i am really into flowers right now


Keyleth opens the shop on Sunday a little early, hoping to entice the people on their way to church with tulips and crocuses, new spring flowers. As she begins setting up the tables outside, she hears the shuffle of small feet, and glances through the open door to see Pike in an oversized sweatshirt and a pair of old sweatpants cupping two mugs. Her face still creased from sleep and her hair swept up into a probably slept in bun. Small hairs frame her smile as she hands Keyleth a mug covered in a floral design. She hops on to the half filled table and pats the spot next to her. She gladly sits on the worn wood and takes a sip of coffee, brewed perfectly, wondering how she deserves such a wonderful person.

“I hope I didn’t wake you”, she says, taking another sip, “I just thought today would be better with an earlier start, and I kinda forgot how loud these tables are after a winter of sitting in the back, and I maybe dropped a pot of tulips on the way out and-”

She’s cut off as Pike gently leans into her side and sighs. Worried Keyleth looks into her face, only to find a sleepy smile and pair of laughing eyes looking back.

“Oh, you definitely woke me. But here now, don’t pull that face, I’d much rather spend my morning watching the sun rise with you than sleep in till noon in a very comfortable bed”. She chuckles as Keyleth looks somewhat guilty for her actions, her face turning to concern for the woman leaning into her.

“Really, it’s okay, I have today off, and it’s better if I actually get up and do something.” She says, sitting up and stretching, only to lean back into Keyleth and return to watching the color rising in the distance.

Keyleth gives a half hearted “If you’re sure” and takes another sip of coffee. They sit in silence for a bit, as the first tendrils of sunlight grace the horizon, eventually leading to a brilliant orange and yellow. She muses on how the sun continues to exist day in and day out, it’s tireless illumination of those that surround it. How it literally and figuratively brightens her day when it sleepily climbs into the sky. How it gives and gives, and expects nothing in return. It’s warmth and it’s radiance and it’s beauty, especially in the wee hours of the morning, and suddenly she’s not quite sure if she’s still thinking of the sun when a slight snore interrupts her thoughts. The weight of Pike now fully on her shoulder, Keyleth smiles and takes in the slight droop of her mouth and coffee mug over half full slipping out of her grasp.

“Oh honey”, she murmurs, gently taking the cup from her hands and placing it next to her. She slides off the table careful to keep Pike upright and manages to lift the other woman into her arms. As she does so, Pike wraps herself around Keyleth, still sound asleep and sighs contentedly. Keyleth takes her back inside, taking the stairs slowly, as to not disturb her exhausted friend.

She makes it to Pike’s bed with only one small misstep, which she was sure was going to send both of them crashing to the ground. Keyleth lays her on the soft blue sheets, and tucks the other blankets around her, finishing her work with a gentle kiss to the forehead which elicits the faintest of smiles from the sleeping woman’s mouth. She gently closes the door and heads downstairs to finish preparing the bouquets to be picked up today.

As the sun finally emerges from the distant mountains, it’s rays manage to find the two forgotten mugs sitting on the table half filled with flowers. The empty one matches the reds and pinks that reside behind them, while the almost full one mirrors the warming rays of the sun that shines on them. A cutesy design of a still rising sun, with the very fine lines of four words arching over it’s rays.

You are my sunshine

A Valentine's Day Tale

Was supposed to be main PTA Sanders but ended up being Prinxiety centred. Sorry.

Anyway, to the fic







Logic growled deeply as he stared at his phone, going through the list for the tenth time that week. Valentine’s Day was coming again and until that week, he had been feeling like that was his year. That he would rock the day with a wonderful present and a date that would forever stay in Morality’s head. And he would like it so much they would do it again, and again, until they started dating, and the dating lead on to copulation and then marriage, probably.

Okay, maybe Anxiety had been right when saying that was basically The Sims but… Logic knew no other way on how things could go. Besides, he didn’t even know if personas like him and Morality could even copulate. Or marry. But that was beyond the point.

Beyond the point because if he didn’t find the perfect gift in time, he would t even find out if it was possible or not.

“Forget the chocolate”

“Go with the flowers”

Logic jumped up in the air when he heard the other two speaking, Anxiety and Prince materialising next to him out of nowhere. He could only wish he knew how to do that. He was the one that least popped in in Thomas’ life and did it even less when it came to the others.

“Flowers?” Anxiety complained, raising his eyebrow and making a disgusted face. “So predictable”

“What do you suggest? You know Logic hates dogs” Prince said, hands on his waist, and Logic raised his hand to intervene, but neither of them were paying attention.

“A game, brilliant minded. A game” Anxiety complained, rolling his eyes. “We all know dad is a child when it comes to board games”

“He does not understand video games, that’s for sure” Prince agreed. “But he’s a child for everything really. Unless he’s giving a lesson”

“Oh, he gives you lessons now?” Anxiety asked, a wide smirk on his face, and Prince blushed before groaning in anger.

“You are the most perverted minded person in this household.” He growled, and then rubbed his eyes. “Why do you have to be creative in the worst way?”

“At least I’m creative. I’m not thinking about giving chocolate and flowers to my probable date on Valentine’s Day, right Logic?” The dark persona teased, still smirking. Only then Logic received the attention back on him and he sighed.

“I am not going to start a discussion with the two of you. This is the information I collected through the weeks of careful observation. There is nothing else” he said, fixing his glasses, but Anxiety rolled his eyes, annoyed.

“He needs a watch. Dad has been asking the time for all of us at least three times a day. He doesn’t have a watch. Give one to him” he said, and Logic’s eyes widened.

“How do you…”

“I pay closer attention than you think” Anxiety assured, and then shrugged. “Thank me later”

“It is a great idea” Prince agreed, and Logic smiled a bit, nodding to himself.

“Yes. Good idea” he said, biting his lip. “Now all I have to do is go out and buy the clock. Thanks!” He got up, grabbing his coat and rushing out of the door straight to the mall. “And good date!”

He was too fast to see how both sides blushed before they headed off to their own rooms.

“Prince! Anxiety!” Morality called from his room just before they could enter their own. The two personas looked at each other before walking slowly to the father’s room, getting inside to see him on the bed surrounded by paper, glue, paint, scissors and glitter. He looked up as they entered, smiling. “Hey!”

“What are you doing here?” Prince asked, a smile growing on his face. “Is this…”

“Yes. I’m making a picture book” Morality said, biting his lip. “But it’s coming harder than I thought. Could you help?”

“Are you giving that to Logic?” Anxiety asked, and the father nodded happily. “Well then you can put it in the fireplace, because he will hate it”

“Anxiety!” Prince complained, as Morality’s face fell.

“What?!” The dark persona replied. “You know I’m right. You should just buy a book about weird facts. Or any book at all. Making a picture book is a waste of time. It’s Logic. He won’t even lie saying he like it. He’s not that sensitive”

“B-but” Morality mumbled, voice breaking slightly, and Prince shushed him, shaking his head.

“Don’t listen to ruin-mood over there. He will love it! I know it. Do you need any help?” He asked, and the father sniffled, rubbing his slightly teary eyes.

“N-no. Anxiety is right. I’ll just buy a random book or whatever” he mumbled, standing up and walking inside his bathroom, leaving Prince and Anxiety alone. The royal stared at the other angrily, but Anxiety just shrugged.

“I am hurting him so he isn’t hurt by his affection”

“You’re just going up in my list, Anxiety” Prince said angrily, standing up from the bed and walking to him. “You don’t know if Logic would like it or not”

“Yes I do. I know how Logic works. He would even say he liked it, but he would lock it up in his closet and never see it again” he shrugged, walking out of the room and being followed by the royal. “Besides, that’s my duty: make sure no one embarrass themselves.”

“Your duty is making people feel bad about what they love” Prince said, coldly. Anxiety felt his chest tighten and looked at Prince angrily.

“Oh what now? That’s how I work. I can’t just be nice to everyone like you can!” He said, clearly offended and upset. “Besides, they love each other already! It’s not like they can’t just give each other a kiss and be done for”

“Damn it Anxiety, for someone that cares so much about doing everything right so there is no embarrassment involved, how can you not see that giving gifts is just as important as declaring your love for someone!” Prince said, outraged. “It’s a demonstration of how much you care about someone. Bought or handmade, expensive or cheap, good or bad, it matters not! The fact that you remembered is all that matters when the person really loves you. Obvious that Logic would prefer an encyclopaedia instead of a handmade picture book, but he would have loved it just the same. And even though you convinced Logic against the puppy or the flowers, Morality would have loved any of those just the same as a clock. You claim to know everything better than everyone because you’re scared of trying and failing, and I get it. But don’t push your fears into others. Specially those two. They deserve each other” Prince said, angrily, taking Anxiety by surprise. “Now I will try to convince Morality to make the book and you stay out of it”

As Prince left, Anxiety started to rethink what he had done, and suddenly the images came to him. The future, good and bad, in all options. The flowers, chocolate, puppy, kitten, book, encyclopaedia. And suddenly, nothing mattered anymore, because in the end, the two were always finishing up together, happier or sadder, but always in love.

‘More glitter!’ He heard Prince saying, and Morality giggles, and he sighed, walking to his room. He hated Valentine’s Day, he hated being wrong, he hated Prince being right, and he hated feeling weak like he was.

And as he entered his room, he stared at the fantasy book in his shelf, standing out from everything else, with a golden cover that shone, the present he had bough to give Prince. Now, it was no use. Prince would never want it.

He laid down on his bed and covered himself up, closing his eyes.

Sleep until the sun went away, for sure.

Prince hadn’t seen Anxiety all day, but now it was night and he was sitting on the stairs, excitedly waiting for Logic’s arrival so he could see the interactions between him and Morality. The father was waiting for the teacher on the couch, holding the handmade book and bouquet of fake flowers. He looked nervous, but happy, his feet moving to calm himself down.

Prince’s eyes widened when the door opened, and Morality jumped up, grinning widely. Then, his eyes widened as well, and Prince frowned, not being able to see Logic because of the location of the door. Morality let the bouquet and the book fall and he rushed out, bringing a soaked up Logic inside.

Only then Prince realised it was raining.

“I think I have a cold” Logic mumbled, completely soaked, and Morality shushed him, sitting him down on the couch.

“Worry not. I’ll grab some towels and make some tea” he said, taking out Logic’s tie and looking up at Prince, who in a jump rushed upstairs to Logic’s room, grabbing three towels and dry clothes before going down again.

“Here” he said, and Morality smiled, taking the clothes and towels as Logic removed his shirt and pants and was quickly wrapped around towels and dried by the father.

“What were you thinking? The time girl said it would rain in the evening” Morality said, and Logic sighed after sneezing.

“I forgot… I had to buy your present” he said, and Morality’s eyes widened. That was Prince’s cue to walk away slowly, returning to the stairs, only to realise that he wasn’t alone now. Anxiety was there as well, watching.

“Present? What present?” The father asked, and the teacher chuckled quietly.

“Your valentine present. I wanted to be your valentine, but everything went terribly wrong” he said, and then removed a case from the pants on the ground. “I saved the present, though. But the roses were destroyed”

“Oh…” Morality mumbled, taking the box and opening it. He smiled widely, taking the black clock out and giggling as he put it around his wrist. “It’s beautiful. Thank you”

“Welcome” Logic mumbled, drying his hair as Morality grabbed the book and the flowers from the floor. “What’s that?”

“Your Valentine’s Day present” he said, and Logic stared at him surprised before taking the presents in his hands and smiling shyly.

“Is this a picture book?” Logic asked, raising an eyebrow, and Morality nodded, looking at the ground. “And fake flowers?”

“Well yeah… I don’t know if you would like it but…” He started, but Logic shook his head and grinned.

“I loved it” he said, and Morality squealed contently before hugging the other tight. “Wait! I’m all wet!”

“I don’t care” the father giggled, kneeling down between Logic’s legs and grinning at him. “Will you be my valentine?”

“I already am” Logic said, rolling his eyes, and before he could react, Morality wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him hard, making Logic put his hand on the father’s waist out of instinct but quickly respond to the kiss, pulling him closer and forgetting about the fact that he was wrapped in towels while not wearing much.

Prince smiled as the two realised that, Logic blushing deeply and Morality laughing, and he then sighed romantically.

“You were right after all” anxiety muttered next to him, and Prince raised one eyebrow, looking at the persona next to him.

“Well it’s not everyday that I listen that” he said, but Anxiety just sighed, looking away. “Hey. I am sorry too. I didn’t mean to let it all out like that”

“No, you were right” he said, rubbing his eyes. “I was being an asshole, as usual. I should have just let them be”

“Oh shush it you. No time for self pity” Prince said, and then slowly took a small box from his pocket. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jason toddler” he teased, giving it to Anxiety, making his eyes widen. “I really liked that nickname”

“I see…” Anxiety muttered, taking the box and opening it slowly, before a small smile creeped up his lips. “Eyeshadow? Really Roman?”

“You never call me by my name” Prince gasped, and smirked. “Does that mean you like me now?”

“Nah” Anxiety said, and then sighed, taking out the book from behind him. “I bought something for you too”

“Is this a fantasy book?” Prince asked, eyes wide as he took the book in hands and opened it. “It’s the fantasy book…”

“Well I…” Anxiety muttered, but Prince shook his head, leaning forward and giving him a tight hug.

“I loved it. Thank you” he said, smiling widely and pulling back, only to be held by Anxiety, the dark persona holding onto his clothes. “Anxiety..?”

No more could have been said. Anxiety swallowed his pride and his fears and moved in, pressing his lips to Prince’s in a quick, chaste kiss - very unlike Morality’s - before jumping up and rushing upstairs to his room, leaving a confused, blushing prince behind.

“Geez Prince, the bell really rang in your midnight ball” Morality said, smiling from under the stairs, while Logic chuckled.

“Your carriage finally became pumpkin hun? How are you feeling?” Logic asked, and Prince stared at them confused and embarrassed.

“What just happened?” He asked, shakily, and the other two chuckled deeply.

“Your date just ran away to, let me quote, 'hide under the covers until the sun goes away’” Logic said, smiling in the most relaxed way Prince had ever seen.

“And you should go after him” Morality nodded, grinning. “Because that’s what good dates do”

“I… Well…” Prince mumbled, and then stood up. “Okay” he took a deep breath. “Good night for you two”

“Thanks!” Morality smiled.

“We will” Logic assured, smiling, and Prince smiled back, before rushing up to Anxiety’s room, knocking on the door.

“Go away Ana” Anxiety growled from inside, and Prince couldn’t help but chuckle lightly, still holding the book that was given to him.

“I don’t want to build a snowman, Ann” he said, rolling his eyes and then looking at the door handle. “It’s not locked. You don’t have a lock”

“Well then come in uninvited. We have already discussed the whole consent thing” anxiety replied, but Prince only smirked.

“I didn’t consent for the kiss you gave me” he teased, and Anxiety growled, making him giggle as he opened the door. “Really though, no harm done” he said as he entered the dark room. In the bed, there was a lump under the covers, and Prince closed the door before walking to the bed and sitting next to the lump. “Talk to me Ann”

“I’m mute, like Ariel” Anxiety mumbled, shuffling away from Prince. “Leave me alone”

“Learn sign language. I know it” Prince said, and then slowly moved one hand up to the covers, pulling them down slowly to reveal a very shaken Anxiety, blushing deeply with tears on his eyes. The royal frowned, worried, and stared at him. “Ann, why are you crying?”

“I’m not” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes and destroying his make up. His voice was even for someone as upset as him. “What do you want?”

“Talk, perhaps? You did kiss me down there you know? I wasn’t expecting that” he said, smiling, but Anxiety just huffed.

“I wasn’t expecting a valentine gift either and here we are” he mumbled, and Prince sighed before laying down next to Anxiety and placing his hand on the other’s waist, over the blankets. Anxiety froze at the touch, before making himself relax. “Prince, what are you doing?”

“Well… What I should have done long ago, I guess” he said, before moving a bit closer and pressing their noses together. “Happy Valerinetine’s Day” he teased, before moving forward and kissing Anxiety, pulling him closer by his waist and wrapping the arm around him.

Anxiety took no second to answer the kiss, pressing closer and kissing back while putting his hands over Prince’s cheek, his body melting at the contact.

“Well, everything worked out in the end” Logic said, his arm around Morality’s waist as they watched them through a small crack on the door. Morality nodded, grinning, and turned to his date, who was now dressed up again in his usual attire.

“Let’s make dinner” he said, grabbing Logic’s hand and pulling him downstairs with a giggle.

Welp, Valentine’s Day for the win, he guessed.

Seussical in a nutshell
  • jojo: wow nice hat
  • cat: im here now, sO USE YOUR IMAAAAGINATION
  • -
  • horton: wtf who said that. theres only a speck of dust so the logical conclusion is that a miniature person is on that speck. actually a whole lot
  • sour kangaroo: bitch you cray!!!
  • gertrude: damn that elephant fine as hell
  • -
  • dust speck: so anyway horton you were totally right; we're a lost civilization on the brink of war and we're all about to die. Who-dee-who-who-who. Also we're guilting you into being our guardian. Who-who-who.
  • -
  • cat: jojo you're going into the story whether you like it or not
  • mr. and mrs. mayor: jojo you're grounded. no more thinking.
  • jojo: fuck yall i do what i want
  • mr. and mrs mayor: well we obviously don't know how to raise a kid so we're just gonna send you off to the war
  • -
  • horton: well everyone thinks i'm crazy but that's ok because i can imagine that i'm cool
  • jojo: well my parents sent me into the military but that's ok because i can imagine that my family accepts me for who i am
  • horton: yo lmao i hear you down there lets be friends 4 ever
  • -
  • gertrude: ugh i really wanna fuck this elephant but i'm not attractive :/
  • mayzie: bitch u right. go take drugs.
  • gertrude: k. ima go ham tho
  • -
  • wickersham brothers: lmao look at this nerd with that flower. yoink that shiz
  • horton: wtf literally why would u do that there was honestly no need and now i have to search through millions of identical fucking clovers to find my tiny fren jojo
  • -
  • cat: by the way did i mention im a sadist??
  • -
  • gertrude: hey im sexy now wanna get down
  • horton: hush im picking flowers
  • -
  • mayzie: always use a condom kids. horton, watch my egg for me
  • horton: why the fuck would i do that
  • mayzie: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
  • horton: ok ok fine but be back in like an hour
  • mayzie: LMFAO BY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN HELL!!
  • -
  • horton: well its winter now and jojo and the Whos are probably dead but i refuse to move my ass off this egg ok it is my My Child now andOH FUCK HUNTERS
  • Cat: by the way did i mention that i'm also a trickster god?
  • -
  • gertrude: oh no im too sexy to fly... sorry horton.. ur ass about to get carted off to the circus :(
  • horton: god this sucks
  • -
  • mayzie: oh hey theres a circus in town and OH SHIT ITS THE GUY I DUMPED THAT KID ON uh hey man im so happy for u... such a big success... performing in a circus!! lucky u!! anyway i gotta go right now immediately so enjoy that egg!
  • horton: Where Is Paradise
  • -
  • jojo: fuck this war im going home to think what i wanna think
  • general schmitz: kid you're walking on a minefield... literally one wrong step and your dea-- ok too late..
  • -
  • cat: oh yes HOW VERY SAD boohoohoohahahaha dont worry jojo isnt actually dead he's just trapped in a nightmare realm filled with Unspeakable Horrors
  • jojo: fuck you cat!!! you've legit been behind everything bad that's happened! why didn't i call you the fuck out earlier!
  • cat: ok damn fine i'll turn on the lights geez...
  • -
  • gertrude: hi horton great to see you again hahaha so um i got all of my Sexiness™ ripped out of my ass one by one so that i could find you (and a whole lot of other shit) but no big deal haha
  • gertrude: oh also i found your dumb clover
  • cat: oh you thought this was gonna be a happy ending right here? you thought wrong
  • sour kangaroo: BITCH WE PUTTING YOU ON TRIAL
  • judje yertle: well horton's definitely crazy and were gonna boil that clover with the dust speck on it in hot oil for literally no other reason but to prove a point
  • horton: so uh guys if you dont wanna die you should probably start screaming
  • mr and mrs mayor: well the combined forces of our entire planet had no effect so we're just gonna put all the pressure on you, jojo, our small son, who only a few moments ago we thought was dead.
  • jojo: *gibberish*
  • sour kangaroo: well i heard that shit!
  • everyone: hooray!
  • egg: henlo fatgher i am Elyphant Birb
  • horton: wtf
  • gertrude: eh, we'll make it work
  • -
  • -
Mark Tuan Head Canons

Originally posted by got7wings

  • turns into an actual child at Disneyland
  • loves fireworks but hates the sound
  • loud mind quiet mouth
  • mind overflowing with thoughts but nothing to say
  • likes holding hands
  • prefers reading paper books to online ones
  • will drive five hours to see flowers
  • loves long walks
  • either sleeps or stares out the window on long car rides
  • somehow always ends up in the middle seat on an airplane
  • surprisingly stubborn
  • goes to sleep at 10 pm or 4 am there is no in between
  • listens to the same few songs over and over until he gets tired of them
  • weakness: fluffy blankets and plushies
  • is more pleased with a hand picked flower than anything else
  • tells amazing stories that keeps everybody interested, though he doesn’t talk much when he does he talks with purpose
  • secretly loves poetry
  • smiles brighter than the sun
  • room in organized chaos 


Sorry if this was short, thank you for reading! I’d really love some requests right about now because I’ve been having some writers block. If you have any other members (bts or got7) you’d like me to write for just request it Thank you~ <3

Having a partner who isn't a witch

-“You made the room smell like a temple again”
- “why do you have so many candles?”
- “why do you have so many jars?”
- “The floor is covered in salt again”
- “why is there salt in the bed!?”
- “which god is that?”
- “if you’re psychic what am I thinking right now?”
-“yes I was thinking about boobs how did you know?”
- “sage smells like marijuana”
- “why do you have so many tarot cards?”
- “It’s just a rock….”
- “Do you really have to burn 6 sticks of incense at once? You’ll set off the fire alarm”
- “why is there herbs in the linen?”
- “why is there flowers in my underwear drawer?”
-“Why is there a bowl of rocks on the table?”
-“our house smells like a herbal store”
-“what are those jars of green stuff?”
-“what is this jar of random things doing at our front door?”

- *eats offerings off altar*
Two-Part Drabble Game

I found this idea while looking around for other drabble games so I decided to make my own list. All the prompts below are ones I thought up, and if they’re the same as on another list, that’s just purely coincidental.

Send me one number from the first list, one number from the second list, and a character and I’ll write a drabble for it. Please don’t spam, I’ll be able to tell if you do.


  1. at a bar
  2. cuddling
  3. fighting
  4. soulmate au
  5. cooking
  6. getting married
  7. in the hospital
  8. after a long day
  9. drunk
  10. by the firelight
  11. making out
  12. domestic
  13. expecting a child
  14. hurt/comfort
  15. protecting
  16. first kiss
  17. seeing the other dressed up
  18. jealousy
  19. love proclamation
  20. cold and wet
  21. college au
  22. someone has the flu
  23. post-argument
  24. after a long time of not seeing each other
  25. first time together
  26. going to the fair
  27. cleaning wounds
  28. pretend relationship
  29. morning after
  30. working late at night
  31. being walked in on
  32. walking home late at night
  33. after the first date
  34. date gone wrong
  35. not wanting to be alone


  1. “I’m with you for a reason, stupid.”
  2. “I had a lot of fun, surprisingly.”
  3. “Look me in the eye; are you sure you’re alright?”
  4. “Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I love you. I’m trying to decide which I’m feeling right now.”
  5. “We are not dancing right now.”
  6. “Hey, things could be worse, right?”
  7. “I can’t help it. You’re just really warm. Like a giant heater.”
  8. “I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody.”
  9. “Listen, I know it’s hard, but I’m not going anywhere.”
  10. “I just want you to be happy. With or without me.”
  11. “Your hand is in my personal space. Not that I mind.”
  12. “I know it’s late, but I don’t know where else to turn.”
  13. “I could give you a ride, if you want.”
  14. “The guilt is eating me alive.”
  15. “Do you need a massage? A cup of tea? A hot bath?”
  16. “No, no, no. I know where this is gonna lead. We do not have the time for sex.”
  17. “You don’t get to apologize after you’ve hurt me so bad.”
  18. “This is so unfair. You’re bigger and stronger than I am.”
  19. “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. Would you mind saying that again?”
  20. “Please stay the night. I really don’t mind. I wouldn’t feel right knowing you’re sleeping by yourself.”
  21. “I’m really busy right now. And what you’re doing is distracting.”
  22. “It may not have a ring or a bouquet of flowers, but the sentiment is still the same.”
  23. “I know you might not think so, but you look really good right now.”
  24. “You’ve been working too hard and need to get some rest. There’s bags under your eyes.”
  25. “You look really peaceful when you’re asleep.”
  26. I’m not very flexible, you know.”
  27. “That looks like my shirt, but it can’t be. I know I left it in my closet, with all the other shirts you try to steal.”
  28. “I don’t like it when you’re alone with them”
  29. “I’m never letting you out of my sight ever again.”
  30. “Please never do that ever again.”
  31. “You look like you need a hug.”
  32. “I just want to be alone right now, okay?”
  33. “I hate that I need you around to feel safe. Because what if one day, I lose you?”
  34. “You? Tackle me to the ground? Don’t make me laugh.”
  35. “It was an accident, I swear.”

erinlawliet  asked:

Would you be able to recommend some really good McHanzo fanfics? I love hang the fool and the flowers and ashes I think the other is called, I've read a bunch and can't help but want some more. 😚


Well, Hang the Fool still stands as my fave as well! I find it very complex and has a nice flow of the events, where neither the dialogue or descriptions bore you at any point. Very balanced. 

As for other recommendations, right now I am reading these on going fics: Check MateOf the Pickle Persuasion ,  Drop Dead Gorgeous . All recommended to me also by others, or discovered through lovely artworks! 

And I had this question regarding fics as well a while ago, and you can find here multiple answers regarding it! http://blacksmiley-c.tumblr.com/search/mchanzo+fanfic

Hope this helped! :3

It’ll Always Be Me and You

Request: “Credence Fluff!!!! Haven’t seen Credence fics in so long, can you do it based off of “You and I” by Avant please?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 2169

Warnings: SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

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Oh baby
Funny how things have changed in my life now
Whether near or far I wanna be where you are

Credence held you in his arms as you both lay in your new garden. The lease had been signed and it was final. This old beautiful home surrounded by lush landscape was yours to share. You hummed contently, Credence’s long fingers dragging through your hair. The air was rich with an array of sweet scents, and your knees were still dirty from planting the new Sweet Peas in the garden.

“The Sweet Peas look perfect in that spot!” You had said, huffing with your hands on your hips.

“And you look perfect too, my Sweet Pea.” Credence smiled, giving you a tender kiss.

You smiled to yourself, closing your eyes as you relished the feeling of being so close to him. The giddiness you felt had never died down, even after being with him for nearly two years now. You knew this memory would be one that would stick out in your mind whenever you reminisced about your life.

“Can you believe how far we’ve come?” You asked, looking up at a now slightly tanned Credence. He looked so different to when you’d first met. He was alone and afraid, and it showed. And now, he was loved and cared for, and it showed.

“I can.” He responded, combing a hand through his lengthy locks. They cascaded around his face, and you made a mental note that it would soon be time to trim his hair again. “I can believe it because anything’s possible when I’m with you.”

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suddenly, florist AUs
  • So I work as a florist for some time, and one day you walked into the shop and I just fell in love with you at almost first sight?? And in the end when you wanted to walk away with a bouquet you bought for someone, I gave you lavender rose on the house, just because I thought it’d be a nice gesture. But because you liked the flower shop so much, or for some other reason, you started buying flowers at us all the time and consulting with me, and almost every time I gave you a flower, making up excuses for it. But today you walked in, red in face, and told me that your friend saw all the flowers from me that you collected in herbarium and told you all the meanings, and now you ask me if I did meant all of that, and I’m trying to collect all the thoughts in my head, like – what do you think of me now? and did you actually make a herbarium??
  • (variation of the ending for the AU above) I actually had no idea that all the flowers I gave to you had such meanings, because I just work here and am no expert in language of the flowers, but yes, apparently my intuition gave you all the right flowers to explain my feelings for you 
  • Because I really needed money I signed up for a temporary job in a flower shop, since you really needed a pair of hands to help. I have almost no idea how to tend to flowers and compose a bouquet, and you, the strict manager, are really, like, really frustrated with me by the end of first day. I try and try and try, even seek help in the books and internet, and you’re still mad with me because I do a lot of things wrong and you have to help me with both flowers and customers. But instead of firing me, as I supposed, you ask me to stay after work so you can teach me the basics. And it’s so cool, thank you sooo much, you kinda saved my life and you’re not that bad as I thought you were? And are you that short-handed on personnel?
  • You’re this person we had to hire because not everyone wants to have a job as a florist, so we’re short on employees, and on your first day you make so many mistakes it’s embarrassing and I have to help you a lot. A LOT. But I’ve found that you’re struggling with money (not that I’ll tell you that I’ve found out), and you really want to stay on this job, and even found this book no one else in our shop read in forever and tried to make something by it. So I decide to help you. And yes, we’re that short-handed on personnel.
  • You’re this person I meet a lot throughout the last year, and you’re that grumpy, not very social person with whom I have nothing in common with, and we merely had two? three decent conversations? Apart from a few snarks we shot at each other. And one day, [for some reason] I walk into this little  flower shop not too far away from my place of work, and see you. As a florist. Humming something very pretty while you tend to flowers, and you’re such a different person than one I met before, even your face is different, like it’s lit up with some beautiful emotion I can’t describe. And now I can’t help but stare at you with awe.
  • Everybody thinks that if I am a florist, I must know the meaning of every single flower I work with. And now even you, the person I wanted to ask on a date, ask me if there’s a hidden message behind this bouquet I gave you! There’s NOT!!… Apart from that I wanted to ask you on a date. Not the point here.
  • I am a secret agent/thief/[insert anything applicable here] that needs to get into this one place which is heavily-guarded. The only way to seek its faults in defenses without attracting unneeded attention is to apply for work in a flower shop near it. And so I work here for almost a month, and my plan is coming smoothly… except for you, who works here too, and who confronted me right now, telling me what my actual profession is and what I want to do. Who are you to deduce it so well?! This was supposed to be a secret, dammit!
  • I work as a florist for a long time and you are the new employee who’s acting strange. For me, being raised on detectives since I was a child, is not that easy to determine who you actually are, but in the end I’ve done it. And you know what? I want IN, because I really need money [because (insert reason here), optional], so what do I need to do for you (or your group) to accept me as your assistant?


  • ❝ I’m allergic to dying. ❞ 
  • ❝ I don’t really know what the plan was there. ❞
  • ❝ Now I am just rolling in that pants-money! ❞
  • ❝ It is going about as well as I assumed it would. ❞
  • ❝ There’s a dinosaur in this area, what are we doing here?! ❞
  • ❝ I’m going to leave a pretty corpse! ❞
  • ❝ Not much, just feeling romantic. ❞
  • ❝ Hi angel, it happened again! ❞  
  • ❝ First we have to get my body back because I can’t answer fanmail with spectral hands. ❞
  • ❝ New look, new you! ❞
  • ❝ This feels right. ❞
  • ❝ You want flowers, you want fish? I got both. ❞
  • ❝ There is so much wonderful things happening here! ❞
  • ❝ Wow, you’re a person now! ❞
  • ❝ You’re not even curious about what I had to offer?! ❞
  • ❝ You’re save, you’re free! ❞
  • ❝ No! My fun game! ❞
  • ❝ “There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend.” ❞
  • ❝ Another 420 joke, yes! ❞ 
  • ❝ This changes everything ___ ! ❞
  • ❝ Kiss petrooooooool! ❞
  • ❝ I guess I am kissing Sylvanas Windrunner now. ❞
  • ❝ Quick! Load Wikipedia!  ❞
  • ❝ I’m about to kiss the king of Warcraft. ❞
  • ❝ We’re never gonna die! ❞
  • ❝ Is this a vore thing? ❞
  • ❝ I’ll do a hit! ❞
  • ❝ Maybe if I lie perfectly still people will think I’m already dead. ❞ 
  • ❝ Whatsup Captain Planet? This reboot got weird! ❞
  • ❝ How do I climb a volcano without getting killed a whole bunch of times? ❞
  • ❝ Does this volcano have stairs? ❞
  • ❝ I mean this was always going to never work. ❞
  • ❝ You look like a CGI mouthwash commercial. ❞
  • ❝ All those came from a name generator! ❞
  • ❝ I sure do miss having 30 people around to help do all my dumb shit. ❞
  • ❝ Just look at this dog! That is not even a good dog to get killed by! ❞
  • ❝ Cool look dude, can’t help but notice you’re ripping my style a little bit. ❞
  • ❝ Well, now this is going to be very bad and not fun. ❞
  • ❝ Would it make you feel better if there were two of me? ❞
  • Gunshoes, the best item added to any game ever! ❞
  • ❝ I haven’t been killed in a long time. ❞
From non-binary to gender critical

So, not many of you know this, but from about mid-2015 to early 2016 I identified as non-binary. Now there are a couple of reasons I did so.

1. Anorexia screwed with my hormones. When males are underweight (in my case 48kg at my lowest, with a Body Mass Index of 15), their testosterone level drops dramatically, which messes with the balance of testosterone and oestrogen in the male body. However, with still higher testosterone than a female body, it left me with something in between; not quite ‘female’ and not quite ‘male’ (even though I was, still am, and always will be very much male). It’s really, really hard to explain. However, this was about 5% of the reason.

2. The other 95% is because I felt I had to. The discourse around the LGBT+ community right now perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes. I, however, break societal norms as a gender non-conforming (GNC) man. For a boy like me - who loves flower crowns, flowers, dancing, baking, makeup and other traditionally ‘feminine’ things, and who is kind, gentle, curious, caring and loving, and who even looks ‘feminine’ - the label of ‘masculine’ doesn’t fit me. I didn’t fit the stereotype put forward by toxic masculinity, therefore I couldn’t be a ‘man’. So I turned to the LGBT+ community. What did I get? I got “No, you’re not a man, you must be non-binary!” To them, I didn’t fit the traditional gender stereotypes, therefore I wasn’t a man, and I could identify out of being one. Not only that, but I also have quite severe body dysmorphic disorder. People in the libfem and trans community told me that this is body dysphoria (it is not).

There is an immense amount of pressure put on GNC men and women (particularly on GNC lesbians and gay men) to identify out of being lesbians and gay men. Society can’t handle us, and apparently neither can our own community. How about that, our own community can’t handle a butch lesbian or a fem gay man, so they want us to identify out of it.

I could have identified as non-binary for the rest of my life, but I have my friend and radical feminism to thank for snapping me out of this delusion. My friend is a de-transitioned lesbian radical feminist, and she told me something I had trouble dealing with. Gender and gender stereotypes are bullshit. I am masculine because I’m a man. The notions of masculinity enforced by the patriarchy - and upheld by liberal feminism - don’t mean anything. My masculinity involves wearing makeup, dancing, baking, kindness, gentleness and everything that is me. She taught me that it is up to GNC men and women to reject the categories that society tries to force us into, to stand up and say no, we are masculine/feminine, nothing that anyone can say will ever take that away from us, and that traditional notions of masculinity and femininity are bullshit.

This really did help me, and it made me realise just how much liberal feminism has become a tool of the patriarchy to uphold oppressive gender stereotypes.

Not only this, but the whole ‘non-binary’ category allows people to attempt to identify out of privilege. You can be heterosexual, rich, white, male and masculine presenting, but if you decide to identify as non-binary, you suddenly become oppressed. 

There is no doubt in my mind that people, whether it be on a conscious or subconscious level, do this. How many times has a man (sorry, non-binary person) - who is heterosexual, white and masculine presenting - told you that he’s more oppressed than you on the basis of his gender? For the women out there, how many times has he said that you benefit from being women while he doesn’t benefit because he’s ‘non-binary’. It’s happened to me, and the man in question had a full beard and a man-bun.

The question is, if you have to continually keep telling people how oppressed you are, who are you really trying to convince?

I hope a GNC gay man or lesbian out there reads this. If you are one of these people reading this, I want you to know that you matter and you are valid. Your identity is yours, and don’t let anyone take that away from you.

hello again darlings.  its been a long time.  I am starting finals, beginning tomorrow, but i’ve missed this blog so much, my heart aches.  I hope you know how much I really value the writing I’ve done on here.  I believe I’ve made the statement before, but, for those who do not know, I will be working all summer as a camp counselor, week after week, which means I will not be able to be online, until school starts back up in September.

I’ve been absent mostly because of the craziness of my life currently.  Lots of homework, future job stuff coming into play, just planning out my career, and travel, and what not - but I hope to come back to this, or perhaps restart blogs, or delete everything.  Honestly, my tumblr future is unclear as of right now, but … yeah.


Truly I miss you guys.  How have you all been, honestly?  I’d be happy to hear from you, I just feel all nostalgic and sentimental atm.  Tell me about your day if you’re online!  (i’ll just be working on a paper!  hmu!)

I seriously think that they need to over think the jury next season.
There’s been so much drama this year because they keep making wrong decisions especially when it comes to the wind.

Andreas had shitty conditions when it came to his jump and yes, Stefan’s weren’t perfect either but Andi definitely drew the short straw.
There was nothing he could do with this conditions. He obviously did the best he could, even the commentators said it. With this conditions, this was the best thing he could do and I just think it’s unfair that the jury ignored the fact that they didn’t have nearly the same conditions.
Sorry, but it’s fucked up and the four hills all over again. And I’m so done.
That was one of the first thoughts I had after I saw Andi crying. I looked at my mother and said “this ended just like the four hills tournament” and she agreed.

It wouldn’t even have mattered because even if Andi wouldn’t have gotten to Stefan’s result, he still would have been second and it would’ve been okay but no, the jury fucked it up. Again.

And I’m not saying that Stefan doesn’t deserve this!
He clearly does, he did an amazing job. He’s an amazing athlete,
but I just wish that he final jumps would have been under fair conditions for both of them.. I can’t be happy for him right now. I just can’t.

I was honestly so shocked when it happened and the moment I saw Andi crying, there was no holding back for me. I was crying too and I still am. Andi deserves the world and after always being second behind Stefan I really really prayed for him to be first just once.
He would have deserved this so much.
And now being not even second but only third is so bitter. You could even see in this face that he just wanted to leave during flower ceremony. He kept his face blank but it said everything. He’s so strong and I’m so fucking proud of him!

My deepest respect to Kamil Stoch who’s such a wonderful human being, amazing role model and such an fair, respectful athlete that it makes me want to hug him so badly.
My mother and I honestly both teared up when Kamil said those words about Andi. I really do wish him the best and hope he’s able to win the world cup next week.

I’m also soooo damn proud of Domen Prevc and Karl Geiger, I can’t even find the right words for it.
Domen just improved his personal best three times the last two days and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s obvious how much he loves this and how much fun he has. Him smiling after coming down is the best thing ever. Also, people say that you notice how much fun he has because he’s walking through the athletes village with a huge smile on his face all the time.

Then Karl, oh my god Karl. I can’t say how bad I felt for him yesterday. He’s such a sweet cupcake and needs to be protected at all costs. After the jury fucked him over yesterday I only prayed for him that today would be good and it wasn’t good, it was freaking AMAZING.
Seeing him all happy and reliefed after he came down after his first jump made me so incredibly happy you have no idea because I wouldn’t have been able to bear it seeing him doubt himself. And then after the second jump, boy, no words needed. Sooo happy for him. He really needed this so push his ego and to finally realize that he is able to do this. Job well done Karl!

Kevin Bickner gave me a freaking heart attack people! I personally felt like he wanted a little too much in his second jump after both this incredible jumps before and that went wrong. I’m just glad nothing bad happened to him because I was really scared when he wasn’t able to prop up on his left arm. I really thought something was broken.. but gladly, he’s okay. Thanks god!

Also, Bine Norcic being so happy. He almost couldn’t believe what he saw! This time he didn’t dare to roll his eyes ;)

And of course, Noriaki Kasai. This man just rocks!

Also really happy for Jurij Tepes, Michael Hayboeck and Simon Ammann today. Still a little heartbroken that Markus Eisenbichler didn’t make it into the second round. And of course, my heart just is fully with Andreas Wellinger right now..


Overall, I’m just glad that raw air is finally over because it was unfair, the wind was annoying, the jury made bad decisions and it was so nerve wrecking.

What can I say, I won’t miss it. Nope. I won’t. I just wish it would’ve ended in a different way.



“This one’s on me. No pal of mine has to trade back.”




“We can still be pals… right? “


((That’s it for the Flora Ball with these two. They’ll be flying back home soon. Sorry if I wasn’t able to respond to all ball asks :’D I’d really like to get back to the usual business now.))

((cameos are @dailyomniandco‘s Addie and @dailytogekisslove‘s Athens))

Too Many Feelings Part 8

TSummary: You and Bucky never get along one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2045

Warnings: Fluffy. angst

PART1, PART 2 , PART 3, PART 4 , PART 5 , PART 6, PART 7

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After that kiss, you felt that everything changed between the two of you and you couldn’t complain about it. At first, nobody notice the little changes, how you two would appear for breakfast together almost every day, he would always be in your room just to watch movies and talk.

 Two weeks had passed, nobody seems to notice the stolen glances, the soft touches and you two disappearing at the same time. But people started to notice when he would bring you a cup of coffee or how you would braid his hair before every training.

 Right now you are on the monthly movie night in the tower; you are sitting in the middle of the two super soldiers with Bucky’s head on your shoulder. You are not even paying attention to the chick flick; you are watching Bucky watching the movie. He looked so cozy in your arms and intrigued by the movie.

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WTWF behind the scenes!

So a lot of thought went into making WTWF, and I thought it would be cool to show you guys some of the ideas and planning about the story that you might not know about :) Thank you again to everyone who took the time to read my fic and leave wonderful messages about it to me, you guys are the absolute best <3

  • WTWF was supposed to be a one-shot story originally! But then I realized all of the scenes in my head were going to be long so I ended up dividing it into chapters
  • the first title for this story was ‘Tasting Marigolds’ or ‘The Taste of Marigolds’. But I didn’t want to spoil Killua’s flower until the 5th chapter so I had to change that.
  • I didn’t come up with the idea for Killua’s flowers to be marigolds! Someone submitted this fanart and poem to me about the hanahki au before I had a plan for a full fic and I just kept the flower from there since the marigold meaning is so perfect
    • Marigolds represent despair and grief over the loss of love and the beauty and warmth of the rising sun, so its perfect for killugon!

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Scans - George and Olivia at the Venus and Mars party held by Paul, Linda and Wings aboard the Queen Mary II, docked in Long Beach, California, on 24 March 1975 (image two posted previously in full here).

Photos: Harry Benson

“There is no way of going around grief, I think it’s better to just go right through it. In fact, I probably torture myself a bit because I love listening to his voice, I love watching our home movies, I love listening to his music and reading about him. For half of my life, I heard his voice every day, so to not hear it is very strange.” - Olivia Harrison, The Telegraph, 2005

* * *

“Olivia [Harrison] says that, towards the end, when he [George Harrison] knew he was dying, her husband would comfort her by saying: ‘Olivia, you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.’ And is she?

‘Fine is OK, but it is not really good enough, is it? But George was right, I am fine and I am OK, although I will miss him until my dying day. But he walked his road and now I have to walk mine.’” - The Telegraph, 24 January 2005 [x]

also i am one week without drinking and i feel like everything is starting to feel better and it is the most exciting thing ever because it’s almost summer(!!!) and i wanna do healthy shit for myself so i can be the least amount of depressed or manic as possible so i think this is a good first step. the only really bad news in my life right now is that i might be allergic to potatoes 

my birthday is in a week and all i wanna do is jerk off and buy myself flowers and smoke spliffs alone at the canal