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So, here we go, it is official. I am queen of the wacky AUs. To the lovely @atearsarahjane I present the lesbian topless fencing AU. It was inspired by the late 19th duel amongst the European aristocracy where the women did go bare-chested to prevent infection. I’ve set it in some sort of 19th century western town though because why not??? (btw I know like nothing about fencing or westerns. I’m using a lot of artistic license here.)


There is only one way out of this, Serena decides. Her scoundrel of a husband drank himself blind last night in the saloon, but not before challenging the town’s doctor to a duel. Edward can barely walk, mind laden with ale and the duel was set for sunrise this morning. Serena has not slept for fretting. Duels must be honoured. It is the law of the town. Or the men and their families are branded as cowards and hounded out of the town into the unforgiving dust of the desert where not even a plant survives.

Law, however, also dictates that if a woman were challenged by a man her lawful partner could take her place as representative. Serena sees no law forbidding the opposite practice and so, she sets off towards the river at the edge of town. The townspeople wash dead bodies with it’s water. So many of late, that the law has changed: a duel of pistols is forbidden. Serena places a hand on the rapier she slipped into the belt at her waist and waits by the river. The sky lightens from black to blue. Just when an orange glow begins to suffuse the horizon a silhouette appears. The silhouette of a woman. It is Berenice Wolfe. The doctor’s wife.

When she approaches Serena, it is clear from the crease of her brow that she too expected a male opponent. Bernie’s husband, after receiving the challenge for the duel, told Bernie he would refuse the drunken man’s words. He had enough people to stitch up. He didn’t need to add Edward Campbell to his list. What a petty and needless exercise! So he brushed the whole thing off - he was the town’s doctor, a respected and learned man. He had no need to reaffirm his authority through duels. Bernie disagreed. Law was law. And she did not want to suffer the consequences of her husband’s folly, so - knowing he would never permit his wife to fight on his behalf - Bernie sneaked out the house.

She would see to the duel, settle the score and be back before her husband realised she was gone. It seemed that the woman opposite her had the same idea. Shock is slowly fading from her features and the woman clears her throat.

“Serena Campbell,” she introduces herself.

“Bernie Dunn,” is the assured reply.

“Strip to your waist.”


“Strip to your waist. Otherwise, small strips of cloth may become trapped in the wound, increasing the risk of an infection.”

“And how do you know it is I who will be wounded?”

“I don’t. But I know you are not a fool.”

“I have called the deputy Sheriff. They should be here soon to oversee.”

“That I play fair?”

“No,” Serena smirks devilishly. “That I.”

When she arrives Jac Naylor is unperturbed at the sight of two women preparing to duel. She has heard of such duels in the past and agrees with Bernie’s recommendation to prevent sepsis. As with female duels, she asserts, the fight will be until the first draw of blood.

The women disrobe. Bernie takes her time to fold her clothes in a pile on the ground, but Serena just tosses her shirt on the dusty ground and when Bernie looks up, the other woman is waiting to draw her sword, one hand on her hip. The deputy sheriff orders them to draw their swords, and as she does, Bernie’s eyes trace Serena’s body, the scattering of freckles on shoulders, the jut of collarbones, the fullness of breasts, the small swell of her stomach. Her skin is dappled with light from the rising sun.  

Before Bernie knows it, Jac has ordered the start of the duel and Serena, with a feint and thrust of her sword, has Bernie stumbling backwards, has her on her back on the floor within seconds. Bernie just blocks the next thrust, aimed at her left arm. It seems the woman does not want to injure her seriously, striking not for her exposed torso or chest.

“Wait.” Bernie pants, breathless from the fall. “Why are we doing this?”

Serena doesn’t withdraw her sword, locked with Bernie’s, in case this is simply a tactic on the woman’s behalf to outwit her, but Serena raises an eyebrow curiously and regards her opponent. The rise and fall of her flushed chest, her slim waist, her slight curves.  

“I believe Ms Naylor explained the rules succinctly,” Serena levels at Bernie.

“But why are we doing this? This is our husband’s fight.”

“Then why did you take his place?”

“My husband does not believe in violence for violence’s sake, but I know the law. I know, sometimes, there is no arguing with it. One must only try to manage and minimize the conflict.”

“Spoken by a true soldier.”

“I am not a soldier.”

“But I know you fought in the war, Ms Wolfe. I heard. A fight like this should be nothing for you. And as the doctor’s wife, you have oversaw many duels between men.”

“But we are not men.” There is a sparkle in Bernie’s eyes and a grin on her lips. It gives her away.

“You would let me win? Surrender this quick?” Serena asks, unimpressed by her opponent’s plan. “Were you ever going to truly fight?”

Bernie takes her chance and rolls to her side, springs to her feet and advances with a thrust of her sword.

“I will,” she says, between the sound of their swords clashing, “if necessary, but … you look like a … reasonable woman.”

“Competitive,” Serena corrects as they fight.

“Handsome,” Bernie adds and uses Serena’s slight pause - she did hear Bernie Wolfe right? - to repay Serena’s earlier assault. Serena is soon on her back on the floor, her sword tumbling from her hand and Bernie Wolfe’s above her. But instead of the strike of metal that Serena expects, Bernie reaches out her hand to help Serena up. “Why should we risk our skin to save our husbands”.  

Serena grows even more suspicious of this women’s intent.

“What is your game?”

“No game,” Bernie assures, putting her rapier back in its holster. She nods to Serena’s position on the floor. “We are equals now.”

Serena accepts Bernie’s hand.

“The duel is not officially over,” Jac reminds them. “If you have not drawn –”

Bernie touches the back of her head with her fingers – a cut from the uneven ground when she fell earlier. She shows Jac the blood on her fingertip. “Who needs swords?” Bernie shrugs and smiles, before turning back to Serena.

“My eyes are up here, Ms Wolfe.”

“I owe you a drink,” she tells Serena. “Dusk. The Crimson Drop.” And with the name of the saloon, Bernie picks up her clothes from the ground and – still bare-chested – swaggers off.


Serena tells herself that she owes Bernie Wolfe nothing. That the duel – if it even was a duel, at least Jac said the score was settled – is over. Serena has no other business with Berenice Wolfe.

So, of course, she goes.

Is already sipping a drink, perched on a barstool when Bernie enters The Crimson Drop. Both of them are fully clothed this time. And so, what if Serena changed her dress this morning to her finer red one? It was dusty from the duel. It wasn’t a bad choice, going the way Bernie’s eyes land on her chest when she sits opposite Serena with two drinks. She pushes one of them to Serena.

“Good,” Serena smiles. “I had just finished this one. But,” she takes the drink and stands up. “I am afraid we need to move.” She offers her hand to Bernie. “Come on. Bring your drink.”

A brawl between two men Serena had been watching begins to erupt. As more men join in and the yelling rises and the seconds count down to the first strike of skin on skin, Serena leads Bernie behind the bar countertop and sits against the back of it on the floor. She winks at the bartender and he just shakes his head with a smile.

“Are you on … intimate terms with him?” Bernie asks.

“Define intimate.”

Jealously coils in Bernie’s stomach and as the brawl escalates behind her and Serena, as glasses smash and tables overturn and blood spills, Bernie leans in to the woman next to and kisses her. Fierce first, like the start of their duel. Two opponents battling for advantage. And then, when Serena drags Bernie to the back rooms of the saloon and up the stair and onto a bed, two equals matching each other pace for pace.

The game didn’t give my farmer a cute wedding dress, so I decided to give my farmer a cute wedding dress

The music at the wedding was a playlist of only Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance songs

Hey y'all!!! I am re-opening commissions this Friday! So if you didn’t snag a slot last time, here is your chance! I am almost done with the lovely five I was recently given, and would love to do more! You guys are helping me out a BUTT-TON with this, bc I just moved to a new town and have been looking for jobs, and this is a good way for me to keep busy and keep up with expenses! So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Commissions will officially open this Friday (Feb. 24th) and will open around 5:00 PM (Pacific Time). ❤️

Pricing Info!

I am so, so, soo happy to announce that the next project I’ll be storyboarding on is Niko and the Sword of Light !!! 

It’s such a beautiful show, I’m grateful to get to work on it. My brain is exploding with how much I can actually get away with because its ANIMATED HERE. If you love hand drawn animation, definitely check it out!!


I am officially open for commissions! :D Please refer to the guide above for Pricing details and FAQ, and shoot me an email at:


for commission inquiries, questions, and any of your art loving needs! If you’re unsure about anything or have a different project in mind, please contact me because I’d love to work with you! :) 

And please please please, reblog and share this as much as possible! It would be super appreciated if you could help me get this around tumblr! <3 

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you~!  

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Welp. It's official. Your one of my top 3 favorite artists. Cause I love the way you draw and you draw so often! Best of luck to you on your next drawings! :3

OMG I AM SO shy 😀 but really so thank u all word. I really love draw and work in design company. so everyday keep make some stuff and think what to draw. (and I usually use tablet in company lol) thank u enjoy my art work and have a good day! ❤❤

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Oh my god, I'm so astonished by you. You're so talented that Cassie actually loves your work and so does many fans, like me. Plus your're Filipino too! Your TDA cards were being sold in that it book event, I forgot which, but I got so sad when they were only being sold there. Is there anyway to purchase them here in Manila? I hope your success as an artist will continue to escalate! :)))

Ahaha thank you very much! I’m glad that Cassie gave me the opportunity to work for her. :) 

I’m so happy everyone loved the TDA cards! I am not quire sure as to when it will be available. I’ll keep in touch with you guys once I’ve received an official announcement regarding the cards! :) 

Thank you so much, that means a lot! I wish you have an awesome year ahead of you! 

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Massive wall of text coming your way…

Mine’s a typical nerdfighter story that started during the hype of The Fault in Our Stars. I was one of those people who became an emotional mess after reading the book, but my version of it was like, “I had to find an outlet to channel these emotions or else I’ll go crazy.” It didn’t take long before the gears in my artist head started clicking into place. The next thing I know, I’m making illustrations inspired by the book. LOTS of it. My obsession was skyrocketing at an alarming pace. It was around this time when I found out about Vlogbrothers — thanks to a YouTube recommended video that directed me to John Green trying to sign 150k copies of TFiOS. I’ve started watching more videos after that, alternating John and Hank’s.

It was also during this time when The Harry Potter Alliance hosted a cover contest for “The Price of Dawn” where John Green will choose the winning cover. I joined at the last minute because I only found out about it days after they extended the deadline for another week. And being an extremely passionate fan artist that I am, of course I dropped whatever school project I was doing that time to come up with an entry (lol). To my surprise, HPA made an announcement that I won the contest. I live halfway across the world so I received the news right when I’m about to sleep. Just imagine me freaking out at 3am in the morning!

And then a lot of exciting things followed after that. A lyric video commission from Hank, collaborations with DFTBA Records to come up with merch for TFiOS, Paper Towns, Vlogbrothers, Rainbow Rowell, and for various YouTubers, and a logo for a daily show called “Cereal Time”. While all of these are happening, I was trying to catch up on Vlogbrothers in the background. I started binge-watching all of their videos from the very beginning, which I’m so glad I did because I got to know them even better. I was so inspired by their perspective of the world that they easily became the top 2 people I look up to. It’s also thanks to them that I was introduced into this wonderful community who taught me to become a better, kinder, and more compassionate person. 

As for me, illustrating the most inspiring words of John and Hank is my own way of giving back to the community. It’s my way to spread the message of Nerdfighteria to a wider audience. This community has opened a lot of doors for me over the years and I will forever be grateful for that. I won’t be the person and artist that I am today if not for the support I received from nerdfighters, especially from John and Hank. This is the main reason why I’ve officially added the term “nerdfighter” in my artist bio — because long gone are the days when being a “nerd” is something to be ashamed of. I’ve learned to embrace the term because that’s a part of who I am and there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about liking stuff. I am, and will always be, a nerdfighter and proud!

Lots of love from your friendly neighborhood nerdfighter artist,


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For all the times I’ve seen the Steven Universe fandom say things I thought indefensible and completely devoid of analysis: this is not one of those times.

If you think this artbook thing is okay, you are dead wrong. And regardless of intention or not, there are a few crucial reasons why, and you cannot ignore them:

  • Concret/e isn’t even a gemstone, gems do not wear clothes, and you cannot tell me writing “can’t read :(” isn’t super shady. So if you don’t think that commentary alone was racist as fuck, fuck you for that.

  • Anybody, and I stress, anybody who works as a cartoon artist has a professional duty to know animation and history of animation like the back of their hand. Wherever you look from Warner (side-eyeing Looney Tunes) to Hanna & Barbera to Disney, it is very likely that within five minutes of viewing you will encounter at least one example of that rich history of American racist filth flooding animation. Anybody who has even the vaguest of interests in animation has seen a blackface once, and holy flying fuck, that design is the essence of blackface. Any professional artist would have looked at their quick sketch with a cool mind, observed it for 5 seconds, then crumpled it and thrown it in the trash. This thing made it in the OFFICIAL ARTBOOK and nobody. in the team. blinked once.

I love this show but yes, this is disgusting and unforgivable. And I don’t care if anyone thinks my opinion doesn’t count because of who I am, it still is.

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Fairy Tail ask: 1, 3, 6, 9

1) What made you watch fairy tail?

Well, the music did c:

Back before I knew about Fairy Tail, I often listened to the soundtracks of all kinds of different anime. Fairy Tail’s soundtrack drew me in like CRAZY. When I clicked over to see what anime the music was from, I saw this picture:

Immediately I knew that I had to watch it. Surprise surprise! It became one of my favorite anime/manga.

(Though I am not sure who the artist of this beautiful work is T_T)

3) What is your favourite arc? 

I loved the Key of the Starry Sky arc with my whole heart. Though I also extremely loved the Loke arc. Honestly, it is really difficult for me to decide just one!

6) Your otp?

Officially in the actual manga/anime, I’d say Nalu. 

But otherwise, it’s probably Graylu. I just feel so much enjoyment when I’m reading Graylu fanfiction or looking at some Graylu art.

9) What do you love about fairy tail? 

I love that even though I might not have been completely happy with the final arc… that it still managed to make me cry and smile at certain points. That’s just what Fairy Tail does to me.

Fairy Tail makes me feel as though I don’t have any control over my emotions, and I love that about it. 

I think one of my favorite things about Fairy Tail though, will always be the music. 

Thanks so much for asking <3

Fairy Tail Ask

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Hi I just found your blog, and I just wanted to say that your art is so cool and your Nanu x Looker art is just so adorable💖 I proclaim you the official Nanu/Looker king!

thank you so much!! i’m glad you like my Online Content™
really though, there are loads of way more prolific and talented n⁣anu/l⁣ooker artists out there and you should check them out!

i never thought i’d fall so in love with a tiny side-character ship; i’ve never really been a “shipping” type of person before…

but it’s great! i’ve met a lot of really cool people & made some really great friends because of it!
and i think i might have become a better artist just by virtue of drawing so damn much (of these characters) (who i love)

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Why don't you draw official characters for commissions?

WAIT WAIT WAIT wasn’t supposed to be mean I was just curious because I’d kinda love to have you draw Toothless        

It didn’t sound mean, don’t worry. xD

It’s just not something I, myself, am comfortable doing. I understand that there is gray area and an argument to be made that the artist didn’t make the character but they did make the artwork, and they aren’t taking sales from the copyright holder because it’s an original composition and not a reproduction of an officially licensed work. And I know that a lot of copyright holders turn a blind eye to it, either because it’s not an issue they think is worth pursuing or because they think it helps promote them and foster interest in the thing, I dunno. And some are okay with commissions because they are unique, one-time things, even though they aren’t okay with distribution of fanart prints. But a commission depicting a copyrighted character is still technically a derivative work, and that does technically make selling it illegal.

But I reiterate, I do get that there is a lot of gray area, and I don’t want to sound like I’m condemning artists who draw official characters for commissions, or sell fanart prints. That’s not it at all! With that much gray area it’s just something that every artist has to come to their own conclusion on and decide what works for them. For me, it’s more gray area than I, personally, am comfortable working with, and so it’s easier for me just not to do it.

The caramel-coloured cutie who’s captured my heart lately~!

I’m really excited to support the kickstarter for this awesome new game Re:Legend!
It’s like a farming game mixed with a monster collecting pet game. And they say they took inspiration from a load of series I loved as a kid, like Monster Rancher and Digimon World! And its really awesome that its gonna have multiplayer online features to run your farm together with friends!
And there’s a big professional music team, and its being supported by a lot of developers who worked with square-enix, and its gonna get a bunch of console ports and limited edition plushies and just WOW!!

Anyway, Snachi is my current favourite of all the monsters revealed so far!
Apparantly its favourite food is desert flowers, and it specializes in plowing fields and digging.
I feel a little guilty that this game has so many more complex designs yet my heart went with the one that’s just ‘a tall snake that hugs you’ XD
But seriously, what a sweetheart! And its like 7 feet tall!! Its the new totoro!!

I hope I can finish more fanarts before the kickstarter is over, I’m excited to advertise Snachi to everyone! There’s plenty of other stuff from the prerelease talk that’s got me hyped too, so keep your eyes out for an art explosion!

Love Yourself - my thoughts

I wanna say smth about the posters and Love Yourself theme (which apparently might not be album comeback related - still no official info from BH), so below are my thoughts:

The posters are beautiful.
The boys look natural and elegant.
There is no extravaganza (e.g. glitter, unnatural contact lenses, fancy hair colors) - it’s SO SIMPLE yet somewhat powerful and mature.
They caused a big interest, many thoughts and theories - this is what art is for - admiring, debating, interpreting.

I would have nothing against these posters/concept being an actual part of BTS comeback. It suits them.
I am really curious now about this theme. If other artists/actors participate in this project, I wonder who will join BTS. I’d love to see the whole story, not only BTS part. Probably Smeraldo theories are more connected to this theme rather than to BTS comeback - but that’s just my guess… Apparently we can never be certain untill BH states something :D
I am even more curious about the BTS comeback now! What it will be like?
I think it will be great, as always ^_^