i am ready for the runway baby!

The Model Series FINALE WEEK-- Harry Part One

“Oh my gosh! Thanks so much!” You ring off the phone and excitedly bounce down onto the couch next to Harry. Your 9-month along bump bounces as you sit. “What’s up baby?” Harry asks, addressing both you and your unborn fetus. He smiles at his joke, the same one he’s been using for the past six months. “That was Ralph,” you say, meaning Ralph Lauren. “He wants me to close one of the walks in his show next week!” Harry beams at you. “That’s great [Y/N]!” There’s a pause. “He knows you’re nine months pregnant right?” You laugh and lean back, placing your feet in his lap. “Of course, he’s designed a new maternity line and apparently there is a shortage of pregnant models so he wants me to walk. Plus, you know, it’ll up the press coverage.” You blush at how immodest you sound. Harry smiles and starts rubbing your feet, he knows you always get embarrassed whenever someone brings up how famous of a model you actually are. “Ugh I can’t wait to be back to work….and then we’ll have our baby!” Harry sighs and you know he’s picturing the two of you welcoming your baby to the world. “I can’t wait either….” he murmurs. “I just hope he or she stays in long enough that you can walk in the show!” 

“Oof,” you grumble, buttoning up the shorts that complete your outfit. You love Ralph’s new maternity line and you especially love your outfit. “Hello darling, are you okay?” Ralph pokes his head in and you greet him with two cheek kisses. “Oh yes Ralph the collection is gorgeous….I’m just sad my pregnancy is almost over so I can’t wear these beautiful clothes much longer!” You both laugh and feel Ralph’s critical eyes scanning every thread making up the outfit. He nods his approval but your smile is cut short with a sharp twinge of pain in your abdomen. “Oooh,” you bend over slightly and Ralph look concerned. “[Y/N] darling are you okay?” The pain goes away as quickly as it started and you stand up straight. “Oh yeah, just a cramp I’m sure. This baby is ready to come out I think!” You laugh before Ralph moves on to start the show. By the time your walk comes around, you know you’re in labor. You breathe through the contractions, which are about ten minutes apart, and you are determined to finish your walk before going to the hospital. Your assistant Clara is not of the same mind. “What the hell you’re in labor?! And you’re still going to do the walk?!?!” You finish touching up your makeup and start walking towards the stage as your portion of the show starts. “Clara calm down, it’ll be hours until our baby is ready to come out and meanwhile Ralph is counting on me. Now listen,” you interrupt her panicky chattering. “I want you to go get Harry when I am at the end of the runway and tell him okay? He’s sitting in his usual front row seat, don’t get him until I’m at the end and have done my twirl and am coming back okay?” You send her off just as it’s time for your finale walk. You relax into the walk, a happy smile beaming across your face as you hit your stride and hear the audience go nuts. On your way back you see Clara pull Harry up and see him sprinting backstage, nearly tripping over photographers and Anna Wintour sitting next to him. You bite back a smile and finish your walk. Once offstage, you are surrounded by people including Harry. You vaguely hear him yelling at people to get out of your way as he ushers you into a taxi and you manage to text Clara to get your bag from home and meet you at the hospital. “I’m surprised you aren’t telling me it was dumb to do the walk.” You say to Harry on the way to the hospital. “Honey, our baby is coming into the world. I couldn’t yell at you if I tried.” You grip his hand as the taxi speeds towards the hospital and you mentally prepare yourself to become a mother. 

Headlines read: EXCLUSIVE PICS: [Y/N] [Y/L/N]’s Deluxe Delivery Suite; Model Goes Into Labor On Catwalk, Baby Daddy Harry Styles Runs Backstage–See the Million-Dollar Suite They Rented For a Month At the Hospital!

By the time you reach the hospital, you’re in the later stages of labor and your contractions are coming closer and closer together. “Just hold on baby we’re here alright I’ll help you I got you let’s go baby,” Harry coaches you out of the cab and into the hospital where paparazzi already swarm around you. Hospital security surrounds you as paps snap thousands of pictures and yell things at the two of you. “HARRY IS THIS YOUR BABY?” “HARRY ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?!” “[Y/N] HOW ‘BOUT A SMILE?!” Harry ignores them and you concentrate on breathing through the contraction that is squeezing your uterus. Once inside the hospital and out of the noise and camera flashes, nurses rush you and Harry into a private elevator and upstairs into your delivery ‘suite’. You were willing to give birth in a normal hospital room, but Harry wouldn’t hear of it. “I want our baby to have the best of everything, and that includes her delivery. Plus, you’ll be pampered and you deserve it.” How could you refuse that?

You change into a hospital gown as your on-call doctor steps in to examine you. Harry excuses himself to call your parents, Anne and Des, and the boys. “Alright [Y/N],” the doctor is saying when Harry walks back in. “You are about eight centimeters dilated so it won’t be long now until your baby is here!” Panic flickers across your face and Harry rushes to grab your hand, carefully avoiding the IV sticking out of the back of it. “Alright baby just breathe, it’ll be over soon and we’ll have our baby and we’ll be parents forever we just have to get through this one day baby okay just breathe.” You calm down, squeezing his hand, before another contraction squeezes through, the biggest one yet but the epidural, already at work, helps to ease the pain. Suddenly pain cripples you and you yell out in pain. The doctor runs back in and peeks under your gown. “Alright [Y/N] your little baby is moving really fast here you’re not fully dilated yet but I can already see its head let’s get ready.” You lean back against the pillows and grip Harry’s hand as you feel the baby move.

The final part to Harry’s story will be posted at this time next week!