i am queen of the awkward smile

Internal Monologues of that awkward Christmas Family photo:

Mr Butler:  Smile.

Bert:  Toffs.

Hugh: If I can just convince Dot to not work, I’ll be set.

Dot: Work. Work.  I want to work.

Phryne:  This is bullshit.  Damn you Aunt P.

Jack:  This is bullshit.  Damn you Prudence.

Cec:  I feel really good today.

Jane: Smile.  Two more seconds and you can work on your next plan to hook those two up.

Prudence Stanley:  I am Queen.

Mac:  Straight people.  *rolls eyes*

Can y'all tell how awkward I am when smiling with my teeth? This is why I only ever smirk at most in pictures 😂.

(Also wasn’t wearing makeup, not the brightest idea)