i am posting my grades at tumblr i am such a loser

Yet another "help, I got a bad grade" post.

Ok guys, not to pick on these three askers, but I AM SICK OF THESE QUESTIONS ABOUT GPAS!!!!!!!!!

How many times do we medblrs need to tell y’all that your life is not over after one B, C, or even D? How many freaked out first semester undergrads do I have to pet and say “there there” to before you guys figure out that ONE BAD GRADE OR ONE BAD SEMESTER IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!

Yes, I got less than a B in a science course. I got 3 C’s to be exact, in Orgo 1&2 and in Physics 1. I don’t share my GPAs and MCAT scores because 

1) I don’t remember them, 2) because I’ve seen people not get accepted with scores better than mine and others get accepted with worse scores than mine, and I don’t want people to look at my grades as something that will “guarantee” them an acceptance to med school because there is no guarantee, and 3) because THEY DON’T MATTER. They didn’t matter then, they didn’t matter in med school, and they sure as heck don’t matter now, 6 1/2 years after college graduation.

Why did they not matter? Let’s review:

  1. I got other good grades that balanced out those few bad grades. 
  2. I did other things with my life that made me a well rounded student, which med schools like.
  3. My overall graduating GPA was obviously good enough to get me into med school despite my fair share of Bs and Cs. 
  4. I friggin EARNED those C’s. They weren’t surprises to me. I knew they were coming and I was just glad they weren’t F’s. I worked hard for those C’s. Those C’s taught me how to study. 

  5. I was and am a grownup who doesn’t place her self value on a single little number given to me by a crotchety near-retirement organic chemistry professor. 
  6. WHAT’S DONE IS DONE. I couldn’t change a bad grade I had already gotten, so rather than moping over a bad grade I worked harder to make the next one better. 
  7. I never considered a bad grade to be a permanent obstacle. I didn’t think “oh crap, I got a C, now I can never be a doctor.” I thought, “well, I guess I’ll just work harder next time and I’ll be a doctor who got some C’s”. 

  8. I had backup plans. Sure, I wanted to be a doctor, but I wasn’t so naive as to think that it was ABSOLUTELY going to happen for me. So I made other plans just in case. 
  9. Med school was not my ultimate goal. My goal was to do God’s will for my life. If that meant med school, which was what I wanted, then great. But if it didn’t, then it didn’t. And I’d move on. 

Seriously guys, you have GOT to stop letting your whole life fall apart over one little bad grade. Has nothing bad ever happened to y’all? Did y’all not learn how to deal with disappointment and failure growing up? Were y’all all in activities that gave you “participation trophies” and in sports where there were no winners or losers? 

Welcome to the real world. 

One grade does not determine your future. One semester does not make or break your life plans.

If you fail, try again, but don’t make the same mistakes twice. If I got all upset and heartbroken every time I got a diagnosis wrong, do you think I would still be a doctor? Geez, I would have had to quit on day 1. No. You get something wrong and you figure out why you got it wrong and then try to get it right the next time. 

If you have decided that you want to go into medicine, then one thing you need to learn now is that you will meet TONS of failure in your life. You need to get used to that now when it doesn’t matter a whole lot so that you can handle it when it really does matter. Because there will come a time when a patient dies despite you doing everything you possibly can for them. There will be times when things go wrong for no reason. And if your world is falling apart over a measly B- or C, how the heck do you think you will manage the real tough stuff? If your mind is made up to be a doctor, then do it. When you get knocked down, pick yourself back up and do better the next time. 

Finally, let me drop one more little reality bomb.

I try to stay away from telling people “follow your dreams!” “You can still be a doctor despite your terrible grades!” I am a realist. Now like I said, one bad grade or one bad semester shouldn’t put the brakes on your whole life plan. But a pattern of failure or a pattern of mediocrity? That should be a wake up call. Maybe you need to re-evaluate your goals a little bit. Or maybe you need to overhaul your study methods. Do something. But to keep doing the same thing over and over despite it not working is insanity. 

Now, get off Tumblr and go study something.

anonymous asked:

you are a societal fuck up.

Came from school few hours ago. I had russian test and biology test. I’m worried about getting a bad grade in biology for that test. Studied really hard last night, but apparently not hard enough. So i came from school. I was exhausted cause i was up till’ 2 am my time to post pictures on tumblr. It’s the only thing these days that makes my mood better. I can expess my feelings, my emotions here. In reality, my self-esteem isn’t the highest. I hide behind humour. When something hurts i make fun of it. It’s my way of dealing with pain and problems. So here i was 10 minutes ago, logging in my tumblr hoping to post some pictures and share my vision with you guys. I was so happy when i saw 7 messages in my inbox. Clicked on them, and read about what a loser and a moron i am, because i had one wrong tag. Well i’m sorry if that tag makes such a big difference in your life, but why am i skank because of that? I can handle hate, i can handle mocking. Just do me a tiny favor. Next time you decide to spend your time on writing anonymous letters to other people, think twice about what their going through and maybe their mood isn’t the greatest.


Liz x