i am really excited to see the movie

Okay guys. I’m gonna be real with you for a sec. The Captain Underpants movie is coming out in June, and y'all in the LGBT community and those who support it should totally make sure you watch it!! The movie is based off a 12-book series. In the last book, one of the protagonists, Harold, is revealed to be gay. This is super huge for an elementary series of kids books!!

The movie coming out is based on the first four books (that I’m aware of), and if it does well, Dreamworks will probably finish making the series. It would be so important to have that sort of representation for young LGBT kids seeing this movie!! I’ve rarely seen movies where kids are revealed to be LGBT, and that would be such a huge stepping stone!

Anyway!! This movie looks really fun and exciting on top of having the two protagonists that are minorities (Harold’s best friend George is black, and both boys have AHHD). So support it if you can!!

High☆Speed Free! Starting Days Event Report

The High☆Speed Free! Starting Days event was held at the Ryogoku Kokukigan Sumo Wrestling arena, the exact same location where the Free! Eternal Summer event two years ago was held. The biggest announcements of the event were the three planned Free! continuation movies:

1) Free! Timeless Medley ~絆 Bonds~
This will be a compilation of scenes from Free! Eternal Summer as well as new scenes relating to Makoto, Haruka, Rei, and Nagisa

2) Free! Timeless Medley ~約束 Promises~
This will be a compilation of scenes from Free! Eternal Summer as well as new scenes relating to Sousuke and Rin’s promise to him

3) Free! Take Your Marks
This will be a completely new full-length feature film following Haruka after he graduates from High School

For those interested in what happened during the Afternoon event, here’s a detailed report, so enjoy~

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Okay, I need to rant, but it’s important

A lot of people are most likely going to disagree, but at this point, I don’t care. Basically, people are boycotting Disney because of LeFou being gay. Half are boycotting because they are homophobic dickwads, and I needn’t bother with them at this moment. However, it’s the other half I have to address. They are the LGBTQ+ who feel that Disney is degrading the community by making the gay character the comedic relief/ villain. However, in the midst of this boycott, people seem to have forgotten a key point- the cast. 

Okay, for starters. Do people not realize who the cast is? Ian McKellen, who plays Cosworth- fierce gay activist and, yes, a homosexual himself. Luke Evans, Gaston- also openly gay. Audra McDonald, aka the queen, is a freaking gay icon and is strongly in support of same-sex equality rights. Emma Watson has also expressed support for equal marriage rights. Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci have both portrayed homosexual and/ or bisexual roles. Howard Ashman, who wrote the freaking lyrics for Beauty and the Beast is gay. Bill Conon, the director of the movie, is gay. Do people seriously think that a cast of actors and production like that would let a negative LGBTQ+ moment be portrayed in the film? Yeah, I don’t think so either. And, like usual, everything is being overblown out of proportion. When asked about the ‘gay moment’ in the film, Bill Condon revealed that it was hardly even that. Basically, it’s briefly flirting between LeFou to Gaston, and for a moment, he is shown at the end dancing with a man. You guys. This is not the movie making fun of or degrading LGBTQ+ people. It is not Disney inaccurately representing our community. It’s a brief moment, and it really should not be this big of a deal.
So, everyone should pretty much get over how big of a deal this was, and get on with their lives. I, for one, will very obviously still be seeing this movie, and am really freaking excited. 

I hope this can persuade some people, but at least I tried to get my point across. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the movie comes out and see.

Shut up and kiss me - Auston Matthews

A/N: HIIII! This one is a request by my bb @itsall-aboutthat. I’ve enjoyed writing this waaaay too much and I hope you like it. I might start taking requests, who knows…

Word Count: 1130

Warnings: Mild swearing.

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“What do you want to do today?” Auston asks from behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist on a tight embrace.

“I’ve never been in Toronto before, we should go and explore the city” I answer while pouring more pancake batter on the pan. I’ve probably made a hundred pancakes by now, but the pile wasn’t growing since Auston kept stealing them from the plate and eating them with his fingers.

We have been dating for two years now, but you won’t deny that living so far from each other makes things quite hard sometimes. You trust him and he trusts you, but it is hard not to get jealous when models threw themselves at him all the time and you are an average girl from Michigan. It is the first time that I have gone to Toronto to visit him and I am beyond excited about it.

“Do you really want to go out?” He pouts and I can tell that all he wants is to stay at home and just cuddle and watch movies and be couch potatoes. Not happening “it is cold out and it might rain and…”

“Stop whining, Papi” I scowl him and he frowns; only his mom can call him Papi. “I really want to see the city. Your apartment is nice, but I want to see what Canada has to offer”

He rolls his eyes and I know I have won; we are going out. We get ready, Auston still whining while we walk to his car.

“We can go back, it isn’t too late” he says before getting in the driver’s seat.

“Auston, drive and don’t stop until we are Downtown” I glare at him and he stares at my face, trying to figure out if I’m kidding or not. I am not. He sighs and starts driving.

As soon as we are on the highway he links his hand with mine and rests them on my thigh, eyes on the road. I take my time to study his face while he is focus on the icy road; he is still the same Auston, but I can tell he is more of a man than he was six months ago when he left to Toronto. His jaw is slightly more squared, his hair is longer but better styled, his cheekbones more prominent… and yet again he is still Auston.

“Why do you keep staring at me?” he asks, squishing my hand lightly and I blush. Ugh, busted.

“You are just too handsome” I answer sincerely and he turns his face, gifting me with a smile that makes my knees weak.

“I needed to keep up with my girlfriend or some bastard may try to take her away from me” and I frown.

“Never going to happen”

“I hope so” he looks at my eyes for a second and brings my hand to his lips and kisses my knuckles. Ugh, he knows how to make me go insane “we are here”

He parks the car on a private parking lot and we walk out, hand on hand. Toronto is prettier than I expected. It has a New York vibe but much more chilled and I enjoy walking around surrounded by tall buildings.

“Ugh, I think I’m in love” I declare as we sit in a restaurant after walking and shopping for a couple hours. What can I say? I couldn’t hold myself and Auston was there to hold my bags for once.

“I thought you had fell for me long time ago” he raises an eyebrow and I laugh at him.

“With the city, dum-dum” and now he gives me a major side eye “I’ve been in love with you for two years” as I run a finger all over his hand and arm.

“Good to know” he smiles and I do the same. Ugh, we are so cheesy.

We get our food and we eat as we talk, or I talk and he listens, or more like I talk and he is completely zoned out. He has always been on the quiet side of the spectrum, but normally he is a good listener. I frown, but he doesn’t notice it and I decide to just let it go. He pays the tab and I whisper a thank you. Everything was going so well and now we are on an uncomfortable silence, walking around the city.

“Want to go up there?” he asks and I snap out of my thoughts, following his gaze to the CN tower.

I nod, but I don’t say anything as we walk to base of the needle looking building and get inside. It is warm and I let out a content sigh when the warmth hits my face. Auston buys a couple tickets and I give him a dirty look, it is my time to pay, but he just waves it off and puts his hand on the small of my back and pushes me to the elevators. The ride up is suffocating, neither of us talks and the tension between us is palpable, you literally run off as the elevator doors open. And then you see it, the whole city at your feet. The sight is breathtaking and you can’t help it to turn around, looking for Auston so you can share the experience, but he is on front of the elevator, looking at his feet.

“Ok, I’m done with this” You whisper and walk towards him “what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you acting up so weird? What the fuck happ…”

“Move here with me” he blurts out and I stop talking.


“Move here with me. Come live with me. You love the city, you like my friends, you love me…”

“Yes” I say, biting my lower lip.

“You can find a job, or not, I make enough money for bo…Wait, what?”

“I said yes, Auston. I’d love to live with you. I’d love to wake to you each morning. I’d love to make you pancakes every morning” I smile as he wraps his arms around my waist and spins me around.

When he puts me down I grab his hand and walk with him to the glass. The Sun is going down and the sky is tinted with reds, pinks and oranges.

“This is so beautiful” I whisper, leaning against him.

“Not as beautiful as you” he puts his arm around my shoulders and squishes my frame against his much bigger body “hey, I’m so sorry. I was an asshole and…”

“Shh, shut up and kiss me”

And he does, and my knees go weak, and my heart flutters, and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to get to call him mine.

Arsonist’s Lullaby [5]

Summary: You’re a pyrokinetic being sought after by both Hydra and the Avengers. What will become of you?

Bucky Barnes X enhanced!Reader

Word Count: 1134

Warnings: None

A/N: Finally part 5!! I hope it’s alright! Feedback would be 100% appreciated. Thank you all for reading and sticking with me xo

Catch up here

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Tangled Before Ever After: my thoughts in bullet points

- Help I can’t get over how cute it is every time Eugene calls Rapunzel “sunshine”
- I know Lady Caine is a villain but?? I love her?? She’s so badass?? And pretty??
- these things were probably confirmed prior to last night but it was so nice hearing them call the kingdom Corona and the king and queen Fred (lol) and Arianna
- Raps
- they dealt with Eugene and Rapunzel’s relationship so well!! Personally I didn’t even realize that Eugene was making the whole thing about him and what he wanted until Cass pointed it out
- ngl I was having fun but I didn’t get really excited about the movie until the last 10 minutes when my girl Punz decided that she’d had enough and just wHIPPED OUT HER HAIR I LOVE HER SO MUCH
- if I could change it now my senior quote would be “plus est en vous”
- Eugene’s rant when he sees Rapunzel’s hair like how does that man just not breathe
- “HIDE. YOUR. HAIR. WOMAN.” (+ glad he said “woman” that made me happy)
- I am going to spend the weekend memorizing the lyrics to Wind in my Hair & Life After Happily Ever After I already bought both singles

This is so much longer than I was expecting I’m sorry

A Different Story || Peter Parker x Reader

[prompt: the main character of your story falls in love with someone they were not originally supposed to be with.]

{summary: being a fan of spiderman since he was a child, Dirk Richardson is over the moon when he finds a rather thick copy of a spiderman comic simply titled ‘homecoming’ at his local comic book store.

knowing that the movie would release during the summer, he purchases the comic and is confident that he would know the plotline to the movie before anyone else.

little does he know, this comic is a tad bit different when Peter Parker seems to have a mind of his own and focuses his attention on a girl who goes by the name [Full Name]}

this story is going to be SO META. It’s something I’ve always wanted to write this when I had first seen that prompt on Reddit’s Writing Prompt subreddit. Despite the confusing summary, it will all make sense once you all read this story, I promise 。゚(TヮT)゚。

dedicated to @siqnificance, bc mina is bae and I love her so much.

OC Mention: Dirk Richardson, an avid spiderman fan who is the narrator of this story.

warnings: none

legend: parts beginning in bold indicate Dirk’s POV.| parts beginning with italics indicates Peter’s POV.

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!**


Out of all of my superhero biases, I gotta say that my absolute favorite has to be Spider-Man.

Being an average dude of average build myself sporting dark brown hair and plain grey eyes, I could relate to Peter Parker on so many levels. Here, we are given this absolute nerd who’s just trying to survive high school. Through some twist of fate, he gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gets all of these awesome abilities.

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I am 95% supremely happy and excited for the Last Jedi and 5% annoyed that I am actually going to have to sit down and write my own Obi-Wan and Ahsoka Wild West adventures on Tatooine long-form fic this summer since I don’t feel like we’re getting the rumored Obi-Wan movie at this point and I can’t get the idea out of my head. Do what you want to see in the world, right?

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Favorite Things-chapter 6

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max can’t handle his emotions and feelings after his successful date with Avonlea. So he deals the only way he can…by creeping on her.

Warnings- Voyeurism, Non-Con, Masturbation

Word Count-1.6k not very long sorry.

Author’s Note- Yeah…not gonna apologize. Max is crossing some lines. Also, I am really confused as to the layout of the apartment. I thought I knew what it looked like. I have poor spatial skills, and the more I watch the movie the more confused I get. Lol. So…I’m going to be really vague about the layout of the apartment. Sorry? But I am pretty sure y’all aren’t here for the architecture. I’m also giving her a water closet so that she can go to the bathroom without him seeing because the thought of him watching in while she does her business is horrifying to me. Still not beta’d and there’s probably a lot of typos because I was super excited to post because I know y’all have been waiting for forever.

Tag List- @ali-pennell @stone-met @warriorqueen1991 @sherrybaby14 @daintyunicorn @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @ladylorelitany @melodicdolls @ninjacuddlepile  @neganscatleesi @thatwriterizzy @sassyfiedscribbles @ashzombie13 @wadeyourbarelyalive @starshinesupergirl @adayinmymeadow @astrangegirlsmind @vendekk @negan–is–god @toxic-ink @theatricalbride @myheart4ever47 @xdaddy-neganx @jeffreydeanmorganrarechar @autumnjade22 @badsongwinchester

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Sitting in his room, Max ran his fingertips across his lips. They still tingled from her kisses. He felt his lips stretch into one of the most genuine smiles he’d felt in a long time. He couldn’t remember ever feeling this way. Happy.

God, he wanted her. He could have had her, but it was too soon. He didn’t want her to regret anything they did. He knew the waiting and anticipation would draw her to him. But he couldn’t wait. He had to know how she felt about him. He had to see her again.

He made his way through the dark passages easily and quietly. Would she call her mom? Did she have a good time? Did his kiss mean as much as hers? Did she wish it had never ended? Was she thinking of him? Was she imagining what could have happened?

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you know i have this strange feeling and it really bothers me. i am very excited to see new kingsman movie and i am very afraid of it. i am afraid to be disappointed. although i respect all the ships and i will not send hate to anyone i will be really sad if eggsy will be with princess or anyone else. i am afraid to be dissatisfied after the scene when eggsy meets harry (if there will be one). i am afraid that hartwin will ne ruined somehow. i am afraid that something with roxy and merlin will happen. or that harry will be given love interest.
maybe i overreact but this is the first movie that got me THIS much. i love every single character of it, i love hartwin with all my fucking heart and i so do not want to be disappointed in new movie.

How the masterpost thing works:

Okay, so I’m really sorry to those of you who were expecting an art update, but I hope that a concrete schedule is alright! It means that I’m close enough to finishing the stuff that I can announce posting dates.

I’ve been using the Masterpost system for big ongoing AUs for several fandoms now, and I like it for several reasons.

First, every post I make for the AU here on out will link to the Masterpost. This makes it so that regardless of when they were posted, it should be easy to find the next post. As you may know, when you reblog a post, if I edit it later, my edits do not show on reblogs that have happened before. This becomes a bit painful when I have chapter 1, then post chapter 2 a few weeks later, but most versions of chapter 1 floating around will not have the link to chapter 2.

Second, because all of the links are beneath a cut, you are automatically rerouted to my blog when you click beneath. This means that you will always see the most updated version of the Masterpost with all new links/update schedule dates, even if you are seeing a reblog of it.

I hope these make the Masterpost a useful tool for you in tracking updates! I’ll prioritize updating it first before all my other Masterposts ^ ^

Anyway, now you know what to expect! :D I’m hoping to do a few more illustration/movie poster-esque ads throughout this week, but it depends on how far along I can get on the prologue!

I’ve been working on this for so long I feel sorta disconnected, but I really hope you guys are excited for this as I am! Thanks for your patience! ;A;

I got to drag the PJO film adaptations for credit.

Granted, I wrote it at 1am after a full day and no sleep the night before, but I believe it’s a fine piece of cutting critique. Also I think I called Rick Riordan a lizard person. If you, like me, enjoy getting salty about inconsequential things, you should probably check it out.

How is it possible to take something so straight-forward and bunk it up so badly? Rick Riordan handed them a fully-fleshed out movie script bound in novel-form and they used it to prop up the wobbly table that they redrafted the story on. (Cont.)

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EXO reacting to you getting a lead role in a movie

Suho: “I am so happy for you, jagi!…but please tell me there will be no kissing scenes…or nudes”

Originally posted by suhomysuho

Chanyeol: “AKSJDAKSDGKSJHDGAJH OMG IM SO EXCITED” *spins you around before leaving kisses all over your face*

Originally posted by yeolhighness

Baekhyun: “Yaaaaayyy I will get to see you dressed as a princess!”

Originally posted by snapbaeks

Chen: “Nooooo waaaaay! I am singing the title song for that movie BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT, we need to celebrate this!”

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

Xiumin: “Really!? awwee I am so happy your dreams are coming true so fast, my future oscar winner”

Originally posted by addtidathida

Lay: “I knew Jackie Chan was going to cast you! I knew it! Come here baobei *he hugs you* I am so proud of you I can’t wait to see you on the big screen!”

Originally posted by fvck-kai

D.O: “What?! we’ll be in a movie together!” *gets all squishy but is dying of excitement*

Originally posted by smileysoo

Kai: “Wait…they chose you to play the lead?! omg this is amazing, congratulations Y/N! Let’s go eat some chicken to celebrate!!”

Originally posted by blondejongin

Sehun: “ARE YOU FOR REAL!? *gets up from his seat to hug you* I’m so happy for you! I can’t believe we will be the lead couple for the movie!”

Originally posted by sebaeked

No but forreal, I’m super super excited to see this movie in December.

Rey training under Luke

Like denouncing the Jedi order and possible Grey Jedi teachings


Any Reylo connections via The Force??? (and no, I’m not necessarily talking romantic or maybe even platonic but dear God I am hoping)

Rey Kenobi??????? Please??????????????

And FinnRose??? Sweet beautiful lovely Rose??? Finn and Rose finding a connection (although I am still very much a FinnPoe shipper) I just really want to see FinnRose okay

anonymous asked:

I just want it to be the fifteenth of December so I can go watch Star Wars... And see the beginning of Rey and Kylo's relationship.

Yes. I am not thrilled with waiting so long but very excited about TLJ plot at the same time. Interesting things are bound to happen for reylo. Exploring mysterius connection between Kylo and Rey for starters and where it could lead (empathy/humanity/redemption/belonging).

I wasn’t this hyped for TFA as I am for this movie. That wonderful teaser (and it’s theme Light/Dark bringing balance to the Force) and reylo friendly poster really hightened my expectations. Looking forward for the premiere, till then spoilers and reylo fam will keep me alive.

P.S. Can’t wait for more footage with Kylo’s scar :)

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I believe I’ve mentioned this, but I straight up am only even slightly interested in AA for Dylan. Like action movies ain’t my thing, and this one seems…idk we’ll see if my opinion changes. But I just thought maybe y'all should know and don’t mistakenly think I’m really excited about the movie itself, because I’m not, and talking to me about things outside of Dylan in the movie will end up being a very boring conversation.


new preview clip from lok book 2 movie, the title of which i have decided but am not announcing yet!

it’s the tonraq/unalaq flashback, which in the episode was originally a very slow 3 ½ minutes, which i have cut down here to 1 exciting minute. i’m also seeing how far i can push the dramatic fire lighting


So there was a premier for the new Guardians of the Galaxy last night and that’s a nice surprise!  It kind of snuck up on me, I didn’t realize it was out so soon.  I haven’t even had time to get excited about it.  I would say I am not excited at all really but that sounds wrong.  I know it will be great, I think my mind has been so preoccupied by other things that I just haven’t had time to get excited.  I am pretty sure the two week of press assaults about this will change all that around though and by May 5th I’ll be desperate to see the movie.  Oh marketing, you own us all deep down.  Anyway, I am posting Karen Gillan cause I almost always do when she shows up somewhere.  I love her. She is just a bundle of charm and talent and beauty and I think it’s a crime the world doesn’t get more of her.  In some form.  I mean, I am not really particular as to what form (I have to say, Selfie was probably the best we were going to get and the show was a riot but the world didn’t watch it. Maybe we don’t deserve her).  As proof of how much I want more of her I will point out I posted her after she wore that yellow thing last night which is pretty unexciting.  I mean, I like her shoes, those are pretty sharp but the rest is so what.  But it doesn’t matter cause she showed up and that’s basically enough for me.  She is just great and so today I want to fuck Karen Gillan.

anonymous asked:

So, someone got to see the American Assassin screening today... According to official sources, there were 200-300 people attending the event and they all praised Dylan's performance. Everyone who saw the screening says Dylan's acting is incredible and that his acting skills have gotten even better (if that's possible). They described him as "manly", "badass", "intense" and "insanely sexy". And apparently he's gonna get wet and half naked?! Oh God. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 😍😍😍😍😍😍

I feel like I’m totally not in the target audience for this movie (i.e. men who like to watch things get blown up) but at the same time I am really excited and can’t wait to see it.