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OK I WROTE SOME TONIGHT.  I mean, ordinarily I am a very frustrating author to follow because I cannot predict my output or force any writing that does not please my incredibly capricious brain; that said, I talked to gutsybitsy and we’ll probably be making an AO3 series so people can just subscribe to that.  But that requires organization, which I am not good at. #adhdlyfe

So anyway, here is some more; happens after the figure skating lesson, before the shovel talk.

(For the uninitiated: this is the AU where Bitty is parenting all three frogs, and Kent is Jack’s 12-year-old son)

“Shitty’s gone on vacation,” Bob said to Alicia a week after Kent’s twelfth birthday, “so that’s the last we’ll hear from those boys until he gets back in August.”

He was wrong, however. Kent continued to Facetime them regularly during his vacation with Camilla, including a downright enthusiastic review of Disney World from his hotel room. Twice, Jack emailed Bob irritated photographs of furniture Kent’s cat had damaged in his absence. They did drop off the radar once Kent got back to Providence, but remembered to return Bob and Alicia’s call the day after Jack’s birthday.

“We saw Zootopia with Bitty last night,” Kent explained briefly, before launching into a detailed description of the movie’s most exciting part.

“He’s Mr. Bittle,” Kent elaborated later in the conversation. “But he said I could call him Bitty because that’s what Chowder calls him sometimes. They’ve all got hockey nicknames so Chowder is Chowder and Nursey is Nursey and Dex is Dex. It’s because of their parents. He used to play NCAA Division I.” That was the most they got out of him before he pushed Jack in front of the screen.

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Vacation Is Over, and Time for 2017!!

Happy New Year sweet shipsters!! I am officially over my mini-sabbatical, (even thought I still had to lurk and comment from time to time), and just returned home from my 2 week vacation with the hubs! It is now time for me to break out the walking shoes and detox from all of the sugar, food and alcohol that I have enjoyed since Christmas. Trust me…my 5 foot 4 inch frame really cannot withstand all this enjoyment, and I am just a walking butt and boobs at this point! Oh well…..

I just wanted to say that I am really seeing and feeling the love of all the Sam/Cait goodness of late, and yet I am trying have some level of chill with it all. After everything we have seen over the past year, I think I am conditioned to expect the unexpected, and if that should happen, well so be it.

As far as I am concerned, there really should be no reason to believe that the parakeet is Sam’s girlfriend…..period. Of course, I never thought she was with all that fake innuendo, and that stuff really has a way of outing itself! And, of all people who could shut the door on that cage, it would be the current BF, thanks to his IG posts. It has been absolutely hysterical to watch, and these anon’s and anti’s must be pissing all over themselves, and each other. For me….good riddance. Maybe with the money that was earned, she can finally get a good hair stylist, and take some modeling lessons. Those poses have gotten a little “one-trick” ponied at this point!

As for our dynamic duo, I will continue to ship away. For the past two weeks, they have seemed happier, more at ease, and more themselves than we have seen them in a long time. The fact that they are back filming together is not lost on me. Sam’s own words of “death in the family” has been proven true, and he seems to truly be back in his giddy element. And Cait…the private and elusive Cait….not only slayed the GG’S, but engaged with fans, reporters, and Sam. And, she is doing a small Con….and WITH Sam?!? I am still reeling from what she is showing us!!😍

I plan to enjoy whatever comes our way, and laugh and squee with everyone here over every little piece of it. And, when needed, snark and dispel the BS as well. It seems the stars are finally aligning, and I can’t wait to see them wrap up Sam and Cait, and light up the sky. Believe me….it’s coming because it has already started!

Happy shipping sweet shipsters! Time to fan in fun again!! ⛵💕⛵💕

To all the airport/air companies staff planning to strike during the holiday season

I hear you. Your paycheck has probably been slimmer and slimmer. Privileges have been taken away during a period in which your efficiency is more and more important. It does not seem fair that after all the hard work the reward is not enough. I get it. I am with you.

However, as you strike flights are cancelled. People can not get to their destinations. Of course that would be a bummer if it was only for vacation. Though, as we all know, most people who do travel during this time travel because they are heading home. It’s people that, like you, work as hard as they possibly can. People who have left their homes seeking a better life, perhaps even as a last resort so they could feed their families. After a year long run they finally get on a flight and head home. And if they can’t do it then it’s more than a bummer.

Being an emigrant is not easy. You are pulled out of everything you know, of everyone you ever loved, of everything that feels comforting and home like. People do not emigrate because they want to. It’s because they need to. In order to have a better life, to get a job, to be able to go to university, to achieve their dreams. It is hard. And while you are away you focus on the moment of reunion. The moment you see your family again. 

To all the airport and air companies staff I urge you please do not strike. Because your strike will mean that these so hard working people won’t be able to get their holiday reward. The reward of love, of reunion, of being at home. You do work hard, you do deserve better. But they also work hard and they deserve to come home.

As a massive Pepperony fan I take some comfort from the fact that Tony said “we’re taking a break” NOT “We broke up, we are over, 100% done”

In the dead of night I like to imagne it’s all just one giant misunderstanding on Tony’s part. Like one night Tony and Pepper were lying in bed and Pepper was like “I am so overworked and tired, I can’t stand it, we should take a break” and Tony’s traitorous brain was like “she is tired of me, she can’t stand me, she wants to take a break” and because in Tony’s mind Pepper gets what Pepper wants he was like “Ok, whatever you want” while silenty falling apart inside.

And one month later, after all the shit with the civil war went down, Pepper comes back from her vacation to the remote pacific islands which sucked because Tony never showed up, so that meant no sex on the beach. And they are both like “Where have you been?”

And Pepper is like “I was on a vacation” and Tony “I thought you wanted a break” “Yes, break, as in a vacation, not break up, you’re an idiot, Tony, also who beat you up.”

And after that they get back together and everything is perfect and nothing hurts.

Well, like it or not, we have a new president. It’s not what I wanted but it’s what I get.

I was far away from all social media while he was being sworn in today. And for most of the coverage before and after.

I am 100% okay with this.

Political rant over.

Sat 6 at 4:30 am

I spent my 3 days off trying to shake off vampirism. Not very successful as I have been up since just after midnight.

This weather is crazy, 20 degrees for lows last week, upper 60s this week. Doing my dead level best to keep allergies in check.

Nearly got all the nails set on molding. Even started hanging up some pics.

Boss is on vacation for a week, so I hope I get a break at work. It’d be nice to come home with some energy.

I found out from armored car guard yesterday that 2 banks near station have been held up in last week. I hope they catch the guy and that it is same guy as held up my store.

I got the best compliment from my daughter yesterday. Her bf and his dad were talking about what all his car needed done to it. Burnt out headlight was one. Daughter said, “My dad would go to parts store, buy the part, and have it fixed in 30 minutes” . She called me to say I have set the bar very high as it took bf and dad 4 hours. She had to show them how in the end. Atta girl.

  • Okay, but Christmases at Hogwarts, guys. 
  • Like, just picture it…
  • the enchanted ceiling is just gorgeous
  • with imaginary snow coming down
  • and all of the stars look like the snow and all of the snow looks like stars
  • and the giant tree
  • Hagrid cutting down the tree and dragging it inside
  • and at first the kids are all sad because
  • everyone else is going home to their families and I’m just gonna be here all by myself for two whole weeks
  • but everyone is just super friendly and everyone feels super loved and makes friends super fast
  • and the older students talking and hanging out with the shy little first and second years until they feel comfortable with everyone
  • because before they were like
  • what do you mean I have to stay at Hogwarts mom
  • you’re going on vacation what?
  • but mom all of my friends are leaving
  • what am I gonna do
  • but after a day they feel like part of a new family
  • and sleepovers in the common room because being the only one in your dorm is just so boring like why not
  • it’s not against the rules
  • they’re not wandering the corridors
  • just cuddling together in the common room
  • and the fire is so warm
  • and come on we can fit all 8 of us on these 3 couches
  • and regardless of how well they know each other they all just cuddle
  • and holiday parties in the Gryffindor common room
  • but not regular crazy Gryffindor parties
  • but like everyone sits in a circle with hot chocolate and cookies and just hangs out together
  • every single student is just sitting in the Gryffindor common room
  • because why be lonely when you can just not
  • and the Ravenclaws just sit all cuddled up with books and read quietly
  • like they don’t even have to talk just oh wow
  • I have a book
  • you have a book
  • we could read in our respective beds
  • or we could curl up under fuzzy blankets and read together
  • sneaking to the kitchens and bringing back sweets for everyone
  • and the house elves love it you know they do like a few kids walk into the kitchens like
  • can we have some cookies
  • and I haven’t even started with going outside
  • like people bundling up in their warmest little sweaters
  • and snowball fights
  • house vs. house
  • and it gets so competitive but in a totally fun way
  • and they all love it
  • but they get so soaked and they go inside and take off all of their wet clothes and get in their pajamas
  • and spend two hours all huddled by the fire
  • because my feet are so frozen right now I need to thaw out
  • and they all get together and read How The Grinch Stole Christmas and other Christmas children’s books
  • and every single meal they all sit at the same table
  • because houses don’t even matter anymore
  • and everyone else gets back and is just like
  • aw what did I miss you’re all best buddies
  • and all of the memories made over the past weeks are retold
  • and the next year there are so many
  • mom you know I love you and miss you but can I please stay at Hogwarts for Christmas
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“Do you think Steve is happy?” James asks, his cheek resting against her thigh. If it were anyone else she’d be insulted they had the wherewithal to think of anyone else.

BuckyNat with hints of future BuckyNatSteve(Sam)

Mature rating for non-explicit things happening (rating may be increased next chapter)

For the lovely @frostyemma, who, I am sure, regrets me. <3

This is more than a day late and all the apologies. This was written by hand on a plane and originally had some more, but due to sleep deprivation/jet lag/why is life so busy after vacation/wait i shouldn’t be having a period right now-fun it’s a little shorter than originally planned (because I read through entire sections and said “no, what, no”) – and the smut epilogue (which this is, honestly, mostly just lead up to) will be posted later when I can actually proofread it because whoooooboy is that dangerous.

Uh, for the prompts (minorly) MCU. Reconnecting post-Civil War. Conversations that need to be had, things that need to be understood. How do they find their way back to each other. (and much more) Shameless smut. Natasha and Bucky have a threesome with Steve. Gawd, I feel ridiculous even writing this. (only I threw in Sam too, because how could I not?)

Love love.

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It is so tragic to see how Democrats and their allies are still plotting to stop Trump from becoming the next President. Only six days to go until the inauguration, i am sure we wont be bored! :)

It’s amazing to see, isn’t it? 

I had vacation days to blow from the past year & just to be where I can see and enjoy all the knee jerk reactions, protests, and mostly nonsensical punditry, I took them starting the day of the press conference this past Wednesday until the Monday after January 20. 

I watch the meltdowns and weak attempts at plots and scenarios to stop the Inauguration and it’s like the efforts to stop the hands of time.  Nothing, absolutely nothing will stop it.  

Enjoy the week!!!

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Headcanon that after the events of the "war", Rachel took Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Sally, and Paul on a 2 week long "mandatory rest, catch-up, and chill vacation because we've all missed each other and god knows you two look like you need one.:

Oh my gosh yes! Family vacation on the Dare black card. I am so here for this.

  • Percy, Grover, and Annabeth spending hours playing hacky sack on the beach
  • Sally and Percy walking along the beach together collecting shells and rocks like when he was little 
  • Annabeth letting Paul help her build sand castles 
  • Percy keeping Grover company while he visits nature spirits and catalogues the plant life 
  • Sally, Annabeth, and Rachel having a spa day complete with fruity drinks that have the little umbrellas 
  • the boys spend that day sleeping on the beach and eating as much room service as they can order 
  • Percy and Annabeth manage to slip out one night and go on a nice romantic walk together 
  • they all go sailing and snorkeling together 
  • Percy meets tons of awesome fish and a very welcoming pod of dolphins
  • Grover and Percy take more than one nap together in a hammock 

↱  getting jealous over the girl’s in his mv’s.
▷ angst/fluff
pairing: zico x reader

You had never seen as much as exposed skin in your entire life than you had in just these last few hours. Not that you particularly were offended by it, not that the girls weren’t beautiful, but maybe the face that they were surrounding your boyfriend; who seemed all a little too touchy.

It wasn’t a surprise when Jay asked Jiho to make a cameo in his newest music video, Mommae. Especially after Jay’s small appearance in Tough Cookie, and of course, as always, you were happy and proud of everything he achieved and accomplished. Although, you could say you would have been even happier if this music video didn’t involve countless model type girls sitting on and around your boyfriend, all while you had to sit and watch.

You were never one to participate in shaming other girls, especially if it involved them flaunting what God gave them or girls who decided to be modest. But that was quickly thrown out the window as soon as the first take happened, watching two girls on each of his legs while Mommae blasted from each speaker around the set.

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a small batch of random aus
  • my heater broke and its the coldest month of the year can I stay over and hog all your blankets au
  • we meet at the beach and I find you with only your head poking out of the sand and about the drown by the incoming tide au
  • everyday your smoke alarm goes off and i being your irritated and considerate neighbour am going to give you personal lessons au
  • you asked me to water your plants while you were off on vacation, and after going into your apartment and finding out more about you I’m now fond?? au
the signs as ‘funny’ quotes

aries: ‘dear karma, i have a lot of people you missed’

taurus: all my life i thought air was free until i bought a bag of chips’

gemini: ‘dont think of yourself as an ugly person, think of yourself as a beautiful monkey’

cancer: after tuesday even the caldender goes: W - T - F’

leo:rasin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason i have trust issues’

virgo: ‘follow your heart, but take your brain with you’

libra: ‘i love you with all my butt, i would say heart but my butts bigger’

scorpio: ‘8 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, 6 000 000 000+ people, AND I AM STILL SINGLE’

sagittarius:im not lazy, i am just in energy saving mode’

capricorn: ‘i need a six month vacation, twice a year’

aquarius: ‘some people just need a high five, in the face… with a chair’

pisces: hey ill be back in five minutes, if i am not read this message again’

What am I hearing?

Okay, one of my BTS friends told me that after the Summer Vacation video that the boys posted yesterday some fans were saying that they want Jimin to have his abs back and they want the ‘Danger’ era back. Excuse me, but he did extreme dieting and extreme exercising to get those abs which wasn’t good for his body at all. He’s very insecure about his weight, his height, and his looks. He’s eating healthy now and he looks better than ever. He finally looks healthy and he’s happier. Don’t you want to see our Jimin happy? I honestly don’t miss his abs, he looks so much better without them in my opinion. So, in conclusion, Jimin is happy now and it’s our job as the ARMY to appreciate the boys for all their hard work. I want to see #WeLoveYouJimin trending on Twitter with positive messages about him. Let’s do it, ARMY! Thank you!


Hey y'all! So I know I made y'all wait a while for the whole story so I now I present to you the story of how I, Emily Jenkins MET Taylor Swift………..

**pictures will be in different posts bc apparently there’s a limit to how many pics you can post at once.

So the main question I have been asked since this all happened has been, “Was this set up? So to answer that, let me paint you a little picture…

My dad NEVER took days off of work. I guess he just got used to it after years and never taking days off because he might be getting a call any day that he would be getting a kidney transplant and he’d need all the days he could for the aftermath. Well then he got a kidney and a few years passed and he was like, "I am going to go on a vacation.” And he knew how much I wanted to go to Nashville, so he mentioned it to my mom and she was like okay, and then I guess he wanted to go to Dollywood and I love roller coasters too so we added Pigeon Forge onto the trip! But that’s beyond the point. So back to the Nashville part; we were trying to figure out when we were going to go and then we finally decided on June 23rd and 24rd for Nashville. So at this point we’re still like 2 weeks out from leaving so I make a countdown and I’m all excited and planning everything I wanna see and do.

*Fast forward to June 22nd*
(Day before we leave!!)

Okay so my mom and I were just walking around the Container Store, just shopping and my phone lit up with some kind of notif from Twitter. Being the social media obsessed girl that I am, I immediately opened my phone and all of a sudden I was reading a DM from Taylor Nation. They saw that I was coming to Nashville( I tweeted about it a crapton and I guess they saw it when they were online!) and they said they wanted to give me a bag of Taylor merch for all my love and loyalty to Taylor. AWESOME. So then we worked out the details and I was to meet two of the Taylor Nation girls in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s lobby! So then we get back into the car and I call my aunt(the one who went with me to 1989 Louisville and will still be seen in public with me- the real MVP if we’re being honest- and I told her what had just happened and she immediately said, “OH YOU ARE SO MEETING TAYLOR.” And to be honest that thought hadn’t even crossed my mind until she had just said it and for that split second I truly believed it was finally my turn. Then I jokingly said, “You should come with us! Make your first graders really jealous! You not only *saw* Taylor on the floor at the 1989 tour, but you also got to meet her!!!” (She’s a first grade teacher at a little catholic school in Cincinnati). Then we laughed and hung up. Then the thought of meeting Taylor dropped as I just stared at the message from Taylor Nation in all its glory. So then we get home and chill for a while, I watched the Skin Wars semi finals and then I started packing at 10PM, you know the later the better😂. Once I got most of my essentials together I took a break and got on Twitter and my feed was filled with “Taylor’s in Nashville” tweets and I was like, “ oh my gosh that’s so cool, I’ll be in the same state as Taylor, I’m gonna switch out shirts to make sure I’m wearing Taylor merch with stuff on the front and back for our days in Nashville just in case she randomly sees me and is like, "SHE’S WEARING MY SHIRT!!!!” So then I finished up packing and laid in bed on Twitter for probably another hour or so until I fell asleep😂.

June 23rd (DAY OF!!!!!!)

So we got up and left the house about 8:30EST and had a nice like 5 hour drive from Cincinnati to Nashville and all on the way I’m looking at the dm from Taylor Nation, the whole way down trying to not let me get my hopes up that I will run into Taylor or that that DM meant that I was meeting her. So we got down to Nashville w/o any problems and checked into our hotel, but our room wasn’t ready and by this point it was only 1 o'clock CST and we weren’t supposed to meet the girls from TN until 3. So since we were completely unfamiliar with the city, we decided to walk to the Country Music HOF, which was only like a block away from our hotel and see if there was anything around there we could do. Well apparently there was nothing around that we could walk to and get back to the HOF in time so we just walked around the stores in the HOF and the park across the street until we went back and waited for the two girls. 3 o'clock came…3:15 came and I messaged her to ask if she was okay and she said that they were just running late and that they’d be there! Ten more minutes pass and then here they come and we’re all hugging and saying hi and then they give me a big bag of Taylor merch! As if that wasn’t enough, they then pull out tickets for my mom, dad and I and for them to the museum! So then we all walk over to the ticket taker and get into the elevator to go upstairs. So, if you’ve never been to the CMHOF, when the elevator opens, the first thing literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU is the Taylor Swift Education Center. So I see the 1989 Tour display case and I just run towards it and start hugging it. Well I hugged the right side with the HYGTG outfit and the Christmas tree SIO outfit and shoes because those were my two favorite outfits!! Then I let go for a second and one of the TN girls is like, “You should do that again so your dad can get a picture of you!” So I did. And I’m pretty sure that’s when TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT WALKED IN AND STOOD RIGHT BEHIND ME and I didn’t even notice!!!! So my initial reaction is AHEDJSYEYKSBAHDJSJA NO WAY THAT IS NOT TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT NO WAY BUT OH MY GOD IT IS. She was holding a little envelope with my name on it, she handed it to me and then I grabbed and hug her so tight and said I love you at least a million times. She smelt like the most beautiful flower in the world and it all felt like if you could encapsulate the feeling you hear that one song that makes you say “‘ME”. As soon as I let go of Taylor, I see Scott reaching out with something in his hands and low and behold it was a bunch of picks for me!! I sobbingly was like THANK YOU SO MUCH😭😭. Meanwhile while this is happening my mom is talking to Andrea and Andrea is telling her how THIS WAS ALL TAYLOR’S IDEA AND HOW TAYLOR WANTED TO
MEET ME. Then I ran to Andrea and hugged her and I felt like we were back in Columbus in the bstage pit hugging as Taylor is singing Love Story on her suspended stage. So by this point, me and Tay had taken all of our pics and people were all like OH MY GOD THAT’S TAYLOR SWIFT so people were asking for pictures with Taylor and I was just basically being a lost puppy by this point, crying and following Taylor around the room as she took pics w/ other people. Then right before she had to leave she was like, “Where’s Emily?” And I was like, “behind you..*holding back the waterworks*” she wanted to be sure to hug me and thank me again for being so nice and loyal and I just couldn’t stop saying thank you. Letting go of her and that last hug was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do because in that moment everything I had ever wanted was happening.

Later that evening

So then we get back to our hotel room and my phone starts ringing and the caller ID says “no caller ID” so I throw my phone at my mom and I’m like you answer it😳. To my surprise it’s Tree Paine and she’s calling on behalf of Taylor saying that she wants to pay for us to go out to dinner tonight. So my phone is laying on the bed on speakerphone and my mom and I are staring at each other like HOLY CRAP. So then Tree is like do you know where y'all want to go and we were like ummm…so then she started listing places and then she mentioned an Italian place named Il Mulino(SO SO GOOD BY THE WAY THEIR CHICKEN PARMESAN AND VANILLA CHUNK GELATO ARE FABULOUS). And so we went there and had an amazing dinner ALL PAID FOR BY TAYLOR.

And that’s the story! That’s the story of how I died!
January 25th, 1997-June 23rd, 2016

In my own little corner (of the world)...


“It has been such a lovely evening with you all, and I am so glad you came. But, I’m tired and it’s getting late. I trust you all have made arrangements to return to your home countries tonight?” Ivan’s bags were packed and in the closet by the door, the train will leave in two more hours out of Moscow heading East, this time. The arrangements were made, and Ivan was looking forward to turning down the house and locking the door, not to return until after his “vacation”. General Winter was calling, and it was time to greet him. All that was left were for the Baltics to all go on home.

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James teasing Lily before they're dating? This could really go any way

Hello, sweetie!! I’m ashamed that it took me so long to answer this, and I sincerely hope you can forgive me. I loved this prompt so much, so I also hope that you can love this drabble! Thank you for sending me this, and feel free to come up with another idea - I promise I’ll answer all of the prompts in my inbox during my vacation.

Send me promts/headcanons/critics here!

It was already two o'clock am when Lily Evans walked drunkly towards the drinks table at Gryffindor’s common room, still giggling about something she couldn’t remember anymore. There was a celebration going on after their house won the quidditch game against Ravenclaw earlier that day, and of course the marauders couldn’t go past it without some butterbeers and a little music - despite the knowns of Professor McGonagall, obviously.

So there she was, drinking a little more than she was used to and starting to feel a little dizzy. Lily was serving herself with another cup of that tremendously tasty butterbeer when James Potter appeared by her side, with a surprised expression on his face. Besides the alcohol effect that was starting to show up in her system, the reasonable part of Lily became a little anxious, and she was staring at the reason of her raced heartbeat. It was the end of sixth year, and Lily’s feelings about the boy she believed being the greatest jerk that ever stepped in that castle was starting to change - even though she denied it with all her heart.

“Am I seeing this correctly? Is Lily Evans drunk for the first time in history?” James asked, and her legs trembled a bit when his lips curved in a cricked grin. Not a good sign, she thought.

Lily lifted up her chin, trying to hide the hush of confused thoughts that was going on on her mind. “For your information, Potter, I’m in complete control of this particular situation, thank you very much.”

James’ smile grew; she would’ve sound pretty convincing if it wasn’t by her rolled tong. “Well, since you’re holding it up pretty good, what do you say about dancing this next song with me?” He needed to try.

She rolled her eyes at him and regretted it immediately - it only made her more dizzy. “Nope.”

His grin fell from his lips; Lily was in better shape than he thought she was. James was aware that their small talk was being watched by a few eyes around them, but he couldn’t care less. He stepped closer to her, so now he could properly see the different tones of green shining in Lily’s eyes.

“Why don’t you let me flirt with you?” James asked, lowering his voice a little bit.

She smiled, and the answered escaped from her lips before she could think properly. “Because if I did, you wouldn’t flirt anymore.”

That sentence surprised both of them, and he saw a little panic in her expression. “Oh shit.” Lily said, staring at him. “I shouldn’t have said that.” She could feel her face burning a bit, and she knew her cheeks were assuming a red colour, matching the walls of the common room behind her.

James was still surprised when his feet unconsciously stepped towards her, slowly. Lily noticed that careful movement, and she felt her heart beating against her skin. “What are you doing?” She asked, in a whisper.

“Walking slowly towards you.” He answered, close enough so she could smell his perfume.

Lily didn’t move her eyes from his. “Why?”

“Because if I ran, I would scare you off.” James said, ending the distance between them. His hands touched Lily'a face in a gentle move, and she inevitably stared at his lips.

James kissed her.

Hope you ladies all enjoyed the holidays!! I’ve enjoyed the climate changes in California so much this year, especially the joys it brought me during my Christmas and New Year’s break. 

For Christmas, my friends and I escaped the rainy weather in the Bay and road-tripped up to one of my SD’s vacation beach homes along the Pacific coast. I can’t explain how serene it was waking up each day to waves crashing along the coastal shorelines and spending endless hours just gazing up at the starlit night skies.  I fell so in love and seriously want a vacation beachfront property of my own day.  After spending a week at his beach house, I road-tripped again with my friends across the state and into the snow-filled mountains.  Ahh! I am absolutely ecstatic with the amount of snow we’ve received this year!! I normally head to Tahoe during this season, but resorted to Sequoia National Park this year to spend my holidays in a bit more peace and quite.  I spent days just wandering through all the different sequoia trees throughout my time there.  It was so much fun getting lost within the snow-filled forrest each day and I even got to slide down a man-made snow slide :) My two trips were seriously such a much needed escape away from the city and I also have to throw out a huge thanks to my SD for letting us borrow his car! (which he apparently has not driven since April 2016 due to his excessive car buying addiction -___-…)

However, I guesss I can’t be too mad since his car buying addiction semi-forced him to have to go to Italy for 4 days and he asked me to tag along for that specific trip :) Although his 2017 gift car to himself is extremely excessive, I can’t deny that it’s an absolutely gorgeous car.  The exterior of the Huayra will be a maroon carbon fiber body and I’m so excited to get a glimpse of it in Italy…omg LOL as I was writing this, my SD just literally texted me that he put a deposit on another car already…seriously omg I can not with his car collection. I’m going to end it here and go rant at him about how he needs to chillax with his money. 

Lost in Paradise - Part One

Genre: Romance

Pairings: Ravi x You

Warnings: None

Notes: A Hogwarts!VIXX AU.

AN: /Big Bang TOP voice/ Long time no see, long time no see..

In all seriousness, it has been a while! My last update was that smutty Wonshik birthday scenario, and after that, I needed a breather. And then I had to prepare to go back to the Philippines, and am currently on vacation. I don’t know when the next part will be up, but I’m hoping against all hope to finish this three or four parter before Hyuk’s birthday. I had a Hakyeon scenario last year, I’m thinking of doing my first Hyuk scenario this year. Let’s see if that happens. 

If anyone knows the Rihanna song called “Lost in Paradise,” then be ready for some angst in future parts. 

[Part Two]

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