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Howdy! I found this blog a while back and I have to say I love every bit of it! You really inspire me mun! I also really like y'all. I hope we can become good friends or even best friends! Have a great day! * leaves an apple pie for everyone *

Oh my gosh, thank you guys ;w; Not only for just being genuinely good people I’m proud to call friends and followers, but also for being so patient with me about my late replies and general confusion about how to do things on this site. You guys are the best. And don’t worry! I am feeling pretty much at 100% (and I’m taking it easy until I get to the full 100)! So I’ll be posting a few asks for you guys tonight and hopefully get something out that you guys have been looking forward to tomorrow! Thank you for continuing to support me I honestly couldn’t ask for better people in my life!!


“So eager to know~  I’m surprised.  As I’ve said before, I am a begrudging servant to the Parliament.  That is all.  …But I’m guessing you were all asking for my name.  

It’s Ricochet.  Pleasure.” 

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Request: “Hi. sorry if you are really busy but i just watched kris’ new mv and i wondered if you could do some texts and snaps of kris’ crush making fun of him for all the scenes he has with women. (this isn’t me being salty i am proud of him i just thought it would be funny) thanks <3”

You know what, we won, we got our 3 points and we actually tried really hard all game so I will take this as a success and I am proud of this team for becoming better for themselves and this club.

Hey guys I actually finished it! I hope that Jack got to feel that wonderful rush of support and love from the community welcoming him home and back to semi normality. I am particularly proud of Jack for having taken these new opportunities and am so glad that he enjoyed himself!  : ) 

This community is great and I’m really happy to be a part of it because not only are we supportive of jack but we’re supportive and loving of each other. I recently had the tragedy of loosing 3 years of my work both art and not due to a mechanical failure of my hard drive People in this community were wonderful and supportive of me and I never would have met them if Jack didn’t have this wonderful community : ) 

So thank you. To the community and to Jack


It’s gonna be Mae. 


She finally got the graphics tablet she wanted and this is the first thing she did at my request. She recently started with all this art stuff and she doesn´t watch Voltron (yet) but she was constantly asking if it looked like Allura and she worked hard to do it. She is so happy with how it turned out and i REALLY LOVE IT. Partially because it´s Allura but mostly because my sister did it and i am so proud of her!!!

More of her art is coming your way heheheh

hey london friends

i know i’ve been on hiatus a bit, and i am for a little while probably, i have some things in the works, a thesis, a business thing, book #2, finding work. i recently started as part of the production/design team for a music fest, which is great! i’m super busy! but anyway

i’m part of a choir - or i am for now, due to aforementioned production team i have to give it up until the summer because of clashes. but choir is basically the only thing i have it in me to be proud of and my last concert for a while is nov 17th at the southwark cathedral

so if you’d like to come, that’d be really nice. i’ve never really asked people on here to come to that sort of thing before but choral concerts are an experience i really value and my choirmaster is actually magic so if you’d like to pay £6 to see me grin like a fool and sing the alto part of verdi’s requiem, i’d love that! a lot! 

you can! here!: ldsingers.com/concerts

My filthy fucking mouth cost me 2nd place in kata today.

I tied for second (.01 from tying for 1st). The girl I tied with did the same kata (which is against the rules. We’re required to do a different kata). I did a different one. I screwed up and said oh shit out loud. Didn’t realize I did it. Instead of DQing both of us it went to a point off. She won because I made it obvious that I had messed up.

Sensei fought for me but it was the oh shit that did it. If I hadn’t have cussed, I’d have taken 2nd because she broke the rules. Oh well.

He called me later and told me how proud of me he was today. He also said that one of the black belts told him that I am really good. I never in 100 years would’ve expected to be called very good at kata. I’ve made tremendous progress this year. No matter what happens at state, I have already done so much more than I ever expected I could.

TEACHER: I’ve finished checking up all of your final exams! These exams take 25% of your final grade. I know all of you worked very hard for it.

(No, they didn’t)

TEACHER: I can say i’m pretty proud that some of you studied hard and the efforts really payed off.

TEACHER: Some of you still got a little work to do, but you’re already halfway there!

TOM: Are you kidding me?!

TOM: Ugh, why a D? I can’t believe I got a lower score than Edd!

EDD; Huh? Where am I? 

YANOV: Hey Paul, how much did you get this time?

PAUL: Lemme…WAIT- WHAT THE FUCK?! AN F? Why did I get an F?

YANOV: Huh, weird. I thought you didn’t give a damn about your grades…

PAUL: What?! NO! I mean- This is different, Yanov. These are the finals, my mom is gonna murder me if she finds out…

YANOV: Heeeey, easy there. It can’t be that bad. Besides, the exam was difficult anyways, I don’t think anyone got a perfect score.

TEACHER; By the way, I’d like to congratulate the only student on the whole classroom who got a perfect 100% score! Our newest student-

YANOV: Nevermind…

PATRYK: I just did my best, Miss!

PAUL: …Can I just-

YANOV: Paul, we’ve had this talk before . That’s illegal

If any of our boys get nominated for a Grammy, I am never ever ever ever going to shut up about it. “Hey did you hear–” “THAT MY SON WAS NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY?!” don’t even get me started on what I’ll be like if any of them WIN A GRAMMY! Did you hear me? WIN.A.GRAMMY.

WHY I’M GLAD YOU ASKED @whatevsbla



I love him a lot and am really proud of him for doing what he does best, which is being a good bean

And he’s doing well!! He’s generally chilling with his bro and holding him back from doing stupid kid stuff

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This may seem silly, but today I ate a large chocolate chip cookie because I was craving something sweet and I'm actually really proud of myself for eating a fear food. I think it's great that you promote eating what you crave. :)

NOT silly at all anon!! I am seriously so happy to hear that :) You really can be very proud of yourself. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday <3

It really just sometimes hits me how proud I am of the boys. They are all creating music that is purely them and what they like and how they want to sound. They are doing it in a way they find suitable for them from writing with people they trust and having just good solid people around them. I just am so proud and happy that they are making their mark in the music industry as solo artists but they all still talk about the day they join back up in One Direction. They haven’t forgotten how they got to where they are, they love and support each other as well and good lord I just love my boys!

I haven’t posted original artwork in a while, I was trying to get the art I wanted to take to Scotland done before I went. And this one kinda ran away with me.

This started as a simple barter drawing for a neighbour. (I got a hat.) and the background just came alive.

I am really proud of my work with light and shadow in this one.

Reblog’s are very appreciated welcome, but please respect my work and willingness to share.

Our 1st wedding anniversary is in 8 days and I cannot even deal. I have so many feelings. Mostly - how?! It feels like yesterday I spent hours on end getting dolled up. I was so nervous before I walked down the aisle. Like literally shaking. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but looking back (almost) a year later, it was the best decision I ever made. Things have been amazing and things have been god awful but we are always learning and growing together and for that I am proud. Life is so crazy and time really blows my mind. Idk where this post is going I’m just really greatful for the man I get to call my husband.