i am only posting this because it was the best pic i got of them play fighting

Shipped- Tyler Seguin

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Ok so I’m old. We’ve established that. So I don’t know what a social media person is, but I know what a YouTuber is so I hope it’s similar anon? If this isn’t what you want, please let me know! Enjoy guys!

Warning: Tyler Seguin is a warning ok?

Anon Request: If it’s not too much to ask, can i request an imagine where she’s a famous social media person and she posts a pic of her and tyler seguin together. It’s cute and all and fans are all “omg i ship you guys!!” Hahaha hope that made sense??? Thank you!! :)


              You never expected to be this YouTube famous.

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Each of your portraits in full resolution (in alphabetical order) (very long post) in case you weren’t sure if you recognized some people correctly or if you want to make sure you have enough feathers or just take a closer look or use the pic as your icon or whtever

I won’t tag everyone, because only first five would appear tags, and if I drew you you should at least be following me and see it without tagging, otherwise you’re ruDE and I’ll replace your face with another face. Also some of you apparently changed your urls since you’ve submitted the pics, you can message me and I’ll fix them.

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Are we ready to talk about this now?

Maybe not, but fuck it.

Fans have been baited from the beginning of this campaign. I’ve posted on this earlier today here, here, here, here, here, and here. Go read ‘em. I’ll wait.

You back? Good.

There has been massive fan-baiting going on for a while now, but let’s stick to the more recent stuff:

  • SAG nonattendance confirmed through a fan
  • Twitter photo at Turner exhibit, alone
  • SH non-attendance at two pre-BAFTA events
  • Twitter blocking by same fan who gets confirms from PR
  • BAFTAs attendance confirmed by AA on Twitter
  • Twitter account of lunch with Wanda
  • AA pointing to stylist on Twitter
  • Major wedding bait from stylist, plus a pic of Steve McQueen’s dick, for some reason
  • “True fans” on Nightline
  • Wedding previews in tabs
  • JR tweet from Starbucks
  • Twitter silence from previous baiters
  • The order in which photos and wedding details have been released

There is at least part of this that is coincidence. The first photos the tabs got were clearly of arrivals, and now we see the couple. I buy that as logical, rather than baiting. I will buy the lunch with his mum as not baiting.

But the rest of it I think is baiting. And I think I’ve laid out what reaction PR wants, but I’ll say it again:

Fans have been a character in this PR narrative, by design. The “crazy fan” narrative kicks into high gear at TIFF, and now he’s talking about “true fans." 

This wedding is timed for the Oscars. Intended fan reaction to it may be timed to save face for an Oscar loss, to point at fans for a smear, and to distract from all of the PR clusterfuck.

I am not telling anyone what to do with their blog.

But I don’t care about the personal life narrative anymore. I don’t care if it’s real. I don’t care if it’s fake. I don’t care about whether there’s a victim or a villain in that relationship.

I wish the two human beings that walked out of that church the best. That is the extent of my caring.

I do, however, care a lot about the way fans get represented. And I am not OK with an awards-season PR campaign that uses fans for marketability and cachet, only to then paint them as crazy at the beginning of what turns out to be a PR clusterfuck of epic proportions, and then bait them so that when the PR effort fails, fans can be blamed.

This particular corner of fandom, the skeptics’ corner, is based on engaging critically as fans. This is the corner that calls out the fave for being problematic. This is the corner that accepts dissent. This is the corner that thinks critically.

We make mistakes, too - sometimes we overthink. I’ve made a lot, and tried to correct them.

But there is nothing crazy about critical fan engagement.

I’m not giving PR what they want. I’m not mourning. I’m not looking for an out. I’m not theorizing about the personal life narrative anymore.

I will, however, continue to engage critically. And that means calling out every single PR move aimed at fans or involving fans.

Keep baiting, PR.

Keep talking about "true fans,” PR.

Keep making the fans the story, PR.

I’ll keep documenting. Because when this is over, and folks want to study this (and they will study this - there is so much academic work around fandom right now), there will be a record of all the baiting. There will be links to all of the interviews. There will be a timeline of all of your fuck-ups.

And it will be written by a fan.

Y'all still reading? Have you figured it out? This is the part of the narrative we get to write ourselves. We get to decide to react, and play their game, or we get to fight back. The second one is harder. I still like it better.

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Crismes 💖

i got literally seven requests for crismes, but since you gave me a little heart, you win :)

  • always wins when they play Trivia Crack
  • cris, even tho james is actually better at it, but marcelo and pepe keep distracting him every time he almost wins a level and he would be mad if cris didn’t aggressively fist-pump every time like the giant nerd he is so.
  • laughs when their partner trips on something
  • cris, and he can’t help it, okay! it’s instinctive but when james flushes in embarrassment and ducks his head a little, before trying to pick himself up, cris’ll fall down on top of him and kiss the top curve of his ear and james will blush for a different reason entirely.
  • would drop ice down the back of the other’s shirt as a joke
  • james, and there’s a split second where his inner puppy kicks in at the absolute shock on cris’ face before he bursts into laughter and marcelo’ll overhear and see cris jumping around, trying to shake the ice out, and then james and marcelo will be clutching at each other, dying and breathless as cris picks up the ice and throws it at their head before launching himself at them, the three of them cackling like loons.
  • and james won’t be able to stop from pressing tiny (slightly apologetic) kisses to cris’ neck and cris won’t be able to stop from burying his face into james’ collarbone and marcelo won’t be able to stop from patting their heads, so happy to see his two best friends happy.
  • spoils the ending of books/movies
  • cris, and he only does it once (because who in this day and age doesn’t know that dumbledore dies??) but james goes still and wide-eyed and cris feels this little sliver of panic like he’s accidentally hurt him or something and then he’s apologizing vehemently and james is flinging every single one of the pillows on their bed at cris’ head while the portuguese is apologizing and eventually he runs out and plops onto the bed, frowning aggressively, arms crossed over his chest and cris drops on top of the covers next to him and says he’s sorry one more time, and james glares at him but brushes a hand over his hair a few seconds later so cris knows he’s forgiven.  
  • always posts a picture of the other as their MCM or WCW
  • both, and it’s become kind of a competition btwn them to see who can post the hottest picture of the other (there’s a lot of material to work with there) and marcelo and pepe and isco tell them how obnoxious and ridiculous they are while sergio likes every single one of them and iker tries to steal sergio’s phone so he’ll stop embarrassing himself (and iker).
  • eats the last piece of cake in the fridge before the other can have it
  • james, who is not above blaming cristianinho or salome for his crimes, though he avoids eye contact and his voice gets a little higher pitched than normal. cris doesn’t say anything, just leans in closer before flicking his tongue out against james’ jaw and licking off the tiny specks of powdered sugar sticking to his skin and giving him away.
  • obnoxiously celebrates Monday Punday every week
  • cris, and he literally acts like his puns are the greatest gift to the universe and james just beams at him while he’s not looking.
  • makes loving hack posts on the other’s Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter etc
  • neither, because both of their social media platforms are wallpapered with pics of them laughing together during training or cris playing goalie while ‘ninho and salo take shots at him or salo putting a tiara onto james’ hair while cristianinho serves them imaginary tea or selfies of them with the squad at fancy charity events so there’s really no need for it.
  • has to beat their partner in every game
  • cris. in the beginning he was awful about it, pouting and whining or getting quiet and distant whenever james would win until finally, one day, after a particularly passionate game of guess who?, james finished cleaning up and instead of changing into pajamas, he kissed cris’ temple and left without a word and after tossing and turning and flopping onto the middle of the bed with a huff, cris realized there were worse things to lose than board games.
  • he’s still competitive after, still takes them a little too seriously during, but when he loses, he kisses james cheek and lets their feet get tangled up underneath the table and feels a little bit victorious anyway.
  • keeps their partner up half the night talking about random stuff
  • james. it takes him a while, because he’s always been a little shy and reserved as a result of his stuttering but when cris never rushes him, never looks exasperated or impatient as he finds his words, james finds himself telling him everything. and cris lets his thumb run over james knuckles, lets himself sink into the way james’ fingers soothingly stroke over his back as they talk about leaving their families too young or their first truly great memories of fatherhood, lets himself fall a little more in love with the way james’ eyes go molten in the low light, warm honey and toffee, as he looks up at him.
  • eats too much garlic and tries to kiss their partner anyway
  • james threatens to, but he doesn’t actually plan on doing it, just playfully puckering up at cris with his hands on his chest and cris is a sucker so he leans in and kisses him anyway, caring more about the way james’ weight falls against him as he gives into it than the garlic.