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Here’s the thing about the new canon.

Essentially they want us to watch the Original Trilogy, completely invested in the fact that our heroes will triumph, and then they want us to watch The Force Awakens and just be totally OK with the fact that everything we were just presented with over the course of three films is out the window.

They want Star Wars fans to spend several hours watching Han and Leia’s love story, watching them fight for each other, overcome personal obstacles to be together, make incredible sacrifices for each other–they want us to spend ESB and ROTJ rooting for them, want us to watch Han hold her close as they both smile at the end of the trilogy, want us to be happy and hopeful and thrilled that their true love has made it through–and then they want us to watch TFA and see that their marriage failed, and they want us to accept it.

They want us to get invested in our heroes–in Han and Luke and Leia–and desperately hope that they all make it through. They want us to be invested in their personal allegiances to one another to the point that we KNOW that Han will come back at the battle of Yavin for Luke and Leia, we KNOW that he’ll go out into freezing conditions to rescue Luke, we KNOW that he’ll run into Echo Base to rescue Leia on Hoth, we KNOW that Luke will ignore his Jedi Masters and abandon his training to go rescue Leia and Han on Bespin, we KNOW that Leia will risk her safety to go back for Luke at Cloud City, we KNOW that Luke and Leia will leave the rebellion and put themselves at risk to rescue Han, WE KNOW WE KNOW WE KNOW. The new canon wants us to sit there KNOWING ALL THESE THINGS, knowing that they are the most important damn things in the galaxy to one another, knowing that they’re family and that they love each other. They want us to know it and be invested in it and root for it–root for the strength of that bond and that loyalty and root for them all to make it through together–for all of them to triumph together. And they do!

And then TFA wants us to COMPLETELY CHANGE OUR MINDS and accept that all of that is destroyed. That bond is broken. Luke has abandoned his friends for some reason. Han has left Leia. Leia is all alone. And not only has that crucial bond just been cast aside, but their triumphs have all been undone. Empire defeated?? Welcome to Empire 2.0!!! Death Stars destroyed??? Welcome to Death Star 3.0!!!! Vader redeemed???? Welcome to Vader 2.0, and even worse, he’s your own damn son/nephew AND he kills Han!!!!!! It just takes their victory and deconstructs every single piece of it, and the only possible way that that maybe could have been tolerable would have been if AT LEAST they were still together, still true to the loyalty we knew, unstoppable and united no matter what new dangers they face, and they’re NOT. The Original Trio, the most beloved and iconic characters of all time, are just completely leveled to NOTHING. Fractured and broken up and reduced to these miserable un-versions of themselves. And the new canon wants you, as a Star Wars fan to accept this, because “Don’t worry!! We have these three shiny NEW heroes for you!!!! They’ll get a happy ending for sure!!!!” But??? What??? I don’t give a shit about their ending, what about the ending we were already supposed to have had???? The one you made me hope for for three damn movies??? The one I was lead to believe was true???? What about that ending??????

No, they decided that they were going to go back thirty years after the fact and change it.

But wait, you say, how did this happen??? How could these people at Lucasfilm who were claiming to “protect” Star Wars destroy Luke and Leia and Han like that?? How could they write a Han Solo who abandons Leia to do all the fighting all alone when there’s a fascist regime routinely trying to kill her and their son is a part of it and her brother has vanished without a trace??? How could they write a Luke who’s evidently turned his back on the galaxy–on the FAMILY–that needs him??? How could they have DESTROYED LEIA’S WHOLE LIFE????? ALL of their lives???? And for seemingly no reason!!!! They could have easily written a movie to introduce the new characters and create conflict without dismantling every single thing about our beloved trio and their dynamic. But they didn’t. They slaughtered them.

And then you listen to these people speak. And they start saying things like Leia clearly could never have been an attentive mother because she was too preoccupied with politics and her career. Han could never have been happy settling down and committing to something–not even his family–so OBVIOUSLY he left and he’s smuggling again. Han and Leia were too incompatible and could never have worked. Luke is off in EXILE because AREN’T ALL JEDI MASTERS SUPPOSED TO BE IN EXILE???????????

And you’re just. You’re floored. You’re blown away. It’s like those people didn’t even fucking WATCH Star Wars. Did they completely miss the fact that Leia’s character arc is about learning to care about things that aren’t the rebellion, and learning to rely on people–not just herself???? Did they not see how much she’s already lost–LITERALLY HER ENTIRE WORLD–and how much she had to suffer before she finally got something that was hers again? Did they not see the hell she had to go through to get it???? Did they really think she would throw that away after all that–did they think that LEIA of all people couldn’t have balanced a career and a family????


Did they not notice that Luke’s DEFINING characteristic throughout the original trilogy is his loyalty to his loved ones??? His utter refusal to let harm come to them–to give up on them?? His refusal to abandon them???? And then they want us to believe that he… abandoned them?????

So essentially the thing about the new canon is that people who don’t understand Star Wars are suddenly in charge of Star Wars, and they go back and ignore the characterization of three entire films and present us with material that is entirely contradictory of the original trilogy, and then they don’t understand why people have reacted negatively. 

And then of course you get fans screaming about how it’s REALISTIC this way.

When the fuck did you get the idea that Star Wars is supposed to be realistic??????? Star Wars is NOT about realism. It’s a Space Fairytale. An epic saga. It’s not supposed to be Game of Thrones grimdark jam in the tragedy. It was never like that for forty years. It was never presented that way. George Lucas was ADAMANT in making this point. And that’s why it resonated with so many people–that’s why it was such a success. Because it was uplifting. It was inspiring. It touched that part of our hearts where those fairytales live–where it’s possible for our heroes to go up against the forces of evil and WIN and have a happy ending. That’s why they gave Luke and Leia and Han the happy fucking ending!!!!

And the thing with the new canon is that they don’t care. They don’t care about “protecting Star Wars.” They don’t care about what Star Wars stands for. They don’t care about what George Lucas created. They care about money. They don’t want you to be invested in Han and Luke and Leia anymore. They want you to care about Finn and Rey and Poe, and apparently no one at Lucasfilm understood that they didn’t have to destroy the old characters to get people to like the new ones.

And for the record, just because the people delivering this truly appalling “new canon” horrorshow AU are Disney and Lucasfilm does NOT mean that I have to accept it all as true. They don’t understand Star Wars, they don’t care about it, they’re not its original creator, and I don’t have to accept a single thing they say.

That’s the thing about the new canon.

why y'all gotta be so impatient about events? i have people who sent in imagine requests three weeks ago that haven’t been written yet, and they’re giving me time. but i set up an event about 6 days ago, got over two dozen ship requests and have gotten 4 asks about why they aren’t out yet. i don’t even know how to finish this post what in the hell is going on here? even if i wasnt sick and stressed about school this would be rude?? did none of y'alls momma’s teach you about patience being a virtue or did y'all skip out on that lesson in childhood?



Tree Tattoos

Summary:  Whenever you turn 16, whatever happens to your body happens to your soulmate’s body. Connor Murphy’s soulmate loves trees and flowers, but is also suicidal and anxious. He writes reminders about how they should take their medications, and that today was going to be a good day.
He’s paired up with Evan Hansen, the boy who he tried to get away from after signing his cast, in Biology 2. He offers to hang out after school, and Evan accepts.
The sad thing is that everything flips there.
Word Count: 7.1K
Trigger Warnings: self-harm, mention of suicide attempt, and panic attacks.

Fifteen tattoos were littered all over Connor’s body.  They were small, and he had been getting them since he was 16, and his mother wrote out a thing saying he had parent’s permission to get tattoos.  Cynthia only did that because all the drawings were soulmate markings.

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Chapter 3 of Fanboy is posted!

Ao3 Link

The whole chapter below the cut

This is also an animation I did from one of the scenes in this chapter :)

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Daisy’s interviews are making me sad, yo…. Heck ALL of these interviews are making me sad

All I have noticed is that not much listening is going on and a whole lot of repeating the same wretched questions over and over again. How maddening. And have these people ever heard of READING THE ATMOSPHERE?? Like it is OBVIOUS that they are DONE with some of those questions! Oh my HECK.

HECK, I am SICK of hearing ‘who are you related to’, ‘who are your parents’, ‘who are her parents’ [So I can only imagine how Daisy is feeling]


I just want to hear, ‘So, How’s Rey doing?’ FOR BLOOMIN’ ONCE!! Even ask something like “If Rey were in [[make up this creative situation [KEY WORD IS ‘CREATIVE’]] How do you think she would react?” I mean, we would find out more about her character that way. Same for all the others as well!

[I know these people are just trying to do their jobs, but like…. can we not make it torturous for the actors??? Maybe???]

I’m in no way an expert interviewer… I just really hope it gets better from here on out…

OKAY I AM DONE RANTING NOWWWWW [and I will probably delete this later] BAAHH

Go Ahead

              “Merlin, look at him. Harry is the highlight to Hogwarts this year.” A female gushing had Draco coming to a halt right behind the Hufflepuff table. He bit his lip in indecision. This wasn’t unheard of, people loved to dote after Potter. He was the bloody savior. It wasn’t as if this was unexpected.

                “When isn’t he the highlight?” Another girl chimed in with a dreamy voice that Lovegood would be jealous of. “I mean, his hair being so ruggedly shagged is obviously a preview to everything about him.”

                Draco reluctantly had to agree. The boy was a walking wet dream. He looked over to the head the Ravenclaw table where the brunette was talking animatedly with Lovegood. By his wildly moving hands, it was about something that Harry was rather passionate about.

                “But it’s all being wasted on Malfoy.” Draco narrowed his eyes as he clenched his fists. “What could Harry possibly see in him? Sure, before the war he was cute, hot even but now? No way. Not with the disgusting mark on display. As if he is proud of being an ex-Death Eater. I’d die of shame if it was reversed.”

                Counting to ten was something his mind healer suggested would be a great exercise to not hexing people. Going to Azkaban would be awful on his complexion. He made it to seven before realizing that this counting shite wasn’t working and that Pansy wasn’t a mind healer and actually just a friend who gives horrible advice.

                Their words had him looking down to his left arm where his mark was on display but not for the reasons they believed. He was proud of it. Not because he was proud of being a past Death Eater but because this marked showed his lowest point in life. This mark showed how far he had come and how far he will continue to reach. The dark mark did not define him.

               The Dark Lord had monopolized his self-hatred and desolate thoughts while alive but Draco would be damned to allow the man’s actions to ruin his life from beyond the grave as well. This mark would not be a reminder of his mistakes but a reminder that he made it. A reminder that even at your lowest, things can get better. Life may look dreary and dark but eventually something will lighten up your life and make it all worth it.

                He wasn’t ashamed to bear the dark mark nor was he going to hide it away. Everyone already knew it existed and knew what he had been. Their assumptions that he would be meek and cowed just for being a Death Eater was absolute nonsense.

                “Maybe he just feels bad for Malfoy. He did lose his wealth in repayment for his father’s crimes. Imagine being poor after strutting around all these years.”

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Aro/Ace Discourse™

I wasn’t even going to do an Aro/Ace Discourse Post™ because it didn’t seem like my thoughts would be appreciated. But you know what? I’m annoyed!! I am pissed off!! Y’all have got me riled up!!

So the main issue seems to be whether or not aro/ace people are inherently LGBT+. I didn’t realise that needed to be An Entire Discourse, but y’know, it is. I guess. 

To Preface: I’m on the ace spectrum, and I’m aromantic. I’m pansexual, and identify as non-binary (I go by they/them). I’m not a “cishet aro/ace”. I am very much an active member of the LGBT+ community.

And when it comes to whether or not aro/ace people are LGBT+? You know what? It doesn’t fucking matter!

If I, personally, had to give a yes/no answer, I’d say yes. I believe that the LGBT+ community is for people who deviate from being cisgender/heterosexual/heteroromantic. Heterosexual attraction is defined as sexual attraction towards people of the opposite sex, and ace people do not experience this. Heteroromantic attraction is defined as romantic attraction towards people of the opposite sex, and aro people do not experience this. Therefore they deviate from being “het”. I don’t think “cishet aro/aces” exist because being aro/ace means you are, by default, not het. Therefore I’d say they’re LGBT+. But again, you know what? Who fucking cares!

Ace/aro people do experience acephobia and arophobia. No, it’s not as frequent or as overt as forms of oppression like homophobia or transphobia, but oppression isn’t a competition and these things do still happen. Being told “Maybe you just haven’t met the right person yet!” is just as distressing for ace/aro people as it is for, as an example, a gay man being told he just hasn’t met the right woman yet. An ace/aro person being expected to get with someone sexually or romantically by default is going to make them feel “othered” and alienated. One of my closest friends was called a frigid dyke for being on the ace spectrum. This kind of shit happens, whether they’re LGBT+ or not.

And guess what! That’s not okay! I know ace/aro people who feel suicidal because of how people have responded when they’ve mentioned it to people. When I’ve told people that I’m aromantic, I’ve been told that I’m insensitive and lack emotion. (When I’ve mentioned it to people who think I’m cis and heterosexual, they’ve called me a misogynist/sexist, because they assume I’m going to treat women with little/no respect because I’m not in love with them.) 

And, as an active member of the LGBT+ community, I want to combat these things. And yes, I would still think this if I wasn’t LGBT+, but I definitely feel like my queer identity shapes and influences what I think about ace/aro people. And if an ace/aro person comes to me, and says that people are treating them as less because they’re ace/aro, I will lend them an ear, and I will provide a safe space for them if I can. And, as a queer person, many of the safe spaces I’m aware of, and which I have access to, are specifically LGBT+ safe spaces. Many of y’all fucks act like ace/aro people shouldn’t be allowed into these sort of spaces if they’re “cishet aro/aces”. But yeah, fuck that. 

TL;DR: I don’t give a single solitary fuck if aro/ace people are inherently LGBT+. If they need a safe space, I will gladly and enthusiastically welcome them into LGBT+ exclusive safe spaces, because I’m not a fucking reprobate. As a queer person on the ace spectrum, I am fully imploring other members of the LGBT+ community to stop fucking gatekeeping the goddamn community like this. This isn’t what we’re about.


Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Reader

Warning(s): swearing, parental issues

Word Count: 2075

Author’s Note: let me know what you think!  the next few parts will be more interesting, i just have to build up a background of a few characters first!

Greaser Tag List: @magellan-88 @bexboo616 @smol-flower-kiddo

Permanent Tag List: @palaiasaurus64 @oh-shjt (let me know if you want to be added to either list here!)

Drabble • Smut • Fic Oneshot

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new years

@nosebleednougats asked me to write this, so here we go!

pairing: fred weasley x reader

word count: 743

warning: pg-13, second base???? KINDA???? implied???? 

desc: fred teases you by saying you won’t get a kiss for new years eve. you ask charlie for help messing with your boyfriend. 

a/n: didn’t tag anyone because it’s a tease fic– so ????? sexual things and i’m too tired to go through my tag list and figure out who shouldn’t be tagged in sexual things IE minors. so if ur a kid it’s ??????? not outright sex not even past first base but still;;;;;;

sexual themes. 

ur a child

it’s why i didn’t tag ppl 

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"What’s your New Year’s resolution?”

Fred paused, while he was tying his tie– glancing upward in thought as he tried to think about what he’d like to do in the next year. Well– there was once answer that popped to mind quickly, but that one still required a ring.

And it would ruin the surprise for you. 

“I’m not sure yet. Maybe I’ll decide at midnight.” 

You strode over and straightened his tie, smiling at him just a bit, “You’ll decide while we’re snogging?” 

He pressed a kiss to your nose and gave you a cheeky grin. “Who says you’re getting a kiss at midnight?” 

With that, you quirked your brow– chin tilted up at the challenge. “You’re the most easily worked up man in all of Britain, Freddie. It won’t be hard to get you to snog me.” 

“I am not that easy to get riled up.”

“Wanna bet?” 

Fred smirked at you, “It’s on.” 

Fred was losing. 

Quite desperately. You’d resorted to a tactic that worked quite well, despite you two having New Years eve at his family’s home. Where the only other men were his brothers. 

Not that you’d been properly trying to flirt with anyone– the only single brother at the moment was Charlie, and the banter between you two was laughable at best. 

Still, as much as he hated to admit it, he was getting a bit petty about the whole thing. 

You grinned at Charlie– your ‘flirting’ was awful at best. 

“So,” said Charlie, in what was the most ridiculous ‘seductive’ voice you’d ever heard, “Do you like dragons?” 

To your left, you heard Ginny burst into laughter, “Are you two the new couple now? I thought you’d get a few more months out of Freddie, Y/N.” 

“Ah, Freddie said he won’t kiss me at midnight, so I’m checking out my options.” 

George snickered, “Did he now?” he looked over at his twin, who had a rather large scowl on his face, “How are you feeling about that now, Mate?” 

“Sod off.” Fred’s words brought on another wave of laughter from the room.

“Oh c’mon Freddie– you know I’d never steal your girl, you know I’d rather raise dragons than a family.” 

The expression on Fred’s face flickered between annoyance to abashed, to annoyed once more. Though this time it seemed to be honed on you, while you beamed at your boyfriend and downed the last of your champagne glass. 

“Heya, Freddie. ‘ts five ‘til midnight.” 

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Egochristmas #1: Mistletoe

This turned out a lot longer than I meant it to. Oops. It was really fun to write though and I’m super happy to be able to participate in this event!

Hope you enjoy!

“If you want a normal life so bad, go find yourself a normal girlfriend, asshole!” Anti screamed.

Dark glared at him from the stairs, voice low and cold, “Anti, shut up. You’re overreacting again.”

Anti froze, his form flickering violently. He turned to Dark, his eyes brimming with angry tears, “What did you just say to me?” his voice was deadly quiet, static making it almost inaudible.

“You heard me,” Dark sneered, “I didn’t give what you want and now you’re throwing a tantrum. Just knock it off already. Nobody wants to hear your whining.”

The tears overflowed. They dripped down Anti’s frozen face slowly. He swallowed and nodded, “I see. Well, in that case, you had better leave. I’m going to be whining for a while longer. If you don’t want to hear it, get out.”

Dark’s eyes widened slightly, “You’re kicking me out?”

Anti glared at him, tears still dripping down his cheeks, “Get. Out.”

The larger man chuckled, “You’re cute when you’re mad. I think I’m going to stay for a while longer.”

The buzz of static filled the air. Anti’s form was glitching so hard, parts of him were completely invisible, “Dark, I swear to all the unholy things on this planet, if you don’t leave, I will-”

“You’ll what? Stab me? Hit me? What could you possibly do to me, Anti?” Dark interrupted, his upper lip curled in disdain, “You’re weak. You would never hurt me. You could never bring yourself too. You know why?” he sauntered towards Anti, “It’s because you love me. Your emotions make you weak.”

Anti’s bottom lip trembled at the words, at the reminder that Dark didn’t love him. The reminder that he could never love him.

“You always tell me that it’s fine that I don’t love you,” the man continued, ruthless as ever, “That you have enough love for the both of us. Well, where’s that love, Anti?” his voice was raising, his words turning into a roar, “I’m not seeing it, Anti. Where’s all your love?”

The slap echoed through the room. Anti sucked in a breath, hoping to calm down enough to get his words out without his voice shaking, “I said get out, Dark. I don’t want you here anymore.”

Dark slowly cracked his neck, rubbing the place where Anti had slapped him. He looked down at his lover, eyes dark and stormy. Something in the smaller man’s eyes told him that the man was serious this time. With a huff, he walked past, slamming their shoulders into each other.

Anti stumbled at the contact, his tears completely blurring his vision now. By the time he got them wiped away, Dark was gone.

His knees gave out at the realization of what he had just done. He hit the floor hard, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t care. Everything was numb. He couldn’t feel anything but the ache in his heart and the tears on his cheeks. A broken sob ripped its way out of his chest. Once the one escaped, he couldn’t stop the others. They poured from him like vomit, his throat growing soar at the onslaught.

Marvin found him like that, hours later. His sobs had died down to wet hiccups, the tears still streaming from his eyes. The magician carefully knelt next to him, his gaze wandering over the glitching man worriedly.

“Anti?” he whispered, placing a gloved hand on the glitch’s shoulder, “Anti, what happened?”

The man didn’t respond. He slowly forced himself into a sitting position, dislodging Marvin’s hand. He looked at the magician, his gaze blank and unseeing, “I’m fine,” he mumbled, voice hoarse from his sobs. He dragged himself into a standing position and shambled towards the stairs, pretending to not feel Marvin’s gaze on his back.

He managed to drag himself all the way to his room, where he immediately face-planted onto his bed. More tears leaked from his eyes and he angrily sat up, scrubbing them away. He had cried enough for that asshole. It was time to suck it up and start getting over him. His body disagreed. He fell back onto the bed, the tears continuing, forming small puddles on his pillow. He laid there for a long time, the tears never ending. Eventually, he fell asleep.

Over the week, Marvin’s worry grew. Anti seemed off. His eyes were constantly swollen, his personality more sour than usual. Whatever had happened that night Marvin found him had been bad.

One day, a little over a week after Anti’s incident, Marvin noticed the glitch glaring at his phone. It continually rang, but as soon as it started to vibrate, Anti would punch the decline button. He seemed to be getting more and more agitated as time passed. Eventually, he muttered an excuse and left. Marvin heard what sounded like an object being thrown at a wall shortly after.

Neither Jackie nor Schneep seemed concerned about Anti’s behavior. They continued to eat and be merry like the glitch hadn’t just tried to murder his phone. Annoyed, Marvin dropped his fork onto his plate. The loud ring it caused effectively got everybody’s attention. The magician glared at his siblings, not at all impressed with their behavior. They simply stared back expectantly.

“So I take it none of you have noticed that Anti seems off?” he asked pleasantly, his voice cold.

Jackie shrugged, “Anti is always off, isn’t he? He’s kind of erratic that way.”

Henrik nodded, “Yes. There has never been anything regular about him. I am sure whatever has him riled up will pass quickly.”

Marvin gritted his teeth, “I found him crying in the foyer last night. His eyes were swollen this morning too. Do either of you pay any attention to anything but yourselves?”

The two looked affronted.

“Of course we do!” Jackie yelped, “Anti has never been one to like people digging around in his business. We figured it would be best if we just give him some space. He can take care of himself.”

Marvin shook his head, “He shouldn’t have to.” He angrily stood, almost knocking his chair over, “I’m going to go and figure out what’s going on. You two stay here and keep doing whatever the hell you do.”

He stomped from the room, infuriated. He understood that they didn’t like Anti, but he was still part of the group, part of the family, if you will. He still deserved help, even if he was an annoying piece of shit most of the time.

Thuds came from upstairs. Marvin paled when he realized they were coming from Anti’s room. He dashed up the stairs, barging into the glitch’s room with a war cry. Magic was flowing between his fingers, his hands glowing with all of it, “What’s happening? Who’s there?”

Anti hissed at his intrusion, turning to glare at him, “What the hell are you doing?” he hissed, “Get out of my room.”

Marvin looked around in confusion. He was sure he had heard a fight up here. His eyes landed on the wall and realization flooded through him. Holes had been punched into the drywall, some the size of fists and some the shape of a knife puncture. He looked at Anti’s hands, his eyes widening, “Shit, Anti. You’re bleeding all over the place.”

The glitch glanced down at his knuckles, slight surprise crossing his features when he realized that blood was leaking from several cuts on his fingers. He looked back up at Marvin and shrugged, “It doesn’t hurt, so it doesn’t matter.”

“That’s terrible logic. Just because it doesn’t hurt does not mean that you can just let it fester. Give me your hands.”

Anti sneered at him, “I don’t think so, Magician. I’m perfectly fine painting my room red, thank you very much.”

“I don’t care. Give me your hands.” Before Anti could respond, Marvin was grabbing his wrists, pushing his magic into the glitch to hold him still, “I’m just going to wrap your hands and then you are going to tell me what’s going on. You are obviously not doing okay.”

“What the hell did you do? Let go!” he struggled against Marvin’s hold, but the magic kept him still, “I swear, you are going to pay for this as soon as you let me go.”

Marvin chuckled, inspecting the older man’s knuckles, “I don’t think I will. Quite honestly, I don’t think you’re going to be punching a whole lot for the next little while. You’ve done quite a number on yourself.”

“Try me.”

“I’d rather not. Now, while I wrap these, go ahead and explain why you’re so agitated. And don’t say you’re fine. Even Jackie realized that something was up even though he’s too dumb to realize he should do something about it. Now spill,” Marvin demanded, summoning a roll of gauze and carefully sticking it on the bloody knuckles.

Anti remained stubbornly quiet. He glared at nothing while Marvin worked, his jaw clenched so tightly Marvin could hear his teeth grinding together. When the magician finished, he sat back, folding his arms over his chest. Anti’s gaze flicked to him, a triumphant glint in his eyes.

Marvin grinned at him smugly, “I’m not letting you go until you talk.”

Anti’s triumph evaporated, “Then you’re going to be here for a very long time. I’m not telling you anything. I can deal with my own problems by myself.”

They stared at each other for several minutes, neither willing to break the silence. A muffled buzzing caught Marvin’s attention. He glanced around, trying to find the source of the noise. Anti grimaced when he heard the noise, his eyes flicking towards the wall. Marvin followed his gaze, standing and wandering over towards the noise.

“No. Don’t,” Anti muttered, panic flashing across his face.

Marvin turned to him solemnly, “Dark did something, didn’t he?”

Anti’s silence was answer enough.

Marvin bent down and rummaged through the pile of wall debris, letting out a small triumphant noise when he found Anti’s phone. He looked at the caller screen. Dickhead was displayed in large letters. He swiped to answer and held the phone to his ear, ignoring Anti’s frantic cursing.

“Anti, look, I’m sorry. Okay? Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Marvin glanced at Anti, surprised, “Dark?” he said into the receiver.

Silence from the other side and then, “Who is this?”

“This is Marvin, Anti’s… brother.”

Anti jerked in surprise at the title.

“Why do you have Anti’s phone?”

“Why are you calling him?” Marvin shot back, “Going from the twenty missed calls, I’d say he doesn’t want to talk to you. Now, why is that? I thought you two were a thing.”

Another silence. “That’s none of your business. Put Anti on the phone. I need to speak with him.”

Marvin pretended to think about it, humming softly into the phone, “No, I don’t think I’m going to do that.”

Dark snarled, “I have something important to say to Anti. If you don’t put him on the phone now, I will murder you.”

“No, you won’t,” Marvin sighed, “because I won’t let you. You hurt one of the people I care about. That’s not something I take lightly. See, I don’t have very many people that I care about, so I suggest that you shut up and do what I say, okay?” his voice was icy, every syllable sharp enough to cut, “What is going to happen is you and me are going to meet and talk, because Anti is to prideful to talk about what happened. You are going to tell me exactly what you did to my brother and then you are going to help me fix it, do you understand, you piece of shit bottom feeder?”

He hung up before Dark could respond. He tossed the phone onto the bed next to Anti, “Are you sure you’re not going to tell me what happened? It would be much easier to hear it from you than from him.”

Anti clamped his lips shut.

Marvin shrugged, “Be that way. I’ll figure out what happened one way or another,” he waved his hand, releasing the magic holding Anti’s hands together, “There you go.”

           He turned to leave. Anti’s voice made him stop, “I broke up with him.”

           Marvin froze, “What?”

           “I couldn’t do it anymore. He didn’t love me and we both knew it. I thought I would be able to handle a one-sided relationship, but I was wrong. I broke things off and he… didn’t take it well. He said some hurtful things, some hurtful truths. That’s all that happened.”

           Marvin turned to him, “I’m sorry, Anti. I’m going to beat him up for you, okay?”

           Anti huffed but didn’t argue. His eyes looked suspiciously shiny. Marvin left him there, heading for the front door. He reached it right as the doorbell rang. With a roll of his eyes, he swung it open. How dramatic did you have to be to time your entrance?

           He met Dark’s soulless gaze with a glare, “I hope you’re ready to make amends.”

           The larger man sighed, “Look, I screwed up. I realize that. Can I please talk to Anti?”

           Marvin shook his head, “Not until we talk. First, I have to berate you for hurting my brother and then I think I found something that will help fix your guys’ problem.”

           Dark rolled his eyes, “Fine. Just get it over with. Yell however much you’d like.”

           “Oh, I won’t be the one yelling,” he snarled. He rolled a ball of magic into his hand and swung, striking Dark square in the jaw.

           The man stumbled from the impact. He gasped in pain, covering the spot with one hand. He checked for blood and straightened his jacket when he didn’t find any, “Was that really necessary?”

           “Yes,” Marvin snapped, “Now sit down. You’re going to tell me your side of the story and if I deem you worthy, I’ll help you get back with my brother.”

           “And if I’m not worthy?”

           “Then I kick you out and put up warding spells against you so you can never hurt him again.”

           Dark looked impressed, “Fair enough.”

           “What did you say to my brother when he broke up with you?” Marvin asked, not giving Dark any time to think.

           The man hesitated. If Marvin didn’t know that Dark didn’t have emotions, he would have thought he looked guilty. “I told him that I didn’t love him. I called him weak and a child. I made fun of his love for me.”

           Marvin really wanted to punch him again, “What did you do after he kicked you out?”

           Dark shrugged, “I wandered around pissed for a little while. I never thought he would actually kick me out, or break up with me. I thought that his love was eternal. I assumed that it would uphold against anything that I threw at it. I was pissed that I had been wrong. I was pissed that he had ended things. Eventually, I found myself at a park. I sat there for a while, just being angry, and then a friend of mine found me. I ranted to him about what had happened. Of course, I wanted him to take my side, but he punched me too. He called me an idiot and berated me for a few minutes about how Anti was the best thing that had happened to me. I scoffed at that, of course. I told him that if Anti was the best thing that had ever happened to me, I wouldn’t be sitting in a park, pissed off and single. He didn’t like that answer, so he punched me again. He then continued to yell at me about how I’d regret not trying harder with Anti. I never thought I would agree with him.

“Once I got him to shut up and take me home, I decided to sleep on it. When I woke up, I realized what he had meant. I was used to waking up to a morning call from Anti, but my phone was silent. I was used to meeting Anti at the little coffee shop by the park, but when I got there, I was alone. I was used to looking over while driving and seeing Anti staring at me, the stars in his eyes and sunshine on his lips. I was used to his beauty being in every part of my life, but suddenly he was gone. I realized that I missed him. I missed having him with me. I missed his sass and his pranks. Hell, I even missed when he would get mad and pull that damn knife out of nowhere.

“When I was with Anti, I was barely putting any effort into the relationship. I didn’t see the point. Like I said, I thought his love would pull through anything. Now,” he paused, sucking in a shaky breath, “Now that I know what it’s like to be without him, I want to try again and I want to properly try this time. This past week has been hell without him. I don’t want to lose him again. Please, if there’s something you can do to stop that from happening, do it.”

Marvin stared at Dark in shock, “I thought Anti said that you can’t feel any emotion other than anger.”

Dark nodded, “I can’t.”

“Well, it sounds an awful lot like you can feel love too. Honestly, that sounded like a love confession if I’ve ever heard one, even if it didn’t actually use the L word.”

“So you’ll help?” Dark questioned, almost looking nervous.

Marvin nodded, “Yeah, you’ve convinced me. I’m going to need the kitchen to get everything ready, so go sit in the hallway. And don’t touch anything!” he shoved Dark out and slammed the door. He grinned at the table. He had been wanting to use this spell on someone for ages! He clapped his hands together and got to work.

Nearly an hour later, it was finished. He held the small plant up proudly, inspecting its sparkling leaves. Everything seemed to be in place. He now just had to hang it up and lure his victims into its trap.

He slammed the door open, striding past Dark. The man scrambled up, following behind him, “Is it done?”

“Almost. I just need to… Ah ha!” he found the spot he was looking for. Using his magic, he carefully hung the small plant over the top of the stairs, “And voila. Now you and Anti just need to stand underneath that at the same time.”

“It will fix our problems?”

“No, it won’t fix them, but it will make it easier too. Just trust me, big guy,” he patted Dark’s shoulder, “If you really feel that way about Anti, then you two will be able to figure something out. Now, go stand under the mistletoe.”

Dark complied, looking up at the plant as Marvin shouted for Anti to come down. The soft click of a door opening and closing was heard, followed by Anti’s forlorn footsteps.

As soon as he saw Dark, he froze. His face closed off completely, “What the hell is he still doing here?” he growled, eyes never leaving Dark.

Marvin smiled up at him, “Dark told me everything that happened and I think it would be good for you two to talk this out. Just trust me, Anti.”

The glitch took a few more steps forward, keeping as much distance between him and Dark as possible, “There’s nothing to talk about. We broke up. It’s over. Simple as that.” He stepped onto the first step and froze. He stepped back, looking at the stairs in confusion, “What the hell,” he mumbled as he tried to step past the first step. As soon as his foot touched the first step, his whole body froze. Anti’s eyes flashed, “Marvin, what the hell did you do?”

The magician shrugged, slowly backing away, “You know the myth about mistletoe and kissing? Well, it might not be a complete myth. If you mix mistletoe with the right elements, you can create a barrier that will trap any two people. It can, of course, only be broken by a kiss. Have fun you two!” he twirled around and sauntered away.

Anti yelled after him, his form beginning to glitch, “Marvin! Get your ass back here and fix this! Marvin!” After a few minutes, the glitch slouched to the floor.

Dark stepped towards him, hesitantly reaching out to him. Anti smacked his hand away, “Don’t touch me,” he snarled, “You don’t care about me remember?” he struggled back to his feet, his face twisted into an ugly scowl, “Let’s just kiss and get this bullshit over with.”

He leaned towards Dark, but the man backed away, “Anti, stop. Let’s talk about it, okay?”

Anti’s glare hardened, “What’s the matter? It’s not like it would be the first meaningless kiss we shared. Or am I just so annoying you can’t even bear to kiss me now?”

Dark shook his head, “No, Anti, that’s not it. Will you just listen for a minute, please?”

Anti gasped, “Was that a please I heard!? The great Darkiplier is saying please now? You really must be desperate. What do you want from me, though? You’ve already taken everything from me. Am I just supposed to be your sex toy now?”

Dark surged forward, pressing Anti against the wall. He covered the smaller man’s mouth with one hand, keeping his hands down by his side with the other, “Anti, listen to me for one damn second. You’re always talking and you never listen. So for once in your life, just listen.”

Anti licked along Dark’s palm, making the larger man jump back. He cackled.

“Really? Was that necessary?” Dark growled.

Anti raised an eyebrow, “I thought it was,” he lowered himself to the ground, sitting cross-legged with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, “Well, you wanted to talk, so talk.”

Dark sighed, wiping the last of the saliva on his pants, “I have a few things I need to say, so you need to let me finish. First of all, I’m sorry. I never should have pushed you as hard as I did. I realize that now. I promise that nothing like that will ever happen again. Second, I need you to know that I think you are gorgeous. I realized that I never actually tell you that. But you are. You are easily the most beautiful thing on this planet and I never should have taken you for granted. The way your eyes shine when you’re happy and how your skin reflects the moonlight. It’s all amazingly beautiful. Third, Anti, I realized that I don’t think I can live without you anymore. Just that one week away from you was terrible. All the light was gone from my life. Your usual wit wasn’t there to make me laugh. Your smile wasn’t there to blow me away. Your pranks weren’t there to remind me that anger isn’t the only response to everything. You have brought something into my life, Anti, and it has changed me completely. I don’t know what it is, but it puts a warmth in my chest that I’ve never experienced before. It fills me with the desire to always be with you. I’ve never experienced love before, but from what I’ve been told, I think I love you.”

Anti stared at him, completely unimpressed, “Dark, if there is one thing I know about you, it’s that you are an incredible liar. So, I don’t believe you.”

For the first time in his life, Dark felt like crying, “Anti, please. I know I hurt you and I know I screwed what little happiness we did have up, but please. Give me a second chance. I promise I won’t screw it up this time.”

Anti stood, eyeing Dark up and down carefully. After a moment, he stepped closer, placing his hands on Dark’s chest, “I know you better than anyone else, Dark. I know that your favorite cereal is Captain Crunch and that you prefer plain chocolate over all other ice cream. I know that if given the chance, you would go explore space, even if it killed you. And I know that when you lie, you brush your fingers through your hair. So, Dark, tell me again.”

Dark breathed out slowly, searching Anti’s eyes for any sign of a trick, “Anti, I think I love you.”

Anti closed his eyes, letting the words wash over him. He leaned against Dark, pressing his forehead against the taller man’s shoulder, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say those words.”

Dark wrapped his arms around Anti, pulling him impossibly close, “Far longer than you should have.”

“I’ll give you a second chance, but if you screw it up again, I’m done. Your love confession won’t win me back a second time,” Anti whispered into his shoulder.

Dark nodded, holding the smaller man even tighter, “I won’t, I promise. I’ll do everything in my power to make this up to you, Anti. I promise.”

Anti pulled back far enough to cup Dark’s cheeks, “How about we seal it with a kiss?”

The kiss was short and sweet. Dark pulled away and grinned, “If that’s what all our kisses are going to be like now, I think I can get used this.”

Anti laughed and pulled him down for another. Above them, the mistletoe twinkled happily.

Let’s talk Diana.

People get so riled up over their Best Girls and here I am just shoving more fire into the fire. Gyahahaha!

But that’s not really what this is about. Let’s talk Diana. Because I want to talk Diana.

Her type is always set up to be the haughty snob at first glance.

That’s so fucking good and you know why?

So they can take your first impressions and slap you across the face with them.

Yes, she’s arrogant, self-righteous, a bit pompous and can be quite condescending to those who are less adept than she is. But that’s exactly what makes her so interesting because none of those negative traits can be called shallow and the events in this episode back that up.

Also, it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t exist solely to antagonize the MC over trivial things (for example, elite status) and can definitely hold her own story without being an outright nemesis to the heroine.

That’s what makes her worthy of attention but in a different way than how the central focus is on Akko and her friends.

Already we can blatantly see her flaws which only serve to highlight how complex she is and foretell the character development she will probably undergo throughout the course of the show. Those qualities don’t really harm her or make her intolerable but rather point to the depth and potential expansion of her character.

I mean, firstly, all that composure and confidence had to come from somewhere and voila, they tell us from the get-go.

Diana is descended from a long (damn, 1,500 years long!) line of witches. That means she inherits a big legacy of magical discipline and prestige. Considering the fact that even adult witches sometimes have trouble with certain magic, Diana has even more expectations to live up to because she comes from a highly esteemed family that’s been practicing and improving magic for many, many generations.

Not to mention, she’s been proclaimed in the community as being the “greatest witch since the founding of Luna Nova” so no doubt it’ll be an even greater challenge for her to go beyond what those before her had accomplished.

And not only does she step up to this very daunting task, displaying her skill and talent again and again by casting high level spells here and there and proving that she really is as brilliant as they say she is…

…but she does so without needing anyone’s validation.

As much as her posse endlessly praise her for how awesome and amazing she is, Diana doesn’t need those extra words because she knows she’s perfectly capable of handling anything that comes her way.

That’s not to say she doesn’t let their attention get to her head (c’mon, this definitely happened at one point and is likely still happening, albeit in controlled amounts, as we speak) but Diana is deserving of her pride because she worked hard to cultivate her powers, not because she is a genius.

She’s not good because it’s a “miracle”. She’s good because she earned it.

And there’s no shame in showing that.

However, it’s true that Diana still needs to learn what it means to be humble and realize that she hasn’t mastered everything there is to know about magic yet.

I mean, it’s apparent that she overestimates her own abilities but that’s fine because like I said earlier, she’s set up for that kind of development in the future.

At the very least, even though she’s smug, she isn’t crass. Not like her two “friends” who like to put others down to get the pleasure of feeling superior. That’s probably the biggest reason why they hang around Diana and it just makes me like Diana even more because a person like her would never need to stoop down to their level.

Adding to that, this scene here further proves that Diana is, in fact, not a jerk.

Snooty, yes. But a bitch? Mmm, no, I don’t think so. Not from what we’ve seen of her so far anyway.

It’d be so easy for the writers to turn Diana into a Draco Malfoy-like adversary to oppose Akko but they didn’t. Which is why I love Trigger tremendously for how they presented her character and why I sometimes refer to Diana as the “Draco I always wanted”.

That Diana approached Akko to correct her views on what magic is, not harshly but in a matter-of-factly and politely manner. That she didn’t care whether Akko knew who she was or not but actually remembered that Akko was the new student. That she even took up the offer of referring to Akko by her nickname despite not being friends with her (though that might be due to the concept of keigo getting lost in transition to a non-Japanese environment).

All this is more than enough evidence to crush any ideas that she’s out to bully Akko. It tells us that even if Diana may not be the most amiable person in the world, she is a decent one.

I mean, yea, she was slightly cruel here for disparaging Akko’s idol right in front of her (and hypocritical since Diana was also a fan when she was younger) but it’s not like what she said isn’t true.

Chariot was mostly known for her flashy performances but that seemed to be the extent of her influence in both the witch and human realms. Then she upped one day and vanished.

Chariot did give Akko a dream but it was a kid’s dream and that is not practical in the reality of magic, which entails a lot more complicated topics and study if you are to become a successful witch. Even Chariot had to have gone through tons of practice in order to be as good as she was on stage.

Point is, Diana was trying to warn Akko for her own good even though she didn’t go about the best way of doing it.

It’s certainly one thing for Chariot to do impressive magic but it’s another thing entirely for Akko to attempt to do the same.

Because unlike most of the other students there, Akko has no magical background. She entered the academy with the hopes of living out her fantasies. How is someone who has a low affinity for magic and so impatient to start shooting shiny spells left and right going to fare if she doesn’t learn to apply the basics first?

Badly. Akko or someone else can get seriously hurt if she meddles in things she doesn’t truly comprehend.

That’s why Diana flat out laid this caution onto her. Because magic isn’t all fun and games and lights in the sky. Magic, in the witches’ world, is serious business. And if Akko doesn’t get that through her head to fit somewhere among her fervent adoration for Chariot, then her dream of learning magic will end in vain, the Shiny Rod reacting to her “shinjiru kokoro” be damned.

And that’s… oddly thoughtful of Diana? And responsible as an advanced student as well?

In the same sort of roundabout way she helped plucked that plant off of Akko’s head while trying to show her how magic is actually done in their world. So that Akko is aware, like really aware, of what she’s invested herself in and what the consequences are if she neglects the rules.

Clearly, they’re going to continue to clash over the interpretation of magic but when it comes down to what are established foundations and such, I’m always going to be more inclined towards Diana’s side of the argument.

Because it’s always more reliable to work off of sound theories that have been tested and tested again and provided actual results… than to wait for something that may or may not happen because you went about it based on a whim.

I’m not saying it’s wrong for Akko to believe. I’m just saying this isn’t a mahou shoujo anime. :P

Ah, I strayed off a bit so back to the rest of what I wanted to say.

If the scene in the courtyard wasn’t enough to convince you that Diana isn’t just showing off her magical prowess (because admittedly, yes, she is a bit of a show-off, too, there’s no denying that) then the issue with the Memorial Tree should.

Like any dedicated honors student, it’s expected that Diana would be very involved in the workings of the school. Because the academy is part of her lineage as much as any other witch’s out there so even if nobody asked her to help, she’d still try to find a way to solve the problems the school faces.

Because responsibility.

Diana has been gifted with talent and intellect. If there is anytime to use those, it’s now. Otherwise, it’d be wasted on her.

It’s no wonder why she’s so admired in the witch community. Because she does useful stuff with her magic. And efficiently, too.

Unlike Akko who doesn’t have any particular or specific goals regarding what she wants to do with magic atm, Diana actually has a purpose for hers.

And really, we don’t need to say anymore than that. If you’re good at something, then do something with it. That’s the lesson here. It’s just that simple.

Moving along, what happened after Diana’s spell was cast only further supports just how responsible she is.

Her magic unearthed the parasites so what does she do? Act immediately to counter the new problem.

I really, really like that about her. How she takes magic so seriously, especially when her own magic added to the dilemma. Most people would wait for a teacher to come to fix it. Lesser people would run away because they don’t want to be held accountable.

Not Diana. She’s the one that caused it, even if it was out of the best intentions, so she has to own up to it.

Again, responsibility.

And then there’s this part.

A reminder that nobody (besides Ursula) could’ve known that those were Papillodya chrysalises (well duh, no one has seen one because they only appear every 120 years after all) and it was just a very plot-convenient coincidence that Akko happened to guess correctly at what they are right after relooking through her collectable cards that day.

That aside, nobody is in the wrong here. Diana was pressed for time so it wasn’t like she had the leisure of hearing Akko out. Honestly, who would in that sort of situation? Moreover, who would really believe her?

But she still expressed shock and worry when Akko took the brunt of her spell. Even though it was Akko’s own fault for not thinking first and jumping out to block the hit, Diana obviously feels bad that her magic still hurt her.

Again, proof that Diana is not a jerk. She does care because she is a decent person.

And when it came down to using the right spell, Diana took a step back to let Akko handle it.

What’s more is that she aided Akko in the proper pronunciation of the spell and Akko thanked Diana.

Quite often you’d expect the prideful characters to want to do everything themselves. Try to butt out their rivals and prove they’re better that sort of thing because that’s the pattern of behavior for those kind of archetypes.

Except that didn’t happen here. Like not even the tiniest suggestion that it could’ve gone that way.

Diana’s got her priorities straight. She’s not thinking of wanting to claim credit or how it will affect her sense of worth if she allowed Akko to resolve this issue. She’s not thinking of questioning whether the Shiny Rod will actually work. That’s not important. What’s important is to prevent this mess from becoming any bigger than it is right then.

Like…wow. It shouldn’t be extraordinary for someone to behave so rationally and cooperatively but it is a little for me because the works I go through often has that bad tendency to go in a crazier direction over some very dumb, contrived reason when it’d be easier to do it the straightforward way.

Anyways, to finish this off, after the matter is settled, Diana tries to protest that the removal of the chrysalises were her doing.

Again, a much lesser person would be tempted to lie and save their own reputation but Diana’s troubled reaction to the staff’s insistence that nobody else but her could’ve done it illustrates that she’s not like that. She knows that it was thanks to Akko that the tree was revitalized and therefore, can’t possibly accept acknowledgement that doesn’t belong to her.

Diana is a person of integrity and if I didn’t love her before, I certainly do now because I value integrity so much that it probably ranks at the top on my list of virtues.

So as you can see, it’s because Diana is such a mixture of so many traits including pride, dignity, responsibility, seriousness, honesty (to name a few) that they all come to nicely clash and conflict inside her, pushing her towards the changes we can anticipate for her.

And this is a sure sign as anything that the development process has already begun.

She saw with her own eyes the effectiveness of the Shiny Rod, which disproves her statement that there never was any significance behind Chariot’s magic. However, that doesn’t mean she’s ready to accept it. Not after all that training she must have gone through to drill those childish thoughts out of her head so that she can fully set out to become a proper witch. Which is why she’s hesitant to mention Akko despite what the professors say about her being the “pride of Luna Nova”.

That is sooooo good, this introduction of doubt. Question it, Diana. Continue to ask as many times as it will take because it can only lead you to becoming a better witch and above all, develop into an even greater character.

With that, I suspect Diana won’t be making any major appearances for a while since Akko’s team has a little more world exploring to do and the plot around Chariot needs the time for more exposition.

But I just want others to, well, not really know but rather discuss with me that Diana isn’t so much a rival to Akko (right now) as she is her foil and vice versa. And I think that contrast between them is far more interesting than a direct competitive relationship. They can still argue, they don’t have to be friends but they don’t have to hate each other to contribute to each other’s growth. Akko can benefit from actually studying magical theory and progressing towards her goal that way while Diana can gradually relax her stiff posture to look beyond her scientific, analytical methods and realize even more potential in herself.

At least that’s what I hope will happen.

Tl;dr: I lied. This is about Best Girl. Diana is Best Girl. Fight me. (ง'̀-‘́)ง

honestly, watching black mirror’s “crocodile” episode was so painful and frustrating to watch. despite thinking justice was served thanks to the guinea pig. WE’LL NEVER TRULY KNOW AND THAT KILLS ME. 

anonymous asked:

AU where Alexander and John Laurens are dating, and Thomas Jefferson finds himself envious of John.

Send me a prompt if you want me to write something for you! If you use a prompt just specify old list or new list.

Thomas Jefferson held these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, and Alexander Hamilton could not possibly be any more annoying.

At least, he thought the second one was true until he met John Laurens. As bad as Hamilton was, he was somehow even worse when he was around his dumb boyfriend.

They were practically the same person; they were both reckless, loud, and scrappy, and they always egged each other on, daring each other to do, in Thomas’s mind, the most annoying things they could think of. The only difference between them was that while Hamilton made Thomas’s stomach flutter with annoyance, Laurens made his gut twist with something closely resembling hatred.

The worst was when Hamilton brought Laurens along to debate club after school. He would sit on the sidelines, make unneeded comments, and let out whoops and cheers whenever Hamilton made a good point. Thomas hated it. He was supposed to have Hamilton’s undivided attention during debate, and Laurens just distracted everyone.

“Does he really need to be here?” Thomas asked one day upon seeing Laurens trail in behind Hamilton. “He’s not even in this club.”

“Mr. Jefferson,” Mr. Washington, the club advisor, warned. He was also Hamilton’s adoptive father, which, if you asked Thomas, was completely unfair.

“What?” Thomas said. “He’s a distraction.”

Hamilton and Laurens both scoffed and Thomas resisted the urge to punch one or both of them.

“I’m serious!” Thomas defended himself. “Hamilton never focuses on the debate when Laurens is here.”

“Aww are you jealous, Jefferson?” Laurens asked, leaning back cockily in his chair.

“Shut up,” Thomas spat.

“Mr. Jefferson, please!” Washington pointed firmly for Thomas to take a seat.

Thomas sulkily dropped into a seat next to James Madison and glared at the back of Laurens’s head. He wasn’t jealous. He wasn’t.

Apparently Thomas’s punishment for lashing out at Laurens was to not be included in any debates, which meant he would be sitting and doing nothing the whole meeting.

As Hamilton stood to debate James on abortion—Thomas had been looking forward to debating that with him, and now he wasn’t allowed—Thomas began to mull over Laurens’s statement.

The freckled boy probably hadn’t really meant anything by it. He was just trying to get under Thomas’s skin, to make him mad. So why was it starting to feel like another truth in Thomas’s life?

Thomas froze as he had this thought. He was jealous of John Laurens.

And who wouldn’t be? Who wouldn’t give anything to be the uninterrupted focus of someone as spectacular as Alexander Hamilton? Who wouldn’t envy the deep and intellectual conversations one could have with him? And who wouldn’t die to look into this beautiful eyes and say “This one’s mine?”

Well, shit.


In the next months Thomas tried to convince himself that it was just a stupid crush. He didn’t even mention it to James; he was sure he’d get over it soon.

But as the months went on Hamilton and Laurens got more serious and the twist in Thomas’s gut grew bigger.

He was hopelessly in love with Alexander Hamilton.

It was hard. Hamilton was still under the impression that they were enemies, and Thomas had to resist the urge to respond to insults with pet names, to respond to every “I hate you” with “I love you.”

They would glare at each other across the lunch room, and then when Hamilton turned around Thomas’s gaze would soften into one of longing because Hamilton’s eyes were so pretty when he was angry about something.

One day after one such glaring match, Thomas was approached by Angelica Schuyler, much to his surprise.

“Come with me,” she said, tugging on Thomas’s arm.

Thomas shot James a confused glance, then stood up and followed the eldest Schuyler sister. She led him to an empty classroom in the biology wing, where he found Angelica’s sisters Eliza and Peggy, and Maria Reynolds waiting for them.

“What is this?” he asked, stalling at the doorway.

“This is the Helplessly Pining Over Alexander Hamilton Club,” Angelica sighed.

Thomas stared at her in bewilderment, then launched into a stuttered denial.

“Why—I’m not—I don't—”

“We’ve seen the way you look at him, Thomas,” Eliza said. “It’s the same way all of us do.”

“Well, except Peggy,” Maria added. “She’s just here to remind us not to get our hopes up.”

Peggy flashed him a grin and two thumbs up.

Thomas deflated in relent. “This sounds dismal.”

“It is,” Angelica said. “That’s the price of catching feelings for Alex. But we get through it together.”

Thomas slumped into a seat next to Maria. “How?”

“Mostly by keeping ourselves busy with other things,” Maria said, “and then venting all our frustration at these meetings.”

Thomas sighed. “So you don’t do anything about it? You just sit here and suffer?”

“Alex is with John, Thomas,” Eliza said. “He’s happy. We can’t mess with that.”


“Thomas,” Angelica said sternly. “We’ve all been down this path. It’s a dead end. We can’t meddle with Alex’s love life.”

“Fine,” Thomas huffed. “But let’s just say, hypothetically, Hamilton and Laurens broke up. What would you do then?”

“Then we would give him his space to get over it,” Eliza said, a tone of warning in her voice.

“Okay,” Thomas said, irritated that they weren’t catching his drift. “And after he’s gotten over it?”

“Then it’s up to him who he dates next, if he dates anyone,” Maria said. “And we’re not to influence his choice in any way.”


Hamilton and Laurens broke up a month later. A large and very public fight led to them realizing that they were just too similar to date, and they went back to being friends, although there was definitely more tension between them than before.

The weeks following the break up were possibly even harder for Thomas than the months of dating had been. The thought of Hamilton being right there in front of him, available, was torturous. He had promised the rest of the Helplessly Pining Over Alexander Hamilton Club that he wouldn’t act on his feelings, but that was becoming harder by the day. Especially since he still wasn’t getting Hamilton’s full attention in debate.

Hamilton had become sullen and spent over half of debate brooding. All of Thomas’s points were met with half-hearted rebuttals and his insults were rewarded only with weak, distracted comebacks.

“Hamilton, if you’re not going to focus on this debate than there are many others more qualified and worthy of my time.” That was a lie, but he wanted to get Hamilton riled up. He wanted his attention.

“I am focused,” Hamilton snapped.

“Then one would think you could make a decent point once in a while,” Thomas retorted.

“God, you’re so annoying,” Hamilton breathed, rolling his eyes at Thomas.

“At least I can argue a point.”

“I hate you.”

“Well I love you!”

The whole room fell deathly silent. Hamilton stared at Thomas, jaw hanging open.

“Shit,” Thomas whispered.

“What did you say?” Hamilton asked quietly.

Thomas crossed his arms defensively. There was no going back now. “You heard me.”

“Y-you love me?”

Well, he finally had Hamilton’s full attention; he might as well make use of it.

“Yes, I love you, okay? I love your voice and your face and your eyes your horrible fashion sense. I love how funny and intelligent and passionate you are. And I know you just broke up with Laurens and this a really dick move on my part, but I love you, Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton, for once, was at a total loss for words. Mr. Washington was the one to break the silence, clearing his throat.

“Mr. Jefferson, as touching as this is, I highly doubt that this is the appropriate time.”

Hamilton’s face went bright red, and a wave of panic swept over Thomas. He had just confessed his love for his nemesis, in front of the kid’s dad. Suddenly breathing was difficult.

“I-I need to go,” he stammered, then turned on his heels and darted out of the classroom. He didn’t stop running until he found an empty, secluded hallway and slid down to the floor with his back against the wall. He put his head in his hands and groaned. “I’m such a screw-up,” he muttered.

“Well, yeah, but that’s okay.”

Thomas nearly jumped out of his skin. In his panic he hadn’t thought that Hamilton might follow him. Just another in a long line of mistakes.

“Please go away,” Thomas said.

Hamilton sat down next to him. “What? I thought you looooved me.”

Thomas looked away, biting back tears. Of course Hamilton would make fun of him for it. Why wouldn’t he? It was stupid.

“Look, please just forget I ever said anything. I never should have spoken. I’m sorry.”

Hamilton placed a hand on Thomas’s arm. “You shouldn’t be,” he said, more gentle this time. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have teased you. I’m glad you told me, Thomas.”

Thomas looked back at him, furrowing his brow. “You are?”

Hamilton nodded. “Yeah. I never hated you, you know. All those times I said it… I didn’t mean it any more than you did.”

“I’m surprised you don’t hate me after what just happened. You have every right to.”

Now it was Hamilton’s turn to look confused. “Why would I hate you?”

Thomas gave a sarcastic laugh. “Well, let’s see. I only confessed my unrequited love for you in front of everyone we know, including your father. Thanks for not turning me down in front of everyone, by the way. I guess I was saved that little bit of embarrassment.”

“Thomas… I wasn’t going to turn you down.”


Hamilton chewed at his lip nervously. “At least, not completely. I can’t… I can’t say that I love you too. Not yet. I loved John. I really did. And I’m still not over him at all. I’m definitely not ready for another relationship. But, maybe when I am…maybe then we can see what happens.”


Hamilton’s lips quirked up in a small but reassuring smile. “Really.”


It took all throughout the summer and half of the next school year for Alexander to be ready. During that time, he and Thomas had become very good friends. Thomas had practically been alienated from the Helplessly Pining Over Alexander Hamilton Club after they learned what he had done, but he didn’t care. He was in a better position than all of them.

Alexander didn’t exactly tell Thomas that he was ready to date. It was after debate club one day, and Thomas was walking Alexander home. Alexander was rambling, as he often did, and Thomas was pretending to listen, as he often did. He was vaguely aware that the topic had something to do with a book he had been reading.

“So anyways,” Alexander said, drawing his rant to a conclusion and startling Thomas back to attention, “I’ve come to a decision.”

And then he stood on his tiptoes and kissed Thomas.

“Woah,” Thomas breathed once they broke apart. “So you’re ready then?”

Alexander nodded. “So ready.”

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Hey there! I have a request with Lucifer if you don't mind.. You seem to write him so wonderfully and I'd really appreciate if you'd write about 7 minutes in heaven with him and the reader!

I decided to make this into a drabble because it matches with one of the prompts


88) “Seriously, let’s play a game of (spin the bottle, truth . or dare, twister, or whatever game you want.. you pick)”

 *High School!AU

“Seriously, let’s play a game of seven minutes in heaven,” Dean said.

“Do we have to?” Sam asked. The party had been drawing to a close, people getting bored and heading for the door.

“Come on, Sammy, it’ll be fun. Besides, we already got everyone riled up with spin the bottle, am I right?”

The group of teens still sitting on the floor gave a small acknowledgment of Dean’s sentiment.

“Hell yeah!” Crowley muttered, raising his beer in the air. “Let’s gooooo!”

The Winchesters looked over at their drunken friend. “Someone cut him off,” Sam said, worrying about the possibility of vomit on his mother’s carpet (and couch and curtains).

“So,” Gabriel said. “Who gets to go in first?”

Everyone looked around, trying not to show their excitement and anticipation of having seven whole minutes locked in a closet where teen hormones could run rampant. No one wanted to volunteer first, seeming too eager.

After a few moments, you reappeared from the bathroom as Lucifer reappeared from the kitchen.

“Looks like we have our volunteers!” Gabriel said, jumping up.

“Volunteers?” Lucifer said.

Gabriel crossed to his brother, pushing him towards the coat closet while Dean gently pushed you towards it.

“All right, you two,” Dean said, shoving you unceremoniously into the closet. “We’re gonna shut the door and leave you two alone for seven minutes. You can do whatever you want—no judgments. We’ll give you a courtesy knock when you’ve got thirty seconds left, make sure you can get your pants back on.”

With a wink, Dean shut the door, enveloping you and Lucifer in darkness.

“Um…” you said quietly after a few moments. “What just happened?”

“I’m… not completely sure.” Lucifer fumbled around until he found the chain; pulling on it, the closet was bathed in light.

“Ooo,” Gabriel said. “Lights on! I like your style!”

You reached up and clicked the light off again, earning a peal of grouped laughter from outside. “Maybe… maybe we should leave this off.”


The two of you stood in silence for a few moments, letting your eyes adjust.

“Um, do you want part of this cookie?” Lucifer asked. “I’d gone to the kitchen to grab a snack before being shoved in here.”

You smiled. “Thanks.”

The two of you fumbled slightly, finally finding each other’s hands in the dark. Lucifer passed you half of the cookie.

“I hope Mrs. Winchester doesn’t mind crumbs in here,” Lucifer said.

“I’m sure she’s found much worse in here before.”

Time stretched on in silence. “I wonder how long it’s been,” you said after a while. “Surely we’re nearing the end.”

“Oh!” Lucifer pressed a button on his watch, causing the face to light up. “Oh, geez. We’ve only been in here for three minutes.”

You sighed. “This… this sucks. I’m sorry, Lucifer.”

“For what?”

“For being the one they chose for you. I’m sure you would’ve much rather have been in here with Charlie or Meg. This is basically a waste of a turn.”

“No, I wouldn’t,” Lucifer said quietly.

“You don’t have to lie. It’s okay.”

Lucifer reached up, clicking on the light again. He stared down at you. “I’m not lying. Honestly, Y/N. I’m… I’m glad they picked you for me.” He shifted slightly. “I’m pretty sure Gabriel’s been on to me for months now.”

“On to you?”

“About… me liking you.”

A small smile grew on your face. It was the last thing Lucifer saw before you turned the light off again.


Drabble Games! Send me a number and a character :)

[Smutfest] Blue Doll - 01 Toys


Vegeta hated this place with every fiber of his being. Raditz and Nappa had already left him, running off to slobber over the brothel’s displays like starving dogs eyeing fresh haunches of meat. He didn’t know whether to be disgusted or envious of their enthusiasm. Sex had never brought him pleasure. Relief, yes, a purging of a biological need, sure, but never pleasure. He never pined away for a good fuck; not the way his two compatriots seemed to. More often than not, Vegeta found his hand satisfactory to the task, and when he did partake in carnal relations with another, he did his best to make the matter as impersonal and perfunctory as possible. Engaging with others when death wasn’t involved wasn’t his strong suit, and that left him feeling vulnerable in a way that sat poorly with his pride.

Yet here he was, back at another brothel, if only to shut Nappa and Raditz up, by ensuring that their energy was spent on something other than aggravating the living fuck out of him. To be fair, this was by far the nicest looking brothel that they had visited yet. In fact, the damn place reeked of exclusivity. Which only unsettled Vegeta all the more. It was too clean, too nice. Nothing good ever came of these kinds of places. It made him think of the Colds’ spacecrafts, richly outfitted in their opulence, gold and silks poorly veiling their owners’ sadistic intentions.

A loud, girlish squeal pierced the quiet, followed by Nappa’s booming laugh. Vegeta felt his lip curl in distaste. He walked down the hall, putting distance between himself and his companions, and in doing so, headed towards the more expensive end of the brothel’s wares.

They were all displayed in glass windows, like mannequins. ‘Dolls’, the host had called them, chosen for their eclectic beauty, and set up like porcelain figures. Vegeta could see that some took the ‘doll’ name more literally than others. A lot of them were sex-bots, and they sat, pretty and still as a picture, waiting for a client to ‘play’ with them. Or at least he assumed they were supposed to be pretty. Most represented alien species he was only cursorily familiar with. Some were Saiyan-like in that they stood on two legs, were warm blooded, but that’s where the similarities ended. The differences, however small, were enough to be unsettling. ‘A hole was a hole’ Nappa would say, and though Vegeta agreed, he still found it hard to be excited when a girl’s skin was so scaly it felt like he was fucking gravel, or when a woman looked up at him with eyes as alien and soulless as a fish’s.

He was nearing the end of the displays. Nothing had caught his eye, but he had barely looked, instead making a line for the brothel’s most expensive girls. He was a Prince after all. Seedy fuck or not, he deserved the best.

Finally he reached the top echelon of the sex dolls. Their displays were far more elaborate. Only one appeared to be a sex-bot, remaining still, while the other ‘dolls’ perked up at the appearance of a possible client. He glared at them with a critical eye, mentally weighing if any would be worth his time or his credits, and wondering if it wouldn’t just be easier and cheaper to find a hotel, jerk off and pass out.

Pale skin and the flash of an usual blue caught his eye. Vegeta glanced over and, for the first time in years, was taken by surprise.

She’s Saiyan.

For an exhilarating, wild heart beat, he thought he had found his own kind. Female, no less. A beautiful female at that.

But just as quickly as the thought entered his mind, his rational side squashed it. She couldn’t be. His kind was near extinct. And no Saiyan woman would tolerate becoming captive to a brothel. Not to mention this girl had no tail, and her hair coloring was blue when it should have been dark. No, she was no Saiyan… but Gods did she almost fit the bill. Something hurt in his chest as he eyed her over. Her features were fey, her skin much paler than his own, but it was skin like his nonetheless, not scales or fur or oozing sludge. She wore only the thinnest robe that barely hid her lithe, curvy body beneath. She was, hands down, the most gorgeous thing he had ever encountered. But she had inadvertently reminded him of the death of his species, and that bitter taste now lingered in his mouth.

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“The Houndoom is right on the nose. Yes, I was bullied as a child. It’s not something that bothers me too much anymore; I’ve since moved on. There are things related to it though, that I have a bit of trouble letting go of … but, anyway, I can explain.

Most children are bullied for unusual looks or quirks, but I was mainly harassed due to my species.”

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TD until the end

This show gets a little ridiculous with their callbacks. Many pertaining to Beth, many not. But this is how I see it. She is coming back. I have never looked at another dead character in TWD (maybe Denise) that had me thinking there wasn’t a story left to tell. Many friends and I have thought of the impossibility of her death given the storyline they were telling. She is strong and she will be back stronger than ever.

To the haters that continue trolling our blog, feel free to give me hate for this. I don’t mind. We have a belief that you do not like. Let me give you a hint, that is life. Sometimes there are disagreements and that is okay. Just move on and don’t let it get you riled up. 

I am going to be here until she shows up regardless of how long you decide to come into the tag and tell me I am wrong. That I am reading way too much into the show.

The funny thing is, the casual viewers are thinking into it now. Not just us. The writers have casual fans questioning the death of certain characters, it is just the way the show runs. 

Beth may not be back this season, she might, but callbacks are callbacks. And our belief is our belief.

Beth is alive in our opinion and my mind can not be changed. It’s time to settle the differences and move on. 

You stay strong in your belief that she is dead as we will with ours that she is alive. 

Differing opinions should create discussion not fights. 

Do what you wish, but I will be waiting here for Beth.