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RFA Members Korean Name Meanings (will edit in the future)

Hi nonny♡

Once again, I looked through my requests to find the fastest one I can get done. This one seemed the fastest for now so I am answering this question first ^^;;;; I should stop saying I will answer these questions the order they come in.

But in all honesty, I’m really sorry for the hold up in the requests, especially to those that sent them in a long time ago but I haven’t gotten back to. A lot of them takes so much time and I currently don’t have the time to actually get them done.

But this one seems really fun. I can finally put the 한자 (Chinese Characters) I learned from like preschool to high school to use ^^

You are definitely right when you say that names do have meanings. They all derive from the 한자 that I mentioned above! Depending on the character, the meaning to one’s name could be completely different! Currently, the only precise 한자 name I know from MysMess is Jumin’s because his was on his business card. I can guess what Yoosung and V’s are, but for now I’ll tell you guys what I think.

So, let’s start with mine since anon would like to know~

Seol Ryu (류설)

My name is very unique in the sense that my name itself is only one character long (외자). Most people in Korea tend to have two characters in their name.

I was wondering if I should reveal which Ryu I am, but I decided not to because it doesn’t really have a meaning? It is just a family name so I will just go on to explain my first name.

偰 맑을

My name means pure, clean, clear, things like that! I…seriously don’t live up to that LOL. Sometimes I wonder what my parents were thinking when they named me ^^;;; I still think about this. My brother always says that my name is so misleading.

Well, so is his. Jk I love you.

I’ll explain because while I also thought about this for a while. I wanted to share this fun fact a long time ago, but I decided not to. Now, I have a reason to lol and that is, my brother actually dead ass has the same name as Zen.

Yep, my little bro is also Hyun Ryu. Except he’s 20, two centimeters taller than Zen, and a medical major not a musical actor =w=

ZEN/Hyun Ryu (류현)

Well, I don’t exactly know what his 한자 name is. But I can definitely share my brother’s. I’m not sure if it would be the same but let’s see lol.

炫 밝을

My brother’s name means, bright. If Zen also shares the same 한자 character then hey, that’s what his name would mean! I’m not sure which “Ryu” Zen is, but I think in my imagination all the time that we have the same character =w=

Sorry, Hyunnie. I didn’t mean to expose you but lol, too bad. He doesn’t even have a tumblr, what am I sorry about lols. Noona still loves you♡

Jumin Han (한주민)

So, Jumin has his name in 한자 if you see his business card in either the calling menu or the VIP package~

韓 한국 , 나라 (우리 나라의 성의 하나)

主 임금 , 주인

旻 하늘

Let’s start with Han! If I remember correctly there is only one Han for family name. Which is the same character for 대민국 (South Korea). Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m an uneducated little walnut.

Next is his name, Ju Min.

임금 means wage (Ju) or 주인 means owner

하늘 means sky (Min)

I will be honest, I knew what the characters meant separately but lol, I don’t know what they are supposed to mean together. Am I just stupid? I think I have issues. Maybe it is related to how he is the company director of C&R. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it means something like that ^3^

Yoosung Kim (김유성)

Same with the family name, I do not know which Kim he is, but I can definitely predict which Yoosung he is, and he gives it away when he refers to himself as a shooting star ^^

流 흐를

星 별

Exactly as it is written, 흐를 means, falling and 별 means star. His name is so pretty ;3; I remember this name a lot because my first crush’s name was 유성 with this exact 한자 don’t tell Hyun.

Jaehee Kang (강제희)

I wish Jaehee’s business card had her 한자 characters on it. I am curious to know because a friend of mine has the same name and I will just assume that she might have the same meaning? Who knows =w=

帝 임금

喜 기쁠

We see 임금 again for the “Jae” part of her name! (The same meaning in Jumin’s name meaning wages).The “hee” part of her name is 기쁠 which means happiness.

I feel like this would make sense since she works for C&R in the game.

V/Jihyun Kim (김지현)

This one I made a guess judging by V’s personality lolol.

至 이를

賢 어질

His name (that I just made up just from his personality in the game) virtually means 매우 어질고 착함. 더할 수 없이 어질고 슬기로움.

Orrr, in English, very gentle benevolent, wise.

As you can see, even though both Zen (and my bro lol) and V have the “hyun” character, they could have different meanings.

Lol, I had to bring my 한자 book from my shelf to try and make this and I think it worked out well. I really hope that this is the 한자 for his name because it fits him so well.

Okay, for 707 and Saeran….I am actually on a blank T3T I’m not sure how to go about their names. I’m sure if I look around enough I can make a name but it is a lot harder than I thought. I wish everyone was given their names just like Jumin =w= if I have enough time maaaaybe I will go through my 한자 textbook and try to assemble a name that I can base from their personality, but I tried thinking for now and nothing is coming…

Saeyoung and Saeran fans, Seol is sorry ㅠㅠ

I will come back in the future and edit this post. 세영 and 세란 is kinda hard for me…if there are other people out their who have some sort of 한자 assembled for their names, please let me know. I would love to know because I am at a loss TwT

For now, I’ll go bye bye~

See you next post!

- 류설♡

I really really really loved the Spiderman movie so even though I’m meant to be hyping about DGM right now I’m gonna drop recs because wow there are some really good fanfics already.

Occupational Hazard (Almost immediately post-Spiderman, and Peter is really stressed. Absolutely amazing, 10k.)

What Water Is (Tony goes to Bruce for, like, parenting advice.)

5 Times Tony Didn’t Need To Worry About Peter (Just a whole bunch of Tony fretting really hard.)

dreams don’t scare you (they ain’t big enough) (Tony does some immediate follow-up on the plane crash.)

These are all just from the Spiderman: Homecoming tag and I am desperate for more so I’m gonna go see if I can find anything in the others, thank you, bye!

It’s 1 AM and I wanted to try drawing dmg because I never have before and I haven’t drawn girls in like??? A very long time?? And I havent drawn traditionally in??? Even longer??
Anyways this turned out hella bad so let’s never do this again ok

Fallen Angel

Hello, so I’m not actually dead. ThaNKS A HECK TON FOR 300 FOLLOWERS HOLY SHIT and here i am just to give you guys a little thing i wrote a long time ago because I dont have anything new right now. Read my little thing at the end of this post if you want it might help me out. Anyway i wrote this for a friend cuz we both love SF9 and if you havent heard their new song O Sole Mio 10/10 would recommend. Also, Happy Halloween my dudes!!

Originally posted by princechani

Published: October 31st 2017

Word Count: 557 Words

{Ye its pretty shitty but um yeah i have a part 2 so if youre interested in that then LET ME KNOW WOOO BYE}

“I can see right through you, Kang Chani, even if no one else can.” You spat at the boy before you as he let his weight fall against the wall behind him, his arms crossed over his chest.

He chuckled and you held your fist at your side, trying very hard not to punch him. “Darling, you haven’t see anything yet.” He pushed himself off the wall effortlessly and took two large steps across the room and stopped, 4 inches from you, his eyes steady on yours. “Aren’t you curious as to just what I can do? Would you like to see?”

You gulped and took a step back, putting more space between your bodies, but this just caused his smirk to grow.

“You’re a demon, Kang Chani.” You said quietly, your stomach turning at the thought.

He laughed and your eyes widened as his head was thrown back. “Oh no, darling, just a fallen angel. Very different really.”

You blinked and he stepped towards you again, bringing himself closer than he had been before you you’d stepped away. “Do you know what happens when you kiss a fallen angel?” You heart was racing at his proximity and your brain was running just as fast, trying to find any way away from the boy whose scent was invading your senses.

Again, you moved to step away, but both of his hands shot out simultaneously, wrapping around your elbows, the pads of his thumbs against the thin skin covering your blue veins. His eyes had closed partially, looking only at you. “Where are you going, y/n? Back to Jaeyoon, to tell him that you’re scared and that you want to go home? Or maybe you’ll warn him about me and conveniently, something will happen to me.” His smirk evolved into a scowl before your eyes.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you go y/n, not that you see me clearly.”

“Chani-” You started, but his voice covered yours easily.

“So informal, y/n. I’m used to you using my full name.” His voice had dropped an octave, and you felt like he was definitely closer than he had been a few minutes ago. “Kang Chani,” He said quietly.

You sighed, “Kang chani-” You were stopped again.

“Yes, darling?” his voice flowed like water over you and you inhaled impatiently.

“Let me go.” You tried to be as firm as possible, knowing that he was no older than you, but your voice still came out half broken in the middle of certain words.

He ignored you, tilting his head to the side playfully, his fake smile unable to hide the malicious face beneath it. “I asked if you know what happens when you kiss a fallen angel.”

You shuddered. The information of one of your high school classes came back to you in an instant. “You’re damned to a life in purgatory.”

Chani smiled at your knowledge. “Do you know what that means, darling? A life with me. Doesn’t sound too “damned” does it?”

Your eyes widened, and before he could tell what you were doing, you pulled away harshly from the boy before you. His left hand fell away, but his right slid from your elbow to your hand, holding you 5 feet away. Slowly he lowered his lips to your hand, a smile on his face.

Yknow what I wanna do? I wanna actually write a whole story and like properly finish it cuz damn im awful at that. Idk why people are still reading my Last Words and Vamp AU lol but dang i wish i could find something to really write about. If you have any ideas message me or like shoot me an anon idk but i need ideasssssss thanks -Katie

anonymous asked:

Totally forgot can send you anonymous asks on Tumblr because I've been wanting to tell you this for a while. Also IDC if you post your reply or not, I just gotta tell ya. So I had a dream that I met you at like a hardcore rock music festival somewhere in the UK???? But we became close buds and by the end of the night got very frisky in your tent. Okay bye now. And Ik you have a lot of young fans so to make this less... weird?? I am 22

Oh wow, that would be so cool to go to a music festival in the UK! I’ve never even been outside of the US, so an adventure to the UK would be awesome! Also, you oughta slap Dream-Chris in the face for being such a deviant! XD


Hello everyone!

It has been more than a year since I last posted on this blog, and A LOT has happened since then. I’m glad to see that even though I haven’t posted in more than a year, some of you still stayed. Thank you :)

The last time I posted here was when I was still in my first year in college, and now I am on my third year! Time truly does fly fast. I can’t stay much longer since I’m quite busy doing a lot of things college-related. I only came back because I suddenly remembered my blog, and got curious about what happened to it after more than a year.

I will be back again soon, and probably make some changes. I really miss tumblr a lot. :)

Bye for now, and I hope you’re all doing well xx

The story of Mika…..(long post)

Hello Humans!  My name is Mika and I’m going to tell you my story ok?

So one day a lady brought me into the veterinary hospital where my Mom worked to be euthanized.  I was very young, and had been attacked by an animal, but Mom and the staff believed I could be saved.  Some antibiotics and kitten formula (I was so starved I had eaten dirt) got me on the road to recovery and I went home with Mom to be “fostered”.  That didn’t work out too well because Mom decided within the first 24 hours that she was keeping me.  Can you blame her?  Lookit my face:

Mom learned very quickly I was a bed hog:

Mom also learned that I had some strange personality quirks.  Like my sweet tooth:

Apple Jacks,


Cookies (Snickerdoodles are my fave)….I want it ALL.  I’m pretty good at stealing if it’s not given to me.

I get in trouble a lot I like to have fun ok?  Recently, I ate a piece of Mom’s charcoal and had black teeth for a day (FUN!).  I particularly love to shred paper, this happened literally 15 minutes ago.  And no, I’m not sorry.  :P

Here I am mocking my Mom’s distress after she discovered I had shredded an important photo reference for her painting.  (a commission of course)  Still not sorry.

I also have a strange habit of lying under furniture in such a way that it looks like it fell on me and I got squashed.  (I like to freak Mom out)

And I like to spy on people I like to keep tabs on all my important humans and their activities at all times.

I’ve never learned how to sit like a lady (and I ain’t gonna)

But that’s ok because Mom loves me just the way I am.  I can usually get her to give me anything I want by making this face:

 So I had a rough beginning, but things are pretty good now!  And that’s my story!  Bye everyone!

More adventures of Mika to come…she’s always up to something  ;)

me: wow that gary character is pretty cool. kind of attractive even though he’s a doucher

4kids: yeah he is. but don’t worry he’ll be less attractive with the voice we’re giving him.

me: oh..ok..?

me five years later: wow that drew character is a bonafide babe i like him wow

4kids: it would be a shame if his voice made you want to punch him as well

me: wait NO–

4kids: it is done

me five more years later: yugioh is great look at all these hot dudes WOWza. that marik ishtar omg I just want to–

4kids: I see you have an especially attractive character

me: well yes but you can see that 75% of guys in this show fit that

4kids: it would be a shame if Marik–


4kids: had the most annoying voice to date, congrats

is2g this friendship killed me (and papyrus poor skeleton man) 

i dont ship them romantically, but if you do and wanna tag it as such go right ahead <3