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Hullo Hullo friendo! I am wondering of an ask for the ut, us, and uf skelebros! Where the s/o has like this really huge family! Like a mom and a dad, three sisters, and five brothers! And the grandparents live with them to! To rule it all out the oldest sibling of the so is 43 years old! Thank you!

Hello friend :D  You are very welcome.  I’m going to assume that the family is fairly tolerant.

Sans:  Damn, that’s a lot of people.  He’ll do his best to remember all of their names but at family gatherings he’ll be leaning over to quietly ask who the heck he’s talking to often.  It doesn’t help that he isn’t exactly the best at placing human faces.  He’s an ambivert; he often spends time in crowds like Grillby’s, and has no problem performing stand up.  He just needs time to recharge after, and of course it’s easier some days than others.

Papyrus:  He loves it!  So many new potential friends!!  Papyrus is!!  Very excited!!  He is a 100% extrovert so he throws himself into your family with gusto.  Any kids love the heck out of him.  So does everybody else, which is relieving.  He really wanted them to like him!  “SO, DATEMATE, ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A FAMILY THIS LARGE!?  RIGHT NOW MY ONLY OTHER FAMILY IS SANS, WE’RE BEHIND, WE’VE GOT TO GET CRACKING!!”  Grandma goes ‘oh my’ and drops her knitting.

Red:  He is having a bad time.  So many people and all of them can fuck off.  He hates them, and they hate him, he’s sure of it.  Why is he even here?  Well because you want him to be, you specifically asked for him to be there, and the free grub obviously.  But he’s passing out as soon as you both get home.

Edge:  He immediately tries to assert himself, making it known that he is very great and superior!  This does not work very well.  However, for some reason, young children tend to love him.  The adults are not happy with this, and may request you not bring him to events any more so as to avoid being a bad influence,  Despite this, Edge actually likes the idea of a large family, though he isn’t saying it out loud any time soon.  The more members there are the higher the likelihood of forming a blood feud, and he’s always wanted one of those.

Blue:  Y E S.  Having a huge family has always been a dream of his!  This is heaven!  He desperately wants your family to like him, and subtly hints that if you’d like a large family like this one, since it’s what you’re used to and all, he wouldn’t mind.  Not at all.  He makes sure to spend time with the kids, gently playing with them.  He’s low-key showing off how mature and parental he can be.

Honey:  Oh shit he’s nervous.  He plays it cool, and everybody likes him well enough.  He’s very smooth after all.  The only way you can tell he’s uncomfortable is the fact that he’s taking a few more smoke breaks than is polite; he suppresses the urge to bounce his leg.  After every meeting with that huge family of yours he needs to take a bit to recharge, flopping face down on the bed and just laying there for a bit.

Bonus Black because I misread US as SF at first: Have you ever seen a cat slowly, deliberately, while making eye contact with you nudge a glass of water off of a table as some kind of display of dominance over you, glasses of water everywhere, and gravity itself? That is black’s approach to your family.  Why did you bring him?  Who thought this was a good idea?  Him and your entire family are essentially at war.

Bonus Bonus Puppy because heck I did everybody else I can’t leave him out like that:  He follows you around like, well, a Puppy.  Oh my god he’s so awkward.  If you leave him somewhere he’s gripping his cup tight, struggling not to growl, or be rude, slowly dying inside.  He wants a family one day maybe, but not one this big!  This is too many people.  He needs to take a walk.

Being Sebastian Stan girlfriend would include:

⚫Clingy Seb

⚫Cuddly Seb

⚫Sebastian showing you off on instagram

⚫” Isn’t she lovely” *insert cute picture*

⚫Listening to him speak romanian

⚫ Playing with his hair

⚫Him being a five years old child and you being the mom

⚫Having sarcastic banter every fucking day

⚫ “ I want a divorce.” “ Papers are filed. On your doorstep in the morning”

⚫ Little fights about random things

⚫Make up sex

⚫Sweet sex

⚫Scavenger hunt through the city for his birthday

⚫Workout couple goals

⚫Basic Goals

⚫Everything goals really

⚫You being supportive of his career

⚫Him being supportive of yours

⚫You actually make a bit more money than he does

⚫ “ I am such a gold digger”

⚫ “Sure thing, want the shoes matching that shirt ?”

⚫ “ You know me so well love”

⚫ Teasing about the whole Bucky/Winter Soldier

⚫ “ Imagine what sex would be like with the Winter Soldier though.. So rough”

⚫ “Stop it.. Or i might show you what rough looks like”

⚫ “ Oooh wouldn’t mind that..”

OKAY I MIGHT STOP THERE because that could turn out as a fanfiction and I am in class unrf

Reggie Mantle x Reader PART FOUR: THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

A/N: I really am loving doing this for you guys, hopefully you guys are liking it as well. I have so much fun writing these.

Words: 1128

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Summary: Flashback to camping trip b/w the reader and Reggie

Spoilers: N/A

Part One Part Two Part Three             Part Five Part Six


You and Reggie were finally going on your weekend camping trip, both 11 years old since your parents bailed on you guys when you were 10 for work differences and you both wanted both your families to go. You guys finally planned it three weeks before summer was over and didn’t tell your other friends since you both just wanted to be alone. Sadly Riley got sick and Reggie’s mom stayed behind, so Reggie’s dad decided to bail on the trip as well. Your parents decided to finally take you guys after plenty of begging from both you and Reggie. Although they rented a cabin, you and Reg wanted to really experience the woods, so you both decided to get a tent.

It was 4:30 pm on a Friday.

“(Y/N/N) hurry up!” Reggie yelled from the bottom of the stairs climbing up to hurry you up, as you grabbed your camping luggage.

“I’m going Reg!” You yelled back opening the door to your room, as Reg was about to knock and he grabbed your bag.

“Why’d you take so long?” Reggie questioned you as you both started to go down the stairs.

“I made my parents buy me “camping” clothes” you answered making quote signals with your fingers “But I just really wanted new flannels and shorts” you added on and Reggie chuckled as you made your way out the door.

Your dad put the bags in the trunk of truck, and you and Reggie climbed to the backseats.

The whole ride to the cabin, you and Reg played road trip games and your dad would tell jokes to make you and Reggie laugh. Your mom would say snippets of stories of when you were younger. As that died down Reggie got out his iPod and you shared headphones jamming to music until you reached your destination.

You couldn’t help but wonder what happened to these parents, to that bond, when did everything change?

It was now 7:00pm

You and Reggie had just knocked out a few minutes before, so you didn’t even realize when your mom moved you into the bed in the cabin while your father carried Reggie into the same bed.

You were still a bit conscious you heard your dad speak “Remember when they were lighter” and you lightly smiled, as your mother chuckled and you went into a deep sleep.

The next day.

“(Y/N/N), Reggie, wake up” You mom called as she opened the curtains so the sun could shine through the windows.

“Aww they look adorable” you heard your mom say to your father as they walked out to the kitchen. You opened your eyes with your arms wrapped around the young and sleepy Reggie and you smiled at how he looked like.

You sat up and spread your arms and shook Reggie “Hey Reginald! Reggie! Reg! Mantle! Mantle The Magnificent!” You laughed as you yelled and jumped on the bed to wake Reggie up.

“I’m up. I’m up” He finally spoke making fists with his hands rubbing them against his eyes as he yawned and you walked to the restroom to brush your teeth.

So much for enjoying the woods you thought to yourself and you grabbed your toothbrush let it rest under the water for a few seconds before you put on the toothpaste.

“So much for enjoying the woods, were living like a luxurious lumberjack” Reggie stated as he did the same to brush his teeth and you turned to him with wide eyes.

“What?! What’d I say?” He questioned you.

“You just… You literally just read my thoughts! My thoughts Reginald! I just said that to myself.” You exclaimed at Reggie with toothpaste trying to escape your mouth.

She was pretty, and careless to the fact she looked like a madman with toothpaste in her mouth Reggie thought not knowing he was staring at you for too long.

“Earth to Reg” you called out motioning your hands in front of his face and he blinked.

“Eh… Uh…” He coughed finishing up brushing his teeth and you grabbed a towel to clean your face “sorry” he added on.

You motioned him to leave the restroom and he stared at you confusingly.

“Well I gotta pee, are you gonna stand there or what?” You retorted sassily at him.

“Well what if I gotta pee?” He asked matching your sarcastic voice.

“You’re a dude, dude, go to the trees” You scoffed and he just chuckled out the restroom and closed the door for you.

The day went on, you guys hung out by the lake, swimming close to the grass as your mom got a tan and your dad was cooking on the grill.

After eating and your parents making you wait to get in the water, you and Reg hung out by the edge of the dock with your feet dangling in the air.

Your parents were hanging out in the cabin, checking on you guys every now and then through the window.

“Reg?” you spoke up as he turned to face you.

“Yeah (Y/N)?” He replied.

“We’re almost 12, we have more friends” Reg stared at you tentatively “Promise me we’ll always be friends” you put out your hand with your pinky out as he hugged your pinky with his and promised “Till infinity and beyond (Y/N/N).”

You both smiled as Reggie came closer and gave you a peck on your cheeks and you both blushed.

Later your dad announced you can jump in the water, so you and Reggie stood up grabbed each other by the hand and jumped in.

You and Reggie splashed the water on each other, and enjoyed the lake as your parents joined you both in the water.

At night your dad started a fire, and you all enjoyed s’mores and running around catching fireflies.

As you were becoming sleepy your mom motioned to you and Reggie that they had built the tent for your last night in the woods. You both ran in to see your sleeping bags and a lantern and spoke in sync “WHOA! COOL!” as you and Reggie fell into a sugar crash.

The next day as you were packing your things to go, you and Reg went on a walk near the cabin to finish soaking in the woods when he broke the silence.

“You know, Riley wasn’t really sick” He looked at you with sadness in his eyes “My parents just didn’t care, and didn’t want to come.”

You grabbed his hand “Well I care, and I will always be here” You vowed.

Until you reached a tree and Reggie carved your initials in a heart on the trunk.

You were so deep into the flashback you didn’t even notice Reggie started walking away to your house.

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He is fingering me
and I can’t cum.

He looks angry

like a pirate
who follows the map
but can’t find the treasure

I close my eyes like the books say;
imagine I am chasing nirvana
through sunny, green meadows
instead of squirming
above a 26-year-old’s sweaty bedsheets
with his mother in the next room

I once told a boy I’d never had an orgasm
but what I meant was, “I’ve never really felt

I don’t know if the problem is
up here
down there,
but if you say them real fast
they sorta sound the same,
less than five minutes later,
of our mouths
are exhausted.

He says,
“maybe you’re just not in the right mindset”

I reply,
“maybe you’re just not very good at oral”

I grab my sneakers and never speak to him again
(Sorry, Jack!)

I ask my gynecologist about it
(because that’s easier than asking my psychologist)
so she peers into me with flashlight-bright eyes

I am praying she sees
the beast in my body

One I’ve begged boys to taste,
tongues wet on my thighs

But she’s blind.

So I ask my psychiatrist

He says,
“maybe promiscuity is not a solution,
but a symptom”

So I call my insurance company
ask for a new doctor

Not that it matters;
I can’t hear them
over the sound
of my

—  “Anorgasmia And Orgasmia” by Kelly Blaus

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May I pretty please have some prompts about a single child whose imaginary friend isn't so imaginary. (I'm thinking on the darker pls) thank you!!

1) “You don’t get to kill me,” their once-friend said. “You don’t get to stop believing in me.”
I squeezed my eyes shut.
Not real. Not real. Not real.
“Now, you didn’t really think it was that easy, did you?”’ This time, the voice came from inside my head. “You’re not five years old anymore, closing your eyes doesn’t make the monsters go away.”

2) “You were my friend!”
“I am your friend.” It took the child’s hands. “And we’re going to be best friends and play together forever and ever. It will be so great!” The grip tightened. “You promised.
“I don’t want to be friends anymore, you’re mean.”
And its face changed and grew and grew and grew.

3) Don’t go near the kid at number 16 they said. Bad things happen to children who go near the kid at 16 - their shadow is too long. It will eat you up.

4) It seemed an age since she had last been back to the imaginary land they had created together. Forever land. The Fun House. The topsy turvy. Years since she had played there last. It looked different now. But she had to find the children who’d been stolen - it had only ever wanted her. But she wasn’t a child anymore.

5) It was amazing at first: everything he wished came true. His friend had all sorts of magic tricks. If he could believe hard enough, it could happen. His mum won the lottery, mean Bradley woke up with a toad tongue, he learnt to fly. Except, sometimes, he couldn’t quite remember where he went. What happened. Until one day nobody remembered who he was anymore, nobody saw him. And everything went dark.
“I don’t like this. I want to go home.”
“You can’t go home, silly. You’re not real anymore.”

6) “You’re not real.”
“Then you’re crazy,” their friend said. “Is that better? You know what they do to crazy people.

7) “Please,” their friend begged. “Don’t leave me here alone. The monster comes when you leave me.”

Olicity: Party Time

Prompt from @putthepromptsonpaper “Ten more minutes of this and I’m getting a vasectomy.”

“Ten more minutes of this and I’m getting a vasectomy.”

“Oliver, please stop being dramatic. This is supposed to be a nice day.”

“It’s supposed to be a five year old’s birthday party, but somewhere along the line it’s turned into a horror movie.”

“It’s not that bad.”

“These children are demons.”

“I think demons is a harsh word…”

“I’ve been bitten.”

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You ask me
when we are five years old–
“How long does it take
for a person to fall in love?”
And I wrinkle my nose,
and I shrug,
and I stick out my tongue.
Because that isn’t a question
I am interested
in answering.

You ask me
when we are ten years old–
“Do you think people
really fall in love?”
And I take your hand
and compliment your skirt
(though it’s identical to mine).
Because you shouldn’t have to worry
about your parents
when you’re a kid.

You ask me
when we are fifteen years old–
“Don’t I deserve
to fall in love?”
And tears stream down
a beautiful face,
as I brush back strands of soft hair.
Because of a boy who didn’t deserve
such a fiercely gentle
girl in his life.

You ask me
when we are eighteen years old–
“Do you think it’s fun,
to fall in love?”
And I smile, silent,
your side pressed against mine,
my heart warm, but pained.
Because of course, of course it is fun
but sometimes it is just
not yours to have.

You ask me
when we are twenty years old–
“When do you think
we’ll fall in love?”
And my chest is tight
and I say “I’ll let you know.”
And I am lying.
Because I did not tell you, because
you hadn’t fallen
in love yet.

You ask me
when we are thirty years old–
“How long did it take
for you to fall in love?”
And I smile,
as rain thrums steadily,
and your fingers are laced with mine.

And I say,“You asked me,
when we were five years old.”

—  a girl, falling in love.
I Don't Mess With Drugs- Derek Luh Imagine

Request: Can you do imagine, Derek’s “bad” drug user & one day he’s in cafe selling drugs. And y/n is waitress in that Café. Before that Derek is selling drugs to some unknown person. You’re coming take his order. And when his taking his order. He fall in love you in right way. And you like change his life. In bout one second. Because y/n can’t stand drug user. Sorry if this is so messy request.

Warnings: I don’t think you have anything to worry about ☺️

If there was one thing that I couldn’t stand more than rude customers, it was drugs. I mean weed, is barely an exception, like it’s right there on the border for me, but drugs like cocaine and heroine are a big no-no.

Just the whole concept of injecting and snorting things into your body for the feeling and destroying your insides simultaneously is just stupid.

Anyway, today is a slow day here at Starbucks. A new customer every five to ten minutes. My observation is confirmed accurate when a new customer walks in. His hair is messy, eyes are red, clothes ripped up, and smells like drugs.

Oh brother. He sits down at a table where a previous customer was already sitting and the begin to engage in a conversation. Drug boy whispers something to the guy and passes him a very suspicious brown bag.

Previous customer hands Drug Boy a couple twenty dollar bills and makes his way out of the cafe in a rushy fashion. Hey, they just did a drug deal right in the middle of the cafe.The barista next to me, Kathy, taps my shoulder and says,” Hey can you take his order for me? I got a couple coffee orders that I’m busy with.’‘

Where did all of these customers come from? Was I that intrigued with what that guy was doing?

With slight hesitation, I make my way over to Drug Boy and we make eye contact. Past those bloodshot red eyes are actually really pretty brown eyes, too bad he took drugs. “Hey, can I take your order?”

He didn’t respond. Did he not hear me? Is he too high to understand anything? He’s staring at me like I’m the first human being he’s ever seen. Okay, let’s try that again.

“You ready to order?” I ask again, trying to keep my patience. “Huh? Oh, yeah let me get a vanilla cappuccino, please?”

I write his order down and begin to walk back to my rightful spot behind the counter. He grabs my wrists and turns me around ever so gently. I quickly shake his arm off. I don’t know him. Who does he think he is grabbing onto me like that?

“Wait, can you sit down with me for a second, please?” Hell no. What is he about to do to me?

“Um, I’m sorry, I have to get back behind the counter, it’s kinda my job”. He grabs my arm again and pleads,”Please, this will only take a second”. Once again, shaking his arm off of mine, I look back at Kathy who seems to be doing a good job at handling the orders. I guess she doesn’t need me. I sit down on the chair opposite this boy, whose name I still haven’t learned yet and try to find out what he could possibly want out of my life.

“Oh, I’m Derek, by the way”. There we go, that’s his name. There’s a silence. He’s still staring at me like how a five year old boy would look at a pretty girl in his class. “Soooo, why am I sitting here?”, I break the silence.

“Oh yeah, I just really wanted to get to know you. You just give off this indescribable vibe. I’d like to explore you”, he says leaning back in his seat and studying my face for any rejecting signs.

“I’m sure you’d like to but, Derek, was it?” He nods. “Yeah, I don’t mess with drugs”. He throws his head back and laughs. His laugh was adorable. “You don’t mess with drugs?”, he says trying to confirm that, that’s what I had said.

“Precisely”, I say with a smile. I begin to get up to go back to my job, when he stops me again. “Who said I do drugs?”, he asks furrowing his eyebrows.

“It’s written all over you, babe”,I tease. His eyes light up at my meaningless nickname for him. “What if i told you that I’d stop taking drugs, for you to go on a date on me?”, he questions with a hopeful smile.

“You don’t even know me”,I say squinting my eyes at him. “That’s the whole point of a date isn’t it?” I roll my eyes. That was a good point.

I look to side and smirk to myself. I mean he had potential. He was cute. He had nice hair and pretty eyes. He just needed to stop taking drugs, and he just cleared up that problem. Okay.

“I’ll think about it”, I smile and walk back behind the counter and begin making his order.

A/N: Thank you guys so much for reading! This is the third imagine within the span of 7 days, oh my god you guys I’m gonna cry, lol. This was requested by adsku. I love you guys and I’ll talk to y’all later!

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Jealous Kaz Brekker XD


  • So one day Inej takes Kaz with her on one of her little seafaring journeys and they stop at this little seaside town in Ravka
  • And while Inej is like touring him around and telling him about different foods and stuff like that
  • Kaz notices that they’ve passed the same stall in this market twice and the young man sitting behind it won’t stop staring at her
  • And is Inej looking bACK????
  • Finally she decides to buy some food from this guy (who is around Kaz’s age and isn’t bad looking)
  • He introduces himself as Gavriil
  • Kaz decides that this is an ugly name and he doesn’t know why anybody would bestow that monstrosity upon their child
  • Kaz, of course, is Glaring and is holding his cane a bit too tight but Inej just ignores him because honestly sometimes he can be very dramatic
  • This Ravkan guy is totally flirting, rolling his sleeves up, running his hand through his hair, grinning with charm. This is classic male flirting.
  • Kaz has been around Jesper enough to recognize this immediately and it’s like little red flags have popped up in his head
  • He decides to watch what Inej is doing and while she isn’t diving too deep into the conversation she’s not exactly drawing away
  • Inej is smiling that smile that Kaz would literally die to look at and she laughs and he now is very irked
  • Kaz assumes that he would most likely be arrested by Ravkan authorities if he murders one of their citizens
  • But he is lowkey friends with their king and he has enough dirt on him for blackmail if that isn’t enough
  • Soooooo
  • Gavriil, who is really just an innocent boy in his late teens, notices the WAVES of hostility wafting off of this glowering guy dressed in black
  • “Is your friend alright?”
  • Inej turns to Kaz and just raises her eyebrows in slight distaste and Kaz makes an effort to tone down the Death In His Eyes
  • “Of course he is.”
  • Inej thanks Gavriil for the food and wisely steers Kaz away from the stall and back to the harbor
  • “What was that?”
  • “Nothing”
  • “Wait…are you jealous?”
  • “No.”
  • “You’re jealous!”
  • “I am not jealous!”
  • But Kaz is basically pouting like a five year old and Inej doesn’t know whether she should laugh or be somewhat angry
  • “I’m not allowed to talk to other boys?”
  • “Of course you are!”
  • “Then why are you jealous?!”
  • “I am not jealous!!!!!”
  • Every time he denies it the truth becomes more obvious and Inej just sighs a little because Oh Kaz
  • But after tense minutes of angrily eating lunch beside each other Kaz finally just looks at her and that is admittance enough
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • Inej has not heard Kaz say this genuinely in all the time she’s known him
  • “I know.”
  • But she still has to subtly smooth over his hurt ego and although Kaz doesn’t show it he’s eating it all up
  • Because that’s Kaz Brekker for you tbh
A Lovely Picnic

Ladybug and Chat Noir have a talk on a rooftop about their love life. Two days later, Adrien and Marinette go on a picnic. 

                Patrols were a strange thing. They’d started as training exercises, allowing Ladybug and Chat Noir to get used to their powers, and each other, without the danger of fighting an Akuma. Then it turned into making sure the city was safe, both from potential Akumas and occasional petty crime. They’d fought a good handful of late-night muggings.

               Most nights though, Ladybug and Chat Noir ended up just talking. As long as they didn’t use anyone’s real names, they could talk about anything. They’d help one another with personal lives, personal problems, playing an impartial vote. So it didn’t come as a surprise when Chat started up a conversation.

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It's Time We Take the Next Step

 Hello, Love bugs! 

Dan X Reader

Warnings- Fluff and swears because of Dan amirite?

I used my dog as a reference to this fic. His name is Scooter. He happens to be the little love of my life. He is as described in the fic for looks.The only different is that he is 14 turning 15 in April. I made a gif of him.

Hello, love bugs !! Dan x reader Hi so can you make a Dan x reader and in the fic the reader and Dan adopt a dog? And can you possibly have some fluff in it? Thanks!-anonymous.

“Dan, do you know what today is ?” You’re practically jumping up and down on the bed with excitement. You have been waiting for this day for months and it was finally here. 

“Is it the day you finally let me sleep in on a Thursday? If not then I’m not currently interested.” Dan rolls over to face away from you. It was already 9:30 am he had plenty time to sleep.

“Daniel Howell we can sleep when were dead today is the day! Today is the day we make a huge step in our relationship. We’re becoming parents today.

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Dirty Call

Got7 Yugyeom


gif not mine


I came home and my apartment was sadly empty since Yugyeom was away on tour. It has been around 3 weeks now and I missed him a little more everyday. It was Friday and usually Yugyeom and I went out for eat or just to walk hand in hand. But today it was cold outside and I couldn’t feel the warm of his arms around me. Even the shower felt cold. I was just  so depressed today. I was missing him more than usually maybe because I had a bad day. I dropped cafe on my shirt in the morning, I lost my keys, and my best friend cancelled our lunch because she was sick…. Anyway I was finally at home after a long day and could have some rest.

I was watching the TV lied on the couch when my phone ringed.

“Hi Y/N~” “Gyeomie !” I was suddenly really happy. “How are you princess ?” I sighed “I miss you too much so I will say that I am actually trying to survive” He laughed which made me smile like a five years old little girl. “I miss this laugh Yugyeom” “I know baby. I miss you too” “You are certainly too busy to think of me and miss me the way I miss you” “Don’t say such stupid thing with the beautiful mouth of yours Y/N. I can not stop thinking of you. So much that it’s confusing. Sometimes I can’t even be concentrated” I smirked “Oh really ?” “Yeah. It’s been too long now since I heard you moan my name” I blushed. “Remember when our movie night turned in a sex night on the couch ? I’m sure you do. I made you moan mine name so many time on this night baby”  Moments of our last night together crossed my mind and it was such a turn on hearing him talked about it as I reminded how much I loved his touch and the way he could make me cum just with his fingers… I could feel that I was getting wet as my heart beating faster. “You can touch yourself for me babygirl. I’m sure you’re already wet, ain’t you ?” “Yes I am Gyeomie.” I could feel that he smirked when he heard my answer. “And you may be hard if you want me like I want you right now” “Hearing your sexy voice say my name always make me hard baby” I bit my lips before telling his name in a moan. “God Y/N. I must take care of myself now. Let’s do it together baby, okay ?” “I thought you’d never ask” I said as I moved one of my hand under my short to caress myself. “What color is your panties ?” “I don’t have one” He chuckled “Bad girl” A soft moan left my lips as I was going faster “Yugyeom…” “You can insert one finger baby” I did and bit my lip by plaisure. “Go faster” “I did baby. This still ain’t good as feeling your mouth on it” His dirty talk drove me crazy, I was burning in desire for him and moan his name again. “I want to feel you in my pussy Yugyeom…” “I know Y/N. I missed the feeling of your walls tighten around my cock when you’re near to come. Just add a finger babygirl” I added one as he said. At this point I was a moaning mess I was getting closer as Yugyeom told me to go faster and added a third finger. I could hear that he also had a lot of pleasure by himself and hearing him just excited me more. “Yugyeom please…” I managed to say. “I know baby, me too. Come for me Y/N” My fingers trusted faster as I added pressure on my clit and I quickly came at the same time as Yugyeom did. “I should call you more at night honey. I love you, you and your moans” I laughed. “I love you too you dirty boyfriend”

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I don’t know how sold I am on Bae literally KILLING A MAN 

but I am very intrigued by the idea that fourteen year old Bae might have been put in a position where that darkness became attractive to him and Rumple had to protect him from that at the cost of his relationship with his son

and in turn I am Sure the darkness was able to work its way into Rumple because of that isolation

so the execution of that idea I’d give a five or six but the idea itself is really solid I gotta say. 

Because Rumple is nothing if not a parent who wants to make everything okay and safe and happy for his kids–and I think we saw that tonight in both the present and the past–and I was actually really moved by the fact that at the end we saw Rumple alone with that juxtaposed to Rumple who HAS someone to share that with. And I think that’s part of why he was so emotional: because this time there’s someone else there who is in the same position. 

And I’m a mess essentially. 

Hey.. It’s me.

I don’t think you still remember me, or even what we used to be. It’s okay, I don’t blame you. So.. How have you been these years? You’re in University now so I guess you are very busy. With work, meeting new friends, catching up with old friends and ofcourse, your girlfriend. It’s okay, don’t feel bad. I am happy for you and that you are happy. You are happy, right?
I am writing this letter, because I never have gotten the chance to tell you how I feel about you and even about us. See, we were so young. 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. We were friends for five years, but I think we really grew closer when we were both 14. Hey, do you still remember that day we went out to Mc Donald’s with our friends? Or that day I decided to take the long way home so we could talk a little more longer? Those were the fun times.
But soon I got too comfortable with you. You made me laugh and made me happy and I felt home. It was like I could be myself with you. My crazy self, my anxious self, all the hidden parts of me, I wanted to open up to you. But I couldn’t. I always hid myself, for as long as I could remember. I never wanted anyone to know what was really behind my mask. So it was like a war in my head. And you knew.
And you saw the mess that I am.
You saw parts of me that weren’t truly me and you saw what was behind this broken mask. I was like a puzzle made of thousand pieces. And I was hoping, you would solve it. But I never wanted you to find out how my soul fell in love with you. You were my safe haven, yeah, I guess you still are. I watched you, falling for other girls. I was rooting for you, because that is what friends do, right? But boy, I was praying and praying it would never work out between you and them. It made me feel so guilty, but it didn’t matter. By the time I could call you my best friend, I was already loving you in more ways than I know.
I watched silently from the sidelines, I always had. I don’t think you have even known that I was so in love with you. And yet, maybe you did notice it and chose to ignore it.
I know you’re not that kind of guy who would make a big deal out of it and that is what I loved so about you. I was the thunder and you the silent rain. You complete me, and fuck, if only I could describe how beautiful you are to me.
I am sorry this message is a mess, but I guess you never expected anything else from me. I love you and I think the whole purpose of this was to tell you I am in love with you. I love you and I miss you and I want you. My heart is aching for you but I can’t do anything because you are in love with her. You love her just like I love you and the thought of you loving her the way I love you, is enough for me to stop loving you.
But I am sorry, I just love you. I love you when we were 12 and I still love you. I know, it’s pathetic, it’s useless to love you but my heart chose you. But I accept it, and even if I don’t, it’s none of my business between you and her. But this is not about you and her, it’s about us. Only today, I want to talk about us. Let me at least tell you that I have been in love with you. You are the most, most, most, most beautiful human I have ever met and I thank Heaven for placing me on earth with you. I am so blessed and so happy and grateful for you. You are the most, most, most beautiful being in this whole Universe and I know you will never believe it and neither will I. I never thought I could adore someone this much.
And I know, you will never return these feelings for me and I know that even if we were still friends, you would’t fight for us. It was me who left you, because you wouldn’t stay anyways. The more I grew closer to you, the more I distanced myself away from you. Do you know how I hated myself for that? I had to leave you because the thought of you leaving me would crush my whole world. I would rather regret leaving you than to live with that pain in my heart. I am sorry for ruining our friendship like this, but at that time, I had no choice.
I know, you don’t even care about me anymore and I am happy at least one of us is moving on. I know, maybe one day, I will forget you but for now you are one of the most painful memories I bear in my heart.
It was never your fault and I know, it is not my fault either. I believe we were just a chapter in each other’s lives, but somehow, you became my whole story.
I hoped this message would be a goodbye but I don’t want to lie or hide anything anymore. This is a message to tell you that I love you and I fucking love you so much. And I still do. And I always will. Even if you forgot about me, it’s okay. You are happy and that’s enough for me. As long as you are happy and the empty parts in your heart are filled, I am happy. I am happy for you.

Sentence Prompts


1. Leave the number of the prompt with a character you want HERE

2. I will only write each prompt/character combination once!

Originally posted by innoc3nttt

1. “Everyone knows my job here is to look hot.”

2. “You look stunning if it isn’t obvious.”

3. "You see, unlike some other people, I don’t sleep with everyone I make eye contact with.“

4. "You make me smile so easily.”

5. “I must have said ‘I’m fine’ at least 37 times, and I didn’t mean it once, but no one noticed.”

6. “I hope you realize trying to keep your distance from me in no way lessens my attraction for you.“

7. “You tried to kill yourself?”

“I don’t think I was ever trying to kill myself, but I knew if I had gone too far, I wouldn’t care.”

8. “You think I’m crazy?”

“No, I think you have a lot of pain you’re not dealing with.”

9. “Are you sure you won’t get bored of me?  Are you sure you want to be with me when I’m old and smelly and I winkles in my skin?”

10. “You’re not going to starve yourself on Thanksgiving.”

11. “Does he know about the baby?”

12. “It’s six o'clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

13. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

14. “You look pretty hot in plaid.”

15. “There are plenty of people that love you.“

“Yeah? Like who?”


16. “Perhaps one day you’ll take me out one day - or do I have to make an appointment?”

17. “Babe, is everything okay?”

“Please I just…really need space right now.”

18. “Wow, we are screwed.”

“Really? What could possibly make you say that?”

19. “Remember that time when I asked for your opinion?”


“Yeah, neither do I.”

20. “I’m sorry. It’s just every time you open your mouth, you seem to get even more annoying. Does it take effort to do that?”

21. “If  your laptop and I were trapped in a house fire, and you only had enough time to save one, who would you save?…..Are you seriously having to think about this!?”

22. “Do you love me?”

“Depends on how much food you brought me.”

23. “Do you ever feel-”

“Can’t relate, I do not have feelings.”

24. “I have never done anything wrong, ever, in my life.”


“You’re supposed to say ‘I know this, and I love you

“Well, I do love you.”

25. "All I wanted was to be someones’ favorite person.”

26. “I only tolerate you because we’re related, you know.”

“Funny. I was about to say the same thing about you.”

27. “Oh god, what is that?”

“That’s my face, you jerk.”

28. “But you’re dead!”

“Obviously I got better.”

29. “He obviously died of natural causes.”

“There’s a stab wound!”

“A very natural stab wound.”

“It’s natural to die of stab wounds.”

30. “Do not try to limit the amount of carnage I can cause.“

31. “I used to be such a loser.”

“What do you mean used to?”

32. "I love my tiny human.”

33. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You could destroy the world and I’d still be by  your side.”

“I get what you mean, but honestly that’s just worrying.”

“I mean, I’d be there to kick your ass.”

“Much better.”

34. “I didn’t think anything could be worth nine months of that nonsense, but…well, you’ve got quite a smile, little one.“

35. “I’m pregnant.”

“What? How did that happen?”

“You were there, I assure you.”

36. “I’m useless to you now.”

“You’re a person, not a toaster. You don’t have to have a use.”

37. “Can I fight it?”


"How about that one?”

“This is a zoo. You can’t fight any of the animals.”

“Gladiators did.”

“You make Gladiators look tame.”

38. “If worst comes to worst, we’ll just have to break you out of jail.”

“I can hear you. You guys do remember that I’m a law enforcement official, right?”

39. “I literally saw you die.”

“You saw me die? That’s messed up.”

40. “You know, you’re not half as bad as I first though.”

“Aww that’s so sweet, you gettin’ soft on me?”

“Shut it, the word bad was still in the sentence.”

41. “Why won’t you just come out with us?”

“I’ve already told you, I’m tired.”

“Listen we’re all tired. I mean we’re in high school for gods sa-”

“No! You don’t get it! I’m exhausted! I’m so tired, I can’t sleep! You have no idea what it means to be tired, because you are not fighting with your own mind every single day of your life, trying to find any reason to actually get out of bed in the morning!”

42. “I feel like I’m really making a name for myself here.”

“Yeah, and the name is ‘Shooty McTriggerhappy.”

43. “You killed me!”

“You came back! I don’t see why you’re still making such a big deal out of it!”

44. “Was the glitter really necessary?“

“Not really,  but it added a nice flare to the explosions, don’t you think?

45. “Well that was overkill.”

“No. That was style, something you clearly lack.”

46. "Green means go, you ass!”

47. “Respect your elders, I’m seven months older than you so you have to respect me.“

48. “You know I’m going to win, right?”

“Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.”

49. "Listen, you motherfucker, you’re not getting me killed!”

50. “What’s the best thing that has ever happened, do you think, in this world?”

“You being born.”

51. “You’re fucking crazy!”

“Yes, I fucking am!”

52. “I don’t know who I am anymore.”

“That’s okay because I know who you are.”

53. “Don’t worry about me, I can handle myself.”

“But you don’t have to handle yourself alone.”

54. “I don’t think I can handle exceptions. I don’t want to let you down.”

“You’ve never let me down.”

55. “Since we’re getting married tomorrow, I figure I should thank you for whacking me in the face when we met.“

56. “Hey now, the middle finger isn’t going to make you less wrong.”

57. “I’m your daughter.”

58. “You will be back soon, right?”

“Don’t fucking touch me!”

“I waited and waited, but you never came back.”

59. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

60. “Oh my god. You’re in love with him/her.”

61. “Smart has five letters, but so does idiot.”

“I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

62. “You watched four seasons today?”

“Stop questioning my life choices!”

63. “I thought you were on a diet?”

“No, I actually told you to fuck off.”

64. “I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong, and don’t try lying to me.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong, okay? I’m just… really tired.”

65. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me attention.”

“C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”

66. “I am five hundred years too old for this shit.”

“And yet, you don’t look a day over two hundred.”

“Stop trying to butter me up.”

67. “You’re not a cry-baby. You’re not pathetic, you’re not worthless, unlovable, a liability, a burden, problematic, you’re not any of those things.”

“But…What if I am?”

68. “How did you two become best friends?”

“I punched him in the face and he gave me a high-five.”

69. “Jason Scott wouldn’t treat me like this.”

“”Well, Jason is a fictional character.”

“How dare you!”

70. “Where did you learn to fight like that?”

“Have you ever been to a concert?”

71. “I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened?  Why did we break up”

72. “Fuck you for toying with my emotions like that.”

73. “Somehow you don’t even have to open your mouth to make my head hurt.”

74. “I can’t believe you told them that I had ___ kink.”

75. “I only ever wanted to hear that you loved me.  Was I asking to much?”

76. “I’m done. I’m done trying so hard only for you to never even look in my direction.”

77. “I keep asking myself “why isn’t the sun bright anymore” but then I remember you’re not in my life anymore and realize it’s just my own eyes.”

78. “I can’t move on from something that wasn’t supposed to end!”

79. “I’m barely breathing.”

80. “If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, i can think of a few ways to make you shut up.”

81. “I’m not saying i want a threesome- but i wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

82. “Don’t call me princess, asshole.”

83. ”Do you like her?“

"She just makes me realize how much anger issues I actually have”

84. "You carry your father’s wedding ring with you, that bracelet is from your younger sister. But nothing from your mother.. why?”

85. “Baby, I will never stop trying to help you see your beauty.”

86. "Remembering how happy we were just makes the pain worse”

87. “You’re literally the spawn of Satan”

88. “Will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there’s nothing you can do that will change that”

89. "It’s just god punishing you because you’re a ginger.”

90. “We were best friends. Now you’re just somebody I use to hang out with.”

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Alone. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – No. Sometimes, I like to take a break from the requests and write my own thing. So I hope you guys enjoy this!

Prompt – You are dating Harrison, but you can’t help falling in love with Tom Holland.

Warning – May contain sad scenes. I don’t know how to write angst, but I’m pretty sure part of it is. Guys, I legit cried writing this because I don’t want this to ever happen to my two boys.

Words – 2,957.


Part 2. 

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Summon All the Courage You Require

I’ve been posting this on AO3 and figured I should post it on Tumblr

Chapter 1/?

Summary: Thomas hasn’t met his soulmate, and at the age of 24 that’s not exactly usual, but he already hated the person.

The word ‘fuckstick’ has been imprinted on his arm for his entire life because of them.

Soulmate + College + Modern AU (Can you tell I love au’s)

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drfm  asked:

Hi pilot, how ya doing? Think i can get several art prompts? Im about five pages in til this sketchbook is full n id like to draw something other than heads.

Im doing alright! I am always down for art prompts my broski

1) marinette designing and adrien watching her draw? Just some fluffy adrienette
2) fifteen year old master fu getting wayzz for the first time!!!! I really wanna see this
3) can i please see moroccan superhero designs? Pretty please?
4) a ninetailed fox!!! Or just a kitsune in general
5) a doodle of like a text box screen from a video game with a ml character. Like you know how in rpgs there will be a picture of a character on screen as their dialouge is displayed beneath them. Like adrien in medieval fantasy outfit with text like “Theres been monsters pouring out of the forest for days now” or maybe nino as a blacksmith giving a side quest

ML RPG is what im saying

Day 2: Prompt: Masterbation

Day two of the @tpthvegebulsmutfest

Lord…have mercy….

“Maybe we can do something else?” Tarble suggested reluctantly, running a hand over his short spiky locks.

Goku raised a brow, leaning against the brick pillar just outside the Ouji family home, “Like what exactly? I don’t really want to do anything that involves money; have to make this twenty bucks last me the rest of the week.” He shrugged, glancing over at the two girls sitting on the front lawn who were currently checking their phones.

Chi-chi glanced up aghast, pulling one earbud from her ear, “You promised you were going to take me out, Son-kun,” a dramatic pout formed on her lips.

Goku swallowed hard, shifting uncomfortably and nervously began to rub the back of his neck. Tarble lifted dark eyes slowly, grinning broadly as if he knew what Goku’s response would be, “Yeah, Chi-chi.”

The brunette grinning triumphantly, and turned her attention back to her phone. Bulma, Chi-chi’s friend, was not as interested in what Mr. Yin would be assigning in class for both she and Goku this coming week, nope, instead she focused on the conversation the two boys were currently having.

“What’s going on?” the blue haired teen asked, squinting her eyes and tilting her head to the side.

Goku chuckled softly, “Well, we were all going to head down to the park before it got dark to toss the football, but it seems Tarble’s brother took it back. We can always go down to the lake?” Goku suggest, honestly amused by it all.

Bulma whispered in Chi-chi’s ear and stood up, brushing dirt and grass from her bare knees. Walking straight up to Tarble she looked him in the eye, “What, you can’t go get the ball? Is your brother even home?” she asked, shrugging her shoulders and shifting her curious gaze toward the double door of the main entry way.

“He is at practice,” Tarble stammered, narrowing his eyes and growing rather frustrated that she was even suggesting such a thing.

“Oh my gosh, Tarble, it is a silly football. I’m just going to go get it.” Bulma then drifted up the steps and paused near the door.

Tarble shook his head, “Nope. Absolutely not,” His lips pursed, as he crossing his arms over his chest, “He will know.”

Narrowing her eyes and tracing her tongue across her teeth, Bulma offered Son-kun a questioning side glance, “What about you, Son-kun? You feel the same away about this situation or am I the only one who thinks it is ridiculous?”

Goku chuckled, “Nope, I just got back on Vegeta’s good side. It is really tiresome fighting with him so often. Besides, I start baseball in two weeks, I am not getting into a fight with him and risk throwing out my arm” His eyes creased happily, quite amused with it all.

Bulma pursed her lips, “Look, you both are babies. What is the worst your brother can possibly do?”

Tarble’s eyes widened, “You don’t know my brother do you?”

Bulma watched Tarble carefully and shook her head, “Oh my goodness, you both are too much!”

Tarble released an exasperated sigh, throwing up his hands in defeat, “I am not kidding around. You think you are so tough, be my guest. You go get the damn football. The last time I pissed him off I got a bloody nose and a black eye. I don’t want to piss Vegeta off.” He muttered, dropping down upon the front step and burying his face in his hands.

“You both want to play catch,” Bulma nodded, causing her high bun to bounce, “Fine, I’ll go get it, but Tarble you owe me a strawberry shake…this week. So, keep that in mind when I return with the golden goose.”

Nervously, the younger boy roughly rubbed a hand over his black locks, glancing up through his dark lashes and contemplated before nodding, “You get that football, sure, I’ll get you that shake.”

“Ok, then,” Bulma wiped her hands on her shorts

Both of the boys were coming off awfully pathetic, to be honest. Sure, Vegeta may not be the happiest or the easiest to deal with, she had heard plenty of stories, but it was a damned football, for kami sakes. So, if it had to be her who took the football from his room, then so be it. She was sure glad her sister wasn’t like Tarble’s, or there would have been mass war in the Brief home. Was Vegeta really that petty? He sounded like a five year old who didn’t understand the concept of sharing. She rolled her eyes, gripping the front door knob and entering without giving much thought to her actions. A few steps in, she paused and placed both hands on her hips.

Her pink lips puckered, and so she waited for the obvious, “So, are you going to tell me what room, or am I going to have to guess?”

“Up the stairs, second door on the left.” Tarble spoke into his palms.

“See you pussies in a few,” She winked.

“Vegeta is going to tear her apart,” Goku puffed his cheeks, slipping his hands deep into his pockets.

Tarble glanced up, sucked in a slow breath and nodded in agreement, “Yep.”

Chi-chi raised a brow and sat up from the ground in which she lay upon, “I’m not worried about Bulma.” she chuckled, putting her earbuds back in and resumed her music.

Goku hopped down the steps, setting himself beside Tarble, “Well, cool,” The older high school student replied, “at least we don’t have to plan around that anymore.”

His eyes widened and a soft curse fell from his lips, “Um, yeah, I think we do.”

“Bulma will get the ball, man.” Goku glanced over his shoulder, pointing a thumb toward the door.

“Yeah, but we have bigger problems.”

Goku’s brows knitted as he attempted to process what Tarble had just said. His dark eyes shifted in the direction Tarble was so focused on, noticing that the black camaro parked just a few paces from the driveway.  It was Vegeta’s car that had just pulled up. He was retrieving his baseball bag, flipping it up and over his shoulder and heading straight for the group.

“Oh shit,” Goku whispered.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly.” Tarble muttered without moving his lips.

Vegeta nodded at Goku, grinning softly, “What’s up Kakarot?” Vegeta paused, shuffling his bat and mitt under his arm. His muscled arm shot out, as he shifted in his stance to grip his younger brother’s head, snapping it back to look him in the eye, “What are you both doing loitering outside the house? You know dad doesn’t like that.”

Tarble grunted, roughly shoving his brother off, “Nothing, we were just about to leave.”

Vegeta scoffed and swiped a finger under his nose, “Alright, gotta take a shower before I head out. Don’t get into trouble.”

“Ass,” Tarble whispered under his breath, attempting to fix his tousled locks.

Vegeta opened the door, and shut it without giving the younger group a second thought.

“Fuck,” Tarble nearly shouted, “What do we do now?”

Goku shook his head and shrugged, “I don’t know. Every man..um..woman for themselves?”

Chi-chi’s lips dropped open, “Goku!”

Bulma slowly opened the door to Vegeta’s room. She stepped inside and allowed her eyes to scan the environment she stepped into. It smelled like a boy, that was for sure. Though, she didn’t need a nose to decide what sex occupied this space. The floor was a mess, covered in boxer shorts, jeans, socks, mud caked cleats, and…

What in the hell is that?

Her brows knitted in confusion. The blue haired girl’s lips dropped open slightly and nose crinkled as she leaned forward to get a better look at what she almost stepped on. Bulma then realized that she hadn’t seen it before because it was slightly covered by a sock. It was at that moment she decided that a hand was completely out of the question when investigating. Why was she investigating? Stepping over a heap of clothing, the blue haired teen extended her palm and gripped a pen laying casually on a cluttered dresser.  

Swallowing hard, Bulma leaned forward resuming her inspection. The tip of the pen prodded, capturing the white sleeve like object. Once eye level, she squealed out in disgust.

A fucking condom? That is absolutely disgusting!

It was most definitely used. Rushing to the nearest overflowing trashcan, Bulma disposed of all, including the pen.

“Oh my god, that is gross.” She whispered, flipping and swiping her hands dramatically over her bare thighs in attempts to reassure herself that nothing jumped from the flimsy piece of latex onto her skin. Based on all the clutter surrounding her, she was willing to bet nothing was safe to touch.

“Ok, if I were a football, where would I be?” She chuckled to herself, feel slightly insane, “Who knows in this room?” she said tossing her arms in the air.

Tip toeing to the edge of Vegeta’s bed, Bulma gripped the wooden post, looking into a bin that was home to a plethora of athletic balls, mainly baseballs. She reached in, pulling free a soccer ball, finding the football buried near the bottom of the wooden box. Grunting, Bulma’s midsection became pinched as she cupped the brown, oval shaped ball. Tripping over her shoe strings, the young woman slipped and fell back hard on her rear, cradling the football to her chest tightly.

“For god sakes,” Bulma whispered, followed by a string of colorful cursing. She sat for a moment, clenching her eyes tightly together as a wave of pain radiated up her tailbone.

Releasing a soft breath as the pain receded, she pressed her palm to the wooden floor, picking herself up and began to walk toward the door, but paused. Heavy footfall was coming up the stairs and directly toward her. Who was talking? Was that Goku? No, maybe that voice was Tar…?

Her blue eyes widened, “Oh shit,” it was that split second decision that lead her to the closet. Bulma quietly opened and shut it behind her, keeping a tight hold on the ball she cradled to her chest.

Eyes wide, and breathing somewhat heavy, she couldn’t help but clutch at her tank top as she felt her heart begin a harsh rhythm against her chest cavity. Swallowing hard and brushing her flyaway bangs from her eyes, she closed her blue orbs for a mere moment in order to slow her heavy breathing.

Oh god, Bulma, why did you have to pick the damn closet? I guess that was the only logical place,  but what if he discovers you? Crap!

She began to bounce in place, but paused like a deer in headlights as the senior pressed through his door, tossing his baseball gear to the floor, and dropping in a heap upon his bed to continue his phone call.   He wasn’t amused to be on the phone at all, and as he harshly spoke, Vegeta began to tear each shoe from his foot.

“Yeah, no, I will be heading out soon. Don’t wait for me,” Vegeta grunted, pulling off his sock and dropping his back against his sleep tousled single bed, “Yep, see you later.” With that Vegeta ended the call and dropped his phone into a jumble of clothing near the end of bed.

His hand cupped his face, rubbing his jaw. Bulma watched through a crack, attempting to keep her breathing slow and shallow.  He sat up abruptly and roughly removed his uniform top, followed by his white undershirt. This left his chest bare to her nervous, yet curious eyes. Tarble’s brother stood and began to maneuver his hands over the front of his white baseball pants, gripping the button and unzipping them without so much as removing them. As he slowly turned, Vegeta gave the blue haired woman an eye full of his rippling abs and the dark treasure trail that dipped just below his pants.

Bulma placed a hand over her mouth to keep her breath through her nose. Oh, but she was failing. It was as if her heart’s knob had been tampered with and it was raised a few speeds.

Please don’t take off your pants…

He swiftly stripped of his pants and briefs, turning just in time as the garments landed in a pile at his feet. He stepped out of the small mound of clothing, and moved to the edge of the bed. Bulma couldn’t help but peek through the small crack in his closet door to take in the shapely swells of his muscled backside. She swallowed, biting her cheek hard. Luckily for her, it looked like he was going to take a shower. It felt like ten tons had been lifted from her shoulders, as she finally had an out. Bulma felt like it had been in the damn closet for an eternity. Once he left,  she could make her escape before he got back.

Vegeta opened a drawer, pulling free a bottle and set it upon the bed. He dropped back down, but this time he was full frontal, offering her a full-frontal view of his body. Her lips dropped open as her eyes scanned the length of his well-built frame. His muscles rippled as he situated himself on the bed. Until now, which was hard to fathom, Bulma didn’t realize how handsome Vegeta was– not to mention, pretty well endowed as well. Though, she wouldn’t have been able to tell before. It wasn’t like she stared at the from of his baseball uniform on game days daydreaming about how package…hard?

Oh dear god… He was hard…

Bulma’s lips dropped open and her mouth went dry. Slow sliding to the cluttered floor of Vegeta’s closet, Bulma placed both hands on the tops of her thighs, clutching her palm into tight fists. It wasn’t the fact that he was completely nude that shocked her. Nope, what was keeping her from looking away was the fact that she was witnessing Tarble’s brother palming his growing cock.

Vegeta leaned back on the bed to prop himself against the wall, and then spread his thighs. He gripped the neck of the bottle and pumped clear liquid over the head of his cock and down the hardening shaft. He cupped the shaft, and stroking upward until his thumb caresses over his reddened tip. To her surprise, Vegeta sucked in his own soft breath as he concentrated on the rim, biting his lip as he stroked himself to attention.

Bulma placed a palm to the floor, shifting her weight slightly, getting a better view from one of the larger cracks near the side of the closet. His hand dipped low only a few times to toy with his sack, but remained loyal to the head and shaft. His head dropped back, jaw clenched and his pace quickened. Before long he was adding just a bit more of the liquid lubricant.

She felt so naughty, and wrong even for watching him in such an intimate setting. If she was halfway decent she wouldn’t even be watching as he fondled himself to completion. Never had she ever witnessed a boy, no, man do such a thing. There was something about the way his thighs and abdominals tensed as he caressed himself a certain way, or the how quickly he jerked himself. Oh god, even the short breaths he took in when it felt so good. Was it terrible that she wanted to taste the liquid seeping from the tip?

“Fuck,” Vegeta barked, sucking in a hiss through his teeth as he slowed his pace, gripping tighter.

Her womb instantly clenched, pooling with an unwanted wave of heat. As a response, she clenched her thighs together, biting her lip as she attempted to get her heavy breathing under control.


You need to look away, Bulma.

This is perverse…

Oh god… I like watching him touch himself…

Breathing through parted lips, Bulma watched intently as Vegeta began to strain and arch. His thick cock twitched and his muscled hips jerked up to meet each meaningful stroke given by his palm.

Another wave of desire flooded her womb, causing her nipples to harden and her panties to become soaked. Biting her lower lip, suppressing her own wanton groan, the blue haired teen slipped a curious palm between her own thighs, down the front of her newly unbuttoned shorts and into her lacy panties, finding her swollen clit and quickly began to stroke herself to the pace Tarble’s brother was sliding his palm over the head and shaft of his cock.

Short, quiet gasps began to escape her lips. Her womb tightened and her brow began to perspire as she rocked her hips in a slow rotation in order to find completion just as Vegeta was about to.

Grunts of passion were now coming from the older teen. His pace slowed, releasing soft gasps of pent up need, Vegeta barked out in pleasure, hot white streams of seed splashed free upon his chest and hand. His hips jerked forward with each white hot spurt coming from the head of his cock. Vegeta rolled his head against the wall, breathing heavy.

Bulma felt her own release beginning its descent. At the  moment of her delicious euphoria, she cupped her hand over her mouth, bit her palm and relentlessly rolled her hips against her fingertips, riding out her orgasm. As the stars faded from behind her eyes, Bulma dropped her palm from her mouth to the cool, hard floor and slowly regained control of her breathing. Her eyes wide; shocked by her own actions. She just couldn’t believe she came to Tarble’s brother…touching himself….

I cannot believe…I just did that…

Slowly raising her gaze, Vegeta was wiping the sweat from his brow. He took a few steps forward, collecting his boxer briefs and pulling them up and over his hips. He ran a hand through his hair and  made his way to his closed bedroom door, leaving her alone in his room.

Licking her lips, buttoning her shorts and attempting to gain control of her shaky legs, Bulma finally stood. Given the amount of time that Tarble’s brother had been absent, she was willing to bet he had made his way to the shower, which was exactly what she needed.

Pushing open the door, gripping the football and rushing to the steps, not once looking back, Bulma made it to the front door. Her friends were grouped near the garage, talking in hushed voices.

Goku was the first to notice her, “There she is,” he pointed.

Tarble was chewing his thumb, and once their eyes met he grinned upon seeing the football, “You got it! Took you long enough.”

Bulma growled, throwing the ball as hard as she could, hitting him directly in the face. He stumbled back, narrowing his eyes and began to shout at her, “What the hell, Bulma?”

“Don’t you ‘what the hell’ me. There is your stupid football. Have fun playing your game, oh and you owe me a strawberry shake once a week, for the rest of the damn year for what I had to go through in order to get that damn thing.” She hissed directly in his face, before upturning her nose and walking in the direction of the sidewalk.

“Where are you going?”Chi-chi called.



Bulma raised a palm, flipping the group the bird as she disappeared down the sidewalk.

“I wonder what she saw?” Chi-chi tilted her head to the side.

Tarble shrugged, “Who knows.”

“Sheesh, she sure is an angry one.” Goku whistled.

“Mhm,” Tarble shrugged.