couldn’t possibly like observing me, staring at me. 

“It’s alright, but just try to hold your head in place for just a little longer. Lips have always been tricky for me to draw and yours are giving me an especially hard time,” I chuckled, trying to lighten the tension in the room. 

“Maybe you should kiss them,” he suggested and I dropped my pencil my eyes flying up to look at him. 

Of course, of all times he chose this one to keep his head turned away from mine. Still, I could see the edge of his lips quirk up a bit in one of those rare smiles that he gave when he felt equal parts shy and equal parts bold. 

“And just what do you expect that will do in helping me with drawing them, hm, c/n?” I asked, crossing my arms. 

“If you can feel the grooves of my lips, you might find it easier to draw them. Drawing may be all about observing visually, but I think it benefits you when you observe sensuously as well,” he said.

I just sat there, my head fighting between what I desired and what I logically knew to be smart to do. 

“What harm could it do, y/n?”

I breathed deep. He was right. What harm could it really do? A million answers to that question ran through my mind but I focused on him instead. The delicious way his lips were frozen in that soft grin, the adorable bend of his nose, the way his eyelashes curled just the slightest at the ends. 

I moved to sit in front of him, his head still frozen in his pose. Finally, our eyes met. His were adoring and in awe, gliding over my face, drinking me in. I moved in, slowly, until my lips were just brushing against his. Internally, I was screaming, shouting for joy, and laughing giddily but externally all that I could do before I pressed my lips completely to his was let out a weak breath. 

What registered first was the slightly chapped texture of his lips, and then the softness of them underneath that. And finally, the fact that he was not pressing back into mine.

Pulling back abruptly, and overcome with embarrassment, I looked him in the eyes. 

“Why–why didn’t you kiss me back?” I asked, my confusion quickly turning into panic. 

“Because you told me to stay still,” he answered, eyes dancing with mischief, his breath shallow which told me I wasn’t the only one affected by what I’d just done.

Shaking my head, I let out a breathy laugh while rolling my eyes playfully. That’s when he gently placed his hands on either sides of my cheeks and pulled me in for the sweetest kiss. 

As we pulled back and regained our breath, I giggled, “You may be the worst model ever, but you’re the best damn kisser.”

“Well, then you’ve gotta keep me around. Especially if you plan on drawing any more pictures of me and need more help with…observing…my lips,” he chuckled.

“Oh, I’m keep you right where you are,” I laughed, before he pulled me in for another kiss. 

Study Break (M)

Originally posted by jiminarmy

✕ pairing: Taehyung x Reader

✕ genre/warnings: smut, one shot

✕ words: 1,200

✕ summary: Having trouble studying for a test, you let your best friend Taehyung come over to help you. He also has a great way to help relieve your stress.

✕ notes: for the anon that requested this!! Hope you like it! 

“Why did I even invite you over to help me study when all you’re doing is complaining about not wanting to study?” I groan, falling against my bed, my body bouncing a little as it hit the mattress.

 “Hey, it’s not my fault that studying is boring!” he replied, throwing his pencil down against his textbook.

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Humans are Space orcs

So, here is my little contribution to the whole humans are space orcs idea, which I have been absolutely loving since I found it.

On the eleventh polar rotation of the seventh month of the earth solar cycle 2538, an event occurred that would forever be seared into the minds of everyone near a visual screen within the galaxy. The Terran United National Dominion Had been spreading its exploratory reaching ever farther. This led to conflict with many species, but diplomatic term had always been met, whether it being through full sharing of all findings, a small taxation for crossing of borders, or the humans respectfully agreeing to leave if found trespassing. However, there was one species, that found the mere prospect of the human exploration to be an affront.

These were the Nem, a proud people Who were feared their physical prowess in claw to claw combat upon boarding a ship, which they were quite good at with their lightweight, but very maneuverable ships. They felt that the entire galaxy belonged to them, and from this belief, they felt it was their right to not just restrict humans for from going any place that was not first explored by the Nem, but to tax them for all places they had already gone. The Nem even went as far as to demand that the Human intersolar mass trading and diplomatic post that reached from the surface of their core world, to the edge of its lower orbit, a structure unlike any other in the galaxy, the Ouroboros Station, be handed over to their control.

This created a conflict that had been avoided by other species, which had agreed simply to bring a Nem crew member with them, and to give at least half of whatever they found, unless the Nem asked for more, and what they ask for was not something needed by the discovering races. The humans on the other pincer, while able to be diplomatic, and rather quite intelligent, have a special feature few other races have, stubbornness. As they continued to deny payment to the Nem, their research vessels were boarded, some killed, but for the most part simply looted, and in return a human cruiser would eradicate the stray Nem boarding scifer that was not quite fast enough. It was war, much like any other war, for after all both races were known to be warrior races.

But on the polar rotation in question, the Nem took something from the humans that other races knew never to take. They took the lives of many humans, that were not famous, nor special, but were still each one part of their own pack. On that polar rotation, a game of leg sphere, the final in a massive tournament apparently, was taking place, when a dull crack was heard through the sky. It was enough to get the attention of many people, but the “competitive sport” of leg sphere went on. It was not until the large visual screen that had been used to show the events of the game switched  to instead show a reporter that the fighters on the field stopped in their tracks, and stared up at it, slowly carrying the gaze of the entire crowd.

“I’m coming to live on Channel 12 galactic new broadcast, with a recent report that some form of projectile has just struck the…-” The reporter traled off with a look of terror in her eyes, like a vyscalky deathgrunt had just entered the room. She began again, but this time as though she had something lodged within her throat, “with a report that the Ouroboros has just been stuck by a foreign… a foreign projectile. I think I might be sick.. We go live, along with along other channels to my colleague in the news center on board the Ouroboros…”

The visual screen switched to depict a man in in a black suite, with a dark purple tie, sitting in front of a green backdrop, his head down, resting in his hands, a sign of human grief. “Keep the cameras rolling goddamn it…” with a shaky voice, “people of the earth… we have just been attacked. The Ouroboros station, from which I am reporting right now- oh god,” tears streaming down his face, he tilts his head back and puts his hands over his eyes. “From which I am reporting to you… has just been struck, and in moments will collide with the ground, killing myself, and millions of others. Oh fucking christ- no, no, keep the fucking cameras rolling damn it.” The lights now flickered, and changed to yellow hue, indicated an emergency state. “If you have loved ones within, then please, call them, as this will be your last-no, their last-chance to say that they love you.” The reporter suddenly breaks out into an uncontrollably grotesk sob, but manage a few last words, “To my little girl Susey,” choking back a tears, “I’m sorry sweety, but daddy’s not gonna make it home tonight to help you with your science project, and to my wife… Jennifer, I just want to let you and the kid know one last time time. I love y-” The transmission suddenly cut cut out leaving only the sound of static to be heard through the galaxy, as the feed had been transmitted on hyperlight links to ever visual screen in the galaxy.

Moments later, I remember overhearing a transmission for all human vessels to return to earth. This message alarmed me, as I had read in the human handbook that they humans would not give up a fight if those close to them had been harmed. What confused me further was the eagerness mixed in with the sadness that I felt from our captain, Human Jacobson, when I asked if the reason he was giving up the fight we were in with a small group of scifers was because he had pack member within the Ouroboros. He responded so quietly my atulary receptors almost did not pick up him say, “no, I didn’t personally know any of them. But God help us if I’m going to choose to follow those scifers of returning home to aid in whatever way we can.”

It was found out only moments after, that the object that struck the station was a Nem super boarder, that had the thought that it could jump out of ftl right next the the station, thus avoiding any form of security, and and take the Station by claw. This discovery led to such an anger throughout the humans, my species, nor any other as far as I know, ever expected from the humans. Offering our condolences for their losses, many different races lant their aid services to them, in rebuilding, and healing. They accepted these services, but to my confusion, they did not rebuild the lost structure, but instead cleared the rubble,took care of their death rituals, and then constructed an odd building, with the only purpose being to list the names of every being that lost their life in the event.

One polar rotation later, the massive fleet of human cruisers that had gathered around the system left, I originally thought to return to each of our individual missions. Instead, our cruiser, along with the million other headed directly for Nem space, which was highlighted in red on our star charts for us to avoid. The exchange I had with captain human Jacobson still lingers with me to this moment…

“Captain, why are our bearings pointed directly for Nem space? Should we not return to the war we were fighting with them instead of heading to our most certain demise in their home territories?”

“War? What we were doing out there wasn’t a war Xen’Chak. That was simply pest control.”

“If that was pest control… Then what are we about to go do?”

To this a crease formed between captain human Jacobson’s brows, as what I have heard to be a human sign of anger, or thought. He said two words back to me.

“Pest extermination”

Within two cycles, or found a half earth solar cycles, the Nem empire had not just shrunk, but had been entirely eradicated. Before this, I thought that many of the things in the handbook about why humans were to be feared had been simple misunderstandings, or even maybe just false statement put in the human handbook. But, after the event that I not just witnessed, but took part in, I know now why humans are registered as a warrior race.They also proved to all other species one thing, and that was that if the galaxy belonged as a whole to any of us, it was they humans, and thank our ancestors that they are not like the Nem in their desire to prove it.

Submitted by: @argoth-synclare


Summary: The reader and Bucky try to celebrate a successful mission but forget their communication devices are still on. 

Word Count:797

Authors note: this one is short, but as usual, full of smut. The idea popped into my head while watching Age of Ultron and I couldn’t help myself! Enjoy guys:)

The quinjet landed with a small thud, allowing everyone to go into tower. Tony smirked, “How am I the only one that still isn’t over the fact that Cap said language”.  You had just got back Loki’s sceptor from a Hydra base.

As Nat rushed alongside the gurney she said, “I’d rather focus on the fact that Clint is pretty banged up”. Clit rolled his eyes as he reassured her that he’d be fine.

Laughing he added, “The only thing that might kill me is that green juice you keep shoving down our throats Stark”. You hung back with Bucky, wanting some alone time as you took everything in.

Bucky reached out for your hand, pulling you back. Everyone was too preoccupied to notice. Banner added, “The lab should be prepped, so no one’s dying yet”. The rest of the team rushed in behind them.

Now that you were alone you turned to him, “What’s on your mind James?”. Bucky smiled hearing you call him by his real name.

He wrapped an arm around your waist, your body now pressed against the jet and him. You watched a smirk form upon his lips, “ James-”. He pressed his lips softly against yours and you brought a hand to tug at his hair.

Bucky groaned, “Doll, you know what that does to me when you say my name”. Pressing a hand against his chest you smirked. Looking up to him you asked, “What does it do, James?” emphasizing his name.

Shaking his head he dragged down your bottom lip, “Makes me want to pin you right up against the jet and take you right here”. To prove his point he lifted you up, and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

The moment was ruined when you heard a familiar voice, “Now I have a question, Cap does that count as bad language?”. Your eyes widened and your face turned a bright shade of red.

Sam chimed in, “I don’t think so Tony, dirty talk ain’t the same thing”. Bucky reluctantly put you down so you were now just standing in front of him.

Nat was the next to say something, “Come on boys, green is only a good color on Banner”. Shaking your head you found yourself smiling, watching Bucky’s face mirror yours.

Thor’s voice rang through your ears, “I think (y/n) and Bucky are a good pairing, let them enjoy this victory together”. Bucky raised an eyebrow suggestively at you.

Finally Steve responded, “Let’s make sure our coms are off the second we return from a mission okay guys?”. You couldn’t believe you’d both forgot to turn yours off.

Tony wasn’t done yet, “We still don’t know what the verdict is yet Steve, is dirty talk a no no or?”. Suddenly Tony’s voice was cut off and you could imagine that Steve had found his way to him and shut if off.

Sam laughed, “Come on Cap that’s cold just because-”. The same thing happened to Sam and you and Bucky laughed. Thor replied, “I will not be as easy to silence Steve”.

Steve spoke up again, “I could do this all day”. You heard grunting from the other line. Natasha continued, “I think that’s what (y/n) was about to say to Buck”. You could just picture the smirk on her face.

As a mischievous smirk formed across Bucky’s face he said, “Guess we don’t have to sneak around anymore doll”. His hands found your hips, holding you closer to him.

Teasingly you said, “Fuck, so now I get to be as loud as I want too?”. Bucky laughed, shocked at how playful you were being. Surprisingly you heard Tony again, “I’ll say it for you Cap, LANGUAGE (Y/N)!”.

There was more grunts and other muffled noises coming from the other line as you friends fake fought with each other. Bucky took your hand and lead you back towards the tower and into the living room.

There you saw your friends all horsing around, but their heads snapped up when they saw you both enter. To your surprise Bucky threw you over his shoulder, “Don’t worry Steve I’ll teach (y/n) a lesson for you”.

Steve tried to be upset but he smiled, abandoning his current battle stance. Tony pointed in your direction, “Make sure your coms are off this time, I’d hate to see Steve here go into cardiac arrest”.

Steve threw his shield at Tony, but Tony caught it seamlessly. Before turning the corner you said, “Oh I bet Steve would enjoy it!”. Bucky spanked your ass as his jaw dropped at your words.

You spanked his, and he picked up his speed. Now he was rushing to his room, all to eager. You just smirked with anticipation, this would be fun.

Live a Little

Live a Little: Yoonseok (threesome) (m)

Word count: 3.5k

Genre: pure filth, threesome 

This was going to be for Yoongi’s birthday but i’m late. Anyway, enjoy ^^

Originally posted by yoongiggles

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Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Taehyung (V)

Rating: R

Warning: Murder mystery, future smut

Word Count: 5,704

Summary: The world of magic is divided into dark and light, witches and warlocks, choice and fate. You’re a prodigy of light, a witch who works within the police force. You’ve heard of Taehyung in passing, spoken in whispers as the warlock of dark who has the world holding it’s breath.  All this changes on the night you’re assigned as security for a mysterious singer named V and you come face to face with Taehyung himself. What happens after that might be fate.

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This Time

Peter Parker (Marvel):

Part 1

Summary: Peter and Y/N meet again and somehow end up crossing the line accidently, even tough they partly tried sticking to Tony’s rules.

A/N: I know, I know. I should be writing the requests first… but I’m having major Peter Parker feels at the moment. So, I wrote a second part. Sorry!


I looked at my door instinctively after waking up to a knock. I saw Spiderman, like so often in the middle of the night. Sighing, I stood up and opened the door for him as he took off his mask.

“Again, Peter?”, I sighed as he entered my room the bruises still visible on his face as well as his black eye.
“No, I’m not hurt. Well, at least i didn’t get into a fight this time….”, he laughed softly, a hand running through his messy hair before he gave me one of his loving hugs.

“Mr. Stark said that hanging out is fine.”, he explained, reaviling a backpack filled with his comfy clothes. “If it’s fine with you?”

“Of course it is.”, I chuckled and playfully hit his chest. A huge smile formed on my lips as he pressed the metal spider on his chest that hid his godlike body from me.

I blushed and quickly turned around, snuggling back into my bed, covering myself with my blanket and I couldn’t help but staring at his bare back while he changed his clothes. He turned around, gave me a cheeky smile and came over to my bed after putting on a dark blue shirt.

“Scoot!”, he chuckled and I did, giving him enough space to sit beside me. He sat down right next to the edge of the bed, his back leaning against the bed headboard.
There was so much space between us, which was somehow challenging me to close the space. But maybe my dad was right, I shouldn’t fall in love with Peter. But maybe I already have. I mean, how could I only resist him? Impossible.

His brown eyes softly stared down at me and his lips were formed into a little smile as he watched me snuggling deeper into my pillow. “You’re not very talkative tonight, are you?”, he asked and I shrugged, before I sat up, as well.
“Just tired.”, I mumbled, my head banging against the wall as it fell back.

He chuckled and started rambling on about school and how he had so much homework but so less time. He was under so much pressure, not only ordinary life pressure but also his superhero life was putting a lot of weight on his shoulders.

I sat there, my bare legs close to my chest and my head laying on my knees, as I listened to him.

“Why are you only wearing your father’s shirt when you go to sleep? Are you trying to tease me?”, he laughed softly, leaning in closer to me. I only shook my head, laughing and responded, “No, it’s just comfy.”

“It’s killing me.”, he admitted, “I’d rather see you in only my shirt though.” His words made my heart stop and I only looked away, avoiding eye contact while I was trying to find some words. My mind was blank and it made me even more nervous, but I managed to say the first words that came into my head, “Maybe you should take off your shirt then.”

My lips formed to a flirty smile while I tried to hide my nervousness and now it was his turn to stutter over some words.

“I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules.”, he tilted his head, a cheeky smile on his lips.
“So, you care about the rules?”, I wanted to know, giving him a cocky smile and nuging him.

A low chuckle escaped his lips, “Tony would kill me…”

“Yeah, probably…”, I nodded, thinking about it again: Why did I care so much about my father’s rules? This was my life, I could decide wether I want Peter to be my boyfriend or not.

“I’m… cold.”, I started quietly, getting Peter’s attention in a millisecond. He just looked at me, an inner battle being visible in his eyes.

“This time it’s me who needs cuddles.”, I smiled innocently and Peter chuckled, looking to the side to avoid eye contact.
“I don’t know if cuddling is allowed.”, he sighed and deeply inside I wished that he didn’t care about my father’s rules so much.
“Technically… it’s just, uh, a long hug.”, I mumbled, grinning before Peter approached me slowly.

“Yeah, you’re right. Besides I’m saving your life… I keep you safe from the terrible power of the freezing air.”, he said dramatically and I nodded vigorously, showing my agreement.

We laid down on our shoulders, facing each other and his hands pulling me closer to his body. Our foreheads leaned against each others and he closed his eyes before Sighing. “You shouldn’t fall asleep this time.”, I reminded him and he nodded tiredly. “I’m just… enjoying the moment.”, he breathed against my lips, my heart racing in my chest.

I couldn’t help it. I had to kiss him.

And so I did. I just leaned forward, pressing my lips onto his softly and he hummed in surprise. As my hands slowly reached up to his face his lips started to move against mine and all I remember is my mind going mushy while his intoxicating scent surrounded me.

“You kissed me!”, he stated, as he pulled back, his lips only a centimeter away from mine. After that a huge smile appeared on his face and he looked at me with so much love in his eyes that I found myself falling in love with him even more. “Yeah, I did.”, I only mumbled before his lips met mine again.

This kiss was filled with so much passion. He turned us, hovering above me as he tilted his head. While he propped himself up with his fore arms which were right next to my face my hands wandered up to his hair, my fingers wandering through his brown curls. Heavy breathing filled the air while our make out session continued and it didn’t seem to stop. His tounge traced over my upper lip before I parted my lips even more and our tounges touched, sending shivers down my spine and all the blood to my face.
I heard him moaning into the kiss when I tugged at some strands before my hands started to run down over his back and then over his sides to his abs. My fingers tugged at the hem of his shirt before they went over his stomach and then again up over his back, his hot skin warming me up.

Laying on my bed, Peter above me and snogging him was like a dream to me and I couldn’t believe that it was happening.

“Wait.”, I interrupted, Peter looking at me with a sad expression, probably expecting a rejection. “Is this really happening?”, I continued and Peter chuckled, his head falling on my shoulder. “This question is in my head since I first saw you.”

“You are such a romantic.”, I  chuckled before I felt his head move next to me, snuggling his face into the crook of my neck before starting to pepper it with a lot of sweet kisses.

“Maybe I am.”, he only said between a few kisses and after I turned my head away to give him more space, I clearly felt that typical smile on his face.

His kisses got wetter and while I found myself getting weaker and weaker every second, I tried to suppress a moan. But I failed horribly as he sucked on a spot right under my ear. After a small moan escaped my lips, I pushed him up slightly and looked at him with a serious expression. “I don’t need a hickey. My dad will kill you.”, I reminded him and he rolled his eyes.

He shifted, holding himself up with his right arm now and his left arm tracing down my side before stopping above my waist.
I stared into his eyes and I knew that I needed him, I knew that I loved him.

I wanted to tell him but all I did in this moment was grabbing his face to smash my lips onto his once again, not being able to think properly.

“You are kidding me, aren’t you?”, I heard my father’s voice, calm but strict, as the light turned on and I pushed Peter off of me.

“Dad, look, we…”, I started and of course, got interrupted. “There was a line, sweetheart. I thought it was pretty clear.”

“But we only crossed it accidently.”, Peter defended us but my dad only held his head after looking at him with a confused expression.

“At least you’re not wearing my shirt this time…”, my father sighed and I couldn’t help but laugh softly.

“Okay, Spiderboy, we’ll discuss this tomorrow.”, he mumbled, “I’m too tired now but watch your hands, kid. God, I don’t want to hear another sound…”


i just wanted to let all of you know that i was supposed to jump off a bridge about 5 hours ago just right after i attended our Thursday worship service. and i know it sounds so stupid to commit suicide just a few minutes after going to church and studying the Words of God but i was too hopeless earlier and no words can ever describe how sad and lost i am at that moment.  

i knew i needed to push all those evil thoughts away from my mind. and while trying to do so, i suddenly saw my best friend, with my cloudy eyes from the tears rolling down my cheeks, just a few feet away from where i’m standing when i was supposed to cross the road and walk straight to the nearest bridge. 

it turns out that she was on her way home when she saw me walking alone in the dark and empty street, asking questions to myself and to God.

i saw her face and realized that she was actually smiling right in front of me. 

she’s smiling

before i even knew it, my lips already formed a curve into a smile, too.

and, somehow, that was enough to stop me from doing the thing that was supposed to end everything for me.

she could’ve left a minute later from school and never had the chance to see me walking on my way to death or i could’ve walked faster and she wouldn’t see me there crying then. but, instead, God is so great that He made everything fit on His perfect plan. He saved me. God saves. He can save you, too. 

and most importantly, remember that God can always use you to save others, too. 

be kind.

spread love.

2.23.17 {11:34 pm}


Ivar x Reader

im so thirsty for new ivar fics


Originally posted by thefacesofdeath

You laid across the bed with your lover’s head on your shoulder. “So you’re serious about going and invading the North-eastern part of England?” You asked softly, staring up at the ceiling of your small house while you played with Ivar’s hair.

It was late in the night, and Kattegat had already gown quiet. You hadn’t been able fall asleep

“Yes.” His voice lacked any emotion.

“Ok.” You breathed out, feeling anxiety pool in the bottom of your stomach. You took in a few more breaths, trying to settle your nerves.
“You know I’m coming with you right?”

Ivar immediately jerked forward, sitting up and twisting around to be able to see your face. Knowing that this was going to happen, you had prepared yourself and quickly placed your hand against his lips, muffling any sounds that wanted to come out of his mouth.

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Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 18

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 19


“What did you just say?” she whispered, her eyes were wide and her mouth slightly open in awe and Rhys himself must have frozen in time because he was unable to move, to breathe, to even think.

He sat up quickly, unable to bear being so close. The duvet fell to his waist and he felt her sit up beside him. Somehow, somehow his mind caught up with his mouth. “I-I said I love you. Well, it was really: fuck, I’m so in love with you but semantics…”

 She exhaled shakily and Rhys couldn’t decipher what that even meant - he was analysing every one of her blinks, her breaths, even the strands on her face to find out any information on how she felt but he came up with empty conclusions. The air between them was still and Rhys didn’t think he could take counting her breaths any longer. “I’ve loved you for a while now,” he said, the words pouring out of him like water out of a tap. “Three years almost.” His voice was croaky and he watched as she blinked twice. “Please say something.”

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SnapChat Mishaps -Pt 2

 { I didn’t plan on writing a second part to any of the one shots but this one seems to be one of the favorites so I figured I’d turn it into a mini series. Please message me or comment or something to let me know if I should keep going with it ! Otherwise i might not ,xoxoxo}

Snapchat Mishaps One shot       { Master List}

    WHY?! why would Bucky come to my room? did he think this was a serious invitation?! Fuck.  Rapid knocks on your door startle you out of your thoughts, making your body freeze with panic. Maybe if I don’t answer-

“ Doll, I know youre in there.” Damn It.  You quickly roll off your bed to slid your robe over your bare body . You slowly open your door, and he is right there . His cheeks are slightly flushed, and his eyes are lust blown, the usual blue almost fully over taken with black. Fuck .

“Is there something you need Barnes?” you ask , crossing your arms over your chest as you speak .

Originally posted by howifeelwhenchrisevans

“ Oh I think you know the answer to that Doll.” his voice is dripping with want, theres no denying that.  You raise an eyebrow at him, a dirty smirk spreading across your face. I’m so going to have fun with this. 

Bucky is a little shit on a daily basis , making fun of you ,  annoying the shit of you constantly & then the next second he’s a flirty little jackass. Who thinks like that ? Let me just annoy this shit out of this girl,  then try to flirt my way into her pants . What a fucking ass.

“ Arent you going to invite me in ?” he asks when you don’t answer him .

“ No , I’m not. “you simply answer, making his eyes widen as you add ,” The snaps weren’t an invitation Barnes, and frankly, I don’t think  you’ve earned the right to come in just yet. So no , I’m not inviting in your room . But you know what I am going to do?“ you ask, stepping closer to him , you slowly run your hands up his chest,

” I’m going to go back in my room, drop this robe , and fuck myself . Over and over again . And you know what? Maybe , just maybe, ill think of you while I do it. Maybe ill imagine your hands, running down my body , rolling my nipples between your metal fingers, or maybe ill think about what it would feel like having your fingers fucking my tight, wet pussy . Mmm, ill probably imagine how good it would feel to ride your- “

 ” jesus Christ Y/n.“ Bucky half moans, half growls out . You glide one of your hands down his body , until it lands over his hard bulge  .Holy Fucking Hell .

” Good night Bucky.“ you lean up, gently kissing his cheek  .  He doesn’t move as you step back into your room ,his eyes never leaving you . 

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Before closing your door, you drop your robe, watching as his eyes drink in the sight of your bare body . He releases another growl, sending a new shock of heat straight to your core. You send him a wink before closing the door. You know it was a dick move to be that much of a tease, but God, was it fucking worth it to see the look on his face .

 You crawl back into your bed, immediately opening your snap, Time for the real fun.

  The First Snap : you start recording as you move your free hand to your chest, tugging and rolling your hard nipples between your fingers , letting out breathy moans as you do .  When the video cuts, you send it Bucky without hesitation.

 The Second. : You don’t wait, and start recording the next snap, your hand moving down to your clit, rubbing tight, hard circles around it . you don’t hold in the moans, letting them fall from your lips  . Send.

The Last One: you wait a couple minutes, building yourself up until youre near your finish . When you feel the knot in you tighten , you start the snap . You angle the camera so your mouth , and bare chest are in view as you plunge your fingers in and out of your pussy . You don’t want to show him every part of you , well not yet atleast. The sounds from your movements are obscene , and very audible ,  right as the video is about to end, you finish , Buckys name escaping your lips in moan as you cum all over your fingers. You can see your body arching, as you come undone, and its oddly satisfying when you rewatch it before you send it.  Happy with the outcome, you send to it Bucky . And wait for his response

 He didn’t reply for a few minutes, & it drove you insane. When your notifications finally went off your pulse picked up . you let out a deep breath as you open his video . It was of him, fucking himself with his hand, and moaning your name as he finishs, his cum shooting out over his chest .  They way he moans your name ignites a new fire in you  .  As torturous as this is for him, its just as bad for you now; and you didn’t plan on that. Sure, you always thought he was attractive, but his annoying  habits were difficult to ignore.  You didn’t think watching him do that to himself, would turn you on so much .  I really need to think of the outcomes of things before I do shit like this.

Its been a week, and everyday , you and Bucky would send dirty snaps back and forth . You’ve never been so sexually frustrated in your life, even when you get yourself off , its not enough  . You cant get the image of Bucky fucking you out of your head, and its all you want now . But is that a step you really want to take? Once its done , theres no going back .  I have to work with him, see him everyday , can I do that if I give in? If I let him fuck me, if I let him do whatever he wants to me? Will I be able to look him in the eyes without feeling awkward?  The flirting was limited only to snaps, besides his normal everyday flirting.  Its clear neither of you wanted to let people in on what game the two of you are playing. 

Its finally your day off, which means you sleep in until noon . When you finally wake up, you drag yourself out of your room , deciding against pants . When you walk into the kitchen , you aren’t surprised that its empty, everyone always does their own things in the afternoon, whether its training, a mission or just relaxing.  

 Youre facing the coffee pot, finally taking your first sip of your morning cup of crack when two hands appear on either side on you on the counter . One metal , one flesh . WTF?

” I thought you were going to sleep the entire day away doll.“ Buckys lips are right next to your ear, barely grazing them as he speaks. His lips glide down your neck, barely touching but just enough to make you squirm.

Originally posted by cliffpantones

” well you thought wrong . “  you have to hold in a whimper when he moves closer and his body presses tightly against your back. You can feel his bulge against your ass, making your body want to move back against him. Hes taking this to a new level,  shit. Its been a silent understandment, whoever caves first loses . And by caves, you mean whoever jumps the other one for sex first ,loses. And you aren’t about to give him the satisfaction  of winning .

 You decide to go with  it, moving your ass back against him. His hand jump from the counter to your waist, his grip tight enough that you know youll have bruises; but you don’t care .  He holds you against him, light moans leaving his lips as you grind yourself back against him . Its affecting you as much as it is him, you can feel a wetspot forming on your underwear , and are regretting not wearing pants now .

” Did you think about me Bucky? While you fucked yourself did you think about how tight my pussy would feel, wrapped around you dick as you fuck into me?  “

” Of course I did doll, fuck,  I haven’t been able to think about anything else. did you- did you think of me baby?“ he admits, and you know you have him.  You turn in his arms and lean up , hovering your lips over his.

Originally posted by lovershub

” Oh James, I thought of you taking me in every possible way . “ he moves to connect your lips but you back up . You place your hands behind you , lifting yourself up to sit on the counter . He steps forward to place himself between your legs, but you stick your hand up stopping him . He raises an eyebrow in question , but it drops as soon as your hand moves to your pussy . You lift your legs onto the counter, spreading yourself infront of him . His eyes fly to between your legs, watching as your finger draws circles into your clothed clit.  His metal hand moves to his crotch , palming at himself as he watches.

” Doll, please -“

” Do you want to see Bucky ? See how I’m dripping for you?’ you purr .  He still hasn’t actually seen you do it yourself , that was your one rule you had for youself . You never sent him a snap of your fingers in you, so hes really only seen your clit.  But at this moment, you want him to see everything. You want him to cave, to fuck you . You want Bucky Barnes to fuck you so badly , you even consider caving first ; but then snap out of your horny daze to realize you can win this without having to give; there’s no way he’ll be able to keep this up that much longer . He frantically nods ‘yes’ to your question , widening the smirk on your face as he does. As you go to pull your panties to the side, the sound of footsteps echoe from the hall . Of fucking course. You quickly hop off the counter, and away from Bucky .

 Steve and Sam walk in, their conversation stopping when they see you .

Originally posted by pandasubaru

“ look who finally woke - whoa whats going on in here?” sam asks . You let out an awkward laugh in response, grabbing your cup of coffee as you go to leave. It feels as if theres a puddle in your underwear, and its extremely uncomfortable , you need to get out here asap .

“ Ill see you boys later . ”

You hear them call their goodbyes as you step onto the elevator, before the  doors close Bucky runs down the hall, stopping infront of the doors as they begin closing. he doesn’t step in , just says,

“ This isn’t over doll .”

“ Oh sweetheart, you wont last much longer.“

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Tutor — Park Jimin (02)

Originally posted by marikit257

Part 1

Requested: Yes
Words: 2880
Warnings: fuckboy!Jimin, Smut!!!
Description: Park Jimin, the guy in school that everyone wants, is your tutor. While tutoring you, things get a little heated.


It was Saturday morning and you woke up fairly late, because you had trouble going to sleep last night.

No matter how hard you tried to think of something else, he was still on your mind.

Park Jimin.

Your school’s fuckboy, your tutor, your crush.

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