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witching hour

requested by: anon(s)

warnings: first time, smut, mommykink.

word count: 1,344

summary: Credence wakes up with a problem. You help him with it.

a/n: there will be a part two!

12:00 AM

Credence was not very comfortable.

He had been rolling around involuntarily, wide awake. He didn’t have any idea what the pressure inbetween his legs was, but he didn’t really like it. He whined and looked over at you, swallowing harshly before gently tapping you on your shoulder, careful not to be too harsh. “Mommy..” He whispered, “M - Mommy, wake up.”

You stirred, making a sleep-deprived kind of noise, your hands coming up to your eyes to rub them. The moon’s light gleamed onto your face as you sat up, taking a deep breath, your eyelids slowly beginning to rise. “Hi, baby..” You whispered, rubbing his knee affectionately - not at all intimately, “What’s up?”

Credence whimpered and looked down at your hand. He didn’t even know what to say, his mother had never told him about what was going on, let alone anything about that.. thing down there. He simply crawled onto your lap and pressed himself against your stomach, his face immediately stuffing itself into your neck, “It hurts, Mommy..” He sobbed, “I - I don’t know why, a - and - I don’t know what to do..”

“Oh, baby..” You sighed, running your hands up and down his back, immediately knowing what was wrong as soon as you felt it, “Alright, it’s okay.. calm down, Credence. It happens. Okay? This is not abnormal at all, and I don’t want to make you feel bad about having it,” You quickly told him, “Do you know what sex is, baby? Hm?”

“S - Sex is..” Credence curled his toes and sniffed, shrugging, “It’s when.. people do things.. r - right? And it - um.. feels good?”

“Exactly,” You pulled back, cupping his jaw, “Did Queenie tell you anything about it?”

“She explained a bit of it..” He nodded, feeling a bit more comfortable now that you had accepted everything, “Is it okay? R - Really?”

“Of course, baby,” You said calmly, kissing his head, his eyes fluttering as you giggled against him, “Would you like some help?”

Credence perked up and felt his boxers tighten further, his hands twitching. “Will you?” He widened his eyes, “Please, Mommy?”

You nodded, bringing a hand down slowly to begin palming him, his hips immediately bucking harshly, “O - Oh!” He gasped, “I -!”

“Shh,” You interrupted, biting your lip. “I.. have been wanting to do this with you for a while,” You admitted to him, face heating up, “I’ll take care of you. Okay, baby?”

“Okay,” Credence breathed, hips twitching, “It’s so nice, Mommy.. it.. it feels so good..”

You noticed how everytime you would squeeze or rub him through his boxers his jaw would drop a fraction of an inch, and you admired it - the sheer look of pleasure crossing his features, his eyebrows raising, eyes closing as you shuffled your hand into his boxers, curling your fingers firmly around his aching cock, “There you go, Credence..” You eased, stroking him, “That’s a good boy.. who’s Mommy’s good boy?”

Credence sobbed, canting his hips up into your hand desperately, “Me, m - me,” He choked out, his entire body stiffening while he brung himself as close to you as he could be, his feet arching, “I’m Mommy’s good boy..”

“That’s right..” You grinned, kissing his cheek lovingly. He layed on the bed after practically flinging himself back with ecstasy, spreading his legs and pushing his boxers down.

“Mommy, Mommy - please,” He rushed out, his erection continuing to rise and twitch with every stroke you gave him. He squirmed underneath you, whining again, “Please, more..”

You nodded slowly and crouched down, pulling your hand away for a moment. You kissed his thigh gently and asked him to trust you, to which he just bit his lip, and nodded. Slowly, you kissed up and down his shaft, shallow breath transferring itself onto Credence’s sensitive skin before dissolving. Sticking your tongue out a bit, you moved upward, making sure Credence felt all of you.

He was quite squirmish, and tried to stay still, but unfortunately could not. His lower lip quivered and he tried not to burst into tears because of all of the fucking stimulation, but alas, a wet, salty drop fell down his chin, causing him to bawl. “It’s s - so good,” He began, “Please don’t ever stop..”

You looked up to make sure he was alright, your heart melting at the sight of your baby boy, fucking crying because of how good you made him feel. You gulped, pulling back for a moment, “Are you sure, honey? You - You’re crying, Creed..”

“Please!” Credence widened his eyes and made a needy noise as soon as you moved, “Mommy - I want it - please, Mommy!” He begged, grabbing at your hands and holding onto them tight, “Please, I’ll be a good boy..”

“Okay, alright,” You bit your lip, kissing both of Credence’s hands. You unlinked your fingers from his and went back to what you were doing, cupping his balls and taking one into your mouth, slurping quietly, “Mmph -”

“Ah!” Credence gasped and bucked up harder than he intended, his heart rate speeding up. You could see small swirls of black dust start to emerge from his body, causing you to pull back once again.

“Hey, Creed..?” You rubbed his thigh slowly while he still panted and writhed underneath you, “I need you to calm down for Mommy. Okay? Please, baby?” You kissed his knee, “Calm down. I will go back to what I’m doing if you take it a notch lower. I know it feels good, that’s why I’m doing it for you. Just relax, take a deep breath, and watch me.”

Credence noticed his Obscurus starting to take form and quickly took a deep breath in before exhaling very slowly, face full of desperation. You could tell he wanted it, and you were going to give him pleasure in exchange for his obedience. You rubbed his chest slowly as you began to straddle him, eventually settling yourself on his lap - his hard member pressing right up against you. “Mommy..” He whispered, placing his head on your chest, “You’re so beautiful..”

You caressed the back of his neck for a bit and leaned down to kiss him, your eyes falling shut as he moaned and kissed back, cupping your face with shaky hands, “Mmn..” He breathed out, “Mommy..”

You lustfully made out with him, rolling your hips, bringing his scarred up hands down to place on your hips, to which he quickly tugged your panties down, trying not to look down and stay focused on the task at hand. He trailed his fingers down to your cunt and gently twirled his index around your clit, causing you to squeak and bring your thighs together, “Mmn -!”

Credence pulled back and stared down at your thighs, slowly spreading them, “Wanna make Mommy feel good..” He whispered, determined, shuffling down so that he was facing your heat, moving closer to you until he was kissing inbetween your thighs at your most sensitive places. You gasped loudly and placed a hand on his head instinctively, back arching.

“Credence!” You moaned, stomach rising and falling quickly from how paced your breathing was, “O - Oh, Credence..”

Credence was doing all he could to please you, even letting you tug at his hair even though it hurt - as well as licking over your clit the most because it seemed the most sensitive according to the noises you would make everytime he would get there, your heart racing.

“Mommy..” He mumbled against your aching cunt, which was dripping with juices that Credence took in and swallowed at every chance he got, “Tastes so good, Mommy..”

“C - Creed - God -” You hissed, rolling your hips right against his face, pulling him in roughly as you reached your climax, which came quickly, only because Credence was so fucking messy and good and you loved it. “Nn! Ah!”

Credence squeaked and took everything you gave him, moving back once you let him go, his cock throbbing at this point. “Mommy..”

“It’s your turn, baby,” You said to him, “I’m gonna teach you all about this.. okay?”

“Okay, Mommy.”


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Lazy Days

Anonymous asked: Hello! I really, really love your fics! And since I am obsessed with Bucky may I request a Bucky x (fem)reader where they are really close and Bucky feels comfortable around her and the reader loves to strike Buckys hair and they just spend a lazy day together cuddling. Thank you!

I am so sorry this took so long, anon, but I’ve finally finished it. I do not own Buck, Natasha or Steve. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: Fluff

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader (platonic); mentions of Steve and Natasha.

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

You were sitting in your room, balancing your laptop on your legs when Bucky poked his head in the door. “Hey, Y/N?” he asked quietly, causing you to look up and smile at him. You and the former assassin had grown quite close in the short time he’d been living at the Tower with you and the rest of the Avengers. You didn’t have romantic feelings for him, and he didn’t for you. You were just the person he was closest to besides Steve.  "What’s up?“ Bucky came the rest of the way into the room.

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Today I held #pinchamayurasana w/ STRAIGHT MOTHERFUCKIN’ LEGS, Y'ALL. FOR A COUPLE OF BREATHS. AND I DIDN’T FALL DOWN- I actually exited somewhat gracefully.

I am obsessed w/ the way @fitqueenirene & @cbquality enter this pose because they always look as though they are effortlessly standing up, as we do when we stand on our feet. Idk if you recall, but any 1-3 year old will tell you that learning to stand on your feet is sooo hard. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it could take years before one can comfortably find balance on the forearms, hands, or head.

As it stands, I’ve been working on this pose for the better portion of two years and it’s been a crazy ride that’s definitely involved wayyy more falling down than standing up. I guess what I’m trying to say is- don’t give up. No matter what. No matter how many times you fall down. Because one day you won’t fall down. And the feeling will be so worth it.

(By the way, if you’re curious about my life off the mat or want to see outtakes from my home practice, follow @jessamynstanley- it’s mostly just me, my friends, and my pets actin’ a damn fool.)

Mat- @mandukayoga
Strap- @mamakuka

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7 and a half years earlier at the very same restaurant…

Roy: My salmon was amazing. How was your steak, honey?
Sonia: I thought the mushrooms were a little overcooked, but other than that it was perfect.
Roy: Mushrooms give me the willies. Which is ironic, because that’s what they look like. Willies. Am I right?
Sonia: Roy, you’re obsessed. Stop it.
Roy: I’m obsessed? You can talk.
Sonia: Shhhh.
Roy: You weren’t shushing me this morning. You were all like ‘oooooh harder Roy harder that’s it right there oh my Gaaaaaaaaahd don’t stop-’
Sonia: ROY! People can hear you!
Roy: So? I don’t care. Anyway, if I know you, you’re probably naked under those clothes. Aren’t you? You slut.
Sonia: That’s enough. And get your hand off my leg, you naughty boy.
Roy: Sonia, honey? You know what? I don’t want to take my hand off your leg. Ever. Metaphorically speaking, that is. Because you know, like, it would be hard to do certain stuff if I always had my hand on your leg…shit. I think I’m a bit drunk. Anyway, stand up.
Sonia: Roy, what are you- Oh. My. GOD. ROYYYYY! What are you-oh my God, OH MY GOD…
Roy: Sonia, you’re the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. You make me a better person, you’ve got the best tits I’ve ever seen, and your pork and eggplant stir-fry is out of this world. I love you Sonia. Will you marry me?
Sonia: Oh, Roy. Oh, Roy. Oh, I love you too. Yes, Roy! YES! Of course I’ll marry you!


body parts

Michael; Your lips. Even though you’ve never liked them, the top being smaller than the bottom, harder to put lipstick on, Michael disagreed with you. The first time you ever talked, he kept staring at your lips. Before you even dated he kissed you, saying he had to. He loves tracing the out line of them, how soft but yet slightly chapped. He loves kissing them, or rubbing his thumb across your bottom lip. “Why are you obsessed with my mouth so much?” You asked him one day. “I don’t know, just am. Now get over here so I can kiss you.”

Calum; Your legs. Whether you were short or tall, he loved the built of them. He loved how they looked when you wore skinnies, or when you would wear a dress. Whenever you guys would be sitting on the couch, he would pick up your legs and lay them across his lap, his hands caressing your shin. His fingertips tickling them, causing goosebumps to rise. “Stop it Calum, I just shaved.” you said trying to detach your legs from Calum’s grip. “Is it weird to say that I love your legs a little stubbly?” He asked. You laughed as Calum’s grip on your legs lightened. “Yes, but I don’t question you or your weird obsessions with my body parts.”

Luke; Your cleavage. You would never of thought Luke to be a cheeky lad, but oh was he. Luke loved when you wore shirts or dresses that showed off your cleavage, or when you would walk around the house in yours or his flannel, with nothing underneath, leaving the top button unbuttoned and showing off some side boob. You would catch him staring at your chest, and even though you wanted to smack him sometimes when he wasn’t paying attention to what you were saying, you would tease him with pulling your shirt, or dress down slightly. “Looks like the girls have come out.” You teased him, which earned you a hot make out session.

Ashton; Your Hands. Ashton’s hands are huge and yours was small. He was amazed and entertained by the size difference whenever he would hold your hand, or place yours a lined with his. “You’re so tiny.” He would laugh. “No, your hands are just freakishly huge.” And that wasn’t a lie. Ashton also loved how soft they were, and how you would run your hands down his sides, gripping his waist, pulling him closer to you. He loved having your hands roam his body, and just being placed on him in general.

“It’s just a phase." 

"You don’t know if you’ll feel that way forever.”

“You’ll change your mind." 

Well…So what? 

The 5-year-old daughter of my neighbors is currently obsessed with everything purple. In a few years she might hate the color. Am i supposed to scream at her every time she wears something purple now? No. 

Maybe i’ll prefer dresses over jeans one day. Does that mean i have to force myself to wear them now? No. 

Someone may get into a terrible accident tomorrow and lose a leg. Does that mean he has to use a wheelchair today? No. 

Yes, the 16-year-old who is happily in love with a girl might be married to a man in 10 years. Does that mean her feelings are not valid now? No.