i am recoloring!

Thank you, all 514 of you 

Okay, sooo this took way too long because I literally procrastinate procrastinating and I’m sorry for being like this. Anyways, From the moment I saw this dress I thought someone needs to make it plaid, turns out I made it :) I’m so happy to share this with you since it turned out pretty amazing :)
Big thank you to @youraveragehedgehog for testing these

  • Credits to @blogsimplesimmer for making this beautiful Reagan Dress (v1)
  • Mesh is not included
  • 17 patterns with black and white sleeves (that’s 34 in total)
  • Message if there is something wrong/you have a question


!Please do not reupload/claim as your own!

@sniperct you win first pic! 


🍑 some looks from our resident mermaid princess (inspired by @tofusaucee) 🍑

Cobra Cabana Bed (Without Curtains) Not So Berry Recolors by TheSimsDominion and Mama Bear’s Sims!

So, what can I say. This has a lot of recolors. I am giving you 270 Not So Berry color options, with my 30 NSB bedding colors and Mama Bear’s Sims wood recolors! Since this is such a big file, your colors may go off of your screen a bit. Before placing the bed, click + or - on your number pad to cycle through all of the color options! 

  • You will need city living for this to work.
  • You can recolor, just don’t include the mesh. You can find the mesh, which you need, (without these recolors) here.
  • Do not re-upload this, please.
  • Credit goes to EA/Maxis and Mama Bear’s Sims.

Download (SFS, No Ad.fly)

If you have any issues with this recolor, please contact me. 

Thank you so much for collaborating with me on this, @mamabearssims! It has been super fun working with you and I hope to work with you again! Please go download her custom content as well and support her! 



Today, I am releasing recolors for @blogsimplesimmer‘s Jo, Josie, Josephine, Kat and Kate hairs. As @wildlyminiaturesandwich started recoloring her hairs in her neutrals palette, there aren’t many hairs recolored in that palette. So, I’ve decided to start doing hair dumps with that palette ! I also want to thank everyone for the support. I love you guys ❤️


added as additional swatches

all recolored in neutrals 

seperate packages

standard tou (don’t be a butthead)



FLAPJACK’S RIBBED HORNS in Noodle’s Sorbet Colors by CherryVanillaSims

Here we go again with some recoloring!! If you didn’t notice by now, I am recoloring all 4 of FlapJack’s horns in Noodle’s Sorbet Palette! ❤ ❤


AL1 | Vernon icons

please read terms before using

(+ click on the icon for better quality)

Noodles Sorbet Colors 

As has been requested several times, I am finally uploading my actions for my palette! The .rar file includes a few fancy swatch layouts like the one pictures above, photoshop actions for all 64 colors, a paint.net palette for recoloring in paint.net, a tutorial image, and the .dds swatch things that are explained in the tutorial. I still plan on making the tutorial video, but for a few reasons, I haven’t gotten to it yet. 

Since I will still be doing recolors using these, I have a pretty specific “you can use them for this, but not this” right now. This is subject to change if I decide that I am done recoloring certain things. I hope you understand ♥


For Sims 4 You Can Upload Recolors of:  

Everything besides pack hairs (any mesh edit that results in it not using the same file as the pack hair it’s based on is also okay) since I plan on finishing those up and keeping up with them in the future.

I will try my best to keep you all up to date on what I’m working on recoloring so hopefully we can avoid trying to recolor the same thing. I will be doing some cc hairs and build/buy mode stuff from time to time :) 

Sims 2: 

Everything. Go for it! Once I figure out how to get my game to work, I would love to download it. 

Overall if you upload a recolor using this palette, please give me credit for the palette. And tag me so that I can see what you’ve made and reblog it :) 

If you recolor with this palette please tag with #noodles sorbets

Download (64) | Peach Puff 


Here I am with another recolor ^^ This time its @crazycupcakefr‘s Venus hair. Like usual its recolored in the Modified Saccharine plus my unnaturals, with an add on of @pastry-box‘s “8 Bitto Cafe”. 

  • Includes a custom thumbnail with all 39 swatches.
  • 8 Bitto Cafe is a swatch add on of my recolors, and my recolors are required for it to work 
  • Please respect my TOU
  • Please tag me in any photos with my content, I’d love to see!

You need to download the mesh here.

(if you have problems downloading please right click and open in a new tab)


SimLaughLove: Child Hair Recolors

Here are all of SimLaughLove’s child hairs created so far (July 22nd, 2016). 

I am also recoloring all of the adult hairs, but decided to include them separately. I hope to get them out soon. But here are all 18 of the current hairstyles for children, each come in 15 colors + white. Unlike my other recolors, these come as extra swatches to the original hairs in game. You will need the original meshes for the hairs to work. You can find them here and here