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A Softer Love
  • “There are two types of love. True love, and the love we actually get.”
  • “I would love you more if you were someone who could love me.”
  • “Our love was doomed, a burning building, a broken neck. But nothing since you and me even feels like love.”
  • “I want everyone to love me and I’m pretty sure the trick is to just be myself, but with money.”
  • “I can only infer that love exists from its effects on others.”
  • “I will always love you, or anyway I will always have loved you now.”
  • “You are the love of my life so far.”
  • “Will you still love me when I am a spooky ghost?”
  • “I’m in love with the you I wish you were. I only stay with you because you look like him.”
  • “Sometimes even love isn’t enough. So what chance do WE have?”
  • “I wish being in love was enough. I wish it counted for anything at all.”
  • “I hate it when you leave but I love to look at your butt while you walk away.”
  • “Yeah, maybe we all die alone. I masturbate alone, too. Sometimes.”
  • “Sometimes when two people love each other it’s really unfortunate.”
  • “I don’t believe each person has just one true love, but sometimes we don’t have enough time to find another.”
  • “If love lasted forever, we’d only ever get one.”
  • “Just once I’d like to fall in love with someone? who will ruin things before I do.”
  • “Ah, unrequited love. When your best isn’t enough.”
  • “I am terrified I will never find another love like ours.”
  • “I want to carve our initials in the bark of everyone who ever hurt you.”
  • “I love the way your face lights up when someone says, "It might be dangerous.”“
  • "All I ever wanted was love, until you loved me.”
  • “Our love is like an animatronic pigeon. No! It’s like a sex party on the moon! Also I am a bit drunk.”
  • “I want people to tell their children terrifying stories about the things we did for love.”
  • “When you get that look, nobody is safe. It’s why I first fell in love with you.”
  • “You are a good person and I love you. This just isn’t the life I hoped I’d have.”
  • “Marriage isn’t just between a man and a woman, it’s between any two people who love each other and want to ruin their lives.”
  • “Our love is a forest fire and we are the little things that live in the trees.”
  • “Sometimes I think you might fall in love with someone else and all my problems will be solved.”
  • “I keep all my old love letters, but to be honest I just skim them for the dirty bits.”
  • “It would be easier to deal with falling out of love if it hadn’t somehow made the sex exciting again.”
  • “Unrequited love is a waste of time. Just walk it off. There. I said it.”
  • “If our love lasts forever it’s gonna get real awkward when one of us dies.”
  • “There are just two things that make life worth living. The people you love, and sweet pranks.”
  • “I love those quiet moments in the dark where you can stop pretending.”
  • “I don’t know what the fuck true love even is but I do want to hang out with you for basically the rest of my life.”
  • “I said I’d love you forever, and really meant it at the time. I guess that’s my problem. A failure of imagination.”
  • “I know I can’t make you love me. But I wish I could make you shut up about not loving me.”
  • “Our love is a meteor impact, a super volcano erupting. We won’t survive but we won’t die bored.”
  • “At first I was angry you had fallen in love with someone else, but you seem so happy now I didn’t even know you were sad.”
  • “You don’t love me, but you used to. I wanted to say thank you for that.”
  • “You and I will never be a great love story. That’s ok! Let’s see what kind of story we’ll be.”
  • “When I picture you with your new lover I get angry, and then sad, then kind of horny.”
  • “I lost the woman I loved and now all I have are my father’s well-meaning words, "Maybe now you can meet a nice man.”“
  • "I have loved since you. But when the new paint gets scratched, there you are underneath.”
  • “She’s like an angel. My family loves her but I just don’t believe anymore." 
Drive Safely (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

A/N. JEFF DESERVES BETTER! And because of this, and because I am trash, I rewrote the ending of episode 9 - Clay doesn’t leave, Hannah and Sheri don’t knock over the stop sign, and everyone is safe. I hope you guys like it, and I am more than willing to take requests. Feel free to message me guys. Let’s cry together.


Alright, enjoy!

The music was blasting, the beer was flowing, and Jessica and Justin were on the verge of procreating on the couch. (Y/n) rolled her eyes at the two sophomores and squeezed through the crowd, balancing the two drinks in her hands as she weaved around the drunk teenagers. She finally made it outside, sucking in a breath of the cooling autumn air and sighing. She was pretty sure Monty had brushed up against her ass. Horny asshole.

She looked around the far less populated, but still crowded, front yard, picking out her boyfriend from the way his poofy hair stood out above everyone else. He was talking to Clay, and as she approached she saw him roll his eyes violently, his whole body swaying with the force of it.

Damn Jensen, she thought with a laugh, you’re gonna break my boyfriend of you and Hannah don’t bang soon.

“Baby, your eyes are gonna get stuck like that.”

Jeff turned, his face changing as he looked at her. He lit up, grinned, and looked her up and down. “Hey babe! Listen, tell Clay he’s being stupid alright?”

She sighed, holding out his drink. “Coke for you, and Clay, you’re being an idiot.”

“I’m leaving.” Clay threw up his hands, exasperated.

“Woah,” (Y/n) lunged forward, catching his arm. Something was obviously wrong, he always played along with her and Jeff, and he was nervous, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. “What’s up Clay? You alright?”

“I’m fine.” He shrugged out of her grip. “I just wanna go home alright?”

“Hannah kicked him out of the bedroom.” Jeff said, crossing his arms. “And now Clay’s being a baby and won’t go talk to her about it. Go talk to her Clay.

“Leave him alone,” She elbowed his side. “If Clay is too afraid to–”

“I’m not afraid!” Clay snapped. He looked between the two of them, mouth moving soundlessly, and he growled, spinning on his heel and charging towards the house. “I know what you two assholes are doing!” He shouted over his shoulder, shoving Zach out of the way as he reentered the house, flashing you both the middle finger.

“Wow.” (Y/n) laughed softly, looking up at Jeff and cradling her Palm Bay in both hands. “He is so whipped.”

“Yup.” Jeff wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her against his side. “How’re you doing?”

She tilted her face up, kissing him softly. He smiled against her mouth, teeth catching her bottom lip playfully, and she shivered. But there were too many jocks around to really get into it right now. Damn the jocks. She broke away, taking a sip of her drink to keep from kissing him again. “I’m good. You? Jessica managed to remove her tongue from inside Justin’s mouth long enough to tell me they need more beer, and Sheri’s moving the car so you can get out.”

He nodded, attention a little too focused on her mouth and not enough on what she was saying. She nudged his side and he sighed, grinning sheepishly. “Sorry. Yeah I’m good. There’s no vodka in this right?” He wiggled the red cup.

She shook her head. “You have practice tomorrow, I figured you wouldn’t want to drink anymore.”

He kissed her temple, pulling her harder against his side until she was drowning in the smell of him. She wrapped her arms around his waist. “Thanks baby.”

“Love you.” She mumbled into his chest. Booze made her sentimental.

“Love you too.” He smiled down at her. “You wanna come?”

She nodded. He slid his hand down her back, giving her ass a quick pat. She smacked his hand, laughing, and he grinned down at her, pulling her towards the car. They settled in, and his hand found her knee, tapping a beat against the side of her leg as he turned on the car and the radio started blasting. He started singing along to some country song that made her roll her eyes, but when he looked at her dramatically, wiggling his eyebrows at her, she was forced to sing along.

“OH AND I’M HIGH ON LOVING YOU, HIGH ON LOVING YOU!” He pointed to her, bobbing his head.

“I’m leaving you.”

“I love you too.” He winked at her as he pulled into the beer store parking lot. “Wait here while I run in?” He asked, getting out of the car.

“No I’ll come.” She reached for her door handle, but Jeff pointed the control at the car and clicked the lock button. The door handle jerked in her hand, but the door stayed closed. “Seriously?” She undid the lock, and he pressed the button again, winking at her. He grabbed the passenger side handle, pressed the button again, and opened the door for her.

“M’lady.” He smiled with a mock-bow.

She rolled her eyes. “You are so lame.”

He leaned forward, pecking her lips. “I love you.”

She sighed, taking his hand as he led her towards the store. “I love you too you big dork.”

He wrapped his arm around her shoulders again, and her arms slid around his waist as they browsed the store, grabbing a couple six packs and some more coolers. He also grabbed a bag of chips, some candy, and a smoothie that he knew she liked. She kissed him again for that, pressing his back against the freezer. His hands found her ass, her fingers tangled in his hair and played with his earring, and they didn’t stop until he mumbled something about getting frostbite in a place that would stop this from going much further into the sensitive skin of her neck. She laughed, pushing him away and squeezing her legs a little closer together as they walked over to the cash register. He pinched her ass while they waited in line, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her back flush against his chest. As punishment, she rolled her hips backwards, grinding them against his front subtly, making him groan. Served him right, trying to tease her. Little asshole.

He payed fast, practically throwing money at the cashier, grabbed (y/n) around the knees, throwing her over his shoulder. She shrieked, laughing and kicking and smacking his back.

“Put me down you idiot!” She laughed. “What the hell Jeff?” She bumped his stomach with her knee, causing him to grunt.


“Whoops.” She said sarcastically. “Put me down.”

Don’t move so much babe, I’m gonna drop the beer.” He nudged her hip with his chin, shifting the heavy box between his hands.

“Maybe if you put me down I could help carry stuff.” She rolled her eyes at his antics, but she was blushing and enjoying her lovely view of his ass.

“Just enjoy the view babe.” He teased, approaching the car. “Shit you’re heavy.”

She rolled her eyes. “Thanks honey, I love you too.”

He put the beer on top of the car and put her down, barely giving her a second to adjust to the change in gravity before he had her back pressed against the car door, fingers tunneling into her hair as he kissed her. She laughed against his mouth, running her hands over his chest, and then pushed him away gently.

“Baby,” he groaned, bumping his hips gently against hers.

“We can’t,” she shook her head, breathless. “Gotta take the beer back, then check on Clay and Hannah, drive them home, and then we can go home and–” She ran her tongue over her bottom lip, mind wandering to why exactly they could do when they got home.

His eyes widened when he saw where her mind was going. “Really?” He asked, voice husky.

She nodded. “But we’ve gotta go fast, before I change my mind.”

“Fuck yes.” He lunged forward, gave her one more rough kiss, and then all but forced her into the car. He grinned as he got into the driver’s seat, right hand settling on her thigh. “I’m gonna get you home so fast your head will spin.” He promised, fingers tapping a beat against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. “But after, we’re doing this shit slow.”

She laughed as he jerked the car into gear, peeling out of the parking lot. The tires actually squeaked, and she heard the beer sliding in the back seat.

“Slow down Jeff!” She laughed, grabbing the door handle for support as he took a sharp turn. “You know we have to be alive to–”

Something hit the floor, glass clinking, and she swore, twisting in her seat. Jeff slowed down considerably, both because they were approaching a busier street and because she was undoing her seatbelt.

“What are you doing?”

“The beer’s gonna fall.” She shrugged.

“Don’t worry about it, put your seatbelt on.” He looked down at her as she twisted in the seat, climbing over the plastic space between the two seats to reach the back. “Seriously babe. It’s not safe for you to be doing that. Crap.” He twisted the wheel violently to make the turn onto a backroad as they drew closer to Jessica’s house.

“Shit!” she swore. “Jeff keep your eyes on the road.”

“Maybe if you stayed in your seat you wouldn’t be bumping around back there.” He shot a look at her, getting an eyeful of her jean-clad ass. “Why am I complaining again?” He turned his attention back to the road.

“It’s fine.” She groaned, twisting back into her seat, the box of drinks in her hands. “See? I got it.” She smiled at him.

“So flexible.” He winked at her, slowing down at the intersection. “Come on baby put your seatbelt on.”

“Alright alright,” she nodded, balancing the box of beer onto the dashboard and twisting to put on her seatbelt. “You’re such a mom Jeff you know that?”

“Come on you love it.” He looked at her in the mirror as he sped up again. “But I mean, I prefer being called–”

Everything happened really fast. One second he was making an innuendo, the next another car sped through the intersection, slamming into the back of the car. They fishtailed, cars sliding on the wet asphalt, and (y/n) screamed. Jeff spun the wheel, slamming on the brakes, as the car slid towards the concrete barrier. They both jerked forward, (y/n) slamming into Jeff’s outstretched arm. The beer slid off the dashboard and slammed into (y/n)’s legs. The car slid to a stop, and they both sat there, panting.

Jeff swallowed, looking over at (y/n) who was staring at him with wide eyes. She didn’t seem aware of the sticky beer splashed across her chest, stomach and lap, or the metal can balancing on her knee. Her knuckles were white, wrapped around the armrest of the door, and all the blood had rushed from her face. He lowered his arm, resting his hand on her knee. He tightened his grip on her thigh until his hand stopped shaking.

“A-are you,” Jeff swallowed, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, still looking at him with wide eyes.

“You sure?” He looked down at the beer in her lap. “Babe you’re covered in beer.”

She nodded again. “Baby, did you–” she ran a shaky hand through her hair, “did you just soccer mom me?”

“What?” He laughed, a sharp, nervous bark, but it was enough. They both started breathing again. She closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the headrest, and he started running his thumb over her thigh, his other hand releasing a death grip he didn’t realize he had on the doorknob. “Holy fuck. Are you okay?”

She blinked, running her hand through her hand again. “I um, no. My legs really fucking hurt.”

“Seriously?” Jeff put the car in park and took off his seatbelt, turning in his seat. “Shit what’s wrong?”

“Nothing I just– oh my god!” She pointed at the window and Jeff jumped, twisting in his seat. His heart skipped a beat when he saw an old man tap on the glass of his window. He swallowed, turning to look at (y/n), who shrugged, eyes like saucers. He turned back to the window, keeping his hand on her leg.

“Um, hi?” He rolled down the window.

“Are you alright?” The old man asked, looking onto the car with a face full of concern. “I’m so sorry! I was on the phone, I wasn’t looking, I- I’m so sorry. Are you two okay?” He leaned forward to get a closer look at (y/n), making Jeff’s grip tighten on her thigh. “Are you okay honey?”

(Y/n) nodded shakily. “Are- are you okay sir?”

“I’m fine. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me sweetheart. Are you sure you two are alright?” The old man was practically shaking as he looked between the two of them, wringing phone between his hands in guilt. He reminded Jeff of his own granddad. “We should call 911.”

Jeff shook his head. His seventeen year old girlfriend was probably still a little buzzed, and he wasn’t sure what his blood alcohol content was. He knew he was okay to drive, and that he hadn’t done anything wrong, but he didn’t want to risk it. “We’re okay. Don’t worry about it.”

“No, listen I- I dented the back of your car. I should pay for the damage.” The man reached for his wallet. “I can–”

“That’s okay.” Jeff interrupted, but the man wouldn’t be stopped.

“Give me your home number at least. I’ll get in touch with your parents, we’ll figure this out.”

The man wouldn’t take no for an answer, and Jeff eventually gave in. The two swapped contact information, and Jeff called his parents, explaining what had happened and letting the man talk to them. Jeff turned his attention back to his girlfriend, who was sitting quietly in the passenger seat.

“Are you okay?” He asked, half inside the car, leaning over the driver’s seat to look at her. “You’ve got glass and crap on you.”

“I’m fine.” She nodded.

He couldn’t tear his eyes off the glass littering her lap, the drying beer and streaks of blood from where the glass had cut her up. “Baby–”

“I promise I’m okay.” She nodded again. “My eyes are up here Jeff.” He chuckled softly, more to humour her than anything else, and tore his eyes up to meet hers. They were wide and shiny with nervous tears, and he reached out and took her hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“I love you.” He said quietly, trying to put as much meaning as he could into the three words they had been tossing around casually all night. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” She gave him a watery smile, squeezing his hand. “I’m okay. I promise.”

Four hours later, after the cops and ETM had cleared them to go home, and (y/n)’s parents had taken her home to pick up some stuff, she was in his room, lying on his bed. Their parents had allowed them to have a sleepover, the first one they knew about, after what had happened. It wasn’t even a dangerous accident, but everyone was freaked out. (Y/n)’s parents approved of him, and while her dad was obviously not thrilled by the sleepover, all four parents had agreed that the two of them needed this. And while Jeff wanted to convince everyone that he was fine and that nothing was wrong, he wasn’t going to argue with a parent-approved night spent with his girlfriend.

At first (y/n) had stood hesitantly in his doorway, her hands playing nervously with the strap of her duffel bag. “I um, I know we had… other plans for tonight, but,” she sighed.

“Hey,” He laughed softly, getting off the bed and walking over to her, pulling her into a hug with his right arm. His left shoulder was sore from the jerk of his seat belt. “You’re on a crapton of pain killers because of your legs, and I’ve got a sore shoulder, plus, you know, we almost died earlier, so get in my bed and cuddle with me.”

She smiled. “You’re not upset we’re not gonna do anything else?”

“My parents are in the other room with their ears to the door probably, so we weren’t gonna get much done anyway.” He shrugged. When she rolled his eyes and smacked his chest he pulled her tighter against his side and kissed the top of her head. “It’s fine baby. I just wanna hold you.”

“You’re perfect.” She mumbled, looking up at him and smiling. “I love you Jeff.”

He leaned forward and kissed her gently, sliding both arms around her waist and pulling her tight against him, ignoring the twinge of pain through his shoulder. Her hands slid up his stomach, grabbing fistfuls of the loose t-shirt he was wearing and tugging his closer. He felt her shiver against him and pulled away, looking down in concern. Her bottom lip quivered and his eyebrows drew together. “What’s wrong beautiful?”

“I–” Her voice cracked, and tears spilled out of her eyes. She hid her forehead in his chest. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled, “I just, I–” her breath hitched. “I just can’t shake this feeling that something really bad just happened.”

“Why?” He asked, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and holding her close. “Baby we’re fine. Everything’s okay.”

“I know but– but–” she shuddered, a sob slipping free as she slid her arms around his waist.

Jeff walked backwards, pulling her with him until they reached the bed. He sat down, tugging her into his lap, and wrapped his arms around her waist. She buried her face in the space where his neck met his shoulder and cried.

“We’re okay,” he said quietly, running his fingers up and down her spine. “We’re both fine. My shoulder’s gonna be sore for a couple weeks, and you’re gonna be kinda bruised, and probably not be able to wear shorts for a while, which now that I think about it is actually pretty terrible I take back everything I just said this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to us.”

She laughed, sniffling, and wiped her eyes. “Shut up dummy.”

He leaned forward and rested his forehead against hers. “See? We’re okay.”

She nodded, wiping her eyes. “Yeah. I’m sorry, I just, I can’t imagine losing you.”

“Well you’re not going to, so problem solved.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “I’m not going anywhere okay baby? And I promise I’m gonna drive safer, and I’m never gonna scare you like this any more okay?”

“It wasn’t your fault.” She shook her head, wiggling out of his lap and lying down. She grabbed his snuggle-pillow and wrapped her arms around it. “It was just scary you know? I thought we were gonna hit the concrete, and I could just see it, I could see smoke, and, and blood, and you weren’t moving, and–” her eyes welled up with tears again.

Jeff lay down on his side, propping himself up on his arm. “Come here.”

She moved forward so he could wrap his arm around her waist. “I’m sorry,” she shrugged, sniffling again, “I’m okay, I’ll be fine. I just want you to hold me.”

“Well that I can do.” Jeff smiled softly, laying down on his back. “Oh wait, hang on a second.” She moved back, giving him room to sit up. He tugged his shirt over his head and tossed it across the room, then winked at her. She snorted and he wiggled his eyebrows. “How much does this make you feel better?” He asked, flexing his chest and arms.

She laughed softly. “Much better. Thank you baby.”

He lay back down, kissing the tip of her nose, and patted his chest. “Come here to me honey.” He dropped his voice and wiggled his eyebrows again. (Y/n) giggled and rested her head on top of his chest, sliding her hands around his waist and hooking one leg over both of his. He wrapped his arms around her back, one hand reaching up to play with the ends of her hair while the other rubbed soothing circles against her hip. He kissed the top of her head.

“I love you Jeff Atkins.” (Y/n) mumbled sleepily.

He hummed, his chest rumbling. “I love you too beautiful. So much. And I promise I’m not going anywhere.”

Replaceable Part 1!!

Lance needed to talk to somebody. It was all getting too much. The loneliness, the homesickness, the insecurities. He was often finding himself wandering the halls at night after waking up from a nightmare (they were all about his family thinking Lance had abandoned them, leaving without so much as a goodbye and his place in the team). He always kept it to himself. He would put on a mask everyday and pretend everything was fine. He would put his teammates’ feelings and problems before his own. Oh, you’re feeling sad? Here’s a corny joke/pick-up line for you! You did something incredible? Let me tell you how cool and talented you are. And he was fine with that. It made him happy to know that he was helping his team, even if they didn’t realize it. But he had finally took all he could. The bottle where he tucked away all his insecurities and feelings was about to explode, and if it did, the clean up would be messy. He just needed to talk…but to who? He didn’t want to tell Shiro or Keith or the other paladins; he didn’t want them to view him as weak. And especially not Allura. What if he told her and she started to doubt his position as the Blue Paladin? He did that enough himself. So that left one person.
Lance found Coran messing with their Altean map. Lance smiled softly. Yeah, I can talk to Coran. He won’t judge me or tell anyone. I can trust him. He thought. “Hey, Coran.” “Lance, my boy! What brings you here?” “I uh, was just wondering if I could talk to you for a bit, if you don’t mind.” “Of course not! I’m just recalibrating and updating this map. It is 10,000 years old after all! Go ahead! I’m all ears!” Lance chuckled softly and shook his head. Yeah, Coran was his best (and only) choice. Lance walked over to a window, glancing at the foreign stars passing them, which only made him more homesick. Lance sighed. Where should he start? “Well..I guess I’m not feeling like myself lately. It’s my own fault really. I kept all of this bottled up, thinking I couldn’t talk to anyone, but…it’s a relief I can get it out now.” He took a deep breath. “I don’t think I belong here. I feel like I’m not needed, that I’m just here because you have to have somebody pilot Blue. What do I even contribute to the team? I’m not a computer whiz like Pidge, an amazing engineer like Hunk, nowhere near as talented of a pilot or fighter like Keith, or a strong leader like Shiro. All of them have a thing. It makes them special, an important part of the team. And you and Allura know all about the castle, so you pretty much protect us and give us a home. But what do I do? What if I don’t have a thing. Sure Shiro called me ‘sharpshooter,’ but is that really a talent? With a couple of training sessions, anybody could do that. I don’t provide anything to give to the team, to make us stronger. I-I’m not special. I don’t feel special. I’m just the fifth wheel. Seventh if you count you and Allura. And that’s the worst wheel to be. I hate to ask this, but I have to know..am I important Coran? To the team? To anyone? Am I just here because you had to have an extra pilot to form Voltron? Do you guys even like me, or do you just tolerate me because you have to? Am I just the quirky idiot just here for laughs, who can never take anything seriously?” Lance glanced to the floor, eyes glued to his feet. “Am I…replaceable?” Lance was answered with silence. He turned to face to Altean, whose brows were furrows in concentration at a certain planet. “….Coran?” Coran jumped and turned around quickly. “Oh, I’m sorry my boy! I guess I got a little too distracted with the map. What were you saying? I’m afraid I missed it.” Lance inhaled sharply, and forced a shaky grin. “It’s okay, Coran. It was nothing important anyways.” With that, Lance turned on his heels and headed straight to his room, not bothering to wipe away the hot tears that ran down his flushed cheeks.

anonymous asked:

Oh, could you tell me which drarry fanfics are your favourite? (sorry for bothering you if you already have in the past)

OF COURSE I CAN, I am always down to spread some Drarry love around (╯✧∇✧)╯〜♡

(and it’s never a bother for me to rec fics, you needn’t apologize!)

Sara Holmes’ stuff is what first got me hooked on Drarry, I have read literally everything Drarry she has written; unfortunately her fanfiction.net account was hacked awhile ago and all her fics were deleted, and I don’t think she’s uploaded the entirety of her HP oeuvre to AO3 yet, which hugely sucks for me because I sincerely love her stuff and love re-reading it from time to time. I think Mental is her big classic (it’s also the piece that converted me to Drarry in one fell swoop)

Cheryl Dyson’s stuff is just super super cute, I’ve read and re-read p much her entire body of work to kind of an obsessive degree (●´□`)♡

Saras_Girl writes amaaazingly intricate worlds that feel super organic, with characters that feel extremely well-rounded with a lot of nuance and dimension. Her stuff can get long, but it’s always worth it! Turn and All Life is Yours to Miss are absolutely amazing, and I’m really looking forward to re-reading them whenever I have free time ;u; her Turn!verse has one of my favorite written Ginny’s, and the way Saras_Girl writes Ginny’s divorce with Harry is just so beautifully heartfelt and sympathetic; she does an amazing job of writing both Harry and Ginny as two people who still care for each other, and are trying their best to be happy, and also to be happy for each other.

who_la_hoop’s stuff is always gold, I love her sense of humor and her style of writing; her dialogue and banter never fails to make me actually laugh out loud. Hot and Cold has some of my favorite lines uttered by a snarky!Draco, and her fic Tea and No Sympathy is probably my current favorite Drarry fic for how beautifully written, well-paced, funny, heartwarming, and downright adorable it is. Also, her Draco in that one is just so beautifully crafted with all his nuances and flaws, and the way he grows as a character throughout the story is like watching a flower blossom (*꒦ິㅿ꒦ີ)

(Also, I just finished reading Written on the Heart a day or two ago and it’s a really satisfying slow burn 8th year fic with lots of banter and interhouse Slytherin friendships (which is my favorite (๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈)〜♡॰ॱ ), with probably my absolute favorite iteration of Blaise)

(I intend to do so much fanart of who_la_hoop’s version of Blaise in the future, haha)

Lettered’s The Boy Who Only Lived Twice is another favorite of mine, though I haven’t reread it in awhile (I’m waiting for more time to pass so I can have a fresher read because I am a dork like that)

birdsofshore is another author I really love, she just has such a way with words and so much style in her writing! She can switch moods at the drop of a dime in a really skillful, cohesive manner that makes her writing really fun to read. I just finished Aural Gratification and it’s so tongue-in-cheek that I couldn’t stop laughing p much the entire time I was reading it

zeitgeistic writes the theory behind how magic works amaaazingly, she puts so much thought into it and makes it so fascinating and tangible. Azoth is an amazing read for this and really makes you appreciate just how much potential there is in the HP universe for developing the inner workings of magic and how much life that can bring to a story.

firethesound’s A Convenient Impracticality I also love a ton, I am a huge sucker for Harry and Draco hooking up while being too emotionally stupid to know what they mean to each other, causing all kinds of misunderstandings that leads to convoluted scheming (I am actually on the lookout for more fics like that if anyone has some good recs (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡) 

Also Kreacher and Harry’s relationship in this might just be my favorite thing ever??? I would happily read a 200k+ gen fic just about firethesound’s Harry and Kreacher escalating their passive aggressive shenanigans to really ridiculous levels.

..Um, I’m probably going to stop here because this post is getting way too long, haha. This is by no means a comprehensive list of Drarry that I think is worth reading!! It’s really only the tip of the iceberg and just what I can remember immediately off the top of my head because these are the fics I’ve most recently re-read; I actually feel really guilty because I know I am for sure forgetting some pretty amazing authors who have played a huge part in permanently shaping my own headcanons for Draco and Harry. u____u;; 

I also tend to gravitate towards happy fluff so the majority of this list is fics with gooey happy endings, but Drarry is also a great vehicle for hurt/comfort/darker fic, and there’s some really stellar stuff out there in that vein. @capiturecs (who is an absolute saint) has an amazingly detailed drarry rec list that’s sorted by genre / subject / word count / etc. ; I reference it whenever I’m looking for something new to read but don’t know where to start looking!

I hope this was helpful! Have fun going on a nutso Drarry binge where days of your life inexorably slip by in blurry haze that you emerge from in a grizzled stupor (⋈◍>◡<◍) ノ 。✧♡ *✧ ✰ 。*  

Dialogue Prompts

So, I really want to start writing on this blog, too. So I made a prompt list.
Not all prompts are mine, some are stolen from another blog. 

I will be writing for the following fandoms:

  • Harry Potter
  • Criminal Minds
  • Supernatural
  • Shadowhunters/ The moral instruments
  • The hunger games
  • Divergent
  • The maze runner
  • Grey’s anatomy

Okay, that isn’t too much. I’m still catching up on other shows. Once I’m finished, I’ll add them. You can ask for any character x reader, or character x character. If you want a platonic one-shot, you should note that. You can ask for as many prompts as you want. 

Dialogue prompts:

  1. “I have always loved cacti.” 
  2. “You didn’t just say that.” 
  3. “Whoa-dude. Look at that!”
  4. “Just because I died doesn’t mean I’m really dead.” 
  5. “Just because I drove into that river doesn’t mean I’m a bad driver.”
  6. “You walked into a knife?”
  7. “How did you manage this level of stupidity?” 
  8. “You locked me outside!” 
  9. “I’ve always been there for you. And I will continue to be.”
  10. “Do you trust me?”
    “Not even a little bit.” 
  11. “Uhh, is something wrong?”
    “What? Hehe! Of course not, why would you think that?” 
    “Because I can smell something burning and you’re hiding behind a door. Now, let me in.”
  12. “Here’s a newspaper filled with all the love I can’t feel.”
  13. “You know, people may like you more if you didn’t smell like a dead body.”
  14. “Aww, sweetie. Where are your parents?”
    “I’m older than you.” 
  15. “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child.”
    “Don’t throw the scissors!”
  16. “Here, take my jacket/blanket.”
    “I told you, I’m not cold.” *shivers*
  17. “Why are you still awake?”
  18. “Come over here and make me.” 
  19. “The salad here is really nice.” 
    “Do I look like a fucking rabbit?”
  20. “Please don’t leave me.”
    “I don’t want to.”
  21. “You can’t ride a bike?” 
    “Why are you whispering?”
  22. “We’re going downtown.”
    “There’s a strip club downtown.” 
  23. “You broke what?!” 
    “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
  24. “Come Inside. I’m sorry.”
    “Not until an apology.”
    “I just said i’m freaking sorry.” 
  25. “Are you jealous?”
    “You are changing your outfit right now.”
  26. “Why did I marry you?” 
    “It took a whole lot of convincing.”
  27. “Luck? Nope. Skills.”
    “If it’s skills then do it again.”
  28. “You said forever!”
  29. “Seven fucking years and that’s all you have to say?” 
  30. “I love you, but I have to go.” 
  31. “I hate you so much.” 
  32. “You were and still are my everything.”
  33. “I can’t love you the way you want.” 
  34. “Hey jerk.”
    “I mean… Babe?”
  35. “Admit it. That was the best kiss of your life.”
    “You always have to be the best at everything, don’t you?”
  36. “S/he just tripped and won’t stop laughing.”
  37. “Nice dancing you did there, how about you dance your way to my bedroom?” 
  38. “No, no. It’s okay. I’ll be your bridge. You can walk all over me.”
  39. “I’ve looked after coma patients more interesting than you.” 
  40. “Would you mind not setting my stuff on fire every time you get mad?”
  41. “This really didn’t go as planned.”
    “Is it the fact that everything is on fire that made you come to this conclusion?”
  42. “I can’t believe that worked.”
    “It was part of your plan.”
    “I know! My plans never work!”
  43. “You need to go! I’ll distract them!”
    “Do you think you can outrun them?”
    “If by outrun them you mean not getting caught… Probably not.” 
  44. “If you asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  45. “You’re too good for this world.”
  46. “I can hardly stand myself.” 
  47. “Don’t come near me or I swear I’ll kill you.” 
  48. “Don’t you dare look him in the eye.” 
  49. “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”
  50. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.” 
  51. “Who did this to you?”
  52. “If you kill them, you better kill me too. Because if you don’t, I will kill you.”
  53. “Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.”
  54. “Do you ever follow directions?”
  55. “What happened?”
    “I got hit by a taxi. And it hurt.” 
  56. “She’s cute. But I’m pretty sure she can’t count to ten.”
  57. “I can fit a whole row of crackers in my mouth. Want to see?”
  58. “You said that if I went to bed early I’d feel better. You’re a fucking liar.” 
  59. “You’re late.” 
    “I’m glad you noticed.”
  60. “You made me cookies?”
  61. “You stole what?”
  62. “You aren’t pathetic.”
  63. “you looked at me different.”
  64. “I am not pregnant!”
  65. “You ever seen something as cool as this?”
  66. “I thought you were dead!”
  67. “I know you love me and all, but could you stop threatening the doctor?”
  68. “How. The fuck. Are you- so motherfucking tall?”
  69. “You? You know how to shoot a gun?”
  70. “You threw a tampon at him?”
  71. “You just kissed me.”
  72. “Hold up-just-just stop. just-what are you exactly doing? It’s two AM!”
  73. “I’m tired of being your secret.”
  74. “I didn’t realize I needed your permission.” 
  75. “You don’t need to protect me.”
  76. “Sorry I ruined your life. Maybe you shouldn’t have married me.”
  77. “If I would’ve known he was going to die, do you think I would’ve done it?”
  78. “I know you love me, but I’m tired of lying when I say it back.”
  79. “When I look at you, I see my world. And that scares the living crap out of me.”
  80. “Tell me what they did to you, please.”
  81. “I’ll go home. But it isn’t home when you’re not there.”
  82. “I’m pathetic because I go to you for everything but you’d pick someone over me any day.”
  83. “I wish I could hate you.”
  84. “I’ll let you down. I’ll always let you down. I’m not enough to keep you satisfied.”
  85. “I’m trying! Can’t you see? Isn’t that enough for you?”
  86. “I’m useless to you now.”
    “You’re a person. Not a toaster. You don’t have to have a use.”
  87. “i’m useless to you now.”
    “Oh please. You were always bloody useless. I love you anyways.”
  88. “I saw you roll skating, and I thought ‘that person is really cool’ and then you fell crashed and Jesus, are you okay?”
  89. “You had this big ass ice cream and you were so exited you dropped it and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sadder person. Just please let me buy you a new one.”
  90. “We keep awkwardly running into each other and people have to ship us and I kind of like you. Hahaha, oh god, I need to stop blushing.”
  91. “This was a terrible idea.”
    “What are you talking about? There’s free nacho’s!”
  92. “Don’t do the thing!”
    “You already did the thing, didn’t you?”
  93. “Paint me like one of your French girls.”
    “… I paint fruit.”
  94. “Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.”
  95. “Did you seriously run face first into a light pole because you saw a pretty girl?”
    “I’m gay.”
  96. “How dare you talk to me, peasant. I am your queen.”
    “You are wearing a blanket over your shoulders.”
    “Silence! Now, fetch me some substances.”
    “Pizza bites or mini quiche?”
    “Pizza bites, obviously.”
  97. “Quit your whining! I bet it’s barely even a scratch.”
  98. “That-that’s your blood?! Why the hell didn’t you say anything?”
  99. “This is going to hurt but you have to stay quiet, okay?””
  100. “Don’t pass out, we’re almost there.”
  101. “That’s it. If you throw up one more time, we’re going to the hospital.”
  102. “You didn’t feel that? This is bad, you should’ve felt that.”
  103. “I’m scared to move you. Just wait here and I swear I’ll come back with help.”
  104. “That’s a lot nastier than it seemed at first glance.”
  105. “Please don’t die. Don’t die in my lap, I’m begging you.”
  106. “Stop being overdramatic-OH!”
  107. “Just how I want to spend the night. Removing glass from my best friends head and strapping it up.”
  108. “She has internal damage. Sh’s couching up blood.”
  109. “Would it be cliché if we matched clothes a little?”
  110. “Could you hold my hand?”
  111. “Shh, shh. I’m here now. Now give me your hands, we need to clean the blood off. Don’t cry. -I don’t blame you. Don’t worry, Ill always be there for you.”
  112. “If you want to leave then-”
    “I don’t want to leave! I want you, you idiot.”
  113. “Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart.”
    “I swear to god, if I didn’t love you.”
  114. “Oh my god! Go to sleep! It’s three AM!”
    “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”
  115. “There’s a surprise waiting for you back home.”
  116. “The first time I met her, she was hiding behind the sofa.”
  117. “But this is our thing. Eating cereal and bitching about people.”
  118. “Just don’t let go.”
  119. “Come on, just one date.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because I really like (character) and she asked me first.” 
  120. “Gosh! Why are you so cold! get off me, you icicle!”
  121. “Are you…. crying? You? Miss/mister ‘I don’t cry, I’m tough as hell”?”
    “Oh shut up, we all have our weaknesses.”
  122. “You did all this for me?” 
    “No, I did this for Jeffery from across the street. Yes I did all of this for you!”
  123. “Okay, so don’t freak out, but I got flour everywhere.” 
  124. “Well, this is a nice change of scenery.”
    “Y/n, we’re in a prison cell.”
    “I was being sarcastic.”
  125. “I thought you said you knew where we were going.”
    “Yeah, I lied.”
  126. “Shit, you’re freezing. Let’s get you warmed up, alright?”
  127. “Shut up.”
    “I didn’t say anything.”
    “I don’t care. Shut up.”
  128. “Where are we going?”
    “I have no idea. You coming?”
  129. “Did you just try to banish me?”
  130. “I swear to you, this is how I found him.”
  131. “No thanks. I don’t want to get arrested for the second time today.”
  132. “You handled that real professional.”
    “I know right? I’m so proud of myself.”
  133. “That was the worst night ever.”
    “Same time next week?”
    “Of course.”
  134. “I got to admit, you’re really sexy with that gun. Terrifying, but sexy.”
  135. “Just-just go away.”
    “I would! If we weren’t handcuffed together.! Oh, and whose fault was that again? Yours!”
  136. “And I thought we were going to have a last kiss.”
  137. “I don’t want you to leave.”
    “I don’t want to stay.”
  138. “When did you stop?”
    “Stop with what, darling?”
    “Loving me.”
  139. “Please don’t say you love me because I might not say it back.”
  140. “I wasn’t there for you when you needed me, and I’m sorry.”
    “No you’re not. You don’t care about anyone apart from yourself.”
  141. “Don’t hurt me, please.”
  142. “I love you so much. If anything happened to you, I don’t know what I’d do.”
  143. “You only like me for my body!”
  144. “You wanted to talk? Well, here I am!”
  145. “I tried. I tried so hard, why couldn’t you?”
  146. “I bled for you. From every pore of my body, I bled. What more do you want?”
  147. “Nobody can tell me what to do.”
    “Well, actually they can.”
    “Doesn’t mean I’ll listen to them.”
  148. “Knock knock, I’m here. What’s for dinner fucker?”
  149. “You’ve bitten off more than you can chew.”
    “I can chew a lot.”
  150. “You have blood on your hands!”
    “Oh really? Wow! Thank you so much for pointing that out! Really helpful to our current situation. Seriously, thank you so much for brining this to my attention!  I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
  151. “I love your perfume. What scent is that? The scent of death?”
  152. “I always carry a knife in my purse in case we’re eating cake.”
  153. “You guys got a plan, though. Right?”
    “Yeah. Run.”
  154. “Maybe he’s afraid of me because I know how to use a knife.”
    “Well, I mean that’s why I’m afraid of you, so…”
  155. “Is violence always your answer?”
  156. “Remember how I said I already took care of that? Well, I lied and need your help right now.”
  157. “Please, help me. Just this one time.”
  158. “Did you break that glass on purpose?”
    “It offended me.”
  159. “I can explain!”
    “Alright then. Tell me.”
    “… I lied, there’s literally no explanation for this.”
  160. “Fight like hell.”
  161. “Do you realize how let it is?”
  162. “Can you please come and get me?”
  163. “Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed?”
  164. “This is the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in!”
  165. “If we die, I am going to kill you.”
  166. “I love her.”
    “Her? As in a woman?”
    “No, as in a robot. Of course as in a woman you ding-bat!”
  167. “Are you drunk?”
    “No, you’re just blurry.”
  168. “I think we should run away now.”
    “Funny, I was just about to say that.”
  169. “I will not let you make me feel small. Back off.”
  170. “You’re great at dancing.”
    “I’m great at everything.”
  171. “You didn’t do the dishes, so I’m not doing you.”
  172. “Don’t give me that look.”
  173. “The way you flirt is just shameful.”
  174. “I love you, you asshole.”
  175. “What the hell kind of noise was that?”
    “I sneezed.”
    “That was not a sneeze.”
  176. “How is she?”
    “She’s fine. She has some ice cream. I wish I had ice cream.”
  177. “This is an apology pizza.Please take it or I’ll start crying right now.”
  178. “You’re stronger than you look.”
  179. “If you push me on the swings, I’ll buy you dinner. Don’t push to high, though. I don’t like heights.”
  180. “Wait, you’re gay?”
    “What gave it away? Constant flirting?”
  181. “You came back.”
  182. “Mom? I need help… I’ve made a mistake.”
  183. “So, this is haw it’s going to end. You’re staying with them?”
    “I have to.”
    “You don’t have to betray me. You don’t have to do anything.”
  184. “I’m trying to be less bitter, but your happiness isn’t rubbing off on me.”
  185. “Take of your shirt.”
  186. “You’re sweet.”
  187. “I’ve never felt this sensation before.”
    “Being loved.”
  188. “Do you not realize how much I care about you?”
  189. “I know I’m allergic to peanuts, but I could’t day no when you walked into the office with freshly baked cookies and that damned smile on your face.”
  190. “I like it when you smile.”
  191. “This isn’t what I had in mind, but it’s better.”
  192. “Nothing is wrong. I just really like the smell of your lotion.”
  193. “You’re never this quiet. What’s wrong?”
  194. “How long has it been since you’ve slept?”
  195. “You make a good pillow.”
  196. “I had a nightmare about you and I wanted to make sure you’re alright.”
  197. “I hate you. I hate you so much for making me love you. Why did you make me love you if you never intended on loving me back?”
  198. “When you think of me, if you think of me, remember how much I loved you.”
  199. “I almost lost you.”
  200. “Please, just please make the pain stop.”
  201. “Stop telling me you’re okay.”
  202. “I don’t even know who I am without you.”
  203. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”
  204. “You know, it hurt when I realized you weren’t in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”
  205. “You left without saying goodbye. I hate you for that.”
  206. “Don’t you dare die on me!”
  207. “What I wanted? I wanted you to fight for me. I wanted you to say that there’s no one else you could ever be with, and that you’d rather be alone than without me.”
  208. “You’re beautiful/handsome, and I’m not the only one who can see that.”
  209. “Twins?… We’re having twins?”
  210. “You are so tiny compared to me.”
  211. “Bring your pretty little butt over here.”
  212. “I want you body. I want your mouth. I want your laugh and your funny faces. I want your friendship and your inspirational thoughts. And I want you to come with me when I go.”
  213. “There’s a leaf in your hair.”
  214. “May I have this dance.”
  215. “This bath is too damn hot.”
    “This is why we can’t do cute stuff. You complain to much.”
  216. “One day you’ll learn.”
    “Learn what?”
    “That someone like me doesn’t get a happy ending. Those are reserved for people like you.”
  217. “That’s disgusting. You’re lucky you’re cute.”
  218. “If you don’t rest, you wont heal.”
  219. “ Why don’t they just kiss already?”
  220. “Is that a challenge?”
  221. “Here, let me see.”
  222. “How could anyone love me?” 
    “Don’t look at me. I married you for your cooking.”
  223. “So… Err, I noticed you’re kind of naked. Is that intentional, or…”
  224. “You forgot me.”
    “It was an accident.”
  225. “Drag your chair here, I can’t translate dead languages.”
  226. “Open this.”
    “Can you say please?”
  227. “Don’t say you love me unless you mean, it because I might so something crazy like believe it.”
  228. “Don’t you ever do that again.”
  229. “I was wrong. I thought I wanted him to look twice at me… Bit I don’t need him to look twice at me when you never stopped looking.”
  230. “I’m fine.”
    “You don’t look fine.”
    “Then stop looking.”
  231. “Things didn’t have to end like this.”
    “But we always knew they would, didn’t we?”
  232. “She’s dead! And it is your fault!”
  233. “Are you going to lecture me about how wonderful life is?”
  234. “They’d be better off without me.”
    “Do you really believe that?”
  235. “It’s okay to cry.”
  236. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
  237. “The axe is a bit unsetting, but honestly, you look great.” 
  238. “You asked me if I had any ideas. Not if I had any good ideas.”
  239. “Remove your hand or I’ll rip your arm off and beat you to death with it.”
  240. “So, I just realized… I’ve been shot.”
  241. “Delete it. Now.”
  242. “Could you guys do me a favor?”
    “Could at least one of you look like you are ever going to see me again?”
  243. “Don’t make me smack you in front of these people.”
  244. “I’m not a bitch. Okay, I’m lying, obviously.”
  245. “Can you get the gun out of my face, please?”
  246. “I don’t scare easily, you evil bitch.”
  247. “She’s been in there for hours and I haven’t heard a sound since.”
    “That’s because she left through the window.”
  248. “Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?” 
    “Not until four.”
  249. “Your existence gives me a headache. Go stand over there.”
  250. “We have five people trying to kill us right now, what are we supposed to do?”
    “Actually, it’s more like eight.”
    “Oh, sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”
  251. “You passed out for like an hour.”
  252. “This is my ‘I don’t care’ face.”
  253. A: “When I’m not here, do you braid each others hair and debate who the coolest Jonas brother is?”
    *B and C glance at each other*
    B: “No… But it’s totally Nick.”
    C: “Definitively Nick. But Kevin is the talented one.”
    B: “Yes, but Nick is the cute one.”
    C: “What about Joe?”
  254. “Do you know how to braid hair?”
  255. “Babe, I’m sorry.”
    “Suck my ass.”
  256. “What’s your favorite lipstick?”
    *Rambles about lipstick*”What’s yours?”
    “The one you’ll be adding to my lips.”
  257. “You could at least pretend to be interested in what I have to say.”
  258. “I always blame others for my mistakes. Just kidding, I don’t make mistakes.”
  259. “I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not you.”
  260. “Go to your room!”
    “First off, we share a room. Secondly, I am the older one. Bitch.”
  261. “I promised I’d safe you.”
    “I promised I’d kill you if you did.”
  262. “You did what?!”
  263. “I thought you were going to steal a boat?”
    “What do you mean, This is a boat.” 
    “No, no. This isn’t a boat, this is a motherfucking yacht!”
  264. “I wont die for you. I’d kill for you.”
  265. ^^^add your own! ;)

These are a lot! I hope you find one or maybe a few you’d like to request! 

Heat of the Moment - Part 1: Rebound

Characters: Reader (Y/N Padalecki), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Cortesse (mentioned), A few nameless OCs

Pairing: Jensen x reader, Jared/sister!Reader

Warnings: Lots and lots of insults, talk of sex (very light), implied smut   

Word count: 1200ish

A/N: Andi aka @ellen-reincarnated1967 offered to write me another drabble for a series of hers I love, so I told her to pick one of five prompts but my overactive brain made a story of all five prompts. This is part one of a two part story.

2 out of 5 prompts are used in this one and they are bolded if you are curious.

Thanks a billion to @teenage-internet-recluse for betaing this for me on super short notice.


You weren’t entirely sure how you had ended up in this situation. Of course you knew you were going to see him. There was no way around it. He was your brother’s roommate, but you had come to hang out with your older brother because you missed him. Jared was only two years older than you and you had done everything together growing up.

You knew he lived with Jensen but you had thought you would only have to endure his best friend while you were at the apartment. You certainly hadn’t pictured yourself sitting in a bar filled with bimbos helping your brother pick out a rebound girl for his best friend, that was for sure. If you had thought that was how you would be spending your Saturday night you would have stayed in Austin.

You knew Jared wasn’t doing it on purpose, but it didn’t stop you wanting to kick his stupid face in every time he pointed in the direction of some blonde with her boobs hanging out.

Keep reading

Cause and Effect [Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne]

Because I have been thinking about Tim coming ‘back to life’ for six months and after this post I had to finally write out what I have been thinking. I worked on this for a pretty long time and am very happy so. Please enjoy.

Tim’s lungs burn. He’s not sure if it’s from the fight or the feel of breathing in real air for the first time in…he doesn’t know. There was never a way to keep count of time beyond the growth of his hair. It is longer now, enough to be in his eyes, enough so when the wind picks up on the skyscrapers of Gotham it whips along with it.

He is trying hard to breathe. He is panting. His body aches, limbs heavy from gravity alone with bruises swelling under his too-hot uniform, with cuts slashed out making his skin sing with pain. Much of the fabric is stained dark with blood, his gloves are slick with it. His entire body is shaking.

Keep reading

Social Butterfly (Jason Todd x Reader)

@ahs-elsa :Could you write a Jason Todd one shot where the reader is super shy around him, so he thinks that she doesn’t like him & it sort of pisses him off and he rants about it to the other Robins and they’re like “dude she’s like in love with you” please?:D”

Schninner: Why of course!!! This is such an adorable idea, but I am pretty sure I butchered it. So apologies, but I hope you like it! This was also WAY longer than expected…

(Reader is a Female)

Key: [F/B] – Favorite book

Warnings: Just a few cuss words,

Word count: 1317

Master List

You lounged comfortably on the couch inside of the Wayne manor’s living room reading one of your favorite book. You stretched out feeling the warmth of the fire spread through you, and let out a lazy yawn as you curled back once more and continued reading.

Some might find it weird to be so comfortable in a home that wasn’t yours, and if it were any other house, you wouldn’t have even asked to use the bathroom. You were just that timid. This just happened to be the house of your best friend Dick Grayson. You guys had met when you were kids, and both went to Gotham Academy. You had been the awkward and quiet girl that nobody noticed, and you were perfectly fine with that. People had always made you extremely nervous, you just never knew what to say to them, so you tended just to keep to yourself.

Most people just ignored you, but Dick was not most people. He had seemed to make it his mission to befriend you, and in the end, he had succeeded. It wasn’t long before you guys started hanging out, and as the years went by, he eventually introduced you to his family.

You were quiet around them at first, but after a while you warmed up to them and essentially became a part of the family. You loosened up and become more vocal toward everyone in the family. Well… almost everybody.

Jason Todd. That was the name of probably the most gorgeous man alive, and it wasn’t even his looks that made him attractive to you. You loved how he acted like such a rugged bad boy, but in reality, he was just a big dork. You loved the way his blue eyes lit up whenever he heard someone mention his favorite book. And his smile? There were no words to describe the feeling in your stomach whenever he flashed you one of his dazzling smiles.

Of course, you had never told Jason this. In fact, you could never seem to form full sentences when you were around Jason. You spoke, but your more were usually incoherent mumbles or grunts. Simple to say, you didn’t talk to him much.

Just then, Dick plopped himself down right by your feet.

“Hiya [F/N]! What ‘cha reading?” he asked snatching the book away from your grasp.

“Dick, what the hell?” You squeaked in surprise as your friend looked at your book’s cover.

“[F/B]? Oh no, [F/N] not you to!” He said with an exasperated groan.

“What are you talking about-?” You start as you try to snatch you book back.

That’s when a hand reached up from above you two and grasped the book, removing it from Dick’s hands. A pair or bright blue eyes danced with excitement as they read the title of the book. Jason Todd then took his eyes off the book and looked to you, he smiled brightly as he spoke, causing your heart to flutter.

“[F/B]?! No way! [F/N] you like this series too?”

You nodded, avoiding any and all eye contact while letting out a small, “Mmm hmm.”

“Oh, don’t you just love the part when…” He went on and on bringing up several of your own favorite parts of the book. You gave him a small smile and nodded your head while he was speaking.

His phone then beeped a few times, causing him to pause while he was in the middle of angrily ranting about the antagonist o the book. He eyed the phone and gave a slight frown.

“Well, duty calls.” He said gesturing to his phone.

He handed you back your book, his thumb, accidentally brushing against yours, almost sent you into shock.

“It’ been fun talking books with you [F/N], we should do it again sometime.” He said as he walked toward the front door.

You managed to make a barely audible, “Mmm hmm,” and a little wave before the door shut gently behind him.  You stared at the door for a while before turning around to find Dick smiling at you mischievously.

“What?” You said, trying to act as casual as possible.

“OOOHH!!! [F/N] got a crush on Jaybird!!!!!” He teased giving you a wide smile.

“Grow up Grayson! I do not!” but as soon as you said it, you felt your cheeks burn bright red.

“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!” He replied giddily bouncing up and down on the couch like a six-year-old on Christmas day.

You groaned in defeat, and slumped into the couch covering your now bright red face with your book. He was never going to let this go.

Jason Todd did not get you. It wasn’t as if he didn’t try, in fact, some might say he’s tried a little too hard to understand you or get your attention. But it seemed to him that whenever he was around, you would tense up and immediately grow silent avoiding pretty much all eye contact.

At first, he thought you were just shy, but he quickly diminished this idea when he saw you casually chatting with Tim and Damian. He had tried to enter the conversation, but you had immediately found an excuse to leave the conversation.

At first, he thought he might have done something to upset you, but then he realized that you had never been in a conversation long enough for him to have insulted you in any way.

Then, a thought had crossed his mind.

“What if she just doesn’t like me?”

And that idea really pissed him off. It wasn’t just because he had had a crush on you ever since Dick introduced you to everyone, but mostly because he had done nothing wrong.

This is what Jason had been angrily ranting about to Tim, Dick, and Babs for the past 40 minutes. (Damian was there at one point, but he had “refused to tolerate listening to Todd’s sad love life.” Then left)

“… it just really pisses me off!” He angrily stated while walking back and forth.

Babs just sighed, this wasn’t the first time she had listened to Jason rant about you.

“Jay! Just relax, [F/N] is too sweet to hate anybody, your just over reacting.”

Tim gave Barbara an unsure look, “I’m not so sure Babs, I mean, why else would [F/N] not talk to him?”

Jason gestured toward Tim, “Thank you!” he shouted before collapsing in a nearby chair. He sighed angrily and leaned over, placing his head in his hands. He gave his head a firm shake before looking up. He looked over to where Dick was standing… silently?

“What’s up with you? Why are you all quiet all of the sudden?” Jason asked Dick.

Dick’s eyes widened, “Who? Me? Nothing’s wrong! I don’t know anything!” His voice cracked, and he quickly averted his eyes away from Jason’s.

Jason, Tim, and Babs all gave each other confused glances. Jason stood up from his chair and walked slowly up to Dick.

“Richard Grayson, you know something, don’t you?”

“Whaaat? Pfft! No…”

Jason looked at Dick with suspicion, “Well that’s a bummer, cause it would really be helpful if- “

“[F/N] doesn’t hate you, she’s just really really shy especially around you because she has a MEGA crush on you and she made me promise not to tell you but here I am telling you and she is going to kill me if she ever finds out so please don’t tell her that I told you!” The words came rushing out of his mouth, and as soon as he finished talking his shoulders slumped as if a large burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

“So… yeah.”

Jason looked at the older male with wide eyed shock. His heart seemed to be beating faster by the second, and he could feel his face grows bright red. She-she likes me?

“Holy shi-! “

Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (12)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: I am sorry in advance, it’s a bit lengthy I know. An not my best work. But things should start getting better now. ( For Loki Fans I have a new series starting - Caged hit me up if you want to be tagged!) and as Always… Enjoy the read and let me know what you think!

Word Count: 2253

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 ) ( Part 9 )( Part 10 ) ( Part 11 )

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JugBug || Jughead J.

Word Count: 2266

Warnings: None:)

A/N: Riverdale is my newest obsession and obviously my favorite character is Jughead Jones. I’ve never read the comics but I’ve seen that there he is asexual, however, I’m pretty sure the show is changing him (AKA Bughead) and that’s how I want to write him. I’m sorry if that offends you, but come on, who doesn’t want a little fluff/smut from the mysterious closed-off hottie in the gray beanie? Also, I wrote this at 2 AM when I couldn’t sleep so if it is complete trash, let me know. I value you all comments unless it involves hate. :) 

Sidenote: Thank you to all of the people that followed me after Holy Trench Coat! I love you all so much and you are the best!

(gifs are not mine)

           It was Friday, the typical day that you rejoiced all your happiness because the week was finally over. You didn’t have to go to school, and you could sleep for as long as your mother allowed you to before she decides she needs to vacuum the house and wake you up.

           Normally, on Fridays, You would have a fantastic breakfast of waffles and bacon at Pop’s with a certain raven-haired boy as he typed and you drew, before you headed out to a prison that forced learning upon you. After you would serve your eight-hour sentence, you and sometimes Juggie, if he hadn’t already walked there, headed to Pop’s. Yes, you do interact with people on the way. It is a fair few and normally short conversations as your sarcastic humor is just not appreciated as much as it should be. 

           However, today is different. Your alarm casually didn’t go off and you were rudely awakened by a loud fist slamming into your door. Ever since you realized that your door had a lock on it, you made sure to use it and last night was no different. It definitely helped when your mother decided you didn’t need to sleep anymore.You thought you had fooled her but you were wrong and that was when she began to use the vacuum as punishment and to this day you can’t stand to look at that Dyson Dirt Devil. It even has devil in the name!

           Groaning, you stuck a pillow over your head trying to drown out the banging. After what felt like an hour, but was possibly only five minutes the knocking went away. A soft sigh left your lips as you snuggled deeper into your covers waiting for sleep to overtake you once more.

           However, you were sadly mistaken. The intruder did not go away and just as you were perfectly comfortable, your blanket was snatched off your body and the cold air from the AC unit blew goosebumps on your skin. Your eyes immediately sprung open and you sat up.

           The raven-haired boy didn’t even say anything, but as soon as you stood up his smug expression changed. You watched the smirk drop from his thin light pink lips and his brows furrow.

           “What the hell Juggie? How did you even get in?” Your eyes watched as his hand lifted to show the key that you had given him at the beginning of summer.

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You Idiots!

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Natasha Romanoff

Summary- You are a scientist that works for the Avengers, who is also dating Natasha and Bucky. You get kidnapped and you’re not just going to wait around for your knights in shining armor to come and rescue you. Also reader is low key a mutant.

Message- I know that I said I would work on some of the series this weekend but I ended up being really busy, so I wrote this quick fic instead. I’ll work on some of the series tomorrow! Sorry if this sucks!

Warning- Reader is kidnapped and you shoot some people.

Лапочка- sweetheart

Word Count- 1091

“You really shouldn’t have done this.” You say as the man ties your wrist to the chair. “Do you know who I am?”

“You work for the Avengers. I’m sure they will be willing to pay a pretty penny to get you back.” He was right, you did work for the Avengers. You worked alongside Tony and Bruce in the lab. That had been were you had met your partners. Nat had brought Bucky down to the lab to get his arm fixed one day and you had flirted a bit with them both, and then they came back the day after and asked you on a date. That had been two years ago and the three of you had been together ever since that day.

“You’re not going to get any money from them.” You say to the man.

“If they ever want to see you with your head attached to your body they will.” The man growled as he moved closer to you. You take that opportunity to head-butt him. Then you break your bounds and you kick the man in the head and he falls unconscious. You take his gun and his knife and you run to the door. As you go to open it you see more men in hall, you start to shoot at them, eventually you are able to get out of the building, but you had been shot in the shoulder. You hear an engine and look up to see a quinjet. Tasha and Bucky are off the quinjet seconds after it landed and they run over to you.

“Лапочка, are you okay? You’re hurt!” Nat cries as she runs up to you. Bucky eyes are scanning up and down your body, taking stock of any other possible injury you may have. They both give you a kiss on the cheek and then Bucky picks you up brings you to the quinjet.

“Hey, nerd, you were supposed to let us rescue you!” Tony jokes

“Sorry, but I got tired of waiting for my knights in shining armor.” You snip back.

“Y/N, I’m going to give you some pain meds. It’s going to make you sleep.” Bruce says.

“Okay.” You murmur as you slowly fade away.


You wake up to the beeping of the heart monitor. You look to your left and see Bucky sitting there looking at you and then you turn to the right and see Tasha in a similar position.

“Hey, guys.” You murmur.

“Tash and I have been talking, and we think that we should break up.” Bucky murmurs.

“WHAT!” You cry was you shoot up from the bed, ignoring the shooting pain in your shoulder.

“Be careful, Лапочка. You were shot.” Tash says as she tries to get you to lay against the bed.

“Don’t Лапочка me!” You yell. “Not while you’ve been plotting our break up!”

“You were kidnapped because of us. You got shot because you are in a relationship with us.” Nat murmurs.

“News flash, not everything that happens to me is because of the two of you! I was kidnapped because those fucking idiots wanted to ransom me back to Tony because I work for the Avengers. And even if it was because of the two of you, I can handle myself. I head-butted the guy who tied me up, I got myself untied from that chair, I shot the guys in the hallway, and I got myself out of the building! You guys were just a glorified taxi! Just because I’m not a field agent like the two of you doesn’t mean I’m not a badass! I not made of glass, I’m a lot tougher than I look and the two of you need to get that through your fucking heads before you ruin this relationship! Now get out! I don’t want to see the two of you after what you just said!” You yell at them. They both open their mouths to speak. “I’m sorry, did you not hear me, get the fuck out!” You scream. Both of them go pale but they listen to you and leave the room. About a minute later Tony and Bruce walk in.

“Hey nerd, glad to see your awake. What did you say to your boyfriend and girlfriend? They look terrified.” Tony says.

“Dork, geek.” You say as you nod to Tony and Bruce. “Those to idiots wanted to break up with me. To keep me safe. How dumb is that?!”

“That’s really stupid.” Bruce mumbles as he checks your wound.

“They do know you’re a badass right?” Tony asks as he sits in the seat that Bucky had been sitting in earlier.

“Well, I’ve never told them about my training. But it shouldn’t matter!” You say. “They have no right to make decisions about our relationship without me!”

“You’re right.” Bucky murmurs from the doorway. “We’re really sorry, Doll.”

“Guys, will you give us the room?” you ask Bruce and Tony. They both nod and leave.

“What training? How were you able to get out of there, without any help?” Nat asks you.

“The school I went to wasn’t a regular school, they also trained us to fight.” You murmur.

“I thought you said you went to a private school? In upper state New York?” Bucky asks.

“Yeah it is. The school is for people like me-mutants. We learned the normal stuff- like math, history and science. But we also trained to fight and learned how to fly a plane.” You say.

“But your mutation makes you super smart. Why would you learn combat?” Nat asks you.

“The world is a hard place for mutants, even ones with non-threatening powers.” You answer. “But it doesn’t matter, why would you guys try to break up with me like that?”

“We’re scarred of losing you. Like the permanent kind of losing you, where you end up dead. If we broke up with you then we would now your safe.” Bucky mumbles.

“That’s dumb, sweet, but really, really stupid.” You say as you lift your good arm to take his hand.

“We’re sorry, we should have talked it through with you before making a decision.” Nat murmurs.

“Damn straight.” You reply. “Now neither of you have kissed me since I woke up and I’m trying really hard not to take that personally.” You all smirk at each other before they take turns kissing you.

“Oh, good, you’ve kissed and made up.” Tony sasses as he walks back in.

“Shut it, Dork!” You grumble, as Nat and Bucky laugh.

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The 2P's meeting your parents for the first time

2P! Italy:
- cue fucking gentleman act
- is pretty chill bc he knows that they will love him lmao
- which is totally true by the way
- brings your parents gifts
- “so _____, when’s the wedding?” “mOM/ DAD”
- has probably charmed your mom lmao
- calls them “sir” or “ma'am” for extra points

2P! Germany:
- completely forgot that he’s supposed to meet them
- “holy fuck, babe why are you all dressed up? going to a party or some shit?” “you’re supposed to meet my parents tonight, you fuck” “…shit”
- your dad fucking loves him
- he was pretty dang nervous before entering your house lmao
- but once he got it that nervousness disappeared into oblivion

2P! Japan:
- his faces says he’s chill but poor boy is actually dying inside
- has mentally practiced his lines tbh and made sure to be prepared for e v e r y t hi n g
- “kuro, are you okay?” “aFFIRMATIVE”
- holds your hand the entire time
- literally looks chill af
- looks
- give him a couple of minutes then he’ll be good
- has read a bunch of articles on how to act in front of your partner’s parents

2P! Romano:
- “flavio, you’re going to my house, not a fucking photoshoot” “dress to impress, hun”
- your parents aren’t sure if he’s your boyfriend or one of your best friends
- “____, I thought we were gonna meet your boyfriend tonight?” “excUSE ME”
- after seeing the way he treats you, they now understand lmao
- he literally knows exactly what to say
- same with luciano, he brought gifts

2P! Prussia:
- oh boy
- constant reassurance that your parents would love him
- fucking jumpy
- is it normal for a person to have a heartbeat this fast?
- “what are your hobbies, gilen?” “uM I-UH ALCHEMY” “he meant archery, mom”
- they think he’s really adorable (wHO DOESNT????)

2P! Austria:
- “if something goes wrong what are you NOT supposed to do?” “summon the dead” “good”
- kisses your mom’s hand when you introduced him
- “no wonder you daughter is so beautiful. she took after you, madame”
- they think he’s a little bit weird
- especially bc of his ‘hobbies’ n shit

2P! America:
- “allen, tone down the cussing, okay?” “of fucking course, doll” “aLLEN”
- was really scared he’d fuck up
- you had to hold his hand for the meantime
- he kept embarrassing you in front of them tbh
- “there was this one time she-” “aLLEN”

2P! England:
- brought some pastries for them
- honestly not that nervous at all
- “poppet, do your parents like macaroons? since a made a couple” “ oh of course oli- hOLY SHIT THAT’S A LOT”
- he keeps adjusting his bowtie for some reason
- your mom absolutely loves him

2P! Canada:
- how did you even manage to make him agree lmao
- a fucking wreck™
- “he’s so tall”
- doesn’t talk that much
- “how we assured that you’d protect out daughter?” “I have a shotgun does that count?”

2P! France:
- “do I have to…?” “yes, francois, you have to” “ugh fine as long as we get to fuck later” “francois pls”
- he deserves that frick frack tbh
- “no, you can’t smoke”
- follows you around
- is pretty sure that your parents wouldn’t agree with him but just give a sweet smile he’d feel better
- imagine a smiling francois holy fuck I am blessed

2P! Russia:
- also a fucking wreck
- wants everything to be perfect but ends up being too nervous to speak properly
- speaks in Russian instead
- “it’s nice to meet you, ion” “Priyatno vstretit'sya s vami” “he’s just nervous, mom”
- almost bumped his head while getting inside the house
- skyscraper™

2P! China:
- doesn’t really like adults that much so yeah he’s suffering
- especially since it’s your parents smh
- he’s so scared it isn’t even funny
- is really scared that your parents won’t like him
- he’s trying his best cut him some slack
- poor sweetheart

2P! South Korea:
- he and your dad have a spiritual connection
- dad jokes™
- “you’re ready to become a dad, yonsu”
- he sends you a suggestive look which leads you hitting him and your dad
- he’s normally pretty chill so he’s cool



Word count?? Idk. Its long though

Imagine being a spy for SHIELD but your cover getting blown and being held and tortured for information.
Imagine Loki raising all hell as he breaks in and saves you, personally carrying you to the medical treatment place and ensuring your recovery. Imagine him staying at your bedside the whole time, desperate for you to awaken well and whole. (Yeah. Lots and lots of language will be used because I mean, in this situation you would use it too.) I am very sorry. I am pretty sure Loki is very ooc in this. I tried to make him not be. But I apologize now.


You were tied to a chair in a small concrete room. The chair was bolted to the ground and you couldn’t move your hands or feet. No one knew where you were. You weren’t supposed to be back for another 3 days. You were fucking screwed. You would be lucky to make it out of this one alive. How the hell could this have happened?

It was just a regular undercover intel mission. It was supposed to be in and out quick. You were posing as a tech person for HYDRA. You had been ‘transferred’ from a remote branch in western Russia to gather technological information and take it back to your home branch. A week, in and out, tops.

'You, what is that in your ear?’ A voice called out to you.

'A hearing aid sir. I am partially deaf in one ear,’ you answered him automatically.

“I was not informed of this,’ he insists, 'Is it registered? We like to keep all technology we have on file so we know what belongs here and what needs to leave.

'I do not like to project my handicaps. I have overcome them. They are no longer an issue. And no, I was not asked to register it. I do not see the need. It is a mere hearing aid.’

'I see. May I borrow it? Our scientists may be able to improve it,’ he insisted. You knew he was onto you. You didn’t have time to send out for backup. That was a cloaking device in your ear and you are pretty sure he knew it. 

'I do not see the need sir. It is not acting up,’ you told him feigning confusion.

'I am afraid I must insist my dear,’ he tells you as he reaches up to your ear. You swat his hand away immediately realizing your mistake.'My dear, come with me. We do not want to make a scene,’ he said grabbing you by the arm and pulling you out of the room. You let him lead you out of the room planing your attack. As you turned down a corridor you felt a needle jab your neck and everything went black.

You heard noises behind the door. You made them out to be Russian. You still had the cloaking device in your ear. Fuck. They were going to find out who you were and they were going to kill you. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Your head was spinning. You shook your head and took a deep breath. Panicking will do nothing for you right now. You needed to keep a level head. Figure things out, then get the hell out. You could do this. You were an avenger for crying out loud. You fought aliens, a killer robot, and have bested many HYDRA agents at their own game. 

The door opened and the guy that managed to spot you stepped through. The door closed heavily behind him with a bang. 

"I have yet to introduce myself to you. I am Commander Sokolov. I do not take lightly to security breaches in my branch. We happened I do some digging and found that your base, that you supposedly came from has an Analee Ivanov. But, she has been on vacation for three weeks. Tell me how that is,” he says in English.

“I have no idea what you mean sir. This is all a complete misunderstanding-”

“Do not lie to me!” He shouts cutting you off, “the real Analee Ivanov does not have a hearing aid. We checked all medical records.”

“I have had this since I was 7. I highly doubt there would be no evidence of it,” you say incredulously.

“You are a skilled liar my dear. But we know you are not who you say you are,” he tells you. He reaches to your ear and pulls out the cloaking device. You feel the mask fade away. You scowl at him as he smiles knowingly at you.

“Well, we have one of the Avengers with us here. Don’t I feel honored,” He mocks you. You drop your scared facade and glare at him.

“What do you want? If you are going to kill me just get it over with,” you tell him as you revert back to your normal accent.

“Oh no my dear. We won’t kill you. Not yet at least,” he tells you ominously as he exits the room.

“FUCK!” You say to yourself again. This time out loud. Of course this had to be the mission that went wrong. The one right before your one year anniversary with your boyfriend. You promised you would at least call him that day seeing as you wouldn’t be there. If only you didn’t leave your phone in that damn hotel room. Steve usually checks in on you about halfway through the mission, maybe he will realize something is up. 

You were left alone with your thoughts for what felt like hours. You were bored out of your mind. This is an interrogation tactic. You knew that. SHIELD used it all the time. It wasn’t going to work on you. You heard large noises behind the door and two large men stepped through it. They were in their HYDRA gear, but it did nothing to mask how big they were.

“What you had to wait till I was tied to a chair to face me,” you taunted hoping to strike one of their egos. IT didn’t work. One stepped closer to you and bent down to your eye level.

“How much does SHIELD know about us,” he asks you in a deep baritone.

“I don’t think I am allowed to answer that,” you tell him sharply. 


He had slapped your cheek. You roll your head back and look back at him. Your cheek stung. You could feel it throbbing. You glared at him harder.

“I am going to ask again. How much does SHIELD know about us,” he asks through his teeth.

“You honestly think one slap is going to make me talk? You really think I am that easy,” you ask him mockingly. Then you spit in his face. You saw his expression darken. You saw him stand back up and his hand strike your face. You felt the sting and the throb. You were now looking at the wall. You were not going to break. SHIELD has saved your life so many times before you were willing to die for the organization hear and now.

“You are making this much harder than it has to be,” the other man told you chuckling.

“Oh yea? Because this is the only way I see if happening,” you sassed him.

“Let’s leave her to sit. We will see how she feels then,” the other man said as he opened the door and ushered the other man out. You knew they would be back. You knew they would, the question was when.

You had been sitting there for a few hours, you were exhausted. You couldn’t remember the last time you slept. Your head began to tilt off to the side as your eyes slid shut. You welcomed the darkness as you began to slide into unconsciousness.

You jolted awake as a loud airhorn woke you up. You jumped in the chair as you looked around and saw no one. Sleep deprivation. Another interrogation or torture tactic. You stared at the wall. You began to get a big chilly. It reminded you of Loki. It reminded you of home.

You were laying on the couch with your boyfriend watching TV. You were not sure what was on TV but you were watching it nonetheless. You had been with him for almost 1 month. He was still a major mystery to you. You only knew what he told you and Thor refused to tell you about him His excuse was always, 'They are his secrets to tell my lady.’

He didn’t know much about your past either. You knew he tried to take over the Earth. But that was it. He would always change the subject when you would bring it up. You were willing to divulge your past if he divulged his. 

You felt his breath even out as he fell asleep. You turned your attention back to the TV. As a commercial came on you turned your attention to your sleeping boyfriend. You felt his body temperature drop. You sat up internally freaking out. You may have a calm demeanor in the field but when you were home showed the full range of emotions. Was this normal for Asguardians? What if it wasn’t? Should you wake him up? What would he say if it was normal and you were just overreacting? He was still breathing. You decided to ask him about it when he wakes up. 

You sat down in the chair beside the couch and watched the TV. You could not concentrate on it though. It was in your nature as a spy to be observant. But what if you were overreacting to nothing. You got up and put your hand to his forehead. When your hand touched his skin it was cold. You drew your hand back quickly. This was definitely not normal. You needed to talk to Thor. So, you thew a blanket over him and got up. You left the room; he would be fine if he woke up on his own, he was a big boy. You wandered the halls of the tower until you can to the training room. You found Thor  fighting the Vision. You stood in the doorway and watched them fight for a moment. With punch after punch, block after block. They eventually stopped and Thor saw you. He smiled and walked over to you.

“What may I do for you lady (y/n),” Thor asks you politely.

“I have told you not to call me a Lady. I am far from deserving of the title,” you tell him, “But that’s not the point. Is it um… normal for Asguardian’s body temperatures to get so low when they sleep?”

“No, why would you ask?”

“I was laying with Loki on the couch and he fell asleep and he got really cold. I wasn’t sure if this was normal or not. Is he okay? I mean-”

“Lady (y/n), you need not fret. It is not normal for Asguardians, but it is normal for Loki,” He tells you calmly. You open your mouth to speak but he cuts you off knowing exactly what you are going to ask. “I am afraid I cannot tell you what I mean. You will have to ask him about that one.”

You nodded knowing you wouldn’t get anymore information out of Thor. You walked back to the living room to see Loki still asleep. You poured yourself a cup of tea and say in the chair. You were not sure how to approach this subject. It was odd to say the least. Seeming to sense your discomfort and confusion Loki began to stir and wake up. He saw you were sitting in a chair looking at him oddly.

“What seems to be the problem my dear,” he inquires concerned.

“You got really cold while you were sleeping. You seemed to be breathing fine. So I threw a blanket over you and went to ask Thor if this was normal for Asguardians. He told me, No, but for Loki it is normal. What does he mean by that,” you ask him.

“You are an observant one, I can tell you that.” He says sitting up fully. “Very well, you were sure to find out one way or another. I am shocked my oaf of a brother hasn’t divulged this information to you yet. I am not an Asguardian, I am a Frost Giant. Odin saw fit to steal me from Jotun during the war between Jotun and Asgard. I was small for a Frost Giant to begin with, I was a runt of my litter per say. Odin took me back to Asgard and raised me under false pretenses of my one day being King of Asgard. I grew up resenting Thor and Odin's favoritism for him. I am sure you have read Thor’s file so I will not go into detail about that. I used the Bifrost to try to destroy Jotun. I killed my real father. Then I ended up under Thanos’s control. That is why I took over the Earth, and here we are.”

You had stayed silent and listened the entire time he was talking. Listening and taking in what he had to say, “Why didn’t you want to tell me,” you asked confused.

“Frost Giants are not known for their caring nature. They are vile and ruthless and known for their blood lust. I was afraid you would no longer want to be around me once you found out,” He told you softly, “Given with good reason, Thor still doesn’t trust me one hundred percent, the warriors three do not look my way anymore other than to send threats, even though I have proven myself to fight alongside Thor. I did not want you to join them in this regard.”

“Have you given me any reason to think you would hurt me?” you ask him seriously.

“No but-”

“Have you given me any reason to think you would hurt Thor or anyone else?”

“No but-”

“Then why stress. You forget Loki, my job is to judge people and figure them out in seconds. I have dealt with people worse than you, believe me. I am not going to be scared off because you think you aren’t worth it,” you tell him sternly, but there was a softness to your voice that he could hear. “I am not going to stop caring for you because you had an asshole of a father and was mind controlled to do those things-”

Loki grabbed your face and cut you off. His lips were on yours. You had kissed him before but not like this. This was filled with so much passion and intensity. You began kissing him back. Your hand rested on his chest as his hands still lay on your cheeks. The kiss drew to a close and he rested his forehead on yours. He knew now that you were not just stringing him along. You did not care about his past. You cared for him as he was.

Another air horn went off and you jumped at the noise. You shivered at the cold air. Your wrists were chaffing from the rope they used and it was beginning to burn. The cold air helped soothe it, but not much. You were exhausted, your cheek was still throbbing, the temperature in the room was dropping by the second. You knew they wouldn’t drop it enough to kill you or cause hypothermia, but just enough to make you suffer. Unknown to them, the cold was more of a comfort than anything.


It was the day of your one year anniversary. Loki had an eye on the phone all day long, but nothing came through. He wondered if you had forgotten. The thought of you being in danger crossed his mind but he dismissed it for now. Steve would call her for a status report soon enough.  He was sitting in the living room reading a book to try to get his mind off of you when Steve came into the room looking grim.

“Have you heard from her at all?” Steve asked him.

“No I have not. She told me she would try to call at some point today but she has not yet,” Loki told him flatly, “Why do you as me this?”

“Because no one has heard from her yet. No one can put a pinpoint on her location either.”

“She is in a HYDRA base is she not? I would think she would turn it off so as to not be seen by them either. It might not go over well to have them find a tracking device on her, now would it?”

“Just let us know if you hear anything. She might be in trouble,” Steve says flatly.

“I shall. The moment I do.”

It had been an eternity. You were sure you had been captive for 48 hours now. You were exhausted, but still of sound mind. They gave up on icing your room. Now it was at an uncomfortably chilly temperature. You finally heard someone moving outside the door like they were coming in. You straightened up in your seat. You were not going to be broken, they would have to kill you before you broke.

A man enters the room. You stare at him blankly. He turns around and sees you sitting in the chair. He smiles at you maliciously, “My dear. This is your last chance to tell us about SHIELD before things get ugly,” he spoke in a deep nasally voice. He was around 6 feet tall and fairly lanky. 

“If you are here to threaten me you should have brought the other guys back. They are much more intimidating,” you snapped.

“My, my, a feisty one are we. I can see why the god likes you,” he taunted. You kept a straight face. Your relationship with Loki was not a secret. He was not going to get in your head. “Why would he pick you of all people? A simple mortal girl. What happens in 50 years? You will be old and wrinkly, he will still look the same. Will he still feel attracted to you? You are just a fling to him.”

Your face faltered for a beat. He knew he struck a nerve. He smirked at you. You needed to throw him off. Get him off the subject and talk about him.

“See, the thing is? I don’t care. He will live a lot longer than I will. I know that and I accept it. Do you not think I contemplated that before getting involved with him,” you sassed him rolling your eyes. He smiled at you again. You were not going to be easy to break, but they would break you.

“Would you like something to eat? Drink,” he asked you to change the subject. 

“What?” you asked shocked. 

“Are you hungry or thirsty? I doubt you have eaten since you were captured. They are not poisoned if that is what you are thinking,” he answered, almost reading your mind, “We are trying to get information out of you, why would we poison you?”

You stared at him blankly. “Cut to the chase,” you tell him sharply, “What the hell do you want from me?”

“Not messing around are we? Very well, we want to know who you have on the inside of HYDRA. You were obviously not working alone. We want to know who you have on the inside,” He says flatly staring at you.

“I was working alone,” you tell him. With that you were slapped again.

“Bull shit. Tell me the truth.” You started chuckling as he gets mad.

“What is with HYDRA guys and having girlie slaps?” You tell him with a smirk, “Besides. That is the truth. I was working alone. I know nothing about SHIELD.” You were slapped again on the other cheek. You felt the throbbing of your cheeks and them beginning to swell.

“We know who you are. You are an avenger,” he tells you acting like he has the upper hand.

“Does that mean I know anything? No. It doesn’t,” you tell him flatly. You could tell he was getting frustrated. He snapped his fingers and a cart was wheeled into the room. The door was closed behind the cart as they left the room. “You know, I like you. I really do. But, you have something I want. Every time you get an answer wrong of deny me an answer I will hurt you. That’s the way this is going to go. Do you understand me. As per your request I will bring back your friends for earlier. Also because I know I am no match for you physically and honestly neither are they. But, they stand a better chance than I do if you get out.”

The two larger men from earlier entered the room and walked closer to you. You knew you were going to die today. On your anniversary, you were going to die. You were ready to give your life for SHIELD, you really were. But, you didn’t want to die. You kept your demeanor straight though. You would face death bravely.

“First question. What is your name?”

“Why do you want to know that? You already know that,” you told him and a crisp slap met your face. You felt the hot sting and throb that followed.

“Answer the question,” he ordered.

“(Y/n) (L/n).” You say spitefully. 

“Now, that wasn’t hard now was it,” he taunts you. “Do you know where they are hiding the Winter Soldier?”

“Who? You ask as another slap crosses your face.

“That’s two strikes my dear. Don’t want to get a third. Now tell me where they are hiding the Winter Soldier.”

“I don’t know who you are talking about.” You tell him.

“Boy’s have at her. You may break bones but not anything vital. We also don’t want her to bleed out,” he tells the other men in the room without leaving your gaze. The two men go to the cart and grab two night sticks it looks like and come towards you.

They first aimed for the legs. The clubs nailed your shins and thighs, you were sure your lower leg had shattered. You muffled your screams of pain. You tried to hold it in and deny them that satisfaction of knowing they got to you. You felt another slap on your right cheek and another one on your left immediately after that. The throbbing continued. They punched your face multiple times and kicked you in the stomach. You felt blood on your face from your nose and mouth but you stayed silent. They continued their beating until they had their fill. Then they rolled the cart out and left. For the first time since you were captured you felt like crying. You felt helpless. You saw no way out of this. Your head began to nod down as you drifted off and another air horn went off.

“Hiemdall. I don’t even know if you are there or can see me but please. Let him or someone know where I am.” You whispered under your breath. You remember Loki telling you stories about Asgard and its people. You knew Hiemdall looked over the Earth and all other Realms and was the keeper of the Bifrost. You just hoped he was looking on you at that moment.

Loki was reading his book when all the sudden he heard a voice.

“Loki.” A familiar voice called out to him. “She is in trouble.”

“Hiemdall?” Loki asked.

“Lady (Y/n). She was taken by this HYDRA and is being tortured and held captive,” Hiemdall’s voice called out.

“Where?” Loki asked quickly, panicked.

“This Captain of America should know the location of their hide out.”

“Why are you interfering? The Allfather would not like this,” Loki asked skeptically.

She called out to me. Asking for help. I know you care about her. Despite what the Allfather thinks I am my own person and I can think for myself. This was a decision I made on my own,” he answers defiantly.

“Thank you Hiemdall. I am eternally grateful.” Loki answers as he get up to go find the others. He frantically searches through the halls and corridors of the building.

“May I assist you sir?” the AI calls out.

“Um.. yes. Where are the others?” Loki calls out. He is still unsure of this AI even after a year.

“Tony is in his lab. Natasha and Clint are training with Steve and Thor. Bucky is in his room sleeping and Sam is not present at the time. Wanda and Pietro are watching TV.”

“Thank you!” He said as he took off to the training room. He reached the room in record time and out of breath. Thor looked over to see Loki standing there hunched over, out of breath.

“Brother what is it,” Thor asked making everyone turn to him. Loki took one last deep breath and stood up.

“Captain told me to let him know if I heard anything about (Y/n)’s whereabouts, correct?”

“Yes of course what did you hear? Is she okay,” Steve asked as they all walked closer to him.

“No, Hiemdall spoke to me. She was captured and is being tortured. Do you know where this base is that she is being held at?” Loki spoke firmly.

“It should be the major one in Germany. That’s the one she was sent to,” Steve answered, “FRIDAY, tell everyone to suit up and meet me in the hangar.”

“Yes sir,” the AI answered.

“Brother, she will be okay.” Thor comforted Loki.

“I am not your brother.” Loki said irritated as he brushed Thor’s hand off his shoulder and went to get his stuff and go to the hangar. He just wanted to get you back safe. That was his concern right now.

You were barely able to keep your eye open. One was already swollen shut. They would be back in the room in a few minutes. You knew that. You were terrified but you would be damned if you showed it.

You heard the door open again. You looked up and saw the same three men as before. This time without the cart. But one of the men had what looked like a red glowing knife. You resisted the urge to struggle and stood your ground and glared at him with your one good eye.

“You have one last chance to tell us what we want to know,” he tells you with a sadistic smile. He already knew what your answer was going to be.

“And I am not going to tell you anything. But, you already knew that. Didn’t you? That’s why you brought that,” you said mockingly as you gestured to the knife in his hand.

“Oh no. This is no ordinary knife. This is a knife that cauterizes the wound right away so you don’t bleed out. You are the first person I get to use it on and now I am excited.” He walks up and stabs you right above your hip bone. You couldn’t help but scream in pain. The heat from the knife was torturous mixed with the pain of being stabbed. You felt tears spring to our eyes, you were so exhausted having not slept in god knows how many days, you couldn’t even attempt to hold them back. Just as he began pulling out the knife an alarm went off.


“Go.” He barked at the other two larger men. They left the room hastily and you were left alone with him.

“How did you let them know you were here?” He asked you fiercely.

“You are the one who has me on camera 24/7. You tell me.” You snap at him through your teeth trying to mask your pain. He slapped you again and brought the knife close to your neck. You could feel the heat radiating off of it.

“WHO DID YOU TELL!” he shouted at you.

Just then the door was opened. He turned around surprised. You looked and relief flooded your body. You saw the anger in his face as he looked you up and down taking in your injuries.

“I suggest you put the knife down. We don’t want you to get hurt,” Loki told the man.

“And what if I don’t?” He asked defiantly but you could hear a slight waiver in his voice.

“Another voice from behind you piped up, “You will die either way, it is up to you.” You turned your head and saw a Loki clone. The man jumped and turned around not knowing what to do. In his panic, he burned his hand on the knife and Loki then stabbed him with one of his knives. The man writhed and crumpled onto the floor. Loki had hit a major artery and knew he was bleeding out.

Loki turned his attention to you. He walked over and gently cut the ropes on your wrists and ankles. His cold touch soothed the burns on your skin. He came around to the front and held your face in his hands.

“Can you stand up my dear?” He asked you softly.

“Probably not. But, let me try.” You said as he helped you stand up only to catch you as you fell. You right leg was probably broken and could not support any weight. Subsequently the lack of sleep made you very dizzy. You started seeing stars as a major head rush came on. He caught you and helped you stand. You were leaning heavily on him. “I’m sorry I don’t think I can do this, I haven’t slept in days and the bastard broke my fucking leg.”

He wasted no time picking you up bridal style and teleporting you both out of the base and back to the Quinjet. He gently put you down on a cot. Clint was in the pilot’s seat and called out on the radio, “We have her, she needs medical attention, hurry back.”

Clint got up and walked over to you. “We need to try to get her back as soon as possible. Can you try to ice some of the skin around the wounds. Especially that one on her hip.” You felt Loki’s cool hands around your hip. They cut through the heat you felt around it.

“What kind of knife did they use? So, I can alert Dr. Cho,” Clint asked you.

“It was a heated knife. He said it cauterized the wound immediately,” you told him as you felt your eyes try to slide shut.

“We need you to stay awake for just a while longer, can you do that?” You heard Clint say.

“Yea, I can try. I don’t know how long I can hold on though. I haven’t slept in days, I am just running on empty,” you told him. That’s when Natasha, Steve, Thor, and Tony entered the jet. Clint got back to the driver’s seat and they took off. Loki helped his best to keep you awake. You managed to stay awake until you got to the tower. Dr. Cho, was in the hangar with a gurney waiting for you. Loki carried you to the gurney and laid you down.

“You will be okay, we need to check you for internal bleeding.” Dr. Cho told you. The rest was a blur.

You heard the faint beeping of a heart rate monitor. Your eyes fluttered open and you were met with a bright light. You groaned as you tried to sit up. Your body was so sore.

“Rise and shine.” A cool voice said in the corner.

“How long was I out?” You asked him.

“Two days, but most of it was anesthetic induced,” he told you.

“What is the damage?”

“Two broken ribs, broken right tibia, knife wound above your left hip, busted lip, bruised nose, black eye, and many other bruises,” he told you sadly. Then it dawned on you.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call.”

“My dear, I believe you have a very convincing excuse,” he said chuckling.

“I still feel bad.”

“You have no reason to. It was not your fault. It was smart thinking to ask Hiemdall for help.” He commended you.

“I was desperate. I remembered all those stories you told me about him and Asgard. I thought they were going to kill me.” You told him grimly. He took your hand in a comforting manner. You turned your head and smiled at him.

“Let’s get you better first, then we will celebrate.” He told you softly.


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The i love you thing, i was thinking the 23 or 30

{i chose #30. i was eyeing this one when I reblogged that list.}

The Way You Said “I Love You” - #30 - Too Quick, Mumbled Into Your Scarf


They’d been together for two and a half months, this was about to be their 11th date, and yes, Nico had been counting.

He stood on Halfblood Hill, hands in his pockets as he waited for his boyfriend to meet him there so they could walk to the nearest city together.

When Nico saw Will approaching he almost burst out laughing. Nico wasn’t an expert on fashion but he was pretty sure wearing a bright yellow scarf with an orange Camp Half-blood sweatshirt was not the best idea. “Nice outfit, sunshine.”

“What? It’s cold!” Will said, “And I bet you’re freezing in that short sleeved shirt. Here, you should wear my scarf.”

“I am not wearing a bright yellow scarf, you dork,” Nico protested, but Will was already wrapping it around his neck.

“There,” Will said with a slight smile, “It looks better on you anyways.”

Nico gave a short laugh, “Yeah I bet it does. Let’s go.”

“Let’s go.” Will repeated in agreement and the two of them started walking.

Nico smiled as seconds later, Will took his hand, swinging their arms between them as they walk. The thought that slid into Nico’s mind then felt so natural that he almost didn’t realize what it meant: I love you. But he bit his lip and kept that thought to himself. Was two and a half months too soon to be thinking that?

But throughout their date that thought kept popping up. It floated through Nico’s mind when the waitress at the coffee shop commented on how cute they were together and said that she could tell they were a couple by the way they looked at each other. Nico and Will had looked at each other again then and smiled. I love you.

It bounced into his head every time Will laughed that day. I love you.

It bubbled to the surface of his thoughts when they went went back to camp as the sun set and sat by the lake together, so close to each other with their arms around each other and Nico’s head resting on Will’s shoulder as the two of them chatted easily. I love you.

It burst into his mind as the hour slipped into double digits and the two of them finally kissed goodbye. I love you.

Now as they pulled away, those words balanced on the type of Nico’s tongue, wanting to be said. But Will was already turning to walk away, so Nico turned too, ducking his head to that his words were muffled by Will’s scarf that was still around his neck. And finally, he said it, though it was quietly and as they were walking away from each other, he still said it, “I love you, Will.”

Will heard and he stopped, turning back around, “Did you say something?”

Nico froze for a second before facing Will and shaking his head, “Oh, nothing important. I, uh, just remembered that I’m still wearing your scarf,” he said, pulling the obnoxious yellow cloth off his neck and handing it back to his boyfriend, “That’s it.”

As Will watched him leave, the last few seconds replayed in his head until he finally comprehended what Nico had said.

“Wait, Nico!’ Will called after him, running to catch up until he could turn and stop in front of him. “I love you, too.”


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Tony’s Going To Kill Me  [ P.P ]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Peter and Stark!reader (they’re older I sh like early twenties) where the reader finds out she’s pregnant and before she can say anything vision blurts it out and peter kind of freaks out and tony is like I’m going to kill you but in like a protective dad way

Word Count: 699

Warnings: I suck at writing pregnancy fics I am so sorry y’all. Also, in this fic, Peter and reader are in their twenties. Mid or early or late is up to you.

Tagging: @insideoflit (Let me know if any of you want to be tagged in any of my fics!)

A/N: Hey! I’m back to writing for this blog after a much needed and much enjoyed break. Thanks so much for you all who understood and waited for me to get back this. 


“I’m pregnant.”

Tony’s eyebrows shoot up so high you were pretty sure they were going to fly right off of his forehead. His mouth falls open as he stumbles over his words, his palms beginning to sweat as his hands ball into loose fists. It felt as if the air had been punched out of him by a certain Hulk and a certain Thor. Tony hadn’t felt this type of fear before. It was a mixture of being afraid and of being nervous for his little girl. You weren’t his daughter biologically but you were still nonetheless his daughter.

“You’re pregnant?” Tony’s jaw clenches as you nod your head in reply. He knew you didn’t mean to say it like that and you were probably nervous beyond words but he couldn’t exactly help what he was feeling.

“Tony’s going to kill me,” Peter mumbled into your ear, stepping away from Tony. “He’s going to pin my head to a wall and throw darts at it. He’ll aim for my eyes, I’m sure.”

“Damn right I’ll have your head on a wall. You got her pregnant! And-and you’re both still in your twenties and-and so young! You should’ve wrapped it before you-” Tony cut himself off, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Peter gulped, not meaning for Tony to have heard him.

“Tony, it’s not all his fault. I was just as careless.” You frown at your choice of words, sighing before speaking again. “I mean, I’m just as responsible as he is. Carelessness had nothing to do with it. We used protection but something must’ve gone wrong.”

“I can’t believe it,” Tony groans. “You’re pregnant. There’s a baby in you. You’re having a baby before me.”

“I thought you told me you didn’t want a child–”

“That’s beside the point, Y/N.” Tony rolls his eyes, stepping into Peter so that their chests are barely touching. Peter was shorter than Tony so it was more like his chest was barely touching Peter’s face.

“I’m so-I’m sorry, Mr. Stark,” Peter stutters. His hands shake at his sides and he was pretty sure he was sweating through his shirt and his hoodie. He knew there wasn’t much he could do to make the situation between him and Tony any better but he couldn’t stay silent.

“Sorry isn’t going to do anything, Parker. Just be more careful with her, yeah? I can’t have you being irresponsible as it is,” Tony grumbled, his hand finding itself squeezing Peter’s shoulder “So, of course, I can’t have you being irresponsible with Y/N.”

“I understand, Tony-”

“It’s Mr. Stark to you, Spider-Boy,” Tony interrupted. “You may be the father of my favourite girl’s unborn child but we still aren’t at first name basis.”

“Oh, uh.” Peter blinked. “Sorry. I understand, Mr.Stark.”

You stay silent as the two of them have their exchange, nibbling gently on your bottom lip. Yes, it did bother you that Tony and Peter were having this conversation right in front of you, all the while ignoring your presence but you decided against doing anything about it.

“Good. That means smoking anywhere ne-”

“I don’t smoke as it is, Mr.Stark. There will be zero cigarette smoke anywhere near our baby.” Peter does a little salute with his fingers, bouncing up once on his toes.

“No more sex for at least another year,” Tony says. His expression is blank and untelling as he steps once more into Peter. “And I mean that.”

“Tony!” You huff, gently pulling him back from your boyfriend. “It’s okay. We may be young but we are old enough to handle ourselves.”

Tony holds himself back from making a comment he knew would be a smart-ass thing to say. With a sigh, he pulls you into a tense embrace. He places a hand on the back of your head and gently ruffles your hair, glancing over your shoulder and giving a small nod to Peter.

Peter understands exactly what Tony was trying to say to him despite not having said anything at all. You pull away from Tony and towards Peter, letting him wrap his arms around your body. He smiles, placing his hands softly over your stomach.

Don’t Make a Sound

Originally posted by leahlahote

Pairing: Paul Lahote x Reader

Characters: Paul Lahote, Reader, the pack (mentioned)

Warnings: bad writing and SMUT and NSFW GIF below I mean probably could be classified as porn!!! Heightened werewolf hearing and scent (don’t get weirded out when Paul says he can smell the reader)


Request: @pretty-flowerblossom12: “On Paul Lahotes kinks it gave an example of how he left a vibrator on the person for an hour. Can I have an aftermath like the guys hear her muffled moans but Paul come up with some wild excuse? Maybe after they leave he goes to check on you and has dome cocky remark. Maybe even so smut. (idk if you do smut)” (Paul’s kinks)

Word Count: 976

“Paul baby please I didn’t mean it” I whine as he tightens the ropes on my wrists, my breathing picking up a bit with the soft buzz of the vibrator filling our shared bedroom. His calloused hands slowly run down my arm and over my breasts, a devious glint in his eyes.
Tsking slightly, Paul turns the level up on the vibrator, a choked gasp leaving my throat. “(Y/N), you didn’t mean it, when you purposefully sat on Jared’s lap?” His eyes raking over my body, if it was his hands a trail of goosebumps would have followed. “You didn’t mean to bend over in that skirt with the boys around?” Pulling his lip between his teeth he glanced up at me. “I think you did mean it” Turning up the power on the vibrator to the highest setting, he smirked as a silent scream left your throat, your eyes clamped shut, and then you felt it, he fucking gagged you. The cloth in your mouth muffled the small gasps and squeaks from filling the room. “Now I’m gonna go back downstairs, and enjoy a beer or two with the boys. When I get back up here, I’ll properly punish you.”
Before leaving Paul leaned down and kissed a line between both of your hips. It felt like hours passed, in a matter of seconds after Paul left you were squirming from your first orgasm, and you knew damn well it wouldn’t be your last.

While the boys all sit around the living room, talking and drinking small barely audible noises can be heard. Rolling the neck of the amber bottle between his fingers Paul glances towards the stairs, it’s been about an hour since he left you, and he wants to get the boys out of the house as fast as he can. “Um…it’s getting late boys, I should head to bed before I get yelled at.” Jared and Quil look at the third-in-command confused, but by the look, Sam had on his face he somewhat knew what was going on. A smirk grew on the Alpha’s lips when Paul refused to look him in the eye.
“Paul’s right boys, it’s late and we should all be getting back, Sue won’t be happy if Seth and Leah stumble in past curfew.” The Pack says their goodbyes ten minutes later and as soon as the front door closes Paul is sprinting up the stairs to the bedroom, the strong and sweet scent of your arousal filling the wolf’s senses. As soon as the door swings open he’s by your side and turning the vibrator off, your legs spasming from the loss of the pleasure. Small whimpers leave your lips, still muffled by the gag.
“I’m sorry I left you for so long baby.” leaning over he untied the gag and threw it onto the floor. “I didn’t expect them to stay that long.” A glint of worry flooding Paul’s eyes as he unties your arms and legs. “Are you okay?”
With a shaky nod I look up to meet his gaze, “I’m fine, but let’s not do that again, almost 6 orgasms in one night is slightly painful.” A smirk forms on his perfect lips at the attempt of a joke, leaning in I press a soft kiss to the corner of his lips, pulling back only enough to speak. “I need to clean up, would you mind carrying me to the bathroom and getting a bath ready?” I blush creeping its way up my neck and onto my cheeks. Without any questions asked Paul lifted me up and into the master bathroom, sitting me on the counter the sound of running water hitting porcelain, filled the small room. Waiting for the tub to fill with water Paul stands between my legs leaving kisses up and down my shoulder. “You know you left me for a while, and while I’m extremely sore, it’s only fair if I get you off.” An innocent smile spreading onto my face, “It’ll be the only action you get for a few weeks” Looking at you in disbelief, Paul squeezes your thighs before turning off the faucet. Carefully getting off the counter I slide into the tub releasing a sigh, the hot water relaxing every muscle in my body, causing my eyes to close. The sound of water hitting the tile floor, alerted me that Paul had joined the bath, carefully he leaned his back against my chest. Leaving soft kisses across his shoulder, my finger wanders across his ribs and down his torso stopping at his v line.
“Don’t tease me..” Paul growls low in his throat, the vibrations from his chest move through him and into me. Lightly biting his shoulder my hand dips under the water, my fingers ghosting over his length, a small hiss leaving his lips. Paules’ hands grip my calves as my hand works on his cock rubbing at a moderately slow pace, his hips bucking up out of the water, small breathy curses leaving his mouth. Leaning forward I connect my lips with his in teeth clashing and lip biting kiss. “Fuck I’m not gonna last long (Y/N)” His voice cracking as a high pitch moan falls past his lips, his hot seed spilling onto your hand. Putting his body wash on a washcloth, I start to clean both of us up.

“I love you” Paul smiles as he tries to calm down his breathing, getting out of the tub and grabbing two towels and helping me out of the tub, I drag Paul into the bedroom. Grabbing clothes out of our dresser I throw a pair of boxers at him and pull one of his shirts over my torso. Crawling into bed I cuddle up to him my head in the crook of his neck.
“I love you too Paul”

powerdragonmoon  asked:

Oh!!! So many prompts!!! How about chlonath for "am i proud of what i did? No. Would i do it again? Yes." (Id say chlonath for all of them...but some of them just scream lovesquare and other pairings to me as well!!) ^^ you're awesome! Thanks for sharing all your awesome writing!!

“Am I proud of what I did? No.” Chloe bit her lip. “Would I do it again?” She tilted her head side to side as if weighing the options. “Yes.”

“Chloe,” Nathaniel hissed, “take it back!”

“No,” she said simply. “I think you’ll make a great Peacock. You’re keeping it.”

“You stole this from Gabriel Agreste!”

“Chat mentioned hearing that he had it in a safe at his home so Pollen helped me in the safe and I took it when I was over there visiting Adrien. So what?”

“So Gabriel could crush me like a bug. I’m nobody, Chloe. If he finds out–”

She waved a hand. “Oh, how’s he ever going to find out?”

“I’m pretty sure a new peacock-themed hero running around Paris would be a pretty good clue,” Nathaniel replied dryly.

“Well, sure, he’ll know someone has it but not who.” She cupped the side of his face. “Besides, I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.”

“I’m not a hero,” he said quietly.

Chloe shook her head. “Neither am I, but being Queen Bee gives me the opportunity to help people and…maybe make up for some things in my past.”

“You’re not a bad person, Chloe.”

“I’m not necessarily a good person either, Nathaniel,” she sighed. “But I’m trying and I think that counts for something.” She pointed to the brooch in his hand. “This is going to go to someone. Master Fu or Ladybug are going to choose someone to take it because we need all the help we can get right now.”

“And you’re choosing me before they get the chance?” Nathaniel asked, eyeing the brooch. “Maybe there’s someone out there who would be better with it.”

“I’m sure there is, but I trust you.”

He blinked up at her. “You really think I can do this?”

Chloe kissed his cheek. “There’s only one way to find out.”

Thanks for the prompt, @powerdragonmoon! You know I love writing some Chlonath. <3 And thank you for your sweet words!

Send me a pairing and a prompt from this list and I’ll write a little drabble! :)

Cherry Red II

Pairing:Min Yoongi x Park Jimin

Genre:Smut with plot?

Word count: 5.3k

Summary: Yoongi’s had enough of Jimin playing around, and realizes some things on his own

Note: I am telling y’all now, I have no idea how to write smut, I winged it all, I have no experience, I need references, I had no references but you asked for it so here! You! Go! Ohmygod it’s finally done I’m pretty sure I screamed in relief in the middle of class once I finished. I am so sorry if this sucks, this is my first ever Yoonmin smut, I don’t know how to write smut ohmygod please be gentle (Not proofread btw)

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Upon arriving at their shared suite, Yoongi had never seen Jimin dash for his room as fast as he had when they stepped in. Taehyung and Jungkook staring with wide confused eyes as their hyungs merely laughed and teased an exasperated Yoongi.

The presidential suite had three separate bedrooms, all of which contained their own bathroom. Namjoon and Jin one shared without much protest from the other members, Yoongi and Hoseok were paired together which left the maknae to create chaos in a room of their own.

Yoongi sat on his bed as he dug through his bag for something to wear, when Jin said get ready for dinner, it often meant that they were going out for the night and going back to work tomorrow. Yoongi had almost forgotten they were in the middle of a tour. Yoongi reached for his black ripped jeans, throwing a shirt similar to the one he was wearing over his shoulder as he made his way to the bathroom. Upon passing the open door that lead to the living room, Yoongi caught sight of Jimin; in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Jimin stopped just as Yoongi had, noticing the older boy just the same. Yoongi blinked repeatedly as his mouth hung slightly, trying to make sure he wasn’t imagining things. A smirk made its way to Jimin’s face and he hadn’t tried to control it. His hand gripped one end of the towel that was tucked into his hip as he took slow steps towards the door. Jimin eyed Yoongi with a newfound confidence, and Yoongi wasn’t sure if Jimin was faking it this time or not. Yoongi stared at Jimin’s slow moving figure, the dancer’s fingers leisurely pulling at the white fabric. Yoongi gulped down the saliva that began to gather in his mouth, watering at the idea of seeing what Jimin had been keeping under those tight leather jeans during countless performances.

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i want to remind you all that it is canon that wilson threatens people who are obviously better at fighting than himself with physical violence and/or forcible reprogramming

ATTACKER = “Let’s not start a fight with the strongman…”,
MURDERER = “Murderer! I can take you!”,

MURDERER = “I’ll show you Logic and Reason… those’re my fists!”,

(”Maxwell has half the max HP-” yes but i’m pretty sure he’s like a foot taller and is creepy/intimidating and he has like those shadow bodyguards with swords so I am counting this as a poor choice of threats)

WX78 =
ATTACKER = “I think we need to tweak your primary directive, %s…”,

The only person he knows better than to threaten is Wigfrid

GENERIC = “Good day, %s!”,
ATTACKER = “I’d like to avoid a punch from %s, if possible.”,
MURDERER = “%s’s gone berserk!”,