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I just had a thought. Like…Lance. And Ikanaide. Did someome make animation yet?
Like…Ikanaide is so perfectly? Song about Lance who loves Keith and want be just as good as him in Lance’s eyes. But he’s sure he is just a seventh wheel and can’t reach Keith. So he end up on thinking about this all and repeating “Don’t cry”


niice-pants  asked:

Could you do some more whose line stuff? I love the stuff you've posted <3

Actually I randomly started rewatching Whose Line and Improv-a-ganza recently so yeah! :D

I really wanted to reply to this with actuall drawing but it turns out that drawing someone I didn’t draw in few months in kinda different style is harder than I expected… But I have some small doodles! :D

I hope they’re okey~ This is the first time ever I made decent drawings of Greg and Chip and I personally love them~ XD

Also yes, I’ll draw more of them, hopefully~ Wouldn’t mind suggestions who to draw doing what (because drawing just faces in simple style may be a bit… repetitive~ :D)

hello guys, I’m sorry for the sudden news without any explanation, I’m so bad with words i don’t know how to explain this, but since yesterday i have been seeing some moments here and there bts with another group ( i won’t mention any name i have no single intention to start fanwars) and i won’t lie to you but those moments kindda affected me.. (?), I’m really confused about what to believe and what to do.. it’s really hard for me.
i have always said that despite being a hardcore jikook shipper and i have always believed, loved nd admired their relationship, i will support the boys when they will have gfs. is it time for me to accept it?
i want you to know that i cherish this account a lot, it’s my first tumblr account almost 18.000 followers I’m thankful to every and each follower i have.
im sorry for worrying you i will be reading your msgs and comments hopefully you understand how i feel..

new studyblr!

hey guys! i actually made a studyblr a while ago but neglected this lil blog so bad that i’m starting fresh just in time for the new school year! anyway thought i’d write up a new introduction i’m so excited to be back here aaaaa !!!

meet the blogger™:

  • elizabeth
  • 20 years old, altho i turn 21 in september! :O
  • junior at the university of iowa
  • triple majoring in english & creative writing, journalism, and gender, women’s, & sexuality studies
  • honors college
  • lesbean af
  • i use she/her/hers pronouns pls
  • i’m mentally ill (i have depression, anxiety, and ocd), so i’m v v interested in finding other studyblrs who understand what it’s like to go thru all that on a daily basis while still keeping our grades up and having a semblance of a social life lmao lmao!!
  • currently trying to keep up on my spanish skills n i’d love to learn a bunch of other languages someday (french and asl and arabic and latin for starters!)
  • i write for the her campus chapter at my school and would like to begin writing for the main site sometime within the next year or so!!!
  • i love comic books and tea and film scores and cats and sweaters and cute stationery and succulents and sunrises and stars and the moon and memes and photography and writing on my wordpress blog (which im too shy to share w you guys rn eeee but maybe someday?)

some of my favorite studyblrs  who inspire me are @studyign @tbhstudying @studywithmariana @elkstudies @study-shine @areistotle @revisign @studyblr @studydiaryofamedstudent @gaystudies @the-girlygeek @aestudier @aescademic @studywithinspo @studyquill @finally-a-realistic-studyblr @maryplethora @study-well @study-bravely @studying-hard @iridescent-studies @studyinspo @elizastudies @serenitystudies @avocadocollege @gudetama-studies @intellectys @apricot-studies @studylustre @studytherin @merakinotes@strive-for-da-best @theorganisedstudent @studyblr-101 @myriadinklings @myriadnotes @waystostudy @coffeesforstudiers @fabulous-and-flawed and also ruby granger although as far as i’m aware she’s only on youtube!

aaaand oh dear it’s late so i’m p sure there’s some lovely lovely ppl i’m forgetting ahh sorry abt that ! 

looking forward to (hopefully) getting way more involved in the studyblr community this school year!

Taeyong: Wow, a little sleepy there Renjun?

Renjun: *slurring his words* yes just a bit.


Taeyong: …….

Jisung, walks in: *sips apple juice* Good one my dolphin friend, but Renjun doesn’t even drink so it doesn’t make sense.

Chenle: *pouts* Shut up.