i am resurrection

I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?
—  John 11:25-26

okay honestly though i absolutely ADORE the line “finding himself on an empty road, trying to choose which way to go” like it sounds so simple but it portrays such an intense feeling and i can’t even explain it but i love it and i love bastille and i love dan smith

“Billy-Ray Sanguine”

A brief bout with a razorblade cut me
I freaked out thinkin’ people didn’t love me
I watched closely as the you I knew forgot me
In letting go I am so proud of what I’ve done

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WOAHHH what’s this?!

Hi, everyone! My name’s StellarBlitz, and, heavily inspired by @figmentforms‘s comic as well as @growingupgerudo, I’ve started my own webcomic, also heavily revolving around Ganondorf >:D 

I’ve had this idea for a while, but now I’ve finally decided to try it out! Hopefully I can keep this a series. I’m planning to update every Wednesday, so stay tuned!

i-am-trash8432  asked:

Heya, do you have any thoughts on how Cas is actually coming back? Not just waking up and wondering around 'The Empty' but coming back into our realm? Do you think Dean and/or Sam will know about it, or will it just be Jack or..?

no im really not sure i think he will have to have a part in it himself - make a choice to come back, but i guess the link / actual doing it will be jack?

I would love it if it’s like buffy and they try to do it together (salmon dean + jack), it appears to not work and dean is even more uber pissed at getting his hopes up and being pissed with himself for getting his hopes up, he should know better by now that good things don’t happen *cough* then later cas just turns up out of the blue when it’s obvious Dean is longing for him at that point, he’s clearly thinking about something and bam.

this is literally just my wishlist tho it’s not spec, at this point i think it’s really hard to say HOW it’ll happen, this is just what I would write if it was me :p

I just wanted y'all to know that my copy of the LOTR trilogy had a complete timeline of dates in the back of it (which could be standard for all copies idk) and I got curious and looked up my birthday and it informed me that it was the day Gandalf fell at Khazad-Dum so remember kids every time you have a bad birthday at least Gandalf didn’t die on it