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Here it is! My first attempt at writing any sort of narrative in the last fifteen years, and the very first attempt I’ve ever made at smut fiction.

Any writers in the fandom who have more experience with this than me (for example: everybody) that are willing to spare some advice, please let me know what I can do better! I live for constructive criticism and am VERY curious to find out what parts sound clumsy, if I overuse certain turns of phrase and sentence structures, where I should elaborate, etc. To my credit though, I did try to keep the cliché words to a minimum (I’m looking at you, ministrations, core, nub…), and not once did I use the term “glistening purple meat wand”, regardless of how tempting it was.

Anyhow, my writing method is essentially just dumping the contents of the paper shredder that is my brain onto the floor and trying to assemble something resembling a coherent plot from it. I know it’s far from perfect, so don’t be gentle! I assure you that as long as your criticism isn’t “Wow u dum”, I will be glad to hear it.

Special thanks to @tentori21 and everyone else who offered their help or advice when I was struggling!

They say every dog has his day, and Puppy? I declare July 2017 has been YOUR month. You have had some great material lately!

Thanks to @otome-microwave @yoolee @slbp-owns-ayame @jane-runs-fast and anyone else who put out awesome Toshiie content this month, because it definitely helped to get the creative juices flowing (as well as some other juices, ayyyooo). Oh, and if anyone knows of any other recent Toshiie material I haven’t mentioned, send that biz my way! That means I missed it which is completely unacceptable.

No title for this because everything I thought of was too cheesy. It’s first-time Inuchiyo smut in a world where their relationship stems from mutual pining because dammit Voltage, that’s what it should have been in his MS to begin with!

Here it comes– 3000+ words of pure, self-inflicted torture: P. S. Also gonna tag @han-pan @hajeema @darkly-dreaming-girl @duerme07 and @saizoswifey @incubeebirb because reasons.


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