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Is it true that there is another Robron drought coming? If so, is it because there is a Rebecca drought coming up at the same time by any chance? They are going to lose Danny if the only thing they use Aaron for is as a plot device for Bex's baby. He is a good actor and he will get bored of being used to try to big up a boring character with zero personality.

I have no idea nonnie I am quite possibly the least informed member of fandom! If it ain’t on robronspoilers then I ain’t paying attention so sorry I can’t help on that front lol

As for the Danny comment, I’m gonna go for a bit of tough love nonnie. Why are you doing this to yourself? Honestly - I mean this in the nicest possible way - STOP. I get that either Danny or Ryan leaving is everybody’s Official Worst Nightmare™ but….this is not helping anything at all. Take a look at the big picture and the situation you’ve described is just NOT what is happening. At all. They didn’t build Rebecca a new set. They aren’t having a Rebecca-centric week in a couple of weeks time. She appears in scenes because she is part of the storyline, but this is a Robron storyline at its heart. 

My opinion? Danny knows what’s up. He gets it. He might not like the storyline but he ain’t stupid, and he knows this storyline is better than no storyline at all. He knows that given time Aaron’s story will move on and he’ll get something new. And he knows that anything is better than no job at all - don’t forget that he’s already jumped ship in hope of Greater Things and found himself out of work. He is a good actor, yes, but the world is full of good actors - as good as Danny - who can’t find work, and certainly don’t win the awards and get the praise that he gets. He knows that, he’s wise to it now. I really can’t see him leaving through choice.

He loves the show in general, and it seems like a pretty amazing place to work, and he knows he’s got a job for life if he wants it. I honestly think since his return in 2014 he’s realised the value of all of that, and he’s looking at people like Dominic and Jeff and thinking yeah, I’ll have a bit of that actually

And if I’m wrong? Well I’ll deal with that if it ever happens. I’m not wasting energy on it now.

“you know you can come through the front door by now, right?”

“but princess, this is far more ro-meow-ntic.”

(…i just want adrien to be the hugest closet romantic ever. bad puns are romantic, right??)

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Heyy, I just wanted to say that I really like 'color me pretty' because it was literally the first BTS fanfic that I read and now I ship Jin/everyone because of it. Also, I was wondering what is your fav(s) Jin/someone fic?

(This is also for @rememorari who I didn’t make a comp for!)

Hi, thank you! I admittedly have a very love/hate relationship with color me pretty hahaha but yay to more jin shippers! (And oh god my favorite Jin fics DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TABS I HAD OPEN TO ANSWER THIS idk how Chrome hasn’t exploded yet, pls bear with me)

*Please note that this is by no means a full list, otherwise I’d have like 500 fics on here, but these are the ones that come to mind! (no particular order)

Yoonjin has a really special place in my heart and I’m reluctant to say it’s my OTP because I love Jin/anyone, but it’s really high up there! I feel like a lot of yoonjin authors tend to write about more mature themes which I really enjoy (and suppose, prefer) reading, and is hands down the ship I read the most.
- everything by resonae!!!
- love to be in trouble with you by dollyeo
- quiet moments spent wide awake together by nuukacola
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding by buddenbrooks
- redamancy by tuusvademecum
His Only Exception by keemcandy
- all of umjism’s stuff but they orphaned all their works??? ;-;

I hardly read any 2seok because it’s so rare! But here are two that I really like:
all this learnin’ here is by you by parallels
hashtag trashbag by jonghyun

Alright so I also really adore namjin but I find that they’re mostly a side-ship than not. Here are some of my favs!
- everything by bazooka ofc but Beta Tau Sigma and Celebrity Crush have special places in my heart<3
I Dream in the Shape of Your Mouth by jonghyun
Looking At The Cars That Drive By by thelightintheattic
Sugar Sprints by WeirdHybrid
- Light of my life, fire in my loins (be a good baby, do what I want) by sungmin (smut…OTL)
aren’t you scared? by agustd
- every step leads to you by littlestarsaligned
Doing The Whoopsie by Merixcil (mostly cause of Hyosang lol)
- well I am officially the worst at reccing, where’s all the namjin

Again, a rare pairing and I adore platonic Jinmin but I’ll take all the well-written Seokjin fics I can get!
Galaxy S♡ by mindheist
- all of mindheist and nikkumeul’s jinmins tbh…i don’t read taekook so i skim their fics for the jinmin lol (i’m sorry)
Way Out by resonae
i’ve got a cauldron full of hot strong love by havewemet
幽霊少年 by bluedreaming

ALRIGHT BUT WHERE’S ALL THE TAEJIN (it used to be the ship but ???)
- kiwi-ism’s fics were some of my first ever, I think. Taejin is mostly a side pairing in their fics but I really enjoy how how it’s depicted haha. myself; yourself is one of my all-time favorites!!
Mine by taethereal
- untitled by BIBEVOM
- Exposed Against A Page by zeropercent 
- Unrequited by resonae

All-boys school AU by dollyeo
- I absolutely adore umjism’s platonic jinkook!!!! But like I mentioned above, they orphaned all their stuff :(
young (and maybe bold) by awkjin
You Know I’ll Stay by ghuns
myself; yourself by kiwi-ism (sorry i just had to put this on here again…brothers!jinkook!!!)

OT7 Gen:
lol don’t even get me started on this…
- RESONAE. yeah you guys know which fics i’m talking about
Dalankar’s fics
- you know what i’m going to stop here before i start crying

Bonus: Taehyung/Seokjin/Yoongi
Hormone War by resonae …my first slash/threesome/rpf smut ever OTL
You’re Still An Amateur (Reality Is The Same) by synful

Alright I kinda lost steam towards the end but I know for a fact that I am missing a bunch arghhhh maybe I’ll make a part two someday…anyway, I’m not sure if you were expecting all this but here you go LOL. I really wanted to have a commentary for each fic but it would’ve made this way too long!!

Happy reading<3

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Ok so I've officially reached the point of obsession where I spend an unhealthy about of time gently stalking all you social media sights for fic info, snippets, and clues. 🙈So looking forward to the forthcoming chapters and especially Ameliam next month sometime!😊thanks so much for this amazing verse you have created for us!! I am sending positive vibes that good things are happening with you move and that it is not causing you and your fam too much stress 🌸 moving is the actual worst!

LOL that’s awesome! Gentle stalking is more than welcome. I wouldn’t use the same name everywhere if it weren’t. Thank you for the well-wishes! Things finally look like they’re going okay with the house. It’s going on the market in three days. We hope and expect (per the realtor) to have multiple offers over list price this weekend. (Please, please, pretty please)

If you like looking for FiCoN clues… HUGE ones coming in next week’s chapter - which is set in 2045 (during the fourth sequel, actually). I think Ameliam is now gonna be three weeks from today… That’s what it looks like right now. And since @dust2dust34 is gonna be in Portland for the con, she and I might do another little video answering some asks. It’s our tentative plan. So… things are finally all moving the right direction, it looks like. Thank you, Anon! <3

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