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Fanart Monday!

After some weeks, finally, I can do this again!!

There are so many fanarts omg xD And some birthday gifts I never got to post?? I’m sorry!! But you’ll get all my love now!!

Fanart of the week by @goldendragonsflower!! Thanks for giving me a wonderful dose of creepy!! There’s no way Frisk can get out of that situation now… 

More under the wonderful, sexy cut <3

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“Stupid Freckles” - Digital Oil Painting

This picture wanted my soul. (See what I did there? Hehe) OMG, freckles and scruff and eyelashes… this was so difficult! But I wanted to do Jensen justice and in the end, I am super happy with how this turned out. He is just stupid pretty, ugh.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

SO @orokay messaged me last night about drawing Aria and then I got this this morning and I may have squealed. Really loudly. At work.


REGARDLESS, I am still so surprised and flabbergasted and flattered that they were interested in drawing my Ryder like… this isn’t something that normally happens?? And it makes me so flipping happy that people like her omg ♥ ♥

LOOKIT ARIA ISN’T SHE PRETTY AHHHHH ♥ @orokay okayed me to post it so here we are with me still staring at it ♥ ♥

Always happy to receive so much love ;w;
And actually the angst is pretty far off XD
But when it hits..IT HITS HARD
have tissues ready

Like, seriously ;;
Please send me the link once it’s posted :D


I’ve had these asks in my inbox a while ago. I wanted to reply but I kinda didn’t have the time and now I am busy with studying and… well… i’m sorry for taking so long. I’m super busy with university stuff right now and despite not having any lectures, I have to study a lot. I’ve written 31 pages to summarize the math script of this semester within the past 4 days and my handwriting is really small, so… eh. ;w;


@kagamin3ko thank you so much! I really don’t consider myself a senpai, but some people kept calling me senpai and I’m… just not used to people looking up to me like that. I appreciate it a lot ;w;

@space-star-kitten OMG your 2nd favorite?! That probably changed by now, considering how long I took to reply, ehehehe…? But I’m happy you think so, thank you <3

@sapphirescarletta123 OMG you are so lovely! I am sorry I haven’t drawn much lately, I hope I can draw some more ErrorInk and a lot of other things soon again! I have so many things I wanna draw, yet there’s no time… also your art is pretty cute as well! Keep it up plz! 

And of course, I am feeling hugged, dear anon! Thank you so much. I wanna hug all of you guys in return. qwq


Thanks to everyone for following me, all of you really! I’d love to make something cool to celebrate that I’ve recently hit 2k followers but… once again, I’m too busy and I’d hate to make promises I can’t keep. But I’ll think of something. I hope .w.

Nct Dream Reaction (The other members find out your dating a member and one is your brother)

Mark:Him being your brother he wouldn’t mind he knew there was nothing to ever worry about. ”Y/n i’m not mad Haechan is my best friend I have nothing to worry about”

Originally posted by nctmark

Haechan:He wouldn’t mind you dating Jaemin tbh he loved it he thought it was cute all though he would roast you both everyday.In the end your brother supported you both. “Mind if I steal this picture off your phone I gotta post it”

Originally posted by haenyan

Jeno:He cared about you and he knew you would be safe dating Mark he didn’t mind at all he shipped you guys a lot.He would hear you too talk and he wouldn’t mind it.You would cry and ask Mark what Jeno would do if he didn’t like you guys being together anymore.He walked in and heard you. “Y/n your my sister i am fine with it Mark is pretty good so your fine i wouldn’t wanna make you sad by telling you no”

Originally posted by lafillesansnom

Jaemin:You dating Jeno was no problem to him not at all he loved you guys both being happy you would ask him sometimes. “First off Y/n your both cute together and second off your both happy that is all that matters”

Originally posted by haechannie

Renjun:Your his sister he would find out at dinner when it was finished you sit by Chenle and you nodded.You looked at Renjun and he was waiting for you to tell him. “No problem with me”

Originally posted by tybeoji

Chenle:He would be happy you told him like on his birthday you have been dating Jisung for so long now he needed to know.He smiled and hugged you both group hug. “Omg i am so happy when y’all getting married”

Originally posted by nctinfo

Jisung:He is pretty cool with you being with Renjun he wouldn’t mind even though limits are always there.He would be happy for you guys but like i said there are limits. “First Renjun no sleeping in the same bed second off don’t even dare think of it and last respect her and Y/n respect him”

Originally posted by haechannie



I have to .. there’s something you need to know.

               me right now : wtf are you all doing here ?? i mean this blog isn’t even a week old and boom !! i got more than 150 followers. you have made my whole rp experience ( whichever blog it was ) the best. thank you. now, let’s get to the lovin’.


                   first of all i wanna start with jessie  /  @wildhearted. you’re mia to my hue. thank you. so freaking much for letting me play this amazing muse. i have always been fascinated by you, damn i was even a little bit intimidated bu you. for real, you are such a sweet person who deserves all the love tbh. you yourself are such a kind person, and i know we haven’t talked much, but i already see you as one of my few friends !! and you know what ?? i am pretty amazed that i am able to keep two muses at once, but it’s probably the fact that hue is such a important muse for me. i hope our squad’s gonna grow lmao !! 
                then, i wanna say something to my natrito  /  @onyovrleft, @promcss, @tragicfate & @carryburdens. my love, do you like remember these days where we would talk every single day ?? well, i seriously miss them, and i would really wanna do this again, but life is taking over tbh. and even though we don’t talk so much anymore, you’re still an amazing person and you are 4ever in my heart. whenever you are on the dash, i just get so happy and just knowing that ur okay, makes me feel ultimately good.
           amaye  /  @onlymyown. amaye. my heart, my soul, my life. whenever i feel sad, you freaking make me laugh when i don’t even wanna smile. we have had pain on cassie, and i am pretty sure we will have in on here. but, you omg. you are a light to my life. talking to you makes all those bad days become better !! whatever you will do, i will always be with you. you are like one of y few real friends, here and outside tumblr. so, thank you for all this kindness that i really don’t deserve. 
        pls no i did not forget the amazing jesse   /  @tragicloss. screams. you are an amazing flower. and tbh dimi is too i can’t deny that. we haven’t realy talked for a while, but i can’t even keep up with myself ok. nad i am really sorry ok. you have always brightened my dash with you ic and ooc posts. and tbh dimi is one of my fave ocs, it’s unimagnible that i would actually not write something about him. i have always loved those muses that have been so much, but still are so kind. you play him so well, sometimes i forget he’s not canon tbh. well, i really wanna tell you, that you have a special place in my heart xxx
       my vivi  /  @weiirdwitch. i miss talking to you more than ever tbh. but you know i really can’t find the time anymore but when i do, i really try to talk to you as much as i can. you are my sunshine tbh. if you ever think that you are not amazing, then you’re lying to yourself. you are. you’re a bright star that always brights my days. thank you vi. thank you for making me feel loved. thank you for never making me feel that i am annoying. and i hope i am making you feel the same way. 
      trevor   /   @lifefcrdeath , @backinaflcsh. you are an amazing person and a talented writer. pls, repeat it ok. seriously, we do not talk that much anymore. college and your work isn’t helping and those time zones aren’t helping either. but i still keep thinking about you every day. i still keep looking at you blogs and hope you are doing fine and just looking at anything you do makes me so happy ! i wanna thank you for being such an amazing friend. thank you. 
    ma moon  /  @viiduus. your my moon tbh. that pun will never get old. listen, we don’t talk anymore like we used to, but i always freaking scream when i see you on the dash and hope you are doing fine. sometimes i look at the moon, and think : nah, you’re not as bright as my moon. because it’s true, tho. you’re one really kind person and i couldn’t stop following you on every single blog. i heart you bae.
    harley  /  @lunarwclf. how are you my bae ? i hope you are fine. and now i gotta make a stupid thing. HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE. well, we are probably not far away, but i had to xD. ok but for real, alex is the best. and you bright my day everyday. that’s not it, no. i wish that you would never feel that you are not needed here, because you are. and it’s not just me and i am sure of that. you are amazing and deserve the world !!

           MY LIGHTS. people who i rp with and am to lazy to write up there and love and tbh stalk. 

      @atroversiaamo, @sorcr, @exubiytsa, @searedrebirth@whitespiider, @speediings@araphorostiic, @bibliophiliism, @fatherofmachine@americabrand, @empathyeatings, @agenths, @gunkanjiima, @butscrewmefirst, @brokcnlegacies, @agonyborn, @bronzemaned, @dokkstjarna, @bitchculebra, @fragilcminds, @fortcvolontc, @killchained@shotgunaxecombo, @honeyburnt, @absumpsi@bloodintolerant, @fallencomrade, @culebral, @iinvincible  / @deadllyshot , @redheadarcher, @neverparted, @horrorempathy  / @thedestrcyer, @rizhii, @moonjeweled, @garmrr, @maximofflegacy, @likethcrns, @tcrightnow, @starksprincess, @winterscn, @rougescion, @britishnation, @ircnmama, @firstnayezdnik@enigmatie, @ofbanncr, @humblefarmcr, @shrinemade, @outlawiism, @vxpergreen, @strxnzo, @playsvulgar, @strangledmulan, @starkwithsarcasm, @olivercharlcs, @antagxnized, @notimminent, @shesaidrun, @stupidarrows, @afewmistakes, @astralord / @coldbattle, @loudmiinds, @hclywcrs, @danversiism, @alinamaximoffrogers, @clairebxrton, @futurecrest,  @femmekill, @reclaimedasset, @islanddeath, @amongwclves, @natstxrk, @blackironed, @runebrush, @hcndler, @hydraserpent, @classiqve, @kncwnmisery, @nymphomaniia, @showmaxter, @americanasitgets, @astcriiia, @hasnerve, @xgamora, @awakesforce, @ordinaryswan, @tcthefuture, @iviaw, @foundingavenger, @batgirlbatarangs, @esorbitanza, @topazgaze, @fallcnsoldier, @seiismic, @gammamade, @sunnytoothed, @ledivdova, @bullshitreigned, @punchit@moranument@radiasi, @baywindowed.

omg guys


*insert scream*

enjoy this very pretty betty aesthetic!

im happy with how this came out

i also finally figured out how to queue things so expect more consistent posts



Polish team after the team competition in Vikersund, RawAir Tournament, World Cup 2016/2017

Piotr Żyła (x)

J: Congratulations for the record of Poland! You’re a giant! Tell us, the regular mortals, how is it like to beat Poland’s record twice?
Piotr: I don’t know! (laugh) […] Well, actually, the longest jump wasn’t the best one, the best was the first one - it was really, really good. The second one was also okay, just the startgate was a bit higher. […] I’m really satisfied after today because I didn’t expect that… after yesterday - that one can jump 100 m further. (laugh) […] Well, yeah, I guess you can say it was a crazy, very crazy day but very succesful for us. Each one of us did his good job, everyone was jumping very far and… it was a beautiful day! 
J: Yesterday the coach interrupted us because you had to consult an important thing immidiately [coach Horngacher was angry with Piotrek after the qualification], Adam Małysz said you were looking for tricks on the inrun… Tell us, what was wrong.
Piotrek: It’s a special hill and I know how to jump on it. […] Well, I knew that you can’t just jump like this in here but I did it anyway in quali. I was over-active. […]
J: Okay, so what’s the receipe for the Poland’s record? Because all the factors were on the right place today: pepper on your plate, 509 came by [that’s a long referrence…], Zenon Martyniuk [Polish singer] playing in the air. What do you think, where did those good jumps come from?
Piotr: From what you just said! (laugh) […] What was most important was that the ones who were a “threat” for us in the National Cup were behind us and we’ll keep fighting for our good jump.

Kamil Stoch (x)

J: Big congrats for today’s jumps! I guess we can say it was a crazy day, a crazy competition!
Yeah, I think today was a very good competition and the quality was very high - not only for the ones around the hill but also for the ones in front of their TV screens. Far jumps, also a bit of drama but everything ended up good for us.
I really think the first jump was the better one - from this gate, with this conditions - it was a very good jump. The second one - not so much but, uh… a flight for 243 meters is a completely different world.
J: When you looked at the standing after the 1st round - 3rd in the RawAir, were you surprised?
Kamil: Uh… That was strange, I didn’t know what it was but thank you for telling me this, now I know. (laugh)
J: Piotr took the record from you. Any anger?
Kamil: Nooo, it’s a joy! Today wasn’t about about rivalry or winning, today was only about the will of far flights and I think each one of us thought the same way and it’s a great thing that Piotrek jumped the record. 

Maciej Kot (x)

Maciek: Crazy is one of a few words you can use to describe this competition. It was sort of historical, amazing and I haven’t seen so many long jumps in one competition in my entire life - two world records, two records of Poland.
J: Some people say that you could land a bit further in your second jump.
Maciek: Yes, definitely! It’s hard to say how far would that be but I think that the 250 meters border would crack but… 250 meters long jump is a flight into unknown. […] I, uh… I didn’t know how to act. I didn’t have that experience. I had a lot of speed and I saw there was no red lines anymore and… the automatism worked. And it works when you’re in danger. So it was a spontaneous decision about shorting this jump, so it wouldn’t end up with an awful fall. But I know that if I had this opportunity in the second jump, I would know what to do, how to act and that was missing today. […] Yeah, the “Flying Cat” nickname was confirmed today.
[Piotrek and Maciek were watching movies and listening music together before the competition].
[…] I think what worked for Piotrek was the well-known technique. He admitted himself that he’s done “something he shouldn’t have done but did it anyway” and asked me to remind him before the competition what should and what shouldn’t he do, and I kept on reminding him that. I was joking that I, again, have a partial input in this record. (laugh) So, uh… I’m very happy for the result. 

Dawid Kubacki (x)

Dawid: I wasn’t really that into setting personal bests today. I needed to get back to good jumping and that I achieved. Maybe these wasn’t shocking jumps but they were okay. […] My back still hurts a bit but it’s nothing really bothering. I wouldn’t blame my health for anything anymore. 
J: Many people say it was a crazy competition. Do you remember any crazier one?
Dawid: Shoot, I don’t know! (laugh) I have a pretty bad memory in general but the competition was great - exciting, with long jumps, good jumping, so - for me it was super. Super that I could be a part of this. […]
J: Many so called “experts” said that you aren’t “flighters”, that Austrians and Germans were gonna catch you and you… made a bigger distance.
Dawid: Yes, we were fighting ‘till the end, didn’t give up and that paid off. I think each one of us is brave enough, so even though we get that kind of comments, we don’t give up and keep fighting. We just proved it today. 


I redraw one of the scene and change his expression a bit,

sorry if it looks pretty messy, I was sleepy😂 I hope you like it bro! keep up your works and stay determined

=============================== Omg omg omg that looks so cool ! It’s an honor to get a pic like this ×∆× No no its not a problem at all I love it ! I love everything you draw ! Keep up your goodwork too ! You made me really happy! I cant thank you enough for this ! (omg I think I am gonna use it everywhere xD like in my steam and other apps) He looks so badass :D

YOI trailer 
- well, the fanservice will be a bonus

YOI ep1 ending theme
- w-well, that’s pretty gay but let’s be honest, it’s fanservice…..?

YOI ep2 
- omg…….this f-fanservice???? 

YOI ep3
- WAIT WAIT WAIT is it actually possible….????!!!!!!!!

YOI ep4

YOI ep5

YOI ep6

YOI ep7

anonymous asked:

I love your blog and your personality! You seem really nice person and your blog makes me feel at peace. Your theme is pretty and harmonic. Your pictures are so beautifully edited and ahhh. Your blog is perfect okay? Also I love how negativity free you have decided to keep your simblr! You deserve so much nice anons and good things.

😍😍😍 you are so amazing omg!! This is so sweet, really, reading this ask made my day!!! Getting compliments about your blog is always awesome, but getting compliments about your blog and your personality?? whewwww!! you can just consider me the happiest lil’ simmer in the world!! I really am so happy that you like my blog so much!! The fact that it makes you feel at peace is honestly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my blog 😊 eee, you should come off anon so I can give you all the love that you deserve!! ❤️❤️❤️