i am posting it now because i can bye


Okay I’ve been tagged by a bunch of radiant angels (@myownpriivateidaho@martinscorsesed @doeletta @decadent-romanticism) to do the year in selfies thing EXCEPT both my laptop and old iPhone are out of order (and the wealth of my better selfies are on both of them) so ur all gonna have to make do with me reposting ones I’ve either posted on here and/or on Instagram already, sorry.
1. When I had hair
2. When I had nice hair
3. When I had St. Vincent’s hair
4. When I fell off my bike in Bushwick and was literally banged up abroad
5. When I had my makeup done in work and felt like a brunette Debbie Harry
6. When me and Hazel found flowers on the ground like a murder scene and she weaved them through my hair
8. Cat
9. At peace with my acne x
10. Birthday bitch
It’s also v saddening to look at BECAUSE I WAS GLORIOUS FROM THE START OF THE YEAR UNTIL I CAME BACK FROM AMERICA and now I am trash (also u can actually track the deterioration of my eyebrows and skin)
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