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Sehun, prince!AU

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Summary: Looks can be deceiving. Oh Sehun is far from being a prince charming.

Born as the first child of the last King of Yangdon, you’d expect me to be living the life. As a princess I was showered with dresses made of the finest materials and by the best hands. I never had had to worry about food - or had financial issues. Tiaras and diamonds were as common for me as candy is for commoners.

At first glance, that might sound like a dream - but I can tell you that all things materialistic things don’t outweigh having freedom and being able to love. 

That is the price people with blue blood have to pay.

I will be marrying someone for my country - not for myself. I have no say in anything regarding my love life.

As the firstborn of the King, I am the rightful heir to the throne. However there is one catch, I must wed to become a Queen. Until then, my mother will be in charge as my highest confidant.

Before my father passed away he made a promise to one of his childhood best friends that he would wed me to his friend’s son - if necessary. It seems like he already foresaw his early death and made this promise in order to help me. Apparently my father was fond of his son - Oh Sehun. Who by description should be my age.

Now that I am in a car to meet him for the first time.

When I finally arrive at the court of my soon-to-be husband, I feel myself growing more and more nervous. What if he doesn’t like me? What if he’s a bad man who won’t treat me right?

I step out of the car and look around. The castle was breathtaking. Trees of bright colors surrounded it like armies defending their citadel. A fountain was just in of the castle serving as a roundabout. But the castle itself was just exquisite. Judging by its style it was most likely built with the French King Louis XIIV in mind, because it looks like chateau de Versailles but just smaller - a lot smaller.

My mom and I make our way towards the entrance and from a distance I can see the King and Queen Oh of Hondo waiting to welcome us. Staff on the side bow to us politely and my mother and I smile back.

Behind the King and Queen I see a young handsome face that must belong to Oh Sehun.. the prince I will be marrying..

“Welcome!” The King greets us. “We are delighted to have you here.” He looks very calm and collected. A King who is amiable.

The Queen takes my hand but quickly decides to hug me too. “Welcome, darling. We have been waiting for you.” She too - looks like a person I can be comfortable with.

Next the young man steps forward and gives me a hand and a bright smile. I feel time slowing down for a second and I swallow. He is incredibly handsome. He has those wide innocent angelic eyes and cherry red lips. He might even be prettier than I am.

“Nice to meet you, princess. We have been expecting you.” He gives me a wink and I’m immediately melting. His voice is calm and sweet like a lullaby.

“Nice to meet you too, prince Sehun.” I smile back.

The atmosphere suddenly changes completely and I can see the face of the man in front of me fall. I can hear an awkward cough from behind me and suddenly looks are being exchanged - except with me.

“Ehh..” Sehun scratches the back of his head in awkwardness. Did I say something wrong?

My face turns red and when the Queens decides to help me out my face turns red and my stomach drops. “My dear, that is not Sehun. This is Luhan.. his brother.”

I wish the earth would swallow me up. I hear staff snickering in amusement. I feel so stupid for not even recognizing the man I’m going to marry. Instead I mistakenly think his brother is my fiancé.

But if this isn’t my soon-to-be husband then where on earth is he?

As if on queue I hear the sound of a vehicle on gravel. I turn around to see a white golf cart racing its way into the crowd. A few people move away in order not to get hit.

What the heck?!

The speeder stops right in the middle of the crowd and a tall male steps out of the cart in silk pajamas. I stare at him incredulously..

You’ve got to be kidding me..

Don’t tell me..

I’m not only shocked and infuriated for almost being hit by a freaking golf cart. I’m livid because I have a great feeling this is my fiancé and as a cherry on top he is accompanied by two barely clothed women on his side.

If this is my fiancé, then he treating me as a joke already.

I shouldn’t be taking this.

Not as the next Queen of my country.

Please let this not be Oh Sehun. Please let this not be Oh Sehun. I chant in my head.

Yet my worst fear comes true.

“Oh Sehun,” he introduces himself and extends a hand. When I don’t shake it he takes it back with a shrug and circles his arms around those two.. I don’t even have words for them.

The look on Queen Oh’s face is apologetic. She knows her son is being disrespectful towards me.

I am being treated as a complete joke.

I seriously can’t believe he doesn’t have the decency to welcome me like the rest of his family - in normal clothes. Instead he shows up by nearly killing people and two.. women on his arm.

Shoot me.

Right now.

“I take that this is my wife?” Sehun steps towards me and just stares. His face is stoic and every inch of him tells me he doesn’t like me. His posture is defensive and hostile.

Five minutes ago I felt welcomed and actually quite warmly received but all of that is now in the trashcan.

My face turns to my mom in help, and even she is utterly shocked by this show. Every part of her is holding itself back to not take me away but my country needs this marriage to go through and we all know that.

I wish my dad could see me now. Surely he would put a spot to this marriage.

This is not the kind of person I want on my side leading my country.

The King is twitching in anger too and decides to divert the attention from his son’s stupidity. “Let’s get everyone inside.” He smiles but I can sense his frustration. “Max!” He yells for one of his staff and a man in black suit with headset and all comes to the front.

“On it majesty.” He immediately knows what the King wants.

While I’m being ushered inside I turn around for a second and see Max preventing Sehun’s ladies from entering the castle with us.

“I’ll talk to you later about this stunt.” The King points into Sehun’s face and when he turns around Sehun rolls his eyes.

On Sehun’s side there is another man in suit making sure he follows the group.

I try to distance myself from my fiancé. This is going to be a wild marriage. On my right I feel a light tug on my sleeve. “I apologize for my brother.” It’s Luhan and he looks troubled. “He just has a hard time accepting an arranged marriage. He’s trying to protest against it. It’s nothing personal. I promise he isn’t like this.”

I smile back and nod. Yet Sehun’s actions still don’t sit well with me after those words.

This is the person I’m going to marry..?

I don’t feel well.

All of us are seated in the living room and I was right. The castle is beautifully rococo styled. Staff brings us tea and some delights to munch on.

While my mom and the Queen are chatting like women do and the King and Crown Prince try to make small talks with me, I can feel Sehun’s eyes on me. He has his arms and legs folded and his lips are pulled into a thin line.

He is staring at me.

I turn to him. Maybe he’ll tear his gaze away from me if I look back.

But he doesn’t.

We meet eyes and instead of looking away he just keeps a straight face while staring. All of a sudden he shakes his head laughing and  shoots me a dirty smirk. I shift uncomfortably.

He slowly opens his mouth. Not to say anything but just to mouth four little words for only me to see.

‘I… don’t…. like… you.’

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Of chemises and mermaids

I hope I’m not to late for Jonerys Smut Fest 2k17 anyway here’s my smut it’s very tame buuutttt it’s my first time writting smut

Anyway, as a closer for Nasty Night, here it is!

-My lords, ladies, King and Queen, please be seated. – said Tyrion raising his hands.

Ladies Karstark, Mormont, Lords Manderly, Royce, Davos, Sansa, Arya and Daenerys and Jon sat down at the grand table. Alys and Lyanna were sitting between Manderly and Royce, Davos and Sansa on the head of the table, Daenerys, Arya and Jon on the other side. Tyrion was standing on it, holding some papers and explaining the treaty with the South.

-And my sister promised not to murder anyone.-

Daenerys poured herself some wine.

-How can we be certain?—

-We can’t.-

Daenerys put down the cup.

-Well, that is unfortunate.-

Jon was mentally absent. His mind was tied up in tactics on how it the best to defeat the Walkers. Then he noticed the small pale hand with a ring adorned with two pearls shimmering in the light, tapping the table in front of him. His own fingers reached out to hers, first grazing them and then carefully intertwining with them, their hands clasped together. Daenerys didn’t stop talking until she looked down. She felt a soft blush crawl up her cheeks. Taking the goblet of wine she just poured, she took a large sip out of it, as if trying to cover it up. Tyrion sat down finally, locking eyes with Davos who just looked shocked. Then the maid came in, bowed and told them supper is almost ready. Jon brought up her hand and kissed it, causing everyone on the table to raise an eyebrow and slowly realized where he was, the looks around him and the terrified look his lover gave him, causing him to put her hand down carefully. Daenerys licked her lips and sipped the wine again.

The King and Queen were blushing in front of everyone. Jon placed his hands awkwardly on the table, while Dany put hers behind her back. Silence covered the room like thick coat of snow that the maid stopped when she came with their food. The nobles ate in quiet until Sansa broke the ice finally.

-The stew is amazing.-

-It is! Reminds me of my Marya’s stew!-

Everyone nodded in agreement although no one ever has tasted the cooking of Davos’ wife.

-My King, are there any future marriage plans? After all, you need heirs.-

Dany stirred in her seat and Jon took her cup accidentally and drank from it. Everyone noticed again.

-I think, after the Great War is over, we will open this theme for further discussion.-

-You know, my granddaughters, Wylla and Wynafryd are eligible for marriage. They are both virgins, bled, kind and true Northerners.  – Said Manderly while looking at Daenerys.

Jon nodded and poured more wine, thinking it was ale into Daenerys’ goblet. He rose an eyebrow at the red colour but decided to drink it.

-We should save this topic for later. I doubt you want me as a grandson-in-law.-

-Everyone would want you as a grandson or son-in-law, Your Grace.-

He took a sip and turned to Dany.

-Is this one of those from Meeren?-

She nodded, raising her eyebrows.

-Gods, it’s sour. Who put this wine in my cup?-

-That’s my cup, Jon Snow.-

At the name Jon Snow, Lady Mormont rose an eyebrow, looking at them. Now that she actually paid attention, she saw they we’re sitting close. Too close to be appropriate for an unwedded couple. Both of them looked extremely comfortable with each other, also the looks they were exchanging could be described as heated. The Little Bear noticed the way the corners of his lips rose for a second while he was looking at her. She had a smirk and rolled her eyes.

They broke their gazes and the man nodded.

-My apologies, Your Grace, I drank your wine without offering you anything it return.-

-I think if we keep tabs on our mutual debts we shall never come to an agreement, Your Grace.-

-We might be completely different, but I am glad that we share a military alliance.-

She took the goblet from his hand and rose it, drinking the rest of the wine. His lips curved at the motion and he licked them, hungrily. Manderly got up from his seat.

-Perhaps I can bring over my granddaughters for you to meet them. They are here in Winterfell, after all.-

Sansa nodded.

-It would be an honor, my lord.-

Jon was about to decline the offer but Sansa and Glover shut him down. Daenerys excused herself and got up, the blood red cape flowing behind her. Jon Snow got up and ran after her, but she was fast and the sound of heels clinking made him crazy.

-Dany! Wait!-

-This is beyond disrespectful! Am I your whore?-

He backed a step down, feeling the flames poking their heads out, ready to devour him. Jon Snow had a thing for women who could murder him in cold blood.

-No, love, Manderly is just trying to seize as much power as he can. And no, you are not my whore, because I am your whore already.-

She put her arms around her body.

-I am Queen and yet I am looked down upon like a common courtesan. They only see me as your mistress with an army…-

-If they were aware of how many lives you saved my love…- He took her hands in his and kissed them both. He went up and kissed her neck, sucking and leaving bite marks, she moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist, her head falling back. He pushed her back against the wall and started undoing the clasps of her coat, kissing, sucking and biting her skin. She was already undoing his jerkin when he slid the coat of her shoulders, leaving her decollate exposed. He returned to her lips but they were interrupted by Manderly’s voice.

-Your Grace! My granddaughters are here! - He said in a sing-song voice.

Dany fell out of Jon’s hands and pushed their foreheads together. She bit his lip and let it go.

-You need to go there. We’ll continue later.-

-Then you must come, love. - He extended his arm and they walked down the stairs together. The King and Queen entered together, shoulder by shoulder (actually shoulder by neck), as equals. Jon took up his seat in the makeshift throne room, the Great Hall, by the table. Dany sat down on a chair away from the table, crossing her legs, while the Stark sisters sat down at the benches, opposing Glover and Ladies Mormont and Karstark.

Lord Manderly walked in followed by two slim blonde girls. One had dark blonde hair and the other one lighter, but with washed out green streaks. They both wore similar dark blue gowns with collars ebmbroidered with sea motifs, and the girl with the darker hair wore a hairpiece made out of seashells, while the green haired one had a large brooch with a merman on her left side. They curtsied for the King and smiled at him.

-Your Grace, may I present to you, my granddaughters, Wynafryd and Wylla.-

-Welcome, my ladies.-

-We’ve been here for a week, Your Grace.-

-I was not aware of that, I am very sorry. I suppose you have not met our guests? - He said while pointing at Daenerys.

-No, my King.-

-This is Daenerys Stormborn, Queen of the Andals, Rhoynar…-

They gave Daenerys a brief curtsy.

-My King, both of my granddaughters are young, fertile and virgins. You will see they’re humble and respectable noblewomen.-

-Good to know. - Said Arya under her breath. Sansa giggled.

An awkward silence followed.  

Daenerys eyed Jon and he nodded at her.

-Now, what is your true purpose here?-

The two girls looked at each other in panic.

-And this is where old man Manderly messed up. - Whispered Arya.

-They look so lost, poor ladies. - Whispered Sansa.

-They want him for the crown. She actually loves him. – Whispered Arya back, pointing her chin towards the Dragon Queen. Sansa stared at her profile. She was beautiful, but she did have wilful streak, but what enchanted people was definitely her charisma and grace. She radiated charm, it was like a warm sun that you’d love to soak in, as if she was a sea and a bystander was just a small boat on it, feeling the sea’s power. She changed positions so her back was now resting on the chair, arm on the arm rests and legs crossed. What was interesting to watch were Jon’s reaction’s to her position shifts. He bit his lips, eyes radiating desire. Never had any of the Stark sisters seen their brother behaving like that. Yes, Sansa recalled Robb’s and Theon’s quests back in the day, but that seemed like in another life. Jon was always reserved, he never even ventured with them to a brothel.

She looked at the Dragon Queen. She was giving Jon a similar look and turned her head, so her hair tumbled down her shoulders. She rose an eyebrow at him and smirked and he looked up.

-My ladies, shall we continue our conversation tomorrow? Her Grace and I need to discuss an important matter. We need to divide some food resources among the North and South.-

-Perhaps we all can eat tomorrow together? - Suggested one of the girls.

-Of course!-

They nodded at the King, as they had no other option. He extended his arm towards Daenerys and she got up, walked past him, swaying her hips. Jon inhaled deeply and went after her.

Arya laughed out loud now.

-I love how they’re past decency.-

Daenerys ventured through the halls of Winterfell, looking around. Jon finally caught up with her, grabbed her and leaned on a door.

-So many clothes… How much clothes do you wear…-

-This is a cold place, Jon Snow…-

He kicked the door behind them with his heel and opened it. He was out of breath now. The cloak fell of his back on the floor, just as her dragon brooch and sash. He undid the top of her coat, revealing her breast. He started kissing down her neck, slowly, sucking now and there, earning a moan.

-Not so hasty, my Queen…- His raspy voice made her melt again. Who would have thought that someone could use her title and say it in such a tone that made her quiver? She took of his jerkin leaving him in his undershirt only.

He took of her coat finally and threw in on the floor. Her pants followed soon, so she was left in her chemise only.

-It’s not fair that I’m the only one getting undressed, Jon Snow.-

-Very well, my Queen. – How can a man that honest say something so formal in such a dirty and mocking tone?

He was left only in his pants by now, hands tracing her body.

-Are you just going to stare at me?-

With that, he jumped on her, they fell on his bed. He rolled up the soft gray chemise, leaving her hips bare and started kissing them. He licked his lips and proceeded to lick hers too. She moaned and threw her head back, propping herself up with her elbows. And then he hit a spot she didn’t expect him to even graze. The sound out of her mouth was very unqueenly and birds flew of the roofs of Winterfell. In the room bellow, Davos Seaworth was trying to go through some reports with Tyrion Lannister.

-What in the world was that?-

-I don’t think we would want to know, Sir Davos. Proceed. – The Imp grinned and finished his goblet.

She took of her chemise and threw it on the bedpost and undid Jon’s pants. She climbed atop of him, giving him a bite on the collar bone. He slid his member inside of her slowly, her back arching. She intertwined their fingers, palms against palms and looked him in the eyes.

-My turn.-

He wouldn’t mind dying again now. Not with the lovely sight atop of him. He grabbed the muscle of years of horse and dragon riding, along her thighs and ass. She rolled and jumped up and down, causing him to let out a loud moan. He groaned again, this time louder. She stared at the soft gray chemise at the bedpost.

-I might have an idea.-

Downstairs, Tyrion and Davos looked up at the celling. Sansa entered the room carrying some unfinished paperwork, Arya following her with a puppy in her arms.

-I need a solution to distribute grain between… What in the world was that?-

A man groaned upstairs. Sansa’s mouth dropped. Arya grinned.

-Is that what I think it is?-


-We’ll it better be or I’m going up.-


She snickered, covering the puppy’s ears.

-I love how they gave up on being subtle.-

Dany fell on the bed, exhausted, panting. She looked up at the celling and exhaled.

-Mind untying me?-

-I could leave you like that. Lock the room up, and come back whenever I want.-

-That sounds lovely, but the other way around. Please, my arms hurt. – He pouted.

She rolled her eyes and moved over to untie him, purposely showing her breast in his face. He inhaled deeply between the two mounds of skin and tried to remain calm. She laid back, soaking in the air on naked skin. He stretched his arms, torso and neck splattered with purple love bites.

-This was…-


-Amazing. The first time we had sex was less… adventurous. Where did you see that trick?-

-Dothraki make love in public. They’re much more creative that the Westerosi, I suppose.-

Jon hugged her, flushing their bodies together, giving her a deep kiss.

-It’s late, we need some sleep. - He pulled the covers back and they fell asleep. Now, Jon slept like the dead. The Wall could fall on his head while he was asleep. Daenerys woke up first as usual and decided to soak in the peace and serenity of being in the arms of the man she loved. And then there was a knock on the door.

-Your Grace! You’re needed downstairs!-

Dany got up and panicked. She shook Jon but he barely moved. She started searching for her clothes, but in the darkness of the room she was only able to find Jon’s shirt, which thankfully covered her torso and crotch up. She was no stranger to nudity, but she was already under scrutiny here.

-Your Grace? Is everything alright?-

She opened the door so that her eyes could just be seen and smiled at the maid.

-Oh, is this the wrong room? - Asked the green-haired Manderly girl.

-No, these are the King’s rooms…- Said the maid, looking Daenerys up and down. Her hair was a mess, lips swollen, neck covered with dark speaks, and there was one word to describe her. Ravished. Completely, utterly ravished. She tried to close the door but the maid was insisting.

-Is His Grace here?-

The two ladies looked the Queen up and down. She was a beautiful woman, small, but stunning. She had perfectly curved hips which were visible now as she was leaning on the doorway. Her violet eyes were wide and she was trembling almost, the shirt she wore was clearly a man’s, as it was too large for her.

-I don’t think so…-

-Daenerys, love? What is going on?-

The Queen pinched her nose bridge. He sleeps like the dead and decides to wake up the exact moment she needs him to be asleep. She heard a rustling in the background, the unmistakable sound of a man putting pants on and getting up. He was shirtless and sleepy and yawned. The King positioned himself on the doorway, one hand on the handle the other one around his consort.

-I bid you good morning, my ladies.-

The three women giggled.

-The Queen and I have some matters to attend to, but we will be at the table in half an…- He noticed what Dany was wearing and that her bare ass was pressed against his crotch.

-Make it an hour.-

He closed the door.

The three women giggled.

-Grandfather is going to be so mad!-

-The King seems to be besotted, I mean busy attending other matters.-

-What else did he mine on Dragonstone I wonder?-



Arya Stark was sitting at the window.

-You caught them too?-

-You did also? Where?-

-In the halls once. I love how they’re past the point of hiding.-


Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Prompt: “Oh c’mon, everyone’s got a story”

Summary: the reader is Stiles’ twin sister and doesn’t think Theo is evil.

A/N: Hi guys, this is my first imagine, I hope you like it. If you have any requests feel free to stop by my blog :) I write about Marvel, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Harry Potter, One Direction, Zayn, Magcon or any other fandom that I might know a thing or two about.

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School took away all your energy, but the worst was your brother, Stiles. Lately he was trying to convince everyone that Theo was evil. You were tired of listening to him ramble about Theo, but he crossed the limits. He actually got the nerve to take Liam to spy him in the woods. Who does that? Why did he had to stalk him? I mean, he’s just trying to prove a point, more to himself than to the rest of the pack.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the bell. You packed your things and headed to the lunch line trying to avoid Stiles or the rest of the pack. After you got your food, you looked around for a place to sit. You spotted the pack sitting at your usual table, and Stiles started waving weirdly at you. You kept looking around, not wanting to sit with them and listen to your brother’s shit. Your eyes stopped on a familiar figure, Theo. He was sitting alone, avoiding eye contact with everyone and he looked sad. If you were in his shoes, you wouldn’t be too happy either, the only people he knew, his friends, made sure to sit away from him.

A small smile made its way to your lips as you walked towards Theo’s table. From the corner of your eye you saw Stiles getting angry. You knew Stiles well enough to know that he was gonna ask Scott to listen to your heartbeat, Theo’s heartbeat, to what you were saying, trying to catch your chemo signs and whatever the hell werewolves can do.

You stopped in front of Theo’s table and cleared your throat making him look up.

“Is this seat taken?” You asked pointing to the chair in front of him.

“No, not at all.” He smiled at you as you sat down “You’re (y/n), Stiles’ sister right?”

“Yeah and I’m in your Biology class.” You nodded.

“I guess you know who I am.” He chuckled.

“Stiles is my brother, of course I know who you are.” You said making him chuckle.

There was an awkward silence filling the air.

“Look, (y/n)…” Theo cleared his throat “Not to sound rude or anything, but I thought you weren’t allowed to talk to me. I mean…Stiles hates me for some reason and…” You interrupted him.

“Stiles is a drama queen. The pack has been through a lot so he doesn’t trust easily. He’ll get over it eventually, don’t worry.” You paused “Besides, I don’t care what Stiles thinks, he can’t control who I’m friends with.” You finished with a shrug.

“Are you sure? I don’t wanna get you in trouble.”

“He’s getting off limits. I heard about what happened in the woods, I’m sorry about your sister.” You gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Thank you.” He looked down at his food “But I guess everything happens for a reason and I believe that wherever she is, she's…”

“She’s looking over you.” You finished his sentence “My mom died a few years ago, I know how that feels.” you looked down at your food, poking it lightly with the fork.

For a few minutes no one spoke, the silence wasn’t comfortable but it wasn’t awkward either. You were just…quiet.

“Okay, enough with the sad things!” you looked up at him, slightly confused “Let’s talk about other stuff.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know…tell me about yourself.” he smiled.

You thought about it for a minute, not really knowing what to say.

“I’m (y/n) Stilinski, I’m Stiles’ twin sister. I like pandas and ice cream. I literally spend all my free time on the internet. I consider myself a nice person but also very sarcastic and sassy, something that apparently runs in my family.” he chuckled “I like to draw and math. I like math” He chuckled and shook his head a few times “What about you?”

“There’s not too much to say about me. I’m just a normal kid.” He sighed, running his hand through his blond hair.

“Oh c’mon, everyone’s got a story.” You joked “C’mon Raeken I wanna know what is going on inside that head of yours.” You lightly tapped his forehead making him laugh.

“No, seriously…I’m just a normal kid, you know? I’m lame.”

“You’re a werewolf.” You lowered your voice “I’m pretty sure that not everyone in this school can say that.” Although we were in Beacon Hills, there was a lot of weird shit going on here. From banshees, to werecoyotes and kanimas, just name it, we have it “I won’t judge even if you tell me that your favorite movie is The Little Mermaid and that you cry watching Nemo.” You shrugged with a laugh.

He opened his mouth, but heavy footsteps coming your way turned your attention away from Theo. Stiles was walking towards you, looking pissed.

“Listen here Theo…”

“And here we go again.” You mumbled under your breath.

“I know that you’re hiding something and I might be the only one who sees right through your shitty act…seriously dude, you should take a few acting classes, you’re a terrible liar…” Uh, what? “But if you touch my sister, even if it’s a hand shake…I swear that I’ll shove a mistletoe wrapped up in wolf’s bane up your little werewolf ass! You hear me?”

“Stiles, that’s enough…”

“No, (y/n), if you can’t see that he’s evil, I’ll just have to look out for you!” Then he turned to Theo again “What are you still doing here?”

Theo grabbed his bag and got up, ready to leave.

“No, Theo isn’t going anywhere.” You crossed my arms over your chest.

“He’s right (y/n).” Theo finally spoke “I should go, it’s okay” He assured.


“It’s okay…” He nodded and gave you a small smile.

“You can’t control my friends Stiles. Besides you’re just trying to prove yourself that he’s evil!” You exclaimed while Theo walked towards the exit.

“No, you don’t understand (y/n), he’s shady…” He kept talking but you just blocked him out.

You watched as Theo walked away with his head down. When he walked past the pack, they just pretended he wasn’t there, except for Scott, who gave him a small nod.

It was true that he didn’t want to say anything about himself, you didn’t know anything about him except his name and that he was a werewolf. Could he be evil? Could Stiles actually be right? If he was hiding something, it made sense that he didn’t really talk about himself. Maybe Theo wasn’t even his real name. Hell, maybe the real Theo was dead a long time ago.

You were a little confused when he stopped at the entrance and turned around, making eye contact with you. He smiled and waved and you returned the gesture.

You shook your head, Stiles’ conspiracy theories were clouding your judgement. Of course Theo wasn’t evil, he was too sweet to be evil. He was just a lost kid, who was looking for a place where he could fit in, he was just looking for a pack.

But little did you knew, that you were wrong. But how could you? After all, no one expects an angel to set the world on fire.

Visit To London

“Look everybody, its the other Maynard everyone loves!” Jack called out as he pointed the camera in my direction.

Rolling my eyes, I offer it a wave, “Don’t you mean the only Maynard everyone loves?”

“Uhm, excuse me,” He scoffed, pulling me into a side hug, “They love me too.”

“That’s only because you’re my twin.”

“Or is it because you’re my twin?” He asked, tilting his head, “Yeah, I think it’s because of me.”

“Oh, but of course!” I said dramatically, “It can only be because of you, Jack!”

“Exactly, now you get it!” He grinned, tossing my bag into the car. “Ready for a kick ass week in London?”

“But of course!” I beamed, buckling into my seat.

I had come to London to visit with Jack and Conor, although I was secretly hoping to also see Joe while here, even if my brothers had no idea of my little crush.

No one did really, except for Anna, but she knew how protective Jack and Conor got, so she was the wonderful little sister that I knew she was, and kept her mouth shut.

Jack and I chatted amicably during the drive from the train station to his new flat, and I could feel my excitement grow.

“What are the boys up to?” I asked casually as we walked into his building.

“I think some of them are actually inside, Conor wanted to be here when you arrived. And I’m sure they just followed him. We all can’t seem to spend time apart,” Jack laughed. “So I apologize in advance for any stupid comments made.”

“I’ll be fine, I mean, I grew up with you and Conor, didn’t I?”

“Oi!” My twin protested, pouting as we entered the lift.

“I say it out of love, Jack.”

“I’m sure you do, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes, still pouting as the lift doors opened onto his floor.

“Someone has to knock you down a peg or two. I know Conor won’t do it.”

“No, he mostly just ignores me.”

“And we all know ignoring you just doesn’t work. I mean, I ignore you all the time, and yet here I am, staying with you for a bloody week!”

“You just can’t get enough of me.” Jack grinned, swinging the door open, “Y/N’s here!”

There was a loud shuffling before Conor appeared, grinning, “Lil sis!” His arms open as he drew closer, pulling me into a tight hug.

“Hi Con,” I patted his back, “Good to see you too. Can you let me go now?”

“Clearly you missed me,” Conor drawled, throwing an arm over my shoulder as he lead me into the room, Jack grumbling behind us about being ignored.

My eyes fell on Joe as soon as they could. He was talking with Penny, Conor’s girlfriend, and hadn’t noticed me yet, so I took the brief moment to take him all in.

And that was enough to realize that my feelings were still as strong as they had been before, right before his eyes met mine.

“Y/N!” He smiled brightly, standing to come give me a hug.

“Hello, Joseph.” I smiled back, returning the warm hug.

“Nice to have you back in the city with us weirdo’s,” He said quietly, his hand lingering on my waist for another moment, and I could feel my cheeks turning red.

“I must admit, I’ve missed your crazy antics.”

“You’ll be sick of me in a day.”

“I doubt it.”

“We’ll see about that,” Joe winked, moving to the side so Penny could hug me tightly in greeting.

“So glad you’re here,” She told me, “Was getting annoying being the only girl in a room of guys.”

“Sick of me already, babe?” Conor smirked, pulling her back against him, kissing her cheek. I smiled fondly at my older brother and his girlfriend, glad to see them so happy, but also slightly envious as I wanted that.

My eyes drifted over to Joe once again, who was studying me.

“Alright,” Jack announced, breaking the moment, “Who’s hungry?!”

It seemed that over the next couple of days, Joe came round Jack’s a lot.

Not that I was really complaining, because I got to see him more often, but it was intriguing, and left my wondering if perhaps I wasn’t the only one to have secret feelings.

I had often caught him watching of studying me, a small smile on his lips. And it seemed as if our conversations had taken quite the flirty turn, a pleasant surprise for me. Even when we were all hanging out, or heading out for a night on the town, Joe found a way to be close to me, and I took every opportunity to be near him as well.

My crush had gone from liking your brothers older friends, to full on feelings for the man from Wiltshire.

I didn’t want to head back to Brighton without telling him.

“I have a date tonight,” Jack announced, walking into the living room where Joe and I were sat on the couch, exchanging theories about the movie that was playing, “So sorry, Y/N. But I’m ditching you.”

“Typical.” I rolled my eyes.

“A date, Y/N. Be a supportive twin!”

“I’ll be supportive if you get a second date from her.”

“Like that’ll happen,” Joe commented, and I giggled as Jack glared at the two of us.

“You two are assholes. Have fun being assholes together.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, glancing over at Joe.

“I figured you’d both be hanging out tonight, since I’m busy. You’re free, right Joe?”

“Yeah, I’m down for hanging. If you’re okay with that, Y/N…”

“Yeah.” I smiled at him, “That sounds good to me.”

“Wonderful. Now I feel less like a shit twin brother.”

“You’re still a shit twin brother.” I retort.

“Oh piss off.” Jack grumbled, heading back to his bedroom.

Joe ended up vlogging during our night together, causally joking about it being a date, and how the fans were going to go crazy. I brushed off his comments, but my heart raced, and my mind wished that it actually was a date.

After dinner, we ended up back at his place, figuring Jack would want his flat free incase things went well during his date.

“Want anything else?” Joe asked as I settled on to the couch.

“Nope. I’m pretty good. What do you wanna do though?”


“Wonderful! We can think of more crazy theories.”

“Everyone else always laughs at me for doing that,” He said as he settled in beside me, his body warm against mine.

“They’re just not as special as us.” I winked, grabbing the remote from him to choose a movie to play.

Although we end up talking most of the time, starting with theories and moving on to different topics, chatting about everything and anything.

Until I’m distracted by the lead female getting the big kiss at the end, a small sigh escaping me.

“What’s wrong?” Joe nudged my knee with his.

“I just…I want that!” I gestured towards the TV. “I want some guy to come in and sweep me off my feet, declare his undying love for me! Is that too much?”

“No.” I didn’t actually expect him to answer, so I turned my head to look at him in surprise, finding him staring at me. “You deserve all that.”

“I do?”


“When is it going to happen?”

“I can’t sweep you off your feet, because we’re sitting…” Joe trailed off, his head inching closer, “But I can tell you that I’ve liked you from nearly the moment I met you.”

“Really?” My eyes dropped down to his lips before meeting his eyes again.

“Yes.” He replied, and my eyes slide closed as he pressed his lips against my own, my hand moving up to cup his cheek, leaning into the kiss as it slowly deepens.

“I like you too.” I tell him after we’ve broken apart, smiles gracing both of our lips.

“That’s always good to know,” He chuckled, kissing me again quickly. “Or else this would be a very awkward grand gesture.”

“I’d still appreciate it, I am the Queen of Awkward.”

“What a coincidence,” Joe smiled, “I’m the King of Awkward.”

“What a perfect match we are.”

“My thoughts exactly.” He leaned back in, kissing me again.

The Richonne Baker’s Dozen 3 Paragraph Challenge

Total Words: 2775

Rating: T+ (mostly)

A/N: I hope you enjoy the following Baker’s Dozen of Richonne Fics. I LOVED writing Richonne in all these different situations. Thanks @richonnejustdesserts for this awesome challenge!

1) Katana Lesson (First Time Fic)

“Here, try.”

Michonne gently urged him to take her most treasured weapon. Rick looked at her in amusement before biting his lip and nodding reluctantly.

She handed the sheathed sword to him with a smirk. He tentatively took it in his hands and weighed it, raising his eyebrows as if impressed before slowly unsheathing it.

She quietly studied his fascinated gaze, backing up next to his side, intently awaiting his next move.  

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soulofsilence  asked:

“do i look like a pillow to you?” . . . DSQ? maaaaaaaybe? *puppy eyes* two of them using the other as a pillow

Pillow Queen (AO3)

“I am not a pillow,” Regina exclaimed. Emma looked a bit wounded and Maleficent just shrugged her shoulders. “Do I look like a pillow to you?”

“You always let me lay my head on your lap when we watch movies and it’s so nice and comfy and Mal has told me that you two did that in the Enchanted Forest when stargazing. So I just thought… forget about it. I’m sorry,” Emma said, embarrassed now.

Mal sat down at the far end of the couch, perfectly fine with the situation, but Emma looked like she wanted to run. This wasn’t going according to plan, and she had made this awkward.

“Emma, it’s fine. Yes, we did that with Mal, but it was a lifetime ago. I didn’t know you knew about that,” Regina said. She hadn’t realized Emma being good friends with Mal would mean they talked about her. “I don’t really mind, if you are both sure that that’s what you want?” This time Regina looked directly at Maleficent.

“I miss you sometimes,” Maleficent said bluntly. “Just to be close to you.”

Regina smiled. In a way she felt blessed with her two blondes - both adorable and awkward in their own way.

“So be it.” Regina sat down on the couch, Mal on her right side and Emma on her left. Emma curled on Regina’s side immediately, but Mal hesitated.

“Are you certain, little queen?”

Regina grinned at the old nickname.

“I am. I’m sorry I snapped, I was caught off guard.”

Emma squeezed Regina’s knee, while Mal settled on Regina’s other side.

And so they stayed until the movie was long over. Regina in the middle, with two blonde heads on her lap, her hands gently stroking their hair. Both of them had fallen asleep during the movie.

All The Best People Are Crazy

Character: Rhion Hatter x Alice (OC)
Song Prompt:

Mad Hatter – Melanie Martinez
You think I’m psycho, you think I’m gone
Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong

So what if I’m crazy? The best people are
All the best people are crazy, all the best people are
Summary: What happens when the bidders try to intervene in Alice’s relationship with Rhion?
Warnings: Fluff.

“You sure you want to leave the two of them alone?” I can hear Baba’s voice through the penthouse door. A grunt is all that is given in response.

“Eisuke, she’s just as mad as he is.” Ota’s voice sounds both whiny and concerned. My eyebrow twitches as I slowly turn the door knob; everyone freezes as I enter the room, caught out in their gossip of my new relationship with Rhion.

“A-Alice.” Baba and Ota exclaim as they take in my outfit: my blonde hair is tied up with a black ribbon, bright red lipstick and neutral make up, a baby blue dress that sits just low enough where it doesn’t reveal anything when I bend over, black knee high stockings and black high heels. An outfit I wouldn’t be caught dead in before I met Rhion.

“Good evening.” I bow before I skip around the penthouse, cleaning and humming as I go.

“I told you she’s as fucken mad as he is.” I pause as I hear Ota’s hushed whisper, taking a deep breath; I calm myself before I continue with my job.

When I’m about to leave, a hand rests upon my shoulder and I quickly turn to see the worried face of Mitsunari Baba.

“Alice, I’m worried about you.” I smile brightly, cocking my head to the side slightly. “You’ve always been a little…”

“Nuts!” Calls Ota from behind us.

“…well, yes. But lately, you’ve been crazier than usual. Are you okay?” I open my mouth to reply when the door suddenly opens, startling me.

“Alice?” Rhion’s gentle voice calls me to attention, his slender grey eyes softening as we meet each other’s gaze. “We’re going to be late.” I pull my phone out of my pocket and check the time.


Moving from Baba’s firm grip, I move quickly towards Rhion’s outstretched hand; everyone looking shocked at the seemingly normal exchange. Without a word, we leave and hurry towards the hotel roof. Taking off his jacket, he wraps me in his warmth as we sit and stare up at the sky, the meteor shower has already begun and we sit in comfortable silence as we watch it.

“Is everything okay?” His quiet voice echoes in the night sky, the opposite to his ‘Mad Hatter’ persona.

“Hmm?” I look away from the show and gaze at his profile next to me.

“Why were you late?” I chew my bottom lip as I try to phrase my answer.

“They are worried about me losing my mind.” I snort at their concern; frankly I lost it before I met any of them. “They reckon I’m going crazy.”

“I love it when you’re crazy,” his soft smile crinkles his eyes; “it matches my crazy and shows me I’m not alone in this sane world.” I chuckle at his words; he’s always told me that I made him feel safer in the outside world. His Wonderland that he never left until I arrived, his ‘Alice’. Ironically, that is my name but it wasn’t hard to fall for both Rhion Hatter and the Mad Hatter, the two sides of the same handsome man.

“All the best people are crazy.” I rest my head on his shoulder as we sit, once again, in silence.

Eisuke pages me early the next morning; when I arrive at the penthouse, I’m greeted by several frowns and an unfamiliar face. The unfamiliar face, it turns out, is a psychiatrist.

“WHAT?” I yell, a bit louder than I intended. I can’t help but stare daggers at Eisuke as he forces me to sit on the couch opposite the psychiatrist, Dr Henry Jekyll. “You do realise you’re forcing me to talk to a man who has the same name as the fictional character with a split evil personality?”

“You do realise your name is Alice and you live in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter.” Ota retorts, causing me to huff and pout.

“I can accept the erratic behaviour from the Hatter but not from you.” Eisuke says shortly.

“Why?” I ask. “How long has it been since Rhion stepped foot outside? How many times have you tried to get him ‘help’? Did it work? No, yet ever since we met, he’s experienced so much because I make him feel safe.” The good doctor smiles as he observes our interaction.

“And why is that?” His deep voice brings my attention to him; I almost forgot he was even here.

“Because to him, I’m the one thing that makes sense in this fucked up world, a world that terrifies him. His whole life he’s been forced to live in a fantasy to escape his reality.” I meet Dr Jekyll’s gaze with an intense stare. “So what if I act a little crazier than I actually am to make him feel safe? You do crazy things when you’re in love!” Nobody meets my eyes as I glare around at their faces, eyes darting every and which way to avoid me.

“Alice.” A singsong voice cuts through the awkward silence and I stand up to walk towards the source. “We must not keep the Queen of Hearts waiting.” Getting into character, I give a bright smile and skip towards the Mad Hatter, whose high heel boots are already retreating from the room.

“Oh,” I pause at the door, dropping the façade enough for everyone to see the seriousness on my face. “If anyone needs their heads checked, I think it should be all of you, not me.” Not waiting to hear their replies, I skip towards my love waiting patiently by the elevator.

“Is everything alright?” His voice drops to the low, gentle level he reserves for me.

“Let’s go home to Wonderland.” I take his gloved hand, kiss him on his magenta painted lips and smile brightly.

The Prince’s Heart | Chen (EXO) ~ Part 6

1 2 3 4 5 6 07

Errors, errors everywhere. Please excuse spelling errors or anything. I will fix them later. Sorry it took so long for me to put this next part, but here you go!

Sulli, Jennifer and Lee Hi were over your house once again. You all decided to have a girl’s day. These kinds of things are always held at your house. It’s a regular thing, so you weren’t surprised.

“Sulli help with the pancakes!” You called out, running to the fridge to grab the orange juice. Sulli, who was sitting on the couch in the living room, pranced in the kitchen. She stood in front of the stove, flipping the blueberry pancakes you were previously working on. While the both of you got breakfast ready, Lee Hi and Jennifer were cleaning the place.

It was a regular routine you all put in place. You walked to the small circular table that you called the dinning area. You set the four tall glasses down, filling them all half-way with orange juice. You placed the gallon of juice back in the fridge, grabbing 2 of the four plates you had seat out. They all already had scrambled eggs you finished earlier on them. You took the two plates and set them on the dining table. You grabbed the other two and did the same. After Sulli finished the pancakes, you ordered her to start of the bacon. You grabbed the bigger plate that had all the finished pancakes and started placing them on the four assorted plates.

As Sulli worked on the bacon, you began to clean the dishes that were taking space in the. As you scrubbed the pans, there was a strong knock at your door. You looked up from the soapy pans before you, to meet Sulli’s curious gaze.

“Were you expecting someone?” She asked, her brows scrunching up.

You shook your head, also confused. You rinsed your hands off, finding some tissues to dry your hands. You were about to leave the kitchen when Lee Hi and Jennifer walked in with their eyes wide.

“What’s wrong? Who is at the door?” You question them. Even though you wiped your hands off they were still damp.

“Jongdae’s parents…’ Jennifer whispered, shock and fear coloring her hazel brown eyes.

You took a step back, trying to collect your thoughts.

“Jongdae’s parents? As in the King and Queen?” You whispered, your face scrunching up with anxiety. The room was suddenly growing hot, and every mess seemed greater than before.

“Are they in the living room?” You questioned, watching as Sulli shut off the stove that was once cooking the bacon. Jennifer nodded, pointing her thumb over her shoulder.

“We cleaned the living room, don’t worry. I don‘t think you should keep them waiting.” She said, giving you a soft pat on the shoulder. You took slow steps, your feet making sounds against the tile floor of the kitchen. The pajama shorts and T-shirt you were wearing made goosebumps rise on your skin. Your hair was a tangle mess, which you pulled into a ponytail. You were able to wash your face and brush your teeth, but you don’t think you smell the best either. Before leaving the kitchen you looked over your shoulder at your friends.

Unlike you, who was trying to keep calm, the panic was clear on their face.

“Go in my room, get my phone and call Jongdae.” You hissed before walking forward, out the kitchen, past the dining room and into the living room. As you caught sight of them, your heart pumped up into your throat, making it hard for you to even swallow your own saliva. They both sat there on your tan couch, watching the news or your flats screen TV.

They weren’t dressed like you expected. They were dressed like normal people. You weren’t sure why you were expecting some type of royal garment on them. Jongdae’s mother wore a simple peach blouse and some black pants with some wonderful peach heels. She sat very delicately, her legs crossed at the ankles and hands sitting in her lap. Her husband, Jongdae’s father, sat with a white button up and some black slacks that look like they belong with a suit. Along with that he wore some black dress shoes. He sat focused on the news, mumbling something to his wife.

She would nod his way, smiling slightly. They looked like normal people, yet they had a sort of aura around them, that you couldn’t ignore. You also didn’t forget the two bulky bodyguards that stood at stood on either side of the couch. There were two more standing at your front door.

You stood there frozen, not sure what to do with yourself. It was one of the guards that noticed you. As he informed the two you were present, you looked at the other guards. You were hoping to see a familiar face. Neither Jacob or Jihoon were present.

“Y/N?” A husky voice said, snapping your attention away from the bodyguards. Both of Jongdae’s parents were standing, looking towards you with unreadable expressions. You panicked, your heart beating loud in your ears. You gave them both a 90 degree bow, holding it as you spoke.

“Your Majesty, Your Highness. Thank you for visiting my house. It is an honor. Please excuse my appearance, I was not expecting you.” You said before standing straight.

The both of them didn’t speak, staring at you.

“Would you like something to drink?” You asked, taking small steps towards the kitchen. Anything to leave the tense atmosphere of your living room.

The queen put one hand up, telling you to stop.

“It’s alright. We just wanted to speak to you.” The Queen said, looking towards the love seat across from them. You walked over to the seat, waiting for them to sit again before you did.

Looking at the two of them, you were reminded that the Queen is Jongdae’s step mother. The resemblance between Jongdae was very clear. You couldn’t find him in the Queen. The Queen looked towards her husband, waiting for him to speak.

“Y/N, we were supposed to meet you last week. I am sorry we had to leave so suddenly.” The King said, finally showing you a small smile.

“It’s okay, I’m sure you left for a good reason. Jongdae explained to me.” You spoke softly. You could totally hear the fear in your voice.

“We just returned, and decided to swing by. I’m sorry to catch you by surprise like this. Jongdae doesn’t even know we were returning today.”

“Oh really? I’m sure he’ll be happy you both are back.”

“Well, Jongdae told us you’re a chef.” The Queen questioned. Unlike the King, her face expression was still unreadable. Her eyes were heavy, and you could feel the weight of her gaze.

“Yes, I have been cooking my whole life. I went to college and majored in Culinary Arts. I am currently an assistant chef at a restaurant. I hope to open my own restaurant one day.” You asked simply.

“How long have you lived in Korea? Your Korean is wonderful.” The Queen barely gave you time to breathe before she threw another question your way.

“I’ve lived in Korea since I was 9, so about 12 years.” You answered kindly, “My family moved here for my father’s job.”

“Tell me about your parents.” The Queen was not giving you any slack.

“My mother is an English Professor at a college.”

“And your father?”

“My father passed away some time ago.” An awkward smile met your lips. For a short moment, you saw a look of pity in the eyes of both the King and Queen.

“What were your intentions when you decided to come to the marriage meeting? Most women with regular jobs like yours don’t have have courage to do such a thing. Most of the women meeting with Jongdae were Princesses or daughters of government officials.” It was the King to ask this time. It seemed the more you spoke, his tense attitude was subsiding. You couldn’t say the same for the Queen.

You chuckled, “I am surprised Prince Jongdae didn’t tell you. I was actually at the palace for a job interview. I was hoping to work in the kitchen. I ended up in the marriage meeting due to a misunderstanding.”

The King chuckled, but the Queen was not amused.

“So you were not there for Jongdae in the first place?” She exclaimed, almost scaring you.

“N-no I was not. I explained to him that it was a misunderstanding, but he still wanted to speak to me.” You explained.

When she didn’t say anything back, you cleared your throat awkwardly. You looked down at your feet, hoping this uncomfortable period of quiet would pass.

“We already had a fiance for Jongdae,” The Queen said making you look up at her.

“Really?” You tried to hide you bewilderment. Jongdae never mentioned that.

“Yes. Jongdae never seemed like that type to stick with one girl.” The Queen said.

“Oh really?” You replied.

“Yes, we were worried that he would never settled down, so we found a fiance for him but, he begged us to let him find a bride himself. It seems he has settled on you.” The way said settled made it seem like last resort.

“The fiance we had picked out for him was one that met the standards of a prince. She is the daughter of a government official, traveled abroad and knew 4 languages. She studied in Economics and Business. Her father is an old friend of the King and she was Jongdae’s childhood friend. She had all the qualifications to marry Jongdae. We were shocked when he rejected her.” The Queen paused, her eyes looking you up and down.

“I was curious what Jongdae’s taste was.” She muttered. The King shot her a warning glance, causing her to stop speaking.

You mustered some courage, and decided to speak your mind.

“Does Jongdae like her?” You questioned softly.

“Excuse me?” The King asked, a bit confused.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to know if Jongdae likes the fiance that was picked out for him. I understand she has all the qualities to marry the Prince of South Korea, but does she suit Jongdae? The way I see it, Jongdae is Jongdae before he is the prince. So if you focus on the prince aspect more than what Jongdae wants, he won’t be happy in the end.”

After you were done speaking, not only the Queen, but all the guards were staring at you with wide eyes.

Oh god, I just told the King and Queen about their own son! What an idiot I am.

You opened your lips, ready to apologize when you noticed the King’s facial expression. A smile pulling at the corner of his lips, a laugh sitting at the edge of his tongue.

“Wow,” He sighed putting his hands on his knees, “I think you are completely right.”

The Queen looked over at her husband, just as astonished as you were.

“I see why Jongdae likes you.” He stated, “You see Jongdae before you see ‘The Prince’.”

“But darling, what qualities does she have to be the Princess?” The Queen whispered.

“Jongdae likes her. That’s the only thing that matters,” The King said to his wife before turning back to you. The Queen didn’t speak much after that. The rest of the conversation was carried by you and the King. He even asked about Sulli, Jennifer and Lee Hi. The three of them filed into the living room, introducing themselves. They soon joined the conversation, which was full of laughs and chuckles.

Now that you had met the King, you saw a lot of him in Jongdae. Their personalities are very similar.

You were all talking when there was a knock at the door. You stood up to answer it, but one of the guards did that before you could. The moment the door opened, Jongdae walked in, looking around as if he was expecting some sort of fire. He wore a sharp dark blue suit, white undershirt, black dress shoes and his hair was gelled back. Everyone sat there blinking at him.

“I forgot that I called him…” Lee Hi muttered shyly. Jongdae looked over at his parents, and back to you.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, walking over to you. You nodded, smiling at him. You guess he was expecting to find you in tears or something. His arm wrapped around your waist, completely ignoring his parents.

“Jongdae,” You hissed trying to step away from you. His grip on tighten as he smiled. He didn’t even acknowledge the presence of his father and step-mother.

“You didn’t need to come, everything is okay. I’m sure you were busy.” You said, placing a hand on his chest.

“I only had one meeting today, it didn’t take long.” He informed you. He looked over at his parents before he spoke again.

“I had to make sure they weren’t harassing you.” He stated, a hint of playfulness in his voice.

Before you could protest, the King laughed.

“Jongdae, you know I would never do such a thing.” The King chimed, laughing some more.

“Well, it wasn’t you I was worried about.” Jongdae murmured, his eyes drifting to the Queen.

“Everything is alright.” You assured him, “I was just having a lovely chat with your parents. They came to get to know me.” Jongdae’s grip on your waist tighten and he pulled you against him.

“Jongdae!’ You hissed, “Your parents are right there!”

“Aww come on! I’ve missed you.” He cooed, leaning close to kiss you. You threw your head back, pushing him away with a bit of force. His arm dropped from your waist. You stared at him as a pout met his lips.

“Aww Y/N, don’t be like that.” He spoke in an exaggerated sad voice, wiping fake tears.

“It was a pleasure to meet you Y/N. It’s nice to finally meet the woman who has been keeping my son out of trouble.” The King said standing from his seat, smiling kindly.

You smiled back, bowing to both him and the Queen. The Queen’s face wasn’t that welcoming, but you still smiled at her. You walked them to the door, still talking with the King about certain things.

“I hope to see you again.” The King said, before turning to his wife, who had nothing to say. One of the bodyguards opened the door for them to leave. Before stepping out, the King turned around to look at Jongdae who sat in the love seat.

“Son, we’ll talk more when you get home.” Jongdae only nodded in response to his father. The King showed you one more smile before walking out the door. The Queen didn’t even glance at you as she walked out the door. All the bodyguards filed out, closing the door behind them.

The moment the door was closed, everyone let out a breath of relief.

“Wow, that went better than I thought.” Jennifer voiced, walking back into the dining room. You looked over at Jongdae, who had his eyes on you. When your eyes met, you both smiled forgetting about the other two people in the room.

“We made breakfast, it’s probably cold, but there’s enough if you want some.” You told him, walking over to him. He stood up from his seat, grabbing your arms and bringing you closer to him. He pecked you on the lips quickly, making your face heat up with embarrassment.

“Oh, just act like we’re not here!” Sulli said waving her arms in the air.

“Okay!” Jongdae almost sang, letting go of your arms. This time he wrapped one arm around your shoulders, and the other on your waist.

“I’m sorry about my parents showing up without a warning.” He whispered in your ear.

You shook your head, “I was worried at first, but they weren’t mean to me.”

“Not even the Queen?” He asked, pulling back slightly to look at you.

“She was a bit fierce,” You admitted, “But she wants the best for you, I can tell.”

Jongdae scoffed at your comment, “Yeah right. She is only concerned about herself and the image of the royal family.”

“She’s just a little high-strong, that’s all.” You reasoned.

“Hey lovebirds!” Lee Hi shouted from the dining room, “Are you going to come eat? We set a plate for his royal highness too.” She giggled before disappearing into the dining room. Jongdae removed his arms from around you. You headed into the living room, and he followed you. There were a few questions you wanted to ask him, you were planning to hold them till later.

Of course your nosy friends would never let that happen.

“So we heard you already had a fiance.” Lee Hi said casually. You choked on your scrambled eggs, rushing to grab your glass of juice.

“Lee Hi!” You snarled. She looked at you with a helpless expression, shrugging her shoulders.

“What? You were thinking that same thing!” You argued.

You looked at Jongdae. He sat beside you, moving his scrambled eggs around. You were hoping he wouldn’t say anything, but he quickly spoke.

“I knew my step-mother would bring that up. She probably meant Hyo-Jin, a childhood of mine. My step-mom was always trying to set me up with her.  It felt like everyone was pushing me into a corner, so I told them I would meet someone my own way.” He explained, glancing your way.

He looked from you face to the plate in front of you. He reached forward and grabbed one of your bacon strips.

“Hey!” You shouted, your mouth full of pancake.

He laughed at you, shoving the bacon in his mouth. Your eyes narrowed at him, “Your bodyguards aren’t here to save you!”

“They are sitting in the car in the parking lot, I’ll be fine.” He showed you a smug smiled, before winking at you. You stuck your tongue out at him, before picking up your fork once again.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Jongdae set his fork down, having it clink against the glass plate. He reached inside his coat and pulled out 4 golden envelopes. He hand one to each other girls, before giving you one.

“What is it?” You asked as all four of you opened your envelopes. Of course the other girls read it out loud before you could get yours open.

“You have been formally invited to Prince Kim Jongdae’s birthday Masquerade Ball!” Sulli read before screaming, causing you to wince.

“Thank you Jongdae! Thank you for inviting all of us!” Jennifer said, cheesing widely.

“Jongdae, this is really kind of you, but-” He cut you off before you could finish.

“Everything will be taken care of. I’ll buy your dresses and everything. You all just need to show up and look beautiful.”

“You don’t need to do that! We’ll buy our own dresses!” You protest.

“Too bad, I won’t let you.” He shot back, tapping your nose lightly with his index finger.

He saw your skeptically face expression, and reached forward, pinching your cheeks.

“Trust me, you’ll have fun.” He said smiling at you.

You smiled back and nodded, “I trust you.”



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A Throne of Glass and Fury: Part II

Link to Part One here:http://thelittleloverofbooks.tumblr.com/post/145864944958/a-throne-of-glass-and-fury-part-i

HOLY HERA GUYS I WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND FOUND OUT I REACHED OVER 700 FOLLOWERS!!! Considering that just last week I had just reached about 500, this feels like a huge accomplishment. 

Massive thank you’s to all you who follow me and support me. I love you guys!!!

This was going to be MUCH longer, but I decided to leave it on a cliff hanger and have the official clashing of the two stories in the next part:)

Without further ado, I present the second part to ATOGAF.

Hope you enjoy! xx


Lysandra sighed in frustration. “Aedion! Put all of your weight on it, you lazy bastard!” 

“I am!” He protested. “We’re only going for a week! Why the rutting hell are you packing so many clothes?” He jumped, and Lysandra was able to zip her bag closed just a little bit more.

As if she hadn’t heard him, “Keep doing that. Come on, jump higher!”

Rowan turned to Aelin, his eyebrows raised and eyes swimming with subdued amusement. “I hope their constant bickering will not follow us all the way to Prythian.”

Aelin smiled up at him. “I’m afraid there is very little hopes of that.” There was a pause. “Are you nervous about this trip?” She asked quietly.

He sighed, arms crossed in front of his chest as he muttered, “I would be a liar if I didn’t say that the thought of this journey makes me somewhat…uneasy.”

Aelin was highly aware of the fact that the only reason Rowan was even going on this trip was because of her happiness. She admitted that she felt somewhat guilty, for she knew that when she had asked this of him, he would likely say yes. Aelin had quickly learned over the years that there was very little Rowan would ever deny her. 

She took his hands and kissed the palms, rough and calloused as they were. “Don’t be.” But she could feel the worry and stress rolling off him in mighty waves. 

Moments passed. Aelin noticed that Lys and Aedion had made a sudden disappearance.

At last, Rowan kissed her brow and said, “I am sorry…for mistrusting your judgement.We will be fine. I just…I can’t stand the thought of anything happening to you.’ He paused. “These…High Fae, they’re quite different from us. More evolved.” A threat.

She just wanted him to trust her. Trust that she had made the correct decision in accepting Feyre’s invitation. They had, in fact, been corresponding for months. 


It had all started when Aelin was sitting in her room one morning. Rowan was out, dealing with a threat out in the western parts of Terrasen while Aelin had decided to stay home and mull over the all the paperwork and strategies and decisions that would shape and build Terrasen’s future. 

Usually, she would accompany Rowan to wherever he was going and deal with the legal stuff later, but today she was much too tired for it. The last few weeks had proved to be taxing, indeed.

Aelin was just about to crumble up another ridiculous inquisition about her future heir-producing from a Duke of Something-or-other when a piece of parchment magically appeared beside her.

She had a knife drawn and was sniffing the air, checking outside her windows and then closing the curtains, her Fae ears tuned in for the slightest sign of any danger or threat, but she found none. 

Sitting back down on her bed, Aelin picked up the paper and smelt it for any incantations or poisons. Again, she found none, however her senses were on high alert.

Written in a beautiful, fancy script, she read:

This Is Addressed to Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen,

1. Do not be alarmed

She was immediately alarmed.

My name is Feyre, and I am writing to you from the Faeries Lands of Prythian. It would bring me great honor if you would respond to this note. If you do, I will provide further information on myself and why I wish to correspond with you.

If you do not, however, there will be no ill feelings. And I will not bother you again.


Feyre Archeron, High Lady of the Night Court

Aelin was utterly baffled, to say the least. 

Prythian? Was that not halfway across the world? If so, how in rutting hell did this note travel so fast? And High Lady of the Night Court? Aelin was sure she had never heard of a High Lady. A High Lord, yes, and that was only vaguely and quite some time ago.

But she also had to admit that she was quite intrigued by this so-called High Lady of the Night Court.

So she picked up a pen and wrote:

This Is Addressed To Feyre Archeron, High Lady of the Night Court,

1. You warning went unheeded, for I am very alarmed.

I must say that I am quite baffled, and am renowned for being curious and nosy, so I have decided to continue our correspondence.


Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen


From then on, Aelin and Feyre had continued to send notes back and forth to each other. It started out with the both of them making awkward conversation like two teenagers on their first date, but eventually the Queen of Terrasen and the High Lady of the Night Court slipped into easy conversation. 

Feyre would send her notes in the middle of important meetings or at night when she was with Rowan, times that Feyre knew would both piss her off and make her smile a bit. 

In return, Aelin would send her notes whilst she was doing some important thing in Prythian or enjoying time with her High Lord, Rhysand, who was supposedly smart, kind, and a pain in her ass at all times. 

It sounded very much like someone Aelin herself knew.

This continued for months, and before she knew it, Aelin considered Feyre to be a friend. It was both strange and exciting, being friends with a woman whom she’d never met in real life. 

“I can’t help it. It’s the whole…Fae Warrior in me, I guess. I was trained to see pretty much everything as a threat until it was either dead, or proved itself to be otherwise.”

Aelin laughed once and said. “Trust me, I know.” She playfully patted his arm. “Now come on, we’ve got to finish packing.”

“I’m already finished.”

Aelin set her hands on her hips and retorted, “Two shirts, a pair of pants, and socks is not what I consider to be finished.”

He knelt down so that he was directly in front of her face, lips set in a playful yet wicked grin. “Oh really? And just what exactly do you consider to be finished, Fireheart?”

Oh, she was in trouble.

“Multiple pairs of shirts, pants, coats, shoes, perhaps.”

“Anything else?”

She smiled sweetly and said. “I’ll be sure to pack some birdseed just in case you get hungry along the way.”

Hands scooped her up, and she was over Rowan’s shoulder in a heartbeat. Pounding on his back, she vehemently protested, yelling at him to put her down. He only laughed, and as Rowan leisurely walked through the palace the servants did not bat an eye. A few of the ladies giggled or averted their eyes, some of the men laughed or just stared. They were all quite used to this sort of behavior in the Galathynius Household. 

“Aelin, would you like for your things to be set outside?” One of her ladies asked as they passed.

“Yes, thank you. You must excuse Rowan today. He’s being an utter brute.” Rowan’s hand playfully smacked her backside. “Hey! I am going to get you for that, you bastard!”

Rowan carried her, making sure to say hello to just about everyone they passed. He even had the nerve to stop and talk about some renowned archer with one of the cooks.

Finally, they made it to their bedroom, where Rowan closed the door with his foot and then plopped her down on the bed. She glared up at him, but stopped short at the predatory look in his eyes.

He joined her on the bed.

“We really don’t have time for this. Besides, I’m sure Lys and the others are waiting for us,” was her pathetic attempt at an excuse. She truly did try to put up a fight, but even she could not deny how much she wanted him right now. 

His nostrils flared slightly. “I don’t give a rat’s ass,” his teeth flashed. “And neither do you.”

He pulled her so that her legs were around his torso, and his calloused hands inched up, up up until they reached the inside of her thighs and rubbed small, lazy circles there. 

Heat flooded and spread throughout her body as their breath mingled. 

“And just how, exactly are you aware of that?” She whispered. His eyes kept darting between her eyes and her mouth, so she chewed on her bottom lip just to rile him. 

He growled, “Because I can smell it on you.” It did not escape her notice when his hands dared to slide a bit further up. “Do you know what you smell like, Aelin, when your body fills with lust?”

She was silent.

“It smells like all things heaven and hell. Like lavender and crackling embers and the wind off the sea. But then,” one hand slid up her waist, and rested on the small of her back, inching her closer. His lips came to just underneath her ear. “there is this spot, right…right here. Where it is something much, much darker. A scent I cannot place, but it is something ancient.” His breath caressed the shell of her ear, and a delicious shudder danced down her spine.

“You’re making this up.”

He shook his head. “I am not. And it drives me crazy.”

A knock sounded, interrupting them.

“We do not have time, Rowan Whitethorn, but believe me that as soon as the opportunity presents itself,” she paused, “I am going to show you just, exactly, how crazy I can drive you.”


“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” Aedion muttered.

Rowan did not dare express his agreeance, but Aelin took one glance at him and could read his apprehension so well he may as well have said it aloud.

Manon smiled in quiet glee. “Oh, I’ve got a very good feeling about this.”

Feyre had promised them quick and safe transport over to Prythian and into the lands of the Night Court, but she had not specified how.

Aelin had never seen one of these things in all of her existence, and judging by Rowan’s expression, neither had he.

“I’ve read about these!” Dorian exclaimed, completely in awe. “They’re quite rare, and native only in the Night Court lands. I’ve heard it rumored that they helped fight in what they call the Second War, though there is no written record of it. At least, not that I have ever found.”

The beast was enormous, and there were three of them. Midnight black, with mighty, feathered wings that were easily twenty to thirty feet in length. The head and torso of it was like that of some sort of bird, whereas the back end had a long, spiked tail, which all of them were sure to steer clear of. It had massive ears that stuck up from it’s head, and eyes a mysterious dark purple. Or perhaps they were just black. Aelin wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to get close enough to know for sure. 

They were certainly beautiful, and though the size of them were a bit intimidating, Aelin found herself anticipating the journey, for she had taken a ride plenty of times with Manon on her mighty wyvern, Abraxos. 

It had taken time for Aelin to muster up enough courage to even step up to him, but once she did she found that Abraxos was merely an overgrown Fleetfoot. Easily distracted, but incredibly loyal. Eventually, Abraxos had even become cute to her, and there were many days where she, the wyvern, and Fleetfoot would visit an empty meadow and play in the flowers, much to Manon’s denouncement. 

Now, she was gazing at the creatures in a way only a witch possibly could, appreciating the size and muscle and sleekness of them. 

“What is that?” Lysandra pointed to the skies. Two black figures circled around each other, and if Aelin did not know any better, she could have sworn she heard…arguing? 

The two figures dropped out of the sky. One landed with an impressive thump! whereas the other was so silent, Aelin could not remember the moment between it being in the sky, and then suddenly before them.

Both of them sported dark hair that came to his shoulders, eyes the color of chestnuts, and golden, tanned skin. They were dressed from head to toe in black, save for these odd jewels on the backs of their hands.

Although, Aelin realized they did not look related, just the way they moved together hinted at a brotherly bond that ran deeper than blood.

The first one stepped up to Aelin, and she felt Rowan tense beside her. He bowed dramatically. “I am Cassian, of the Night Court. And it is an honor to meet you, Queen of Terrasen.”

She smiled at him. 

“Azriel, of the Night Court,” the second one introduced himself with only a head inclination. “It is a pleasure, Your Majesty.”

“Please, just call me Aelin.”

“As you wish,” Cassian smiled. They went through introductions, and the entire time, both Rowan and Aedion were strung as tight as a bow. 

The two men informed them that they had been sent by Feyre to fetch them and insure their safe passage to the Night Court.

“And we are to ride on these…beasts?” Lysandra questioned. Cassian turned, and Aelin could not help staring at the expansive, membranous wings, dark as night, that adorned his back. She figured Azriel sported wings that were identical, though there was something…different about him. Something she couldn’t put her finger on…

“The Eranaten are a danger only to our enemies.” Aelin turned at the voice and noticed Azriel’s penetrating gaze on her. “They will not harm you,” he promised.

It may have been a foolish thing, but Aelin stepped forward and asked, “May I pet him?”

A look of surprise crossed Cassian’s face before he merely gestured for her to step forward.

A hand reached out, grabbing her elbow. 

She turned, and Rowan’s eyes were full of warning.

“Relax,” she hissed.

He hesitated for a moment, but let go.

Whereas Abraxos’ skin felt more like the smoothness of a snake’s, the Eranaten’s wings were like silk, like darkness and the wind. 

Eranaten translates to ‘night wind’,” Azriel informed her, as if he could read her thoughts.

It made sense, and Aelin realized there was not better name for such a gorgeous creature. Looking to her left, she found Dorian in an intense conversation with Cassian, his hand lightly stroking the other Eranaten.

She came to the front of the beast, and allowed it to sniff at her palm before reaching up and scratching behind its ears. It purred like a cat, and she could only find the irony that Rowan was so apprehensive about these creatures when he was so very much like them.

“T’cha!” It screeched, closing its eyes in contentment at her fingers petting him.

Manon appeared beside her, and followed in allowing the creature to get familiar with her scent before she petted him.

“I believe he likes you,” she laughed. Aelin smiled at her friend.

“Perhaps, but you have always been the rider, Manon Blackbeak.”

Manon did not argue. “Maybe when we arrive at the Night Court, I will make a request of their High Lord and Lady.” The thought put a smile on her face.

Aelin turned back to the Eranaten. “Now you have to promise not to drop me or my friends. So I know that I can trust you.”

“T’cha!” It responded as if it understood.

She placed a kiss to its beak before turning to the two men of the Night Court.

“We are ready.”


Lysandra, Aedion, and Dorian rode on one, Rowan and Aelin on another, and Manon had insisted upon riding the last one by herself. Cassian led them, and Azriel brought up the rear. 

The initial take-off was utterly terrifying, with the Eranaten lifting off the ground with one mighty beat of their wings, but after an hour or two of flying, they relaxed. Aedion was dozing off, Dorian and Lysandra were making lazy conversation, Manon leaning forward and talking quietly in her Eranaten’s ear whilst gently stroking it.

Well, most of them relaxed, anyway.

The entire ride, Aelin could feel Rowan’s wariness, his distrust of these two foreign men and their beasts. She also felt that absurd overly-protective-Fae-warrior-bullshit. How he wanted to change into his hawk form and show the two men up, but he kept that at bay.

As they flew, her eyes took in everything they possibly could. 

Bright green, rolling hills gave way to a clear, blue-green ocean and the sight was so beautiful it literally took Aelin’s breath away.

It was a shame Rowan was not enjoying it.

So she took both his hands, wrapping them to encase her as she settled against his chest. It took a few moments, but eventually he sighed and rested his chin on her shoulder.

“It’s beautiful,” he said quietly. And Aelin was so stunned—as he had not muttered a word this entire trip—that she was silent. “Back when I worked for Maeve, myself and the rest of the cadre would set out on day-long journeys. We saw some of the most beautiful scenery; snow-capped mountains, flower-laden meadows and forests. But never the ocean. She never allowed us to travel overseas.”

Aelin mulled this information over in her mind for so long, she did not notice when she was lulled into a peaceful slumber.


Hands shook her awake, and when her eyes opened, Aelin was greeted by one of the most beautiful sights she had ever seen.

It was a city, sparkling and alive with life and people and music and dancing. Mountains surrounded them, reaching the sky which was ridden with stars that winked down at them, welcoming them. 

“Holy shit,” Lysandra and Manon whispered in awed unison.

Cassian looked back at them, grinning. “Welcome to the City of Velaris.”

<<..The End..>>

anonymous asked:

You should definitely continue that touken fic!! It's so good

Thanks 😃 I’m glad you liked it. Now here’s part two.

previous chapter: Re pt. 1


The boisterous laugh of the Queen could be heard amongst the trees and underbrushes in a secluded garden, southeast of the castle.

“Look at your faces, both of you,” she paused to catch her breath. When they thought she was done she let out another round of chuckle before finally calming down, wiping a lone tear at her cheek. “I’ve never seen a more amusing reaction than that.”

After an uncomfortable silence, Touka finally spoke. “Her Grace likes to joke sometimes,” she said with a nervous laugh, as if trying to reassure herself.

“Oh yes,” said Eto. “I do like to joke.”

“Sometimes…” Yoshimura muttered.

There was an awkward moment when all of them reached for their cup and took a sip. They put it down all at the same time, the expensive porcelain making a cluttering sound. The silence after that was unbearable. At least, for Kaneki and Touka for the Queen seemed to be enjoying their predicament and the Lord seemed oblivious to the rising tension.

Keep reading

But the thing is, that when Anne says “Forgive me”, it’s not just because she has accued him of having an affair with Ninon, but also because she asked in the first place.

Sure, the rosary was her gift to Aramis, but Queen or not Queen, he is free to do with it as he pleases, because it was a gift.

But by going there - confronting him, asking him if Ninon is his lover - she admits that she cares. She shows that she is jealous. She becomes the one to take them both to this new level in their relationship - from secretly admiring each other from a distance to openly showing there might be something there.

But there can’t be anything there. She is the Queen and she is married and Aramis serves the King, her husband. She has maneuvered them both onto thin eyes and knows that she did so to no avail.

And still she can’t help this little smile before she leaves. Because it is so obvious that no matter how awkward it might have been, Aramis is happy. She compliments his compassion and his eyes shine as he smiles at her, how can she not smile back?

So yes, their relationship has taken a step forward in this brief scene and I love that it’s been Anne to do it and not the charming, flirtatious musketeer.

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SwanQueen - Regina is freaking out about telling Snow and Charming that she and Emma are gonna have a child (Regina is pregnant) and Emma just casually blurts it out.

“I don’t know why you’re freaking out,” Emma said, chewing on her lip as she drove them toward her parents’ apartment. “It’s not like they’re going to be mad. They love babies. My mom is Snow White. Come on.”

Regina’s hands twisted together in her lap, her arms clenched around her sides. “And I am the Evil Queen,” she countered. “I can’t decide if that will help my case or hinder it. I’m torn between being terrified that your mother will disapprove and being terrified that she will approve too readily and then obsessively infiltrate our lives and privacy and attach herself to my stomach like Velcro throughout the duration of this pregnancy.”

“You’ve got to stop freaking out,” Emma laughed, the sound awkward and stilted. Her smile was forced but she tried to keep it. “But seriously, stop, because you’re making me nervous, and I wasn’t nervous, but now I am getting nervous, and I really don’t want to be nervous about telling my parents that we’re having a kid together.”

Regina glanced at her, lips pursed, but said nothing.

“You were supposed to reassure me,” Emma told her. “I reassure you and you reassure me. That’s how it works, woman!”

Regina sighed, her knee bouncing. “Okay fine. Everything will be fine. This is a normal family dinner, in which we will share family news, and everything will be fine.”

She didn’t sound sure of a single word that popped out of her mouth, but Emma nodded anyway. “Right,” the blonde said, “and besides, you wrote a great and very particular script for how we’re going to tell them, so as long as we stick to that, everything will be fine.”


Minutes later, when they arrived at the apartment, Snow slid open the door with a wide smile in place. “You made it!” she cheered.

“Hello Sn—”

“REGINA’S PREGNANT!” Emma blurted, and everyone froze.

Regina closed her eyes and let out a hard sigh. “For Gods’ sake, Emma!”

Royal Conversations

To take my mind off of certain family issues, I decided to write a little drabble since I haven’t written anything in a while.

So yeah. It’s kind of in a draft state to which it may never leave, but we’ll see.

Summary: Kristoff decides to pull an Anna and talks to a certain picture in the castle.

  “So you just… talk to the paintings?” Kristoff asked, thousands of inanimate eyes somehow focusing all on him. “Isn’t that, k’now, crazy?” He eased the last word from his throat and tucked his bottom lip under his teeth, praying it didn’t offend her.

  Anna narrowed her eyes and squeezed his forearm. “I thought you liked my crazy.” She uttered with a pout.

  Pulling his lips into a smirk, Kristoff placed his calloused hands gingerly over her hips. “I love your crazy, but don’t you think talking to things that don’t move at all is just a little on the odd side?”

  “You talk to Sven all the time!” she protested with far more of a whine than she intended.

  “Well at least Sven talks back.”

  Cheeks growing a rosy crimson from frustration, Anna crossed her arms over her chest and popped a hip. “You talk for him!”

  “He doesn’t know that.” He chuckled dropping his forehead to hers.

  Anna tried to stay mad, but the pressure to crack a smile was unbearable. She rested her arms on his chest. “Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.” She pulled from his grasp, and led him over to one of the many massive paintings in the room: a woman (he suspected) on a horse, completely swallowed in her armor attire. “Joan’s a great listener!”

Keep reading

Not a Queen, a Khaleesi

“How about you, Felicity? ” Lyla asked while rubbing her growing belly. “When you were a little girl would you rather be a princess or a queen?”
The blonde woman scoffed. “Please, I’d totally rather be a Khaleesi; way more kick ass than being a princess or queen.” Felicity notes that Oliver raises an eyebrow and quickly tries to make it better, which only nakes things more awkward, “I mean, not that queens are wusses or anything, you sure aren’t. But I am just saying that queens are much less impressive than Khaleesis. You know what, you’d be an amazing Khal, Oliver, but no ponytail for you, though; leave your hair like it is, you look hot just like this. But you are fine being a Queen. Not a queen, a Queen. I’d rather be a Queen than a queen too.” She took a deep breath. “Yeeeeeeeeah, I’ll shut up now.”
Digg chuckled with her babbling and put an arm around a smiling Lyla’s shoulder while Oliver looked confused: “What on earth is a Khal?”