i am otaku

  • Person: What is love?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Love is Anime.
  • Me: Love is food.
  • Me: Love is Mystic Messenger.
  • Me: Love is Music.
  • Me: Love is my beautiful self.
  • Me: Love is fictional characters
  • Me: Love is jshdjsjcbskcbsjcbskcbdicbskxnsk...
  • Person: *Walks away*

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

After a four year hiatus from drawing, I’ve finally picked up the courage to use my pencils again!

This is very rough at the moment and far from being finished! My lines are all over the place and don’t even get me started on his hair!

I just really wanted to share my love of Mutsumi-Senpai! This boy is so precious it hurts

“Once again, oh rain, pour down
and don’t ever stop.
Should you bring forth a hurricane,
It is still what my heart pleads.
My love is overflowing,
my emotions are screaming in joy
when it rains and I’m with you.”

- a small part from the song Tuwing Umuulan (which I poorly translated in English)

But really, if my caption is honest I would have said “Viktor and Yuuri just like to get wet and sick together smh these children.” but I want to act poetic for once so… 

ID #34786

Name: Eevee
Age: 17
Country: UK

Hullo!! I’m a potato obsessed, pancake loving, orange juice addicted girl. My family is cat crazy, but I prefer dogs a little bit more. I enjoy the rain and winter. I prefer the night over day. I do boxing. I am a naturally stone cold person (literally). I have a INTP personality type and I’m a scorpio that is in the gryffindor house.

Yes I am aware that my nickname is that of a Pokemon, but I mean I’m a otaku so I can relate to all the anime. I also have a passion for writing and photography. My music taste is quite diverse but I enjoy rock music a little too much.

I’m called the “nice mother” out of the trio of my friends. I’m not nice. I will warn you now, I am blatantly truthful and honest with my opinions. If you ask for 100% honesty, that is exactly what I will give you. You have been warned.

I personally believe that I can be quite emotionless and blunt with what I say sometimes. Some call it b*tchy, but I’m just being me. If you come to me for emotional support I’ll be a rock (literally). If you come to me for advice I’ll write you a bloody essay. I’m a terrible speaker, but a great listener.

And that’s about it. Feel free to contact me if you think I’m the type of friend you need (I doubt it to be honest with you)


Preferences: Any gender aged between 15-19. You can be from anywhere, I don’t really mind. Preferably not snail mail because it takes too long and I’m a impatient person.



Isn’t it awesome how this topic from a twenty-five year old manga is 100% relevant right this very second.

if someone had told me ten years ago I would spend my young adult years crying about the relationship between a mint-obsessed control freak of a committee leader, his badass small package of an immortal bodyguard wife and their two adopted immortal sons, I probably wouldn’t have believed them 

but here we are


Lopez is officially my spirit villager