i am pooping myself right now

Hey friends,

I have been doing a bit better lately (than I was doing for that awful three months or so). I am trying to be more active again online, but I’m not 100% and to be quite frank my writing is kind of poop right now, but the Casablanca series is one that I worked on from time to time while I was doing pretty poorly. So, maybe there is some poetry in writing shitty breakup stories while so sick? Who knows. I also have a decent number of asks in my inbox and am kind of awkward at responding (especially to the nice ones - I like to keep those for myself and reread when I need encouragement). Anyway, stop in and say hi. I’ll be around.


I just finished cleaning my apartment and it feels so great and liberating. Kylo had an hour walk so he’s pooped out and behaving. I just finished making myself lunch ( tuna wrap with kale & veggies ) and kept thinking about how I honestly need to get back on track and start working out. I am on Amazon right now researching on supplements such as pre-workouts, vitamins, etc. 

I’ve cut out steak and chicken and now stick to mainly seafood, pastas, brown rice, quinoa salads, veggies, kale salads, and some desserts here and there. I still have eggs for breakfast though. I’m going to try to cut out as much carbs as possible and see how I feel. I’m having second thoughts on going back to adding chicken in my diet but I’m just going to try to see how I feel after cutting out the pastas and carbs first.

If any of you have any sincere advice in getting back on track, I would really appreciate it. 

After being so dedicated to my workout routine couple years ago it really makes me sad how unmotivated I am and feel. :( 

I need to get my shit together!


The new Mad Max video is here!

First of all: this is all wasteland-scraps fault.
I asked for a new song to work with and this was the suggestion.Challenge accepted and while I was doing this,I got an idea.

I want this video to be my gift to the fandom.
Cause this fandom fucking rocks!

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request an exo scenario in which you move in a new apartment. This new apartment, however, happens to be exo's apartment as well. You didn't know they lived there until you got in the elevator and saw Luhan,Kai, and sehun ( or any members). You were freaking out, and didn't want them to now you were a fan until your phone starts ringing. The ringtone is exo's overdose. Sorry if it's too long. I hope it makes sense. Good luck on your blog! FIGHTING! THANK YOU!

Omfg yay yay yay my heart is skipping. I HAVE SOMETHING TO DO. Thanks for the ask gurl~~~ Please give me feedback bc i wanna know if i suck or not lol.


(This may be a tad long but I hope you like it)



Okay so maybe not, but hey I finally got my new apartment and it was all WITHOUT my parents help.


I know.

I’m cool.

And honestly who would’ve thought this overly swaggy chick would be able to live on her own without any assistance what so ever. But to be honest I wasn’t even surprised my parents didn’t want to help me with my apartment in the first place. I mean…It’s not like I spent most of my paychecks on some stuff…

some…Exo …stuff… .

Just ya know… A couple of shirts… .And CD’s… . And Posters … .And some plane tickets to see them half around the world on a first class ride…

Just normal everyday stuff…  nothing much …

The time was already 8:10 PM, and in case you don’t know what that means then i’ll tell you. Are you ready?

Are you readdyyyy?????

mkay. I’ll tell you.

I’VE BEEN WAITING 3 HOURS OUTSIDE IN THE FRIEKEN COLD. 3 HOURS. 3 HOURS. YOU KNOW HOW MANY HOURS??? THREE. TRES. TROIX. Why you might ask? Well i’m waiting for the stupid moving-guy losers to help me take my crud to my new place. 

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dumb baek with his dumb imitations in the DVD. 

dumb baek looking like the cutest little poop this earth has ever seen in the DVD. (screenshots aren’t mine)


lemme just…