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“You’re my perfection”
Imagine you come home to your boyfriend Luke’s and your appartment after a day out with your girlfriends and hear him yelling through his phone at someone. You could tell he was really upset, so your quickly kicked off your shoes and made your way into the kitchen. Luke was wandering around in the kitchen, wildly gesturing with his hands and shaking his head.
“No Calum I will not calm down! I told you you I never wanted that pictures posted. I told you! And you promised you wouldn’t upload it. I knew I should have made you delete it…”
Luke stopped talking instantly as he realized you were home and standing in the door.
“Whatever, cal.”
Luke replied to something Calum said, you couldn’t quite understand and a second later Luke hung up the phone.
“Hey you.”
He said softly, but you could tell he was still pretty upset.
“Hey you too. What’s wrong?”
“Nevermind. Calum is just being a dick once again.”
“Actually I do mind. I can see your upset. Please talk to me.”
Luke looked at you for a moment as if he wanted to see if you really cared. As you raised your eyebrows at him, he sighed hopping on the kitchen counter burying his face in his hands.
Your heart ached seeing Luke like that. He was honestly upset about that picture Calum posted. You carefully approached your boyfriend, taking his phone from the kitchen counter in your hand. Luke instantly snatched it out of your hand.
“No! I don’t want you to see it.”
“The picture Calum posted?”
“What’s wrong with it? Why don’t you like it?”
“It’s just … that… Umm.. I don’t…”
Luke groaned not finding the right words to express how he felt. He let his head fall back into his hands and covered his face.
“Hey, hey. Luke please look at me.”
You stepped in between his tangling and ridiculously long legs, resting your hands on his thighs. Your face was only centimeters away from his hand so you decided to whisper as he didn’t look at you.
“Please don’t hide your face from me.”
“But I should! I should start wearing at bucket over my head all the time so noone would have to see me ever again.”
You chuckled slightly at his words, but once you realized he was dead serious you grabbed his hands and intertwined them with yours.
Luke didn’t look at you. He stared at the tiles on the floor with a broken look on his face.
“Luke, can you look at me for a second?”
Your thumb was stroking the back of his hand. You brought his left hand to your lips first and placed a soft kiss on it, you did the same with his right one.
“I love your hands. I love how they are so big that they can completely cover mine when you hold my hand. I love how soft they are even though they should be rough from playing, but they aren’t. I love how you fist your hands whenever you hug someone.”
Luke looked up at you surprised. He didn’t expect you to think so much about his hands. He felt flattered by all those little things you noticed that he hadn’t even noticed.
“I love your neck. I love how it tenses when you sing and sometimes one can see your veins so clearly. I love how it looks so muscular and hard, but whenever I touch it it’s the softest thing.”
Luke was now smiling.
You looked down at his feet letting one hand go and traced the outside of his legs.
“I love your legs. I love how they look so skinny and long like the ones in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and I love the kick you do a if you had no bones in your body. It amazes me every time. But at the same time they are so muscular and damn you can jump high baby! That’s so got damn hot.”
“Y/N I …”
“Shut up, I’m not finished.”
Luke chuckled as you stepped nearer and were now staring at his flawless features.
“I love your face. It’s perfect. Your eyes make me melt into a puddly whenever I get lost in them. The color reminds me of the cloudless summer sky. I love your eyebrows. They make you look so cocky and cheeky and I love the thing you do when you wiggle your eyebrows. It’s the cutest thing.”
As if on cue Luke raised his eyebrows just the way you loved it. You grinned as you saw he was waiting for you to continue.
“I love your lips.”
“I know you do.”
Luke laughed and you smacked his arm slightly at the comment.
“I’m not talking about the kissing. I love your smile. You don’t just smile with your mouth, but you smile with all of your features. Your face gets soft and cuddly and cute and your eyes light up and your nose, oh don’t get me started about your nose! I love it when you scrunch your nose whenever something weird happens. I’m literally drooling over the screen whenever you do that in interviews. If I hadn’t been so in love with you in the first place, I would have fallen for you as soon as I saw you scrunch that nose.”
Luke chuckled and his cheeks flushed as you mentioned you were in love with him. You had told him before, but this time it was different to him. This time he believed you. He had always thought he wasn’t good enough for you and sooner or later you’d realize that and leave him, but in that moment he realized you had just as much fallen for him as he had for you.
“I love how I can still make your cheeks flush even though we’ve been dating for over three years. I love how they flush in deeper red when someone makes a sex joke. I love how you still get flustered whenever I am naked in front of you even though you’ve seen it a million times. And I love your hair. In every stage and at every time of the day. I love it in the morning when it’s flat and it matches your adorable puffy eyes. I love pulling on it when you kiss me and i love how it smells. I love the way you style it in that ridiculous quiff and I love it when it’s darker when it’s wet when you step out of the shower and the water is dripping at your chest.”
Suddenly Luke grew quiet again.
“Hey, where did that smile go?”
Luke mumbled something you couldn’t understand, even though you were only millimeters away.
“What was that?”
Luke sighed looking at you, but except for repeating what he had just said he unlocked his phone and turned it around to see a picture. Your mouth fell open instantly and Luke suddenly regretting showing you wanted to pull it back, but you grabbed his hand.
“That’s the picture Calum posted?”
“Ok, give me your phone I’m not ok with him posting this either.”
Luke’s face fell. He knew the picture of him half naked was ugly, but he didn’t expect you to react so straight. You usually build him up after bad press or other things that upset him. But this time you seemed genuinely disgusted and it broke Luke’s heart.
“I do not want pictures of him hot as boyfriend especially topless on the internet. Imagine all those girls and probably even guys masturbating to that picture! I mean come on, this is like the fucking hottest things I’ve ever seen. I am so not ok with sharing your body with other people. You are on house arrest my friend.”
Luke’s eyes were wide. For a second he was unsure of what just happened.
“Cal is probably not going to delete that picture now is he?”
Luke shook his head still shocked about your reaction, but blood already rushing in his cheeks by your compliment.
“Alright then.”
You took out your own phone from your back pocket and typed something. A second later Luke’s phone vibrated with another twitter notification.

@y/t/n: thank you @calum5sos for posting that picture. Now it’s official. @luke5sos is walking perfection! #secretlyperving

Luke chuckled to himself as he read the tweet pulling you into him and kissing you passionately, before pulling away and whispering against your lips.
“You’re my perfection.”


The smell of smoke was the first thing that startled you from your deep slumber. The second was the incessant beeping of the downstairs detector. And the third was the repeated utterances of “Shit!” in the low, raspy tones that never failed to make you weak in the knees.

 With a groan, you swung your legs over the side of the bed, picking up the hunter green Green Day shirt of your boyfriend’s that had been unceremoniously tossed to the floor the previous evening, and slipped it over your head. Wandering downstairs towards the source of the commotion, you stifled a laugh as you saw your boyfriend frantically waving a spatula through the air with one hand while the other was preoccupied with a pan full of sticky, charred eggs.

 “Need some help?” You asked, sidling up towards him and wrapping your arms around his waist.

 “Baaaabe,” he moaned. “Go back to bed! This was supposed to be a surprise.” 

 You surveyed the disaster that currently was your kitchen, noting the drips and splatters that covered every appliance as well as the thin layer of white flour across the countertops. It was a wonder you hadn’t woken up sooner.

 “Michael,” you sighed, “don’t take this the wrong way but, you know what your skills are. And cooking isn’t one of them.” You reached up to push a wayward strand of blue hair off of his forehead. You liked every hair color he had but you were definitely partial to the way the blue complimented his green eyes, which were currently narrowed in irritation.

 The incessant beeping finally came to a halt and Michael took the opportunity to toss the spatula to the side, using his free hand to pull you in closer to his body. “I just wanted to do something nice,” he mumbled, bending down to press a gentle kiss to the top of your head.

 “Okay, who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?” You laughed, stepping back to eye him suspiciously. “Normally when he gets home from tour, he spends every waking minute on the couch with take out and his beloved video games and ignores everything else.”

 “Heeeey!” he exclaimed, defensiveness seeping through every syllable. “I do a lot of other stuff too. I gave you six orgasms last night.” A cocky smirk settled onto his face as his hand slipped from around your waist to give himself a congratulatory pat on the back. “Unless you forgot.”

 You rolled your eyes, folding your arms across your chest. “I didn’t forget, jackass. I’m just wondering what’s gotten into you. Normally the only thing you make is frozen mac and cheese.” Snatching the pan from his hand, you crossed to the sink and emptied the contents into the garbage disposal, leaving the pan to soak in warm water. It probably would have to be thrown out but at least you could try and salvage it.

 You felt the warmth of his body press against your back as his hands found their way to your sides, his head settling on your shoulder. “Maybe I just missed you a lot,” he mumbled, pressing a gentle kiss to your neck. You couldn’t help the warm, fluttery feeling that spread throughout your stomach at his words. As confident as you were in your relationship with Michael, you were always concerned that you were the one that missed him more. While you had a life and friends outside of him, it was hard to come home to an empty house, night after night. The lack of his presence was always there. And with Michael’s incredibly busy schedule, you always assumed he handled the separation easier. It was reassuring to know he noticed your absence as often as you noticed his.

 “Aww,” you sighed, turning so your back was pressed against the countertop. You pressed your hands against his chest, leaning up to peck his lips. “Luke wasn’t enough for you?”

 Michael snorted, his nose wrinkling in distaste. “No, he smells and he’s annoying. You’re better. And you have a better ass,” he cheekily added, lightly smacking your bottom.

 “Michael Gordon!” You laughed, eyes widening in shock. “I thought you were going to be nice to me!”

 “I am nice,” he mumbled, leaning forward to nip at your bottom lip before pulling you in for a deep kiss that made your head spin. You melted against him, arms sliding up to wrap around his neck to tug him closer. He pulled away much too soon, gazing down at you triumphantly. He knew when he had you wrapped around his finger and he loved every second of it. Cocky little shit. “I am nice,” he repeated, “so I’m taking you to out to breakfast.”