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Cause and Effect [Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne]

Because I have been thinking about Tim coming ‘back to life’ for six months and after this post I had to finally write out what I have been thinking. I worked on this for a pretty long time and am very happy so. Please enjoy.

Tim’s lungs burn. He’s not sure if it’s from the fight or the feel of breathing in real air for the first time in…he doesn’t know. There was never a way to keep count of time beyond the growth of his hair. It is longer now, enough to be in his eyes, enough so when the wind picks up on the skyscrapers of Gotham it whips along with it.

He is trying hard to breathe. He is panting. His body aches, limbs heavy from gravity alone with bruises swelling under his too-hot uniform, with cuts slashed out making his skin sing with pain. Much of the fabric is stained dark with blood, his gloves are slick with it. His entire body is shaking.

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everyone always talks about jesus of suburbia and i would like to take a moment just to talk about homecoming because. i am so thankful that song exists.

the foxhole court as john mulaney quotes
  • neil: i'll keep all my emotions right here and then one day i'll die
  • andrew: it is 100% easier not to do things than to do them
  • aaron: sometimes, babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all
  • nicky: eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs
  • kevin: im really sorry about last night, it’s just that im mean and loud. it probably will happen again
  • dan: you have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair
  • matt: THATS MY WIFE!
  • renee: i think emily dickison is a lesbian
  • allison: i am a proud, asian american woman, and you will treat me with respect!
  • wymack: i pulled up to the drive thru window at mcdonalds and ordered a black coffee for myself and kept driving. The one thing no kid at mcdonalds can every enjoy
  • riko: This is an on-fire trash can
our last goodbye

yeah i am Very emotional about the thought of robert thinking this is his last night with aaron, join me (if you dare and ooo bring tissues!)

It’s late, there’s boxes everywhere and Robert watches Aaron as he brushes his teeth in the bathroom, toothbrushes are basically the only thing they haven’t boxed away yet. It’s nothing really, in the grand schemes of Amazing Things Aaron Has Done but just the way he delicately strokes his hands across this stupid cape Robert used to parade around in is just … enough. Robert’s heart practically leaps out of his chest and won’t stop aching as he feels the foam of toothpaste become too acidic for his mouth to bare. So he spits out, takes his eyes off away from Aaron just for a second and he chastises himself for doing so. 

Not long now you idiot, don’t turn away from him.

He knows he can’t, he knows he has to hold onto every second of this, every single second because, it’s not like he’s getting to have another with Aaron is it? 

Aaron finally looks up and Robert feels something settle in his chest, it’s maddening, how dizzy just one look from Aaron makes him. 

“Ya want to go bed now?” Aaron says, itches the side of his face and then looks at Robert standing awkwardly in the doorway. “Ya alright, ya seem a bit … off.” He can’t place it, hasn’t been able to since Robert suggested they sacked getting hammered in their new home for a chat

Robert knew he wasn’t good at feelings and talking, didn’t understand the urgency, didn’t want to more importantly.

Robert nods his head, pulls a face which is meant to tell Aaron he’s tired and just that. Aaron stands, pats at his jeans and then rubs a hand down his thigh, flickers of dust circle the air and then he smiles. “Well good looking at all that of yours.” He says, head towards the boxes Diane showed him. “Didn’t realise you had always been a geek.“ 

Robert tries to laugh, so desperately but he just can’t do it right. It comes out forced, like the laugh he gives to the snobby client who he just wants a deal from. It’s hollow, filled with nothing and he hates how Aaron seems to notice just a little, the flicker in his eyes gives the game away. Why is it so easy for Aaron to buckle, to let his feeling show? Sometimes Robert wants to hate him for it, wants to really hate him but of course he fails at that too. He can’t blame Aaron for his own ability to lie and lie and lie and become numb to his own actions, and their consequences. 

"Right well uh, mind the boxes yeah?” Aaron says as he passes, hands firmly gripping Robert’s upper arms and squeezing as if he’s trying to find balance in Robert as he goes by him. How ironic, Robert thinks, considering he’s about to throw everything Aaron knows completely off balance, he’s going to ruin it all.

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Taeyeon x Yuri - a graduation gift for @kwonyuri

Hey there! I know we’re not that close or anything, but I just wanted to say congratulations on graduating top of your class. As a gift, I’m finally revealing who I am per your request 😁 - I mean, it’s almost been an entire year of being anonymous! O_O I’m very proud of you and I’m pretty sure everyone else is too! Sorry I’m not really good with expressing everything with words and that the anonymity is gone now :/ Hope everything goes well in your upcoming years of education, you continue to do well, and hopefully we can be friends! -M Anon  🌹

This is a little message for all the crazies which are blaming Sharna for the fact, that her partnership with Bonner didn’t work.

Sharna had three really strong partners - Noah Galloway for season 20, Nick Carter for season 21 and James Hinchcliffe for last season.

I am talking about this gentlemen because they are for me, the definition of great partners - they are and they had been proud to be her partners and her friends. They are calling her family, sister (sigh James), they have so much respect for her. They never ever called her out for her choreography, vice versa all of them are praising her for her creativity and art. They all have pretty natural, beautiful chemistry. Not edited one.

Can we just remember the night when producers tried to make S look bad in Noah’ s package? Noah immediately called out the whole thing and said the package was a bullshit. Noah is still here for praising his amazing friend. Hey Bonner, he was in pain during trainings too.

Nick Carter is a big star, but with Sharna he was really honest. And without her, he was  vulnerable and insecure. One situation for all of their beautiful moments - Nick helped Sharna honor her family with their Foxtrot for Hometown Glory. And he was stressing whole week for making this perform right FOR HER. Sharna is part of his family now. Well Bonner, you talked to Nick personally, he is great example of Sharna’s friend, take and example from him.

And the last gentleman, James Hinchcliffe. If someone of you crazies is thinking that Sharna and Bonner should be dating and have a chemistry, please make a favor to all of us and please re-watch last season. They had chemistry from the day one, James was here worrying and taking care of S when she had knee injury, his only wish was to have Sharna back. The tension and chemistry was almost  touchable. And when everyone was almost screwing her because of you, he arrived to town and helped her with making her look little bit better in public eyes. James was the one who totaly deserved the finale and to win the mirrorball with her - He worked his ass to be great dancer, not you, B. HE IS HER SOULMATE.

I made a little collages  for Sharna’s FINALE 3. I selected 8 most beautiful moments from the dance floor (well 10 for Noah) like a tribute for them.


Went to my group run last night! And I got my friend to come too which was fun! She’s speedier than I am and finally took of half way through (after repeatedly telling her I was fine alone! :)

We did a fartlek run last night. It was 3 minutes at moderate pace, 1 minute at hard pace, 1:30 at easy pace, and then 30 seconds all out. We repeated 5 times.

I was actually veryyyy happy with how I did! The two guys i usually run with weren’t there, but I still did great! I didn’t walk once, even though I wanted to. And I really didn’t fall that far behind the group! I’m proud of myself for sticking with it the whole time and I felt great at the end :)

Also due to the bike festival this last weekend, they had tons of leftover bananas so we were al sent home with a bunch. I never say no to free bananas :)

Happy it’s hump day, im ready for a long weekend! :)


I am pretty much obsessed with Dreamtalia at this point. And I’m learning Lucid dreaming right now because I can. Ok, back to the topic. I was watching Dreamtalia and I saw all the unfinished cutscenes. And then I saw even more unfinished cutscenes and just felt like trying my best. I chose the Priestess cutscene because I’m Polish and I realised I’ve never drawn Poland (even though I know Priestess isn’t technically Poland) I’m really proud especially of the shirt.


riolumon01: Me and and some friends I pulled together help make this. I do hope you enjoy and have fun watching this. We are doing our best to do more. We hope you enjoy.

((AAAAAAAAAAAAA- I cannot believe that you really made this one!!! HHHH-

Behold, the dub for this blog!!! OMG I’m so very proud that you really made this… It’s like a dream becoming a reality. XD

So um… yeah. And to those who are wandering, this blog is STILL ALIVE. It’s just that I was focusing more on a fangame project I am contributing in.

Thank you guys for making this!!! I love ya guys!!!

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Michael seeing mike for the first. Michael being proud of his sons drawing. Michael carefully laying his hands on mike. Michael hugging mike. WHAT THE FUCK. I AM A MESS.

I AM STILL A MESS. i thought i was prepared for michael meeting mike but man, i really wasn’t. it was so great. wentworth was so great. i think my favorite part was how after he asked mike if he knew who he was, mike just got up and walked to him and michael just… knew. he knew mike knew who he was. and his little smile right before he told him he got the map, just that knowing, relieved, proud smile that he was there, his son was in front of him, and he knew who he was… it was too much.

i eagerly await next week, but also i’m terrified of what’s going to happen lol.


A Rey! I have a feeling she wears really bright colored clothing cause she likes to look cute af. I don’t know what apparel would portray that though. I’m pretty proud of this one!


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Title: Disappointment 

Pairing: Shownu x Reader 

Genre: Angst & Fluff

A/N: I know its been a while so SURPRISE! SHOWNU ONE SHOT! Hope yall enjoy it <3 I am feeling much better now that I am on my vacation. 

Shownu couldn’t believe it. He woke up on his birthday, alone. All his members out doing work or other things.

Rubbing his eyes he picked up his phone and opened it to see a voicemail from his family, a text from Kihyun, and a text from you.

He listened to his family’s voicemail first. Hearing them all sing happy birthday into the phone made him smile, he really did miss his family dearly, but he knew they were proud of him for following his dreams.

Next, he opened up Kihyun’s text. He read it quickly:

Kihyun: We didn’t want to wake you since it’s your birthday, we are rehearsing today, don’t worry to come. Take some time and rest hyung. Happy Birthday. We will be back later tonight.

Shownu quickly replied with a simple ‘okay’ before continuing on to your text.

My Love: Happy Birthday.

He furrowed his brow. As happy as he was that you told him happy birthday he couldn’t help but feel like it was a little rushed and forced. Usually, you always used emoticons and last year you texted him non-stop till he responded. It was odd, but it was something that over the last couple weeks he had been accustomed to.

Lately, you hadn’t been responding to his text messages and phone calls. Granted promotions had just ended so seeing you had been hard to do, but the second he had free time he asked if he could come see you to which you simply said no and that you were busy.

Not thinking much of it, he continued to try, but over time he gave up. Your texts became less frequent and he was starting to lose hope. He wonders what he did to have you acting this way towards him, but he couldn’t think of anything that he could have done to hurt you or offend you.

Getting up he walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of water when suddenly he heard the door open followed by laughing.

He walked out into the living room to see Minhyuk and you setting down a few bags and chatting.

“Y/n?” he mumbled quietly? Taking a sip of water as Minhyuk and you both turned, faces dropping into a worried frown.

“Shownu what are you doing here!” Minhyuk glances over at you before looking back at Shownu, panic crossing his face.
Ignoring Minhyuk, Shownu continued to look at you. A look of hurt plastered over his face as he waited for you to respond.

“Shownu…arn’t you supposed to be at practice with Kihyun and Wonho today?” you said hesitantly.

Shownu sighed, “Yeah, but Kihyun let me sleep in. Something about it being my birthday and I should relax, suddenly though I feel like I need to go….” He shot Minhyuk a glance as he set down his glass and walked back toward his room. Slamming it shut.

You and Minhyuk exchanged worried glances. “Shit,” you mumbled as you looked at his door.

“Should you go talk to him?” Minhyuk said softly as he picked up both of your bags and walked towards his own room.

“He would find out immediately, why do you think I have been trying to avoid him for weeks now….,” you said as you bit your cheek.

Minhyuk sighed and nodded, “come on, let’s finish this up so we can get out of here,” he said with a smile as you followed him into his room.

Shownu quickly changed, expecting you to come in soon afterwards. Only to walk out and hear you talking in Minhyuk’s room. It took everything he had not to burst into the room, maybe they were both talking he said has he shook his head trying to clear his head. Avoiding the thought stirring deep inside, that maybe, just maybe you and Minhyuk were hooking up…and that you were cheating.

He rubbed his eyes and headed for the door when he hears it crack open, your face popping out and looking directly at his before your eyes went wide and you closed the door again.

That was it, he couldn’t take it anymore. He stormed out slamming the door shut and walking out.

Arriving at the studio he angrily swung the door, making Kihyun and Wonho jump.

“Hyung I said you didn’t need to-,” Kihyun started to say before Shownu cut him off, slamming his bag against the hard floor as he walked over to the two of them.

“Doesn’t matter I am here we need to get to work,” he mumbled, not looking them in the eyes which caused the two younger members to look at each other worried.

“Is something bothering you?” Wonho whispered, causing Shownu to snap his head to face him.

“I said it doesn’t matter what part of that do you not get!” Shownu said raising his voice slightly.

Kihyun saw Wonho’s brow furrow as he started to say something but Kihyun cut him off. “Enough, both of you. Shownu something is bothering you, we aren’t stupid. What’s going on?”

Wonho crossed his arms and looked away, anger clearly still visible on his face.”

Shownu sighed and looked at his feet ashamed, “I, I think y/n may be cheating on me….”

Wonho’s head snapped to look over at Kihyun before they both looked at Shownu.

“What do you mean Hyung, y/n would never do that. She cares about you way too much,” Kihyun said as he placed his hand on Shownu’s shoulder.

“I, am not sure if she really does. She hasn’t been talking to me as much lately and she, she showed up at the dorm…with…with Minhyuk.” Shownu balled his fists and looked up at his two younger members both of their faces clearly hiding something.

Kihyun cleared his throat, “I don’t think she would ever do that to you Shownu, she must just be busy-”

“With Minhyuk though?” Shownu said glaring at Kihyun and then over at Wonho who glanced away and bit his lip. “You are both hiding something from, what is going on…”

Kihyun sighed, “I am sorry Shownu, as much as we want to tell you, we can’t. You need to talk to Y/n about this.”

Shownu huffed. “Whatever,” he said as he went over and started the music. The rest of the practice filled with an awkward silence.

After Practice Wonho and Kihyun said that they should all head home together, but Shownu refused. He wanted to stay so he could dance to get out his pent up feelings before returning home. Kihyun and Wonho exchanged worried glances as they left the studio.

Hours passed, and Shownu continued to dance. Not checking his phone for the text messages that you had left him.

My Love: Shownu, is everything ok?
My Love: Can you come to the dorm I need to talk to you.
My Love: Wonho and Kihyun just said you were upset with me, come to the dorm and I will talk to you about it.

Finally, he stopped dancing, going over to his phone, realising it was really late only to see your texts, he didn’t even respond, clearing the notifications as he picked up his bag and exited the studio.

He wanted to go back to the dorm, but he didn’t want to see you. So instead he walked to a local cafe and sat down in the corner, sipping on his smoothie as he looked at your messages, how could he respond to you without sounding sharp or angry.

Suddenly he felt someone approach his table. Looking up he saw Minhyuk sheepishly looking back at him.

Shownu sighed, “How did you find me?”

Minhyuk chuckled and sat across from him. “You are too predictable Hyung. You always come here when you are upset,” he said as he smiled widely before his smile dropped into a slight frown. “Kihyun told me what you said about me and Y/n and I just wanted to tell you that’s not what is happening, Y/n would never cheat on you. She is such a sweet girl.”

Shownu sighed and rubbed his temples. “Well, why was she with you today then, answer me that and I will believe you because right now I am having a hard time believing you.”

Minhyuk fidgeted in his seat. “I can’t really answer that Hyung, but I can show you if you would like….”

Shownu furrowed his brow, “What do you mean?”

Minhyuk sighed and held out a bag. “Just go and change into these and then I will give you the answer to your question, okay. ”

Looking into the bag, there was a pair of jeans and a simple black shirt. Sighing Shownu excused himself as he quickly went to the restroom to change. After changing he walked out to See Minhyuk standing there, phone to his ear. “Yes he is with me, don’t worry I didn’t tell him, Y/n calm down he is fine he doesn’t know.”

“I don’t know what?” Shownu said, his brow furrowed as he glared at Minhyuk.

Minhyuk smiled widely as he quickly turned away. “Talk about this later ok, bye.” He turned to face you. “Shall we head out!”

Shownu signed, humouring Minhyuk he followed as they left the cafe and got into Minhyuk’s car, driving back to the dorm.

After they arrived they both walked to their dorm and Minhyuk unlocked the door, stepping into the darkness of the dorm, Shownu following hesitantly.

Suddenly the lights switched on and people began screaming, “SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

A dead expression stayed on Shownu’s face for a second as he took in everything before he blushed and smiled and looked over at Minhyuk who just nodded. He looked back as he saw all of his members, and his family approaching him, but the one person he wanted to see was not there.

After making the rounds and thanking everyone for coming he looked around again for you, still nothing.

Minhuyk came over to Shownu and whispered quietly in his ear, “She is in the kitchen, Wonho let it slip that you thought she was cheating, she seems pretty upset.”

Shownu looked at Minhyuk and frowned, before nodding and walking into the kitchen to find you facing the sink, a small black dress fitting your curves perfectly, a simple pair of black heels to make you taller, hair in loose curls.

As he stepped closer he saw you slump over and a small whimper leave your lips. You were crying.

Suddenly you felt a pair of hands on your waist and you turned to see Shownu looking at you with a hurt expression. “Y/n? Are you alright?”

Biting your lip you nodded and looked down at the sink. “I am sorry I have been avoiding you, I-I just didn’t want to spoil your party, so I figured if I didn’t see or talk to you as much that I wouldn’t spoil it. I-I never thought it would make you feel like I am cheating on you.” Her hands came up and covered her face as she started to cry.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around you, turning you to face him, pressing you into his chest and resting his chin on your head. “Don’t be sorry, it is my fault for being so judgemental of both you and Minhyuk, I jumped to conclusions and I panicked, I thought you didn’t want me anymore.”

You looked up at him. “I would never ever not want you Shownu I love you.”

He smiled a little and looked down at you, “I love you too,” he said as he placed a quick peck on your lips.

Both of you talked out the situation a little more before you joined the rest of the party goers. Even though it was a bump in the road both of you had been together long enough to know that you could overcome anything without too many issues.


aurrieccentric  asked:

I am so so happy and proud of you, your art progress is INCREDIBLE and I am stunned. You've improved so much; your colour theory's really showing in your palettes more now and the level of detail (holy wow the Shakkar piece you did for that art trade) and your lineart is phenomenal! :D Continue to stay awesome Skullie! \o/

JHFKJSGHJDFKHGJ THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate it! I’ve been working a lot on my art lately and to get a wonderful message from someone, especially from you, whose art I love, is so great and rewarding! 

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!! :D

can we just realise what a great job ajax gave?

they are a team, brought together for ONLY 20 million (pogba cost manchester 100 million) and you make it into the finals against manchester. the manchester united? bravo. hands down.
manchester should be embarrassed for not making it in the cl while we, as a tiny country, fucking did this. we got talent. we got potention. and no one can take that away. i am proud to be dutch

The job of Azazel or when you can’t afford a servant anymore

                                       Those are really expensive

I am not sure if this has already been discussed, but I have this great doubt: how Azazel did to get a Job? Why the humans accepted it if they could get demon slaves to pick up the demons that die fighting? In addition he probably receives money for it, otherwise Rita wouldn’t refer to this as “work”, plus Azazel took Mugaro with him, so surely they are not treated as badly as the rest of demons, which could indicate that they have certain privileges.

So far the other demons (correct me if I am wrong) that we have seen that remain living near the capital are being used like slaves, in the coliseum or dying of hunger. Now that the identity as the rag demon has been discovered, for obvious reasons Azazel lost his job. But why work in the first place? He spent every night releasing demons and killing the people who kept them as slaves, so he could easily take some money / food sometimes.

When he met with Dante, Bel and the rest of the demons, Dante called him a coward and reproached that he had been asked to join the resistance before, but Azazel had refused and instead had become a “servant” of humans, so obviously this is not acceptable, less for someone so proud. 

                         You are crushing the pride he has left

So I only see 3 options for Azazel to make this decision

1. When Kaisar talks to Azazel and asks him to leave the capital, it implies that the demons that die are those that remain close, so Azazel probably chose to get a job to maintain a low profile that would help him to remain there and dedicate himself to his Mission as the rag-demon, without risking being treated as a slave and instead receiving … money? (In episode 1 we see that people throw money to the demon that remained standing in the coliseum, so it is logical that Azazel was also paid)

2. Azazel did not choose any job, he stays close to the coliseum because he knows that being there he can get information about humans selling demons, although what I do not understand here is why the rest of the demons we see starving in the episode two didn’t try to work before being in that situation

3. Azazel pretends to be human, this seems to me the least probable, since although they wear a much more discreet attire and conceal most of their features, we can see Azazel’s horn protrude from his hat, also Mugaro uses his magic so that the dead demons disappear, which is quite rare for a normal human.

Personally I discard the option that he works to keep him and Mugaro in conditions, as I mentioned before, he can get resources in many ways. But my biggest doubt is still how a demon is allowed to work instead of being a slave.

Anyway, now that he’s in jail (he’s going to get out of there somehow, because I doubt he’ll be locked up until episode 24, or that he’ll die soon), he’ll need to change his strategy, since he has nowhere to get more information about the movements of the slave traders (assuming option 2) plus his identity is already known, so probably he should leave the capital for a while.

pd: sorry if i mispelled something, im better in spanish and this took a while


He asked me, “Hey, when I grow old,
Will you buy me a house of gold?
And when everyone turns to stone,
Will you take care of me?


Commission for the lovely @star-set​ ! Then in addition to for being so nice with me I decided to turn the artwork into a little gif. I hope you’ll like it :)