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Flickering Lightbulb A Hannigram Fanmix

i.Bad Blood / Bastille (as the friendship goes resentment grows // we will walk our different ways)

ii.Counting Stars / One Republic (everything that kills me makes me feel alive)

iii.Amsterdam / Coldplay (and i know i’m dead on the surface // but i am screaming underneath)

iv.No Regrets / Robbie Williams (i didn’t lose my mind it was // mine to give away)

v.Landfill / Daughter (i want you so much // but i hate your guts)

vi.Walk With Me / The Classic Crime (i am the fire that burns your wings // and sends you falling through the air)

vii.Red Hands / R.E.V.O. (that gun is loaded but it’s not in my hand)

viii.Slow Dancing In A Burning Room / John Mayer (we’re going down and you can see it too)

ix.Volcano / Phillip Phillips (what i am to you is not real // what i am to you you do not need)

x.Mad World / Gary Jules (the dreams in which i’m dying are the best i’ve ever had)

xi.Losing My Religion / REM (i’m choosing my confessions // trying to keep an eye on you)

xii.Bleeding Out / Imagine Dragons (innocence is gone // what was right is wrong)

xiii.We Must Be Killers / Mikky Ekko (i woke up i was stuck in a dream // you were there you were tearing up everything)

xiv.Gravity / John Mayer (gravity is working against me // and gravity wants to bring me down)

xv.Pompeii / Bastille (oh where do we begin // the rubble or our sins)

xvi.Cough Syrup / Young the Giant (i’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control)

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anonymous asked:

Sorry where did we hear about him talking parenting with Robbie Williams? I just got back from camping and am trying to catch up!

Someone tweeted it.