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Waiting Pt. 6 (Yoongi)

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Word Count; 2,029 words

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You woke up and saw a message from Jinki.

Good morning beautiful

You replied and checked other things, not wanting to wait desperately for him. You learned your lesson.

Morning handsome

He’s amazing, you two have seeing each other a lot when he has the time. You two go out for little ice cream dates, went to a carnival with him, bike rides in the park and walks to the Han river where you two would just talk for hours. You wouldn’t say you were in love but he made your heart thump against your chest and you get a little flustered around him.

Dinner tonight?

I can’t, not tonight



The usual?

Just come pick me up

Yes ma'am

Yah, I’m not that old. 6 months, big woop

It seems to bug you more than me since you counted

I want to kick you so bad right now

You spelled kiss wrong btw

You’re lucky this is over text, not in person

I’m buying you lunch, shouldn’t you be nice?

But you’re such a tease

Sorry about that, babe

If you were sorry, you would stop 😩

I gotta go, the birthday girl is having a tantrum

Come to me in one piece xx

You sent it before going to the kitchen, deciding to make pancakes for breakfast. You made them in animal shapes, making zoo animals and setting up the table.

You walked into your kids room and they were sitting on each other’s bed.

“You two are already awake? I’m not dreaming, am I?” You purposely rubbed your eyes and played with your eyes so they could giggle at how silly you were being.


“Pancakes!” Your daughter said happily, probably smelling the lovely scent of pancakes lingering in the air. They rushed off to the dining room and you were following them until you heard a knock on your door.

“Who is it?”


“Oh, Jin-” You opened the door to see Jin standing next to Yoongi but you won’t glance at him.


“He said he needed to talk to you and I knew you wouldn’t see him but you would see me.”

“Right now, I rather not see both of you.

“What? You’re mad at me too?”


“Go home.” You hissed and Yoongi stopped the door before you could close  it in both of their faces and he pushed his way through.


“I’m not leaving. Don’t even try to kick me out unless you want the kids to see-” You punched him, he’s forcing you and trying to wedge his way into your life. How could he act like he’s entitled to a spot in your life?

He gave up his spot a long time ago but now that he doesn’t have that girl he cheated on you with, he wants to say backsies. What the hell is with him?


“Get the hell out.”

“Who is he?”

“None of your fucking business.”

“Just answer the question.”

“I don’t have to answer shit. You come to my house, have the audacity to question me like I owe you a goddamn thing. You broke my heart, let me to pick up the pieces by myself and then you come back, kiss me and make me confused again. Why do you have to fuck up everything?”

“I’m sorry.”

“You aren’t fucking sorry. If you were sorry, you won’t have done that to me. You won’t have done that to us.”

“Y/N, we can move past this if we-”

“Within 3 minutes of seeing you, I’m already angry enough to punch a wall. Let’s face it, we’re absolutely toxic for each other. I can’t even look at you without getting angry, how am I supposed to patch things with you?”

“I thought since you let me kiss you, maybe you weren’t all that angry. But you’re absolutely furious and I deserve it. Was it because of him?”

“He doesn’t treat me like a second option. He actually cares about me and doesn’t hide things from me.”

“Sure, he does.”

“What, are you jealous of the fact that I found someone that treats me better than you did?”

“Trust me, he’s not what you think he is.”

“I used to say the same about you. Look at where we are, Yoongi.”

“Why is it every word that comes out of your mouth is to make me feel guilt?”

“Because you should and I’m not going to sympathize with you. I resent you, remember?” He didn’t say a word, just looking at you and you tore your eyes away from him.

“Are we done here?”

“I’m not giving up on you. Remember that.” He walked away and you went back inside, seeing Jin playing with your kids. You weren’t pissed off at him but you didn’t want to see Yoongi. He only complicates things and worsen your life.

“Should I leave?”

“If you could stay, I wouldn’t mind.”

“You’re lucky I have a free day today.”

“Thank you, Jinnie. You’re a life saver.” You went into your room, grabbing your laptop to do some actual work until 12:30. Jinki messaged you as well, making sure you knew it was him.

Last time you opened the door excitedly, you accidentally hugged your landlord who came by to personally collect rent. He wouldn’t let you live it down that day and you walked out your room to open the door. Jin already beat you to it and Jinki was looking for a way out, which is when you conveniently walked in.

“Hey, sweetheart.”

“Jin?” He was glaring at Jinki and you squeezed his arm. You exchanged words with him through expressions before grabbing Jinki’s hand and leaving with him.

“What just happened?”

“Sorry about Jin, he’s usually not like that?”

“Is he their father?”

“No, he’s best friends with their father. But I don’t want them around their father. He is..”

“A stupid bastard that didn’t know what he had?”

“Took the words right out my mouth.”

“Was it that bad?”

“Look, Jinki. Talking about him just makes me so frustrated. Let’s just focus on us, I don’t want to talk about him anymore.”

“Alright. Where do you want to go?”


“I know just the place.” He drove for a bit, stopping in front of a cute little pizzeria and he opened the door for you. You get out, following Jinki inside and he greeted the cashier.

“Oh, so she’s real.”

“Dude!” You giggled and he looked at you, bumping your hips with you and poked you.

“Just a few minutes.”  You sat down with him in a booth and you played with his fingers.

“So you talk about me, huh?”

“You don’t talk about me?”

“Don’t change that topic, sweetie. You talk about me.”

“It’s not everyday you can go out with a beautiful woman like yourself.”

“I thought I was an old lady.”

“Well you’re pretty old.”

“I hate the fact that I got that.”

“No, you don’t. You’re smiling.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes you are, how cute.”

“Here’s your meal, love birds. Oh, good luck taming this one.”

“Yah, aren’t you supposed to be nice to customers?”

“I am, this lovely lady here isn’t being mistreated.” He shook his first as the man went back to help other customers in line.

“Excuse him, he’s my hyung.”

“Not his favourite?”

“You could say that.” He began eating, taking it slice by slice and you joined him as well.

“You got a little sauce on your cheek. Let me get that.”

“It’s-” You felt his lips dangerously close to your lips and he pulled away, leaving you to deal with your burning cheeks. He smirked a little and you shoved him, wiping your cheek with a napkin afterward.

“What happened to using a napkin?”

“It’s cuter seeing you get all flustered.”

“You’re such a flirt.”

“You’re gorgeous. Are we just stating the obvious now?”

“Turn off the charm, Jinki.”

“I can’t help it, it’s a part of my nature.” You rolled your eyes, getting up with him to leave and getting in the car.

“I really wish we had dinner instead.”

“Me too, it’s only 4.” He drove back to your building, the familiar grey brick resembling a prison and you could see Jin watching from your apartment window.

“Do you want me to walk you up?”

“I think I’n fine.” You kissed his cheek goodbye and went up to your apartment, greeting with Jin’s look.


“Don’t you think you’re being too headstrong about that guy? You’ve been with him for 3 days.”

“It’s better than what Yoongi made me feel for three years.

“Something’s wrong. You’re angrier than before and don’t deny it either.”


“Was it because he kissed you that night?”



“Fine, it was. How could he? How could he just kiss me and then I can’t even remember what I was going to say? I didn’t remember how angry and hurt I was because of him. All I could think about was those stupid soft lips and..”


“The next time I could feel them again.”

“Does that mean what I think it means?”

“Yoongi fucked up again? Yup.”

“Besides that..”

“It doesn’t matter, I really like Jinki.”

“But you kissed Yoongi.”

“That was before I met him.”

“You wanted him to kiss you again.”

“Also before I met him.”

“Then why are you saying this now?”

“So you see that that spark we had was just a fluke. It wasn’t going to change anything, we’re still here. Now, I have someone who makes me happy and Yoongi can go find another girl.”

“What about the kids?”

“I’m still taking care of them, and Jinki won’t be in their lives until we’re serious enough. For now, he’s just the guy from the birthday party venue to them.”

“What is he to you?”

“A romantic interest.”

“For once, you sound a bit like your job.”

“I do read a lot of romance novel transcripts.”

“Well, lead heroine, I’m leaving.” You shook your head at his lame joke and hugged him goodbye. He shut the door and you went into your room to change. You went to the kitchen, preparing dinner for your twins who were just playing in the living room and give yourself the time to think.

Was Jin right about Jinki?

You were sure that you were definitely attracted to Jinki, emotionally and physically but it’s only been three days? How could you fall for someone within three days of meeting them? It took you months to finally get together to Yoongi and even then you two thought you were moving too fast. That was before you two stopping moving.

“Mommy?” You stopped, turning to your daughter and crouching down to eye level with her before her little hand wiped your cheeks. You looked at the glistening wetness of tears on her fingers, oblivious to your own tears and smiled for her.

“What is it, baby?”

“Are you okay, mommy?”

“I’m fine, baby. Don’t worry about Mommy.”

“Is it because of Mr. Yoongi?”

“No, baby.” Yes, it is.

“Don’t cry anymore, mommy. Promise?” She held out her pinky and you hooked your pinky with hers. You’re such a liar. You kissed her forehead and she giggled, all your clouded anger just cleared just from the innocent sound of laughter. You finished up dinner with your daughter helping and she set up the table. Your son came running when you called him for dinner and you ruffled his rich black hair, reminding you of Yoongi when he was younger.

You felt your phone ringing and answered it, thinking it was another annoying call from Yoongi that you shouldn’t have picked up.

“What do you want, Yoongi?”

“Are you his girlfriend?”

“Okay, I get that you still love me but I think you should at least remember that we broke up 4 years ago.

“I’m not Yoongi, I just find this in his pocket and it lists you as his emergency contact..”

“Emergency contact? Did something happen?”

“Well, the thing is he..”

Did you know the person who breaks a pinky promise has to cut off their pinky?

Hehe ^w^

~Admin Blake

Power Forward

A Rucas Fanfic

Rucas Week - Day 2 - Rucas in High School

Story by: @hoffkk

Summary:  Lucas takes Riley to a Knicks game for her birthday and as they find themselves caught in the kiss cam, old feelings are stirred up and sparks go flying, making them both question their friendship. Are their feelings for each other powerful enough to finally make them take the next step?

Note: I love the scene in GMW with Riley’s Knicks rant and how Lucas just falls for her even more because of it.  It’s so adorable and precious, so I decided to do a throwback/shout out to that scene and play off of it.  Hope you like what I came up with!  Happy Rucas Week Day 2!


“Help me out, man. I need an idea.”  Lucas begged his friend as he drove them home from basketball practice.  Riley’s birthday was only a few days away and Lucas wanted to get her the perfect gift. He just didn’t know what that was.

“Dude, you still haven’t gotten her anything?”  Zay asked.

“Nothing seems right.” Lucas tried to defend.

“Just get her some flowers.” Zay suggested.

“That’s too impersonal.” Lucas said, rejecting the idea.

“So, get her jewelry.”  Zay offered.

“That’s too personal…I mean, it’s not like we’re dating.” Lucas explained.

“Yeah, and why is that exactly?” Zay asked, eagerly awaiting an answer.  After all of the eighth grade drama, Lucas and Riley and Maya all stayed friends, but over the last four years, the gang could tell that Riley and Lucas were still very much into each other and figured it was only a matter of time before they gave in and became a couple.

“I told you. It’s not what Riley wants.” He shrugged.

“Okay, let’s pretend for a second that I actually believe that that’s true…what about what you want?” Zay inquired, knowing his friend has been pining after Riley for years.

Lucas paused, opened his mouth and closed it as he took a moment to gather his thoughts. “What I want is to get her the perfect present.  Period.” Lucas said finally.

“Fine.  I digress.” Zay gave up…for now.

“Digress?” Lucas asked, surprised by his friend’s use of the word.

“I’ve been doing SAT test prep with Farkle.” Zay shrugged.

“Ah,” Lucas said, thinking the world was suddenly making sense again.

The car grew quiet as the listened to the radio drone on.

Remember, if you call in at the top of the hour, you have a chance to win tickets to this Friday’s basketball game and watch the Knicks take on the Heat.”  The radio announcer ranted on.

Lucas suddenly found himself grinning from ear to ear.  "That’s it.“  He said more to himself than to Zay as he recalled a fond memory of him and Riley.


"You know anything about sports?” Lucas asked Riley as they sat at Topanga’s, hanging out as friends again now that things were back to normal.

“No…” Riley trailed off.

“No?” Lucas asked, not totally convinced of her answer. Something in her tone made him think maybe she did know a thing or two.  "Any sports?  Like…what about basketball?  You know anything about basketball?“

"Yeah…” She said, casually admitting the truth.

“Yeah?” He questioned for clarification.

“Yeah.” She said again, this time sounding more confident.

“Yeah?” He couldn’t help but say again. “Maybe?”

“Well, we’re in New York, so obviously my favorite team is the Knicks…and, you know, this might not be our best year, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because we’ve have ‘Melo, we have Phil Jackson, and that’s all that counts.  We shouldn’t have traded J.R. Smith, and at the end of the day, it’s not our best season.  We have a terrible record.  We’re the worst in the NBA.  I am at Madison Square Garden, and I see all these fake fans jumping onto bandwagons like the Heat or something like that, and you know what?  That s not what a true fan is.  If you are gonna be in the Garden, you better represent the Knicks!” Riley finished, pointing a finger at Lucas for emphasis.

Suddenly embarrassed by her little outburst, she feigned coolness and leaned her head against her palm. “I don’t know that much, obviously…” She added nervously, willing away the blush on her cheeks.

Lucas just stared at her in awe.  He never heard a girl talk about sports like that.  It was amazing and sent a funny feeling swirling around in his stomach.

“I really like you, Riley.” Lucas found himself saying before he could stop himself.

Riley just giggled in response, her blush growing deeper.


“What are you on about?” Zay queried, so consumed by his phone, he didn’t hear the radio.

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Which means an Everlark drabble is absolutely needed. This was inspired by gifs of Josh Hutcherson dancing (which can be found below the cut) and slightly based on my own drunken shenanigans.

Happy Birthday C. You are an amazing and talented person and I am so lucky to have you as a friend. Thank you for being YOU!

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Happy 30th Birthday, Léa Seydoux!
b. 01st July 1985

“I am about life. I surround myself with beautiful things. I work hard to have a better life. This job helps me achieve that through the people I meet. I’m lucky – not to have been a cover girl – but to have been able to meet all these people, to live these adventures and travel so comfortably. But despite that, it’s still difficult. Nothing comes easily. Everything I‘ve earned is down to me, and no one else.”