i am on a hiatus and this is a queue


im experiencing some Personal Shit and i am incredibly low on motivation to do just about??? anything. even if that thing is something as easy as taking screenshots and captioning them with funny things and queueing them for a blog. i hope to have this blog up and running within a week hopefully. im sorry! 


The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - Kings of Con: Epi 10. Arlington, VA - N°1


#look I’m not sayin what you think I’m sayin abt Fitz #but also I am 


i am merely trying to survive the hiatus 

  • even and isak laying in bed with a bag of chips or tiny chocolates 
    • they spend an hour attempting to throw them into each other’s mouth, tallying up points, debating who is the better shooter 
    • honestly they both suck and now isak’s sheets are stained with chocolate and full of crumbs and they’re both super hungry because they spent so much time doing it but only like three ever made it into their mouths 
  • LET ISAK RAP 2k16!!! he never got to rap!!! he and his boyfriend even aka e-box team up, finally, to create the best mixtape of 2016-2017 
    • isak rapping terribly, even beat boxing semi decently, and eskild inserting his own lyrics from the background 
  • isak pinning all of even’s drawing on the wall above his bed. it takes a while to fill up but eventually it does so he has to migrate to the other walls. but he doesn’t care. he wants to keep all of them up, even the ones that even says are Bad. and if he catches even trying to take one down he slaps his hand away gently 
  • even feeling empty sometimes. not so much sad, though that is a part of it. but more just empty. but he’s learning to tell isak more when he feels it
    • so sometimes they’ll just hug for hours and hours, not saying anything, just holding each other, arms wrapped around each other, isak drawing circles on even’s back and even closing his eyes
    • sometimes he can fall asleep like that. other times he can’t. but it helps most always no matter if he does or not 
  • even stealing isak’s snap backs to wear and impersonating isak
    • all isak can do is cross his arms and feign annoyance but even knows he thinks it’s hilarious because isak is really bad at hiding a smile
    • “halla i’m isak valtersen and i’m over the moon so in love would do anything for the man of my life my boyfriend even beck næsheim,” even says in way too low a voice 
    • isak rolls his eyes and says “i do not sound like that” but even is just like “but you would say that, hm?” and isak can’t deny it 
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A Horrible Histories song to help you remember all of the English monarchs since William I which demonstrates how incredibly creative the English can be with names. 

William I, William II, Henry I, Stephen, Henry II, Richard I, John, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III, Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, Charles II, James II, William III, Mary II, Anne, George I, George II, George III, George IV, William IV, Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II

The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - Kings of Con: Epi 10. Arlington, VA - N°2


I will give you guys until tomorrow to submit your stories before a bit of a hiatus. I’ll slow the queue down so you don’t run out of new content. I am deleting my tumblr app for a bit. I’m just, honestly, so tired of everywhere I turn it’s negativity and politics. I’m soooo fucking tired of it. I’m exhausted reading everyone fighting. I hope y'all understand…while I take this break, I am considering finding someone else to take on the blog or just deleting it all together. I enjoy the blog, but everyone nit picking every little thing is so exhausting. I’ll inform you of my decisions when I make them.

A little confession

I put my blog on hiatus a few weeks ago (I’ve mostly come on to stock my queue and reblog things).  I did it after wrestling with the decision for a long while. I’m happy about the decision and lots of great things have taken place since I redirected my attention towards my own writing.

Here’s a run down of what’s happening with me on the writing front:

1. Since my hiatus, I’ve started working as a part-time proofreader/editor for an online literary magazine.  This is awesome for a number of reasons, including the fact that I want to get very good at short fiction and I learn what it takes to publish an e-zine.

 2. I’ve submitted several original stories for publication, been accepted by one and rejected by yet another. I’ve learned from my time here on tumblr that rejection just teaches you to be stronger :).

3.  I will begin teaching a creative writing course next year. It is one of the few offered in my school district and we are planning the launch of our own literary magazine (hence number 1).

4. I pulled Flor Palida to convert into an original fiction. I’ve begun the revision process (which means, research and basically starting all over). It is my project for CampNaNoWriMo and I hope to have a first draft completed by the summer.

5. Heretics and The Sharp Edge of Memory are on permanent hiatus but I will complete My Favorite Mistake and The Pearl of the Antilles. I just don’t know when.

7.  I am writing a fic for @loveinpanem‘s March Madness called Dandelion in the Dark and a short fic for the @everlarkficexchange .  I’ll post an SSS of my genderswap HadesxPersephone Everlark fic tomorrow:). But I don’t know if I will continue to contribute to anything beyond @loveinpanem .

So I’m super excited about things!  Too bad a day has only 24 hours. If you want to follow my adventures, I’m blogging about it. Hit me up and I’ll give you more details.

Happy reading and happy writing!

BRB I’M ON HIATUS 29/01-26/02

hi guys! if you’re reading this it means i’m about to leave for japan for vacation :-) some general housekeeping for my blog:

    for all my queued posts will include cc lists 
    any wcifs for old posts will be ignored unfortunately 
  • i have 2 posts queued for every day i am gone they will be tagged #queue
  • asks requesting for tutorials and other things i can’t help with won’t be answered
  • i will have wifi i think so i’ll still be around liking your posts and answering non-wcif asks! 
  • i will have a piece of cc up as a brb hiatus gift and one for valentine’s day

thanks for reading!! see you all soon :-) 

So…I guess I vanished, huh? I’m really sorry.

November got horrendously stressful at work, and at first I thought if I just waited a little I’d have more time, and then I was embarrassed about vanishing so I just vanished more.

I feel like I am maybe through the worst of it? At the very least I’ll try to finish my current queue over the break.

Again, sorry for disappearing instead of announcing a hiatus.

~Your friendly Bleach Lists Girl

I would like to thank you all for being patient with this unexpected and temporary HPC hiatus. This weekend, we’re going to my parents’ for Christmas, and I’m bringing my computer with me, and I’m going to make a gazillion confessions and queue them up, and I’m going to try and get a week’s worth done at least.

I sincerely hope with every fiber of my being that you’re all having a better holiday season than I am. Hug your families. Laugh with your friends. Cuddle your pets. And be thankful for what you have, even if it’s very little, because it’s alarming how quickly it can all be ripped out from under you.

Much love


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semi hiatus ;

towards the end of the semester and the school year, i am bombarded with assignments and projects. therefore, i will use this time to get those completed in a timely manner. i will not be on at all except for queueing posts and answering asks/messages, and because i am on a semi hiatus, there will be a slight delay in replies so i apologize in advance.

but have no fear! i will be back some time in april!

I haven’t really been very active on here lately, I know. I’ve been distracted, I’ve had a lot going on, and I just haven’t had a whole lot of interest in doing stuff or sharing anything here. (Can you tell this is a depressive low? BECAUSE IT IS.) 

Anyway, I’m probably going to go on a hiatus soon, just to take a more solid and defined break. So, would people want me to queue up some stuff while I’m gone and logged out so things aren’t totally dead on my blog? It’d mainly be Jules and the Warcraft kids. It’d be OC stuff. That’s what it’d be.

announcing mini hiatus

for hopefully just under a week. I am traveling out of town super early tomorrow morning* for an Enormous Interview. The Interview is on Thursday, and it’s all the way across the country - so we’re looking at an Onion on an Adventure :) eeee!

No Hunk Day or Shiro Day this week as a result. I have reminders scheduled to queue on those mornings. If someone else wants to run a Hunk Day or a Shiro Day in my absence, let me know and I’ll reblog any announcement you make prior!

*Lord and Winter Storm Stella permitting (◍•﹏•)

Thanks and have a good week! 💜


        You may have noticed that my activity on here has gotten a little sparse these days; in fact I am taking a break from XV out of plenty, rather personal reasons. Being active on the dash has become a tedious thing – I don’t wanna give up writing & I honestly enjoyed my stay here (still do) but being online on Crowe has become pretty much of a drag lately.

        Another thing which made me consider this break is my health & furthermore my studies. I am close to gaining my first Literature degree aka I need to prepare myself for several exams & write a few term papers – with that being said, most of my posts will be published via my queue – I am still gonne be active & I surely will come back as soon as my exams are over but at the moment, I believe that a temporal semi-hiatus is the BEST CHOICE.

        Hit me up via IM / discord. 

       If you wanna keep writing with me, you can always hit me up on my other, rebooted KLK blog ( HERE ); Let’s just say I need to take a break from the male dominated fandom that XV has become or always has been.

Hey everyone.

So as many of you know I am in law school. And law school eats up so much time. Especially when finals are concerned. I am saying that I am going on a semi hiatus for now untl March 27, in order to write my Brief with no distractions. My activity will return to normal. When finals start I’ll post another update about a semi hiatus. But for now Until March 27, I’m on semi-hiatus.

What this means:

  • Lurking
  • Lots of pictures reblogged
  • Maybe an hour a day of actual time to write
  • All replies queued so I don’t get overwhelmed (unless they are SUPER short)
  • Replies will be SLOW when I do get around to queueing
  • My queue is set to one a day to ensure slowness so I do not get overwhelmed with Replies (particularly with Athelstan)
  • I have kik and discord message me privately if we are mutuals if you want to talk to me more regularly during this time (athelstan follows from mcnsieur)
  • The week before March 20th I will not be on at all most likely

I am really sorry about this guys, I hate going on any type of hiatus, but I gotta focus on grades and shit. So yeah, love you all.