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Steven and Connie’s First Kiss, Take 2

Steven: Hey Connie, is that a new bike?

Connie: Totally! I can’t ride it for shit, but it’s new.

Dr. Maheswaran: Language.

Connie: How did you get here?!

Dr. Maheswaran: I can do all things through the Abacus who strengthens me!

Connie: …k. I’mma ride this now.

Guy in an SUV: Hot diggety damn am I drunk right now


Guy in an SUV: Poop on a stick, I done gone hit and run the Master of the Universe

Steven: NOOOOoOOooOooOoOOoOO

Connie: Whoa… both my legs are broken. That’s pretty metal.


Connie: Not necessary.

Connie: Hey, White Mage~ need heals~ <3

Steven: Steven cast CURAGA!


Connie: Aaaand legs aren’t broken.

Dr. Maheswaran: …

Connie: …

Steven: …

Connie: …did we just kiss in front of my mom?

Dr. Maheswaran: STEVEN.

Steven: Oh no…!

Dr. Maheswaran: STEVEN…

Dr. Maheswaran: I HAVE…

Dr. Maheswaran: …a really weird idea, just bear with me here. See…

~a couple months later~

oddlytendersouls  asked:

Could you pretty please with sugar and candy on top do an imagine where Ashton is coming home from tour to see you asleep on the couch with one of his shirts on and he just cuddles the crap outta you. I am having some serious Ashton feels right now☺️

Holy poop okay wow I was not ready for this request this is so cute. Here we go.

It’s late. Really, really late. You’d tried staying up but you’d hardly gotten any sleep the previous night with the excitement of Ashton finally going to be home again. It was a busy day of cleaning up, doing some washing, and just about anything else to get yourself to stay awake but maybe now in retrospective, you probably shouldn’t have gone about it that way as it probably tired you out even more.

You honestly could have slept for ages if it wasn’t for the startling noise of your lovely boyfriend stubbing his toe on something in the dark.

You wake with a jolt and a gasp and Ashton immediately breaks into apologies. “Shit, sorry, sorry,” he announces in the dark hallway. “Go back to sleep,” he whispers once he’s stepped into the tv-lit living room. Realizing you’d fallen asleep, you quickly sit up with a pout.

“How long have you been home?” You rub at your sleepy eyes. “Not long, about an hour maybe? Was just coming to check on you,” he explains easily. “Why didn’t you wake me?” You frown up at him. “Couldn’t bring myself to, you just looked so cute cuddled on the couch in my shirt - which I’ve been looking for by the way,” he replies lightly.

“I know,” you admit sheepishly. “But it’s my favorite.” “It’s my favorite too,” he counters with a small smile. “Well then I guess we’ve got ourselves a bit of a predicament here don’t we?” you hum, climbing into his lap once he’s finally taken a seat. “Nah, I think it looks better on you,” he grins and your cheeks warm with a blush.

“Good. Wasn’t planning on giving it up anyway,” you chuckle, letting Ashton catch your lips with his own. You both sigh into it, finally being back together after a few particularly busy months. “Missed you,” he mumbles against your lips. You hum your agreement then feel that nagging exhaustion apparently getting its second wind.

“I can’t wait to hear all about everything baby but right now, right now we need sleep,” you say matter-of-fact, slipping off his lap. “But I’m not tired,” he frowns, still stuck in a different timezone. “Then you can cuddle while I sleep,” you’re already laying back down on the couch, pulling the blanket Ashton must have draped over you, up to your chin.

He gives a little wholehearted giggle at the endearing sight and grabs the remote before cuddling up behind you.

Once he’s settled comfortably, chest pressed against your back and arm holding you close, he whispers a beaming, “I love you.” You respond with a sleepy mumbled attempt at ‘I love you too’ that Ashton gives a little laugh at and presses one last kiss to your cheek before you’re drifting back to sleep with Ashton snuggled impossibly close.

anonymous asked:

I am sick and feel like poop right now, if your not busy could you draw me a picture of tim patting a chicken and swirly haired dude yelling at him like a dingus

hope you feel better