i am really proud if this

i am so incredibly proud of jimin, like i can’t even begin to put it into words. this kid has been so self concious about his singing for a long time, to the point where he hasn’t even put out a full cover by himself, and to see him sit there and sing a whole song by himself without shying away or getting flustered, is a huge step forward in his career and in his confidence. i really hope to see more of this confidence soon, and actually have him put out a cover so that all of BTS & ARMY can praise him like he deserves, because honestly his singing is one of the most angelic things i’ve ever heard. 

sign of the times (a riley matthews fic)

But she swallows the tightness in her throat, forces a small smile on her face and hangs up the graduation picture of her and her friends above her desk. Her heart tugs as she thinks of them all, scattered across the country. All off to find their own destinies. Her fingers ghost over her ribcage, the galaxy etched into her skin burning at the thought of them all. The pride that she often feels when she thinks of her friends comes crashing onto her like an ocean wave.

She ignores the bitter feeling of loneliness that follows it only moments later.

Chapter: 1 (Girl Meets New Beginnings) 
Ships: Riley/Lucas (main romantic pairing), platonic Riley/Clique Six, Riley/Charlie, Riley/Dave & Riley/Asher 
Word Count: 11k+ 

Notes: Well here it is friends, the first chapter of what will hopefully become my best work yet. I’m so excited for this fic and everything I plan to do with it and I hope you guys are excited too. Special shout out, as always to @friarlucas for editing and overall supporting this endeavor. Please enjoy and let me know what you think! Also, this fic takes place in the same canon verse as Maggie’s “Gravity on the Open Road” fic, you don’t need to read that fic to understand this one, although I highly recommend it, because it’s a wonderful fic!

Riley enters college under the complete and total assumption that she’s going to love it. She has no reason to think otherwise, especially after bidding all of her friends goodbye on their road trip across the country, and their wide-eyed and blinding smiles burned in her memory forever. They were all excited for the next chapter in their lives, and she was too. Of course she was nervous, but those nerves were overshadowed by something stronger, an anticipation and excitement of things to come.

So when she drudges across the main lawn of New York University, her backpack on her shoulder and duffle bag in hand, her parents bickering behind her and her younger brother by her side, a smile finds its way across her face. Things are going to be different – no friends, no Lucas, no dad as her teacher, but she has faith that it will be a good different.

Her room is a cramped double in the third floor corner of the largest freshman dorm, and her roommate merely nods at her when she first enters. While this dampens her spirits momentarily, she catches a glimpse of the New York streets below her window and realizes that things aren’t all bad. She’s Riley after all, always finding the good in otherwise unsatisfactory situations.

She won’t lie and say the less than pleasant living arrangements she finds herself in makes the goodbye she bids to her family hurt any less, but she plasters on her ever-present Riley Matthews smile and knows that things will get better in time.

Her roommate, as she learns over the next couple of hours is named Hannah, is a chemistry major and is not in college to make friends. That stings a little and Riley’s childish dream of being best friends (as best of friends as one can be with her true best friend across the country in California) with her college roommate immediately crumbles around her in a cloud of dust.

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My Silicon Valley Comic Con Experience! (I’m very wordy so just a heads up there.)

My adventure started out very early at five a.m to be exact. We (my mother and I) drove, a little too fast, to San Jose making it just early enough to do everything we needed AND get a good place in line. As I stood in line, Biff from Back to the Future welcomed us from a balcony. (Or at least that’s what the video says, he just looked like he was yelling to me.) 
We were let inside (early!) and we hurried up the stairs to the main convention center where a robot and R2D2 awaited us. After a little bit, the doors flung open, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak drove out on a segway accompanied by a host of R2 units. (There was so many of them holy shit.) 

After that, my mom and I explored the main show floor. There was a lot of cool stuff. (I bought some pins and that sweet behind the scenes photo). I will say a lot of the stuff i saw could be bought online which made me less inclined to buy any of it. We walked around for quite some time, there was a lot to see. A lot of amazing cosplays. My favorites included; A group of guys dressed up as literal Star Trek ships, a gender-bent Ash Williams from Evil Dead, pictured here: 

A spot.on. Mcgonagall cosplay, a Deadpool cosplay and while there were 100 of those this one was really capturing the DP spirit. Also, while her costume wasn’t amazing, it was store bought, i saw a little girl dressed as Xena and complimented her on it because it’s Xena of course! She was very shy and her mother did all the talking but I thought it was cute.  Another EXCELLENT one, was a guy dressed up as Bob from Bob’s Burgers with the spice rack around his arms, it was fantastic. There were so many cool creative costumes I wish I could have taken pictures of them all but my phone has the worlds shittiest camera. But if you look around online you can take a peak at all the cool costumes. As we were looking around Steve Wozniak drove by me on a segway so no big deal.

OKAY OKAY, now let’s talk about the most important part. 

Brent. Jay. Spiner. 

First, I want to thank @cvptainmccoy because if she hadn’t told me that she was waiting in line for Brent’s autograph I wouldn’t have known he was there. So thank you my dear! 
When I received that text from Chloe I was like : 

Originally posted by probablytotheleft

So I ran over to “celebrity row”, there aren’t celebrities working on their rowing so don’t get too excited. I turned the corner to the Star Trek sort of area and BAM there was Brent. I literally gasped, I didn’t expect him to be there at all. Turns out he wasn’t supposed to be and had wandered away from the photo op he was supposed to be at.  It was so surreal to see him at first. I felt like I needed an eye exam because there was his…face. Right before me in all it’s dorky glory. And just like that he was gone, headed for the group photo-op. (You can check out @cvptainmccoy if you want to see how that looked. She got to pose with the whole gang.) 

So I got in line and my mother joined me for a while, which while it was a tad embarrassing because that’s how moms are, it was nice to have someone to talk to to help me calm down. I was nervous, shaking at that point. 

While we waited, our line was being reorganized for VIP ticket holders, because that need to be a thing. As THAT was happening a woman straight up passed out in front of us. I went over to an attendant who didn’t know what was happening and was like, “Hey, so just thought you would like to know a woman passed out.” He didn’t do much so that was wild. But she was fine after that. (My mom told me later that she had cancer so that may have been a factor. She got to go first in line so clearly this was all an extreme tactic to get ahead.) 
While we were in line I met a woman named Andrea who had a tribble and a big crush on Data. At some point we switched energies because where I started out very nervous and her very calm. When she met Brent she couldn’t even talk and I wasn’t at all nervous and we had a quick conversation so thanks Andrea! 

We waited in line for quite some time, just chatting and stuff. Finally the crew came out. Brent walked over to the line and we cheered. He pretended to cry saying, “All this for me? Thanks guys.”  
So he started signing. And I had time to process and take him in. (Which means staring at him, a lot. I know this is obvious but he’s very good looking.) I was getting pretty close to the end of the line when who should walk over but Jonathan Frakes! 

He stops and looks at Brent and yells in a southern accent, “HEY, YOU’RE DATA! YOU’RE MY FAVORITE!” 
Brent is very amused. And he asks, “Whatcha go there, sir?” Indicating at the drink Frakes was holding. 

Frakes replied in that same accent, “ I GOT MYSELF AN ARNIE PALMER.” Then he yelled, “CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU MISTER DATA?” 

Brent shook his head and was like, “How about I punch you in the face?” 
Then Frakes looked over at Marina Sirtis who was at the table next to Brents. And was like, “MARINA SIRETIS!,” he pronounced it like that and it was great, “MIZ MARINA YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOU!” 
Marina was laughing pretty hard.

After that Brent and Jonathan were chatting and I could only just hear their conversation but not enough to hear what it was about or anything. But I took a picture: 

So finally, it was my turn. Or at least, I thought it was. A dude came over who apparently knew Brent and gave him a hug and said hello. They talked for SOME TIME and Brent was lucky that a patient person was waiting because someone else would have been pretty mad. But I got to hear him talk casually so that was nice. Apparently he’s, “moving houses” and he’ll “definitely read that book you recommended”.  

 I started up a conversation with the attendant next to me and she was very nice, studying to be a paralegal.  Yeah, I could have reason to be angry about having to wait an extra five minutes. And I could blame Brent or the guy but honestly I was just happy to spend a few extra minutes nearby cause it made me feel more calm and also extra time with B*ent!!

So FINALLY it was my turn, the transcript is as follows: 

B: Hey how are ya? 

J: Good! 

I handed him the hat I wanted him to sign. 

B: Well, what’s this?
J: It’s a hat! 

B: And you want me to sign this? 

J: If you want! 

B in a British accent: I suppose I’ll sign this. Now where should I sign this?

He begins to flip that hat around. 

B: Here? What about here? 

J:  You can sign anywhere you want. I couldn’t care less. I’m just here to see you. Though I do think my friend wanted it under the bill of the hat so she could look at it all the time.

B: Well, luckily, I have this silver pen right here so I CAN sign it. 

(My mom took a picture just as he was saying that. She was poised in the distance taking pictures in a small time actors empty photo line because she’s very cruel.) 

Brent begins to sign the hat. 

J: I wanted to compliment you on your performance in Outcast. You are a very compelling villain. 

B: That’s a great show isn’t it! 
J: Yes it is! 
B: Spoiler free, season two is VERY good. 

J: Yeah I can’t wait to see it! (I didn’t want to reveal my secret pirate life.) 

B: I think it’s out in Europe now. There’s probably some way to get it. (There is but he can’t know that.) 

There was like a quick pause between us. Then I said: 

J: Well, thank you 

B: Thank you! 

And I wandered back into the crowd with a little smile on my face. I also, for a friend, laid my eyes on Tom Felton. Who had just, very lazily, sauntered over to his table with a coffee. (He was very cute.)

After that my mom and I went to get food. (Well she ate, but I didn’t cause I was so pumped. I ate very little that day.) While she ate, I went and wandered around the convention center. Only stopping to scarf down a jelly donut.

I saw a few other star trek actors just walking around (Kira and Uhura). And just like that, the photo-op arrived. I scuttled over to the line and began to wait. (Not nearly as long  a wait time as the autograph line.) While in line a woman told me i looked like Tasha Yar. She also told me she hoped Brent would sign her Data doll. I felt bad for her because I doubted he would in a photo line. She also said, “I’m so nervous!” 

To which I replied, “ Don’t be! I met him earlier he’s a total jerk!” (In jest of course.)

They began to file people in. Soon it was my turn. I stopped, waiting for the next person, the attendant smiled at me saying, “Are you ready?” I smiled back and said yes. I wasn’t at all nervous this time cause I already had met him. 
My turn came and Brent looked at me and said, with familiarity, “Hey! how are you?” 
I replied, “Good!” I would have asked the same or said something a bit more witty but time was not on my side. 
We took the picture. (I’m going to go into creepy detail here so bare with me.)
I touched his back and he put his hand around my waist. He was very warm. Like his hand was surprisingly warm?? And I reveled in the moment.

But anyway we took the picture. I was already walking out when I called back, “Thank you!” And he called back, he almost sounded surprised that I had said it, “Thank you!” 

And that was it! I collected my picture. And began to laugh hysterically, much to the amusement of everyone around me, because Brent and I smile the same way.  That’s going to entertain me forever.
After that I went to a panel called “The Future of Humanity in Entertainment” with the writers of Battlestar Galactica, TNG, and someone from LucasFilms. They discussed how sci-fi shapes science and it was very interesting. Though I was very tired and still riding off my post-Brent high so I was a little distracted.That was the only panel I went to but I enjoyed it. 
After that I met up with @cvptainmccoy, who is probably sick of me tagging her but tough, and her friends. We walked around and talked about our celebrity experiences. I was really happy to meet them. They were all very nice and made me glad that I interact with people on tumblr. 

By then I was getting very tired. My mother asked that we go since it was almost seven and she may be too tired to drive back if we stayed any later. Which was fine because I was just about ready to pass out myself and my feet were hurting me. (I wore nice shoes and accepted the consequences haha.) 

So  I said goodbye to my new friends and headed home. Staring at my picture of Brent and me the whole time. 
It was a wonderful first con. I can’t wait to go back to another one. (And hopefully meet Brent again because I REFUSE to quit.) 

I am so proud to be a nerd. When you go to a con there is a sense of belonging. Everyone understands each other and revels in our weirdness, our awkwardness, and our passions. Even now thinking about it I’m tearing up thinking about it because it was just an absolute delight. 

Thank you Silicon Valley Comic Con, Thank you @cvptainmccoy and thank you Brent Spiner.

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

The film, The Promise, not only sheds light on the Armenian Genocide by turning conceptual facts into something that you can empathize with and understand, but it also draws significant parallels with what is happening in Syria and Turkey - mainly that whole region. 

It really makes you question how 100 years later something of that caliber could happen again. Maybe if the Armenian Genocide was recognized there and then we could have prevented the trails of calamities since then from that area and others.

On a different note: 100% of the proceeds from this film will be going to charity on genocide and educating people about all kinds of genocide. I am so proud and grateful there are already conversations going on about this. I really can’t believe people are truly wakening up to the truth while watching this film. If you would have said 10 years ago this would have been made, everybody would have laughed. That is how deeply rooted Turkish propaganda against the Armenian Genocide has been in silencing people not only in America, but world-wide.

Please go out and watch it, y’all!

I am honestly very excited about the “have you ever killed anyone” exchange between Bill and Twelve because I’m sure he remembers killing someone for the woman he loves, he’s the one who told the story about it in the Diner, to which Clara replied “this Clara person, you must really like her”
I’m wondering how much the Doctor will tell Bill about Clara then, how far he’s gone for her, whether he’s proud of it, etc..
Or perhaps Clara might never come up? What do you guys think

ok now that i’m calm, i wanna say something. leafs fans, i talked a bunch of shit, but i really do love the leafs. i admire the way they play, and you guys are going to be great for years to come. i really don’t mean any of the things i said, i just love my own team so much. but you should absolutely be proud of yourselves

Just wanted to say thanks...

First to my boys, you had a great season and I love you and am so proud of you babies.

Second to hockey Tumblr, I’ve always been a huge Bruins fan and when I decided to start this blog this season I was really nervous, but I was accepted with open arms and I really hope I can continue to make some great friends.

Third to Pasta, just cause.

Anyway… When’s October?

Please for the love of god reblog this! I really would love notice on this because I put so much effort in! Loves also help

So I love Swap!Sans and his Yandere self, He is so cute and I will protect! This was kinda a redone picture of something I a few days ago. Anyway I hope you guys like it, I am gonna try drawing Swap Paps soon since I really can but I just need some practice pfff xD

I love you!
Undertale created by Toby Fox
Underswap created by @popcornpr1nce

Dear Future Self,

I am sick. I’m not faking this illness, I am tasked in this life with caring for this self and so are you, dear one. I know you are better at it now than I am as I write this. I accept that I don’t know at all anymore where life is taking me, or where or who you are, who I will become. I just want you safe and blissful, free from addiction, putting one foot in front of the other. I’m just so glad you exist! I’m so sorry that I almost didn’t get to write this, that you almost died because of me. 

I hope your eyes and your heart are filled with light and love, that you know yourself to be moral and loyal and kind, and maybe even proud of your successes. That doesn’t seem unreasonable to wish for! I really hope you’re self sufficient, and taking good care of the body given to us. I am so proud of you, and can’t wait to see you and where you’ve taken us. I trust you, I trust that you exist, and that you have the capacity to live a meaningful life, even if I have given up needing to know the specifics. 

And I love you, so much.



i am very very very proud of the leafs. what a season, what a series. i’m really excited for their future and to be involved just by watching it. anyways enough of That ! can’t wait for the pens to kill the caps

I spent the weekend riding a ship GLORIOUS BOAT. I steered it from the bottom lock to the top lock and we nearly ran out of lubricating grease for the bung but there was an emergency tub so all was well. Very proud of myself for managing to relate these facts to my mother with a straight face and then texted it to codenamelazarus and spent a solid minute laughing. 

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Hey i get anxiety when I talk to guys I'm interested in in person. And I have a crush on a coworker so I sent him a message and I told him I wanted to be friends and we don't work a lot of positions together so I gave him my number and said I think he's cool. And I shoot my shot,and I don't feel afraid of rejection anymore. Even if he's like this girl is weird or she's odd or I'm coming on too strong(which might just be my anxiety) I feel really proud and wanted to share :)

I am proud of you! ✨

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hey, what's been your fave one shot to write? Fave written fluff? Fave written smut?

Ok, so this is so hard because I’ve written so much. At this point, there are a few that I dislike because I didn’t feel like they were up to my normal standard, but otherwise, I’m proud of most of the stuff I’ve written because I work really hard at it. 

When it comes to favorite one-shot, it’s so hard, because I am approaching 450 pieces. LOL I need a life. But some that I am particularly proud of are Baby Mine, Why Are There Letters in Math?, One Word, and Dried Crimson.

I can’t narrow down fluff either, I’d have to go with an early one called Checkmate, because it was really hard, but it came out really well. And Blanket Stealing is another one I really loved writing. Wasn’t hard, but I just loved how it came out.

And smut  - I’d have to go with Research, which was one of my early ones, as well as Taboo and Payback’s a Bitch. But is it bad of me to say I like most of my smut XD  

There are the occasional pieces I’m not happy with, but for the most part, I’m proud of what I’ve been able to write so far. Hopefully, I’ll only get better. :)

meeting my birth mom isn’t terribly important to me though i’d still like to do it someday mainly so i can thank her and tell her that i respect her and i dont have any bad feelings about it or feelings like she abandoned me or anything. i know before my mom got back in contact with her birth daughter she always worried about that sort of stuff so idk i wonder if my birth mom does too? so that’s all i’d want to say really but i want to like… have actually accomplished something before i ever do that or get to a place where i am actually happy i guess? like i dont want to try and meet her now the way i am because i’d have absolutely nothing to say about who i am or my life and that would be so embarrassing. i guess i’d still want some sort of approval from her and for her to be proud of me for some reason. i’m also really scared i’d meet her and she would be back on drugs and just not happy and that would really kill me

Happy birthday space dad !
Team voltron gave him his presents on the 28th this year !

(Bonus when you won’t stop joking about your big bro being 6 yo )