i am proud of me hehe

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Hi, I am sorry, but I am not good at English. I like your art very much. Always check if your art has been uploaded in the morning. Your art makes me happy. Only happy things happen.

hehe I’m glad to see you happy!Yes,  I have uploaded new art in deviantart every day , this is the only thing that makes me proud!

A moment of silence is needed because @taylorswift did THAT.

also someone tell me why am I liked this? we will never know.

did i really just make this video of me? yes.

taylor if you see this, I hope you know how proud I am of you and how happy you make me. reputation is going to be your best era, I know it. I hope to see you soon in houston,tx! also you should hit that follow button since my birthday is coming up in september hehe.

Did an art trade with my dear friend @thabfu ! ^^  We decided to draw characters from W.I.T.C.H, and she wanted me to draw Hay Lin and Irma, so this scene just randomly popped into my head and I just had to draw it xD
Please klick for more details, I am particularily proud of the “whirlwind” hehe x) Also, decided to just colour the sketch, because I really liked how it came out, so the lines are a bit rough ^^” 

EDIT: re-upload for version in better resolution


18th June, 2016 | ig: acadehmic
This morning I quickly finished making my maths help note sheet which I will be using for my maths test on Friday! The test will be on quadratics which i have done since year 8 so I hope that because I am familiar with them, it will help me to better in the test! The last photo is of all my maths help notes for this semester (I’m pretty proud of them hehe), I will need to collate them together in a one sided A4 sheet for my maths exam help notes as exams are just around the corner ;A;

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*slides in* every day I remember how proud I am of you and how far you're getting with your phenomenal skills. I'd say this in chat, but it's much more fun to drop word piles in your ask box than to say these corny things in chat. I reserve chat for our funny conversations, hehe. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm proud of you and I'm happy that we're friends!!✨

Let me stop screaming, please TvT

Writers Creed Interviews: @paratmin

We had the pleasure of speaking with Atmin, of @paratmin. It was a pleasure getting to know him, and we hope you enjoy his lovely responses as much as we did.

WC: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. So, what is the story behind your url?

A: Well, to be honest , the story behind my url is just the fact that i use a similar username for a lot of platforms and i find it ideal just cause it reveals my identity but not completely. And as I see most people are confused about my identity and so it serves the purpose. I believe people should have a few personal one on one conversations to know my identity. Just to let people know that I’m a guy, so they don’t get confused anymore with my gender…haha.

 WC: haha that’s fair

WC: Do you have any nicknames then?

A: No specific nicknames cause most people like to call me by my name, even my family members. Though sometimes randomly nicknames are used  when people might have love flowing in large amounts for me and ready to ooze out of them in the form of nicknames.

WC: haha

WC: what got you into writing? why did you start writing?

A: Well, I am a sufficiently creative person and it’s due to the creativity of my parents that rubbed off against me. I have been writing short and weird poetry for numerous people on various occasions right from their birthdays to other celebratory things for them like graduations and stuff. All of this cause my mom wanted to me to do so firstly and somehow i enjoyed doing it and my mom had fun too seeing what absolutely out of the box and unthinkable things i would write. She encouraged me to do this all this while and i wrote a few things for my professors as well. I got into writing stories on Quora firstly and few of my stories and stuff got a good response and i wrote a few more there , but i found the space not so effective after sometime due to some technical reasons. I then switched to tumblr gradually. Also, I really like some bollywood movies and some hollywood ones. The way people told stories and how it moved people watching it was a great feeling for me personally. I somehow found out that there were a lot of stories living inside me and i wanted to tell them in my own way. That’s how i thought about writing stories. Also, being on tumblr has helped me incredibly with constructive criticism. I am trying to put in my best so that readers have a good experience every time they read.

WC: aww it’s so sweet how your mom encouraged you, and I for one, am glad she did.

WC: what do you like to write about? are there topics you gravitate towards more so than others?

A: I love writing about everything that is connected to humans emotionally. It could be love, heartbreak , betrayal, failure, success and so on and so forth. I also love writing about the effect of these emotions on the human. Also, I like writing about inspirational things and events.  That’s cause when I try to inspire others I find inspiration too. I always look at writing about multiple things that happen in life with various life experiences that we have and also how they affect us. I also like to write something which includes comedy in it . So, in total anything that generally affects us and leaves an impression on our personal lives , is something that I want to write about. Most of this is what everyone has experienced sometime or the other and can relate to. I want my writing to have impact on people in a positive manner mostly and other times i want them to relive their experiences in some manner.

WC: that’s beautiful

WC: keeping with the theme.. why do you like writing?

A: Writing is something that liberates me personally ! I like to put down my experiences and emotions in the form of written pieces , poetry and also convey them through the stories i write ! I have numerous experiences that I want to share and write about ! Everything happening outside stimulates me in someway and I want to write it down ! Also, something that makes me write more is the impact that it has on people. Most importantly I choose words as a form of expression and sometimes I want to turn them into the stories ! If appreciation comes my way it stimulates and provokes me to write more and better !

WC: lovely response

WC: how long have you been writing for?

A: To be honest I have written since words made sense to me , but all i wrote was practically just good for my mom to read while others would have just laughed at it. So, I have been writing stories for about 3-4 years now but on different platforms. Poetry I have written for a longer time but not something as meaningful as it is now and it’s been only about 4-5 months and all thanks to the talented tumblr poets .

A: Also , quotes were something I wrote more seriously being on tumblr and it’s been 4-5 months too for them.

WC: well we’re glad you’re here :)

WC: has anything strange happened to you because of writing?

A: The strangest of all the things is appreciation ! People appreciating my work was the last thing I could ever think of. It’s cause I never explored myself with writing earlier to this extent. It’s strangely beautiful ! Fortunately I have still not got hate from others too ! Also because of my writing some people came forward and talked to me and we became friends on tumblr. I got to know them better too ! I believe through writing I strangely have found a way to express and for example if I am angry , depressed or happy I can put it down with words and dilute my emotions to some extent and thereby become calmer overall. Writing is really journey of also reliving some wonderful and enlightening experiences and thereby it helped me in self development too which I never thought of when I started it. Also, it gives me some amount of confidence for one of my dreams that is to be able to write stories which the world would like to listen to and that I will have an audience that would be happy to read or see them through movies. This was something I was always a bit skeptical about and the belief was never there to the extent I have today. I just hope however that the appreciation I get today is honest and that people really like stuff I write from their heart cause it means so much to anyone who writes. So, it’s a lot of strange things coming in with writing ! But it’s all strangely beautiful and probably life changing !

WC: another beautifully worded response

WC: last question.. are there any fun facts you would like to share?

A: I have read the least amount of novels that anyone could think of ! I like more of bollywood movies than hollywood and am influenced by them ! I am a person who is from an engineering background and still getting a degree in the same field . I like trying various kind of foods but all vegetarian . I like going on roadtrips with close friends or family. I like the places that have the least population when going for a vacation , just for the isolation and time away from the world ! I Anyone who wants to talk to me here can ping me anytime and I will most definitely reply and want to be friends with the person ! I avoid parties mostly even though I’m called and don’t like socializing a lot ..hehe . My head is a box of wildest imaginations and stories that are super awesome for me but maybe weird for others but I like to see reactions of other people. Also, I am an Indian and a proud one. Lastly, I give my 100% in a project, relationship or anything I’m involved with cause I hate disappointing people and so am a person trying to please everyone and accommodate them too !

A: And I love good music , whatever the language is!

WC: beautiful

A: Thanks ! Lovely to have an interview with you!!

Vanderwood's Gender - Korean vs. English Comparison

Hi there♡

Thanks for sending in a request! This is also something that I have been wondering if anyone would send to me.


You know, I always found Vanderwood someone I can relate to lmao. I find myself saying the same things that Vanderwood does throughout 707’s route lol. Whenever I go to my lil’ bro’s place it is always a mess. I am always nagging and cleaning at the same time.

He’d always say, “아 누나 오랜만에 보는데 좋게 좀…^^” which is translated to like,  "Noona, it’s been a while since we last saw each other, let’s not…^^“

Then I would always smack him in the back of the head for even trying with me ^^

…I think I will go today and see how he’s doing ^^;;;; his place better be clean.

Enough of my blabber, let’s get on with the real deal, shall we? There should not be any big spoilers since the real thing I will be doing is just comparing and contrasting the English and Korean version for the identification of Vanderwood’s gender. I will be looking mostly in 707′s route.

So if you are interested, please join me under the cut ^^

Please note that although this is an analysis, there may be opinions that may differ or be consistent with mine! While I can give some sort of Korean background, for debatable topics, I do not represent all of the Korean minds for respective topics. Also, please excuse any errors or let me know if clarifications are needed, for English is not my first language! Thank you and enjoy! 

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(I repeat, MY―in case someone sees this, misses those capitalized letters, gets triggered and demands why he and he aren’t on the list ^^;)

In no particular order:

Kim Jonghyun < Pledis >

Okay okay I am biased, but I’m proud to say that at least I chose the right bias. Hehe. He’s definitely quality leader material, I love his rapping and aura when he dances, and all in all I so regret just passing by NU’EST after their debut years ago… from now on I’ll be watching closely and lovingly lol ;; Ah and to their agency, you better treat the boys properly like you do with SVT and Pristin after this.

Park Jihoon < Maroo >

This boy reminded me so much of Jeon Jungkook since the very first time he appeared on screen on episode 1 haha I dunno if I’m the only one who notes the resemblance… well, besides his wink attack, I think he’s talented all-around. I can predict he’s going to be the visual of the future boy group if he doesn’t become the center. I love the dissing on his fashion hahaha, is he a fashion terrorist for real or it’s just for his character?

Ong Seungwoo < Fantagio >

Do I even have to explain why?! This guy has it all as well, total triple threat! Wait, I’m not so sure about rapping, but well, let’s just consider handsome looks part of the triple threat formula xD Not to mention his sense of humor is charming too, and in any case he ventures into acting after his idol activities in the future, I’ll be there stanning hard! If his acting is good, that is.

Kang Daniel < MMO >

Undeniably, he caught my eye in the level auditions (not because of his pink hair and adorable eye-smile. No no no. LOL) His dancing absolutely has force and charisma in it. Plus the way he always looks at Woojin like a proud, real hyung hihi (although yeah we all know how Mnet purposely edits everything according to how they want =_=)

Kim Samuel < Brave >

URGENT!!!1!!! SOMEONE FREAKING SAVE SAMUEL, EVERYONE!!!!!!! aLRIGHT IT’S ALRIGHT THAT HE’S DROPPING IN THE RANKS AS OF NOW, BUT PLEASE PLEASE KEEP HIM IN THE FINAL 11!!!! I read a comment that “he’s born for this” FCK YEAH HE WAS. Seriously, I’m gonna be so upset if he doesn’t make it… I’ll go as far as say I won’t support the future boy group at all. Huhu. Drama aside, he’s another triple threat, right? Just how many triple threats will be in the group *-*

Hwang Minhyun < Pledis >

Hm hm, we have many visuals already- *whispers* the more the merrier lmao. Why add another one? Well… it’s not like international fans can control the K-fangirls voting for him. I don’t think he’ll be booted from the top 11 until the end. Now hey, I’m not against the boy at all, I love him and his deadpan, uninterested expressions lolol. And his laughter ♥♥ You’ve heard his sweet, gentle vocals in the Downpour stage? Check out “Daybreak” too then ♥

Lee Daehwi < Brand New Music >

I hate how Mnet ruined his image by their evil editing… sure, he was kind of ‘greedy’ when he was chosen as center for It’s Me, summoned all the issuemaker trainees to his team during the group battles, wanted to be center again in Boy in Luv (though Jihoon was picked at the end…) But my question is, who isn’t greedy on the show? Samuel showed his ambitious and serious side too when they were fighting for It’s Me center, no? He’s just a year younger than Daehwi. At the end of the day, Daehwi’s only a 17-year-old, he’s still a child. People should chill. Anyways, I was impressed by him from the very start when it was revealed that he was the one who produced the My Hollywood song the BNM trainees auditioned with, and it was quite an awesome song. He’ll do wonders for the future group!

Yoon Jisung < MMO >

Awww, I just love him!!! His expressions and reactions are life from the beginning. And yeah, that probably came huge into play and made people vote for him, so can bashers stop throwing shit on him? Rumors such as he reached #3 in the first ranking evalution thanks to his agency’s connections with Mnet… wtf? It’s not like he did bad in his team’s 10 out of 10 stage either? And he’s not ugly at all, to those who refuse to stop hating on him. He’s adorable, and actually handsome to me. Just because someone doesn’t fit your beauty standards doesn’t mean you can shit on them all you want.

Lai Guanlin < Cube >

I… was… hesitating putting him here…. at first, I couldn’t really understand why lots of people were voting for him and he was so high up in the ranks. Simply due to his good looks? His baby chick character? (FINE I SURRENDER) Okay, maybe I understand better. Indeed, I’ve noticed that he’s a stan attractor… that would be an advantage for the future group. My initial impression of him during the auditions wasn’t appealing, but I guess he’ll improve with hard work. I like how the older trainees are taking care of him, it’s so cute- *coughDONGHOcough*

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Hi just want to say ty for praising all this love for Jikook, I'am also a big huge fanboy of this pairing cuz it's clearly more than bromance and I found it very cute like how can two boys just be so cute together, just seeing them enjoying every single time they are by their sides makes me feel like we need this kind of relationship to be spread. Anyway, ty again for doing those stuff and I am proud to be a fanboy who is a huge fan of JM of course hehe. How to not fall in love w/ this mochi. <3

this is so cute, wow. thank you for liking my jikook trashyness hahaha :) i’m happy that fanboys aren’t afraid to enjoy bts content and ships, since a lot of fanboys (*cough* youtube reactors *cough*) usually avoid ships. and i agree to the highest degree, jikook are very cute together, and they seem to be very happy together. also, omg, i feel like everyone is in love with jimin haha

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a Saru genderbend D4?

Fem!Saru !

I’m proud of this one ! It’s my first time drawing Saru actually… He is really cool (his eyes are just as pretty as Tenma’s… He’s a cutie <3) I hope you like Fem!Saru, anon ! :D

I think I have something for googgled guys… *cough Kidou cough*

I am almost done with the requests for the outfit meme… next are Kirino and Kariya hehe~

(For the anon who wants me drawing Fei, I will try to do it during the week !)

This was my Haydee cosplay, before the Katsucon-fire-alarm-of-doom situation at the con. :p I felt so pretty as Haydee even though my wig got messed up from being outside in the windy cold.. Unfortunately i didn’t get a lot of recognition for this cosplay, but I have to be proud of myself for even making this, and i am. When i put everything on in the hotel room, I started tearing up because i couldn’t believe that I pulled this cosplay off! Hehe! Both inner dress and outer robe were hand-painted by me.

A very quick and mainly drawn on the bus Jack Jingle from Newsprints by @ruemxu! He’s my fave and I am considering cosplaying him in the near future 💙

Also my copy of Newsprints came in today, and I mean. I just read the version we had at the library like, last sunday, but I think I’ll read it again cause it’s so good. Kinda proud i put it up in the New Books section as one if the clearly visible one, and a kid went home with it! So that’s good hehe

Ps: excuse the mistakes for I did not have any ref with me on the bus orz

Blissful Things

Summary : Marinette and Adrien are married to each other. They have three children: Hugo, Emma, and Louis. But the two are still Ladybug and Chat Noir of Paris… and apparently the children don’t know their identities!? How is the daily life of this adorable family? For #MLCountdown Week Day 7. @mlstaffappreciation

*Note : Based on me and @lillac1026 ‘s headcanons. My first ML fic ever. Sorry if there are many errors. 

1. Reaching The Dream

Adrien Agreste looked at what his youngest children—the twins, his daughter and son—were doing behind the couch he was sitting on. The blonde girl and boy were staring at each other for a good one minute without doing anything else. Adrien raised one of his eyebrows, confused at the said scene, but just as he was gonna turn back, he heard a loud colliding sound.

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PERFECT IN MY EYES (Ben Bruce Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}



It was just an ordinairy night in your house. Just like any other to be exact.
You had just come home from hanging out with your best friend, you haven’t seen her in such a long time so when she called you in the morning it made you happy to hear from her.
You were now relaxing at home eating a big bowl of your favorite chips while talking to your bestie on the phone.
“I’m so happy we got to catch up today by the way, thank you I really needed that.” She tells you.
“Aww no thank YOU, it was such a pleasant surprise to hear from you, I seriously thought you like dropped off the face of the earth or some shit.” You reply making her giggle on the other line.

“I know I’m so sorry I went m.i.a on you, but you know how it is when you score an awesome job in a big city.”
“I know, you achieved your dream of becomming a music producer I am so happy for you!” You happily said.
“Thank you hon, it was hard as fuck though…”
“But you got there!”
“Hehe, it was about damn time. Hey but you know what really shocked me though?” She questioned.
“What?” You pressed.
“How great you look!”
You felt yourself blush at the sweet compliment.
“Oh shut up.”
“No! I’m being for real (Y/N) wow! That body of yours is banging!”

A little bit of laughter escaped your lips.
“You really think so?”
“I do, I mean I remembered what you went through, so honestly I am very proud of you for getting better. You look beautiful (Y/N).”
You stayed silent for a moment, memories of your old self flashed in your mind.
Going through an eating disorder was the worst decision you ever made for yourself.
You still remembered how the days would seem like months, your stomach growling and crying for food but your mind always made you refuse to give in to it.
You shook your head, “Thank you God I’m not doing that shit anymore…” you muttered.

“Hello?…hello? (Y/N)?…”
“OH!! Sorry girly!”
“Did I say something wrong?” Your friend asked, concern evident in her voice.
“Oh no no no, not at all, my mind just wandered off sorry.”
“Soo….you zoned me out?” She asked.
“Yes, I mean no! I mean….fuck.”
You expected her to respond with a dissapointed tone but surprisingly she laughed.
“You haven’t changed a bit (Y/N).”
You snorted and laughed as well, nodding your head agreeing.
“Yeah..still the same dork I guess.”
Suddenly you felt a pair of hands cover your eyes, a smile formed on your lips as you shook your head once more.
You recognized those huge hands anywhere.
“Uuuh, (Y/F/N)?”
“Mind if I call you back in the morning?”

“Yeah, no problem, everything’s cool right?” She wondered.
“Everything’s fine.” You assure her, still smiling like an adorable dork.
“Okay later (Y/N) Love ya!”
“Love ya too sweetheart!” Were your last words before you hung up and tossed your phone to the side.
You crossed your arms above your chest, your eyes still covered by the same loving pair of hands.
“Gee I wonder who is behind me..hmm…”
You could hear the male chuckle quietly, sounding like a kindergardener.
“Is it the person that I love with all of my heart? Or Ben?”
His mouth dropped in shock at your words.
“Excuse you?!” He exclaimed dropping his hands.

You busted out laughing, your arms holding your stomach that was immediately beginning to hurt.
“Yup, Ben.”
“It’s babe to you missy.” Ben says, bending down to look at your pretty face.
Smiles formed on both of your lips, you felt your cheeks getting really hot and red as you stared into his gorgeous eyes.
The way he always looked at you always made your heart race, you could almost read what his cute expression was saying.
“I am the luckiest guy on earth.” You figured.
Not even a minute more did his lips connect with yours passionately kissing you with so much love.
His arms wrapped around your shoulders as he continued to feel your lips with his.
He then deepend the kiss, it turned you on a little.
But your eyebrows furrowed when you felt his hand reach down unexpected.

Your eyes then widend as he went further and further down.
Your heart feeling like it was going to burst out of your chest.
“Oh God what the hell is he doing?!” You yelled in your mind.
You continued to kiss him but your eyes rolled to see what he was trying to do.
Turns out he wasn’t even trying to touch you in the first place.
He was reaching for the bowl of chips on your lap.
You immediately leaned away giving him a bored stare.
Ben snorted and ate the chip that was in his hand, “What?”
“I’m gonna kill you.”
“Why?! You can’t share with me?!”

You smacked his arm hard making him flinch and chuckle with a pained expression.
“What the hell baby?!”
“You fucking tease!”
“Tease? I was just reaching for….oooooohhh..” He cooed as he realized everything.
He smirked and sat by your side, your eyes staring into each other.
Your eyebrow raised up high, questioning the sexy smirk on his perfectly shaped lips.
“Dear lord, what’s with the smile?” You pressed.
“You thought I was reaching for your pussy.”
You nearly choaked on your spit as soon as he said that.
“Oh shit you okay?” He tells you, patting your back.
“Not anymore now that you said that!”

“Awww why? Does it turn you on?”
“Babe shut up!” You ordered, your face as red as can be.
Your man scooched a little closer to you, closing the distance between you guys.
“And so what if I was actually reaching for you down there? What were you gonna do about it?”
Your chest began to rise and fall as your breathing turned a little heavy.
Ben sure had a way with words, especially words that got you in the mood.
“Oh look, I’m out of chips, be right back.”
You rushed the words, quickly standing up from the couch and walking towards the kitchen
“La la la la…” You sang, trying to block him out.

Ben laughed once more shaking his head.
“Yeah try to block me all you want but you can’t block the fact that you’re horny!!”
“I’m not horny!!” You yelled from the kitchen.
“Yes you are!”
“No I’m not!”
“Fine I’ll make you hot then!” He shot.
The bowl in your hands could be heard echoing throughout the house as it hit the floor hard.
“Did he really just-”
“Yeah I just said that.” You heard his seductive voice mutter behind you, his breath brushing against the soft skin of your neck causing goosebumps to rise immediately.
You sucked in a breath as he wrapped his strong arms around you and leaned against your small body.
You ended up against the counter, what was most surprising yet arousing to you was feeling his dick through his jeans against your butt.

“W-What are you doing?” You stuttered.
“What does it look like?…I want you now baby…”
He whispered, soon his hot breath was replaced by his lips caressing your neck.
The temperature in your body rose up, heating itself at the sensual yet romantic touch of the one you love.
His hand almost reached up to grab your breasts but you quickly backed away from him biting your bottom lip.
“No…I’m sorry but I can’t do this…”
“Huh?…” He softly questioned, dissapointment shown on his handsome face.
“I-I’m sorry I….I just can’t….”
Ben came closer and gently caressed your arms up and down.
“(Y/N) why? We’ve done it before, I know it’s not that often but still, it’s nothing new. Why are you scared? Do I hurt you?”

You shook your head and gave him an assuring look.
“No honey you don’t hurt me..”
“Then? What is it? Talk to me.”
You took a very deep breath, your eyes looking down at yourself, you could just clearly see your body underneath the fabric and it wasn’t looking pretty to you at all.
Your eyes closed as you put your head back up.
“It’s just….my body…” you responded, whispering the last two words.
Your boyfriend became a little surprised,
“What about your body?”
“I hate that you have to see it….” you mumbled looking down on the floor.
“(Y/N)…why the hell would you even feel that way?” He questioned.

“Because, I don’t know….Ben you know what I went through…and I guess it still affects me a little. I mean don’t get me wrong most of the time I feel great about myself but other times….I don’t….I feel the complete opposite… and I guess today is one of those days….” You explained.
He shook his head and grabbed one of your arms, pulling you into a tight embrace, he held you close, not letting go not even for a second.
“You should never feel the complete opposite of beautiful when it comes to your body baby.”
“But I do….” you whispered.
“But I don’t.” He tells you leaning away, his hands were placed on your shoulders as he looked straight at your face.

“(Y/N), your body is gorgeous, it’s what makes you sexy to me.
And it makes me happy that only my eyes get such a beautiful creation of God.”
Your eyes felt like they were going to pop out,
“Of course, you are perfect, from those eyes of yours that stare at me with so much love, your soft skin my hands cannot keep away from.” He says, caressing your cheek with his thumb.
“That cute little nose, those lips that I can’t get enough of.” He continued, giving you a peck on the lips.
“Your beautiful body shape, those sexy legs of yours, your perfect torso, not to mention those hot boobies of yours.”

You snorted and covered your face with your hands.
“Let me finish.” He says gently taking your hands away from your face and holding them in his.
“Your body, is like the perfect shape for my arms to wrap around, and I can never get enough, that’s why I always hold you close every night when we go to sleep. And that’s also how I know that there is a God, because he created the most perfect angel on earth, and she’s standing right in front of me.”
Your eyes watered, you had no idea he felt that so strongly about you that way.
Of course you knew he loved you, but this was a whole new level of love he was expressing.
“Don’t ever think wrongly about your body, or anything else, You are perfect (Y/N), everything about you is, and always will be.”

You jumped into his arms and cried tears of joy.
“I love you so much….”
“I love you more honey.” Ben cooed holding you close like before.
You leaned away and stared into his beautiful eyes for a moment, without a second thought you kissed his lips deeply and lovingly.
He did the same to you but then leaned away.
“Wait, are you sure you want to? We don’t have to?”
“Why wouldn’t I want to make love to MY perfect angel?” You asked smiling warmly.
Your words made him happy and he leaned back in continuing the heavy kiss.

Your hot breaths brushing against your faces as you huffed against each other.
He lifted you up having you wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.
He pinned you against the wall, his hands pulling down the straps of your shirt.
You helped him take it off and yanked off his black t shirt throwing it on the floor.
You bit your lip as your felt his soft tatted skin with your small fingers.
A low moan escaped you as you felt him getting hard in between your legs.
His dick rising up little by little.
Your vagina felt like it was on fire, you wanted him, you need to feel his length inside of you.
“You’re so beautiful baby…” He huffed into your neck, then proceeded to kiss your breasts with his wet and hot lips.

“Aaahh….” you moaned again, turning him on even more.
Your felt your walls soaking up your underwear as you felt his full boner press against you.
Ben thrusted his hips dry humping you making you moan louder.
“Do you want me baby?” He asked.
“Yes….I want you so bad…” you replied as you unstrapped your bra exposing your nipples.
You felt them pop out as the cold air of the house rushed through your hot bodies.
His teeth nibbling on your tiny nips then licking them and sucking them lightly.
Ben couldn’t take it anymore, he carried you from the kitchen to the living room where he took off the rest of yours and his clothes.

Your naked body was in full sight, and you couldn’t help but blush.
He held you close and gently placed you down on the couch.
His expression turned into that beautiful gaze he always gave you.
“My angel…” he whispered once more.
You smiled and mouthed that you love him, him the doing the same in return.
His sexy lips kissed you everywhere on your radiant body, his fingers touching your area, feeling him grab your clit and rubbing it hard. Your legs automatically opened showing him that he was allowed to enter you.
He grabbed his length and placed on your hole, his tip going inside and the rest slowly but a little roughly entering you.
He groaned and your mouth formed a perfect O shape as you slid up and down.
Your thighs flamming up along with a tingling sensation flowing inside your sweaty body.

“Oooh fuck!” Ben groaned as he slid in and out of you, your juices releasing each time he re entered you, soaking his shaft up as well.
You felt yourself squirt a little as he went deeper making your throat release orgasms.
You felt your cherry being pushed up making the feeling of his penis inside of you intensify.
The heat level of your wet bodies was over the top.
You never wanted this incredible feeling of pleasure to end.
Especially because it always felt special with Ben. It always felt as beautiful as the day you lost your virginity to him. It made you feel even more happy that he was your first.

The orgasms, groans and pleasure continued until you reached your limit and felt his cum release inside of you. The most amazing of all in your opinion.
“Don’t move.” He instructed as he slowly relased himself from your lock.
Once he was out your legs closed and you laid there trying your hardest to catch your breath.
Your perfect man laid down for a moment and caught his breath as well.
You reached out and played with his beautiful hair, leaning in to kiss his lips one more time.
The both of you stayed on the huge couch for a while, not a word was spoken, just stares.
Your eyes spoke every word, your feelings and love for each other written all over your perfect faces.
“I’m gonna go shower.” you notified getting up.
“Wait!” He called out.

You stopped in your tracks and looked at him.
“What is it?”
“Let me just look at you one more time….”
You didn’t feel ashamed or insecure as he stared at you, nope, this time you felt confident.
And that confidence was so up high, that from now on every time you looked in the mirror you will see a sexy, gorgeous, amazing female.
Because that’s exactly who you are.
“What do you think?” You teased giggling.
Ben gazed at you once again and said one word and one word only…..


(You all are 💕)


Happy Halloween 2015! I really really enjoyed being Belle, it was even worth wearing heels. I just felt so glamorous, which is weird since I was wearing her ‘servant’ outfit. Belle is a glamorous servant, hehe! :D The first pic was with my mom’s phone, which is a lot better than mine. My phone sucks, but I made up for it (?) in more pictures. I’m really proud of this costume, it turned out so well for being a two day project! It is a little low cut, but I just got to show off my “brave beautiful boobs,” hehe!

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday, if you celebrated. I am very tired, but it was totally worth it. Belle will probably be taken out again the next time I go to a convention.

Studyblr intro :)

Hi everyone! I’m new to studyblr and have decided to start one to help track my productivity and my progress. 

Here are some facts about me:

1. My name is Nicole

2. I live somewhere in Asia and I learn English and Chinese

3. I’m actually terrible at Chinese and I have Chinese oral exams tomorrow oops

4. I’m straight but i support the lgbt community!

5. I am in secondary school this is the last year i have to take up 8 subjects yayy

6. I am in the Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC and many more fandoms (but those listed are the main ones I’m in)

7. I really like reading books and I am addicted to Rainbow Rowell’s books (like Fangirl and Elanor and Park). Feel free to suggest new books!

8. I actually really like Math and Physics (I’m a proud nerd hehe)

So here are some pretty uninteresting facts about me but I’m still trying to build up my blog so feel free to give any tips and suggestions!!