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A whole new you
Request: hi! I have a request for one where dean has to have a surgery so the reader takes care of him so sam can finish a hunt. so the reader’s identical twin comes to help take care of dean and he’s confused af the whole time bc he’s still a little medicated and CANNOT figure out why there’s two of her :)

Characters: Sam, Dean, reader, readers twin

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: swearing, blood

Word count: 1001

A/N: I hope you don’t kind that I changed it to the reader stitching him up and calling her sister instead of taking him to a hospital because they normally do it themselves💙

“Shit!” You cursed as the werewolf slashed Dean across his stomach. “Sam!” You screamed for him.

“I got it!” He replied quickly as he chased the werewolf, “you stay here with Dean ok? Take care of his wound, I can take this one.” He quickly dashed out of the room before you had a chance to reply.

You turned around and ran to Dean who was already laying on the floor in agony. “Hey,” you said as you came to his side. “Dean,” you grabbed the side of his head with your hand, “listen to me ok? Do not pass out,” you begged.

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ya know I should really start finishing off prompt requests...This is not one.

Girl Meets World Fanfiction

Title: Don’t Leave Me!

Summary: Riley’s got an event to go to, Maya won’t let her leave their apartment.

Pairing: Rilaya

Rating: T

Riley was dressed very elegantly, looking as beautiful as always.

Maya, on the other hand, was curled up in their bed, wearing her coziest pair of pajamas and begging her fiancée to stay home and cuddle with her.

“Maya, I have to go, this is super important.” Riley told the blonde, staring into their mirror as she put in her favorite pair of fancy earrings.

“I’m important.” Maya murmured, pulling Riley’s new Beary The Bear Bear closer to her chest.

“You are important.” Riley repeated, turning and heading into their bathroom, “But I still need to go.”

“So you’re just gonna leave me here, all alone?” Maya pouted, digging her face deeper into her soft pillow.

“Yup.” Riley’s voice echoed out of the bathroom, “And you’re not alone, you’ve got Beary to keep you company. Besides, Maya, you’re 24, if you get hungry, you know how to make mac and cheese, if you need to use the restroom, you know how to go on your own, if you get bored, you know how to work Webflix, if something goes wrong, you know who to call.”

“GhostCatchers!” Maya called out adorably, getting the brunette to roll her eyes.

“Besides, you should be working on your piece for the local library,” Riley spoke, walking back out of the bathroom, “Remember, you said you’d paint a picture of a group of kids reading for them to hang over the main desk?” 

“Well what if I need your help?”

“You never need my help.”

“Not true. There was that one time when I got you to hold up my stencils.” Maya raised her hands up for emphasis, holding up her index finger.

Riley merely rolled her eyes once more.

“Do you realize how much I miss you when you aren’t home?” Maya pouted.

“Do you realize how important this is?” Riley responded, going through her purse to make sure she had everything she needed.

“Yes. But I still want you to stay here with me. I don’t like when you’re not around.” Maya sighed, “I get lonely without you.”

“The lonely card doesn’t work with me, Maya.” 

A few moments passed which consisted of Maya pouting up at the ceiling while Riley paced around the room, trying to remember if she forgot anything.

“Please stay home.” Maya mumbled, pushing her hair out of her face.

“Can’t.” Riley was back to the mirror.

“But I want someone to cuddle with.” Maya pouted, even though the brunette couldn’t see it.

Riley brushed her off, “Cuddle with Beary.”

“But you’re better at cuddling than Beary.” Riley didn’t respond, and so Maya kept talking, “I think that if your girlfriend asks you to stay home and cuddle with her and let her kiss you and let her in on your stash of junk food then you should listen to her.”

“I think that if your girlfriend needs to go to a very important event that has to do with her work that she could get fire for not attending then you should let her go.” Riley sighed, “Leave it down or ponytail?” She turned to face Maya, wanting her opinion on what to do with her hair.

The blonde sat up, poking her tongue out from between her lips as she examined the pretty brunette.


“Can you tie it for me, please?” Riley smiled, grabbing a hair tie and making her way over their bed, sitting down with her back to Maya as she handed her the band.

Maya pulled Riley’s medium length hair into a cute, sleek ponytail that would still look good at her fancy journalism event thingy that Maya still doesn’t understand.

Riley had asked her if she wanted to come, but the blonde said it wasn’t her kind of thing and that she’d rather stay home and work on her art. Which meant that she’d rather she and Riley both stay home and cuddle and eat food all night.

After tying up her love’s hair, Maya leaned forward, gently pressing her lips to the back of Riley’s neck, getting a shiver out of her.

“Maya, no.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Riles.” Maya mumbled against Riley’s tan skin, moving her lips up the side of her neck and towards her jaw, pecking at every inch of her face.

“Maya, I really have to go now.” Riley gulped, glancing at her watch as the blonde continued to press kisses to her cheeks, chin and jaw.

“No, I don’t think you do.” Maya whispered, taking hold of Riley’s chin and turning her face towards her before connecting their lips, causing Riley to fall weak in her hands.

—Time Skip—

At some point, she wasn’t sure when, Riley had lost her dress and was now lying in bed with Maya, in nothing but a pair of comfy shorts and her sports bra.

“Aren’t you glad you stayed home with me?” Maya mumbled against Riley’s hair, hearing a faint response back.

“Just kiss me again, ya dork.” 

And then their lips were together once more.

“I love you a lot, you know.” Maya told her, wrapping her arms tightly around her girl’s torso.

“I doubt that.”

“How come?” Maya rose a questioning brow.

“Because if you really loved me, you would have let me go to my incredibly important event.” Riley told her, resting her head on Maya’s shoulder.

“You’re the one who stayed.”

Maya found herself tracing small hearts on Riley’s back, something that always made Riley smile and giggle with joy.

“You’re the one who kissed me.”

“Hey, how was I supposed to know that would stop you from leaving?” Maya furrowed her brows together, trying to seem clueless, when really they both know that she knew how much power she had over Riley, and vice versa.

“Because it always does.”

“Well, the point is, I love you a whole lot and I’m glad you stayed and spent time with me.” Maya murmured, snuggling her face deeper into Riley’s hair as she grew tired.

“I’d pick you over anything, I hope you know that.” 

“That reminds me of a pickup line Auggie told me about, if you were a booger, I’d pick you first.” Maya began giggling hysterically, getting a groan out of the brunette.

“Ugh. I don’t know what’s worse, that you ruined the moment, or that you’re learning pickup lines from my 17 year old brother.” 

“I’d think that you would’ve gotten used to it by now, we’ve been together for eight years.” Maya laughed lightheartedly.

“No one ever gets used to you, Maya Hart.” Riley whispered against Maya’s skin, sensing the blonde’s lips curve into a gentle smile.

“Same to you, Riley Hart.”

“It’s Matthews.” Riley corrected.

“No, it’s Hart.” Maya responded, taking in the smell of lavender that Riley emitted almost all the time.

“We’re not married.” 

“We will be soon.” 

“You sure that’s still a good idea?” Riley joked, grinning in that goofy way of hers.

Maya tightened her grip on Riley, not letting her get away no matter what, “Best idea I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah,” Riley nodded, pressing a kiss to Maya’s pale shoulder, “I agree.”

“Now aren’t ya glad I got you to stay home with me?” Maya asked once more, smirking a little.

“Oh shut up and kiss me.” Riley rolled her eyes before finding a pair of lips on her own, smiling into the kiss.

A moment or two later, Riley pulled back, staring into Maya’s eyes, trying to read them.

“You realize I could get fired for this, right?” 

“Doesn’t matter, it was worth it.” Maya smiled, pecking her lips lightly, “Besides, if you get fired then I’ll get to spend even more time with you.”

“Not how it works, babe.” Riley whispered.

Maya laughed at that, “Let me be happy.”

“Yea, yea.” Riley laughed along, rolling her eyes at the blonde before an adoring smile took over her face, “You know I love you, right?”

Maya merely smiled, nodding once before bringing their lips back together.

The two fells asleep in each other’s arms that night, cuddled up together, legs entangled, hands entwined, smiles on both of their faces. 

And Riley will never admit it, but she likes that Maya has so much power over her.