i am perfectly happy watching this gif

Over the last year Trump has struck some stunning blows to the organization of CNN as a whole.

To start from the beginning:

Trump gets CNN good ratings as a personality, so they give him free coverage, albeit to slander him. This helps his campaign. No such thing as bad publicity, right?

Trump: 1 CNN: 0

CNN predicts over and over again that Trump will lose, slander him and make him into a bogeyman, they say over and over that anyone who votes for him can only be a racist and a bigot. The people vote for him anyway, deliberately spitting on CNN’s opinion.

Trump: 2 CNN: 0

Trump disinvites CNN from his press conferences. CNN throws a hissy fit but can’t do a dang thing about it.

Trump: 3 CNN: 0

CNN publishes a laughably fake and bizzarre “Russian intelligence dossier” now known as “pissgate” to smear Trump, and gets their ass handed to them by every other news organization.

Trump: 4 CNN: 0

CNN continually lies about Trump’s involvement with Russia, eventually publishing a blatantly fake story that gets retracted the next day because they were called out on it.

Trump: 5 CNN: 0

But that wasn’t enough punishment for CNN, because in the latest round, they’ve delivered themselves up for yet another beating. Instead of using the ostensibly righteous position that was afforded to them by Trump’s mockery, they went the extra mile and blackmailed a random kid for making the gif that was used to insult them.

One wonders who in their right mind could actually believe this gif incites violence against reporters?  As a person who would never harm a hair on the head of a reporter from CNN or anywhere else for that matter, I can say I am perfectly happy to watch CNN as a news organization get pummeled into the ground by public disdain. Trump started this fight but our little “Hanassholesolo” may very well have unwittingly delivered the KO.