i am officially converted

100 days of productivity 1/100

I am officially a bullet journal convert! PLEASE excuse my sad attempt at typography on the bottom right lol, I think I need some practice :P

Of course after I put in my schedule, I got an email from the advising office that my sustainable agriculture and food systems class got cancelled due to low enrollment which I’m super bummed about. Worse yet is that I can’t really find a class that’s required for either of my majors that’s open or available this semester to replace it… however I did see there was a Spanish class open and I think I’m going to give it a shot. I haven’t taken a language course since I took German in high school so it could be fun! 

Aside from the bullet journal, I also was able to clean off and organize my desk in preparation for the semester, I went to the town hall and dealt with some drama about my car registration, and I did a full grocery shop in a super crowded store without bugging out! I got lots of snacks and food that will be easy to bring with me. All around a good day. See you tomorrow <3