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An argument tfln where the pregnant missus was seen with Louis (too close to say it's friend thing) while Harry is in Dunkirk. But it was all a misunderstanding. Paps make it look that way. Thanks! Have a good day, em!

I’ve missed writing these Dunkirk!Harry ones. Please, pretty please, send some more in? I love them. Dunkirk!Harry is a turn on. ;) x

Harry. Missus.

I know you’re bored and everything without me back home, but, did you really have to go out, eat lunch and get handsy with one of my best friends?

Like, did you think I wouldn’t see?

My phone has been blowing up with notifications on both my Instagram and on my Twitter, tagging me in posts of you and Louis.

What the actual fuck?

Ignoring me isn’t going to make this better. I’m so angry with you right now. Is this why you ‘really’ wanted me to come out to film Dunkirk? So you could have time with Louis?

Are you doing him behind my back?

Am I even the father of this baby we’re supposedly having together? Or is it Louis’ baby?

Do I need to file for a divorce before I get home? Or have you done it already without my say? Have you moved my stuff out? Am I living on the streets? Has Louis taken my place?

Harry, what the hell?

Don’t you dare ‘Harry, what the hell?’ me. 

You know damn well ‘what the hell’ I mean.

Harry, how dare you say that our baby isn’t yours just because you’ve seen a photo of me and Louis. Louis is my best friend as well as yours. Don’t do this. Do not start something from the lies you’ve heard from everyone and the rumours going on Twitter.

I needed to go out and get some more baby clothes for Baby Styles, and I was meeting your mum in the afternoon and he offered to drop me off. He just popped into the store with me, had a look before he kissed my cheek and left. I promise, that was all that happened.


You’re handsy with him. He seemed to enjoy touching you. What the fuck is going on? 


He was guiding me around the people outside - it was really crowded and he didn’t want me to trip and fall.

I’ve seen pictures, (Y/N)! 

It’s like you forget that photos can be edited or taken at different times and angles that make them seem bad. Harry, I never did anything. I promise.

These look pretty fucking real to me, (Y/N). Now, stop fucking lying to me and tell me the truth.

I am!

What the hell is your problem?

My problem is the fact that you’re in London, walking around on your own in your condition, and I’m not there to be with you and instead your with Louis - your supposed best friend but may be the guy your cheating on me with - getting all handsy and needy. 

That’s my fucking problem!

I’m not dying! I’m pregnant. I can do everything, y’know?

What did you expect me to do whilst you were away from me?

Sit around in the dark and count down the days till you walk through the front door?

Drop everything for you and fly out for you so you can keep me on a leash?

Because, I can’t do that, Harry!

And Louis is my best friend - I wouldn’t ever do anything like that behind your back. I love you. What would be the point of marrying you if I didn’t love you? What would be the point in having our baby if I didn’t love you?

That might not be my baby.

You have needs when I’m away, and he obviously fulfils them. What if that’s his baby because you fucked him behind my back?



(Y/N), I didn’t mean that.



Please don’t ignore me. 

Answer my Skype calls?

Let me apologise.




I was out of line.

And I’m so sorry.

I had a go at Louis and he explained what happened and I should have trusted you, I know, but I miss you and I’m so scared that someone better is going to sweep you off your feet and take you from me when I’m not there. I’m in another country to you and you’re looking so beautiful and it scares me that I’ll come home to no wife.

Please, just answer Skype.



(Y/N), I’m really worried about you right now.

It’s been a few hours and I’m starting to panic.

Can you please answer the phone? You’re not answering, it’s going right to voicemail after a few bleeps.

I’m sorry for what I said.

I was out of order and I know I deserve this silent treatment.



Sorry, I was flying.

Flying where? You shouldn’t be flying!

I’m in Dunkirk.

I figured you can’t trust me back home, so, I’m coming out to you.

Love, I was out of line. I know.

It’s fine.

I’m over it.

Just, you have to understand that I would never ever cheat on you. Especially with Louis - it’d be like incest.

I know you have a close bond with him. And I’m sorry I ever doubted our baby not being mine. 

Harry, it’s okay.

Just give me your address for the hotel and I’ll see you in a bit. I’ve missed you and I’m in need of some loving. xx