i am proud of this actually

the part where jongin did his deep breath solo dance on knowing brothers, kyungsoo was so absolutely proud of him. 

1. he had a poker face on most of the time but he actually looked like he was anticipating jongin’s performance a lot

2. before jongin started, kyungsoo told his partner that jongin’s really good

3. he later on shifted from his chair to the table to get a better view - and he still looked like he was anticipating a lot

4. after jongin finished his dance, the casts were asking if it was his own voice and kyungsoo proudly pointed at nini and said yes it was

now, nobody has brought up the 4th point and although it doesn’t seem to be significant, i just thought he was very out of character and extremely vocal (considering how he was very quiet and humble about everything, including himself) about pointing out to everyone it was jongin’s own voice, like he wanted everyone to acknowledge along with him how amazing jongin was.

sorry for the bad screenshot >< 

oh, and kyungsoo looked so proud, clapping for bae :)

SDCC Sneak-peak things I Noticed...

In the preview trailer, there was a very distinctive pink planet that the ship was about the crash-land on. What other very pink planet does Steven frequent a lot?? The one in Lion’s mane of course!

Also, this scene must be far down the season, because Connie has gotten TALL!

I’ve probably watched that wonderfully sneaky release a million times…

*sniff* I AM SO PROUD OF MY GIRLS *bawls like a baby* LOOK HOW ADORABLE THEY ARE!!!!! Plus, I can’t wait for this episode. (I hope it’s an actual episode and that it’s Stevonnie that crashlands on the planet.)

I heard different stories that Peridot was squeezing Lapis’ hand, that Lapis was squeezing her own arm, but it was Lapis (angrily?) squeezing Peridot’s shoulder - CONTEXT NEEDED, BUT FINALLY IT’S CLEARED UP!

And last but not least, this image. It’s the assumption that that’s Pink Diamond, (looking very short/small for a Diamond, but then in “Steven’s Dream” We see Pink’s palanquin next to Blue Diamond who looks huge against it.)

(For Reference:)

Anyway, we recognize Bismuth, Garnet, and Pearl, but who are the other two gems?! Could one of them be Snowflake, Biggs, or Crazy Lace??!! It’s probably Pearl telling a story. She embellishes in favor of Rose Quartz, but I can’t wait to find out regardless!

Link to the trailer sneak peaks: https://youtu.be/ct51hyexY_s

"There is No War in Ba Sing Se."

I’d like to think that my country
is more than a thousand-year-old map
that changes hands whenever someone wills it
(like someone actually owns it).
I’d like to think that my country
is full of kind-hearted men
and women, who would tell me
that I’ve built my home accordingly.
I’m an upstanding citizen.

I’d like to think that my country
would make me proud that I am proud
that it is my country.
An archipelago it may be
but we are united — truly united;
there is no room for anarchy.
The people here are like family.
We spread only goodwill and compassion
amongst our fellow men.
Our justice system is not blind! It is just,
and human rights are human rights
(we don’t make excuses for such).
People don’t get raped in my country,
and criminals get help because
we believe wholeheartedly that
people can turn their lives around.

To be brutally honest with you, foreigner,
there is no war in my country,
(just like there was no war in Ba Sing Se).
Conflicts just don’t happen here;
they just don't— that’s the way it is.
People here live correctly; we
never make mistakes. So please,
leave your meddling outside the borders
leave your questions back at your homes.
Because as for me, I’d like to think
that there is nothing wrong with my country.
There is nothing wrong with my home,
and there is nothing wrong with me.
There is no war in the Philippines.
There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

— A. P.


So I’ve been working on this for months.  A project of love and appreciation and it is now up to date.  I am proud to present to you all


A Fanpoem Project for @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s marvelous Re-Entry and Journey of the Whills series.

An excerpt from the welcome post follows:

“ This is a collection of fanpoetry for flamethrower’s wonderful Re-Entry series.  It features one poem for every single chapter (excluding the Timeline) of Re-Entry and Journey of the Whills so far and will continue to update with new works when there are further updates to the story.

Re-Entry saved my life.  It was a story of hope, second chances and of life, living and love that I desperately needed to read.  It gave me multiple new ships and was my entry point into the star wars fandom on tumblr - and brought to me many friends and helped me get back into writing and discover so many brilliant authors.”

So if you like poetry and one of the most amazing time travel SW fics please check out my sideblog :D

(In which I cry about my feels and the constant battle I have with my brain. Sorry. You can skip this if you dislike angst and whining.)

If I was drawing / writing only based on the amount of notes I get, I would have deleted this blog months ago. I still consider it every now and then when the feels hit me particularly bad.

This is a hard world for the unknown artists and writers. Especially when my own brain is actively trying to discourage me every day.

Whenever I post anything, I spend the next day agonizing over it. Like, are people just not seeing this? Or is it just so bad? I go back to the piece of art or writing, I go over it again and again and again, wondering if there is something wrong with it that I just don’t see. Am I biased? Do I think I’m better at drawing or writing than I actually am? I look at what I created and I am proud of my work, but the lack of response time after time makes me wonder…  I mean, if I spent 20+ hours drawing something or hours writing something and no one cares, not even my followers, then there has to be something wrong with it? Because if it was good, surely people would react to it? 

Every day, this is what my brain whispers to me: People don’t care. You suck. You should just quit. You’ll never be considered good at anything. Give up already.

Yet, every day I pull out my old as fuck tablet that has a 7″ screen and needs to be plugged in constantly because the battery is shit. Working on it is not a pleasure, but it’s all I got. I open my drawing app and start drawing.

(My mind keeps whispering to me that I shouldn’t bother.)

I tell my mind to go to hell and I try again. 

Every day, I try to learn something new I can do with my drawing app, I try to create something that’s better than what I created yesterday. 

Every day, I open my word docs and see what story I could add to today, even if it’s just a couple of sentences.

I have an innate need to create and that’s what keeps me going. But with an overactive and pessimistic brain like mine, it’s sometimes a struggle to do so when I feel like I’m creating in a vacuum, without feedback. It feels like I’m throwing my creations into a void, and there they shall rest in peace forevermore. I’m standing on the edge of the abyss, looking down at what I just tossed in there, and the devil on my shoulder keeps saying, see, you’re no good. Give up already, just quit.

And every day I get up and start the fight again.


(Sorry. I just needed to get this out.)

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I'm seeing many fans being upset over Chloe Decker's love interest, but the way you people are handling it, I must say, Lucifer fandom is the most matured fandom I've ever seen, proud to be a part of this :) Do you think it'd help Lucifer to figure out that Chloe actually has free will?

yes. way more mature about this than about candy, that’s for sure. thank god.

but that is the thing. i too am annoyed by the love interest thing, but i also feel like it’s kinda necessary. i had a feeling it was gonna happen. cause yeah, if lucifer sees her “moving on,” with someone who is not him then he might see she has free will and choice. something has to wake him up to that before they get together, which they will. so yeah, i think this is part of that.

onthegstring  asked:

Oh my.. I'm in tears and it's because 1) your writing is incredibly breathtaking, and 2) you're evil and halemadge is heartbreaking. “His heart was filled with something terrible, some form of sickness he failed to understand. He did not know if it was his love for Nathan or pain from the absence of his love.” I don't know why, I just absolutely love this part. Poor Ben. Kudos to you for being amazing, though!

Oh my!! Thank you so much! This actually really boosted me because I am 100% not proud of that fic. Thank you very much ❤️️


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


He asked me, “Hey, when I grow old,
Will you buy me a house of gold?
And when everyone turns to stone,
Will you take care of me?


Commission for the lovely @star-set​ ! Then in addition to for being so nice with me I decided to turn the artwork into a little gif. I hope you’ll like it :)

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If they are the same height then the forehead touching is even more cute 😍


The Gaston Curse

Originally posted by kinitha05

 *Curse to knock someone off of their high horse and make them feel the pain they have inflicted upon others and/or you*
**pretty strong curse as most of the few curses I have written are, so beware and keep track of the reversal in case it is needed**


-a jar or container of some sort that seals well
-red candles (optional but not absolutely necessary) (you can change the colour if you wish red just reminds me of Gaston so-)
-a small piece of bread or something that can get mold (or has mold if you have something like that around-)
-Something that can rot (I usually use a part of a banana peel)
-Salt water (think of putting salt in a wound and the sting that it brings, especially in deep wounds)
-two pieces of paper
-Pen to write with (permanent marker works better or water proof makeup if you have any)


~on one paper write the name of your target very clearly, then below it write what they have done wrong or what quality of theirs is the worst (write them pretty close together no space in between)

~ on the other piece of paper write out Gaston, then underneath that write down a quality that the target shares with him. (preferably the worst you can think of, like his ego, his anger etc)

~use the scissors to cut around the words, cutting as close as possible without cutting through the words, imagine boxing that person in tightly, making it hard for them to escape the energy of the spell

~put the papers into the jar, folding them if necessary

~put the mold catching object into the jar along with the rotting object

~ you can add some additional things if you wish (cigarette or incense ash, rusted nails or pennies)

~ pour the salt water into the jar, enough to cover most of the objects

~Close the jar and shake the contents a bit, putting all of your negative energy into the jar

~ if you really want you can make lyrics to the Gaston song but rather than naming good qualities, name bad qualities of the target as you shake the jar. You can think it, say it or sing it whichever works for you

~If you have a candle lit, pass the jar over the flame (but be careful not to scorch the jar or burn it or anything else!! remember your fire safety!) imagine it sending your energy it the target

~if you did the above step, seal the jar with the candle wax

~put the jar in a dark, isolated space and do your best not to come into much contact with it

~put up wards and such if needed

~remember post cursing cleansing etc

**In order to reverse or remove the curse simply retrieve the jar, and bury its contents as far from your home as possible**

123. The houses all respond to a member coming out as LGBTQ+ differently:


  •  "Wait, you’re not straight" “Nope,” “Haha, nice”
  • Basically every month is pride month in the Gryffindor house
  • “Yo, do you know my aunt? She’s lesbian,” “Do-do you think everyone in the LGBTQ+ community know each other?” “Well, yeah that’s how it works right?” “I-no!”
  • A lot of the wizard-raised ones just kinda don’t get labels so whenever they introduce they also include identities
  • “This is Sarah, she is muggle born, from London, and she is like, super bi so there ya go,“
  • Always wanting to find out more about it
  • “So how do you like… like when you… you know… what’s it like?” “Stop asking.”
  • Are the first to say if they’re questioning


  • “I’m gay,“ “Well, I suppose we all are a little gay, am I right or am I right?” 
  • Lots of hugs and squeaks when they find out because they are so proud of you for coming out 
  • Rainbow pride flags all around the common room (With their other civil rights posters)
  • Sometimes they all wear rainbow stickers or rainbow glitter on their faces 
  • “I’m so happy you are pansexual,” “Why?” “Because!! You are being you!! And I love that and I love you and hell yeah for expressing yourself!!” 
  • While introducing the first years: “So here is the famous Hufflepuff common room. Here we have the Hufflegays,” 
  • This is followed by cheers from the LGBTQ+ students 


  • “I’m not straight,” “Yeah, no kidding,” “Wait, you know?” “Yeah, we knew this whole time, it was pretty obvious.” 
  • No one dares say being LGBTQ+ is the new trend because last time someone said that to Ravenclaw, they threw down. 
  • “Oh really, Sharon? It’s a new trend? Well according to my resources in 1971, July 1st, the United Kingdom had a magazine called International Times that made personal ads for gay men. That same year, November 1st, Canada’s first gay rights magazine came out. It was called The Body Politic. So I am sorry, Sharon, that we, as a society, have progressed so that now more people can open about their sexuality. I really do apologize.“ 
  • This house actually has the most LGBTQ+ students. 
  • &
  • They always march in pride parades during the summer 
  • •Doesn’t treat you any differently because of your sexuality because really, who cares? 
  • Rewriting rewritten history


  • "I’m bisexual” “Aren’t we all?" 
  • God bless the person who insults a member of Slytherin for being LGBTQ+ because when it comes to revenge, Slytherin is ruthless. 
  • Things get real interesting with the hexes… 
  •  "I’m gay” “My dog’s gay,” “That’s cool how do you know?” He told me” “Nice,“ 
  • Has a "Queer Wizard Club” open to all 
  • Pureblood Grandparents: "I too was gay back in my day…“ 
  • I mean all your historic faves are 
  • Honestly, the LGBTQ+ members in Slytherin kick ass so the straight members don’t even care about the others sexuality, they just want to see how ambitious/cunning you are
  • "How much do you want to bet that Salazar Slytherin was gay?” “Yeah, gay for Gryffindor," 
  • If your parents are against your sexuality and emotionally or physically abuse you in any way, you are always welcome to stay at another Slytherin’s house over the break

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• hamilton • wallpapers • pt. 4 •


Wait a second.

Tonpa has been taking the hunter exam for 36 years.
And Ging is 34(or so says HxH wikia which I trust to be informed) and took the hunter exam at about 12.
WHICH MEANS. Tonpa knows Ging! He met father and son!!

I mean damn Gon should have just gone to Tonpa to know more about his father: I bet in the process of trying to crush newcomers the man learn a lot about them.

And not only Ging!
Thinking about it, Tonpa knows 35 freaking generations of Hunters! He’s like, a walking bag of infos!

Kite, Shalnark, and probably many of the people who even examined him later on! He took the exams along with them!

Can you imagine Tonpa trying to have Ging or Menchi or Shalnark dropping out of the exam?
Can you imagine him actually succeeding with people like Menchi, who’s freaking impulsive and was probably very bratty when she started as well, so much that she could fall for idiotic traps just because she understimated his plotting skills?
And then having those same people examining him but, like, now they are stronger and look freaking dangerous and he better get away from those kitchen knives of hers because she still holds a grudge for being tricked.
Bet she fell for something like the drugged can. She was too eager of tasting something new.

Idk guys this is just too funny.

It’s only been a little over a year, and we’ve gone from this 

to this

and I couldn’t be more proud of our boys. We’ve gone through so much, and I really hope we can continue to grow as a fandom to love and support our boys who deserve the world. <3333