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You’re Hot When You’re Pissed

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Word Count: 963

Description: With one foot in hell and the other in Mystic Falls, Kai struggles to find a way to stay stationary. His luck running thin, Damon calls you in hopes to keep Kai in one place, considering your romantic past with him. Pissed off at Kai’s previous actions, you appear to be no help to Damon until you her Kai’s proposal about Elena. Reluctantly, you help your old friend however, you find yourself unable to resist the temptation that is Kai Parker.

Warnings: Heated make out session and Kai being a prick on the phone 

Request: kai parker imagine (kai and her were together before he got killed) where he comes back from hell and trys to win her back but she’s pissed because she was close to elena. she tells him that the only way she would forgive him is to bring elena back and when he promises her to bring her back they have a hot makeout session (i’d love it if you could write it like in 8x13 where damon and kai are in that dinner but she’s with them, thanks a lot ♡)

A/N: I’m not too sure if this is what you had in mind, but I think I kinda got the idea down. Plus I watched 8x13 and omg that episode had me feeling some type of way hot damn Kai Parker

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You were walking down the sunny streets of Mystic Falls when your phone began to ring. Taking it out of your pocket, Damon’s contact appeared on the screen so you answered it, only expecting him to ask about Bonnie and her well being.

“(Y/N), you have got to help me out here, he won’t leave me alone!”

Damon expressed through the phone, however before you could respond there was a struggle on the other side until a different voice spoke.

“Darling, I missed you so much, ugh in hell it’s terrible! Very lonely down there, I’m deprived from your handy work to put it in PG. The way you touched-”

“Ew, give it back!”

Damon took back the phone and huffed at the restless witch next to him.

“Damon, don’t tell me he’s back.”

“Well then I won‘t tell you but you need to meet me at the diner, please come and help me. He won’t stop crying about how much he misses you.”

You rolled your eyes, annoyed at your friend from helping Kai Parker in surviving his borrowed time.

“(Y/N) please, I really need your help here.”

Damon begged, truly needing your assistance in controlling your old lover.

“Give me five minutes.”

You hung up the phone, angered by the thought that you would have to confront your ex, the man who put on of your best friends in a coma. 

When you entered the diner you found the two vampires in a corner booth, secluded from the rest of the patrons.

“(Y/N), you have no idea how much I-”

“Save your speech Kai, I don’t care.”

You bluntly stated, sliding into the seat next to Damon. The waitress came over and asked if you wanted anything, only shaking your head no as a response.

“So, the thing is that I kinda made a deal with your boyfriend over here to give you two some alone time in exchange for some Bonnie help. Sorry.”

Damon sped out of the booth and presumably out of the diner. You scoffed and rolled your eyes, then making eye contact with Kai.

He smirked and waved at you, while you began to get up.

“You don’t want to help out your dear friend Bonnie with her new found power? That’s not being a very good friend.”

Kai sang, knowing that you couldn’t put yourself ahead of Bonnie, especially at after Enzo.

You sat back down and crossed your arms, just staring at Kai and not giving into any invitation for conversation. Kai however was not phased by this and just began to play with a napkin in his hands. He then put the napkin completely in his hand and put it his hand facing down on the table in front of you. 

“I always thought our love was delicate like a flower. Because of my past and who I am I always believed that I could shatter it in an instant.”

Intrigued, you uncrossed your arms and put them in your lap. Kai’s words had you captivated but you wouldn’t let him know that.

“But although it was fragile from my own doing, it was beautiful. In fact, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever known. What I did killed that flower but who says we can’t plant a new one?”

Kai dropped the napkin on the table, however it wasn’t crumpled up like you had expected it to be. The napkin was now hovering over the table, just high enough for it to cast a small shadow. 

This gesture would normally make you melt, but to prove a point, you just turned your head to the side, avoiding his hopeful gaze.

“What can I do to persuade you to give me another shot? I don’t have much time left, not unless I can find a way to stay, but whatever time I do have I want to spend it with you. Please, tell me what I can do.”

You continued to ignore his pleas and left the table becoming annoyed. Kai followed you out the side exit of the diner and ran around you, stopping you from leaving the alley.

“Just tell me! Damn it (Y/N), please!”

He yelled, becoming frustrated with your actions. All he wanted was you, your lips on his, your skin exposed to his touched. He wanted you, but he couldn’t make that any more clear.

“You know what I want? I want my best friend back! Kai, that’s what I want, can you do that? Can you bring back Elena?”

You screamed back at him, anger exploding out of your voice. 

“Of course I can! Are you stupid, I would do anything!”

Kai yelled back, as he stepped closer to you, tears in his eyes.

“Then would you just shut up and kiss me already?”

He wasted no time raising his hands and cupping your face, smashing his lips against yours. He ran his tongue on the bottom of your lip and you opened your mouth, your tongue meeting his.

Kai moved you to against the wall and his hands fell to your waist, running up you shirt, as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, never breaking the passionate kiss.

“I leave you two for barely twenty minutes and your tongues are already down each other’s throats. Don’t have sex in an alleyway in unsanitary.”

Damon stated, startling you both, jolting you two apart. He walked away, back to his classic car, while Kai turned back around and started to kiss you neck. You laughed and ran your fingers through his hair.

“Kai he just gave us a warning, if we’re continuing this shin dig we should go back to my place.”

He groaned and continued to kiss you neck.

“You’re just so hot when you’re pissed.”


request: “Hey! I just want to say your work is really good. 😊 I was wondering if you could do a Draco Malfoy imagine where the reader is Harry’s twin sister? And maybe include the lines from numbers 2, 15, 28, 31, 36, 38, 44 and 62 (I know that’s a lot of numbers 😬) in your prompt list? Thanks! 😊” — by anon

a/n: well damn, you requested so much 😂 but that’s alright. the more the merrier, i guess? ahahaha. also, don’t expect that this would be an imagine where the reader ends up with draco bECAUSE THEY LOATHE EACH OTHER HERE OKAY SO WARNING, THERE’S GONNA BE BULLYING AND MENTIONS OF CEDRIC DIGGORY’S DEATH. ((sorry, didn’t manage to add 2 & 31))

2. “Tell me, would you cry if I punched you on the nose?”
15. “This is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.”
28. “If you say something, I won’t hesitate and slap you.”
31. “Clearly, you’re from hell.”
36. “Don’t you know who I am?”
38. “I want to slap that smug grin off your face.”
44. “I don’t care if you live in a castle or whatever. I ain’t bowing down to you.”
62. “Am I supposed to be offended by what you said?”

Masterlist + Request here

Y/N Potter has always been included in the limelight because of what happened to her and her twin brother on the night Voldemort tried killing them. She too was the reason why the Dark Lord became weak and hid behind the shadows for the meanwhile, but among the two of them, Harry gained much more fame and attention due to his lightning bolt scar that reminded people of what exactly happened on that said night.

Due to their reputation, they have been in countless of troubles along with two of their most trusted friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Though if you could compare the amount of near to death experiences Y/N and Harry had, it was no doubt that Harry got to suffer most of the time. Like what just happened last year when he unwillingly joined the Triwizard Tournament, only to discover at the end that it was Voldemort’s plan to lure him into his trap that would lead him to his death.

Of course, Harry escaped, but ever since that he has never been the same — and so was Y/N; thanks to the thought that an innocent boy named Cedric Diggory had to die because of their rivalry with one of the darkest wizards of all time, as well as the feeling of being in constant fear that Voldermort might succeed any day.

And so now, the troubled girl was spending time alone at the Black Lake, away from the people who constantly made fun of her and Harry for the things the Daily Prophet has been saying. To the Ministry of Magic and to their firm believers, Y/N and Harry were just attention seeking teenagers that did everything just to get everyone talking about them again.

“Potter, fancy seeing you here.” drawled Malfoy, his footsteps audible as he draws nearer to where she was sitting.

It was obvious by the way his tone was so menacing that he wanted to cause trouble. Y/N took no notice of him however, her eyes still on the lake while her right hand was holding onto a stone as if contemplating on throwing it to the body of water or possibly Draco’s face.

“Hey, look at me when I’m talking to you, you filthy little half-blood.” he snarled when she ignored his arrival.

Y/N finally looked up and saw Draco Malfoy along with his cronies, Crabbe and Goyle before her, causing her to lightly grimace. “Am I supposed to be offended by what you said?” she asked, her expression unimpressed.

“And she speaks!” laughed Malfoy, crouching down so that there were in the same eye level. “I thought you’d gone mime ever since that Diggory —”

If you say something, I won’t hesitate and slap you.” scowled Y/N, dropping the stone and placing her hand inside her pocket where her wand was.

Draco raised an eyebrow. “Hit a soft spot, didn’t I? That’s funny, considering I never even saw you talk to him.”

“You know, Malfoy, I think this is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.

“Stop talking to me like that. Don’t you know who I am?

Y/N looked at him blankly, “Didn’t I just call you Malfoy?” and with a roll of her eyes, she stood up.

The platinum-haired boy was now more than annoyed knowing that he didn’t piss her off like he would normally. It seemed like something clicked inside her and she was now just an emotionless being.

Draco hastily followed her, Crabbe and Goyle trailing behind him; Y/N heading to the direction of the castle. “If you didn’t know yet, I happen to be part of a very influential family, Potter. Unlike you — oh, wait, of course. Your parents are dead and your relatives are Muggles.”

She didn’t speak, she just kept walking, her hands kept inside her robes.

He grabbed her arm and turned her around so that she was facing him. “Get off, Malfoy.” said Y/N, glaring at him.

“Or else what?” said Draco, grinning.

“Don’t test me.” she pulled herself away from him. “You don’t know how much I want to slap that smug grin off your face. I don’t know who do you think you are for harassing me since first year. And I don’t care if you live in a castle or whatever. I ain’t bowing down to you.

He smirked. “Don’t be like that, Potter. You clearly know why I’m treating you like this. If only you and your brother just accepted my offer on the first day of school then we wouldn’t be in this position right now.”

“How shallow of you.” said Y/N. “You’re still bitter over that stupid little thing?”

“Bitter?” laughed Draco, Crabbe and Goyle snickering from behind him. “Oh, you’re mistaken. I’m actually quite amused. Now look at you, suffering because of your mistakes.”

“Believe me, it wasn’t a mistake.” Y/N sarcastically smiled. “Now, if you’re done, I must really be going. You’re wasting my time.”

“Have fun mourning after Diggory’s death with your friends, Potter.”

“Go to hell, Malfoy.”

And with one final stern look, Y/N left Draco with his cronies, silently fuming to herself as she did so. She didn’t know what was the deal with him but she wasn’t going to stress herself with his crap. Draco, on the other hand, angrily kicked the ground, gritting his teeth before commanding his sidekicks to follow him back to the Slytherin common room.

anonymous asked:

My English teacher left me very confused when learning about Romeo and Juliet. He said that it wasn't a love story because they didn't love each other; Juliet just basically used Romeo, but I don't know what to think. Can you please explain to me if it's a love story, tragedy, or both?

Did your teacher say that Juliet used Romeo? How rude.

The first thing we have to remember is that the feud is the exponent of an unhealthy ideology that promotes violence, hatred, prejudice, and brutal misogyny. Don’t ever forget the world they lived in. Romeo and Juliet are not normal teenagers living in a normal world and making stupid decisions. They are children whose mental health ends up destroyed by the ideals of their families. I just won’t stand anyone who refers to them as ‘dumb’ because it’s a very insulting way of dismissing the destructiveness of social oppression and abuse. It’s so evident that their families caused their deaths that at the end of the play nobody has the guts to blame them for their own deaths and dismiss their emotions as shallow or dishonest. What they have done is too monstrous for them to deny. When both patriarchs find the young lovers dead together in the crypt they see the wrong in their actions and take responsibility for it. They know they killed their children. It was not teenage folly that ruined Romeo and Juliet. It was a sick society that glorified violence and prejudice.

Perhaps your male teacher is annoyed by the fact that Juliet hardly fits in the role of a sixteenth-century obedient wife who goes along with whatever her husband has to say. On the contrary, Juliet has a voice of her own. It is evident from the first conversation between the lovers that she has a very particular, specific way of thinking, and which doesn’t necessarily match that of Romeo. For instance, she gently mocks his stereotyped courtship when she says “you kiss by the book.” I would say she is a far better poet than him—he actually learns from her. Think about the way she corrects him when he tries to swear his love by the moon. She literally rationalizes everything. Romeo needs to get on her level. Later on, he will ask her to “sweeten with thy breath / This neighbour air, and let rich music’s tongue / Unfold the imagined happiness that both / Receive in either by this dear encounter,” to which Juliet answers that “conceit, more rich in matter than in words, / Brags of his substance, not of ornament”. You see, she doesn’t always agree with him, and she presents her own points of view resolutely. She is the one to give lessons.

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Kinoko Kyousoukyoku: The evil sonata of the mushroom~
Sakamaki Subaru, Shuu & Kanato
Kinoko Kyousoukyoku: The evil sonata of the mushroom~

Here’s another Diabolik Lovers Drama CD. Since I found the translation, I decided to publish it immediately~

Thanks a lot kinokotottekoi for doing the translation and for that person who asked for it~


Kinokotottekoi: Last week and a few days ago I saw someone on the main tag asking for this translation and I thought why not? and did it today. After yesterday news about the new game I’m having such a good time you cannot imagine. I hope you enjoy it and as always let me know if you spot some mistakes. And if you feel like writing some comments in the tags please do it because I’m a creepy person and I’ll read them all muahah (。≖ิ‿≖ิ)ウシシ


*shuu, subaru and kanato are walking in the woods*

Kanato: why do I have to do something like this?

Subaru: shuddap, that’s my line…

Shuu: aah… was it that necessary climbing the mountain at night and coming all the way to the woods…? And for what? Mushroom gathering…?

Subaru: besides why am I with you two? I’m gonna get crazy… gathering mushrooms with these two weirdos… seriously, why me?

Kanato: what? Are you saying that you’re not happy to be with me?

Subaru: don’t you see how happy am I? You sure you’re okay?

Kanato: nnnggh… you’re pretty cheeky considering that you’re younger than me… I won’t shed a tear when you’ll end up suffering in Hell for being rude to me…

Subaru: hah? You’re trying to pick up a fight with me? I’m waiting, you pipsqueak.

Kanato: …pipsqueak? Did you hear him, Teddy? He’s going to become your new toy…

Shuu: yes, yes, now shut up. Why are you always fighting over crap like this? Isn’t it just tiresome? Honestly, your stamina is starting to concern me…

Kanato: don’t lump me together with someone like you. I am an aggressive vampire.

Shuu: …aggressive? You…? Shuu, seriously?

Shuu: …oh? So you’re here, too? Huh? What do we have to gather?Err… yeah, what was it?

Subaru: how is it that you forgot it!? We’re here to gather mushroom because of that asshole Reiji! Tch, this whole thing is getting more annoying by the second… let’s just gather them and go straight home. Tch, seriously… mushrooms… me…?

…huh? We lost the game so it can’t be helped? Aah… I thought I won…

Kanato: …mushrooms huh? When you eat them they feel all slimy so it’s not like you can eat them without anything else. They’re just hopelessly plain… I’d say they’re pretty like you, don’t you think? he’s probably referring to you but wtf

Shuu: I think the same. But seriously, why does Reiji want something like that? Huh? What do you say? Mushrooms are not so bad. They’re healthy and just right for the diet…?

Subaru: hah, diet? Haha you mean yours?

Kanato: why not? It could be that Reiji asked to gather them in order to do something about that fat of yours pffffff I’m crying

Shuu: yeah, it could be… you too!? But since we’re talking ‘bout Reiji it could also mean that he wants to create some kind of poison. Anyways, he wants some mushrooms with green and orange spots, some others with red and black stripes and some vivid yellow mushrooms.

Subaru: does it mean that they’re pretty good mushrooms? Maybe they have some special proprieties?

Kanato: like those matsutake mushrooms which humans eat a lot? Have you ever seen something like that? Huh? Never? Then they could be rare?

Shuu: I don’t know but you could be right. Anyways if we don’t bring them home it’ll be a pain so let’s get a move and gather them.

*the four of yours go haunting mushrooms*

Subaru: I see… special mushrooms… they could be those mushrooms that makes your body become bigger…(1) Subaru in Wonderland <3

Kanato: …matsutake… I don’t dislike matsutake… not at all…

Shuu: aah dull… I wanna sleep…

*you found them! → and to celebrate this special moment the pornosax.mp3 starts to play*

Shuu: we found them… the spotted ones, the striped ones and the yellow ones as well.

Kanato: I thought it’d be harder… we found a lot of them too…

Subaru:  …there’s no doubt… these are the mushrooms that… make your body grow bigger…(2) anyways at first I was like haha why does Subaru want to become bigger? Then I thought about his mother and made myself sad

Shuu: what?

Subaru: I-I didn’t say anything! A-anyways these are the mushrooms that Reiji wants right? They were pretty easy to find.

Shuu: yeah, that’s true. Anyways let’s just bring them home and—-

Subaru: hold on a second.

Kanato: what it is now?

Subaru: why don’t we… eat them?

Shuu: huh? Are you stupid? Do you want Reiji to kill us? He could really do it you know…

Subaru: no, listen. We gathered a lot of them. He won’t find it out if we eat some of them right? Besides the ones who found these mushrooms are us, so we can do whatever we want with them right?

Shuu: I get it but—-

Kanato: I think it’s a good idea. I’m in. Besides, I’m hungry.

Shuu: Kanato, not even you…

Subaru: see? You’re hungry too, right? Mh? Look, she says that she’s hungry too.

Shuu: hey, don’t join them! …but you know, it was Reiji who asked for these mushrooms, they could be poisonous or worse… hey you, you think I’m right don’t you? Yeah, yeah, I know. So it’s better that we don’t.

Subaru: hah, Shuu, you’re that scared?

Shuu: I didn’t say I’m scared…

Kanato: hey you, stop making strange faces and start cooking them. Now.

Shuu: wait, wait, you’re really going to eat them?

Kanato: Reiji asked us to gather them for him… I think it’s just obvious that there’s something special about these mushrooms. You! Don’t even try to complain, just cook them! How many times do I have to say that I’m hungry!?

Shuu: aah… I guess it can’t be helped… well, it’s not like I’m not curious, but… I have strange feeling about this… what a bother…

Subaru: so they’re finally ready… just how long did it took? You’re really damn slow, you know? Hah? What is it now? If you’re so dissatisfied don’t eat them? I never said I’m dissatisfied, have I?

Shuu: anyways it’s a pretty amazing color, don’t you think? The red, green and yellow hues merged together and created this odd color that I’ve never even seen…

Kanato: I saw something like this. When you step on some cabbageworms (3)

Shuu: I get it! I get it! Don’t add anything else! Ah, I feel sick… I can’t stand them

Subaru: hah, what a looser! They’re just insects!

Shuu: you can talk like that because you have no idea of what happened to me…! I was there, walking under the shadow of a tree because I wanted to take a nap. Suddenly a cabbageworm fell down on my shoulder… can you understand how I felt!? Its hair entwined with my cardigan and I wasn’t able to get it off me…! When in the end I did something about it and laid down to sleep, another worm fell on my face…! Can you understand how I felt!? Can you!?

Subaru: I-I… I didn’t mean to… err… sorry…

Shuu: if you get it it’s fine. Well, let’s eat some mushrooms then.

Kanato: if they taste bad it’s your fault. I hope you understand this. Huh? You won’t take responsibility for it…? You’ve at least tasted them, haven’t you?

Subaru: WHat!? You haven’t!? Are you stupid? You think we can eat something that you haven’t even tasted?!

Shuu: come on, eat them. Huh? You won’t? Oh, but you will. Come on, eat it!

*you swallow it*

Kanato: sigh… you’re really a troublesome human, you know?

Subaru: how do they taste? Huh? In spite of how they look they taste quite normal?

Kanato: I knew it…

Shuu: Kanato, what do you mean by that?

Kanato: nothing too important. Just the fact that now I’m sure that the reason why Reiji sent us to gather mushrooms was because he’s actually doing something that he doesn’t want us to know. He’s now probably creating something to kill us… and when he’s done, he will eat these mushrooms while watching our dead corpse. sure Kanato. Sure He’s this type of person. I’m sure he’s somewhere sneering at us and planning to make her his.

Shuu: hah? You really think that he sent us all the way here to do something like that…?

Subaru: yeah, Kanato’s right. He’s like this. Making us gathering these in order to set up a nice trap for us…

Shuu: aah… I don’t know…

Kanato: you’re defending him pretty nicely… too much brotherly love will make you end up badly.

Shuu: it’s not like that…

Subaru: anyways, what’s important is that we got it. This is the right chance to anticipate him—

*subaru eats some mushrooms*

Subaru: well… they’re not bad…

Kanato: don’t pretend to know something about food tastes… you have no clue about these things.

*kanato eats them too*

Kanato: they’re… not bad…

Shuu: well, personally I don’t think you’re right about seeing a trap here… *eats them* mmh… not bad… if you don’t think about its color you can eat them pretty easily…

Subaru: seconds aww

Kanato: wha—

Shuu: hey, don’t eat them all!

Subaru: shuddap! First-comes first-served! When there’s only one plate the rule is this one.

Kanato: I don’t know that rule. (4)

Shuu: ah, that rule is bothersome. Just divide that portion and give some to me

Subaru: hey… what’s wrong? Why are you shaking? Huh? You’re not…? Aah… the ground… is swinging… what the…? Shit what’s this?

Kanato: w-what’s going on? An earthquake…? Or maybe it is… a vulcanian eruption…?

Shuu: …mmh? Now that you tell me… my hands and legs are getting… kinda numb…? But you… you’re fine, right? Huh? You’re totally fine? What do you—-

Kanato: could it be that… even this is…

Subaru: a trap!? Reiji’s trap?!

Kanato: pffff—- hahahAHAHAHAHAH wait a minute— hahah did you put—- some kind of drug on… that pot…? hahahHAHAH

Subaru: K-Kanato got crazy… nngh…. waaaAAAAAAAH—-! *he’s crying btw*

Shuu: w-what the hell are you two—-? Oh damn…! Me too…! I’m…!! uuuuuaaaAAAAHHHH…!! Some strange strength inside me… IS COMING OOOOUT!!

Kanato: haha but you hahah don’t just look at us hahahahah do something about this…! Don’t you hahah like me? haha I like you… so much hahahah

Subaru: gaaaah you son of a bitch…! How can you say… something like that so… nonchalantly…!? Uuwaaaahhh if you say it then… she’s… she’s… she’s mineeeeeh! If you’re not by my side… I can’t go on…!! uuwaAAAAHHH shhh I feel like crying too

Shuu: waahahahah what the hell are you two talking about?! I’ll do everything to make you miNEEEEEUEUEUEUEUH I’m so sorry

Kanato: hahahahah stop…!! Haha I can’t… anymore…!! Don’t touch me…! hahahah

Shuu: I-I can’t believe that… this whole thing is… Reiji’s plan… uuuWAAAAH….!!

Subaru: …this must mean… that… this mushrooms don’t… work unless… a vampire… EAAATS THEEEEEEEM….!!

Shuu: damn it…! I even ate… a lot of them…!! He knew that… we’d eat them… and so… he asked us to gather them… damn it… whAT A BOTHEEEEEEER….!!

Subaru: uwaaaahahahhhh I can’t anymore… DO SOMETHING!!

Shuu: …yeah… just… do somethiiiiiIIIIIIING….!!

Kanato: …what did you say…? Haha… huh? Reap what you sow(5)? Y-you…! I’ll make sure… to punish you… when the effect disappears….!! Hahahah 


(½) err… At first I was thinking about translating “dekai“ as "strong” but honestly it’s more commonly used as “huge” and “big”. Besides he says「ひょっとして食うと体がでかくなったりする... ...あれか。」so basically “they could be those mushrooms that makes your body become bigger when you eat them…”. So yeah, like… Alice in Wonderland’s mushrooms Σ(●゚д゚●)

(3) 青虫(あおむし)aomushi, the caterpillar of the cabbage white butterfly. Poor guys, they’re so cute…

(4) or “I don’t care”. Whatever.

(5) 自業自得(じごうじとく)jigou jitoku

Link: http://kinokotottekoi.tumblr.com/post/88388101663/diabolik-lovers-haunted-dark-bridal-tokuten-drama

Friend: A Lance and Lotor Fic

*This is just fun people, please don’t send hate and if you don’t like, please blacklist it.


Lance gave an annoying groan as he collectively got yelled at again when he went to try something stupid.

It wasn’t his fault he wanted to kick the rock like a soccer ball. He just missed home.

How was he supposed to know he’d kick the things so damn hard it would almost take out a city.

“I said I am sorry. I won’t do it again….” Lance pouted. He looked at the comms, seeing how he really messed up this time. “No one got hurt.”

“That’s not the point Lance.” Shiro let out a tired sigh. “Let’s head back to the base, get some R&R.”

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Title: I see no eye in this storm 

Rating: T, Natan

Summary: Natalie accidently confesses her feelings for Satan after he shows a softer side but she fears she could have pushed him too far and now he could be gone, again.

A/n: This is by far the most angst that i have ever written, i have no idea how bc it was meant to be cute and fluffy but oh well, there will be a part 2 btw & feel free to tell me whacha think

and since its multiple parts ive posted it to Ao3 right here

Part 1

The rain was falling softly that night, and the moon was almost full so Natalie could see the street from her window as she lay in bed. Only the sound of the rain against the window could be heard from the inside of her dark room.

She had no idea what time it was, it was probably really late but she was having trouble sleeping.

Sometimes late at night when it rained or stormed she would think about her mother. She would come up with all different kinds of ideas of what she would be like, like how she would laugh or how her embrace would feel and she wondered how she would react to Lucifer

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No Love pt.2 - Jungkook

Summary : What will happen to that girl, that one person out of more than 7 billion that he chose to work off all the anger he had inside of him toward the Human kind during all these years. He will certainly torture the poor thing, play with her mind, play with her feelings, and in the end end, he’ll kill her, like he always do.Because he’s a demon, and that’s what demons do, bad things.

  Genre : Demon!au, angst, fluff [mention of violence]

Word count : 1760

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

part 1

It has been months, freaking months since he got back home, where he belonged, where his family, friends or whatever they were lived. Yet he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He couldn’t help but thinking about those moments he spent with her, those moments where he wasn’t supposed to feel anything, where he should have just killed her like every other demons would do to their human. But he didn’t. He didn’t and without knowing it, he grew feelings for his human, he cared about her and couldn’t get her out of his mind even thought he tried.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, may I please have an scenario where at an event thrown by a mutual ally Chrome, Yamamoto, Tsuna and Hibari's s/o whose father is an Vongola allied Politician keeps being intercepted by other politicians and businessmen’s wife’s asking for her to meet their sons, grandsons and/or nephews. How do they intertwine? "Save their damsel in distress" she’s often vocal about the boring her to tears nephews, creepy sons, and obviously don't understand NO grandsons.


How they met:

“You are new,” a beautiful violet-haired woman stopped you the moment you walked into the club. She was like a glacier- beautiful, cold and elegant.

“Yeah, this is my first time here,” you said nervously. 

“Are you a spy? Did they send you from an enemy famiglia?” The woman demanded and you jumped from fear.

“Where am I? In some James Bond movie?” You started rambling when you were nervous. “My dad is this annoying big-shot and I thought going to a shady club would be a great way to rebel against him. I had no idea this was a private club-”

“I know a thing or two about difficult parents,” Chrome gave you a small smile. “If you really want to make a statement you should get a tattoo or piercing.”

“I like that idea,” you grinned. “Do you know a good tattoo parlor?” 

“Save their damsel in distress from suitors/old ladies” scenarios:

“Chrome!” You nearly ran to your girlfriend. “I can’t deal with their whining anymore. No, I don’t want to date your creepy son, you old bat. You want power so much, you would marry me if I gave you the choice!

Chrome giggled and ran her hand down your hair. “If you insist, I can brainwash them or make you invisible.”

“Invisible?” You glared at her. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me about that option before? You know how much time that would save me? Use your illusions to help me out, Chrome!”


How they met:

“Hi there,” you approached one of your father’s guests. “I heard that you’re a Rain Guardian.”

“And you must be Senator (Last Name)’s daughter,” Yamamoto grinned. He took your hand and kissed it. “Please call me Takeshi.”

You gave me a disinterested look. You were used to men flirting with you for your father’s power… or was he just being polite? Whatever.

“Can you make it rain?” You asked.

“Well,” Yamamoto gave you and amused look. “I don’t do it often, but I can.”

“Good,” you said. “They are switching off the water today, stupid municipality, but my delicate flowers will dry off. Help me.” You were about to walk away but you were pulled close.

“I believe the magical word is ‘please’,” Yamamoto said, his breathe fanning your neck.

“Save their damsel in distress from suitors/old ladies” scenarios:

“I hope you are pure,” the creepy grandson edged closer to you. You had no idea how the creep had managed to corner you in the party.

“Pure?” You laughed uneasily. You weren’t drunk enough for this.

“Yeah. You see, I like my whores experienced but my wife shouldn’t have been touched by any other man. I want her pure. So you’re pure, right?”

You wanted to vomit. Before you could reply, you were interrupted.

“I’m afraid she’s as tainted as they get. Every skin has been touched,” Yamamoto bit your earlobe and you shuddered. “Multiple times.”

The man paled. Everyone knew about the second deadliest assassin in the business. Quiet as a shadow, deadly as Hell.

You watched as the man nearly ran out of Yamamoto’s way and turned around to glare at your boyfriend.

“You’re going to scare away all of them from now on,” you huffed and he just gave you a sheepish grin.


How they met:

“Who are you?” You asked the person who killed everyone of your kidnappers and was currently untying you. There was something about him that was completely unnerving.

“Don Vongola,” he grinned, despite the blood all over his face and white shirt. “But a beautiful thing like you can call me Tsuna.”

“Don Vongola?” You tried to remember where you heard that… “So you’re one of my father’s mafia associates.”

“Correction, love. Only mafia associate. He is not going to be making deals with other famiglia’s if he knows what’s good for him. Your dearest father is going to pass a law that will make it easier for me to deal drugs across borders. Saving his princess, personally, is the least I can do.”

You were kidnapped and the person rescuing you seemed to worse than any of the men who took you. You didn’t know exactly how to react.

“Stop staring at my cleavage, asshole,” you finally said.

“Save their damsel in distress from suitors” scenarios:

“Darling, you will be a lovely addition to our family,” one of the mothers in the party said. “Your father’s influence and our money. Imagine the power-”

“Yes, yes,” you agreed. “That sounds rather lovely.” Couldn’t they leave you alone for a minute? Not for the first time, you cursed being related to the Vongola’s political puppet.

“Hello, ladies,” Tsuna swooped in and you nearly choked on your shrimp.

You watched the way the power-hungry hags swooned over him and frowned. Nana was so gentle and kind compared to these vultures.

“Don Vongola-” you tried to greet politely but was immediately interrupted by a ravishing kiss. The kiss left you breathless despite the fact that you just made out in front of those hags.

“Take care of my woman, ladies,” Tsuna winked at you and left quickly.

You glared at his back.

 No sane person would try to pair up Don Vongola’s woman with their son but this was going to lead to a whole new set of problems.


How they met:

Despite being the daughter of a powerful politician, you preferred to prepare and cook for your own meals. You were going about your business and shopping in the food place until…

“Move, herbivore,” you looked up to see a cold, aloof, attractive man waiting for you to move out of the way so he could grab some cabbage. He seemed so out of place in his expensive suit, though.

You were a particularly bad day so you just snapped at him.

“Herbivore?” You asked the rude man. “Don’t you see the meat in my basket? Humans are omnivores. Someone clearly failed first grade science.”

“Save their damsel in distress from suitors” scenarios:

“Why are you in a date with another man?” Hibari didn’t bother hiding his malice and directed it all at your suitor. You were in a nice restaurant and of course, your boyfriend-whatever had to ruin it.

“Well, I’m a young lady with good prospects. It’s time I check out all my options. It’s not like I’m in an actual relationship,” you said haughtily, ignoring the fact that your date was nearly going to pee in his pants. “Remember, how you said you hated being tied down? And couldn’t care less about the hags bothering me to meet their sons-”

Hibari pulled you up and close to him. “You are going to be bitten to death for this, omnivore.” He whispered. He dragged you to the nearest hotel and you gave a sympathetic look to your creepy date.

come as you are


(Y/M/N) = your middle name

The paradisal island of Neverland came into few, coming up as quickly as the ship barreling towards it would go. You stood leaning against the rail of the ship, enjoying the smell of salt water in the air and the ocean mist. It was your first time visiting Neverland and it was truly a magnificent place, resembling Fiji or the Bahamas in the summer time.

Cheers chimed around from the pirates at the sight of land, but the only one who wasn’t cheering was Hook himself. He stood at the tip of the ship, yelling orders out with a brooding look on his face. He had come here for a reason, and you had a very important role in the reason.

Pan sat around the logs with the rest of the Lost Boys. Although he didn’t partake in much of the group conversation, he amusingly listened along to the stories and the bickering. Pan leaned back and sighed contently.

He suddenly tensed, a feeling overtaking the tightened muscles in his body.

“Is everything alright?” Felix whispered beside him, making sure to keep his voice low. Pan took a deep breath, an excited smirk blossoming onto his face.

“There’s someone on the island. Rather, lots of someones.”

“You understand what you need to do, right lass?” Hook asked, keeping his hand tight on your shoulder. You spoke in hushed voices, aware of any possible Lost Boys hiding in the thicket of trees.

“Keep Pan distracted while you and your men break into his camp to find the pixie dust.” You said echoing the plan back. It had sounded easy enough when Hook had first approached you in Storybrooke asking for your help. He didn’t specify why he needed the pixie dust, only telling you it was important and that he would pay you generously if you agreed.

“Good, good. We will be here no longer than three days. If by the end of three days you don’t make it back to the ship by dusk, we’ll have no choice but to leave you behind.”

Your face paled at his words. Left behind on Neverland with a narcissist boy ruler? You shook your head. “That won’t be necessary because I’ll make it back with extra time to spare.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” Hook laughed. With a few more words of encouragement, he set you off in the direction of Pan’s camp. According to the plan Hook created, you were to act as if you were dropped here by the Shadow, find Pan and his boys and keep them away from their own camp for a few hours. Sounded pretty easy, right?

“Wrong.” You sighed. Going in deeper and deeper into the forest meant coming closer to Pan’s camp, which caused your heartbeat to accelerate. The hot sun beat down over the top of your head, creating a drowsy feeling in your bones. Rustling from behind you snapped you out of your thoughts.

“What do we have here?” A deep voice asked. Putting on a helpless face, you spun around.

“Finally someone!” You gasped. “I’ve been walking around here forever.”

“You…” He paused, puzzled. “The Shadow dropped you here?” He pushed his hood off and reveled his handsome face. His blond hair frizzed out around him, a large scar ran down one part of his cheek. His blue eyes were full of undeniable question and curiosity.

“Yes! I was sleeping and before I knew it, this black shadow thing came and kidnapped me! He dumped me onto the beach and flew away!”

The boy nodded slowly, looking no less confused as before. When he didn’t respond for a good few seconds, you interrupted the silence with a huff.

“Can you just tell me where any kind of civilization is? I’m tired and it’s hot.”

He snapped out of his daydream, nodding. “Follow me, we’re going to camp.”

“A Lost Girl?” Pan snorted. He stood in front of you, crossed arms and raised eyebrows. Felix shrugged beside you.

“She says the Shadow dropped her here, I don’t know how else she would’ve gotten here.” Pan ignored Felix’s words.

“What’s your name, love?”

“(Y/M/N),” You said, throwing your middle name out rather than your first. “And don’t call me love. Can you tell me where I am?” Playing this part was easier than I thought. You smiled internally.

After a few more beats of silence, Pan uncrossed his arms with an annoyed eye roll. “You’re on Neverland. And I’ll call you what I please.”

“You can’t tell me what to do, who even are you?” You fired back, making Felix shuffle nervously. Pan’s jaw tensed, narrowing his eyes down on you.

“I am Peter Pan. I rule this island and whatever I say, goes. Since your new here… I won’t punish you like I would’ve if someone else spoke that way to me.” You looked up at him through your lashes, ignoring the mean smugness laced through his features.

“Well, sorry. I’m just really tired. Is there anywhere I could rest?” Pan held your stare. Something about you was odd and not adding up but he refrained from making a scene in front of the rest of the boys. He jerked his head in the direction of the tents, turning around and stalking towards them. It was starting to get dark, making the sky turn from a bright aqua blue to a to a dull mixing of sunset colors, reminding you of an oil painting.

You followed him and without as much as a word from either of you, you crawled into an empty tent and laid on the uncomfortable ground. This was going to be a long three days.

Over the course of two days, you were able to get the majority Lost Boys out of camp, giving enough time to Hook and his men to successfully scavenge Pan’s tree house and leave.

It was the morning of the final day you were here. You sat in your tent, extremely proud of yourself for how easy it had been to fool a bunch of boys. None of them had suspected anything, some even tried talking and making friends with you.

You picked at your nails, as they’re was nothing much to do until Pan and the boys left to go hunting as they said they would. As soon as they left, you would run and make a beeline for the ship that sat hidden behind the island.

The flaps of your tent were thrown open and in stormed Pan himself. You scooted back, startled, and made a sound of annoyance at his unexpected entrance.

“You’re a liar.” He whispered.


“Don’t ask me how, but I can feel it. You’re not really who you say you are.” His cheeks were blushed from the heat and he watched you with narrowed, angry eyes. If you moved any closer you could touch noses.

You pushed his broad shoulders back in order to distance yourself, but that was hard to do in a cramped tent.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Peter Pan.” You whispered back just as angrily.

“There’s a reason your here, Lost Girl. When you were came onto my island I felt not just you, but multiple people.” His lips slipped into a nasty grin as he leaned his face closer, as if to tease you.

“Who are you working for? My father? The Evil Queen?”

“I’m not working for anyone.” You hissed. He shook his head.

“Liars never win.”

“Move, Pan.” He shook his head again and sat with his back towards the tent opening, not allowing you out.

“If I check around island, will I find you’re telling the truth? Because I have so many ways to punish you otherwise.” His eyebrow shot up suggestively, making your face scrunch. You faltered for a reply because somewhere around the island Hook’s ship was waiting for you. Would Pan find it that easily? You hoped Hook was smart enough to hide it.

“Let’s make a deal,” He continued with a grin.


“Ah, you didn’t let me finish. If you tell me everything you know; the exact reason you’re here, I’ll allow you safe passage off the island… Unless you want to stay, of course.” You looked down, a million thoughts through your head. Your sudden quietness made Pan’s smirk widen, as he finally got you. As you were about to open your mouth and speak, another voice beat you to it.

“Hey Pan, you ready to go hunting? Everyone’s waiting for you.” Pan’s jaw tensed as he looked behind him at the younger Lost Boy who stood there. He was so close to getting you to confess, so close to —.

“Pan can you hear me? I said everyone is —.”

“I heard what you said!” Pan growled behind him, taking his gaze off of you. “Tell them I am on my way.”

The young boy nodded and trotted off, happy with the answer. Pan turned back to you, tightly gripping the sides of your jaw with his thumb and forefinger. He leaned in close and whispered low, “Don’t even think about running off. I expect you to be here when I return.”

You angrily tugged your face from his hold and with one last glare, Pan left the tent, stomping down the same path the boy went down. You anxiously waited and finally when you heard nothing except the usual sounds of the forest, you dashed out of camp, into the opposite direction the boys had left and off to coast line where you knew the ship was.

Pan felt the heavy presence of someone leaving his island, causing a frustrated grunt to leave his mouth. He had checked the whole island, how was it possible people kept entering and leaving it?

Lifting his head up, he flew into the sky and over the island’s horizon, only then spotting the retreating ship’s figure in the ever blue water. The Jolly Roger.

How had he been so stupid? He reached up and grabbed his hair in pure anger. Hook had sent you in the stall him while he sneaked around Pan’s back, which led him to his next question; what exactly did Hook take?

Transporting himself to his tree house, he found his room ransacked. Dresser knocked over, bed up turned. Muddy footprints covered the blankets strewn across the floor and books laid littered and ripped.

Pan rushed to kneel onto the floor, opening the one loose floor board that kept his most valuable item, only to find it gone. Hook had stolen the last bottle of pixie dust on the island.

Eerily calm, Pan stood up and clenched his fists. He knew exactly where he needed to go; the small lazy town of Storybrooke. If Hook stole the one most important thing Pan had, Pan would take it back and steal something twice as important to Hook; you.

"Boyfriend" Tag, a Blaine Gibson x Reader fic

Prompt: "hey! can I request a Blaine/Reader where blaine and reader are best friends, reader is also a vlogger and has to do the ‘I do my bf’s makeup’ tag, but since she’s single she uses Blaine. plot twist: blaine asks her out on camera so the title is actually accurate by the time it’s posted?“

Warnings: swears

Word Count: 1,376

Shooting something extra fun with @bgibbles tonight! Stay tuned for the video tomorrow night!

You send out the tweet and then grin evilly over at Blaine, who is looking more and more nervous with each passing second.

“Why do I feel like I’m going to regret agreeing to help you with this video?” He asks with hesitation.

“You love me too much to regret it!” You say with a laugh, grabbing him by the bicep and pulling him into your office. He mumbles something about that being true when you pull him in front of your camera set up and push his shoulders down so he drops into the desk chair.  He plays on his phone while you double check the camera’s settings.

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AU set shortly after Neverland, in which the gang find themselves in the Enchanted Forest trying to defeat the Wicked Witch – and, in Emma’s case, trying not to admit her feelings for the pirate, until circumstances conspire to admit it for her. Based on this post.

She doesn’t meet his eyes after the ogre attack that nearly kills her. She lets her mother hug her, reassures everyone loudly that she’s okay, she’s fine, but she doesn’t look at him.

She doesn’t run to him when they rescue him from the Wicked Witch’s minions, his shirt ripped and his cheek bloodied. His eyes do meet hers, though, and she remembers thinking she’d never see him again. She remembers how she fought, with quiet, deadly determination and flat-out refusal to accept any other outcome than this.

She leaves the room once she’s healed his wounds after the skirmish with the flying monkeys, the claw marks and the blood imprinted on her memory. She doesn’t want to be there when he wakes up, and she leaves it to her mother to check on him. She knows he’s healed. And she knows that she doesn’t want to see him with his shirt off when he’s not hurt—or rather, she does, which is exactly why she shouldn’t.

He follows her lead and does not reach out to her, does not take her hand or hug her the way she sometimes thinks he wants to.

But they are still on the same team, and he does not hold back with his opinions.

And that’s how they end up here.

“Swan, I really don’t think that you want to do this.”

“Yeah? Well, I think I do, so we’re doing it.”

I’m not.”

“No one’s asking you to!”

“I know th—I’m merely voicing a concern.”

“Oh, now you’re concerned?”

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“Whatever You Want”

Summary: Will Solace has fundamentally changed Nico di Angelo’s life, and Nico isn’t sure what to think about it.

(Basically I’m just really thirsty and wanted to write them kissing, sue me.) 

Nico didn’t really know how, exactly, he started training with the Apollo cabin.

It had happened slowly, gradually, a steady, quiet change that Nico barely noticed. The beginning of a rainstorm, lonesome droplets tumbling onto the sidewalk and shattering. Dawn breaking over the horizon, staining the sky shades of pink. Springtime.

First, Will got wind of the fact that Nico had been practicing his swordsmanship alone with a test dummy.

“I’m fine,” Nico grumbled, when Will approached him about it. “I’ve been training alone for years, I don’t need any help.”

Will had looked deeply disturbed and had clapped a hand to his chest in dramatic disgust. “Dummies don’t fight like people, Death Boy,” he’d sniffed. “I’m coming along next time. You can train with me.”

“Don’t be an idiot.”

“Nope. I’m coming.”


“Nope. Let it happen, Death Boy. Just let it happen.”

Nico opened his mouth to protest again, to tell Will that he fit better in the silence, that he made more sense alone, but Will’s jaw had set, and his eyes glinted with the sort of challenge that Nico recognized all too well.

After all, despite their immeasurable differences, there was something parallel - something determined and stubborn and steel - running through the veins of both boys.

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Nothing But Trouble (Stiles/Derek)

eeyore9990 said: Stiles/Derek: “I’m not sorry, this isn’t an apology, I’m just being nice so you shut up!”

This prompt fit perfectly for the 4th part of the Just Like Me series. I really hope you enjoy it! #10 in the 2017 Prompt Challenge!

Nothing But Trouble. Stiles/Derek. Teen. #4 in the Just Like Me seriesAlso on AO3.

Stiles gets Boyd’s assistance with his theory about the killer the team’s hunting. Then he has to deal with a suspicious Derek, a sleazy Matt, an annoyed Allison, and a relieved Jordan.

“Are you sure about this?” Boyd looks from Stiles’ face down to the piece of paper he’s holding.

“Nope. Not at all.” Stiles shrugs. “But I have a pretty good suspicion, or I wouldn’t involve you.”

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anonymous asked:

mmm.... jimon 54? :D

54. “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”

this got way too long im so sorry but i got rlly carried away lmao i love their dynamic

Simon knows he’s probably not the most likeable person ever. He has a mouth that never stops talking and a brain that has already jumped to the next topic before Simon can even finish his original sentence and don’t even get him started on the pop culture references he slips into conversations without even realizing it half the time.

Which is fine, it’s fine, as long as it’s still him and Clary. Clary gets him, lets him ramble, nods understandingly. She encourages it even, at times, and he loves her for that, he really does.

But then she drags him into the Shadow World, and it doesn’t even occur Simon not to go with her. He’d follow her to the ends of the world and back. He’d die for her. So, when the Shadowhunters show up with their horrible manners and knack for killing things, he doesn’t even consider just walking away.

The Shadowhunters, these people Clary is apparently a part of now, are a weird group. There’s Izzy, whose wink could bring any strong, confident man to its knees, whose whip crackles like lightning and is equally dangerous. There’s Alec, who kind of comes across as the human equivalent of a refrigerator, but Simon knows he cares more about his siblings than anyone in the world. He’d kill for them, just how Simon would kill for Clary, and Simon respects him for that.

And last but not least, there’s Jace. And Jace, well. Simon’s pretty sure no one’s ever hated him more in his life. Although he’s convinced all Jace is capable of in general is looking annoyed and bored, this look intensifies tenfold when he looks at Simon. Simon’s not even really sure what he did wrong exactly. Beside talk too much, but he always does that. He’s pretty sure that doesn’t warrant this kind of pure unadulterated hatred.

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Prophet of the Lord

Angel: Gabriel
Reader: Female
Words: 2643
Author: Scruff
Warnings: swearing, the reader is held against a wall—there is NO rape or anything remotely sexual, she’s just held there (just to be clear), mentions of dead characters from the show (if I’m forgetting anything, feel free to let me know)
Note: OK, so this started off based on: http://dirtysupernaturalimagines.tumblr.com/post/94766657126/imagine-being-a-prophet-of-the-lord-and-michael-or
but I found I currently suck at writing smut, so I altered it a bit (basically, what if Metatron hadn’t “flipped the switch” fast enough after Kevin’s death).  Only, it kept growing.  Now, it’s gotten pretty long and it’s been suggested that I continue this on as a series, which I can do here or on my own page.
Summary: You’ve had these freaky-vivid nightmares for two nights.  Now, this crazy guy shows up in your room in the middle of the night to tell you that you’re a prophet, he’s an archangel, and something called a Metatron is probably going to kill you.  Great.

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Walls We Build

Well, I saw a prompt and I was struck by the plot bus. Or, well… I don’t even know what to call this. A sort of PWP (does anyone use that anymore?) that is turning into this multi-chaptered thing in my head because @lessnoiseandmoregreen can’t keep her mouth shut. Yes, I am blaming ALL OF THIS on you, lady. Quit feeding me more ideas, I said I didn’t have time for this! I cannot promise any sort of regular update. Mostly I will come back to this months later and will post something else in-universe because that’s how long it takes me to write and edit. I do have the second part of this ready to post though so I won’t leave you hanging on this one. It will wrap up neatly, promise.

Anyway. The prompt idea I saw was “You’re my next door neighbor and you have an obnoxious cat that you’re not supposed to have in your apartment. When I go to confront you about it, you’re actually really hot. I promise not to tell the landlord about the cat if you let me come over to pet it whenever I want.” This sounded like it was made for Hiccstrid :)

This installment rated hard T, maybe technically soft M? for swearing and suggestive language. This will change with later chapters. I’m somewhat new to this fandom so I was too shy to just come on out smut guns a blazin’, but followers of me and my Titans work know I can’t resist that siren call for long, sooooo….College AU with healthy doses of Sasstrid and Snarkcup. I don’t even know what happened with Ruff, she just showed up and started writing herself. Anyway, here take this, if you made it through my ridiculous author’s note.

This was the last straw. She was furious.

A thump, the sound of something ceramic breaking, and a muffled groan of protest filtered through the paper thin walls of her apartment.

Aww, son of a- that was my favorite coffee cup, you useless animal.”

She pounded on the wall over the bed, like she had done several times a day for the past two weeks.

Great, now you’ve got us in trouble again. I saw that! Don’t look at me like that, this is your fault.”

She would move her bed away from the adjoining wall if she could, but her furniture arrangement options were limited by the small room and the location of the door and closet. She flopped back against her pillow, growling in frustration.

Her idiot neighbor’s cat, the one that technically isn’t allowed in student housing, was making it impossible to study for her midterms. This ass clown moved in two short weeks ago and she was positive she’d never been so annoyed in her life. Their schedules didn’t seem to match up; she hadn’t even run into him getting the mail or in the parking lot, but she sure heard from him and his stupid cat enough at night. He stayed up and played music until two in the morning. Who even listens to Modest Mouse anymore? Her neighbor did. At annoyingly loud levels while she was trying to study or sleep.

It was just another infraction committed in a long list of grievances she had. He clomped around his apartment with an odd gait, unlike anyone she had ever heard. His useless animal knocked things over all the time with that annoying little cat trill. Or it would meow at three in the morning and she’d hear him stumble out of bed and scold it with biting sarcasm. His bed must be against the same wall as hers, because aside from the cat and the music the most annoying thing of all was when he brought a girl home and she heard everything through the wall, right next to her. He wasn’t loud but his lady friend was the vocal sort and she couldn’t help pounding on the wall then, to her satisfaction causing an argument and breaking up whatever was happening in that room before she had to listen to it advance any further.

He was mad at her and she supposed she couldn’t blame him. He slammed one angry fist on her wall, making her jump. He sighed then and left his room. It almost made her feel bad, but at the same time she really didn’t need an almost front row seat to her already obnoxious neighbor getting laid.

Ahh, Bud! Bud, stop it! Those are my good brushes! Toothless stop chewing on them!”

This kid, did he not even see the irony in that statement? She couldn’t take it anymore. She huffed out loud and scrambled off her bed, threw open her bedroom door and stomped through the living room.

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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal tokuten drama CD

Kinoko Kyousoukyoku: The evil sonata of the mushroom

Last week and a few days ago I saw someone on the main tag asking for this translation and I thought why not? and did it today. After yesterday news about the new game I’m having such a good time you cannot imagine. I hope you enjoy it and as always let me know if you spot some mistakes. And if you feel like writing some comments in the tags please do it because I’m a creepy person and I’ll read them all muahah (。≖ิ‿≖ิ)ウシシ


*shuu, subaru and kanato are walking in the woods*

Kanato: why do I have to do something like this?

Subaru: shuddap, that’s my line…

Shuu: aah… was it that necessary climbing the mountain at night and coming all the way to the woods…? And for what? Mushroom gathering…?

Subaru: besides why am I with you two? I’m gonna get crazy… gathering mushrooms with these two weirdos… seriously, why me?

Kanato: what? Are you saying that you’re not happy to be with me?

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Change of Heart (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: despite Daryl’s request for you to change your mind about him, he continues to act irritable around you until you can’t take it anymore. (1,777 words)

part two to this imagine

an: we got an anonymous request for a part two to change your mind, so here it is woop i’d recommend reading part one first bc there are a few references to it throughout this and it’ll just make more sense! enjoy :) - georgia

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The sun filtered through the curtains, a gentle wake up call that stirred me from the most peaceful sleep I’d had in weeks. Even more satisfying than this was opening my eyes to the sight of my family surrounding me, most of them still sleeping soundly. We’d all settled down in the lounge, as they weren’t willing to risk their first night in Alexandria; I was happy to oblige, not wanting to be away from them so soon after we’d been reunited.

Only three people, excluding myself, were awake to see the sun rise: Rick, Judith and Daryl. The three of them had moved into the kitchen, Rick feeding Judith as quietly as possible whilst Daryl sat at the table examining what appeared to be a map. I made my way over on tiptoes, being overly cautious due to not wanting to trip over anyone, although the thought of such a scene brought a grin to my lips.

“What you smilin’ at?” Daryl muttered lowly and bluntly as I took a seat opposite him. I looked up at him in surprise, having thought that last night’s interaction might have changed things between us. Unfortunately, the scowl on Daryl’s face said otherwise. 

“Good morning to you too, Dixon,” I laughed, trying to lighten the situation. His words from less than 12 hours ago rang clear in my mind: “I’m hopin’ I can change your mind ‘bout me.” It seemed as though Daryl had had second thoughts about his statement. However, I found myself willing to persevere at the thought of how his hand had sent an electric pulse through my arm, just by a small touch. “Sleep well?”

My innocent question earned a death glare from Daryl and I held my hands up in mock defensiveness. It was then that I noticed Rick eagerly listening to our conversation, his expression mirroring the confusion I felt. “Why d’you care?” Daryl asked with a tilt of his head.

“Uh…” I stuttered, feeling completely thrown off by his overnight change in attitude. “I was just being polite. Wow, you’re really not a morning person.”

“C’mon,” Rick hissed, stepping closer to us with Judith still in his arms. “Don’t do this before the sun’s even come up.” I smiled up at him gratefully, assuming that since I’d been perfectly friendly towards Daryl, his words weren’t directed at me. 

“Whatever,” Daryl growled, standing up and not caring to stop his chair from sliding noisily across the ground. “I’m goin’ for a walk.”

Daryl stormed out of the front door without a second glance.

Though my day was filled with activities - meeting Tara, introducing my group to the few members of the community I knew and showing Rick around - I found myself constantly restless. I was desperate to find Daryl and confront him about his unexplained change of heart.

I’d caught a few glimpses of Daryl throughout the day; he appeared to have decided to take his own tour of Alexandria. Every time Rick and I spotted him from a distance, we gestured for him to join us but he immediately disappeared into the shadows of the nearest house. I was becoming increasingly exasperated with his childish behaviour and after countless questions from Rick, I finally decided to explain the events of the previous evening.

“He said those words exactly?” Rick asked in disbelief.


“He wants to “change your mind” about him?”


“Doesn’t sound like him.”

“I know. And now I feel ridiculous for making an effort with him when clearly he does hate me.” I sighed, bobbing Judith up and down on my lap as Rick paced around the kitchen. We’d returned to the house for lunch, accompanied by Michonne and Carl.

“Sounds like a schoolboy with a crush,” Michonne said with a smirk. I stared at her for a moment before frantically shaking my head, convinced she had completely the wrong idea. Carl looked up from his comic book to send a grin in my direction.

“Don’t be stupid,” I muttered. A blush rose to my cheeks which only made Michonne and Carl laugh more. Frustrated though I was, their laughter was a sound that I more than welcomed. I continued to shake my head, though a small smile played on my lips. I looked to Rick for support but as he watched the other two try to suppress their giggles, he couldn’t help but join them. The sight would’ve warmed my heart had I not been feeling so perplexed.

Suddenly, the door was flung open and Daryl burst into the room. His expression was enough to wipe the amused looks from all of our faces. Rick returned to making Judith’s formula, Carl held his comic so close to his face that it must’ve been impossible to read and Michonne determinedly picked at her nails. It was like a scene from a movie, they all looked so poised. I stared at Daryl with anger burning in my eyes, waiting for his next move.

Unexpectedly, he slowly made his way over to the table we sat around and sat down at it, careful to choose the chair furthest away from mine. “Hey,” he murmured in Michonne’s direction, choosing to ignore the rest of us for whatever reason. I didn’t let my gaze waver and continued to look at him expectantly. I could tell this was making him uncomfortable but after the way he’d treated me, I didn’t really care.

“What d’ya think?” I shot at him, deciding that if I was going to get to the root of Daryl’s unbearable behaviour, I’d have to break the silence.

“Huh?” he responded, still not meeting my eyes but looking extremely annoyed at the fact I’d dared to speak to him.

“Of Alexandria. Like it?” My tone was friendly but the hint of sarcasm was enough to draw a scowl from Daryl.

“Be better if you weren’t here,” he snapped, finally looking up. I attempted to steady my breathing as I met his glare with equal indignation. My anger finally got the better of me and I stood up, haphazardly passing Judith to Rick and striding over to where Daryl was sitting. However, by the time I reached him, he too had stood and towered over me angrily.

“What the fuck is your problem?” I spat. “Sorry, Carl.”

“Oh my God,” Michonne groaned, standing up and pulling me gently away from Daryl. “You two need to grow up. Come with me.” 

I resisted the urge to pull away as Michonne tugged myself and Daryl upstairs and shoved us into the nearest bedroom, which just so happened to be the one I’d found him and Judith in the night before. We turned to face her and the scene was very reminiscent of two kids who had misbehaved and were about to be scolded by their mother. The thought almost made me laugh.

“Listen up. You’re acting ridiculous and I’m not letting you out of this room until you’re friends.” After careful observation of our defiant faces, Michonne corrected herself. “Or at least civil.” 

The slam of the door echoed around the silent room as Daryl and I stood staring at the spot Michonne had just left through. A scraping sound followed by a few bangs implied that we were in fact locked in, as Michonne appeared to have placed a chair on the other side of the door. I sighed deeply in preparation of what was to come. I turned to face Daryl with my arms crossed and expression neutral.


“What?” Daryl grunted.

“Answer my question! What is your problem?” I exclaimed, voice raising at each syllable. 

“My problem?” Daryl repeated angrily, his voice almost as loud as mine. “You’re gon’ have to be a little more specific, YN.”

“Are you serious? You’re so fucking confusing!” I cringed at how high pitched my voice was getting; I wasn’t used to confrontation before Daryl came into my life and it still made me uncomfortable even though I was very used to arguing with him. “Last night you act all sweet and say you want me to change my mind and now you’re acting like a prick! How the fuck am I supposed to change my mind about you when you treat me like shit?”

Daryl exhaled in frustrated laughter. “Y'don’t get it, d’you?”

“Get it?” I shrieked. “What is there to get when you’re acting like a different person every five minutes?”

He stared at me for what felt like forever before stepping forwards in two confident strides and kissing me. I was so shocked that I didn’t respond at first, simply standing and allowing Daryl to press his lips to mine. Obviously disheartened by my lack of response, he began to pull away and this movement finally allowed my brain to kick into gear. I placed my hand on the back of Daryl’s neck and kissed him back, gasping as his hands roughly gripped at my shirt.

This unbelievable turn of events continued until we both were in desperate need of air and were forced to break apart. His hold on my hips remained strong, however, and I didn’t remove my hands from their position, intertwined with his hair. Our eyes met and a shy smirk broke out onto Daryl’s features, making me giggle like an idiot. I stepped backwards and rubbed a hand across my head as if clearing my muddled thoughts.

“I still don’t get it,” I whispered after a few moments of breathless silence. Daryl chuckled at my naivety.

“I ain’t very good at showin’ how I feel,” he admitted, shuffling awkwardly from foot to foot.

“But… why act like you hate me?”

“Dunno. Guess I’m scared.”

His confession made my heart beat a little faster. “So you’re scared of me?” I grinned.

“Shu’ up,” he scoffed. Daryl stepped forward and placed his hands on my waist, looking at me as though he was awaiting an answer to an implicit question. I responded by pressing another, more gentle, kiss to his rough lips. This seemed to be the only answer he needed and he began to move his hands lower before I pushed him away, smirking at the embarrassed look on his face. He watched intently as I grabbed a wooden chair from the corner of the room and placed it against the door, the back of it firmly wedged under the handle.

“What’re you doin’?” Daryl asked gruffly, his eyes examining my body as I sauntered back towards him.

“Don’t want anyone interrupting us, do we now, Dixon?” I responded innocently, though the darkness that flashed across his eyes as he processed my words was far from innocent.

Shadow: Part III

Prompt: The reader is a nephal. Nephalem are demon/angel children and are, I assume, very rare.  They would have ‘wings’. They can see the true forms of everything (angels, demons, etc.)  They can heal themselves, as well as manipulate holy fire. Can warp reality (sort of like Gabriel). Can also resurrect others and time travel alone without problem. Also unlike angels and demons they have their own body and do not need a vessel, however, they could infiltrate someone’s body, with consent, of course. (more)

Word count: 3,170

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: As promised, making up for yesterday’s late part with a fast update! Let me know what you think?

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