i am proud to be dutch

I work in a Dutch supermarket, and one of my favourite costumers, a Turkish woman, invited me for tea and cake, because she thinks I am very nice to her and stuff. She barely speaks Dutch, but she tries so hard, I am so proud of her. And I had a lovely time at her house with her beautiful family. I just wish all costumers were like this.


20 years ago today, the Bosnian people faced the greatest genocide in Europe since the Holocaust in World War II. Over a period of 11 days, more than 8,000 of the men and boys were massacred while the women faced unspeakable torture. All this while the UN “peacekeepers” watched from the safety of the surrounding hills. According to some eyewitness testimonies Dutch peacekeepers were among the refugees watching as the Serbs raped and murdered them. Those same “peacekeepers” had declared Srebrenica a “UN Safe Zone” before the Serbs came and killed everyone.

Why did the Serbs kill the Bosnians? Because the Bosnians are a proud European Muslim people. The Bosnians were killed for their Islam.

I will never forget when I met a Bosnian girl and her mother, both refugees, from that time.

“So where are you from?”
“I am from Srebrenica.”
“Where is the rest of your family?”

She gave me a slightly annoyed look as if to tell me I should know better, and repeated:

“I am from Srebrenica.”

~ Shibli Zaman


Override 0 - Registration Inquiry // Initiate Repair Cycle

“Override 0, stand by for orders.”
“What?” Mike was about to pull his staff–he stops instead, confused, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Behind him, Chuck goes perfectly still, frozen in mid-step, and then slowly eases back to a stand-still, waiting. “What the heck are you talking about?”
“Acknowledged,” Chuck says, quiet and flat and empty. “Standing by.”

OH LOOK IT’S A FIC!  The fluff/hurt/comfort/drama/angst/fluff I’ve been promising is finally cleaned up and good to post.  (I actually finished it a few days ago, but I was trying a new style so the art took a while! UwU)  Please enjoy!

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omg you're dutch, how did i not know?


Honestly this is something I’ve only recently been able to find pride and comfort in but yeah I am extremely proud to be dutch and I love my country.


it’s a whole country. 

(sorry that was an obscure reference to an in joke.)

I am so happy by the fact that my boyfriend supports me in every language in want to learn like “you started italian ? I can help you !” or “you started japanese ? Good thing ! I want to go to Japan with you one day”

I hope that you (yes you) have someone you support you in everything you want to learn. If not, well, you have this community here that loves you and supports you no matter what. And I am also proud of you.

互爱, English: mutual love

A long overdue fan art for one of my favorite shows. I will be selling it as a print at next years DCC (Dutch comic con)! It has been five hundreth years since the Legend of Korra finale I am still not over this show (I rewatched the first two seasons while drawing this). I can’t wait for the comics to come out in october

: D