i am probably the only person who thought so

Getting a new follower and finding out they’re a terf is kind of like getting a new follower only to realize it’s a porn bot, but a thousand times worse.

Porn bots don’t give a fuck about my content or who I am, but this terf actually scrolled through my blog and thought, “yes, this is a person whose opinions I’d like to see more of.” It makes me feel super fucking gross and that I’m probably not doing enough to support trans women.

So just for the record: trans women are women. The existence of trans women does not detract from my womanhood or the womanhood of anybody else. This is not a blog for people who believe otherwise. Take your transphobia elsewhere.

And, to my followers: please help me stay accountable. If I reblog something that marginalizes trans people (or sex workers or POC or anyone else), please let me know so that I can make amends.

Bts reaction to someone hitting on you:

Anon requested: Hi! Can I request BTS’ reaction to another girl flirting with their gf? Lol thank you!!

A/N: I hope you don’t mind I also added their reaction to a dude hitting on you.


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No he won’t be leaving you, he will stand around fidgeting with something or talking to someone. Ready to take over if you got too uncomfortable. As for the guy… let’s just say he won’t be very pleased. “Excuse me that is my girl you are flirting with.”


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Suga would be sitting in a place with a clear view of the set. With a presmile on his lips and a raised eyebrow, it would be more like a fun movie to watch. How you got all flustered and everything. He would probably even tease you afterwards. But when a guy approaches you, Yoongi is either going to sit uncomfortably at his seat waiting for him to cross the boundaries so he can step in. Otherwise if he got too jealous, he would walk up to you and strike a conversation with his girlfriend, giving the bro sideway looks like excuse me leave.


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“This is my girl you are messing with and I don’t approve of what you are attempting here” he told the intruder, be it a boy or a girl, having spotted them approaching you and he was there in no time.

Rap Monster:

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Being the open minded person he is, I think he was quite about the girl to give you a chance to know how to handle the situation, after all, he trusts you completely. But with the bro hitting on you, it wasn’t the same. He trusts you sure. but his issue is with the rude boy. If he hadn’t put two together and realized he was your man, Namjoon won’t hesitate to tell him to eff off.


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Wouldn't pay much attention to it if not at all. Probably just asking how it went for the sake of curiosity. But if it was someone from the opposite gender, Jimin won’t be shy about kissing your head and wrapping an arm around you. You’re his, that’s what it’s all about.

V/ Taehyung:

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Would definitely pull off an evil move like walking up to the girl and winking at you for her to see, just to get you even more flustered. Or maybe even saying “She isn’t single but her boyfriend doesn’t want her” before walking off giggling. Not much of an interest if its the same case with a guy because he knows that you won’t choose anyone over him.


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It’s a matter of personal pride. Another member who won’t pay much attention to the girl situation because let’s be real here, he would get flustered himself. The rejection and all. But men are unwelcomed, Those muscles pay off not only on stage. Would probably even get so mad you have to calm him down later. 

“In case you’re wondering, yes I am Jeon Jungkook. The bunny. But I can be a fierce bunny” _ don’t ask I don’t know why I thought of that.

hallucinations, identity and ‘who the hell is ed nygma anyway’

or i’m only halfway through season 2 but i can’t stop thinking about that fucking hallucination serenade and all the spoilers in the tag that i see all the time because i am Weak and a bit in Love with this goddamn ship

so like, i am probably not the first person to bring this up, but i had this thought yesterday morning in the shower and it still Haunts me so i thought i’d share:

okay, so, you know how hallucination oswald told ed that ‘there is no ed nygma without the penguin!’

well, obviously, there’s a part of ed that agrees with that assessment, because otherwise it wouldn’t have been part of the hallucination, but i think that it goes a little deeper than that.

oswald and ed’s plots have, for the most part, been centered around love as a weakness, as love = humanity = vulnerability.

for oswald, that’s gertrud, arguably jim gordon, and absolutely ed.

kristen kringle, isabella (not sure yet about her), and arguably oswald.  i would argue oswald because, like with kristen’s death, ed’s response is to step away from humanity.  

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Scanlan is absolutely the type of person that when Pike gets pregnant, he goes to Kaylie and just spends hours, days, weeks, months going “the baby is not replacing you you are still my daughter and I love you and am so proud of you and nothing will change that”

And Kaylie, who is not perfect and probably had some sour thoughts in the back of her mind at the start, is not only thoroughly reassured but so fucking annoyed that her dad will not shut up about it that she’s ready to love this baby EXTRA HARD just so he’ll stop worrying

Broken self

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader.

Warnings: PTSD.


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A/N: Ok so, I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone because I am terribe at writing PTSD because I’ve never experienced it and I haven’t met someone who suffers from it. I did try to get myself a bit educated on it. Feedback is always appreciated :)

You knocked twice and tried to push the door but you couldn’t. You twisted the knob and pushed the door again only to find that it was locked from inside. You didn’t knock again; instead, you hit it repeatedly so the person inside would open. It was Tony’s office, and he was most probably working on something. That was what you thought until you heard the sobbing inside.

“Tony, open the door” you demanded.

“Mr. Stark doesn’t want to be disturbed, Miss (Y/N)” FRIDAY replied. It never ceased to amaze you how much expression she could have even though being nothing but a voice assistant; she was not even artificial intelligence but she still managed to have a sentient voice. “I’ll let him know you were her-”

“He knows damn well I’m already here” you hit the door harder, throwing yourself at it in the process, “FRIDAY help me out, open the door”

“But-the protocol-”

“Override it!” you yelled, finally getting the door open. But what you saw inside made you stop immediately and silently apologize. Tony was a mess; a shaking, crying, mess. He grabbed his head tightly and next to him laid the letter and the phone that Steve sent a while ago. You bit your bottom lip and looked up to the ceiling as if it could offer some kind of help.

You knew the man had a severe PSTD, and that the Avengers’ break only made it worse. He no longer had his friend Steve, and Bruce was long gone and nowhere to be found, and to make things even worse, you felt like he didn’t have you, despite you had been there with him more times than he wanted to admit. Tony Stark felt lonelier than ever, and you were helplessly looking at him; how he broke down in tears and inside. You slowly kneeled next to him, trying to give him space but still letting him know that you were there.

“Tony, hey…” you crossed your legs and patiently waited for him to at least breathe normally. You stayed in silence, feeling how your heart broke into pieces when you saw him like that. “Just so you know… I’m gonna stay here with you.” He nodded. You fixed your eyes on the letter and phone and pushed them away from Tony; he noticed the movement and looked up to you. He made you think of a deer that had been blinded by a moving car in the middle of the road. His bottom lip trembled and you thought that his hands would either break into his skull or that he would get some awful bruises. You moved slowly back to your position and calmly asked, “Do you want to hold my hands?” you reached out your hands halfway; your palms faced the ceiling and you saw how Tony’s eyes jumped from yours to your hands, back and forth. He rested his hands on his lap and shook his head; you understood that he didn’t want to. “Ok, don’t worry. I’m still here.” He nodded again and started taking deep breaths. One at a time, and very slowly. You smiled faintly and almost to yourself.

“Where could he be?” he asked in a barely audible whisper and in between sobs, “this doesn’t say anything about his whereabouts…” he said in an absentminded manner, as if what just happened never did. “Do you think Fury knows…?”

“Uhh…” you doubted, “he might” you finally conceded, “do you want me to reach out for him?”

“No” he rose his eyebrows quickly, “he’s the last person I want to see… He and Steve, Romanoff, Barton, Sam, and Barnes… and… And T’Challa. Yeah, I don’t want to see any of them” he looked at you again and smiled. You could tell he was definitely more calmed and he even had forgotten a name. Wanda’s. “Have I been like this for too long?” he sniffed and wiped with the back of his hand the last few tears from his rosy cheeks. He tried to collect himself to make it look like nothing ever happened. “I’m sorry for such scandal, I didn’t mean to lock myself but…”

“It’s totally fine” you assured him, “cup of tea?” he hummed a positive answer and you offered him your hand again; this time he took it.

You offered your hand again, but this time he did grab it and you waked him to the kitchen and made him sit down while you got the tea ready. Tony was not allowed to have coffee after suffering a crisis, and even though he hated to admit it, he secretly thanked you each time you refused to feed him with caffeine or with anything that tasted like coffee or reminded him of it. You sat in front of him, waiting until he said something about the event of about anything at all. It usually took longer than it did that day.

“Why are you still with me?” he finally said, “I have nothing to offer you but my broken self. I can barely have sex with you, I don’t have a normal life… My best friend is learning how to walk, and the family I knew is as torn apart as I am… I mean, like, there’s nothing good with me”

“I just don’t see it that way” you tried to smile, “I do see how broken you are, but I also see how hard you try to keep yourself together.” You looked at the cup in your hands and then looked up to him again, “I love you, broken or not.”

“I just can’t seem to do anything right these days…” he threw his back on the couch and covered his face with his hands; everything indicated he was about to burst in tears again. “First, everything that happened with Ultron, Bruce’s disappearing, the team…”

“And you forget that you helped that kid, Peter. You’re helping Rhodes getting back on track-”

“From an accident I caused” his voice came out shaky.

“You didn’t, Tony.” You went to sit next to him, far away enough to give him his own space in case another crisis arose, “nothing that happened was because of you. None of this is your fault”

“I just can’t seem to shake everything away… It’s been so hard without them…”

“I know, sweetheart” you hopped closer to him and placed your hand on his shoulder, “but I also know that you are greater than you think. Things will eventually come together, and when the time comes, I’ll be with you”

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you” he seemed to chuckle, and curled next to you, leaning his head on your chest and allowing you to wrap your arms around him. It was always his safe place, and he loved the comfort and warmth that your embrace always offered; it made everything bad disappear and it only left you two in the world. No more worries in the picture; no more Steve dropping his signature shield; no more Thunderbolt Ross calling. “Thank you, and for the record, I love you” he sheepishly admitted.

“I know” you smiled and kissed his temple.

My thoughts on Rika and sorta V

Okay so I know almost everyone HATES Rika. At first I didn’t really care about her and then when I first saw who she really was in the secret after stories a long time ago I didn’t hate her I just thought she needed help. I don’t really like how she took advantage of Saeran, you’ll see why she did it, well how I personally think why she did.

Now doing the V route my thoughts of her needing help is stronger. But she can’t get help, she is a Psychopath, and not jokingly like. “haha she a creepy psycho.” No I mean a literal Psychopath. But I think she is also a bit of a sociopath too. Now the difference between them is that;

A Psychopath is controlled, these type of people can fool you, like she fooled everyone that she was a sweet kind girl. Sociopath’s are erratic and can’t control their emotions, you would be able to tell there was something wrong with her mentally. Rika has both. When she was with V she lashed out, She was erratic and crazed and angry. but with everyone else, she was the sweet innocent girl that loved to help. so therefor, she was both.

Psychopath’s are also highly manipulating; like I said, she fooled the RFA and V as well as Saeran, that she was endearing and only wants to help. I also want to point out that she easily fooled Seven, Jaehee, and Jumin, as you know they are very clever and smart people. So the fact she was able to trick them shows how good she is at faking who she is to people. 

Now as I said at the top of the post, I didn’t like how she messed with our Saebaby’s head, and my personal reason she did it is because psychopaths get off on controlling people. They lack emotion, but there is one emotion everyone has and that is joy. Everyone, no matter what. Everybody has a different thing that makes them happy. For me, writing fan fic, I get so much Joy from it, for you it must be Mystic Messenger right? Well for Rika what makes her the most happy is controlling people. Being able to make people do her every bidding enlightens her. Psychopath’s want to feel something, anything. but they can’t because they mentally lack that trait. so when they find that one thing, just that one thing that makes them feel something, they’ll milk the hell out of it (Yan-chan from yandere simulator is an amazing example). so finding a naive young boy like Saeran, that is broken, sad and just wanted love and acceptance was an easy target.

Now with relationships. Psychopaths are unable to form any type of attachment. But Rika obviously has a crazed obsession with MC when she meets her, She felt that her and MC were the same, she grew attached to MC, like a sociopath.

Next is education and jobs. A sociopath are usually uneducated and can’t keep a job. But Rika is more smart then that, She’s very calculated and thinks about every action. She was able to do mint eye so well is because how meticulous and smart she is. 

So now they say that sociopath is created in a person from environment and upbringing, whereas psychopaths are just “That way.” 60% of psychopath’s are the way they are because it’s heritable. So I think that’s the case for Rika she was just born “that way”. but also her…upbringing. As you know with her adoptive mother and the way she spoke about Rika shows she wasn’t very nice to Rika, and I think that upbringing made her condition worse. 

But all these facts or more like my personal thoughts is that I don’t hate her, I never really did. The girl just needed help, but she couldn’t get it because it’s against her nature. V tried to help but it was fruitless because of what and who she is. There was nothing he could do. 

With Jihyun(V) he is selfless, he thinks himself as nothing, very low self esteem. And he has slight mental problems too, but that was from his relationship with his mom and dad and being with Rika made it worse. He has a strong craving for love to the point he will over look everything. That usually happens to people that grow up without parents or at least without proper parent love. I think the main thing that kept him happy and sane was Jumin.

But back to Rika and Jihyun. Together they were a bad match, their relationship is toxic and dangerous for both of their health, she would be very doubtful of Jihyun and his love for her, Always saying that he’s lying and always testing their love, testing to see how far he would go for her, that’s another psychopath & sociopath trait. And with Jihyun’s desperate need and want for love he overlooked how she was because he clung to her thinking she was the only person who could give him the love he needed. Their mental illnesses fed off each other like a parasite.

Okay so this is just my thought, Don’t take it too serious or be offended about it, ya’ll can think what you want, like who you want, hate who you want. I just wanted to get this off my chest. (also should put out there that I am only on day 6 of V’s route, so I most likely don’t have all the facts, will probably add on to this once I get more info)

Who has the Butterfly Miraculous?

I’ve already done a post on the ML spoiler that was leaked today.  Even though the footage was soundless, grainy and spotty at best, there are still people proclaiming “I WAS RIGHT, SUCK IT!” on their Tumblrs.  

Not only is this immature, but it is premature.  What were you right about, exactly, that you feel the need to belittle others over?  Lemme play Devil’s Advocate and make you think twice about how “right” you are…

Below the cut, because technically spoilers.

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Telepath - Peter Parker x Reader

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Words: 1115
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: fighting, robbery
Requested: nope i’ve been working on this for like two weeks now and i wanted to post it
Authors Note: YAY EARLY POST! YAY CUTE PETER! YAYYY! The situation is that you’re a telepath in school with Peter. Yeah. That’s about it. ALSO YOU CAN IMAGINE THIS WITH ANY PETER PARKER YOU WISH.

Masterlist. Request List.

Part Two

You forced yourself to stay awake; there were twenty minutes of class left. But you could have sworn there were only twenty minutes left, twenty minutes ago.

Your teacher wasn’t paying attention to anyone behind him, as he was facing the board. So you decided it was a good chance to try and make these twenty minutes enjoyable.

You looked at a few of your classmates and landed on a girl with brown hair. “The party tonight is going to be so great tonight! I bet I could get my boyfriend to-” You decided YOU didn’t want to hear that thought continued, and skipped to the next person.

You tuned into a boy who sat in the middle of the classroom who probably stuck gum under the desks. “Would anyone notice if I farted right n-” Skip.

You then tuned to the girl who sits in front of you. “Did he just say that? I am so triggered right now.” She snickered and you moved on.

The only other person that didn’t seem to be falling asleep was Peter Parker, so you wondered what was keeping him energized. You didn’t really know Peter all too well, but why not? “Eighteen minutes left. Can this go any slower? There’s a robbery in pursuit and if I can get out I catch them! It would be so easy to sling around and get them. Go faster, time!

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More rvb 15x16 spoiler stuff

I love this season so much so far

Am i the only one who thought caboose was going to be like: if you wanted friends you could have just asked
When he realized temple faked the message to get them there.
Like caboose isnt big with his brain but with his stupid heart

Half the reason temple is so mad and angry towards caboose is probably because he got his best freind back from death over and over again and temple didnt get biff back (yet???)

Also still love locus haha
He tries to be a decent person but he knows its weird and not easy and its not gonna get better with these people

The guys can only hope grif got his whole word flood out on locus for now and can stick to the important parts haha

Also, temple is fucking with the wrong family

Also vic OMG

After Eight Years  Post-Season 3 Hiatus Drabble #1

The one about Oliver’s long-due birthday being celebrated.

He woke up suddenly, his body jerking because of the dream, and immediately turned on his side to seek her warmth, his body already thirsting for the feel of hers. They had been on the road for more than a week, stopping by wherever they wanted, and it had never felt more like home to him. She was his home, his place to be. And he was happy. 

His hands came up to empty air and he suddenly sat up, instincts that had been dormant in him for over a week rising up with a vengeance. The room was dark and vacant and he got down from the bed, naked as he was, and started walking towards the outer room. They were shacked up in the snowy mountains somewhere, he had even lost where they were, in a small two-room cottage, just enjoying, discovering each other. 

He walked into the outer room slowly, his eyes seeking her, finding nothing. The fire was roaring below the mantel, bathing the dark room in its glow, but she was nowhere to be found.

“Felicity?” he called out, unable to understand where she was, his heart slowly starting to pound in his chest as he turned on the spot, looking everywhere. 

“Felicity?” he called out louder, just a hint of frantic seeping into his voice. Where was she? Had something happened while he had been asleep?


He was full out panicking now, running to the bathroom and pushing the door open, unable to find her anywhere, his heart thumping painfully. No. No. No. She had to be alright. 

A sound came from the outer room and he ran back out, adrenaline pumping through his veins, and stopped dead in his tracks, his jaw dropped. The clear wall on the left had been made a screen, and Sara’s face was plastered all over it. She was smiling and looking at the camera, with that small devious grin on her face she used to sport before the island, speaking.

“Hey Ollie,” she waved slightly, then someone behind the camera fidgeted and readjusted the entire thing, and came back again while he stared in shock. 

“So, you know how these videos go. We used to have them like crazy before the island, remember? Anyways, just wanted to tell you that you are the best, albeit stubborn, but best man I have ever known. And you deserve happiness more than anyone. I hope you find it. I’m so proud to have you as my friend.” She spoke to someone behind the camera then nodded. “Anyways, not much time left, so happy birthday, big guy! I hope this one doesn’t suck like the last 143 ones.”

With a wink, she faded from the screen, and he reeled. When? How? But before he could catch up, his mother’s face filled the screen, and his breath hitched at the exasperated look on her face he had though he would never see again. 

“Thea, make it quick, I have a meeting… Oh, we’re on?” She nodded and smiled at the camera. “I remember the day you were born, Oliver. So small and so beautiful. You changed me that day. I was reborn with you. Happy birthday, my beautiful boy. I’m so proud of the man you have become and remember, you’ll never be without me.”

A tear escaped his eyes as his mouth trembled and he watched, transfixed as the screen shifted to the inside of STAR Labs where Barry was holding the camera, grinning so widely that Oliver felt a smile tug on his lips just watching his excitement. Barry fixed the camera on some stand and came on the screen. “So, when I was told to make this for your birthday, I’ll admit I flipped out.” He bounced a little and Oliver chuckled.

“I used to look up to you long before I knew any of this, before I knew you. And when I did get into the madness that is this world, despite of what anybody would tell me, I knew that you were the strongest man I knew, with the kindest heart.” Barry shrugged a little. “So, even though we are busy with our own things, I’m so glad I have you to count on, wherever, whenever.”

Oliver smiled remembering the words Barry had said to him, knowing he was there for him too. Barry continued. “You inspire me everyday to fight for what I believe in, to trust myself. I’m so thankful to have you as a friend in my life. Happy birthday, Oliver.”

With a small nod, he took the camera and shifted it to get Caitlin and Cisco on screen, the latter who was literally bouncing. “I still cannot believe I actually know you! This is so freaking cool. Anyways, happy birthday!”

Caitlin chimed in with her wishes and Ray came on screen behind Cisco. “So, I just happened to be here and since everyone is doing this, so am I. Happy birthday, Oliver. I know we have had our differences, but I’m glad to know you. You truly are an inspiring man.”

Oliver shook his head, still shocked as the screen shifted to Diggle and Lyla, in their living room, holding a squealing Sara. His mouth lifted watching them.

John spoke ruefully. “You know how verbal I am about my feelings, Oliver.” 

A chuckle escaped Oliver before he knew it and he shook his head as John grinned on screen. “Yeah, right man. You know. So, I’ll just say this. We have been through some pretty bad shit together, and we will in future too. But we’ll get through man. Because you’re my brother. Happy birthday, Oliver. You deserve to celebrate it more than anyone else.”

“Happy birthday, Oliver,” Lyla chimed in. “Thank you for bringing Johnny back.”

And their faces faded away and Detective Lance came up, his gruff face and in his officer’s uniform. Oliver frowned but listened. “I know you used to be the bad guy but since you try a better way and Ms. Smoak vouches for you, I know now you are one of the good ones. So happy birthday, Arrow.”

Laurel came on next with a smile. “I know we don’t always see eye-to-eye, but I am proud of the man you have become. Happy birthday, Oliver. I’ve learned a lot from you. Hope you’re having fun.”

The shot cut out and Oliver leaned back against the wall, his knees weak but eyes fixed, surprised when he saw a scruffier Roy come on screen, smiling the way he used to, and Oliver felt a deep pang go through his chest.

“You know, I’m proud to have annoyed you enough to let me get in the team.” Oliver chuckled at that, and watched Roy smile. “I don’t know where exactly I am going but the one thing I learned from you is how to keep walking, even when everything seems hard. It’s not hard. I’m actually happy. So, thank you, for everything. And happy birthday.”

There was silence before finally, Thea came one, in the loft, smiling. “Heyya, Ollie. I hope you are having a great time just being wherever you are and won’t tell me.” 

She raised her eyebrows pointedly before shaking her head. “All of us are happy and fine here and I actually found something special for you, for your birthday. I love you so much, Ollie, and you are still the best brother in the world. You’ll always be. Happy birthday! Now wait.”

She got up and sat down with a tablet, grinning. “I’ve connected it so the next thing you watch will be straight from here. Enjoy!”

There was static before Tommy’s face came on screen and Oliver fell back into the wall, his hand clamping over his mouth at his grinning best friend. He looked so young. 

“So,” Tommy began, “Thea told me she was planning something grand for your birthday since you probably only celebrated with wild vegetation on the island. So, this video is to be shown to you before her amazing party, so that you’ll remember it. Ever since I saw you doing that stunt on the monkey bars when we were 4, I have thought you were the coolest person I knew. Well, that changed. I am the coolest person I know.”

His chuckle made Oliver’s mouth tremble as Tommy continued, looking more serious. “Who you are is my best friend, my brother, who came back to me and I have never been more grateful of anything in my life as I was of the day they announced they had found you. I know this violates our code, but I love you man. You are so strong, and so good and I wish you the most happiness in the world. Happy birthday, Ollie! To celebrating life.”

The screen cut out and Oliver stood on shaking legs, the tears flowing freely now, as the screen came alive one last time with Felicity’s smiling face looking back at him, instantly soothing his frazzled nerves.

“Soooo,” she began, biting her lip slightly. “This idea was actually Tommy’s. Thea showed me the video last year, after Christmas one day, and we got to planning. So she got your mom on the camera and I did Sara. But since, well, Slade happened, it got delayed and I really wanted to do this this year but then shit hit the fan with Ra’s and finally I can! Tommy inspired this, and everyone contributed recently, and I just pieced it all together. So, I hope you enjoyed this. Happy birthday, Oliver!”

Finally, the projector was turned off and only the firelight illuminated the area. Oliver was too stunned, too touched to even move. He felt her hands come up to his face, wiping his tears and looked sideways to see her luminous, beautiful blue eyes shining up at him, his shirt hanging on her small frame. 

“When?” he managed to utter, his voice hoarse with the emotions.

She smiled softly. “A few days ago. Everyone mailed me the videos and I just compiled it all together. I thought since it’s been eight years that you haven’t…”

She shrugged and bit her lip again. “Happy birthday, Oliver.”

His mouth trembled, staggered by the love this woman held for him, feeling so gifted, so undeserving of every memory she made with him. And she knew him too well, because the next thing he knew, she was pulling him in front of the fire, and removing his shirt from her body, standing naked and so, so beautiful.

She placed a hand on his heart, looking up at him with her wide eyes. “You are the most stubborn, exasperating and controlling man that I know.” A smile lifted her mouth, and he just looked back at her in awe. “You are also the best, most selfless and obviously the most handsome.”

A laugh escaped him at her words and she grinned. “You are beautiful, Oliver, inside out.”

He leaned forward and touched their foreheads together. “I don’t deserve you, Felicity.”

She smiled. “I mostly prove you wrong, Oliver. And I’ll happily spend my life proving you wrong again.”

She pushed up on her tiptoes, pressing her body to his, pulling him closer as she brushed his mouth. “Happy birthday, my love.”

Heart pounding with her nearness, still not used to the freedom he could take with her, the way he could hold her, make love to her, like he had dreamed for so long, he pulled her closer, slanting his mouth more solidly over hers, her endearment still surprising him.

They kissed softly for a few minutes, his emotions moved beyond words and she seemed to understand, pulling back slightly. 

“Thank you,” he whispered, hugging her close, burying his face in her hair. 

She brushed his growing hair with her fingers, just silently holding him while he got his bearings. 

“You are everything, Oliver,” she muttered softly into his neck. “Everything.”

His heart constricted and he gripped her hair, crushing her mouth with his, their bloods heating. Even after having her constantly on every conceivable surface for almost a week, the hunger for her still gnawed at him. He would just be getting used to her and she would do or say something that would stump him again. Only she could turn him into a beast from a mush in a heartbeat. Only she could make him fall in love with her even more every second that she breathed. 

He pulled her down on the rug with him, keeping their mouths locked and their tongues tangled. He had never fathomed, not even a month ago, that he would live to see another birthday, much less to celebrate it. He had never fathomed, not even two weeks ago, that he would be celebrating it with her on a rug in front of a fireplace in a snowed in cottage in a town he did not know the name of. He had never fathomed he would be so content with her, body and soul.

Like so many things about himself, he had forgotten something so simple like his birthday. And moving over her, after eight long, hellish years, he realized it had all been worth it, for this precious gift, for this precious moment, for her reminder of who he was. 

For her.

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I don’t think i say this outside of my tags too often, but Jonghyun is so incredibly talented, so incredibly thoughtful, so funny, so wonderful and amazing. He’s so BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. I am so happy to call myself his fan. To be inspired by such a person who, every single day, gives me more and more reason to appreciate his existence. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to identify as a Blinger. 

This has been hanging out on my computer for who knows how long so I thought I’d post it. I’ve been thinking about streaming while I paint. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching?

Here is my sketch of a ship I’ve nevere expected to love, but here we are… After watching the new part of GOG I discovered a new pairing and wrote a fanfic on Peter/Kraglin.First I thought it was a one time thing, cause I ship Yondu/Peter (sorry Kragdu is not really my thing, though I see where it come from) anyway I’ve written a second Peter/Kraglin fic and realized at the same time that I’m probably the only person who writes about them 😱 Well, what a pervert I am… So after watching this movie again I decided to write more about them. Even though I still ship Quilldu, and I cant just accept Yondu’s fate, I can imagine how shared pain could have influenced Peter’s relationship with Kraglin.
And I’m thinking about translating those my fics in english, cause it seems not only russian fandom lacks this couple :) But I’m not sure about translating, my english is still not that good

moonbelowsea  asked:

Meg! I LOVE Hogwarts nonsense! Please tell us your thoughts on Yuri on Ice: the Hogwarts Edition?

  • i dislike all sports so I am probably the one person who isn’t going to make them Quidditch stars
  • seriously u guys just like … I’’ve only seen broomdancing once. COME ON. 
  • Yuri K and Phichit are both Slytherin. Victor is probably Ravenclaw. JJ is definitely Gryffindor so Yuri P is aggressively NOT. Other than that I dunno.
  • imagine a wizarding sport where you dance with magic in the air. come on, do it
  • thats it thats the extent of my caring although Chris is definitely Hufflepuff and I will fight anybody about this

myshipsshallsail  asked:

when I picture the percy/rachel friendship they're up till 3am probably in percy's cabin (with whoever else doesn't give a shit that they should probably sleep to prepare for the chariot races tomorrow morning) playing Cards Against Humanity or something like it and laughing their asses off. they're so loud that someone from the ares cabin risks getting eaten by the harpies just to yell at them to "shut UP, gods fucking damn you" which only makes them laugh louder

yes oh my god!!!!

i talked about this in my post about grover and percy but percy is That Person who has the strangest 3 am thoughts. like after theyve finished cah (and have gotten threatened with bodily harm a few dozens times for being too loud) they lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling and talk about the most random stuff

like sometimes its “what do you think george washington wouldve thought of jeans” and other times its “time is a concept we made up and all pretend exists” 

usually the mornings after these thigns they wake up totally out of it and it takes a good hour for everything to feel completely real again. interacting with them after one of their late nights is a sure fire way to get so either really fucking weird advice from rachel or random and strange questions from percy 

the first time annabeth and grover join them, theyre just in awe. also where did they get all these snacks


Arrow Hellatus Project - Arrow Summer Rewatch (by olicityalamode & geniewithwifi) Week 19 | You Need To Tell Oliver Goodbye

‘You okay? I’m sorry, that’s a stupid question. You just saw your sister coming back from being mostly dead and you’re about to give up everything you know and love, so you’re probably not.’
‘I remember the first time that I thought I’d never see Thea again. When my father’s boat went down.’
‘But you did see her again. And you’ll see her again… again.’
‘This is different. I’ve just been thinking about the person I was, the brother that I was, and how he probably died when that boat went down. All this time, I’ve been struggling with who I am.’
‘And you think who you’re supposed to be is the next Ra’s Al Ghul?’
‘Honestly? I don’t know. The only thing that I know for sure is that everything that I’ve done, everything that happened, it led me right here. To this moment. And, Felicity, if that’s true, then I don’t know what it was all for.’
‘I do. I wish that I could change your mind about staying here. And I know I can’t. Just like I know how leaving you here is going to destroy me. I don’t regret a single moment. And you shouldn’t either. You have done so much. You have saved so many people’s lives, and you have changed so many for the better. Including mine. Knowing you has changed my life. You’ve opened up my heart in a way I didn’t even know was possible. I love you.’

by cherrychapssstick

submission from @avemasterherondale 

Hey, a few days ago (maybe a week??) you got an ask about Jewish Jack Zimmermann and you said you didn’t want to write headcanons for it because you aren’t Jewish. If you don’t mind me hijacking your ask, I am Jewish and I definitely have Jewish Jack Zimmermann thoughts and I figured I would share them with you for that person, and you can send it forward if you’d like. Anyway, thoughts: 

Jack Zimmermann who grew up going to shul on Saturday mornings and maybe even day schools during the week. He probably had shul friends that he only saw on saturday mornings (and that was so nice for this anxious little butterfly because he knew that they were going to be there regardless of whether he was there or not so he knew he wasn’t bothering or inconveniencing them. Also, since he only saw them once a week, they always had things to talk about and didn’t have to worry about awkward lulls in conversation).

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Spider-Man: Homecoming - Scrambled live noting thoughts

“It’s hard for a good man to be king” is still a kickass tagline. Go Black Panther!

I still never expected Jeff Bridges and Halle Berry to be in the Kingsman movies.

Movie start!

I like the bad guys, they have charm.

I love Peter’s home made costume

A little too much Stark at the start. I understand the need to reiterate Spider-Man is in the MCU but maybe not so aggressively

I like that Peter designs web fluid by sneaking it through chemistry

Pete’s school for hyperintelligent kids is almost aggressively diverse. I like it. Reflects my life.

I like how dumb how Pete changing in the alley looks.

I like how alive and interactive New York feels.

I don’t care for Peter being so obsessed with being an avenger when all the best parts of his life are clearly the street stuff. All the little things are so great.

Oh cool. Ned is wearing a REAL fedora.

… I just realized I dress like Peter.

This Flash Thompson could possibly be worse than any typical jerk jock

Ah yes, the classy “Peter doesn’t work in the non-city” joke

Oh look, the dude in the yellow sleeves had a shockwave Fist.

Almost like….. THE SHOKER.

I kind of thought Glover would have a better more interesting role

Man, Peter really screwed up the burbs.

Man, even though I think there’s too much Stark in the movie he is giving out an important lesson about caring about the little things

I like the Tinkerer

Oh my god I just realized Flash has nothing but popped collars. What a douche!

Ned has the This is Fine dog on his laptop.

It’s also clearly a gaming laptop. I approve.

No wait, It’s a Dell. I no longer approve

I wish Ned could actually be the guy in Pete’s head rather than that robo AI. Actually Ned and the AI should argue in Peter’s head.

The Gargan deal. Noice. A reference to the potential Scorpion

So I didn’t know Michelle was the cool girl until I heard her name when she won the decathlon.

She’s, like, the best character here.

Less Karen, more Ned. Please.

The interrogation mode is hilariously dumb

Okay, I like Glover’s role now. I love that he’s another reminder of how important the street level should be to Spidey.

Oh my god, Mac Gargan is actually here. Huh. And not a white guy… I don’t thing. Interesting future Scorpion decision

The boat scene is trying to be the train scene but it hasn’t really earned the emotional culmination and intense fight and exhaustion the train scene had

No wonder I like the Tinkerer, I just realized he’s the brother from Orange is the New Black. I liked him too.

That Asian principal looks familiar but I don’t know why.

Peter reconnecting with the little things is a lesson that should be saved for the end but I guess mid-movie fine

So, I feel it’s important to state that too much of what’s going on is Peter’s fault. Washington Monument? His fault. The ferry? His fault.

…. They made Liz Allen’s father Adrian Tooms!? Did you know that in the comics she’s related to the Molten Man? She’s got some definite villain connections.

How is Tooms the only person able to figure out who Peter is when they’ve barely met? He isn’t even one of the three famous canonical people that know who Spider-man is (Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom).

I just realized that Peter’s crappy homemade costume is the Scarlet Spider.

He’s Ben god damned Reilly.

I am so happy Ned is getting to be the guy in the chair, where he belongs.

So that was interesting. Scrambled thoughts complete, I’ll probably have a more solid thing after I’ve properly processed this. But for now, on to Wonder Woman!

Riiiiiiight after I get to the stinger.

I just got trolled by Captain America

herconfinedthoughts  asked:

What's the meaning behind your url? Or is that really your name?

Thanks for the question :)

Ranata Suzuki is a pen name and I am therefore an anonymous writer. Everything I write is my own thoughts, feelings and experiences and I only feel safe to express myself honestly and openly if nobody knows who I am. 

The name Ranata Suzuki has personal significance to me because it’s very similar to an affectionate joke/pet name given to me by the person I write about. So when I write to him, I write as Ranata Suzuki because even though he may not be in my life anymore, I am still and probably always will be his “Ranata Suzuki’’. 

I am not an easy person to love, nor do I love easily. Not until you’ve delved into the inside of me and learned your way through the outside. Most people find that water is much kinder on the perfect stillness of the surface than in the churning current beneath it all. And they would not assume that there are things I can’t stand about my body, scar tissue on my stomach, a collection of solitary sadness that has accumulated over a long period of time. Though I am not a sad, pretty girl who blames her parents for her eating disorder and anxiety. I have no one to blame but myself. And perhaps that’s why I am not a nice person. I am blunt, critical, easily frustrated, stubborn to an extent. Regrettably hopeful. Because hope is dangerous when someone means so much to you. But if a boy flattered me with flowers for a month and I felt nothing to him, I would probably forget his name every day. I wish only for the capacity to let go and move on when the role that a significant person played in your life comes to an end. You can’t make islands out of people. You need to learn how to swim. And yet I am always the one who tries to love harder. Ultimately terrified of being forgotten.