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And we see Carey, inconsolable at the unceremonious death of her best friend. She’s in her private quarters with her girlfriend Killian…
—  Griffin McElroy, completely destroying my heart with one swoop
Something different is coming

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 “I am never going to watch a cartoon the same way!” Frisk thought as they clinged to the tree, glancing down to try and catch a glimpse of their attacker. “…if I ever get out of here alive, that is!”

After managing to jump and climb their way out the closed gate, Frisk had noticed that the Caretaker –Chara- had a key in hand and reacted quickly to slow them down. They had grasped a good amount of snow and threw it with all their might towards the adult’s direction. And they ran.

At the moment, it had seemed like a good idea. And Frisk did hit them –right in their face!!- and made them drop the key despite the bars! But Chara’s scream of rage and outrage had proved otherwise. The child had only enraged them more!

Frisk had then kept running faster than their little legs could, but they had no idea of where they were going or where the path would lead them. What if there were more dangers? Worse than the Caretaker? With that in mind, Frisk had dashed towards a tree with the intention of climbing it to get a better view and find their way; only to hear that Chara was still chasing them. The twelve-years old had climbed so fast that they wondered if they could ever do it again without being chased, and high.

Chara was nowhere in sight, but that did not reassure Frisk: the lower branches were hiding the view under them, so the demon could be climbing too this right moment to get them!

Frisk pricked their ear and desperately scanned around.

“Please, a way out! Please, someone help me!” they muttered under their breath as they did. “Anyone!”

“I’ve got you.”

Frisk’s blood froze in their veins. They heard some movements.

The Caretaker was coming!

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On The Ropes - Part 2

Word Count: 4671

Warnings: Mentions of death, drinking, an obscene amount of fluff

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary:  Reader is a cop that was shot in the line of duty. As part of her physical therapy, she picks up boxing at the local gym in town, On The Ropes, owned by two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.  Dean is just as taken with her as she is with him, but she thinks of herself as broken because of her job and injury. Can Dean make her see things differently?

Read Part 1 here

A/N: The places I mention (except Mother Mary’s) are places that I visited often as a child and now as a mom, I bring my own son there. None of the images I have used are mine, credit goes to their artists.

Beta’d by @smoothdogsgirl Thank you!

“Well Sweetheart, are we gonna fight or make out? Cause I am getting some real mixed signals here.” He winked at you and you considered it, but all the gear made it near impossible for any kind of contact.

“Maybe after a shower” you leaned down, taking a over exaggerated sniff “cause you stink.” And you rolled off of him.

Dean stood, taking his gloves and gear off, then helping you with your own. Once you were free and clear, he crashed his lips to yours, the intensity of it taking your breath away. You had to pull away before you ran out of oxygen, resting your sweaty forehead against his.

“Yeah, well you stink, too.” He mumbled as he helped you to your feet.

“Nice comeback, D.” You laughed and leaned up to kiss him once more before stowing your gear and hitting the showers. You couldn’t wait for some real sparring.

It was Thursday and with only one week until your mandatory leave was over, you had really stepped up your game at the gym with Dean. He knew this was what you needed and he really was helping you get there. Things have been only slightly awkward since the incident in the ring last week. Both of you preferring to ignore what happened instead of admitting your feelings. Emotions just got in the way.

“Hey, Y/N! Can I see you in my office for a minute?” Dean called out to you as you exited the locker room.

You made your way over to his office. This could go one of two ways; either he hadn’t seen enough improvement and wasn’t going to recommend your return to work to your PT or he felt you were there. One way or another, your time at the gym, and with Dean by extension, was coming to an end. You weren’t sure how you felt either way.

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I forgot to say but I totally had a dream about WhedonCon last night which is really weird because I’m not going????

In drivers ed, you learn how to
put your blinkers on and dim
your headlights when you’re supposed to–
I wished there was a class like that
for people like you because holy shit
I don’t know where we stand.
You keep sending me all these signals
like I’m supposed to know what they
mean but they all seem alien to me
and I just don’t know what you want;
I am falling for you,
you are my head on collision
and my mind is the only seatbelt
because my heart
wants me to crash into you
but save me from
the broken bones and surgery,
spare me the heartache
and just tell me, just show me
that I’m not crazy–
give me a reason to believe
that maybe you and I are
something that could be.
—  You’ve got my heart on your dashboard
New Home: Chapter 1
HAPPY 50th VIDEO SPECIAL! This is my favorite Steven Universe comic series ever, and I am SO glad to have dubbed it. Due to all the editing, this video took ...

Oh my god someone dubbed it by themselves

I don’t even know what to think like omg


what the hell are we doing here, anyhow? (a wolf 359 electroswing mix) [8tracks] [spotify]

star trek: voyager season 4 sentences part 1

Feel free to change tenses and pronouns and all that to fit your needs and enjoy!!


“I just came up with it, but it might work,”
“Resistance, in this case, is far from futile,”
“Fight it, ____. That’s an order,”
“It’s an invasion,”
“You haven’t slept in two days, try getting some rest and clearing your head,”
“I see a wall with candlelight reflecting on it. Why, what do you see?”
“There are times when I find myself transfixed by a shadow on the wall, or the splashing of water on a stone,”
“No matter how much I try to focus my mind, I cannot find an answer,”
“Somehow I don’t think that’s going to work for me,”
“We investigate, and in this case it’s given us an edge,”
“Our safe passage is a small price to pay for what we’re offering in return,”
“I think what you’re proposing is too great a risk,”
“I understand the risk,”
“I’m not proposing we try to change the nature of the beast,”
“We just need the courage to see this through until the end,”
“I think you’re struggling to justify your plan,”
“Sometimes you don’t know when to step back,”
“I have to tell you what I believe. I’m no good to you if I don’t do that,”
“I guess I am alone after all,”
“Negotiation is irrelevant,”
“Our survival is your survival,”
“We’re going to make this work,”
“I have my doubts about this alliance,”
“I don’t want to hear what we can’t do,”
“You are proposing a large scale weapon,”
“You are small, and you think in small terms,”
“The present situation requires we consider your plan,”
“How did you obtain this information?”
“I’m trying to block them out, but I can’t,”
“We have an alliance, do we not?”
“You have to make this work. I want you to make this work,”
“I hope you’ll understand,”
“You were just waiting for an opportunity to circumvent my orders,”
“It’s time to make the call, and I’m making it,”
“I want you to know that disobeying your orders was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do,”
“We got through this together, I don’t ever want that to change,”
“It’s time we brought him up to date,”
“The others, I can’t hear the others,”
“A reasonable diagnosis,”
“She’s not in the most cooperative mood,”
“What’s the alternative? Toss her back to the wolves?”
“This is no ordinary patient,”
“I think I can do more than tell you,”
“Nice work, _______. Unconventional, but effective,”
“I admire your attention to detail,”
“I’ve never been so focused in my life,”
“Your performance today was astonishing,”
“You should have let us die,”
“Do not engage in superficial acts of sympathy,”
“The silence is unacceptable,”
“The fact is, this community needs you,”
“I’m not interested in a history lesson,”
“I think I can stop her,”
“I can tell by the expression on your face that you’ve got bad news,”
“I have no expression on my face,”
“That’s what individuality is all about,”
“You are hypocritical, manipulative — I don’t not want to be what you are,”
“Do you remember the toast I made? ‘To the adventure!’”
“I don’t things worked out exactly the way we planned,”
“I was only holding you back. I see that now,”
“I couldn’t have gotten this far without you,”
“Maybe it’s time we broaden our horizons,”
“I am… one,”
“I cannot function this way: alone,”
“One voice can be stronger than a thousand voices,”
“I can’t stay here any longer, I’m a danger to all of you,”
“On the basis of a feeling, an intuition, you’re asking me to let you go?”
“Oh, I’m going to miss you,”
“Looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way,”
“If you need anything, contact me,”
“I’m finding it difficult to spend so much time alone,”
“We still on for dinner tonight?”
“I’m in a bad mood. And I know I’m being a little bit testy,”
“What do you think her real motives are?”
“I never thought of you as naive,”
“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”
“I’ve decided to ignore this particular tradition,”
“That may be the nicest offer I’ve had in a long time,”
“You’re sweet but I’m not sure I could do that to you,”
“I’ve always thought traditions were good things,”
“I don’t know what effect it’ll have on me. That’s what’s frightening,”
“What warrior goes there?”
“I’m not living among warriors,”
“Thanks so much. It’s been lovely,”
“You have been like a spitting cobra all day, and it’s getting boring,”
“Honor, dishonor — what does it matter?”
“I care about you. But if you’re going to keep pushing me away there no point in me staying around, is there?”
“If this is how you’re gonna treat people who want to be your friend, you’ll be alone alright,”
“From my perspective you live in luxury,”
“Well all have a past. What matters is now,”
“You can’t order me, I outrank you,”
“Welcome to the worst day of my life,”
“I wonder what else can go wrong today,”
“Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m asking for this trouble somehow,”
“I can’t imagine a time I wouldn’t have found you fascinating,”
“We are not going to die. Would you stop talking like that?”
“When we first met, you didn’t have a very high opinion of me,”
“That’s putting it mildly. I thought you were an arrogant, self obsessed pig,”
“Flattery won’t get you any more oxygen,”
“There I go again. Just pushing you away. You were right about me, it’s what I do,”
“It’s a sure fire way of not getting hurt,”
“What a coward I am,”
“If I surrender myself, perhaps they’ll let you leave,”
“I was only doing what I thought was best for this group,”
“I am not accustomed to thinking that way,”
“Maybe it was just an unexpected act of kindness,”
“Come on. Open your eyes,”
“There’s something I have to say,”
“I’m glad the last thing I’ll see is you,”
“I’ve been a coward about everything. Everything that really matters,”
“I’m gonna die without a shred of honor, and for the first time in my life that really bothers me,”
“I have to tell you the truth,”
“I love you,”
“Say something,”
“You picked a great time to tell me,”
“I tried to explain that I had no hostile intentions, but they just kept shooting,”
“I’ll take your advice and wait,”
“I appreciate the offer, but I’ll be fine on my own,”
“Hate’s not something I understand very well,”
“There you go looking on the bright side again,”
“Naturally I am the logical person to carry out this mission,”
“Your mind is so mixed up they could’ve convinced you that your own mother was a turnip,”
“You’ve been subjected to a highly sophisticated form of propaganda,”
“I wish it were as easy to stop hating as it were to start,”
“I’m alone. Please help me,”
“I have come to respect a great many of you. Others I have learned to tolerate,”
“You want me to be the new nurse?”
“If that’s the title you prefer,”
“Try to make her feel like part of the team,”
“I don’t recall giving you a promotion today,”
“Am I to work with you?”
“You seem apprehensive,”
“That is difficult to believe,”
“I was kidding. It was a joke. You know – humor,”
“He’s a very responsible guy,”
“You seem to have become…. Good friends,”
“I don’t appreciate you or anybody else speculating about what kind of relationships I have. Or who with,”
“I seem to have struck a nerve. Perhaps you’d like a sedative,”
“You might want to consider a career in medicine,”
“I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t come,”
“You’ve been assigned to me, and I say we do things by the book,”
“I’ve been known to act a little strangely myself,”
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have barged in here,”
“You have to realize that we’re here to help you,”
“I didn’t think I was going to get out of there without a fight,”
“Inept? He’s a lunatic!”
“You seem a little protective. This morning you were dreading being in the same room as her,”
“You’ve got a crush on her, don’t you?”
“It’s great that you’re trying to make her feel comfortable. Just be careful,”
“You two make a good team,”
“If you’ll excuse me, I have to go check on _____. I hear he’s having a nervous breakdown,”

The film is a passionate deconstruction of conservative myths about nationhood. At a critical point, the formerly hidebound Stephen cries out: “No, no! I am nothing pure! My race is mixed. My sex is mixed. I am woman and man, light with darkness, nothing pure! I am mud and flame!” Rather than hewing to a belief in tradition, continuity or stability, Rudkin champions hybridity and what Salman Rushdie would later term cultural “mongrelisation”. A while before it became fashionable for historians to talk about the inseparability of “nation and narration” or “the invention of tradition”, Rudkin was arguing that English Christianity was a violently imposed ideology. The family, heterosexuality, militarised manhood: all these pillars of patriotism take a tumble. 

What makes Penda’s Fen particularly prescient is that it locates these hybrid transformations in the English countryside. The 1970s saw a number of artists offering new versions of pastoral – Philip Trevelyan’s The Moon and the Sledgehammer (1971) was a creepy documentary about a family living without electricity in a wood; Richard Mabey’s The Unofficial Countryside (1973) introduced readers to what would later be known as edgelands; Jeremy Sandford’s Tomorrow’s People (1974) portrayed the Dionysian longings of free-festival revellers. Rudkin shows rural England to be a place of struggles and heresies, of antagonisms and anguish. The film even turns to etymology, arguing that “pagan”, which originally meant “belonging to the village”, referred to the politics of local governance as much as it did to theological doctrine.

Stephen, the film’s unsteady centre, is told: “Be secret. Child be strange, dark, true, impure, and dissonant. Cherish our flame.” For Rob Young, author of Electric Eden (2010), Penda’s Fen is part psychogeography, part toolkit for imaginative unshackling: “The pattern under the plough, the occult history of Albion – the British Dreamtime – lies waiting to be discovered by anyone with the right mental equipment.”

Sukhdev Sandhu

from Penda’s Fen: a lasting vision of heresy and pastoral horror

Please Like Me fanmix (listen)

“I’ll Be Fine” Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes | “Hold Up” Beyoncé | “This Head I Hold” Electric Guest | “Curuncula” Psapp | “Someone Like You” Adele | “Turn It Around” Lucius | “Shake It Off” (feat. Von Smith) Postmodern Jukebox | “Love Is Strange” Mickey & Sylvia | “There’s a Beast and We All Feed It” Jake Bugg | “Hey Mami” Sylvan Esso | “Since I Left You” The Avalanches | “I Won’t Let You Down” OK Go

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If monsta-x were female what do you think their personal fashion style would be like? ^_^

Shownu: Sporty baddie.

Wonho: cute but sexy.

Minhyuk: Girly af.

Kihyun: Preppy.

Hyungwon: Sophisticated.

Jooheon: Street wear.

I.M: Casual.