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Hey, this isn't a question. I just wanted to thank you for finding that 'For the Uninitiated' Meta for me. I've read it and I've been officially converted. I am a Johnlock/TJLC believer! Even if Series 4 is really odd and out of character. Okay I do have a question: how likely is it that S4 is really all just in Sherlock's head, like the Newhart show? We know the show-runners aren't above trolling, but is that reading too much into S4's inconsistencies? Thank you again! *hug* You're tremendous!

I am so sorry, I just found your ‘S4 and Beyond’ masterpost. Please ignore that part of my last ask. I didn’t mean to pose redundant questions. That said, I’m actually pretty excited for S5, (When it happens) because I know Mofftiss has an extremely clever explanation for S4’s bizarre inconsistencies. They’ve proven themselves thus far. Thank you for putting up with my rambling. Have yourself a wonderful day! <3

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Hey Lovely! 

Glad I could help out in some capacity, and happy that you have become a Johnlocker <3!! And no worries on the redundancy! 

I for one think we will open S5 / the secret episode finding out the John was shot and S4 was an “unreliable narrator / blog theory” scenario, all from John’s POV!: T6T is John’s Alibi (peruse my blog tag as well); TLD is a TD-12 altered state so the memories of the story are corrupted and John was influenced by the drug as well; and TFP is John’s TAB after being shot in the head.

Also as part of the Unreliable Narrator theory (which I really need to make a masterpost about, I’ve been asked a few times about it), there follows the theory that S4 is a mirror series, and that there was a secret season / episode filmed alongside S4 that will explain everything that happened in S4. Personally I think it could have happened, and hope for more, but we’ll see.

There is also the E.M.P. theory for Sherlock’s POV, but I do no subscribe to it for various reasons of which I’m currently updating my past meta to include S4 and to address the asks I’ve received in regards to it, but I encourage you to make your own decision about that (there’s a big post here with regards to the theory, so you can read those). Personally on a non-meta level, I just DON’T see it nor how it can possibly work from a narrative standpoint, but that’s me. *shrugs*

Anyway, yeah, I can’t read S4 as anything other than fake, especially with its asinine amounts of inconsistencies, plot holes and “mistakes”

Have a great day for you as well :)

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Hi! Im feeling a little lost. I am deeply religious and hope to one day officially convert. However I have not been able to find a community to connect with here. Part of the problem is that there isnt a very strong Jewish presence where I live. The rest is personal. I was raised by atheist parents and was shamed by classmates for years for that. This has made me painfully shy and terrified of being seen as a fraud. Ive been praying on my own but I want to take steps toward growth. Any advice?

Hi anon, 

I would definitely suggest trying to connect with your local rabbi if possible. You should be able to set up a private meeting with him/her to discuss possible future steps, particularly those aimed at helping you meet people and get involved in the community. 

In the meantime, if you can’t connect with anyone, including a rabbi, some steps you can take on your own are to read up on Judaism and do some of your own exploring and processing. I definitely recommend journaling about your thoughts and feelings on spirituality and explore what it is that draws you to Judaism and what things are keeping you back. Understanding yourself and your relationship to your spiritual history and your desired future will help a lot when you do go to have that conversation with the rabbi. 

Praying on your own is good, and you may want to look into more formalistic davening (prayer.) Kakatuv offers some nice resources to get you started. (You’ll eventually want to buy your own siddur/prayer book, but that can wait a while until you’ve actually started the process and are comfortable with the branch you’re converting through.)

You could also try out some small practices on your own and see how they make you feel. For example, you could try going vegetarian or take other small steps in the direction of keeping kashrut. You could also try out some of the negative Shabbat observances (i.e. - restrictions) such as not driving or using electronics. 

If you’d like to explore services but can’t get there or aren’t prepared to go yet in person, plenty of shuls livestream them online and that can be a great way to ease into it. 

I hope that helps, and best of luck to you!

100 days of productivity 1/100

I am officially a bullet journal convert! PLEASE excuse my sad attempt at typography on the bottom right lol, I think I need some practice :P

Of course after I put in my schedule, I got an email from the advising office that my sustainable agriculture and food systems class got cancelled due to low enrollment which I’m super bummed about. Worse yet is that I can’t really find a class that’s required for either of my majors that’s open or available this semester to replace it… however I did see there was a Spanish class open and I think I’m going to give it a shot. I haven’t taken a language course since I took German in high school so it could be fun! 

Aside from the bullet journal, I also was able to clean off and organize my desk in preparation for the semester, I went to the town hall and dealt with some drama about my car registration, and I did a full grocery shop in a super crowded store without bugging out! I got lots of snacks and food that will be easy to bring with me. All around a good day. See you tomorrow <3