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I….am stunned. Nat Geo Wild just described the Irukanji as having venom “a thousand times more potent than a tarantula”. Words fail me, I am totally blind sided! Aghast! Flabberghasted! Offended, even! Every time I think this channel has hit rock bottom with their yellow journalism, I am proven wrong. That sort of comparison is absolutely meaningless, it only has value if you are misinformed about how dangerous a tarantula is to a human! Conflating tarantulas with animals that are medically significant only reinforces people’s preconceived notions about them because then it sounds as if tarantulas are an impressive frame of reference for toxicity. It’s like a Trump speech where he just babbles and his followers fill in the blanks inside their heads to think he’s saying something profound.

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So an interesting new building is coming about, and I was wondering if you can answer some of the burning questions some people have. I sent a link to your Submit box. Enjoy. <3

The Big Bend concept created by Oiio Studio, is just that, a concept. The idea created some sexy images, I must admit, and is a great marketing ploy by the firm that created it but one that is at its source either misinformed or ignorant of how zoning laws work. Something that becomes clear in statements like “New York city’s zoning laws have created a peculiar set of tricks trough which developers try to maximize their property’s height in order to infuse it with the prestige of a high rise structure. But what if we substituted height with length? What if our buildings were long instead of tall?” That is why their website kind of makes fun at everyone else’s inability of thinking of it first instead of developing some hard facts about how to get it built.

Also, bottom line is that the cost of any speculative development structure needs to be justified by how much you can sell each square feet. You would probably get more return on your investment by having two independent towers on the same plot of land. 

Maybe I will be proven wrong, maybe I am sometimes to cynical, but wouldn’t any developer get the same amount of sellable area, at a lower construction cost, by making the floor plate twice as big and topping that building with a giant Dyson fan?

How can Ya’ll really think they are younger than 17???

NOTE: Okay I don’t usually get involved with shit like this but I dont understand how people see them so young. Pidge, I get, She possibly hacked herself in. But in the case of Lance, Hunk, and Keith unless the Garrison is that of a correctional military academy i see no reason for them to be seen younger then 17. If you have canon Proof that show them as younger please do share I am not trying to be rude i am simply confused how a lot of others think they are all so young. Also I apologise for any grammar/ spelling errors i have dyslexia but i will try my best!.  

 I believe they are all at least older than 16. 
Guys let’s look at the facts. If I assume that the garrison is in America we can also guess, being that it is Academy and, I believe military at that, such as West Point or the Air-force Academy. It seems like ya’ll for some reason (and I am up to being proven wrong but by facts) that they are all like 15 (which is how old Pidge in if i remember correctly). 

They are confirmed to be in their late teens I believe. That can Range from 15-19. Now let’s look at the Academy’s I mentioned earlier. Now again I am talking about American military I have no authority/knowledge over other countries military rules. 
These Academy’s are essentially college’s they give you free education and in return you serve on average 6 years of your life. 

That would explain why shiro, if we assume he is 25 was 1. Sent on the mission 2. Was seen as a Senior Officer not a student. if he joined when he was lets say 17 he would be on his possible 5th year of servus.

 I know this because I will be applying for the Air-force when I am old enough. Being that the Garrison Is a Academy, I assume that all of them have completed high school. In America the average senior in high school is 17-18. And please correct me if I am wrong but the military will not even let you enlist unless you are at least 17 years of age. 

Now lets  assume that they are all freshmen in college (which I also think Is incorrect but I’ll get into that in a second) that puts them at at least 18.

 Now. Let me tell you why I believe that that they may be even close to 19. I believe that they are all in their second year of the garrison. (This next part I very well may be wrong but) Shiro was missing for close to a year. Well I believe Keith and Shiro knew one another from the Garrison, so they have to be at least 1 year in. And with the amount of Emotions that Keith faced when finding Shiro was more then just seeing a person you knew, they we friends before he left, close ones at that. And i assume that Keith left/was kicked out, after shiro leftand being that Lance knew what Keith looked like ,so well he was able to reconise him simply by the back of his head in the darkining evening desert, I’d assume that at least Lance had to have know Keith for a substantial amount of time . This makes me believe that they are at least in the end of their fist year, or  into their second year of the Academy. That would put them at 18-19. And I had personally seen them at least 17 all along???

 If I said something factually/canonically incorrect please do tell me but this has confused me for some time. If you have sources or even your own reasoning of either agreeing or disagreeing with me please do share! Also this is in no way me trying to defend ships it is simply about their ages.

every time i read kuroshitsuji, i think, “this can’t get any darker and angstier” but nah, i am always proven wrong. shit goes down on every damn arc and puts us on edge.

this one is extra tho, because lizzy is captured, agni is fucking dead (cries for life), soma is going to be heavily traumatized for life, ciel is terrified of smth.

this manga is honestly one of the best, i hate it, but i absolutely love it because the plot is amazing, but daMMIT AGNI.


I needed to start this with that large, exclamatory sentence for two reasons. 1) it is true.  I really do like Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, I think that the writing is, for the most part, truly good and the characters well developed and interesting. 2) I am about to talk about part of the show I have problems with and I don’t want anyone saying I’m a “hater” or “have it in for the series”.

Yes, when I first saw the designs for the show, I was vocally unimpressed and through the entire concept of a Kamen Rider revolving around Video Games was silly and aimed at a very, very young market. Then, I gave the show my standard 3-5 episodes to impress me.  It’s something I do with every series no matter how bad I think it looks because I am often proven wrong by the narrative.  I have learned to never, ever judge a show by its yearly gimmick or costume designs because writers have ways of doing amazing things with silly ideas.

I was happy to say I did like this new Kamen Rider, I found the characters and the concept intriguing once I got past the goofy costumes, flashy visuals and sillier parts.  One of the characters I was really interested by was our starting female protagonists, Asuna Karino/Poppy Pipopapo .

She was interesting to me not just because she was really, really cute (which I admit is something that hooked me at first) but because it turned out she was a computer generated character and later, we discovered she was actually created by the Bugster Virus that is the series primary evil force. This, of course, raised some questions for me because the other two totally sentient, self-sustaining Bugsters we have seen got their sentience through the deaths of the hosts they infected.  Was Poppy the same?  Was she given her own sentience and ability to exist forever in the real world because she had infected and killed someone?  That’s still yet to be answered and I really think it needs to be addressed sometime in the series.  

However, that is not what I am here to bring up today.  What I’d like to bring up is the issue of Agency and how it relates not just to Poppy Pipopapo but how her treatment in the series (intentionally or not though I have a feeling it is the latter) relates to the issues of Agency in female video game characters in general. Yep, I’m going to be talking about women in video games and Kamen Rider, so I am bracing myself for hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.  Sorry but this is something I’ve been thinking about all weekend after the events of episodes 24 and 25 and I needed to talk about it.

Oh and as a warning SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!

So, what is Agency?  One of the definitions of Agency from Mirriam-Webster is:

“ 2:  the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power”

So, someone with Agency has the power to decide what they do in a day, what they wear, what they want and how they act.  For example, someone with their own Agency can say no to something or decide against a certain action based on weighing how it will effect them or those around them.

Now, the essential question is, do Busters in general have Agency? I would argue that those who have freed themselves from their hosts (through the act of maturing the virus, killing the host and using that loss of life to achieve sentience) do. We see Parado (or Pallad depending on your translation) defy his creator and even kill him. We also see Graphite defy the orders given to him out of a sense of personal desire.  That’s Agency.  

So, now we ask, does Poppy have Agency?  If she’s escaped from the confines of being just a game character, the answer is yes.  We see hints of that in the beginning when she wants to give the Gamer Driver to legenday Gamer M instead of the Doctor arriving by plane that the Ministry of Health wants to have it. So, at least at the beginning of the series, she has some Agency and ability to make her own decisions.

Then we get to episode 24 and when all of that ends.  Poppy is reprogrammed by the new head of the GENM Corporation, who in essence own her as she was born from one of their products. She becomes an integral part of the Kamen Rider Chronicle game and has her ability to say no essentially taken from her.  She shows small signs of having her own will still (such as when she slapped the new CEO for getting a little handsy) but she cannot refuse to harm her friends of innocent civilians anymore.  She has been reduced from a person (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) back to just a game character.

She has gone from a self-willed ally of the heroes to a villain or, perhaps worse, been damseled and become someone who needs to be rescued. This is a common problem in video games (and other forms of entertainment mind you) where female characters are used more as props or shown as victims with no choice more than they are self-willed characters in their own right.  One could argue that no one in a narrative has any real Agency as they are all products of a writer but in the story, they should have some way of acting in their own interest or making choices.

Now, I am not saying Toei intended this to be a commentary on Agency in video games for female characters.  I don’t think they are that subtle or forward thinking in their writing as is evidenced by the treatment of women in Kamen Rider since the series began and their relegation to secondary characters, disposable Riders or shoved into the movie-only category.  I’ve covered that enough before. 

However, what’s been done to Poppy is different.  She has gone from being a character to being just a mascot for this new game.  Her entire persona has been hijacked and she has been recalled by the company that created her. If she could be recalled, reprogrammed and edited like this it raises the question of whether she even had any power to make her own decisions or if that was an illusion of free-will created by her programming. I can’t answer that though, if the writers of the show are smart, they will address this in-universe.

My greatest worry is that this will never be addressed and that Poppy will suffer the same fate as many women in Rider series past and perish.  That would be a horrible missed opportunity and something that would probably ruin my enjoyment of the show.  I know she is going to become a Rider (though I have yet to see episode 26) and that just raises another Red Flag for me.  The last time we had a female rider (In Kamen Rider Ghost) she got to transform for a minute before being tied up and turned into a damsel in distress for the rest of the series.

That’s not even mentioning the scads of times women have been denied the ability to be a Rider at all.  Again, I’ve covered that before and I won’t get into it too much here but it is important to note in the treatment of female character in Kamen Rider.  I worry that Poppy being a Rider, and an apparently evil one at that, is going to raise the flag for her death or reduction to just another will-less opponent or girl to be rescued.  That would be sad as we’ve seen that too many times in this franchise.

Now, we still have to see how this plays out on screen.  All of my concerns -may- be addressed or they may not.  I am still very interested to see what happens in the series and I will likely keep going to the end but this kind of plot twist seems a bit obvious, contrived and forced to turn a good character into someone utterly controlled not just by the villains but by the plot.  It robs her of her Agency in the story and turns her into just another female character in distress.

I wouldn’t even be complaining or wondering about this if the series hadn’t gotten me thinking and if I didn’t care about it.  I wouldn’t have written this much about a series I didn’t care about or wasn’t invested in.  What it boils down to is, I care about Poppy’s treatment and the outcome of this story because:


No but after watching the gif of Sana looking at Yousef and Noora for 5 minutes straight I just want to say this:
Their body language isn’t (strictly) indicating something romantic? like yes Yousef is laughing but he isn’t looking at Noora or making eye contact at that moment, and Noora is laughing yes but her body language is very relaxed and she isn’t fully turned towards him.So, to me, it seems more like two people who have a nice discussion and having a good time talking, rather than two people flirting.And until I am proven wrong this is what I will keep believing this. 
Basically my wishes for this season are Noora x Yousef for bropt, and Sana x Yousef for otp. And some Sana x Noora being queens together. And some Sana x Isak brotp.

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Yooo! Is it canon that Percy's got a little sister? Because you draw her super duper cute!!🖤🖤🖤

It is canon! She just technically isn’t born yet so how I draw her is strictly just how I imagine her to be until I am proven wrong and more info is released about her. But Percy does, or I guess WILL, have a little sister! =)

Granted a choice, I would not die beside a Jedi.

‘I’m sorry,’ Luke said. And meant it.

I have known Jedi. Many, many years ago. That knowing was not a gladness for me. I believed I would never know another, and I rejoiced in that belief.

But it is a gladness for me to be proven wrong.

I am happy to have known you, Jedi Luke Skywalker. You are more than they were.

'That's—’ Luke shook his head blankly, blinking against the darkness. 'I mean, thanks, but I barely know anything.’

So you believe. But I say to you: you are greater than the Jedi of former days.

Luke could only frown, and shake his head. ‘What makes you say that?’

Because unlike the Knights of old, Jedi Luke Skywalker …

You are not afraid of the dark.

—  Kar Vastor and Luke Skywalker from Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor.

oh– i reached 200 (now a few more) followers a few days ago so i just wanted to say thank you !
 i didn’t think i’d still be around even though i’ve been here for only 2 months, so i’m really glad people have found an interest in what i’m developing here. i’m happy people read what i write and genuinely like it, as well as the character i’ve created, and am still molding. i was worried people wouldn’t have an interest in a divergent quinn like this, and i really can’t describe how pleased i am that i was proven wrong. 

with that said, i’ll look forward to whatever milestone follows this, and i hope i get to write with many more of you ! 

with lots of love ! ~sci (⺣◡⺣)♡