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The time she should have been careful of their devilish smirk.

Klaus Mikaelson hated to be dragged to do something he didn’t want. And his sister mysteriously managed to do just that. He just couldn’t resist her puppy eyes.

But forcinghim to go to a blind date was the last thing he thought she meant when she said‘he needed to see other people now’. Yes, Tatia left him, after cheating on him with his own brother. Their marriage was on the way down since the twins’ birth and they weren’t happy together. It was hard, but it has been a year.

But how could she possibly think that this girl could interest him? The brunette in front of him suddenly snorted with a laugh, talking how she ‘didn’t do teen drama’. This girl was awfully boring. He tried everything to be into the discussion: talking about books, paintings, movies, television, he even tried to talk about Jersey Shore, but nothing! She only liked to talk about herself. If he didn’t want to stab himself with a fork until now, he was ready for this fate when she touched his leg with her foot.

He sipped a drink of his wine before grabbing a bite of his risotto, nodding to whatever story she was talking, something about hybrids.

This date couldn’t have been worst, especially since at the bar of the restaurant, a group of girls chose this date to apparently celebrate someone’s birthday. They were laughing, drinking, and just being very loud. So he had to support the girl in front of him, but he had to make a double effort to try to hear what she was saying in case she asked any questions.

He hated noise, he had to deal with it every day when he was with his kids - don’t get him wrong he love them deeply, but adventure time theme song is enough to break his nerves. He had enough, he wanted a good time tonight, maybe fuck the girl and go back to sleep and to his children, hopefully already asleep.

When the brunette – what was her name again? Ellie? – went to the bathroom to ‘powder her nose’ in a ridiculous attempt to stay classy, she thought he had enough and will ask the girls to lower the volume down.

He approached them at the bar and tapped the loudest girl’s shoulder. “Excuse me”

The girl with long brown and curly hair turned around and checked him out, head to toes. After a really masculine whistling she said “Girls don’t tell me you brought male strippers.”

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