i am proud to be an aussie

well, it’s the 31st here… so happy early-to-some Trans Day of Visibility from ya boy down under.

I could talk about the importance of visibility for hours, much like I could talk about the importance of support and good information and education and proper allying and all that kind of jazz. honestly… you’ve heard it all before, probably in much less convoluted terms, so I’m not going to subject you to my ranting take on things.

therefore all I’m gonna say today is: hi. I’m Val, aka Mik, aka bonza-aussie-rat, and today I’m proud to be a trans Australian man.

to all my trans mutuals and followers: I love you, I’ve always got your back and no matter where you are in your transition, I am so incredibly proud of the strong and beautiful people you all are.

gerome about virion: i Cannot believe im related to that man. im neither charming nor a flirt. i am the night. i am darkness™

gerome to his beloved:

Wings experience omggg

First of all amazing holy shit I have no voice because duhhh

- Jin has blown my mind - worldwide handsome
- they all spoke English so much and it was so cute omg
- from where I was seated jimin looked so small omggggg
- Suga slayeeeeed and his English killed meeeeeeeee
- they must of been so tired from just singing non stop for a hour tho omg
- solo songs were amazing omg
- j hope was fucking incredible . Aussie fans are defs stans
- jungkooks dancing for begin was some Michael Jackson shit he was amazing.
- Namjoon was so proud of the bbmas win.
- I love how they all pronounced Sydney like sid-Di-ne honestly so cute
- it was lit

They didn’t speak to us much until the encore but when they did they went crazy

Honestly was such a amazing concert and I am obsessed with watching the videos I took



“For me, the only thing that matters is being passionate about the story. It could be a story about a psychopath on the loose, a ventriloquist doll or a tofu salesman who discovers that his thumb has superpowers; it doesn’t matter. If the story keeps me awake at night, then I’ll do it.”

Happy 38th Birthday, Leigh Whannell! (1/17/1977)

So being born and raised in Australia, I know we aren’t perfect but something that I love about us Australians is our sense of mateship. This Sydney Siege is one of the scariest thing that has happened to our island and something we never want to happen to us and our fellow Aussies again.
After 17 years of living I have never been more prouder than the #illridewithyou campaign. This campaign is for Muslim people who are scared to ride public transport around Sydney and the rest of Australia who fear racism and Islamaphobia, especially women who wear hijabs, etc. Basically everyday Aussies are volunteering their time to ride transport with people who are of the Islamic faith as a way of protecting them from potential bigotry and ignorance.
We don’t do everything perfectly, we never claim to do anything perfectly but this, this is a moment where I am so bloody proud to be an Australian.

Overall Thoughts on She's Kinda Hot:

“She’s Kinda Hot” actually has a positive message. At first I was worried it would’ve ruined the small amount of confidence I had, lowering my self esteem even more, but it has had the absolute opposite affect.

Nearly everyone in this fandom can relate to this song in some way or another and I feel that through it the boys were able to make this indescribable connection with their fans… Maybe I’m over analyzing things but I know there are some of you, just like me, who are all in this same boat of awkwardness and not fitting in… Then with this song, we are put into a mindset of not really caring about the opinions of others and that we are capable of anything.

I feel that “She’s Kinda Hot” was also based upon the band itself; especially within its development, because when it first started the boys felt like outcasts and not many (including school mates) appreciated the band other than their moms ..

But look at them now; from small YouTube covers and dreams of becoming famous, they’ve made it. This single topped the charts in a few hours, they just reached 7 million on Twitter, they can afford hire a man to spray paint for an hour and a half on a livestream 😂, they’ve already had one highly successful album, another one is anticipated, they’ve been touring worldwide, been on numerous talk shows and more importantly, saved so many fans because they are doing what they love.

We, the 5SOS fam are definitely part of that group of the kings and the queens of the new broken scene.. Though I’m not okay after listening to this song…

Luke mentioned an album coming out around November on the broadcast I listened too.. But it will probably be late too 😂 I can’t help but to love them though and I am so damn excited for the album and beyond proud of my four favorite Aussies, and people in general. 💖

microdeers-moved  asked:

Wait, did Justin Trudeau seriously say he was a feminist?? :D


Both Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau did:

Mulcair: “Je suis un féministe. Alors moi, j’aimerais bien que, quand les gens attaquent les féministes, qu’ils pensent aussi qu’il y a beaucoup d’hommes qui se considèrent féministes et qui vont se battre pour les droits des femmes, ici au Canada et ailleurs dans le monde.”


“I am a feminist. So I would like, whenever someone attacks feminists, that they remember a lot of men are feminists too and will fight for women’s rights here in Canada and around the world.”

Trudeau: “I am a feminist. I’m proud to be a feminist.”


It’s story time people
I met many friends through 5sos and this girl is one that left a lasting effect, I got to know Helen back in 2012/2013. She had a bubbly smile and warm heart, the best way to sum her up was she was an angel, she always made you feel loved and welcome. However she got sick and passed away in 2013 which shocked all her friends and left us all devastated, but you know what made this shit a whole lot easier? 5sos! When listened to them it made me remember her and realise she’s still alive in my memory, it hurts however that she never got to hear the new music (last song she heard was Wherever You Are) but I know that wherever you are, you’ll be jamming and will be so proud of our Aussie shit heads, I know I am,
I love you forever Helen x

What if...

…Mark invited a fan to join in with the next Drunk Minecraft Episode. 

He immediately regretted it. Because they were British. And Brits can drink. Its in our genes. 

Then an Aussie came along and really got the party going.

I meant no offence. But 1. I am British and we do drink a lot. 2. Most of my Aussie friends are good drinkers and proud. This was intended with love.

Lord Jesus bless 👏🙌😍 I finally have the album🙌🙌 I just wanna say how proud I am of these 4 Aussie lads for making it this far and fulfilling there dreams!!! I’m so honored to have been a part of this and blessed to have them in my life! I hope for many more albums, keeks,weird edits, livestreams, awkward tweets, butts, derp ball, bananas, event’s that make us question there sexuality, punk rockniss and much more! Love this fandom & love this band 💕💕💕