i am paying to go to school i should be doing the homework ugh


a thrilling saga of shit i’ve heard at college; these are all from my first semester of sophomore year. feel free to change names/pronouns/etc.! more ‘shit i heard/said’ starters!

  • “The porn industry is moving swimmingly.”
  • “We all need men. Go find them.”
  • “It’s not an opera, bitches, it’s a flight.”
  • “Don’t look! It makes their dick bigger!”
  • “I have my own place and I can light as many candles as I want.”
  • “I’m not a librarian, sir.”
  • “How’s your sack lunch, bitch?”
  • “Stab me in the ass and turn me into Kim Kardashian.”
  • “I stayed up another hour just to cry.”
  • “I just got a nude and I don’t know how to feel about it.”
  • “I’m gonna go stab my eyes out now.”
  • “We get it. You have a big truck and a small penis.”
  • “It’s an epidemic, Karter!”
  • “There’s no cups, so I’m using a bowl. To drink apple juice.”
  • “Fuck y’all, I’m eating Fruit Loops!”
  • “I don’t know my superhero name, but here I am with my can of Lysol and my plastic fork.”
  • “Your list of things to do includes making the best 2000s playlist of all time and fighting me at Cheesecake Factory.”
  • “This is borderline human abuse.”
  • “How do you feel about fluorescent lighting?”
  • “I’m sorry, I’m on a college budget, I’ll give you two nickels and a paper clip.”
  • “We couldn’t say hell, because… Catholic school problems.”
  • “I don’t want them to call me and be like, ‘we’re about to drill into your face!’”
  • “Ugh, yes, the hot TA, what club are you in?”
  • “My rat bastard dad? What about him?”
  • “I have an idea that I’m positive no other human has ever had: butter flavored ice cream.”
  • “I hate myself, but I’m funny, so…”
  • “This man loves puppies and he is not afraid to say it.”
  • “There’s just something about stale food that I really like.”
  • “I like how we’re watching our upcoming death on TV.”
  • “When I get wasted, I want to fight. It’s a problem.”
  • “My boyfriend got really drunk and started drinking nectar out of the hummingbird feeder.”
  • “He currently has a child.”
  • “That’s a good way of getting rid of a baby.”
  • “He can’t look at his dead parents or his alive children.”
  • “I can’t focus on reading, ‘cause I just wanna watch Drake and Josh.”
  • “My roommate loves manifestos. Especially the Communist Manifesto.”
  • “Have you studied his naked body or something?”
  • “Okay, we got our Greek tragic playwrights: there’s Sophocles… there’s Euripides… uh… Isosceles?”
  • “We’re so stupid we click things that say ‘click here for here’.”
  • “So there were just 95 loose pigs.”
  • “This is called shaming.”
  • “I can’t be the only person who says ‘meatballs and spaghetti’.”
  • “What could go wrong? …oh, shit, I’m on fire.”
  • “Don’t call Kourtney unless you wanna suck dick tonight.”
  • “There’s no one around. He’s talking to his dick.”
  • “Just ‘cause it’s Greek doesn’t mean it’s sophisticated.”
  • “I hate myself, but I hate her more.”
  • “I don’t know anything about it, but it has bread in the name, so I want to try it.”
  • “Just… don’t breathe this class.”
  • “Megan: secret crop top wearer.”
  • “I’m embracing my aesthetic while you’re embracing… Jon Hamm’s face.”
  • “What are we doing tonight besides homework? …and bread?”
  • “I’m witnessing a breakup right here in the Starbucks line.”
  • “I nominate Gushers as a snack suggestion, but, like, a lot of them. All of them.”
  • “I have a strong immune system.”
  • “I was so worked up about the bolo ties.”
  • “Also, I was wine drunk, so…”
  • “Does she hit him? I hope she hits him.”
  • “Only Matthew McConaughey drives Lincolns.”
  • “Oh, yeah, I’m totally a Republican… Pence is daddy…”
  • “After that… is the exact same thing… from a different angle.”
  • “All my life, I’ve been striving to be better than Kidz Bop.”
  • “Is ‘slaveitude’ a word?”
  • “Ted Bundy was attractive. People knew him.”
  • “I feel like whoever’s in charge of the Reese’s company is really high right now. Like, putting Reese’s inside of Reese’s.”
  • “One beer bottle on campus might be a problem, but if there’s 8, they’re props.”
  • “With elevators, it’s not claustrophobia. It’s that I don’t trust the government.”
  • “Headphones: in. World: out. Notes font: ugly.”
  • “You know that’s a felony, right?”
  • “That’s a… fourth or fifth impression kind of story.”
  • “That means she definitely fucked a member of Kiss.”
  • “I feel free, but also ugly.”
  • “This is my unassigned assigned seat, and if any of you take it, I will fight you.”
  • “I went to the Home Depot, bought a bunch of lights, put them up in the air, and said ‘this is art’.”
  • “Because I was a full New Yorker, I just kept walking.”
  • “We almost died, but our last meal would’ve been free, so…”
  • “What’s a funeral like in 2017? GIFs and memes.”
  • “I would like to thank not only God but also Tinder.”
  • “I sat through a 40 minute argument about how Justin Bieber started the Cold War.”
  • “I’m just walking down the hallway, thinking about ways to throw myself down the stairs and make it look like an accident.”
  • “Now, if it was Kidz Bop, I’d go see it.”
  • “Don’t name your kid Ethelwold.”
  • “Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes: a vision for America.”
  • “My dad’s not getting dick from anyone.”
  • “I’m a shady beach and y’all are my shady beaches.”
  • “Oh, no, don’t write that down…”
  • “At Chipotle, God himself picked those avocados and put them in the guacamole.”
  • “It should be a holiday: Ohio awareness day.”
  • “We should go to a nice place. A formal place. California Pizza Kitchen.”
  • “What do you do in geology lab? Dissect rocks?”
  • “What great weather for a mental breakdown.”
  • “He’s not computer generated; he’s actually that large.”
  • “I’ve done some soul searching and I think that ranch dressing is my favorite food.”
  • “I almost said his birthday was in 1926. It’s like, we got a little bit of an age gap.”
  • “Are you physically running away from the situation?”
  • “I will personally call Papa John to tell him that he’s the reason my life isn’t going right.”
  • “I can’t wait for middle-aged sex now.”
  • “I should’ve known, there aren’t two eclipses in a year!”
  • “I walked around with a bear taser for a year and a half.”
  • “I found out that the guy I have a restraining order against has been peeing on my car for two years.”
  • “He fought the devil in jeans and no shirt.”
  • “She threw my fucking pillow off of the balcony!”
  • “Tickets are for something fun. Paying the check is not fun.”
  • “It’s Halloween, calories don’t count on holidays.”
  • “Well, you know how I said we met in philosophy class? Well… Elise doesn’t take philosophy class.”
  • “You got it wrong. You said 56 point 2. The answer was 56 point 2.”
  • “Do I want that horrible sock tan line the I had for five years back? Yeah, I do.”
  • “I got drunk, threw up, got high, and came here.”
  • “It’s Titanic blue. I’m the Heart of the Ocean, bitch.”
  • “The only rat bastard in our lives is Russ.”
  • “The beats are so good, but the words are such trash.”
  • “I had to fight someone in the elevator yesterday.
  • “…I’ve awakened the Demigorgon.”
  • “We solved the great hiccup epidemic of 2017.”
  • “Watch out, Kansas, I’m coming for you.”
  • “Do not associate my birthday with math terms.”
  • “That’s some Hunger Games type shit.”
  • “Fuck y’all, I hope you trip and die.”
  • “I’m very confused and also cold: an American tale. A five part miniseries, this fall on HBO.”
  • “I am Mrs. Grey! Bring me the kink!”
  • “I really wanna make a shirt that’s all Comic Sans.”
  • “I was thinking about Panera’s mac and cheese in a bread bowl, and I started crying.”
  • “We’re gonna steal your WiFi, but it’s okay, because Panhellenic love.”
  • “I have confidence that you’re not gonna get pregnant within those two hours.”
  • “See if this card works. I mean, it should work, but, like…”
  • “I think my favorite part was slowly dying.”
  • “All they serve is chicken salad, so you really have to like chicken salad.”
  • “I have three papers and a test this week, I don’t have time for feelings to resurface.”
  • “I’m living a life. Not my best one.”
  • “When you write a report on a book you’ve never read.”
  • “Don’t tell me what to wear when you wear Crocs to the bar.”
  • “I have listened to literally nothing but Hallelujah and My Heart Will Go On all day today.”
  • “Oh my god, Elise, you fucking bitch, get your shit together, and write your paper.”
  • You know what I’m really devastated about? I’m all out of Fruit Roll-ups.”
  • “We’re gonna be teachers. We have school forever.”
  • “I don’t want your sympathy, I want your anger.”
  • “Clowns… doorknobs… the color yellow… ducks… I’m quoting Victorious…”
  • “Did you just say ‘hey Sophie’ to not include me? ‘Cause, guess what, bitch, I’m still here.”
  • “I live here, I know when we have salad!”
  • “I think Satan’s middle name is cumulative.”
  • “I will put up with my moose husband for however long I need.”
  • “I’ve literally been down here for an hour and a half waiting for these nonexistent cookies.”
  • “I’m keeping a detailed list of Elise’s hickeys.”
  • “I’m an adult, I say as I eat my Fruit Roll-up.”
  • “Oh, my practicum grade is in! Let’s see… 36.”
  • “SOS, I’m in bed and it’s so comfy, but I need to get up to study, what do I do?”
  • “Get up. Only a few more days until we can sleep all we want.”
  • “So you’re admitting you live in the woods.”
  • “I don’t know if it’s finals stress or if this is actually the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but I’m crying.”
  • “It was optional, don’t make me feel bad for skipping class.”
  • “I’ve heard that, if enough people fail, they’ll have to curve it.”
  • “How do you even study for this?”
Death Note Live Watch Reaction

-*Special Note: HOLY SHIT, this movie is bad

-We are in Seattle. Okay. Sure, why not?

- Anyone else notice how Light is like doing middle school homework in high school? No really, I was doing logarithms in my sophomore year. Sure, I was in honors classes, but come on?

- Light Yagami had a super sense towards the law. He would not be doing other kid’s homework for money. Sorry, but you already screwed up this character with the opening fucking scene.

-Like I am trying. I really am.

-Why does this movie have this 70s high school feel…in 2017? No really, who the fuck cares about cheerleaders and jocks anymore in school? The cool kids now are the fucking prepsters who get good grades and shit or the mopey losers on instagram.

–Oh please tell me that this hot topic heffa is not supposed to be Misa?

-Misa Amane was gothic. Not emo. Fuck….

- Also Misa was a fucking super model. She is not some ordinary white girl. She is headturningly beautiful. I am not taking away from the actress because she is attractive in that ordinary white girl across the street type of way, but no.

-Oh god, I hate the music. This is what DmC did to Devil May Cry. This is so bad. Like Death Note had ominous chanting to death metal. Not soem 80s syth pop.

- The music does not match!

-No one sees a book falling from the sky in the open? Okay.

- I get that everyone else heads inside, but why would football players? I mean it is just rain and as far I’ve seen, Football players play in the rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Even high school. Then again, I went to a school with a highly competive football team so yeah.

-The bully? I don’t know if this movie knows what schools are like now and days. Bullies are few and far in between in that make. People resort to passive aggressiveness now or cyberbullying.

- Flash Thompson in Spider-man: Homecoming is today’s type of bully. Whoever this Biff looking motherfucker is a thing of the past.

- Misa(if that is even her name) has some stupid lines. Like you are such a stupid fuck? Really? stupid fuck? Alright.

-HEY DON’t TOUCH HER! Fuck, Light, why are you screaming? They just pushed the girl. They didn’t fucking impale her or beat her up. The fuck?

-Also Light Yagami, is a misogynist who thinks women are useless and get in his way. He would step in the way to save Misa from a bully, yes, but he would not be super abrasive about it or psycho.

-They really do not get Light Yagami at all. He is not a bullied character. If Light were the one stepping up to Biff from Back to the Future, Light would immediately threaten to go to the authority(in this case adults) or talk the guy down while being impossibly smug. He would not taunt the guy out loud. And the guy would not be in Light’s face taunting him because Light is, wait for it….one of the popular kids. Yes. Light is that asshole prep kid who has the future lined up for him. He is brilliant, and smart, and pretty, and all those things women love him for and why men want to be him. They fucked this movie up from the get go.

-Threatening child abuse? Really Light? Okay

-I am trying. I really am.

- White Yagami: I was beat up and you are worried that I threatened the academic integrity of school. You should pay attention to people who make life worse for everybody, principal, and not the guy is cheats for people.

- Thank you, principal for not buying into his bullshit.

- Boo-hoo, I was not rewarded for being a male savior.

-I stopped trying btw.

- The dialogue is soooo bad. “Hey I was awake…I was a tree or something?” What? Even? Ugh?

- Well White Yagami is the type of white boy who investigates the danger in horror movies. 

-Okay, that scream will great. LMAO

-This home boy literally shrieked!

- He is really losing his shit. OMG.

- Ryuk is fucking wasteful. That is a whole lot of apple that is not eaten. 

- White Yagami is so fucking crass. Everybody is dropping f-bombs like it is the biggest word they know.

-Ryuk sounds like Ryuk.

- Ryuk is tempting White Yagami to write in the Death Note? Oh God!

- Did these assholes even see Death Note? I really have to ask because ugh!

- This is the first 10 minutes, and I can’t even. 

- Look, what made Light so special is that when Ryuk dropped the Death Note, he wanted to see what would happen. He thought someone who picked up the Death Note would just write someone’s name out of curiosity or even do some revenge kills because that is what people do. So when he tracks down Light and sees that he, after testing the Death Note out, filled out entire pages, he was shocked. Light did not need any push to start killing. He already had it in him.

- Like Ryuk is actually encouraging him? Are they exonerating Light in this movie?

-Like no?

- When did Death Note become fucking final destination?

-…You know what? Fuck this movie.I am not going to subject myself to this shit. I love myself too much to watch this and that is saying something because I have severe clinical depression.

-ten minutes in and I am done.

Oh My, My, My - II (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: language

AUTHOR’S NOTE: sooooo….. this series might be longer than expected but that’s a good thing, right?
oh, and i am going to make the tag list for this story just 50 users since it does take while to tag. I currently have 32 spots left on my tag list for this series. If you want to be tagged, PLEASE let me know! .xx


“There he is!” Natasha swooned.

A new guy had just arrived to school and Natasha could not stop drooling over him. He was apparently scouted to be in the summer Olympics for archery and rumor had it, he was pretty close to perfect.

You looked away from the blond boy to find your favorite long haired brunet walking towards you with a baseball glove in his hand. He was a senior in high school and getting ready to graduate along with Steve and their new friend Sam.

You grinned at him and he winked at you before walking past you and meeting up with his other friends.

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What captains think about in their captain meetings

As requested by anon. :)

We already imagined what the espada think about in their meetings. But what might be on the captains’ minds during theirs?

1. Unohana




“I really need to tell Isane what a nice job she did with those pillow covers. They are making all of the patients so happy, and that is so important.”


2. Kensei

“I wonder what Mashiro is doing right now. Getting into trouble, probably.”

“Ugh she drives me nuts! Why did I want her to be my lieutenant again?”

“And Shuhei had better be working. Not daydreaming about Matsumoto like usual.”

“I need to get back to those idiots.”

“Why is Soi Fon glaring at me?”

3. Soi Fon

“Ugh. Kensei never pays attention in these meetings.”

“Of course, he’s a visored. Associated with Urahara Kisuke, so naturally he’s trouble.”

“I can’t BELIEVE the head captain let those visored come back.”

“Man, these meetings would be so much better if Yoruichi-sama had come back instead of those idiots.”

“I hope she does come back. She’ll see how strong I am. Love me. Be beautiful. Be - SOI FON STOP IT PAY ATTENTION!”

4. Aizen

“If only you knew, head captain, that during this meeting, I have come up with the next eleven steps of my plan.”

“And I narrated my own actions to myself the whole time. Because I am a multitasker”

“Aizen thought to himself. Smugly.”

“I can feel you watching me, Gin.”

“This meeting would be so much better with tea.”

5. Gin

“I will kill you dead, Aizen Sosuke.”

“Now that I know your weakness, I could do it anytime.”

“I could even do it…..right now.”

“But nah.”

“Never hurts to wait a while.”

5. Kenpachi

“This is dumb.”

“I don’t even know what’s going on.”

“Why do we even have these meetings?”

“Instead of meetings, we should all just fight each other.”

“I’d fight Kuchiki Byakuya so hard. That would be so awesome.”

6. Byakuya

“I can feel your eyes on me, barbarian.”

“I am going to have take such a long bath.”

“Hitsugaya is still wearing that scarf. Took the idea from me, of course.”

“I am a fashion icon.”


7. Hitsugaya

“Holyshitholyshitholyshit Kuchiki is looking at me.”

“Stand up straight, Hitsugaya. Be tall. Look smart.”

“As tall as you can, anyway.”

“Stop that! No short jokes in your own head!”

“I wonder if Kuchiki would be amused if I told him a short joke.”

“Maybe I should try that. One day.”

8. Komamura

“What an excellent point the head captain has made.”

“He is very wise as well as very strong.”

“I am glad that we can have these meetings so that I can see true leadership in action.”

“I hope that he is proud of me.”

“Maybe one day….he will pat me on the head as I have always dreamed.”

9. Shinji

“I did not miss these meetings. Ugh. It’s like being in school. Only standing up.”

“Like, at least in high school we had desks.”

“Although at least the head captain doesn’t give us homework. Homework sucks.”

“Okay well at least the meeting must be almost over. It’s been…….FIVE MINUTES?!?”

“I won’t survive this.”

10. Tosen

“I hate listening to you speak, Yamamoto Genryusai.”

“All you speak are lies.”

“There is no justice here.”

“There is no justice anywhere.”

“Except maybe with Komamura.”

11. Kyoraku

“I hope Ukitake is doing okay. Looks a bit wobbly.”

“I should go and have tea with him later. See how he’s doing.”

“If Nanao-chan will give me the time off, anyway!”

“Look at all these youngsters. Paying such good attention.”

“Hopefully no one can tell I’m not listening.”

12. Kurotsuchi

“I wonder what Komamura’s brain looks like.”

“If I gave Unohana my new adrenaline drug, would she snap and kill everyone, or just go after Kenpachi?”

“This meeting is going a ridiculously long time. I should make some more time drugs.”

“Maybe one to speed up time for these meetings. And one that stops time, just for fun.”

“Now which captain could I trick into testing them for me?”

13. Rose

“They say that if you imagine the end of a song, it will no longer be stuck in your head.”

“But what if it’s a song you’re writing, and it doesn’t have an end yet?”

“Then I guess it just stays in your head forever.”

“Like pain. And grief.”

“I wonder if bone would make a good guitar pick.”

14. Ukitake

“I’m so glad I felt well enough to be here!”

“A little wobbly, but that is okay.”

“Pretty sure Kiyone and Sentaro are right outside, so if I faint, they’ll come and collect me.”

“I should have tea with Kyoraku later. See how he’s doing.”

“Hopefully I’ll be well enough for that.”

Staring Game

AN: I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!! midterms just finished and i barely survived lmao 

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

Originally posted by dailyspiderman

The teacher droned on and on about who knows what at this point. Every student in the room was either on their phone, asleep or about to fall asleep. I was quietly doodling pictures of Spider-Man (my current obsession) on the corner of my notebook when I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned my head and met the eyes of Peter Parker. I smiled at him. His eyes went wide before averting his gaze from me and pretended to write on his notebook as if he wasn’t staring at me just a few seconds ago. I giggled and turned back to my drawing.

“So to get the measurements of each side of a triangle, you have to…”

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Ready or Not-Chris Schistad Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Some sensuality and it may be kind of awkward

Originally posted by hermantommeraasitaliansource

 Relationships have a lot of firsts: first kiss, first date, first time meeting parents, first fight, first time making up, first trip. However, the one first that everyone seems to care about is that first time because it’s supposed to tell everyone involved in the relationship whether or not they have chemistry or supposedly if they have a chance at all since what is conversational chemistry without chemistry in the bedroom? Plus, it doesn’t help that after a couple’s first time, friends from both people in the relationship demand to know every single detail—-well, at least the girls do, which was why Y/N felt extremely uncomfortable when Noora, Vilde, Eva, Sana, and Girl Chris cornered her during break.

   “So?” Vilde asked suggestively.

   “So what?” Y/N murmured as she started nibbling on her blueberry muffin.

   “How was it?” Vilde asked, nudging Y/N’s shoulder.

   “How was what?” Y/N responded, completely and utterly confused.

   Vilde groaned and rolled her eyes, but Noora answered. “It’s not really any of our business, but Vilde—-and the rest of us—-want to know how good Chris is in the sack.”

   Noora’s blunt tone mixed with the subject matter nearly made Y/N choke on her food. She coughed for a moment, nearly slapping herself in the chest, as she tried to think of a response.

   “What?” she sputtered out.

   “Well, Chris did pull you out of the party last night early and you text me at three AM that you were sleeping over at his,” Vilde said. “We were just connecting the dots.”

   Y/N shook her head and groaned. “Well, you connected the wrong dots. I slept over at Chris’ because I was too drunk and lazy to go home—-I’m lucky he didn’t kick me out.”

   “That would make him a terrible boyfriend,” Girl Chris mused.

   “Wait, so you’re telling us that you and Chris still haven’t done it?” Sana asked.

   Y/N hesitated before shrugging and continuing to pick at her muffin. She knew that it was kind of ridiculous to be dating Chris Schistad of all boys for three months without giving it up. The fact that she had a relationship with Chris Schistad confused her still since she did think he asked her out as some sort of cruel joke or a way to win a bet. Actually, Chris asked her out three times and she turned him down all three since Y/N not only knew of his reputation, but also never liked putting herself out there. There was a reason Y/N’s only other serious relationship was when she was in kindergarten and it was only serious by kindergartner definitions. Anyway, if it weren’t for Eva, Vilde, Sana, and Girl Chris encouraging Y/N to put herself out there—-Noora was stubborn in her belief that Chris was like any other player—-Y/N wouldn’t have told Chris that she would be open to going to a movie together the next time she saw him. Quickly after that, Y/N was no longer the shy, quiet girl in the bus but now Chris’ first-year girlfriend. Y/N was also surprised how Chris didn’t mind only fooling around before Y/N made up some excuse to stop or leave. However, he did seem irritated occasionally about it and that gave Y/N anxiety since Chris could literally have any girl he wanted in Oslo who was willing to sleep with him. In fact, why hadn’t Chris broken up with her already.

   “Why not?” Vilde asked. “Do you…not like him like that?”

   Y/N rolled her eyes. “Of course I do, Vilde, I’m not blind! Plus, he can be really sweet and caring when it’s just the two of us.”

   “Then why haven’t you banged him yet?” Girl Chris dead panned quietly.

  “Because…because I—”

   “Because you’re a virgin,” Eva whispered.

   Fear filled every part of Y/N’s body and it seemed to freeze her. Fortunately, only Girl Chris and Vilde looked surprised out of her friends. 

   “You are?” Vilde asked.

   “You’re lying.”

   Y/N huffed and ran a hand through her y/h/c locks. “I’m so sorry for not liking any guy enough to pin him down and ride him like a horse, but I haven’t.”

   “Why did you think she was lying?” Eva asked Girl Chris.

   Girl Chris shrugged. “In my experience, the quiet ones are always the freaks.”
   “Maybe Y/N is a freak.” Noora playfully nudged Y/N, making the girl smile a little.

   Y/N buried her face in her manicured hands. “I am but just a different kind. Ugh, I’m too old to still be a virgin.” 

  Noora wrapped her arm around Y/N’s shoulders. “Hey, don’t let anyone, not even us, try to talk you into something you don’t want to—-but especially not Chris.”

   Y/N smiled at her blonde friend. “Thanks, Noora.”
  “But maybe you should talk to Chris about it,” Noora said. “He might like to know why he always has blue balls.”

   Y/N groaned. “I thought you were the mature one.”

  “I’m just stating facts—-he should know how you feel and if he isn’t cool with it, forget about him, there are millions of boys all around the world who would kill to be with you.”

   “Thanks and you’re right, I will talk to him about it.” 

    However, there was a sinking feeling of dread in Y/N’s chest. She absolutely hated talking about anything remotely sexual since she was so inexperienced and though she tried to educate herself on the subject, she found herself cringing instead of actually listening. Therefore, she wanted to avoid Chris for the rest of the day, but she couldn’t since he knew her schedule and always insisted on walking her outside from her last class. Y/N didn’t even pay attention to the proper conjugation of German since she was so anxious about walking with Chris and talking to him. She didn’t even know how to bring the subject up: “Yeah, that new X Men movie was crazy. By the way, I keep running away from sleeping with you because I’m an awkward virgin. Wanna get pizza?”

    Ugh, how was Y/N not still single?

    The final bell jarred Y/N from her thoughts but she took her time gathering up her homework and putting it in her bag. She was one of the last people to leave the classroom and her heart actually skipped a beat when she saw Chris leaning against the wall across from the classroom. Only her boyfriend could make a simple hoodie and jeans look so amazing. Plus, he had that smoldering gaze set on Y/N that made her entire body feel both jittery and like jello. Slowly, Y/N walked over to Chris and let him kiss her.

   “What took you so long? I could’ve grown a beard while waiting for you,” he teased.

   Y/N playfully slapped his chest. “Patience is a virtue, you know.”

   “Don’t make me wait too long next time or I might have to drag you out.” Though Chris was technically threatening her, his hot breath against the side of her neck and his sultry tone gave Y/N goosebumps everywhere. 

   She gulped as they continued walking down the hallway with most of the school staring at them as they went. Chris was so used to the attention that he ignored them but Y/N still felt extremely self conscious knowing that all the much better looking girls were wondering how someone like her got someone like him.

    “…and then milk came out of his nose!” Chris burst into laughter at his story while Y/N blinked and managed to fake a laugh.

   “Wow, that sucks.”


   Y/N tightened the belt of her wool coat as they stepped into the cool late afternoon air and let Chris hold her hand as they furthered into the front school yard.

    “So, my parents are going to Athens this weekend and as punishment, I have to stay here so I can think about what I’ve done,” Chris said.

    “Does that mean there’s going to be insane parties at your house?”

   Chris paused and looked down at their joined hands. “Actually, I was hoping for some one on one time with you. We always go to parties and we rarely hang out—just the two of us.” 

   Just the two of us?

   By the suggestive look in his eye, Chris seemed to have less than innocent plans for their weekend together but Y/N still had to talk to him about why they haven’t gone all the way.

   “Oh? I don’t know—-my parents were pretty upset that I came home early this morning,” Y/N said.

   Actually, Y/N’s parents weren’t even home when she got there: her dad was in Paris for a work conference and her mother barely noticed Y/N’s existence since she was so busy as the assistant head of some big Norwegian PR firm. Y/N bit her bottom lip, hoping Chris wouldn’t see through the lie, but the smirk on his mouth seemed to say otherwise.

   “Come on, Y/N, I’m pretty sure that even if you murdered someone and got caught on camera doing it, your parents would kiss the floor you walk on,” Chris said. “Unless, of course, you don’t want to hang out with me all weekend.”

    The sad puppy dog face Chris pulled tugged on Y/N’s heartstrings. Though it was the cheapest attempt to make her feel bad, Chris’ attempts to be adorable got to Y/N.

   “No, not at all! I just, I don’t know, thought you might think I’m annoying after being around me for more than a few hours.”

   Chris laughed and cupped Y/N’s face in his hands. “You’re so cute.”

   “Stop it.”

 “You’re right…you’re actually beautiful.” 

  Y/N hesitated for a moment, feeling herself actually melt on the inside. She kind of hated how cheesy it was, but it was the truth. Chris made her feel all giggly and weird like a schoolgirl or something. “What time should I come over?”


   “I’ll see you then.” Y/N kissed him once more before heading home.

    “You have to look good,” Eva said.

    “Are you saying I don’t look good now?” Y/N teased as she pulled at her black sweatpants.

    Almost immediately after she accepted Chris’ invitation to stay over at his place for the weekend, Y/N called the girls over to her house to help her prepare. Now, Chris calling her beautiful didn’t magically compel Y/N to want to give up her V card but it did encourage her to be more forthright about her feelings. However, that didn’t mean that Y/N couldn’t look as much of a bombshell as possible which was why Noora, Eva, and Vilde were pulling clothes from Y/N’s closet while Sana, Y/N, and Girl Chris sat on Y/N’s bed to help her decide.

    “What about black? It’s dark and sultry,” Vilde offered, holding a black halter dress against herself.

    “I forgot I even owned that,” Y/N said.

    “Besides, you wear too much black,” Noora said.


    “She’s right,” Sana said with a shrug. “Besides, you don’t want to make Chris think you’re giving it up, unless you want to.”

    “I haven’t decided yet.”

    “How about this?” Eva grabbed a pretty white romper. “It’s really cute.”

    “And easy to stain,” San said.

    Of course, it was Noora who grabbed the perfect outfit: a red t-shirt dress that landed in the middle of Y/N’s thighs. It was loose enough to be comfortable but fitted enough to give her a shape. “Psychological studies have proven that women who wear red attract more men, plus, you’ll stay comfortable.”

    “It’s perfect! Thanks, Noora.”

    “Don’t thank her just yet, we still have to do your hair,” Sana said.

   “And makeup!” Girl Chris added.

   A couple hours later, Y/N was trying not to tremble as she knocked on Chris’ door. Almost immediately after, he answered it. He was wearing a white t-shirt and sweatpants, making Y/N feel super overdressed.

   “Hi,” she said.

   “Hey, you look amazing. Are you hitting a party after this or something?” Chris asked.

   “No, just hanging out with you.”

   You can do this, Y/N, just tell Chris that you’re uncomfortable with sex.

   “You hungry?” Chris asked.


   That’s okay, you can just tell him after you eat.

   By offering Y/N food, Chris meant that he had ordered a huge pizza with all of Y/N’s favorite toppings along with mozzarella sticks. So, of course, Y/N couldn’t eat and talk about her feelings at the same time.

   “I love that you know how much I love cheese,” Y/N said after swallowing another slice of pizza.

    “Oh, so you don’t love me?” Chris teased.

    “What?” Y/N straightened up. “I never said that.”

    “You never didn’t not say it.”

     Y/N playfully rolled her eyes and reached for the plate of mozzarella sticks only to have Chris snatch them away. He cocked an eyebrow as though challenging her.

    “Haha, very funny, now hand them over.”

   “Not until you tell me the truth.”

   “I’ll tell you the truth when you give me my mozzarella sticks.”

   “Nice try.”



   She calmly stood and walked over to Chris’ side of the table only for Chris to quickly back away. “Chris, I want mozzarella sticks.”

   “And I want my girlfriend to tell me she loves me.”

   Then, they quickly began chasing each other around Chris’ dining room. Of course, Chris was much swifter than Y/N but that didn’t stop Y/N from trying. She didn’t know how long she had been running, but she had a single goal in mind: to eat some mozzarella sticks. Plus, she was having far too much fun chasing Chris around. Finally, she had him cornered, her heart was pounding and there was some sweat beading on her forehead. Chris raised the plate above his head, keeping it out of Y/N’s reach and the girl groaned as she got in his face.

    “Give me the mozzarella sticks,” Y/N muttered, feigning viciousness.

    “Tell me what I want to hear.”

     Y/N groaned. “You already know I love you so this is just mean!”
    Y/N was partially joking and it wasn’t until she stopped chuckling and realize the serious look in Chris’ eyes. She’s only seen him look at her that way a couple of times and all those times was right before they started fooling around. Whenever Chris gave her that look, he made her feel completely exposed—-not in a he caught her naked kind of way but in a he could see her soul kind of way. It was the most nerve wracking thing ever but before she could really dwell on it, he would kiss her and then she would get so caught up in the moment that she would forget about her anxiety. Slowly, Chris lowered the plate of mozzarella sticks, eyes still glued to Y/N’s.

    “Uh, thanks?” But Y/N couldn’t bring herself to reach for one.

    Suddenly, Y/N didn’t see the mozzarella sticks. She didn’t notice Chris set them down or put them away, but all she knew was that in a single second she was chest to chest with Chris. She inhaled his spicy cologne before looking up into his eyes. He leaned further towards her, brushing his nose against hers—-a gesture which usually made her laugh but this time didn’t—-as he pressed his mouth against hers. Almost immediately, Y/N tangled her hands in his silky short locks while he grabbed at her waist pulling her closer. It always amazed Y/N how Chris and she managed to kiss with open mouths without spit getting every where. Then, Chris picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they continued making out. She felt the smooth wood of the dining table on her back as they continued making out when Chris pulled away.

    “I love you so much—-you actually drive me insane.”

    “Is that a good thing?” Y/N breathed.

    “Always.” Chris began trailing kisses from her jawline down to her neck.

    Y/N’s breath hitched in her throat as she leaned back, relaxing against the table. However, when she felt Chris’ hand begin to climb under her skirt, she began to get nervous.

    You have to do this, it’s now or never, Noora seemed to say in Y/N’s mind.

    She told herself to breathe as she slowly sat up and gently pushed Chris away. “Chris—”

    “What?” Chris seemed surprised at Y/N’s actions as he paused and looked up at her.

   “I need to tell you something.”

    Chris pulled his hand from under her skirt and placed his hands on either side of her hips, raising an eyebrow in expectation. Y/N took another deep breath.

    “Ican’thavesexwithyoubecauseI’mavirgin.Well,notjustbecauseofthat—-I’msuperawkwardaboutsexandyou’rereallyexperiencedfromwhatIhear—-notthatthat’sabadthing—andI’mafraidofgettinghurtbecauseIgottooclosetosomeonesoyoushouldprobablygofindsomeothergirltomesswithbecauseI’mjustnotreadyyet.” Y/N sat still and stared at Chris, who only looked confused.


   “Please don’t make me say it again. I’m a super awkward virgin and I’m afraid of getting too close and getting hurt so you should just go find some other girl who is…experienced at this kind of thing.”

   “But I don’t want some other girl, I want you—I meant what I said when I told you I love you.” Chris played with the hem of Y/N’s skirt. “Plus, I already knew you’re a virgin.”

    Y/N opened her mouth to ask why but Chris interrupted, “Like you said, you’re always awkward but that’s because you’re in your head too much. And I get the fear of getting hurt when you get close to people, but doesn’t everyone? Besides, I would never, ever hurt you so if you need to wait, then I’m okay with waiting.”

   “Yeah, I’m not the complete jerk that everyone seems to think that I am.”Chris pulled away and held his hand out to her. “Come on, let’s eat some mozzarella sticks.”

   It felt like a giant weight had been lifted off of Y/N’s shoulders—Chris knew about her insecurities and he was okay with that. It only made her love him more and convinced her that maybe this relationship was the real deal. Even though they only ate pizza, watched movies, and played games that weekend, Y/N was a lot more comfortable about sleeping with Chris.

19 Days Omegaverse Chapter 1

So I started this fic like a month ago and finally completed it! This is the first time I ever wrote a fic or really contributed to a fandom before. Also a HUGE TON of thanks to my best friend @ jimpson22 for editing and encouraging me to write this, also if it wasn’t for her this fic would not have smut ;p. The rest will be uploaded by chapter this weekend and it gets NSFW in later chapters. Total 6 chapters, enjoy!! 

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6  

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The NHK Trophy Queue

Anonymous said:

Omg, just watched NHK men’s. This discipline is out of control this season. I have never seen predictions go so wrong, but the France is coming and looks like a mess already. So, your thoughts on what we shall see?

I don’t have any prediction for the rest of the GP Series for the men right now. To be honest I’m kind of tuning out from that side of the field. The ladies’ is proving to be a much fiercer competition this season. Higher quality, too… If only the judging could be upheld to the same standard that the girls are skating with, but I guess that’s too much to ask.

Anonymous said:

people are saying evgenia shouldn’t have won nhk because of her falls and i don’t know enough about skating yet so just wanted to ask what your thoughts are?

I made the same point back in CoR and I will repeat it one last time: you can’t say a skater doesn’t deserve to win just because they fell. If you want to disapprove anyone’s win you have to back it up with a comprehensive analysis of BV, GOE, and PCS, and benchmark it against the performance of the rest of the competitors. 

My very short opinion, since it’s the same old, same old: is Janny over-scored? Yes. Did she deserve to win NHK? Yes.

Anonymous said:

I just heard the news and the first thing I did was run here. Thank you for lending us your lawn *wails*

*wail together with you*

Anonymous said:

I woke up at 3:25 am today to be able to see Yuzuru… now I’m wallowing in the corner crying salty, salty tears… *sniff*

Come cry together with us on my lawn, dear.

@serikio said:

I also sold one of my kidneys for Milan so I hope to see Yuzu there or God help me I’m going with you to Toronto and we’ll find him. Anyway I’m very sad I can’t see him in the final,could have been his fifth victory. But well it’s okay this way I don’t want another CoC 2014. Get better soon Yuzu! *joins the group hug*

After I’m out of this stupor of shock I’m setting up a standby action group for the ambushing and shaving of Yuzuru Hanyu’s head should the unthinkable happen.

*pull you in for the group hug*

Anonymous said:

i can’t believe i literally cried over this when i only started liking fs this season. the thought of yuzu crying is what breaks me the most. i only want him crying if it’s with happy tears like when he won worlds. and GPF is also near his bday!! huhu rip his gpf streak :(( i also feel sad for whoever will win, for sure there will be people who will downplay their achievement cause chan hanyu and javi are not there. TT I DID NOT EXPECT MY FIRST SEASON TO BE LIKE THIS HUHU WHYYY

FS is a difficult sport to follow and loving Yuzuru Hanyu does not make it any easier by any stretch of the imagination. I’m sorry this has to happen to you in your first season, dear. But as someone who’s been lurking in this space for a bit longer, I can tell you, it’s worth it. Keep believing in Yuzu, he won’t let you down!

Anonymous said:

this is my first season and now i’m just 😢 sending everyone (and yuzu 😭) hugs and positive thoughts!

Thank you! Yuzuru will be fine, he has gone through all of this before, he knows how to deal with it. So we will be fine, too, eventually.

@whishawbendragon said:

I’m trying to figure out exactly what went wrong with that 4Lz. Did he not have enough speed going into it, did he not get enough height, did he go too far off axis when he was in the air? I can’t stop thinking about it, I hope that he’s resting and recovering and is back on the ice soon, my heart has been aching for since yesterday morning. 😭

I’m too much of a chicken to go and have another look at that 4Lz so I can’t tell with 100% certainty, but from what I saw of his 4Lz at CoR, I think the key issue might be the size of that jump. His 4Lz is massive, like batshit crazy massive, probably the biggest figure skating jump I ever see. That plus his insane rotational speed mean that it’s a very tough jump to control. If he doesn’t have his full focus and pay utmost attention to his body balance and in-air axis and his knee bend on the landing, awful things can happen, like they did. Also, that day during the practice he was obviously not in his best shape. I mean, just the day before that he was in bed with a fever. Doing that 4Lz in that condition was too risky of a move… 

I, just, why, Yuzu, why?

I also hope he’s resting now and allows his body the time it needs to recover.

Anonymous said:

do you think yuzu’s gonna drop the 4lz? do you think he should?

Yes I think he should drop the 4Lz, mainly because that jump is very taxing on his right foot. Moreover, as I’ve been saying from the very beginning of this season, he doesn’t need a 4Lz in his layout. He can do a 5-quad layout with just the quad toe, Salchow, and loop. Not to mention, he doesn’t even need a 5-quad FS to win events and break records.

Do I think he will drop the 4Lz? I honestly don’t know if he will choose to follow reason or pride, he’s Yuzuru Hanyu, after all. I can only hope that whatever his decision, he is mindful of all the pros and cons that comes with it, and pick a path that will not lead him to regret.

Anonymous said:

ive been looking forward to nhk all week bc. yuzu!! satton!!! caro!! but then. yuzu. satton. shit.

You are not alone, my friend. I’m very sad for Satton, too…

Anonymous said:

i had the most shitty day ever. i found out last night that yuzu was injured and spent the whole night and whole morning fretting. i woke up for school this morning and barely had time to see the last girls skate before school started and got sad about satton:( then just before lessons i raced online to look up yuzu’s status. and. you know:/ and wanted to cry. then got back 3 tests that were less than ideal. and. just. i have such a shitty day im. ugh. zhenya was the best thing tbh:((

Talking to you guys who are still in school makes me happy I’m done with all that homework and testing. I was spacing out at work too throughout the whole ordeal and I snapped at everyone who dared approaching me. I think I permanently scared a new girl away from me. Oh well… I’ll buy her a coffee next week or something.

Anonymous said:

Janny had tape on her legs and appeared to be limping a bit after her SP…I can’t have another one withdraw! I can’t! 😭

Janny is also dealing with some damage to her lateral ligaments. It is almost the exact same injury Yuzu has. I, just, what’s going on? Why is life being shitty to my babies?

On that note, I can proudly declare myself 100% a fan of the Evgenia Medvedeva now. The way she powered herself through that grilling FS was utterly incredible.


Anonymous said:

I just had a thought… Yuzuru withdrew from the competition proper, but we know that he WAS able to do a jump-less skate after he fell. What are the chances of him skating in the exhibition gala? We don’t actually know the specific severity of the injury, do we? Lateral ligament sprains can range from mild tearing to complete rupturing (which, from evidence, I don’t THINK is the case). Maaan, I’m trying to study for an exam but I can’t stop thinking about Yuzu. This GP season is so fucked. :’(

No, usually a skater wouldn’t join the gala if they withdraw from the competition. And Yuzuru really needs all the rest he can have now to recover. 

We won’t see any performance from him again until maybe Japan Nationals in December, and keep in mind that it’s still a maybe at this stage. Let’s give him the time and space he needs and let’s keep hoping for a speedy and full recovery.

Anonymous said:

Will Yuzuru not get a replacement assignment????

No, them’s the rules. That and even if he does get a ticket to any GP, he won’t be able to make it anyway in his current state.

Anonymous said:

What happend to Yuzu?? Can someone please explain this to me????

This is a summary of what happened, and this is the last update we’ve got. I’d highly recommending following @wherespacepooh to get all the latest news.


Philip Hamilton x Reader
Words: 1325
Request: Can you do a philip hamilton where the reader and him both hate eachother but their friends force them together and they end liking eachother? Btw i am actually in love with your blog, i always find myself on it even when im not looking for ham stuff


here’s my fun lil story for the day: i did my drama solo performance in class (which was the first solid drama thing i’ve done in two years) and it went well! i got a lot of good comments back on it, which was amazing considering that i literally made it up on the spot (oops). don’t procrastinate, kids. 

also i watched lin’s drunk history episode and i’ve gotta say… i’ve never related to him more in my life. oops. don’t drink, kids.

honestly i set such a bad example. oops. don’t set bad examples, kids.

WELL WITH THAT i have early choir tomorrow and i have not been getting any sleep whatsoever (my life is falling apart oops) so i’m going to go now! well, not go. more like scroll through tumblr for a few hours and then attempt to sleep. but anyway, have a good day / night / afternoon / morning!

requests are open as usual aaaaand my masterlist will be linked below! take care of yourselves, gorgeous people x


Originally posted by beat-without-a-melody


Your first day of the year was already looking good. So far, you had had all your favourite subjects and none of them had been a complete disaster. Plus, the one person you had been avoiding hadn’t been placed in any of your classes. So far, anyway.

You had completed five out of six of your classes for the day, meaning you only had one left to go. It was drama, which was led by one of your favourite teachers. You were kind of being bias as your father taught drama, but hey, he’s one of the best. The only bad thing about having your father, Thomas Jefferson, was he would know if you skipped a class. But, that was the price you had to pay.

You walked in early, knowing organisation was important to your father. You smiled, taking a seat on a couch in the corner of the room. “Hey, dad,” You said, watching him write on the whiteboard. He turned his head, raising his eyebrow.

“I’m not your father when we’re at school. You should know that by now,” He said, putting the whiteboard marker on his desk and crossing his arms. “You’re early for once.”

“For once? I’m always early,” You retorted, pouting.

“Well, your teachers tell me otherwise. By the way, I should warn you before the others get here, there’s someone in this class that you may not get along with very well…” Thomas stated, sitting down at his desk and opening his computer.

“Well, that’d be weird considering I get along with almost everyone. Who is it?” You asked.

The door swung open. You both turned your heads, your eyes widening when you saw the freckly face that you loathed. “Hamilton,” You growled, crossing your arms. “I thought I was doing well at avoiding you.”

The smile on Philip’s face faded when he saw you, turning into a scowl. His friend Richard followed behind him. “Jefferson,” Philip replied, going to the opposite corner of the room and taking a seat. It wasn’t long before the rest of the class joined you. Your friend, Theodosia, sat next to you.

“So what’s all the tension for?” She whispered, ignoring your father as he ranted about Brecht’s epic theatre techniques.

“The idiot is here,” You mumbled, glancing over at Philip. You watched as he mucked around with his friend, completely disregarding everything that was happening in the class.

“He’s not an idiot, he just doesn’t try hard in school. You know he’s nice to everyone… it’s just because you’re a-“

“Jefferson. I know,” You interrupted, looking back at the board to see your father glaring at you. You gulped slightly, moving closer to Theodosia.

“I’m sure if you two sat down and settled your differences, everything would be fine. He’s not even that bad,” She whispered, starting to take notes. You rolled your eyes, sighing.

When the class finished, you couldn’t be more relieved to get out of the classroom. You waved to your father, who you knew was going to be staying back to work on the musical. You had been informed that morning that you would be catching the bus home with Theodosia… and Philip.

“Do you wanna grab a snack after school? Me and Richard were thinking of meeting at that new smoothie place in the mall,” Theodosia asked as you both walked towards the bus stop.

“With Richard? Ugh, no. That means Hamilton will probably be there,” You replied, crossing your arms and stepping onto the bus. You scanned your ticket, taking a seat.

“Well what else are you going to do while Mr. Jefferson is working on the musical? Study? Do homework? It’s the first day back, you can’t,” Theodosia stated plainly, sitting next to you.

“Well, I was planning on taking a nap, maybe ordering a pizza considering dad won’t be home. He’s started this weird vegan diet that he’s forcing me into,” You reply, shrugging. “It’s just gonna be a chill night with me and no one else.”

“Please come with me. It’ll be fun, I promise. I’ll pay for anything you want?” Theodosia suggested.

“With what money?” You replied, rolling your eyes.

“Hey, I’m actually making an income now that I have a job! Plus, dad paid me for all the good grades I got. I can actually afford stuff for once.”

You sighed quietly when the bus came to a halt, stopping outside the mall. Theodosia got up, holding out her hand. “Come on,” She said.

You groaned, taking her hand and letting her drag you off the bus. “This is gonna be great! I can see it now, you and Philip will be getting along amazingly after tonight- I mean, juice! Yay!”

You raised your eyebrow, shrugging slightly. “You’re insane.” Theodosia laughed.

“Do you mind if I borrow your phone for a minute? I need to call my dad to let him know what time to pick me up,” Theodosia asked. You nodded slowly, handing her your phone. She smiled.

“I’ll meet you at the juice bar. Save a booth, alright?”

You nodded slowly, walking in the direction of the juice bar. You sighed when seeing Philip sitting in a booth, reading a book and ignoring his surroundings. You slid into the booth across from him, grabbing your own book from your bag and ignoring him.After a while, the silence ended with Philip’s voice.

“Did Theo ditch you like Richard ditched me?”

You looked up from your book, raising your eyebrow. “Doubt it. She was making a call to her father,” You replied.

“So was Richard. He took my phone,” Philip stated.

“Damn, Theo took my phone too,” You said, going back to your book.

“Hey, the mall is closing soon. We can’t find them without are phones… what are we gonna do?” Philip asked, grabbing his book and standing up.

“Don’t know. I’ll catch the bus home and then send her an email I guess,” You stated, putting your book back into your bag. “You?”

“My father didn’t know I left the house. He’s probably furious… I was supposed to be taking care of my siblings,” He mumbled.

“You have siblings?” You asked in confusion.

“Yeah, six,” He stated. Your eyes widened.


“I know. It’s a lot. But… wait, why am I telling you this? I hate you,” Philip said, biting his lip. He walked towards the exit, hanging his head low. You sighed quietly, following him.

“Uh… Philip, I know we’re supposed to be enemies and everything but I’ve never really felt safe catching the bus home by myself. We’re on the same route and it would mean a lot to me if you sat with me…” You said quietly, biting your lip. Philip raised his eyebrow, shaking his head and walking slightly faster. “Please. I’ll put in a good word with my father about your grade?”

Philip stopped, turning to look at you. “Promise?” He asked quietly. You nodded. “Okay, we have a deal then.”

“Wait, really? You’ll do it?” You asked, your eyes widening. A smile lit up your face.

“Well, it’s not like I wasn’t going to do it. I just wanted to see what I could get out of you. You and your father are both pretty easy to manipulate…”

“Wow. I was about to comment on the fact that you’re not as bad as I thought you were… guess you’re failing drama,” You said, shrugging and walking ahead of Philip. Philip grabbed your wrist quickly.

“I was joking. Look, I know that we just hate each other because of our fathers. It’d be nice to get to know you properly and this might be the opportunity. I’m not going to give that up,” Philip said, smiling. He let go of your wrist.

“Okay, Hamilton. And what if we end up hating each other as much as we already do?”

“Then we are mortal enemies I guess.”

“Well, then let’s see how this goes.”

Chickens Never Prosper (TOTLS Remix)

So, I am a huuuuge fan of breeeliss. I was both elated and terrified to get the opportunity to remix one of her works the way you get amazingly excited to meet your idol and then become disgustingly scared you might throw up on their shoes. Oh? You’ve never had that problem before? My anxiety is not a universal trait among all human beings on this earth? Go figure. 

Written for @breeeliss based on her work, Chicken 


Alix couldn’t help but wonder what deity she had pissed off so intensely it would force her into a building alone, save for Chloé Bourgeois. It seemed clear to her that no amount of natural randomness or entropy could create the circumstances necessary for her to be corralled in her current coop. She was convinced outside forces were at play.

When the first water droplets quietly slicked the sidewalks, Alix payed no mind. It seemed fitting to end her day with rain. Since early that morning, life was pitted against her. Her favorite pair of skates had taken a beating when she fell on the way to school, narrowly avoiding hitting a car and a stroller. She accidentally left her homework on her bed and was forced to sit through a grouchy lecture on responsibility from Madame Mendeleiev. The day only got worse when the class was divided into pairs for a project. They were assigned a Parisian historical monument and expected to visit it and write a paper about its “significance to French culture” and Alix could not have cared less. Having been partnered with Kim, Alix assumed there would be little work done, but at least the afternoon wouldn’t be wasted with such a boring activity. But when their goofing off sent Mylène spiraling into Mademoiselle Bustier as she reprimanded Marinette and Alya for passing notes in class, the two were split apart. Kim was reassigned to Sabrina, which left Paris’s Darling for Alix.


They were tasked with researching the Sainte-Chapelle, and after spending all afternoon in it, Alix was sure of three things

  1. The crown of thorns has an underwhelming number of thorns for her tastes

  2. No one has ever cared less about religion and history than she does

  3. *Amendment to #2: Except for Chloé Bourgeois, who spent the majority of her breath mooning over her dead phone and complaining about what kind of ungodly establishment the Sainte-Chapelle must be for not having outlets lining the walls

Despite constant assurances that she’s far more cultured than anyone in class, Chloé did nothing to aid Alix in their research and the skater girl was quickly losing her mind.

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A Long Time Coming

Summary: College AU where teacher!Dan brings his youtuber boyfriend to meet his students for the first time, and Phil’s nervous, to say the least.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 1,544

A/N: Last fic of 2014 whoa. I’m not going to be all sappy dw, just a quick little thank you for sticking around and reading my fics and stuff this year. <3

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What We Were

Damian Wayne x Reader

Chapter One:

I first met him in fifth grade, it was nine am and I had barely made it to class. What? It wasn’t my fault, it was merely a coincidence that my alarm never went off. Okay, I may have dismantled it, so I could get more sleep! I thought it was alright if I caught up on it, since me and her haven’t been really connecting lately. My mom however, not so much.
There we were, hauling ass to make it to school. My mom was ranting about how I should be more diligent in my studies and shouldn’t skip school. All I could think about is if I did the homework assignment. Did we have a homework assignment? I wasn’t paying attention.
My mom blabbers on about how my older sister would never do this and I should be more like her. Yeah, like I want to be a stuck up bitch that has snakes as “friends” and a boyfriend who may or may not be sleeping with her best “friend”. Yep, my sister is the cliche. I know, I should tell her, but once she ate some of my cereal and left me the dusty, crappy mess at the bottom, so I couldn’t have my Captain Crunch that morning. Of course, she’s done other things but let’s not pull at that thread.
“Remember, I won’t be home until later so Betty will pick you up. Don’t bother your sister either, she’s applying for colleges today. Bye, kisses.” She says before I get out, not once looking up from her phone. She does the quick kiss thingy in my general direction. Once my door is shut, she speeds off.
I sigh in distaste. I think I left my DS on my desk. Bummer. I hop up the steps to the school, taking my sweet time. I’m already late, so what if I waste five more minutes. It’s just the teacher trying to calm down her class anyways. I stroll through the familiar hallways.
Oh, it’s the Principal. Crap, is he waving me down? I look around me to make sure. Yep. Definitely me. Great, it’s only my second tardy, but he’s such a hardass and will probably give me detention just to piss my mom off. They went on one date but he’s still salty about never getting a callback.
“Oh, hey Mr. Ferro, fancy meeting you here…in the hall!” I try to small talk. Please don’t give me detention, my bed will miss me.
“Miss [L/N], late again, I see.” He muses
“Well you do have eyes, sir” I say sweetly back to him. The sarcasm is lost on him.
“Well, it’s your lucky day, instead of detention, you get to escort our new transfer.” He smiles, but it’s more of a ‘ha ha in your face’ smile. It’s making me think this “transfer” is a little menace.
“Oh yes, lucky day indeed.” I’m internally screaming!
“And here he is, Mr. Wayne, meet Miss [L/N], she’ll be your guide, at least for today.” Mr. Ferro is kissing this kids ass. Wow, is this Bruce Wayne’s offspring? No way!
I couldn’t care less. However, I do care about his arrogant glare and obvious jerk stance. You know, where they have their hands stuffed in their pocket with a 'I’m so misunderstood and broody’ hair cut. Ugh, we don’t need another one!
“I don’t need a guide, I’m well aware how a school works.” He snaps.
“Is the detention still on the table?” I deadpan.
“Oh kids, on to class you go now! Have a good rest of your day!” With that he slinks back into his office.
“Well, I’m guessing you have, Mrs. Farrah as your teacher?” I say to him.

“Miss Jean.” He answers curtly.
“Of course, he didn’t even consider the fact we have different classes. I swear, a donkey would be a better principal.” I face palm. It earns a small smirk.
“At least the term, "kiss ass” would be somewhat accurate" He sneers. I cackle loudly.
“Oh witty, I see” I grin at him.
“Well you do have eyes.” He shoots back.

That’s how I met my best friend.

Mr. Irwin (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Summary: Ashton becomes your new art teacher and gives you a detention. ;)
Pairing: You and Ashton Irwin
Word Count: 681
Warnings: minor dirty innuendos ;) and a lil bit of dominant ash


I walked into my art class, ignoring everyone around me as I took a seat. It was the last class of the day and it didn’t begin for another 4 minutes. So I took out my sketchbook and began to doodle.

The bell rang, signaling the beginning of class. A tall, gorgeous, blond man walked into class and gave us a smile. 

“Hello, I am your new teacher for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, Mr. Brooks suddenly retired as he was getting too old to teach the class. So, here I am!” He laughed before continuing, “Okay, but getting serious, as long as you respect me, I think we’ll get along just fine.” He smiled.

He began writing something on the white board.

Mr. Irwin

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anonymous asked:

I keep trying to tell myself everything will be okay if I revise but I'm scared I won't and I keep procrastinating. I'm terrified I'm going to fail my exams and I can't stop thinking about it

Hey there!

Let’s do some deep breathing to help calm you down. One of my favorite deep breathing techniques is…

  • breath in for 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • exhale breath for 8 seconds

repeat once or twice more.

This causes an autonomic nervous system shift from a sympathetic (fight or flight reaction) state to a parasympathetic response.

Use this for panic/anxiety attacks, exams, presentations.

When you’ve calmed down and practiced deep breathing, something that I would like to share with you is a couple links that I really think can help you…

Why Grades Don’t = Intelligence:

As someone who often struggles with testing, I’ve got some tips for you on how you can prepare for your exams and some tips on how to stop procrastinating and get things done!

Preparing for exams-

  • Review your syllabus- This helps you know and understand due dates and key study notes or even things that could be on the exam.
  • Pay attention in class- This is major. Often times when big tests or exams that are coming up your teacher will share things that could benefit you during the exam. Also its important to pay attention in class because if you’re not paying attention its a good way to fall behind and falling behind sucks!
  • Take good notes- Make sure you can read your handwriting. It helps me to write in pen and color code certain topics so help me highlight key points and ideas.
  • Make studying a daily thing for you- This helps train your brain. In easier terms having a set study time really helps because its creating a schedule for you to follow and hopefully learn from!
  • Create an exam template or format that you can study from. Pretty much just like a good notes page or even a practice exam. You might need to chat with your teacher about getting a template or a practice sheet. But I personally find it helpful to create your own “pre exam”
  • When studying for exams please do yourself the extra favor and leave your phone and other electronics away from you because having the phone is a major distraction for almost everyone!
  • Review passed assignments or worksheets that were handed back to you, chances are some of the material on those papers will be on the exam!
  • Ask for help when needed! Again, this is major. Asking for help doesn’t make you less smart in fact it shows that you’re wanting to learn something new and get places with your life.
  • Take breaks when needed. When I study I study for 30 minutes then take a 5 minute break and get some water or fresh air then return back to studying. Breaks are important because everyone needs to just sit back sometimes and think.

Helpful links-

Overcoming Procrastination

  1. Procrastinate. Yes, I know what I just said. PROCRASTINATE. This might seem crazy, but I find that if you allot yourself about 10 minutes of time to actually procrastinate, your body can get over that I-don’t-want-to-be-productive stage. I suggest “wasting” time by cleaning up your study area. It is a way of being productive while procrastinating studying or homework. So, clear off you desk, wipe it down, if you’re into disinfecting like I am, disinfect the area and breathe in that wonderful 99.9% germ-free scent. If you still have time left, go ahead and go through any social media that you are dying to check or that usually distracts you while you’re working. Now you have a clean space to work in (which I find helpful and motivating) and no social media buzz tempting your brain.
  2. Get rid of your phone. Phone, tablet, iPod, whatever electronic device that is not needed for your task you should “get rid of.” Mine is usually my phone. I usually silence it and turn it upside down so I can’t see the screen. Either that, or I will put it in another room. Out of sight, out of mind. This way you will not be tempted to go through social media or play games on your phone or other electronic device.
  3. Music. Put on your best studying/ motivational music. For me, its either classical pieces or film scores. Whatever music keeps you focused and gets you in the mood to study,listen to it. Chances are if you listen to the same genre whenever you are studying then upon your listening to this music your brain will recognize that it is time to get to work.
  4. Get your work in front of you. One of the best things I can do for myself when tempted to procrastinate is to just put the work on my desk in front of me. I hate staring at it. I hate it being there. I just want to get it out of the way so I won’t have to look at it anymore. Even though I will be mentally cursing the work in my head, I’m always relieved when I don’t have to look at it  or worry about it anymore.
  5. Adjust your planner. I get it. Sometimes you just have a bad day and looking at your planner and all of the things you have left to do just make it worse. I’ve been there. I think we all have. I suggest numbering off your tasks in order of importance. Accomplish the top 3 at the least. Sometimes a heavily loaded planner can make us feel overwhelmed and want to procrastinate all of the work ahead of us. Just start with the first 3. Maybe if you’re left feeling motivated enough, you can move on to task 4, then 5, and so on. If you finish the 3 and are just completely done and exhausted mentally (and perhaps physically), that’s okay. You did the tasks that held the most importance and that is an accomplishment! It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and take a break sometimes. You’re allowed.
  6. Just do it. Nike adds are right. Sometimes the best way to overcome procrastination is to just do your work. I know, I know, you’re tired of seeing this suggestion. I’ll be completely honest, I am too. Who ever just wants to do things? Ugh. However, as much as I hate to admit it, this is usually the best method to get things done. Take for example if you’re revising a paper. Start with fixing one point, then do one more. Eventually you’ll have your entire draft revised in no time. You have to force yourself into your motivation. Once you just do it, all of your work will get done before you know it!

Hope this helps! Keep me updated? x