i am robin hood

  • Dick: I can't do this by myself, I need adult supervision!
  • Bruce:
  • Alfred:
  • Jason:
  • Tim:
  • Damian:
  • Duke:
  • Barbara:
  • Stephanie:
  • Cassandra:
  • Kate:
  • Titus:
  • Literally everyone:
  • Dick:
  • Dick: Oh god
  • Dick: <b><i>I AM THE ADULT SUPERVISION</i></b>

I want ‘em all

I made Red Hood Injustice 2 intro dialogues

Jason: You are a disgrace to Robin’s legacy

Damian: Dick trusted me with Robin

Jason: A mistake he paid for


Jason: You are a disgrace to Robin’s legacy

Damian: Says the guy who died as Robin

Jason: Says the guy who’s gonna kick your ass


Jason: I always knew you were a traitor

Damian: Batman betrayed me first!

Jason: Oh boo hoo, you want a band-aid?

MOST IMPORTANTLY (in one adaptation Jason and Talia slept together)

Jason: How’s Talia doing?

Damian: What is your relationship with my mother?

Jason: Well, this is awkward


Bruce: I don’t want to do this Jason

Jason: Because I’m not good enough?

Bruce: Because I love you/Because you’re the only son I have left


Jason: I heard Damian is having a tantrum

Bruce: He turned to Superman after Joker’s death

Jason: At least something good came out of all this


Jason: Killing the Joker was a good thing

Bruce: Killing is wrong

Jason: Letting the Joker live is right?

  • Dick: Timmy, Timbo, little brother, you need to stop this.
  • Tim: *eats chips*
  • Dick: I’m concerned. That’s your fifth bag.
  • Tim: *moves on to sixth bag*
  • Dick: TALK TO ME!
  • Tim: *chomps slowly*
  • Jason: That’s disgusting. You are basically a chip now. Congrats, Dickiebird, your little brother is a salt-saturated fried potato.
  • Tim: *opens mouth revealing chewed chips*
  • Dick: Bruce! Make him talk!
  • Bruce: *looks at Tim*
  • Tim: *looks at Bruce*
  • Bruce: Tim.
  • Tim: *mouth full of chips* Braufce.
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce: Well, I tried. Someone get Alfred.
  • Damian: There is no need, Father. I know the answer to this problem.
  • Bruce: And that is?
  • Damian: Newtonian mechanics. *punches Tim*

this is terrible, but my first reaction to the top half of this RHatO cover

was to giggle because jason isn’t visibly injured in any way. so instead of being tragic it looks like bruce is just awkwardly clutching a perfectly healthy jason like

and jason’s like


He is young,
He is only a boy 

anonymous asked:

i have no opinion that your bruce is 10 but i am absolutely /scandalized/ that you're writing young-alfred as blonde. is that the moustache of a blonde man, i ask you?


but also

rather than the more common B:TAS balding alfred i’m going for more of a

or a

or, you know, if we’re honest, just sort of generally a british man who managed to look very young well into his 40s

and if you then assume that stress and other factors all conspired to make his hair turn completely white then by his sixties he’s Officially Old and no one ever really looks much closer at him beyond Old Butler because why would they

but honestly by that point he’s Tired and he leans hard into being an old-ass old man and bruce in his late teens is baffled because ALFRED you’re not that old??? get some contacts and just for men or something oh my god alfred. but no, it’s too late. he’s gonna wear some little glasses and make his suits more and more old-fashioned and eat hard candies. he’s old now, leave him alone.

… but if he’s got real pale blonde hair it makes it easier for me to imagine he transitions pretty quick into just SNOWY WHITE, anderson cooper style. alfred pennyworth: no pepper, all salt.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Jason Todd every day of his life:</b> *freeze frame* So you're probably wondering how I got here...<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

A/N: Request from anon. Not only does Loki slay as himself but also as other characters. We love him for that, don’t we?

13th October: Costume madness. 👗 | feat. Loki

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Warnings: none

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