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yuugi: what’s wrong??
catem: *i can’t tell him i was staring at his ass. quick distract him* HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE (holy shit i did not mean to say that but it’s too late to take back)

also u guys finally got a glance of yuugi’s kwami. hooray!!

Consider this a 3 am AU written entirely on mobile tumblr in which Neil is a runaway prince and Andrew is a bandit/thief/Robin Hood-esque whatever the fuck with his family + Kevin, and like most of the plot is over and done with.


“Abram.” The name rolls off of Andrew’s tongue, unfamiliar. “Abram,” he repeats. “Is that a truth?”

“It’s the only truth I know,” Neil responds. “But if ‘Neil’ is a lie, I’d like to keep it so for as long as possible.”

“You are Neil Josten,” Andrew says. His tone holds no room for arguments. Neil has never been good at listening to such things, though.

“I am Nathaniel Wesninski,” he says, barely forcing the words out. “I am Prince Nathaniel Wesninski and my father–”

“You are Neil Abram Josten.” Even if he had not spoken, the conviction behind Andrew’s eyes would have been enough to shut him up. He wonders, not for the first time, how anyone could believe him to be heartless. How anyone could believe him to be The Monster that they’ve all labeled him as. Perhaps Andrew is more human than all of them. Maybe he just knows the truth better than all of them. Maybe, perhaps. “You are Neil Abram Josten and you are one of us.”

It’s the last words that knock the air out of his chest. “I’m one of you?” Neil breathes, eyes wide.

“Don’t be an idiot.” Andrew leans forward to flick his forehead. “You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.”

“I’m dangerous to you, and your family.”

“So is Kevin.”

“But you have a deal with Kevin.”

“I had a deal with you.”

There’s a silence. A bird chirps. The wind rustles through the trees. The moon just barely shines through the leaves above them.

Andrew lifts a hand and it hovers just beside Neil’s bandaged cheek. He’s giving him a choice. Neil leans to the side, letting him cup his cheek as he closes his eyes. He hasn’t touched Andrew since Riko took him. He is still warm, although the air is cool. He had thought Riko would bring him to is father, and he’d never feel him again. He’d been prepared for that. Now, he doesn’t know if he would ever be able to leave again.

“Your father still believes Riko to be alive and on his way to him,” Andrew murmurs lowly, stroking his thumb along the bandage. “All it would take is a worded letter to your uncle. He would be dealt with–him and his men.”

“And who will take over?” Neil asks. He opens his eyes. “I am not fit to be king.”

“You are a leader, Neil Josten. You will do fine. It is your birthright.”

“I have not been learning to be a leader in years. I am out of practice.”

“Your uncle can help you. You can build an alliance through your father’s death, and he can teach you to be king. He loves you enough to do so.”

“And what of you? And Nicky, and Aaron, and Kevin?”

Andrew is quiet while he ponders this. “What do you want? What is it that you wish for us to do?”

“I wish for you all to be able to find somewhere to rest.”

“Even Aaron?”

“…I suppose. He is your brother. I can retract your criminal status. You can have a place in the palace.”

“So you are planning on becoming king, then.”

“I–.” Neil blinks. He hadn’t realized. “I suppose so.”

Andrew nods. “We shall send a letter to your uncle, then?”

“I do not need him to fight my battles.”

“You will not fight your father.” It’s an ordwr, but it sounds like a plea. Neil is and likely always will be weak to Andrew. He cannot argue when he can hear that something behind his voice.

“Okay,” he murmurs, “we will send for my uncle.”

Andrew looks at him, looks into eyes that Neil hates because they are wholly his father’s. They are eyes that Andrew finds intriguing, he knows. “The era of Wesninski will soon be over,” he says. “You will be a king bearing the name Josten. You are not your father. You will be better than him.” You are better than him, he doesn’t say.

“Andrew…” His hand is still to his cheek. He isn’t inclined to remind him to remove it. “Yes or no?”

Neil has not kissed Andrew since the night before Riko had taken him all that time ago. The last time they kissed, Neil was aware of the time limit hanging above his head. He had wanted to know the feeling of being something to Andrew before he was forced to leave them.

There is still a limit, but he feels like they have all the time in the world. Nicky and Aaron and Kevin sleep, far enough away to not be heard but still be seen. In this moment, it is Andrew Doe and Neil Josten and no one else. This is the one thing Neil has ever truly wanted. Whatever ‘this’ may be.


It is Andrew who closes the gap. Andrew who presses his lips so, so softly to Neil’s in a way that is odd, but not unwelcome.

It is not a kiss in a haze of lust. It is not one of desperation. It is not one that speaks of a goodbye and the knowledge that ‘this’ will never be anything ever again.

It is a kiss that holds the promise they had made all those months ago, and the silent promise they made just then. It speaks of that 'something’ that Andrew refuses to acknowledge. It speaks of the things they will never tell each other, but know, deep down. It speaks of battles hard won and the freedom that is so, so close. It speaks of whatever Neil Abram Josten and Andrew Joseph Doe are.

It is a kiss that speaks of everything.

  • Me as a Reader of Fanfic: Can't you just give these poor characters a break?! Can't you just let them be happy for once in their lives??!?
  • Me as a Writer: *puts my fingertips together and grins evilly* Ah, but where's the fun in that?

away from the sun ; teaser  {taehyung | reader}


Once every five years, when the June solstice arrives and graces the sky with the midnight sun, a comet dashes by.

It is more than just a blinking light that moves at an unhinged speed. According to what you’ve heard, it looks like it stills in the middle of the vastness of space, and its tail flickers and shimmies in long tendrils of vibrant colors full of meaning — a subtle force that speaks to the humans who look up to the stars and set their eyes on the glowing meteorite, unique but just as intense for every single gaze. It speaks of soulmates and fate, of heavy truths and indelible bonds.

Each person sees a different pool of colors. You’ve heard more than a thousand stories, of people who saw the colors of the fireplace and others who were seized by the soothing hues of woodland during dawn. You’ve read about colors that go from the red blush of a beach beneath the sunset to the ivory traces of a wintry hill covered in thick snow. The colors do not give them the name of their soulmates, but once they find their other half, they will see those rich tones reflected in their lover’s eyes.

It is the most fascinating fairytale you have ever heard, and you have a hard time accepting it is all real, even if it’s been a reality that has existed long before you were born. And even if you haven’t been able to stare at the comet with your own eyes, you still look up to the day of your twenty first birthday with a fervor that never dies down. Every time you close your eyes you can almost see the set of colors blinking back at you, thousands of kilometers away but nearer than ever.

And more than knowing how the eyes of your soulmate will look like, you long to feel that exhilaration others are able to describe so distinctly, of getting a glimpse of something that goes beyond anyone’s perception. Something that’s not quite human, yet still feels close to home.


It’s the biggest effing HC of all time. 

I think it’s longer than some of my minific chapters. 
Holy God. 
I need to be exorcised or something. Seriously
Okay, i need to turn in- but I’ll edit this tomorrow and will have it posted asap! 
Until then my loves- have a great day and hopefully you’ll enjoy this Jumin Smangst as much as I had fun writing it out (don’t get me wrong, i was horrified writing this all out, but it was fun!)

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quick question for the mod lol, do you have any advice on how to get noticed as an ask blog in a "bigger" fandom like bmc? :v

//if I’m being honest I don’t really know!! I guess an idea I could give is have an au for your ask blog if you want? Since there are already so many ask blogs based on just one or two characters! Not bashing those bc they are also awesome aaa!
Getting a following and getting questions can be hard if you’re starting out small and your main is also… Very small (talking on experience here pff) but there’s no shame in going @ your friends ‘hey ask me something on my ask blog pls and thx’ bc I bothered my friend A LOT so that she’d send an ask, remember that to get noticed it’s not usually the first post that always does it you gotta provide stuff to the tag so that people get a taste of what you do!
Also don’t be discouraged if you don’t any asks at first!! It took me a while to get my first ask, so good luck to you anon! And this is probably not good advice and it’s a bit of a mess but I hope even some of it could help :’)


i, for one, am extremely excited about all of the first-year interactions that have both happened in the latest chapter and are guaranteed to happen coming up,

Random H2OWildcat.

It’s a first meet-up for Delirious, and ‘too many to count’ meet-up for everyone else, but they’re all going to vacation for the weekend in a cabin in the West Virginia woods.

There was obviously a per-warmup party, because everybody came to the airport smelling strongly of booze. Lui only managing to keep his bottle of Smirnoff by flirting heavily with two security guards.

Wildcat is a quiet drunk. Baring the moments that he’s prone to bursts of loud, offensive jokes.

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tddk day 3; strengths/weaknesses

When Shouto graduated from UA, he thought for sure they would all separate in different areas and drift apart. It was common, wasn’t it? It happened with his middle school classmates. Class A had great memories and lived together for three years, but they were all going to be professional heroes. They were bound to be too busy to hang out.

Except. Of course Midoriya found a way to make it work. Having inherited the responsibility of being the new light of hope, Midoriya was always moving. It felt like he was everywhere. “You can always count on me,” he’d said to everyone, but looked right at Shouto like there was a hidden message in his words. (Shouto didn’t understand what it was even now.)

He helped all around Japan, never quite settling in one place. Everyone saw him at least once a week.

Shouto saw him almost everyday.

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oh man.” kai practically groans, mouth full of rich chocolate cake. he was convinced that auradon has the best food, perhaps almost magical. and then he points his fork at the person nearest to him. “you have to try this. it’s the best thing i’ve ever eaten.” he gushes gesturing the plate.


How the fuck is Jacob Kowalski not Jewish. In this time period, over 2/3 of Poles were Jewish. So we’re just gonna disregard that little stupid of hers because wth. You can’t take this away from me JKR. nope.

Edit: For clarification, I was referring to the New York City Polish population, not the world of Polish people. Sorry for the confusion.

Once upon a time a curious pale-eyed and black-haired boy wandered into a big, deep forest. The boy was so fascinated by the plants and animals in these woods that the hours passed by like fish swimming downstream and soon it was dark. The boy only noticed this when he came upon a clearing in the forest, where he could gaze at the twinkling myriad of stars above, glittering like no jewels ever could. Under this starry sky the child laid himself down and fell asleep, trusting himself to the stars care.

The boy had no idea how fortunate he was, for in the forest lived a big, vile spider who resented everything that could walk under the sun. The spider could bear no light, even moonlight left him horribly scarred. So in the darkness of the forest he dwelled, praying upon any that strayed into the woods.

On this night he had been hunting in a far and lonesome corner of the forest and only heard his webs sing when the boy was in safety. The young thing tempted the spider so terribly, he hadn’t had a bite so fresh since he’d been damned to the forest. The spider was patient and could wait, the moon on this night was barely a sliver and would set soon.

Thus the spider creeped towards the boy on the meadow with his long, spindly legs. The starlight pressed patterns into his body, new scars sprang into his flesh at every step. The prize would worth the pain, though, and he was already hideous.

Suddenly the spider felt a burning on his back more like the moon and the sun, intense and painful. He barely had the time to glimpse at a shooting star when he scuttled back into the dark depths of the forest. For a fallen star was standing now next to the sleeping boy, a star like a child of blond hair that shined starlight and twinkling blue eyes, that searched the woods for danger.

The spider became angry, for he could not even look at this star without hurting and he began to plot the demise of the star and returned to remote depths of the forest to wait for his time.

In the meadows the star turned his attention to the sleeping boy. He had gazed down at this boy from his home in the sky, wondering at the curious life of this human. He had worried when the boy had wandered into the forest, his fear growing until he had appeared in the meadow. This was the first time the boy had looked up at the sky for longer than a moment and the star felt as if it was him that the boy gazed at. His joy turned to worry soon though, for the forest loomed around the meadow and dark things dwelled there. Soon his fears came true and the most evil creature in the whole of the woods creeped out into the meadow.

The star didn’t hesitate for a moment and jumped down towards the boy, leaving his home in the sky behind. His descent was as fast as light and yet it still seemed too long for the star. The creature fled at the light and the boy in the meadow was safe for a time longer.
The boy stirred from his sleep soon, a shining star next to him made it seem like midday was upon him. But what gazed down on him was a much more wondrous than the sun.

The boy’s eyes went wide when he realised what stood watch over him. He had heard stories of falling stars, but never believed any, for they were set in times long past or lands far away. But now a real star stood before him and he was sure that nothing in the world could ever compare to the beauty of this star. His skin shimmered, eyes twinkled and his hair was a shining light, bright enough to light up the darkest of nights. The boy was quick to open his mouth.
“A star. A fallen star. How are you real?”
The star stared mutely back, his brow quirking up.

“How did you come down? You look like a human, how could you survive up there? Can you speak?”

At the last rapidly spoken question the star shook his head. Speaking was of no use up in the sky, the distances too great. Instead the star lifted up his hand and cupped the cheek of the boy. The boy had only time to freeze when his mind fell into the star’s. He saw himself there, at different moments in his life, and a question drifted to the forefront of his mind.

The boy gasped as the star let his face go and breathed:

“Sherlock- my name is Sherlock.”

The star smiled dazzlingly at him.

“What’s yours?”

The star scrunched his eyebrows together and shook his head.

“Well, I can’t refer to you as star all the time. Can I make up one for you?” Sherlock inquired.

The star nodded vigorously and smiled.

“I think I’ll name you… John. It’s a common name, but you are so uncommon already. And people tend to notice you less if you have a generic name, not like mine.”

The star smiled wide at his new name, but took hold of Sherlock’s hand to convey that he liked Sherlock’s name. He frowned at the sadness in the boy’s voice. Sherlock gulped and rambled:

“Some people think it’s a weird name and that I do weird things and that I should stopped and-”

Sherlock’s speech was cut off by John hugging him and conveying him emotions of care and happiness. Slowly he relaxed into the hug and for the first time felt like he had a friend. The star hugged him even closer and Sherlock smiled like he was truly happy.

For the lovely lovely @love-in-mind-palace, I started this as an ask to you, but it somehow grew and I now have an entire plot. Whelp! I just have to get it down on paper now.

I’m tagging also @addignisherlock and @predictably-unpredictable, because you may like it and everyone deserves something good!

If anyone else finds this worthy of liking and would like to be notified when (not if, I hope) I write more of this, leave me a message/ask and I’ll tag you!

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first off, i am so excited for this series. my fear is that the plot is going to be watered down to appeal to a more younger audience. i dont know if that makes sense, it does in my head. i just want them to explore eugene and rapunzel's relationship and rapunzel's difficulty adjusting to it all and stuff like that. i dont want them to water it down and have plot lines that are only aimed at little kids and that, idk. does that make sense? lol

I am EXTREMELY excited for this series, and everyone on the crew I’ve talked to is excited, too. Like, really excited.

You need to remember that this is going to be on the Disney Channel and not Disney Junior, which means they aren’t aiming it at preschoolers. Gravity Falls wasn’t watered down (well, “watered down” doesn’t apply to GF exactly, since the series is the source material, but you get my meaning), and @artistssandoval worked on that, too. I have absolute trust in him, @kritter-art, @cnotes and everyone else working on it. They all love the movie, too, and want to do it and the fans proud. They have an overall story they’re telling, so while my mind keeps drifting back to the episodic-series-based-on-Disney-feature-animation of the 90′s, I really don’t think that’s what we’re getting with Tangled Before Ever After.

I watched Tangled over the weekend (surprise, surprise!) and it struck me how very dramatic and emotional it is, on top of all the high adventure and silliness and lovey dovey feels, and I sincerely doubt our dear writers and cast, who voiced the movie and therefore know how the characters act and interact, will get it wrong. So much of the original cast and crew are returning that it seems impossible that it would end up a watered down version. Heck, at the event at the El Capitan in February, which Nathan Greno and Mandy Moore hosted, she said that Rapunzel is her favorite role she’s ever had!

So, have faith, Kelsey! The more I learn, about both the crew and the series, the more I believe that it’ll be something we can truly enjoy and get behind.

My Reaction to Cursed Child
  • *scorbus is SUPER evident throughout the entire book*
  • Scorpius at the very end of the book: I ASKED OUT ROSE!!!! I LOVE HER SOOOOO MUCH
  • Me: ex- excuse me????
  • *puts down book*
  • Me: *inhales deeply* I cannOT BELIEVE

The highlight of the long days at Shell Cottage is her nightly walk with Ron along the coastline. She doesn’t need to hold his arm, not anymore, but he always offers it anyway and she always takes it.

The other tradition, as unspoken as the first, is that their conversations are light and casual, and about anything but the seemingly impossible mission at hand.

Tonight they stroll in silence, contemplating Lupin’s news.

“A baby,” Ron says finally, his voice full of wonder. “Do you ever think about having kids?”

“Not lately,” she says ruefully, before realizing that is veering dangerously close to their invisible line. “But I used to, yes.”

“Me too,” Ron says. “I don’t think I want a lot of kids like my folks had. Growing up in the Burrow was fun but it was a bit of a zoo at times. So maybe just like… four.”

Four?!” Hermione says, laughing. He gives her a puzzled look. “Some people would argue that four is a lot, Ron.”

“Why, what are you thinking?” Ron says.

“Maybe one?”

One?” It’s Ron’s turn to be the incredulous echo. “That’s not even enough to play a game of Quidditch!”

“You certainly have odd criteria for making important life decisions.”

“But it’s ridiculous!” he says. “How am I going to continue my family’s plot of ginger world domination if I only have one kid?”

She laughs again. “Well I hate to rain on your planned ascendancy, but red hair is a recessive trait so there’s no guarantee that the children would even have red hair to begin with. But now one of my grandfathers had red hair so - ”

She tails off as it dawns on her that they aren’t talking about his kids or her kids, they are talking about their kids. The ones they would have together.

Given the relaxed, non-flushed appearance of his face, this fact hasn’t dawned on Ron yet.

Unless maybe it has.

“- so I might carry the genome,” she finishes carefully.

“Aha!” Ron says, looking pleased. “Ginger domination. But anyway, don’t let it trouble you. I wouldn’t mind a brown-haired child, as long as they are ginger in spirit.”

She tucks her hand a little tighter into his elbow, feeling lighter than she has in weeks. After everything they’ve faced, before everything horrible that’s still to come, Ron can still think about the future and a red-headed Quidditch team all his own.

And apparently, so can she.

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