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Master Plan Pt 1

Season 2 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 2,370

Warnings: Angst,

   Sheriff and I were talking by my locker. He was doing official police business and I was doing official normal teenage school stuff. It just felt so wrong with everything going on. Stiles was still missing, and I was barely functioning. I admired Sheriff for being able to keep his cool so well, outwardly anyway. On the inside, he was probably screaming as loud as I was.

   My arms were folded in front of my chest, clutching some textbook I’d never find a use for outside of high school, and trying my best not to burst into tears. What if Stiles was dead?

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

It’s been, like, six months (and now longer) and I am still not over this moment, it is too beautiful and perfect to me.  Thor asks if Jane is ready and the look on Loki’s face is the most beautiful I AM OFFENDED OVER HERE HOW DARE YOU NOT PAY ATTENTION TO ME THOR look I have ever seen.

It’s not even reaching for it, that is literally what is going on in this scene, Thor paid attention to Jane for three seconds and Loki was like WHAT HOW DARE YOU.  He is ready!!! Pay attention to him, Thor!!!!

I laugh my ass off every single time.

But the great thing is that Thor does turn to Loki and they’re right back in synch, they rise up at the same time, Jane fades back into the background as soon as Loki pops up, that gorgeous shot of them on Svartalfheim as they’re about to approach the Ark, puts your focus right on Thor and Loki.  These are the important characters of this scene, these are the characters important to each other, these are the characters that draw your eye.

Also, I just really enjoy thinking about how many times Loki must have done that as a kid, that any time Thor asked if Sif or Hogun or Fandral or Volstagg were ready, and Loki pops up with this utter sour lemon sucking face and says I’M READY, THOR.  While Thor just turns to Loki and beams at him, everyone else entirely forgotten and Loki slowly comes out of his hissy mood as Thor pays attention to him.


New Years Eve -Niall Horan

Word count: 2165 words

Trigger warnings: /

As always, feel free to send me ideas and requests :*

“No. Absolutely not. Under no circumstances. “ You shook your head almost violently to drown out the voice of your best friend. “Come on, (Y/N)! It’ll be fun! I promise!” Niall had spread out on your bed like a star fish and looked at you with pleading eyes. “All of the lads will be there as well! You know them!” For the last hour he had been trying to convince you to join him at a New Years party at a fancy club and you had resisted for just as long.
It wasn’t even like you didn’t like the idea of partying in general, but the year had left you a bit drained and all you wanted to do was cuddle up in a blanket on your balcony and watch the fireworks in silence. Of course this was a no go for Niall, who thought the New Year should be initiated with lots of people and noise around. The more the merrier.
“Of course I know the guys, but not the other 200 people in that place. They will be drunk and horny and won’t stop groping my butt, for sure! I just want some peace!”
“You can have your peace the next day and all the days of the following year. Please, (Y/N)! I want to celebrate with you!” To your horror, your walls began to crumble. He had that effect on you, with those blue eyes and stupid smile. It always made you do things you didn’t want to, just because the thought of seeing it disappear was unbearable for you.
“I won’t even have someone to kiss me at midnight…” Crossing your arms you tried one last method to escape the party.
“You don’t need anyone, (Y/N). And we still have each other, don’t forgot that. I’m more than ready to give you a big ol’ smooch if that is what it takes to get you to tag along!” You didn’t expect that and a furious blush tried to spread on your cheeks. Quickly you turned away and buried your face in a pillow. “Don’t be an idiot! If you don’t watch out, I’ll actually hold you responsible and request one.” “I wouldn’t mind…” he mumbled, then went on. “So is this a yes?”
Taking a moment to consider everything that was to consider once again, coming to the conclusion that you would somehow make it through the evening, you nodded. “But you have to swear to stay close and protect my butt from any pinching.”
“I vow by my life.” He simply retorted. Taking a look at the clock you got up to get ready, now determined to look somewhat presentable.
As he heard the door of your bathroom open Niall looked up from his phone on which he had been playing while you got ready. The sight of you nearly took his breath away. He didn’t know how, but you always managed to pick the most flattering outfits and looks for you.
“(Y/N), I know I promised to protect you from any foreign advances, but I have no clue how to keep them at bay now. You look just bloody gorgeous.” His words made your heart speed up to an embarrassing pace.
“Thank you, Niall. I appreciate it. You don’t look too shabby as well.” As always for those more private events he was wearing a nice fitting shirt, a leather jacket casually thrown over it and snug pants.
“You’re too kind. We should probably head downstairs, I called up a car a couple of minutes ago.” “Not a limousine? I’m offended! There I am, best friends with one of the most requested musicians on the planet and we have to take a plain car to the party!”
You laughed as he rolled his eyes, mock offended and tried to squeeze your side. “One more word and you can walk. Most requested musicians, my hell.”
“You kind of are though.”
“Yeah, maybe for the press, but with you I’m just Niall and I want to take a normal car.”
“I guess I have to live with that, if Just Niall wants it, who would deny this request?” He laughed his staccato laugh at that, while simultaneously opening the door for you.
“No one, I guess. At last you wouldn’t.” Your eyes met and he pouted. “Or would you?”
“Nah, shut up. I can’t deny you anything, otherwise I wouldn’t be going to this stupid party with you.” This made Niall stop dead in his walk. He turned towards you and gripped your hand, while locking your eyes with a serious expression. “Don’t you ever do something just to please me, love. You are way too important to me so don’t spend yourself on things you don’t want to do. I stick around because I love you dearly, not because I know that you’ll doing something for me.” Wide eyed you stared at him. Was he confessing to you?  In the next second you got angry with yourself. Of course not! He loves you as a friend, don’t be stupid!
“Wow. Love me? Couldn’t you ask me on a date first?” With a little hit into his shoulder and a smile you tried to loosen the situation, but he wasn’t having any of it.
“Please be serious, (Y/N.) Am I making you do stuff you don’t actually want to do?” The tone in his voice was so unlike Niall, probably because he was rarely super serious, that you felt like owning up to him.
“Yes and No. Sometimes I do things I don’t really want to do because I know it’ll make you happy…but I never do it because I think you’d leave me otherwise or be angry. I just like seeing you smile and be content.”  Taking his hand into yours, while the other fidgeted with the door knob, you added “It’s fine most of the time. I don’t do it very often anyway. Going to this party is okay as well, just promise me that we can leave, just in case it gets too much?”
Niall took you by surprise as he wrapped you up in a tight hug, still holding your hand. “Say one single word, love and we will be out of there in a matter of seconds.”
You had to hold back a smile at his words. This was one of the many reasons why you considered him your closest friend, even more than that. He was kind to an unreal extent and always made sure that you were comfortable and at ease with every situation.
“I expected no less from you. So, come on! Let’s get to the party and get our butts pinched!” A laugh from him accompanied you opening the front door and you thought to yourself that this night could turn out to be quite decent.

The car ride and the first few hours of the party were fine. The music was good and the people in a less desperate state than you initially imagined. Niall kept his promise and stayed close to you, fending off the few unwelcomed strangers who dared to get too close to you. As he had told you the whole band plus their girlfriends were there as well, so you spent most of your time drinking and dancing with them, loving the fact that you all could finally spent an evening together before they went back on tour.
But, as you anticipated, the noise and masses of people became a bit too much and you felt the need to go home and get some rest. “Niall?” Tapping on the shoulder of the boy currently almost grinding against you, it was hard to contain the blush on your cheeks. He had been dancing with you the whole evening, wanting to give you all the comfort you could get and it got steamier as the time went on. “Yeah? What is it, love?” he said, pushing the sweaty hair out of his fore head with a smile.
“Would it be okay if we went home now? I kind of reached my limit.” Even though he told you it was fine, it still felt like you were a burden when you said it. But he stilled those doubts with his absolute Niall-ness.
“Of course! Let’s say good bye to the others and we are as good as out of here!” He grabbed you by the hand and you were dragged through the room in what felt like light speed. In a matter of minutes your friends drowned you in hugs and promises to meet up for a late brunch the next day and just like that you left the overheated club. The night air cooled your cheeks and mind as you waited for the car to arrive, a comfortable silence between the two of you.
Inside the car you asked if Niall wanted to go home first, but he surprised you. “I’d come with you if you didn’t mind? It would be lovely to see the fireworks with you!” You cuddled into his shoulder, smelling the familiar scent of leather and something so utterly him, that it gave you a pang in the stomach.
“That would be great. You also kind of owe me a kiss…don’t forget that!” you said. It was mere teasing, maybe a little flirt, but as soon as you said this his eyes got that serious look again and he caught your gaze.
“Believe me, I still plan on doing so.” Then he seemed to realize what he implied and looked out of the window, a bit embarrassed. Your mind could barely wrap around what was happening here. Could it be…?
“Well…,” you mused and scooted a bit closer to him, the alcohol and circumstances making you braver than usual. “That’s good to know. I can pop in a peppermint before.” Niall still didn’t look at you, but his shoulder shook from laughing and you took it as a good sign.
“Do you really need another blanket? You already got four!” The shivers running up and down your body clearly amused him, judging by the cheeky smile on his face.
“Yes, because those two work as cushions to keep our, mind you, this means yours as well, butts warm and we need just one more to properly cover up. It’s a complicated system.” You defended your need for more duvets with passion.
“In this case I’ll get you another one asap, love.” A kiss was placed on your head, the lips curved into a smile.
“Thanks, Ni.” You touched his cheek lightly.
How was this happening so fast? Was it the little moment of honesty that you had shared mere hours ago or just the general “Start fresh, get stuff done” mentality that came with the New Year ?
You almost didn’t care, if it just stayed this way you were fine with whatever reason.
While you dwelled in thoughts, he came back with a cuddly feather blanket and dropped down next to you, covering you both with the it like he had so often before. The bench on your little balcony over flowing with pots of flowers in an abundance of shapes and sizes was your favorite place in the world and you had spent countless night sitting there, just talking and star gazing for a bit.
“It’s almost time!” You snapped out of your head and looked at his watch. 23:59. “Have we got a timer?”
“Nah, we’ll just count down from ten over and over until it’s midnight, okay?” he asked sheepishly.
“Classy! Ten, nine, eight…” you laughed and kept your look fixed on his wrist. Your heart beat was racing, anxiety creeping through your veins at the thought of what was going to happen next. Maybe he had been joking about the kiss? What if it was just a platonic gesture? Then you scolded yourself. It was Niall. You knew him in and out. As much as he liked to mess with you, this was a no go area and he knew it.
Almost in perfect timing he spoke up. “Would you mind if I kissed you in a minute?” Just as he did sooner, Niall wouldn’t face you.
It took you not even a second to answer him. “No. Not at all.” To emphasize the statement, you nestled your head on his shoulder. “I would already get a resolution out of my way.”
“Which one would that be?” He chuckled.
“Oh nothing…” Shrugging it of you reached for his jaw and turned his head towards you. “Just to tap that butt already.”
His staccato was in perfect timing with the exploding fireworks all around you. Niall stopped and leaned in close to you. Your breath mingled and his scent hit you again.
“Is it midnight already?” You whispered nervously.
“Yes, thank god.” With that he pressed his lips to yours and you forgot everything else.
You’d always imagined your first kiss.
Imagination didn’t come close to this.

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hey, can i request a one shot where u had a bad day n was taking the same bus as suga home [u guys r strangers]. as the journey continues u started leaning on his shoulder n doze off. make it fluffy pls, thank u(:

sorry for the wait nonnie! i suck at fluffy but i tried for you

One Stop Closer to Heaven

You x Yoongi

Word count: 926

To hell and back. That was how you could explain the course of your day. You had exchanged looks with the devil himself before he spat you back out. First, your alarm hadn’t gone off and you woke up late. You didn’t have time to wash your hair in the shower and had to put it in a messy bun, which didn’t amuse your boss when you finally got to work. The bus was late and when you tried to hail a cab, it pulled up too close to the curb and splashed your hastily composed outfit. Everything else that followed was worse. There was no slack to be cut. You felt and looked like a ball of grease and you spent the day wishing that someone would just set you on fire.

The bus came late, as you expected, and you were far too tired to be annoyed. Anger just took so much out of you, you wondered how short tempered people did it.

You plopped down beside a stranger at the back of the bus, all the other seats occupied. There was no way in hell you could stand. As the bus drove on, people left and spots opened up. But you were too tired to move. 

Your eyes were threatening to close for good as you slowly drifted off. You could feel your weight shifting from left to right with the fluid movement of the bus, and you eventually gave in to the action. You collapsed into a light sleep, the rocking of the vehicle a calming sensation.

The stranger next to you looked down to see that you had fallen asleep with your head on his shoulder. He had been watching you carefully from the corner of his eye as you leaned to and fro, toward and away from him. He had been anticipating this outcome. But still, it made him uncomfortable. He was studying your features for far too long before he finally cleared his throat.

You shot up and looked around, your eyes still half closed. You looked to the stranger’s worried expression and realized what had happened. Your eyes widened instantly.

“Oh, shit. Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I’m just so tired. I’m sorry.” You said nervously, shifting your shoulders away from him but still too lazy to get up and move.

“Don’t worry. I like sleeping, too. But in beds. Not on strangers.” He smiled widely, showing off his pink gums. You laughed lightly, drawn to his adorable eye smile. His pale skin seemed to glow under the cheap fluorescent lighting of the bus.

“It’s not the worst thing that’s happened to me today.” You muttered under your breath. The stranger was amused, looking at you with an eyebrow raised.

“Oh, yeah? You got to sleep on my shoulder. I’d say that today is a good day.” He said over confidently, sticking his chin in the air and pouting his chapped lips.

“Thanks for waking me up by the way, I would’ve had an awful kink in my neck.” You said gratefully as you tilted your head to each side, stretching it out.

“I’ve got the perfect sleeping shoulder, what’re you talking about? Look,” His voice was defensive. He patted his shoulder, smoothing the jacket out and motioning for you to come closer. “Try again.” You looked at him, puzzled but hesitantly moved towards him anyway. He was gorgeous, how could you say no?

You leaned into his warm body and placed your head down, taking in his scent. It was faint, yet masculine. Comforting but distinct. You didn’t want to move your head but he wasn’t inviting you to fall back asleep.

“Hmm. I guess it’s not too bad.” You stressed, teasing him. He scoffed dramatically and placed a hand on his chest. 

“Well, I am offended. Who are you to judge my shoulders?”

“I am the bus sleeper. Hear my mighty snore.” He snorted at your horrific joke and tried to stifle his laughter. “What?” He couldn’t do it. He erupted in a fit of laughter, clapping his hands while openly making fun of you.

“Hey, I tried.” You felt defeated, but entertained by his little show nonetheless.

“Yeah,” He inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself down. “You did.” He smiled again, looking up to stare at you, deep into your eyes. You felt vulnerable but didn’t feel the need to hide yourself from him. You were comfortable. You wanted to-no, needed to feel his warmth again.

Your moment was ruined by the sound of the automated voice system announcing your bus stop. You sighed to yourself, pushing the button.

“Will I see you again?” He asked as you gathered your things and moved towards the door.

“I take this bus everyday.”

“Me too. But I’ve never seen you before.” You realized that he was right. You had only gotten on at this time because you missed your usual bus and this one was late. You’d never seen him before today because today was the day that everything went wrong. Or was it right?

“You’ll see me again.” You smiled, sure of it. You’d make it happen. Even if it meant having a bad day and being late everyday, you knew that this stranger could make it better.

“My shoulder will be here. Waiting.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” He winked playfully and you smiled widely as you stepped off of the bus. Maybe today wasn’t so bad after all.

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