i am really proud if this

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I don't think the calories on ur kickboxing session are accurate at all. Burning 1000 calories in 1 hour from just that doesn't make sense....

I could see why you might think that from your perspective / expierence. Let’s see if we can figure this out together.

For illustrative purposes, let’s make some assumptions about you. I am going to assume you are a 25 year old, female, weighing 175  lbs. (This is just an example.)

Let’s say you just took an hour long kickboxing class and worked your ass off. According to this burn tool, you would expect to burn about 550 calories! That is awesome! You should be proud of yourself and I really hope no one tries to diminish your effort. 

So you might be thinking, “If I worked this hard and “only” burned 550 - there is no way he could burn 2x as much as me!”

But, surprising as it may be to you, I am not a 25 year old, 175 lb woman. Our bodies process energy very differently. 

To illustrate this even better - think back to that kick ass class you had. What would it be like if you did that same class, but this time you were holding these. 

Do you think the class would be harder for you? Would you burn more calories? Of course you would! 

Now imagine what it is like for me to take this class. When I am doing the class, it is like doing it with these

Is it any surprise that I burn 2X the calories you do, when I am literally carrying 2-3 times the weight with every single step?

Now it is worth mentioning that wrist based trackers are not medical devices and will not be 100% accurate. They are designed to help show relative effort and encourage people to get active, which is exactly what they are doing for me :)

With that being said - I am a freaking athlete and I am proud of my burn and if you want to join me for kickboxing - you are welcome to, just try to keep up. 

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I’m sorry for bugging you guys about the poll.
It meant a lot to me because it kinda represents real life in way.
So many people are voting against us simply because they hate f/f couples.
M/M ships are fetishized and F/F ships are demonized.

This affects me a lot. I feel gross and scared sometimes because I’m bi and I know that I should be proud and I am most of the time. Other times, however, society gets to me and I get really insecure and scared.

Winning this poll is like validation for me and I know I shouldn’t depend on it but losing that poll just gave people more reason to rub things in our faces.

I was being sensitive and insecure and I apologize.

I received many lovely messages and anons and even a letter from a very special friend telling me why I should not close this account.

The fandom may be divided and some people may have moved on but I’ll keep running this blog. It’s gonna be a safe haven for people like me who want to enjoy all the good stuff about clexa; a couple that represents them.

quick little announcement

I would just like to say that I am incredibly proud of this blog, despite being in charge of it for less than a week.
And though there’s a lot of asks where I am thoroughly confused and inexperienced, in general, I find that answering asks and helping people is actually making me feel really good and a happier person. So, I would like to take a second to thank you guys for changing my mental state in just a few days :)

Anyway, some plans I had for the blog:
-this weekend sometime, I plan to edit the theme a little bit and fix some links I noticed weren’t working
-along with the theme edits, I’m going to add an FAQ page and dig into the internet to find even more resources for you guys to use
-maybe edit the queue a bit; I might set up a poll and see how often you guys would like to see posts

& of course, if you have any other suggestions feel free to send me a message!

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I am mesmerized by Jen's new add. She looks fabulous and I'm so proud of her. On the flip side, Josh is pushing hard to rid himself of THG fandom. Good bye frat boy!

Jen’s beauty leaves me speechless. Seriously. I’m convinced she could roll out of bed in a potato sack and still be stunning. This campaign is probably my favorite thing she’s ever done for Dior. 

Frat boy Josh? Frat boys tend to bathe and have good hygiene and change their clothes more than once a week. The ones I knew in college had lofty aspirations and at least some kind of plan to achieve them while enjoying the parties on the side. But maybe it’s easier for the rest of us to have goals in life because we aren’t so famous like Mr. Hutcherson over in Hollywood.Regardless of the fact that most “fan” pics he takes in Spain are somehow related to Rosa or C in one way or another. But ya know….so famous he cant even walk around without everyone looking at him in that country. Whatever. He can continue to walk around like an egotistical douchebag. It’s not like he’s done anything to rid himself of the Peeta Mellark role. He’ll be begging for those fans to support him when it comes time to promote Future Man later this year and by then it will be too late. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, son. 

I was really stressed out this week because of both school and social life and i had one of the worst weeks ever. It was overwhelming and i didn’t know what to do. Then i logged in tumblr and my dash was full of positive mesagges. It was like they were made just for me, and it really helped me. Anyways, i got trough stuff, and so can YOU!✨
Have a nice week :)
+look at my wall! I am super proud of it. It has Taylor Swift’s Clean speech,my Park Güell and Van Gogh Museum tickets, and some postcards that my sister brought for me. It is sort of like a happiness wall and i love it

Anyone want to help out yours truly?

So between me wanting to write this fanfiction for literal years and it getting deleted TWICE from my computer somehow, I am determined to see it through, and I am determined that it will be the quality of detail and canon alignment that I put into this blog.  However, as I am human, that is hard, especially as I’ve only read the books once, a few years ago.  Basically, IF YOU’RE REREADING OR PLANNING TO OR EVEN WILLING TO REREAD THE SERIES WITH ME AND SOME OTHERS WHILE TAKING DESIGNATED NOTES, MESSAGE ME.  I could really use the help with this big project, and you’ll receive credit, and I’m betting you’ll be proud to have worked on it.

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We really need to do something like we did for Lexa ! Because honestly, this last episode, I almost thought it was written by Trump / Trump's supporters. It's like they don't understand that diffusing such wrong ideas of objectifying women can turn the world completely upside down.. Melissa was so proud to be such a good representation for all those little girls in the world.. i am so sad..

The worst thing is that they keep using the line “Nasty Woman” as if they are being so progressive in deconstructing that idea, but they don’t seem to realize that the show now has become incredibly dangerous to their young, female viewers.

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So I was watching not today my for the millionth time today and I have got to say something😀. Watching how difficult the choreography is. I mean I can tell it would be difficult for everyone most experienced dancer. Can I just say how proud I am of rap Mon and jin for killing it? I mean if it is generally really difficult for everyone you know they struggled even more and they absolutely killed it!😎😎 OK I'm done now😊😊

Right omg ?!!! Namjin were AMAZING OMG 😻😻😻😻😻😻

i am really, really proud of all my friends. those i talk to daily, those i talk to every few weeks, months or so. also the ones i haven’t talked to in years. some get stuff done, some start to do things that are good for them, they look out for themselves, just do things that make them happy despite everything that is happing generally in the world or in their lives. 

you have so much heart and determination and i am so glad you do. always stay like that and take care of yourselves, okay? *hugs you all*

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I just read the last ask and about how unsure you felt about what you've written so far. Well, I'm here to tell you that there is no reason why you should feel unsure. Your work is the most accurate I've seen after digging through so much crap, and if it was as bad as you think it is, I wouldn't be re-reading your head canons and writings over and over every few weeks. I wouldn't even stick around this blog. But here I am, Mod. Be proud of your work :)

Ah wow I don’t even know what to say, anon! Thank you so much for your kind words they really mean so much to hear!!

My main worry was that I don’t write them ridiculous enough and that I tend to fluffen up their characters too much (I’m a hopeless romantic, it seeps into all of my work hahaha). It is really nice to know though that even if that is the case, people still really enjoy what I have to write!

I apologize for the long and frequent absences from the blog–I hope to pick it up again soon!

Thank you so much for sending this, and for everyone that is still following and enjoying this blog! It truly means a lot~

it’s so surreal to see so much of tumblr absolutely flooded with mbmbam content because like

i started listening to these boys somewhere around 2010 (thanks to @kosmosxipo i am forever in your debt) and while i knew they would go places to see them with a tv show and a ridiculously huge network of podcasts and a massive following for the adventure zone resulting in hundreds of animatics and fanart and a zine and a comic book is just

i’m so proud of these mcelboys

Honestly its only been a few months into 2017, but I’m really proud of myself and the mental health steps I’ve already taken this year.

I don’t dress for anyone but myself anymore and don’t beat myself up when I leave the house with only enough effort to pull on a hoodie. When I choose to do my hair and makeup, I take my time now and enjoy the fact that I’m doing it for me. I’m taking steps to reach my weight loss goal and am looking in the mirror more often appreciating where I’m at and where I’m going. I enjoy looking at myself again and always try to get into pictures again. It may sound vain but it isn’t something I used to do.

When I can’t make events with friends due to other conflicting events or mental health reasons I no longer feel like I’ve let them down, but rather good that I’m not stretching myself thin like last year, and more stable. I cut out people who no longer support me even with the support I gave them. It wasn’t easy and once and a while it still hurts but the guilt has subsided. I look back at the relationships and see them for what they were - which was toxic.

It doesn’t sound like much but its honestly the little changes I’m seeing in myself and I’m really happy about it. I’ve had a week off of school and today as I woke from a good sleep and sang in the shower I just realized that things personally have gotten better. I couldn’t be more happy.


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