i am proud of this man

hey, to my cis followers, specifically my cis women: i get that y'all are really proud to be women and i don’t wanna take that from you, but can you please stop saying shit like “why would anyone wanna be a guy” and stuff along those lines? it really can fuck with trans guys bc we’re sat here like “shit man am i a bad person for identifying as male and not female?”

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How would Sirius and Remus react to the reader telling them that she's pregnant?


  • just a lot of oh shit oh shit oh shit
  • you’d be freaking out because he’d be pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair
  • then he’d turn to you, a giant grin on his face
  • “I’m going to be a fucking father!” He’d run up, pulling you into his arms. “Shi- ugh Shoot. Sorry little one, you shouldn’t be learning language like that just yet.”
  • lots of speaking to your tummy with weird voices
  • the full deal, he’d be setting up the crib and everything months in advance
  • “We have to be ready, darling.”
  • “I somehow doubt the baby will pop out of me six months prematurely.”
  • reading honest to Merlin parenting books because he wants to be the best father he can be
  • buying those special baby audio devices and sticking it to your belly - playing some of his favourite songs (and a few heavy rock ones when you were snoozing - so his baby would grow up to be cool like his father)
  • sitting down and having a long discussion with you about how he will never stop loving you - because he knew first hand how change and time could ruin a family and devolve it into one of abuse
  • pampering on the next level - seriously


  • he’d be all “I know. I just sort of figured. No one cries that much over burnt pasta, (Y/n)”
  • also, he would be fully prepared, since you’d been trying to conceive
  • he set out a whole plan, but inevitably the plan fell apart because while water aerobics was easy exercise for your encumbered body, cuddling was just so much more fun
  • even with that being said, he was very practical on the matter
  • he helped you keep up a great diet, that was not only nutritious for the growing child but also damn delicious
  • just taking so much time to make sure you were comfortable - fussing over you to the point that sometimes he was late to work 
  • “It’s alright sweetheart, I’ll just call in sick.” and “You’re a great excuse to get time off.”
  • an abundance of tummy rubs and shoulder massages
  • basically caving in to anything you wished for because the fact that your beautiful baby was on the way only made the pouty face 10x more effective
  • being so happy with himself for tying down such an amazing girl - it was his chance to physically create something without it being tainted by his affliction
  • “Should we tell them, what I am?”
  • You’d reply with that same wisdom he’d fallen in love with 
  • “They’ll be so glad to be your child. A man so brave and tough, someone who can manage to beat Lycanthropy every month. They will know, and they will be proud.”
  • and that would satisfy him, along with the chocolate that you shared (whenever you wanted some it was an excuse for him to have some too - he wasn’t complaining)

It’s 3 a.m but I have some thoughts. Watch this video, as Adam Cole does the first “Bay Bay” of his WWE career. You can see him shaking a little as he raises his arms. Imagine that, on your NXT debut, the entire Barclay’s center is shouting your name “Adam Cole” and then proceed to shout “Adam Cole Bay Bay” with you. The feeling must be exhilarating.

I am so proud of Adam. Someone pointed out that he’s one of the few indie wrestlers to outwardly say that his entire career was to get to the WWE. 

And that’s what he did AND he had one of the best NXT debut’s of all time. Considering, he was never announced to be appearing, it was at the end of the main event attacking the new NXT champion with. The crowd reaction was immediate not to mention he has a stable. I’m just happy he got the debut he deserved & earned. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him in WWE.


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hey dumpster mom lmao so I just started college and I went out to few parties last night and saw some really hot, bearded, chubby frat boys. And anyway long story short I want to have sex with one jskskdlsk

LOLOLOL I love how this story just took a sharp turn into blatant garbage, and honestly it’s so relatable. “Chubby dudes exist. I wanna bang one.” That is a sentiment I understand down to my bones, kiddo.

So go get you a frat boy, honey! Seize the day. Live the dream. BE YOUR BEST GARBAGE SELF.

(Honestly. College. Man. It’s a good time. The freshman 15 is real and beautiful.)

How To Ruin A Romantic Moment
  • Robert: Y-You're special to me, Luka. (Takes his hands and blushes)
  • Luka: (smiles) You're special to me too, Robert. I care about you.
  • Robert: (rest his forehead head against Luka's) I don't deserve this. I don't deserve you.
  • Luka: Bullshit, you're good man, and you fucked up, but we all do. And trying to makes things right. I'm so proud, Robert. I really am.
  • Robert: (pulls Luka close to him)
  • Luka: (wraps around his neck)
  • Both about to kiss...
  • Joseph: (pops out) Hello, neighbors! I brought cookies!
  • Robert: ... ... (slowly pulls out his knife) You have ... THE WORST TIMING, GOD BOY!!
  • Joseph: Oh. I'm sorry. I'll just leave. (turns away with evil grin)

please take a second to appreciate namjoon yall. he’s spoken clearly and confidently in each interview, he’s translated for the boys and has made sure to include everyone and keep their image fun and playful while still being very professional… he represents bts so beautifully and i am so immensely proud of this man for how hard he’s worked and how far hes come. he truly is an amazing leader

On May 24, 2017, Taiwan’s constitutional court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, striking down the Civil Code’s definition as being only between a man and a woman as unconstitutional. It is the first Asian country to do so. 

In the next two years, the Legislative Yuan will have to either amend the Civil Code or to enact laws addressing same-sex couples. If the legislative fails to pass an amendment or legislation in the next two years, same-sex couples “shall be allowed to have their marriage registration effectuated at the authorities in charge of household registration.” 

The fight isn’t over yet, but this is a victory for everyone to celebrate. I am so proud to be Taiwanese. Congratulations, Taiwan! 



矢印 means “arrow”, which on the surface is obvious enough, but it doesn’t refer to archery arrows, it refers to directional arrows, like  , , , , etc.! Like the ones used to indicate vectors in mathematical diagrams.

Like in simple geometry.



i cant believe our favorite trans boy is now a pink zombie and he’s best friends with the best big cat, who is also a pink zombie,

Honestly one of the biggest problem on this website is a lack of forgiveness. People do dumb shit. People say dumb shit. People mess up. We all do, it’s a human thing.

But like, don’t condemn people for it, man, come on, that’s not cool.

That 15 year old anti sjw who just figured out how systemic oppression works and is now apologizing for the horrible shit they said? Dude, encourage them. Forgive them. Tell them you’re proud that they figured stuff out.

Obviously there are truly irredeemable pieces of garbage out there but (and believe me, I’m not hitting u with that “punching Nazis is wrong” white liberal bullshit, because I am violently pro Nazi punching), a lot of the small stuff, like young teens who post anti feminist stuff when they’re young and are now figuring out why “triggered” jokes aren’t funny? They should be forgiven, and encouraged for growing as people.

48 and looking great! (Do not be fooled, Junkrat is fawning head over heels— or er, heel– on the inside)

And thank you to my bro @darkwingsnark for the “I know your secret, secret baby man” line at the end. 


I participated in the @stonytrumpshate auction this year and the winning bid went to @armsplutonic who asked for Steve and Tony being happy and loving, preferably with sunset colours. Best. Request. Ever.

I had an absolute blast working on this picture and couldn’t help making a zoomed in version too, for your viewing pleasure <3