i am probably the only person who thought so

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Am I the only one who's heart is breaking at the thought of Dal being so sick that he had to go to hospital? Like was Breezy there with him? Was he alone? Did zack or bren even go and see him? I can't stand the thought of him suffering alone, like I know Breezy would be there if she could be, but zack and bren probably wouldn't even bother, am I the only person who is sad about this?

I can guarantee you you aren’t the only person, I feel very much the same and know others who do, too. I think Breezy’s back home with the kids so it’s likely she wasn’t there. He tweeted that he didn’t sleep all night before and I assume that he’s lost a lot of fluids due to being sick so he had to get an iv infusion to get better fast since he was supposed to play a show later that day which is fucking ridiculous like wtf are you doing up on stage when you were at the er just hours before sjfkfd but yes yes i know the shows
I don’t really think he had people there with him.. I bet he misses his family more than ever :(

Broken self

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader.

Warnings: PTSD.


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A/N: Ok so, I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone because I am terribe at writing PTSD because I’ve never experienced it and I haven’t met someone who suffers from it. I did try to get myself a bit educated on it. Feedback is always appreciated :)

You knocked twice and tried to push the door but you couldn’t. You twisted the knob and pushed the door again only to find that it was locked from inside. You didn’t knock again; instead, you hit it repeatedly so the person inside would open. It was Tony’s office, and he was most probably working on something. That was what you thought until you heard the sobbing inside.

“Tony, open the door” you demanded.

“Mr. Stark doesn’t want to be disturbed, Miss (Y/N)” FRIDAY replied. It never ceased to amaze you how much expression she could have even though being nothing but a voice assistant; she was not even artificial intelligence but she still managed to have a sentient voice. “I’ll let him know you were her-”

“He knows damn well I’m already here” you hit the door harder, throwing yourself at it in the process, “FRIDAY help me out, open the door”

“But-the protocol-”

“Override it!” you yelled, finally getting the door open. But what you saw inside made you stop immediately and silently apologize. Tony was a mess; a shaking, crying, mess. He grabbed his head tightly and next to him laid the letter and the phone that Steve sent a while ago. You bit your bottom lip and looked up to the ceiling as if it could offer some kind of help.

You knew the man had a severe PSTD, and that the Avengers’ break only made it worse. He no longer had his friend Steve, and Bruce was long gone and nowhere to be found, and to make things even worse, you felt like he didn’t have you, despite you had been there with him more times than he wanted to admit. Tony Stark felt lonelier than ever, and you were helplessly looking at him; how he broke down in tears and inside. You slowly kneeled next to him, trying to give him space but still letting him know that you were there.

“Tony, hey…” you crossed your legs and patiently waited for him to at least breathe normally. You stayed in silence, feeling how your heart broke into pieces when you saw him like that. “Just so you know… I’m gonna stay here with you.” He nodded. You fixed your eyes on the letter and phone and pushed them away from Tony; he noticed the movement and looked up to you. He made you think of a deer that had been blinded by a moving car in the middle of the road. His bottom lip trembled and you thought that his hands would either break into his skull or that he would get some awful bruises. You moved slowly back to your position and calmly asked, “Do you want to hold my hands?” you reached out your hands halfway; your palms faced the ceiling and you saw how Tony’s eyes jumped from yours to your hands, back and forth. He rested his hands on his lap and shook his head; you understood that he didn’t want to. “Ok, don’t worry. I’m still here.” He nodded again and started taking deep breaths. One at a time, and very slowly. You smiled faintly and almost to yourself.

“Where could he be?” he asked in a barely audible whisper and in between sobs, “this doesn’t say anything about his whereabouts…” he said in an absentminded manner, as if what just happened never did. “Do you think Fury knows…?”

“Uhh…” you doubted, “he might” you finally conceded, “do you want me to reach out for him?”

“No” he rose his eyebrows quickly, “he’s the last person I want to see… He and Steve, Romanoff, Barton, Sam, and Barnes… and… And T’Challa. Yeah, I don’t want to see any of them” he looked at you again and smiled. You could tell he was definitely more calmed and he even had forgotten a name. Wanda’s. “Have I been like this for too long?” he sniffed and wiped with the back of his hand the last few tears from his rosy cheeks. He tried to collect himself to make it look like nothing ever happened. “I’m sorry for such scandal, I didn’t mean to lock myself but…”

“It’s totally fine” you assured him, “cup of tea?” he hummed a positive answer and you offered him your hand again; this time he took it.

You offered your hand again, but this time he did grab it and you waked him to the kitchen and made him sit down while you got the tea ready. Tony was not allowed to have coffee after suffering a crisis, and even though he hated to admit it, he secretly thanked you each time you refused to feed him with caffeine or with anything that tasted like coffee or reminded him of it. You sat in front of him, waiting until he said something about the event of about anything at all. It usually took longer than it did that day.

“Why are you still with me?” he finally said, “I have nothing to offer you but my broken self. I can barely have sex with you, I don’t have a normal life… My best friend is learning how to walk, and the family I knew is as torn apart as I am… I mean, like, there’s nothing good with me”

“I just don’t see it that way” you tried to smile, “I do see how broken you are, but I also see how hard you try to keep yourself together.” You looked at the cup in your hands and then looked up to him again, “I love you, broken or not.”

“I just can’t seem to do anything right these days…” he threw his back on the couch and covered his face with his hands; everything indicated he was about to burst in tears again. “First, everything that happened with Ultron, Bruce’s disappearing, the team…”

“And you forget that you helped that kid, Peter. You’re helping Rhodes getting back on track-”

“From an accident I caused” his voice came out shaky.

“You didn’t, Tony.” You went to sit next to him, far away enough to give him his own space in case another crisis arose, “nothing that happened was because of you. None of this is your fault”

“I just can’t seem to shake everything away… It’s been so hard without them…”

“I know, sweetheart” you hopped closer to him and placed your hand on his shoulder, “but I also know that you are greater than you think. Things will eventually come together, and when the time comes, I’ll be with you”

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you” he seemed to chuckle, and curled next to you, leaning his head on your chest and allowing you to wrap your arms around him. It was always his safe place, and he loved the comfort and warmth that your embrace always offered; it made everything bad disappear and it only left you two in the world. No more worries in the picture; no more Steve dropping his signature shield; no more Thunderbolt Ross calling. “Thank you, and for the record, I love you” he sheepishly admitted.

“I know” you smiled and kissed his temple.

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Name 5 girls or guys here you've thought about while getting off

This is the point where I get myself into trouble, right? Obviously, there is only one person I think about whilst I get off now, and you can probably hazard a guess who that is. But, from past experiences, here are five:

  1. Scarlett. I mean, I am not afraid to admit it. @simplyscarlett
  2. Natalie. Unashamedly. Repeatedly. Good material out there. @natdormerxo
  3. Jenna. It’s easier to think about them if you’ve dated them. @the-impossible-jenna
  4. Margot. The Wolf of Wall Street. That’s all I’m saying. @marg-robbie
  5. Lily. Even way before we got together. My imagination did not do her justice. @lilyjamesh

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I knew that you'd forget me😔

i wrote in the follow forever post that i will probably forget someone, I FOLLOW 384 BLOGS, I CAN’T ADD EVERYONE because i am lazy and i don’t have the time to sit and just write every single url. you aren’t the only person who isn’t in the follow forever, so chill please, yesterday i saw that i got three asks and i was so happy, i thought maybe it’s someone who want to talk about stydia or talk about anything but no, it was someone who was trying to make me feel bad because i didn’t put them in the follow forever.  i wont do another follow forever if everyone gonna make me feel bad because they aren’t in it. i am sorry if i sound rude i tried to be calm.

btw this what i got yesterday.