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31.05.2016 || Day 22 of 100

May has been one crazy month but I am so ready for June! My website is nearly done and I’m excited to share it with you all very soon! There’s just a few bugs I need to fix, which will throw me off schedule, but I’ll be publishing a blog post every Wednesday morning starting on the 8th. 

Also, this has to be my favorite monthly spread yet. Once I get into the flow of blogging consistently and more frequently, I’ll buy a second notebook to use as an editorial calendar. But for now, I’m pretty happy with this setup. :)

🌻 Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the delay of this post, but I was out of town which ended up messing things up a bit (not to mention that I am still an extremely procrastinating and essentially idealistic being). But here I am, on the last day of June, ready to give tips that I hope will help you a lot to stay productive during the holidays.

I know that, when most of us think about vacation, we think about rest and in the laziest ways to spend it. But it is exactly during this weeks the best moment to make new habits and learn new things, as we do not have scary deadlines and we have the freedom of making more than thinking about school stuff. So, if you want to keep - or become - productive during these holidays, here are some tips so that everything ends up well:

  • Understand what you want and do research about it

It can look like an obvious and simple thing, but not always it is. Lots of times, we feel the need to do something but when we question ourselves about what to do, we do not have the answer. Or, if we do have, we simply stare at it, “trying” to find a solution. So, take a paper and a pen or open Word (or Pages) on your computer and write all the activities you want to do during vacay. Feel free to write all thousands of things that come to your mind and then, see which ones you can really proceed with and, if necessary, ask for someone else’s opinion. After it’s done, look up for the availability of, for example, the culinary class you want so much to do, as well as its price and if you depend on your parents’ money, time and car, if your parents will have the time available.

  • Do a schedule

After you have all the things you want to do decided, make a simple schedule. It isn’t necessary to time every little thing, nor you need to choose the time to do all of it. Just make it clear how many hours per day/days per week you want to dedicate to something and, if some activities have set time, let them well demarcated so you don’t end up planning a date with someone at your culinary class time set. Again, show it to someone close to you so you can be sure these are realistic goals and so they can understand you will have some priorities at certain times. If you want to study in the living room, for example, it’s nice to see with your family the best time to do it so you won’t be disturbed.

  • Don’t procrastinate!

After all the planning – my favorite part -, we can end up feeling tired, feeling like we have already done enough, but no! It was only the first step. So don’t allow yourself to be lying down all day so that at the end of it, you remember you seted a goal of studying three hours a day. I suggest, then, you to stick your schedule in your bedroom and write the things you need to do in a paper, planner or bujo so you can remove it along the day and see what you still have to do. If necessary, write close to each activity the reason why you’re doing it or stick motivational quotes in you bedroom wall.

  • Remind yourself you are on vacation

It isn’t because you have all the 24 hours of your day for yourself that you should think you will take on the world during this short time. You don’t need nor should spend every single second of your day with a work to do – it is stressful and, come on, you are on vacation!. When you go back to school, you won’t have the opportunity of simply don’t go to class and spend some days doing nothing. If you don’t rest a little during holidays, you will go to school incredibly tired and it can even mess up with your school performance. So don’t forget to eat ice cream with your sister or go to the bowling with your friends and even, one day or another, don’t do what you should do because you simply don’t want to.

  • If fail, try again

I’ll be honest: I’m two weeks late with this productive self and so many other things – in part because I was out of town so there wasn’t much I could do about it -, but it isn’t because of it I’m going to give up. This is going to be the third time I try to keep my bujo and not because it doesn’t fit me, but because, during the year, I ended up having so many school activities and, when I had time to have fun, I ended up doing lazy person things instead of relaxing doing a collage in my bujo – but I still try. If you know that something is right for you or you really want to learn x thing, keep trying. One day or even one week gone wrong doesn’t mean you should stop and give up.

Here are some ideas of what to do during vacation:

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Obvious Child (2014)


“Rich Green at a black tie event….

I was invited to a black tie event!”

Imagine the above said in the style of Hamilton:Non-Stop - because I did when I wrote it :)

I received a fancy invite in the mail the other day inviting me to the Seeing What’s Possible Gala where Larry Broutman is being honored by the Chicago Lighthouse.  You may recall Larry is the guy who I do all of those illustrations with the children in them for.  And all of his book project proceeds go to the Lighthouse where he is a member of their board.

So when this invite arrived - I jumped on the chance to be able to be there on his behalf - it will be my absolute pleasure. 

Michelle is joining me as my guest and I went and got measured up this afternoon for my Tux.  The gala is coming up in June.  Can’t wait. 

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Now I am getting ready, as tonight is the Blue Tides Annual Awards party at Coaches house.  So it will be nice to get a chance to hang out with members of the team outside of the pool for a bit!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends and staying dry if you are anywhere here in the midwest!

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Some bots are just gold!

These two sweeties will be for sale at Colossalcon’s Otaku Craft Fair on Thursday. Spring Bonnie and Freddy, together again at last! This is my first Spring Bonnie but of course not my firs Golden (Spring) Freddy plush. I will also have FNAF keychains at my table, and maybe some pillow plush and bracelets if time allows. If he doesn’t sell at the con, Spring Bonnie will be going up on my store as Ready to Go on June 8th! :) I am excited about my first artist alley-type set-up. We won’t be in the standard artist alley though, only at Thursday’s Craft Fair.